St. Mary’s of Marystown / St. Mary’s Church of the Purification Catholic Cemetery

Louisville Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Louisville Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T115N-R23W, Section 35

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The St. Mary’s of Marystown Catholic Cemetery is located along County Road 15 / Marystown Road in rural Scott County.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  The church at the site has an active congregation. 


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Bernhard

?, Henry

?, Nickolaus

Arnoldi, Bernard E.

Arnoldi, Marcella M.

Avery, A. Maria Helen

Barry (?), Jesse J.

Barry (?), Jesse W.

Barry (?), Kathryn G.

Bauer, Edwin J.

Behles, Maria

Behles, Nickolaus

Beuch, baby boy

Beuch, Laverne A.

Beuch, Walter E.

Boegeman (?), Aurelia

Boegeman (?), Herman

Boegeman, Alois

Boegeman, Leona

Boegemann (?), John

Boegemann (?), Mary

Bogemann, Helena

Breeggemann (?), Elizabeth

Breeggemann (?), Henry C.

Breeggemann (?), Mathilda

Breeggemann (?), Roman

Breeggemann, Dorothy

Breeggemann, Frank

Breeggemann, Leon P.

Breeggemann, Leon Paul

Breggemann (?), Judy Ann

Brueggeman, Anna

Brueggeman, Henry

Brueggeman, John Henne

Brueggeman, Joseph

Brueggeman, Lawrence

Brueggeman, Mathilda

Brueggeman, William

Brueggemann, Carl W.

Brueggemann, Cyril P.

Brueggemann, Mary Ann

Brusletten, Nancy D.

Buerskin, Bernard

Busch (?), Andrew

Busch (?), Anna

Busch (?), Frances

Busch (?), Julius M.

Busch, Genevieve

Campbell, Laura M.

Cheney (?), Mary M.


Clemens, Harold E.

Clemens, Josephine Grommesch

Clemens, Magdalene A.

Clemens, Wayne A.

Dietrich (?), Anna

Dietrich (?), Frank

Dietrich (?), Josephine

Dietrich (?), Mary

Dietrich (?), William

Doerr (?), Christian S.

Doerr (?), Margaret Ann

Doerr, Bobby

Doerr, Gary J.

Doerr, Rudolph Jacob

Doerr, Rudy

Doerr, Rudy J.

Ehlers, Evelyn C.

Ehmueller, J.

Fahrenkamp, Genevieve

Friendshuh, Claud

Friendshuh, Joseph

Gates, Christof

Geis (?), Adam

Geis (?), Arthur A.

Geis (?), Barbara

Geis (?), Catherine

Geis (?), Catherine

Geis (?), Clarence J.

Geis (?), Dewain J.

Geis (?), Emma M.

Geis (?), George

Geis (?), Jacob

Geis (?), Jacob

Geis (?), John

Geis (?), Nikolaus

Geis (?), Olga

Geis (?), Verdon G.

Geis (?), Verdon J.

Geis, Alfred J.

Geis, Anthony

Geis, Clara M.

Geis, David A.

Geis, Elmer H.

Geis, Gary J.

Geis, Gertrud

Geis, Pat

Geis, Peter

Geis, Philomena C.

Geis, Raymond A.

Geis, Valeria C.

Gerdesmeier (?), Adeline

Gerdesmeier (?), Christina

Gerdesmeier (?), Donald

Gerdesmeier (?), Frank C.

Gerdesmeier, Harry

Gerdesmeier, Joseph

Gerold, Raymond F.

Gilbert, John

Gilbert, Wayne

Gosse, Joshua Daniel

Grommesch (?), Cecelia

Grommesch (?), Frank

Grommesch (?), Isidore

Grommesch (?), John F.

Grommesch (?), John Gerold

Grommesch (?), John M.

Grommesch (?), Josephine

Grommesch (?), Lawrence

Grommesch (?), Marie

Grommesch (?), Mary

Grommesch (?), Matilda M.

Grommesch (?), William J.

Grommesch, Arthur

Grommesch, Elmer H.

Grommesch, Emma Joy

Grommesch, Frances C.

Grommesch, Frank C.

Grommesch, Frank C.

Grommesch, Gertrude R.

Grommesch, infant son

Grommesch, James H.

