Zoar United Church of Christ

Dahlgren Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R24W, section 10

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This cemetery is located about four miles west of Chaska, Minnesota along highway 212. The cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. It appears that many of the older burial monuments have been replaced. There is a church at this location and the church appears to still be used.

Just northwest of this cemetery is a private farm. I was told by a visitor to the Zoar cemetery that this nearby farm was the original Lenzen family farm. This visitor told me that there were a couple of unmarked baby burials along the edge of the farms curtledge, near a current (1998) tower antennae. I did not visit the site.

In "History of the Minnesota Valley" [1882] by Rev. Edward D. Neill, he wrote: ‘... The German Reformed Church was built in 1873 on the farm of Diedrich Lenzen. He subsequently deeded the lot with two acres of land to the church, and a small cemetery was attached.’ (page 382).

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, t hey wrote: "The German Reformed Church of this township was first organized about 1870.  In 1873, Diederich Lenzen deeded two acres of his farm in the southwest quarter of section 10, half a mile west of Dahlgren Station, and a good church building was erected thereon and a cemetery established in connection."  (page 237).

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Carol Anhalt

Edmund Anhalt

Esther H. Anhalt

Eurvin Anhalt

Herman Anhalt

Lena Anhalt

only M.B.

Albert C. Bandimer

Caroline, wife of J. Bandimer

John Bandimer

Esther E. Bjorge

Joel L. Bjorge

Fred O. Buckentine

Fredrick D. Buckentine

Henry Buckentine Sr.

Henry F. Buckentine Jr.

Katherine Buckentine

Lydia Buckentine

Reuben Buckentine

Ronald E. Buckentine, son of Henry F. Jr.

Anna Buetow

Anna M. Buetow (?)

Bertha Buetow

Bertha Buetow

Bertha R. Buetow

Carl Buetow

Christ Buetow

Christof D. Buetow (?)

Clara M. Buetow (?)

Ehrenreich E. Buetow

Esther E. Buetow

Everett L. Buetow

George E.W. Buetow

Heinrich F.A. Buetow

Herman Henry Buetow

Hilma Buetow

Ida Buetow

Jonathan A. Buetow

Karl H. Buetow

Louisa Buetow

Margretha Buetow

Ralph Buetow

Robert Buetow

Ruth I. Buetow

Scott A. Buetow

Walter P. Buetow

William H. Buetow

Louise M.D. Butow, nee H ?

Hugh Cameron

Gustave A. Dennin

Kathryn Dennin

Calvin L. Drew

Florence D. Drew

James E. Drew

Sophia Fitch - Buetow

Clarence J. Funke

Grayce M. Funke

Matilda A. Funk

Sidney Goetze

Wilhelmina M. Buetow Goetze

Willmar H.C. Hartung, son of W. & A. Hartung

Emilie, daughter of F. & D. Henning (?)

Darlene V. Herrmann

Marcella Heuer

William Heuer

baby Jacobs

Caroline A. Jacobs

Evangeline Jacobs

Ferdinand Jacobs

Philip S. Jacobs

baby daughter Koehler

Carl F. Koehler

Elizabeth L. Koehler

Rosina A. Koehler

Rev. Wm. F. Koehler

Helen E. Kopecky

Henry Kopecky



Alma A. Lenzen

Angenes, wife of Gerhard Lenzen

Cora L. Lenzen

Diederich Lenzen

Diedrich Lenzen Sr.

Diedrich G. Lenzen (?)

Diedrich W. Lenzen (?)

Earl J. Lenzen

Edna E. Lenzen (?)

Elisa Lenzen (?)

Elisabeth, daughter of D. & E. Lenzen

Elisabeth, wife of D. Lenzen Sr.

Elizabeth Lenzen (?)

Elizabeth Lenzen (?)

Gerhard Lenzen (?)

Gerhard Lenzen

Gerhard Lenzen (?)

Gerhard, son of D. & E. Lenzen

Gerhard, son of D. & E. Lenzen

Henry J. Lenzen (?)

Henry G. Lenzen

Heinrich Lenzen

Ida Lenzen

Ida R. Lenzen (?)

Laverna M. Lenzen (?)

Margaret Lenzen

Margaretha Bergman, wife of H. Lenzen

Margarethe Lenzen (?)

Mathilda E. Lenzen (?)

Melvin F. Lenzen

Orline H. Lenzen

Peter D. Lenzen

Sybilla L. Lenzen (?)

Tillman Lenzen

Tillmann, son of D. & E. Lenzen

Wilbert H. Lenzen

Wilhelm Lenzen

William Lenzen

William H. Lenzen

Wilma V. Lenzen

Adela Luedloff (?)

Anna Luedloff (?)

baby Luedloff

Charles C. Luedloff born in Bollsteat, Deutschland

Clara M. Luedloff

Clarence J. Luedloff

Diedrich Luedloff

Henry L. Luedloff

Herman Luedloff (?)

Herman D. Luedloff (?)

Margretha Luedloff (?)

Margretha A. Luedloff (?)

Otto Luedloff

Rudolph G. Luedloff (?)

Selma A. Luedloff (?)

Wilhelmine K. Luedloff born in Brounstedt, Deutschland

Ruth Luthy

Sophie Luthy

Roger P. Mellgren, husband of Kathy

Anna Miller

baby Miller

Catherine Miller

Catherine S. Miller

Claire Henry Miller

Elizabeth S. Miller (?)

Ella M. Miller (?)

Gilbert J. Miller

Henry H. Miller

Herman B. Miller (?)

Herman J. Miller

Gerhard Morschen (?)

John Morschen

Katharina Morschen (?)

Wilhelmina Morschen

Albert Plackner

August Plackner

Magdalena Plackner

Albert Quast

Clarence H. Quast

Elizabeth Quast

Henry T. Quast

Anna M. Schempf

baby Roy Schemph

Albert Schmitz

Anna Schmitz

Caroline Schmitz

Peter Schmitz

infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schwalbe

Lena M. Scott

Theo V. Scott

Oscar A. Severson

Johanna Severson

Wayne C. Severson

baby Henry Siegle (?)

Elenore L. Siegle

Elizabeth Siegle (?)

Philip S. Siegle

Phillip S.R. Siegle (?)

Bertha E. Solom

Ernest R. Solom

Albert G. Tellers

Dorothy A. Tellers

Daniel Tessman, son of Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Tessman

Dewey J. Tessman

Ferdinand Tessman

Gertrude Tessman

Beatrice E. Thaemert

Howard Thaemert

Kenneth E. Thaemert

Theodore A. Thaemert

Elisabeth, wife of G. Urbach

Gottlieb Urbach

Herman Urbach

Herman Urbach

Ida F.C., wife of H. Urbach

John Urbach

Lilli, daughter of H. & I. Urbach

Frances Willemsen

Raymond Willemsen

Margaret A. Wolff

Oscar E. Wolff

Ferdinand Zimmerman

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