St. Nicholas Catholic Church Cemetery - Carver, Minnesota

city of Carver, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R23W, section 18

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained and in good shape. This is one of two cemeteries that have been used by this congregation over the years. The other cemetery is St. Nikolas Catholic Cemetery (old) which is located just outside of the City of Carver in Section 24 of Dahlgren township.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: The land for the Catholic cemetery was donated by John Riesgraf. (page 231).

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during May of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Margie Anhalt

Clara A. Bachmeyer

Frank Bachmeyer

Frank J. Bachmeyer

Herma E. Bachmeyer

Mary Bachmeyer

Raymond L. Bachmeyer

Caroline Brown

Lawrence M. Brown

Alvina C. Bueche

Anton G. Bueche

Catherine Bueche

Jacob Bueche

Jacob P. Bueche

Robert Andrew Bueche

William J. Bueche

Joan A. (June) Capaul

Leonard Capaul

Mary Capaul

Elmer T. Claesson

Genevieve Claesson

Anna C. Dauwalter

Charles E. Dauwalter

Jerome C. Dauwalter

Leon H. (Speed) Dauwalter

Edith E. Dols (?)

George K. Dols (?)

John Micahel Dols

Margaret E. Dols, wife of Kenneth

Catherine M. Edblom

John T. Edblom

Florence M. Emerson

Florence A. Angel

Wilmar S. Engel

Alice M. Ess

Arthur J. Ess

Dorothy Ess

Emma E. Ess

Gilbert C. Ess

Joseph Ess

Willie Lee Ess, son of Anthony & Lisa

George F. Fergen

Jennie E. Fergen

Eugene Forner

Joyce I. Forner

Deborah C. Frey

Alvin R. Gerold

Richard F. Gestach

Catherine A. Guenser

Edward John Guenser

Theresa Guggemos

Charles L. Hartung

Jeffrey J. Hartung

Richard O. Hartung

Stephen M. Hartung

Agnes M. Harvey

John J. Harvey

Mathew J. Harvey

Peter Harvey

Lucille Jacobs

Mathias E. Jacobs

Germaine M. Jezierski

Joseph Jezierski

Viola V. Johnson

Wesley A. Johnson

Genofeva Kimmel

Helen L. Knies

William S. Knies

Fr. Bertrand Kock, Of. M.

Earl Koelfgen

William Koelfgen

Laurie A. Kraemer

Nancy Kay Hopster Kuzelka

Bertha M. Lallak

Harold A. Lallak

Harold Alois Lallak

Francis F. Lano

Lillian A. Lano

Alois Loew (?)

Annie Loew (?)

David H. Mahowald

Jos J. Mahowald

Percy B. McGowan

Henry D. Meyer

Marie A. Meyer

Andrew Morisette

Mary A. Morisette

Agnes M. Murphy

Dalton G. Murphy

Eileen M. Nelson

Leonard G. Nelson

Emma Neunsinger (?)

George Neunsinger (?)

Raymond H. Neunsinger

Richard J. Neunsinger (?)

Verlinda Neunsinger (?)

Fred Pauly

Gerald J. Pauly

Lavonne Pauly

Mary R. Pauly

Daniel A. Peters

Genevieve M. Peters

Douglas G. Poppler

Elmer J. Poppler

Joey J. Poppler

Joseph H. Poppler

Lucille A. Poppler

Clarence ‘TuffyRademacher

Leodena Rademacher

Nicholas Rademacher

Leon W. Rein

Lillian L. Rein

Jessica Lynn Renne, daughter of Tim & Jean

Florence E. Riesgraf

Raymond S. Riesgraf

Wayne M. Riesgraf

Anna C. Scherkenbach (?)

Leo H. Scherkenbach (?)

August M. Schroeder (?)

Balbina Schoeder (?)

John Schroeder

Leonard Schroeder (?)

Martin G. Schroeder

William Schroeder

Harold Schroers

Madge Schroers

Delores G. Schutrop

Henry A. Schutrop

Kenneth D. Shulz (?)

Andrew G. Siegle

Clara E. Siegle

Ida M. Streukens

Michael Paul Symanitz

Benard G. Terwedo

Herman A. Terwedo

Joe Terwedo

baby boy Tholen

Henry J. Tholen

Mabel L. Tholen

Albert Thuening

Anna Thuening

Carl W. Tormanen

Teresa E. Tormanen

Elizabeth M. Voss

George J. Vossen

Mary A. Vossen

Anna M. Wegman (?)

Bernard G. Wegman (?)

Florence M. Wegman (?)

Frank M. Wegman (?)

Michael J. Wegman (?)

Albertina Wherley

Edward J. Wherley

James E. Wherley

Vincent O. Wherley

Frank J. Worshak

Joan G. Yorek

Lawrence J. Yorek

Apollonias, daughter of G.A. & M.A. Zanger

Dorothy A. Zanger

Georg H., son of G.A. & M.A. Zanger

Heinrich Zanger

Helen E. Zanger

Louisa M., daughter of G.A. & M.A. Zanger

Susanna Zanger, nee Schenk

Susanna M., daughter of G.A. & M.A. Zanger

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