Grommesch, John

Grommesch, John

Grommesch, John ?

Grommesch, John F.

Grommesch, Joseph H.

Grommesch, Katharina

Grommesch, Kathy

Grommesch, Mabel A.

Grommesch, Mary Ann

Grommesch, Maryann

Grommesch, Matilda M.

Grommesch, Raymond J.

Grommesch, Sylvester

Grundhofer, Magdalena

Haan, Elisabeth

Haan, Nickolaus

Hager (?), Johann

Hager, Barbara

Hager, Maria A.

Hammers, Annelda J.

Hammers, Anton A.

Hammers, Karl J.

Hammers, Margareta

Hammers, Peter

Hartmann (?), Aloys N.

Hartmann (?), Anna

Hartmann, Edwin H.

Hartmann, Elisabeth Misslin

Hartmann, Frank

Hartmann, Laurentius

Hartmann, Louise

Hartmann, M. Elisabeth

Hartmann, Maria

Hartmann, Mary

Hartmann, Mathilde

Hartmann, Michael

Hasselius, Emma Nicole

Haus, Elizabeth

Haus, Frank J.

Haus, Josephine

Haus, Josephine K.

Heibel (?), Henry

Heibel (?), Lena

Heibel, Eduard W.

Heibel, Leo H.

Heibel, Maria C.

Heibel, Patricia

Heibel, Theresia

Heinz, John E.

Heinz, John E.

Heinz, Nicholas

Hell?, ?

Hennen (?), Albert

Hennen (?), Charles R.

Hennen (?), Elizabeth

Hennen (?), Emma

Hennen (?), Frank

Hennen (?), Gene L.

Hennen (?), John

Hennen (?), Leander

Hennen (?), Margaret

Hennen (?), Mary

Hennen (?), Mary

Hennen (?), Mathias

Hennen (?), Mathilda

Hennen, baby John

Hennen, Barbara

Hennen, Constance

Hennen, Florence A.

Hennen, Jayme

Hennen, Lambert

Hennen, Lauretta

Hennen, Leon

Hennen, Lucille C.

Hennen, Margaretha

Hennen, Margaretha

Hennen, Math A.

Hennen, Mathias

Hennen, Michael

Hennen, Michael

Hennen, Vernon J.

Hennen, Wallace R.

Hennen, Whilhelmina

Hentges (?), Antonette

Hentges (?), Catherine

Hentges (?), Clara M.

Hentges (?), father

Hentges (?), Flor

Hentges (?), Florian C.

Hentges (?), Jacob

Hentges (?), John

Hentges (?), Margaret

Hentges (?), Mary

Hentges (?), mother

Hentges, Edmund J.

Hentges, Elizabeth

Hentges, Margaretha

Hentges, Marie D.

Hergott, Elizabeth

Hergott, John

Hinderks, Helena M.

Hopster (?), Edward

Hopster (?), father

Hopster (?), mother

Hopster (?), Susan M.

Hopster (?), Theodore

Hopster, Bernard

Hopster, John T.

Hopster, Katherina

Johnson, Blake R.

Kaiser, Heinrich

Kaup, Bernice

Kersting, Elizabeth Stang

Klehr (?), Catherine M.

Klehr (?), Clara

Klehr (?), Florian J.

Klehr (?), Helen C.

Klehr (?), Herbert

Klehr (?), Jacob

Klehr (?), John

Klehr (?), Joseph

Klehr (?), Margaret

Klehr (?), Theodore J.

Klehr (?), Theresa

Klehr, Gordon A.

Klehr, Isabelle

Klehr, Jacob

Klehr, Jesse Gordon

Klehr, Josephine E.

Klehr, Leo

Klehr, Mary

Klehr, Math J.

Klehr, Ruth Anna

Klehr, Theresa

Kreuser (?), Johanna

Kreuser (?), Margaret

Kreuser (?), Mathias Q.

Kreuser (?), Peter

Kreuser (?), Peter F.

Kreuser (?), Theresa

Kreuser, Albert J.

Kreuser, Anna

Kreuser, Appolonia

Kreuser, Elizabeth

Kreuser, Florentine J.

Kreuser, Frank

Kreuser, Jacob

Kreuser, Jacob

Kreuser, Joseph

Kreuser, Lucille C.

