Mount Hope Cemetery

city of Carver, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R23W, section 18

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This hilltop cemetery is maintained and in good shape. The cemetery is located north of the city of Carver, along Mount Hope Road, about half a mile south of highway 212. 

This cemetery may also be referred to as the Carver Cemetery.

In the 1915 "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota", edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: ‘ ... The first death of a white person was that of a man who was knocked from the steamer Equator, in the summer of 1855, at the boat landing. His was the first burial in the cemetery and the funeral services were conducted by Mr. Griffin. The name of the man was never made known.’ (page 230). and ‘... The site of the public cemetery was purchased from Frederick Greiner and surveyed by J.O. Brunius in 1863. [doesn’t specify Mount Hope or Carver cemetery, as this may also be known]’ (page 231).

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

Andrew Abrahamson

A. Edgar Anderson

Andrew E. Anderson, Company H 9 Minn. Vol. Inf.

Axel F. Anderson

Clinton G. Anderson

Delmore L. Anderson

Elsie C. Anderson

Emma M., child of A.G. and M.S. Anderson

Emma M. Anderson

Emma W. Anderson

John Anderson

Lena B. Anderson

Lola E. Anderson

Raymond Anderson

Selma Anderson

Walter E. Anderson

Walter W., child of A.G. and M.S. Anderson

Berthold G. Anhalt

Burton E. Anhalt

Friedericka, wife of Karl Anhalt

Karl Anhalt

Wilbur F. Anhalt

Arthur Arine (?)

Charles Arine

Emma Arine (?)

George Arine (?)

infant Arine (?)

Martha Arine

‘Mother’ Arine (?)

Thoedore, son of C. and M. Arine (?)

Erma L. Bachman

Virgil E. Bachman

Della I. Bahr

Ernst Bahr

Fred Bahr (?)

Frieda L. Bahr

Friederike Bahr

Louise Bahr (?)

William Bahr

Wm. Bahr family

Eliza Bahrke

William Bahrke

Albert F. Bandimere

Annie Bandimere (?)

Amelia H. Bandimere (?)

Arthur C. Bandimere

Bertha M. Bandimere

Charles Bandimere (?)

Christina Bandimere

Clarence G. Bandimere

Clifford J. Bandimere

Del A. Bandimere

Edna L. Bandimere

Emma J. Bandimere

Gilbert G. Bandimere

Ione Lea Bandimere

Louise Bandimere (?)

Shirley M. Bandimere

William C. Bandimere

Lillian Barney

Ray W. Barney

Charles Basler

Carl E. Beckman

Christina, wife of Carl E. Beckman

Cath. Behmer

Corp’l J.A. Bengston, Company G 2nd Minn. Cav.

Aaron W. Benson

Angelica Benson

Charles F. Benson

Elisabeth D. Benson

Hanna E. Benson

L. Nora, child of ? ? Benson (?)

Lloyd, child of ? and ? Benson (?)

Varnum Benson

W.S. Benson

Margret, wife of M. Berfield

Alvina Bloedel

Barbara, wife of John Bloedel

Fredie, son (?) of J. and B. Bloedel

Henry A. Bloedel

J ? Bloedel, son of John and Barbara Bloedel

John Bloedel

C.A. Blomquist

George Blomquist (?)

Henrietta Blomquist

Edward August Bloomquist

Hjalmer Bloomquist

Glenn Boe

Mary D. Boe

Margaret Bom

Rodney Bom

Herbert Funk Brady

Anna M. Bredenhagen

Eliza, wife of W.C. Bredenhagen

Ruby C. Bredenhagen

William C. Bredenhagen

Bertha, wife of E. Brettschneider

Emil Brettschneider (?)

Richard Brettschneider (?)

Anna Brill

Dorothea, wife of N.O. Brill

Nicolaus Brill

Willie A. Brill

A. Elizabeth Bristle

Christian Bristle, Company E 6th Minn. Inf.

Grover A. Bristle

Lillian B. Bristle

Anna M. Brown

Anna M. Brown

George Brown

Grace S. Brown

Lena Johnson Brown

Nels Brown

Oscar C. Brown

Alma Goetze Brunius

Bertha, wife of J.O. Brunius

Lieut. J.D. Brunius, Company A 11 Minn. Inf.

John O. Brunius

Laura A. Brunius

Mayo G. Brunius

Oswald C. Brunius

Albert Bryant

Willie Bryant

Elmer F. Buescher

Emma C. Buescher

William C. Buescher

Emma Buetow

William Buetow

Wilhelmine Burow

M. Louisa, daughter of ? and ? Busse

Margretha Butendorf

Peter Butendorf

Robert Francis Cale

Verna Ekberg Cale

Barbara Colaas

Elizabeth Cole (?)

