St. Nikolas Catholic Cemetery

Dahlgren township, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R24W, section 24

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This rural cemetery has minimal care and is in fair shape.  It appears that only about half of the cemetery was used for burials. This rural cemetery is one of two cemeteries that belong to the St. Nickolas Catholic Church congregation in Carver, Minnesota.  The other St. Nicholas Catholic Church Cemetery will be listed as a separate cemetery and included with the City of Carver's cemeteries.  

In "History of the Minnesota Valley" [1882] by Rev. Edward D. Neill, he wrote: ‘... A Catholic Cemetery containing one acre was established in 1869 in section 24, near the town line. An adopted child of Jacob Buche, buried that year, was the first burial.’ (page 382).

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, t hey wrote:  "A Catholic cemetery, on the east line of the township, in section 24, was dedicated and consecrated in 1869.  The first burial therein was that of an adopted child of Jacob Busche." (page 237).

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Curtis H. Atchinson, son of G.M. and A.M. Atchinson 

Franziska Biche (?)

Vicktoria Biche (?)

Anne L. Bueche

Annette Loken Bueche

Louis Bueche

Christina Doolin

Ed Doolin

John Doolin

Mary Ann Doolin

Anton Forner

John Forner

Joseph Forner

Katherina R. Forner

Genofeva Franzen

Martin Freischle

Franz X. Gestach

Leo M. Gestach

Mikkey Rae Gestach

William Gestach

Adam Haas

Alexandria Hasse

Ernest G. Hasse

Harold E. Hasse

Merrill R. Hasse

Wayne J. Hasse

A. Katharina Heck (?)

Barbara M. Heck (?)

Elizabeth, daughter of Mathias & Elizabeth Heck

Mattie, son of M. & E. Heck

Ferdinand Hertz

Franziska Hertz

Anna Herz

Berthold Herz

Henry Herz

Rosa Herz

Bessie D. Hunter, daughter of Louis Bueche

Crescentia Jacobs

Emma B. Jacobs

Henry Jacobs

Nicholas Jacobs

Victor J. Jacobs

Peter Kimmel

Emma, wife of Amos G. Ladlec (?)

Herman Maus

John McManis (?)

Maggie McManis (?)

Olive H. Meyer

Anna M. Michels

Joseph L. Monnia

Melonie Monnier

Ellen, wife of Daniel Nuttley

Mary O’Brien

Sebastian Ohnesorg

Franz Paul

Sovia Puche, nee Hen (?)

Adam Riesgraf (?)

Francis Adam Riesgraf

Johann B., son of J. & K. Riesgraf

John Riesgraf

Katharina M. Riesgraf

Katherine Riesgraf

Margaretha Riesgraf (?)

Mary Riesgraf

Mary G. Riesgraf

Mathias J. Riesgraf

Raymond Riesgraf

Richard Riesgraf

Susie M. Riesgraf

Cath ?? ? R (?) eukes

Anna, wife of Philip Reynolds

Henry, son of Philip & Anna Reynolds

Phil Reynolds

W. Reynolds

Constant Schmitt

Kathryn Schmitt

Margaretha Schneider

Marie Schoell

August Schroeder

Timothy Thomas Selinski

? Siegle (?)

Creszentia Siegle

Elizabeth Siegle

Henry H. Siegle

Jacob Siegle

Jerome S. Siegle

Richard Siegle

Simon Siegle

Bertha Sohner

Frank J. Sohner

Rose Marie Sohner, daughter of F.J. & B. Sohner

Joseph Spohr

Margaretha Spohr

Maria A. Steger, born in Baiern

Frank Thill

Math Thill

Jack C. Verkennes

John H. Verkennes

Mary E. Verkennes

Thomas S. Verkennes

I was not able to determine a surname for the following:

twin stone in bushes - unable to read

Herbert J. ?

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