Kreuser, Math

Kreuser, Mathias F.

Kreuser, Raymond J.

Kreuser, Raymond J.

Kreuser, Veronica A.

Kroyer, Bradley

Kroyer, Magdalen C.

Kroyer, Sylvester M.

Lehnen (?), John P.

Lehnen (?), Nicholas

Lehnen (?), Theresa M.

Lehnen, Joseph P.

Lehnen, Margaret

Lenzmeier (?), Anna M.

Lenzmeier (?), Conrad H.

Lenzmeier, Alois C.

Lenzmeier, baby girl

Lenzmeier, Benjamin H.

Lenzmeier, Earl H.

Lenzmeier, Earl H.

Lenzmeier, Elisabeth

Lenzmeier, Isabel F.

Lenzmeier, Loretta A.

Lenzmeier, Stephan F.

Lipetzky, Christopher William

Luce (?), Adolph

Luce (?), Elizabeth

Luce (?), John A.

Luce, Louise M.

Luce, Roman F.

Luers, Susanna

Marschall, Scott R.

Marschall, Theresa Sames

McLaughlin (?), Marie (?)

Mechtel (?), Anna K.

Mechtel (?), Edward

Mechtel (?), Leonard P.

Mechtel (?), Mathew

Mechtel, Alexander

Mechtel, Dion H.

Mechtel, Florian L.

Mechtel, Frances

Mechtel, Johann

Mechtel, Katharina

Mechtel, Philip A.

Mechtel, Regina K.

Mechtel, Richard E.

Mechtel, Vernon A.

Menden (?), Elizabeth

Menden (?), Mathias

Menden (?), Peter J.

Menden (?), Theresa M.

Menden, Benedict J.

Menden, Dolores J.

Menden, Edmund

Menden, Geraldine Louise

Menden, Johann

Menden, Katharina A.

Menden, Margaretha

Menden, Marie

Menden, Mary

Menden, Ralph M.

Mickus, Elizabeth (Meier)

Moelker, Katharina

Monnens (?), John C.

Monnens (?), Louise

Monnens (?), Margaret

Monnens (?), Neil

Monnens (?), Paul J.

Monnens, Adolph

Monnens, B.

Monnens, F.

Monnens, James E.

Monnens, Johann G.

Monnens, Lawrence H.

Monnens, Merle Walter

Monnens, Pauline

Monnens, Rose E.

O’Loughlin, Dennis

O’Neill, Michael

Pauly (?), Alex

Pauly (?), Fern

Pauly (?), Isadore

Pauly (?), Jacob J.

Pauly (?), Lavina

Pauly (?), Margaret

Pauly, Donald Francis

Pauly, Donnie F.

Pauly, John LeRoy

Pieper (?), Anton

Pieper (?), Anton H.

Pieper (?), Catherine

Pieper (?), Henry

Pieper (?), Leonard P.

Pieper (?), Marcella E.

Pieper (?), Mary

Pieper (?), Theresa A.

Pieper, Curtis J.

Pieper, H. Anton

Pieper, John J.

Pieper, Margaret C.

Pieper, Maria A.

Pieper, Mary T.

Pieper, Regina

Pieper, Rosalie Rita

Pink, John

Poetz, Alexander

Poetz, Anna

Poetz, John

Poetz, Linus

Poetz, Margareth

Poetz, Margareth

Poetz, Peter

Poetz, Peter

Prady, Agnes

Prady, George

Preisen (?), Anton

Preisen (?), Genevieve

Preisen (?), John

Preisen (?), Mary

Quirk, Sally R. Theis

Reis, Leona M.

Sames (?), Clara E.

Sames (?), Elizabeth Ann

Sames (?), Peter J.

Sames (?), Werner J.

Sames, Peter

Sames, Thomas Cyrle

Sand (?), Anna

Sand (?), John

Sand (?), Nickolous

Sand, Alois

Sand, Alvin W.

Sand, Christina

Sand, Henry

Sand, Katharina

Sand, Margaret

Sand, Math

Sand, Michael

Sand, Susan

Schmitt (?), Daniel

Schmitt, Glen D.

Schmitz (?), Catherine

Schmitz (?), father

Schmitz (?), Francis X.