William Cole (?)

Milo J. Cermak

Milo Henry Cermak

baby Dauwalter

Charles D. Dauwalter

Charles L. Dauwalter

Donald F. Dauwalter

Earl W. Dauwalter

Elisabeth, wife of C.D. Dauwalter

Geoffrey F. Dauwalter

John, son of Ch? and F. (?) Dauwalter

Margaret E. Dauwalter

Sidonia Dauwalter

Arthur H. Davignon

Corinne C. Davignon

Edgar M. Davignon

Luella G. Davignon

Mary P. Davignon

Grace E. Denny (?)

Henry R. Denny (?)

Henry R. Denny (?)

Richard W., son of H.R. and A.S. Denny

S??oh C., daughter of H.R. and S.A. Denne

Serena Arvena Denny (?)

Albert Dettborn

Bertha Dettborn

Carl C. Dettborn

Carolina Dettborn

Caroline Dettborn

Chr. Dettborn

Fredrick L. Dettborn

Lubwig Dettborn

Hannah C. Dommer

Julius A. Dommer

Julius F. Dommer

Lena Dommer

Genevieve T. Doud

Joseph W. Dunn

baby DuToit (?)

Mary DuToit, born in Alleghany city, Penn

Nellie M. DuToit (?), born at Carver, Minnesota

Frank A. Edmunds

Sophia Edmunds

Ida Ehmiller

Loretta Ehmiller

Gunnard A. Ekholm

Margaret J. Ekholm

Ethel V. Engen

Mark H. Engen

Joyce G. Eppler

Willis R. Eppler

Anna Erickson

Elizabeth Erickson

Hans Erickson

Nels F. Erickson

Carl Fandrey

Erna Fandrey

Valentina Fandrey

Elizabeth H. Farrell (?)

John J. Farrell (?)

John Sanborn Farrell

Laura Ellen Farrell

Mabel L. Farrell (?)

Walter N. Farrell (?)

Albert C. Finkel

Anna Finkel (?)

Carrie L. Finkel

Cristina A., daughter of Hu (?) and Ida Finkel

Gottlob Finkel, born in Mehlsdorf Bei Dame Kreis Jueterbock Koenigr Preussen

Henry Finkel

Henry L. Finkel

Ida Finkel

Janice, daughter of Alb. and Mrs. Finkel

Laura Finkel

Wilhelmine, daughter of H ? and Ida Finkel (?)

Johan Fletcher

Lois Fletcher

Anna Frenz (?)

Berthold Franz (?)

Ida Frenz (?)

Martin Frenz

Wilhelmine Frenz

Peter Freukes (?)

William Freukes

Earl W. Fritz

Sedonia H. Fritz

Allan Winfield Funk

Anna M. Stricker, wife of John Funk

Anne M. Funk

Archibald J. Funk

Bertha L. Funk

Caroline Funk

Clarence Edward Funk

Edward H. Funk

Emma A. Funk

George Funk

Hannah L. Funk

Icena Labree Funk

John Funk

John Funk

John Funk

Raymond O. Funk

Roger M. Funk

Rosa Funk

Sarah Josephine Funk

C.H.F. Fuss

Christina Gehl

Ehrenriech Gehl

Ehrenriech D. Gehl

Emma Gehl

Francis A. Gehl

George P. Gehl

George R. Geh

Henry Gehl

Henry A. Gehl

Herbert R. Gehl

Herman J. Gehl

Louisa Gehl

C.D. Gibson

**Clarence D. Gibson, son of Clarence H. Gibson and Elma Zetterberg Gibson, 6 May 1899 - February 1982**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

C.H. Gibson

**Clarence H. Gibson a/k/a 'Doc', married Elma Zetterberg**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Frieda Gibson

**Frieda Nikolai, 18 September 1902 - January 1985, married Clarence D. Gibson**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Grace M. Gibson

**Grace M. Gibson, daughter of Clarence H. Gibson and Elma Zetterberg Gibson, 2 September 1908 - 18 January 1999**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Louisa Glowatzke

Carl Edward Goetz

Edward Z.C. Goetz

Emil J. Goetz

Hugo C.T. Goetz

Mary Christiana Goetz

Nellie Goetz

? Goetze

Anna C. Goetze

Anna E. Goetze

Arnold M. Goetze

C. Arthur Goetze

Christopher A. Goetz

Eduard Goetze

Elizabeth Goetze

Emma ? Goetze

Ernest F. Goetze

Ernst F. Goetze

Fred H. Goetze

Friederike Goetze

Ida Goetze

Janell F. Goetze

Jessie Goetze

Lena C. Goetze

Louis Goetze

Maria C. Goetze

Marvin P. Goetze

Maude L. Goetze

Oscar Goetze

Otto C. Goetze

Pauline, daughter of E. and Ch. Goetze

Violet M. Goetze

Walter E. Goetze

? Golisch, born in Plagov (?) Deutschland (?)