Schmitz (?), Lillian A.

Schmitz (?), Mary J.

Schmitz, Anna C.

Schmitz, Henry J.

Schmitz, Julius J.

Schmitz, Maria Katharina

Schmitz, Peter A.

Schmitz, Sebastian J.

Schneider (?), Albert

Schneider (?), Gertrude

Schneider (?), Harold

Schneider (?), Henry

Schneider (?), Marvin

Schneider (?), Mary

Schneider, Henry C.

Schoenecker, Bartholomaus

Schoenecker, Eva

Schwaesdall, Ann M.

Selb, Alois

Selb, Joseph

Selb, Martina

Selzener, Maria

Sexton, Jerome C.

Sexton, Joan V.

Smith, Jeff

St. Martin, Louis

St. Martin, Susan

Stang (?), Albert M.

Stang (?), Alvina E.

Stang (?), Elizabeth

Stang (?), Gerald

Stang (?), Peter

Stang, ?elia

Stang, Elisabetha

Stang, Francis

Stang, John

Stang, Joseph

Stang, Michael M.

Strunck, Dorathea

Strunck, John H.

Strunk, ?

Sumerfelt, Joshua C.

Terres, Elisabeth

Terres, Elisabeth

Terres, Mathias

Terres, Mathias

Theis (?), Anna

Theis (?), Arnold C.

Theis (?), Blanche A.

Theis (?), Charles J.

Theis (?), Charles J.

Theis (?), Charles S.

Theis (?), Engelbert J.

Theis (?), Evelyn

Theis (?), Frances

Theis (?), Gloria Jane

Theis (?), Henry

Theis (?), Isabel

Theis (?), Lawrence

Theis (?), Lawrence H.

Theis (?), Louis

Theis (?), Marjorie

Theis (?), Mary

Theis (?), Mary C.

Theis (?), Nickolaus

Theis (?), William

Theis, Agnes

Theis, Albert

Theis, Alois P.

Theis, Anna T.

Theis, Anton H.

Theis, Arnold William

Theis, baby daughter

Theis, Benjamin J.

Theis, Bertha

Theis, Carl M.

Theis, Dawn Marie

Theis, Don

Theis, Edwin J.

Theis, Elmer J.

Theis, George F.

Theis, Gertrude H.

Theis, Johann

Theis, John ?

Theis, Joseph

Theis, Katharina (?)

Theis, Kenneth Anton

Theis, Margaret

Theis, Margaret

Theis, Maria

Theis, Maria

Theis, Maria

Theis, Mariann

Theis, Martin Anton

Theis, Mary H.

Theis, Mary Louise

Theis, Math

Theis, Mitchell Norbert

Theis, Nickolas

Theis, Nickolaus

Theis, Nickolaus

Theis, Peter

Theis, Peter A.

Theis, Raymond C.

Theis, Regina

Theis, Ronald C.

Theis, Rosalia

Theis, Rosanna C.

Theis, Terry T.

Theis, Valentine

Thielen, Johan

Thielen, Katharina

Thielen, Mathias

Thole (?), Theresia

Thul, Anna

Thul, Anna

Thul, Anna

Thul, Annie

Thul, Christine

Thul, Frances

Thul, Frank

Thul, Joseph

Thul, Kathrine

Thul, Michael

Thul, Michael

Turner, Margaret

Unze (?), Blanche

Unze (?), Catherine

Unze (?), Charles

Unze (?), Christian

Unze (?), Clarence

Unze (?), Dorethy

Unze (?), Elizabeth

Unze (?), Frank

Unze (?), George

Unze (?), Henry

Unze (?), Jacob

Unze (?), Margaret

Unze (?), Mathias

Unze (?), Raymond

Unze (?), Regina

Unze, David A.

Voelker, Adam

Voelker, Johann

Voelker, Maria

Wagener, Anna

Wagner, Carl

Watson, Lucy Lee

Weinzierl, baby

Weiser, Joseph

Wellens, AM

Wellens, Charles

Wessel, Anna Maria

Wessel, Anton

Wessel, Dorathea

Wessel, Mary

Wessle, Henry

Wolf, Jeanett L.

Yarusso, Nicholas P.

Yarusso, Virginia B.

Zaun, Lucille

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