Friedrich Golisch

Adeline Gramith (?)

Frederich Gramith (?)

Max Gramith (?)

Olga Gramith (?)

Albert Grapentine

Alma Grapentine

Alwina Grapentine

August Grapentine

baby Grapentine

Charles A. Grapentine

Clarence A. Grapentine

Leroy H. Grapentine

Wilhelmina Grapentine

William Grapentine

Helen L. Grass

Holger Grass

Shirley E. Grass

Hattie M. Greaves

Henry Greaves

Mary A., wife of W.A. Griffin

Angelette Alberta, daughter of Levi H. and Eliza J. Grifin, born in Boston, Mass., died Carver, Minnesota

Edwin A. Grimm

Ida C. Grimm

Edwin Gruenhagen

Sylvia Gruenhagen

Anna E., wife of John Gustafson

John Gustafson

Charlotta Hammarlund

Leander Hammarlund

Noah Hammarlund

?, ? of O. and A. Hansen

Amalia A. (?) K., daughter of O. and A. Hansen

Amelia Hansen

Dr. Charles F. Hansen, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Ernst J. ?, son of G. and A. Hansen (?)

Ludwig G.A., son of A. and A. Hansen

Myrne Kloos Bandimere Hansen

Olaf R. Hansen

Lyle H. Hanson

Christ H. Harms (?)

Clifford Harms

Edward Harms

Erna Harms

Helena Harms (?)

Mildred Harms

Clarice B. Harmsen

Clifford V. Harmsen

Earl W. Harmsen

Frances Harmsen (?)

John Harmsen (?)

Mabel C. Hart

Doris Thurk Harthun

Amenzo E. Hartley

Bertha D. Hartley

Charlotte O. Hartley

Everett C. Hartley

Everett C. Hartley

Lucie K. Hartley

Mildred M. Hartley

Scott R. Hartley

Walter W. Hartley

Zita Hartley

Milton L. Hartman

Carl Hartung

Caroline Charlotte Hartung

Charles Hartung, Company C 18 U.S. Inf

Charles Hartung (?)

Charles H. Hartung

D. Elisabeth Hartung

Esther L. Hartung

J.M. Hartung

Lester O. Hartung

Orpha Noel Hartung

Otto Hartung

Ruby T. Hartung

Alma Hasse

Carl Hasse

Ernest Hasse

Frank Hasse

Hermine Hasse

John Hasse

William Hasse

Chester Hebeisen

Christian Hebeisen, born in Switzerland

Edith R. Hebeisen

Edward Hebeisen

Fred W. Hebeisen (?)

George F. Hebeisen

John Hebeisen

John Elroy Hebeisen

Johnny, child of John (?) and Sophia Hebeisen

Josephine Marie Hebeisen (?)

Milton Hebeisen

Myrtle Hebeisen

Nellie, child of John (?) aqnd Sophia Hebeisen

Sophia Hebeisen

Gerturde, wife of John Hein

Carl O. Heinrich

Douglas P. Heinrich

Harlan D. Heinrich

Olive K. Heinrich

boy Heitkamp

in memory of Pfc. Donald Heitkamp

Donald R. Heitkamp

Earl H. Heitkamp

Edna A. Heitkamp

Ida Heitkamp

Otto L. Heitkamp

Reuben F. Heitkamp

Emma Hellriegel

Gladys L. Hellriegel

Oswald Hellriegel

Richard J. Hellriegel

Wilhelm E. Hellriegel

Christian G. Henschel

Emma E.M. ?? Herkelsath (?)

George Herth

Katy Hertz

Cristan Heuer

John L. Hickory

Marjorie Goetze Hickory

Michael J. Hickory

Caroline, ? of M and C.E. (?) Holl (?)

Michael Holl

August G. Holm

Blanche Laura Holm

Emma, wife of A.G. Holm, nee Goetze

Haakon H. Holm (?)

Hillard H. Holm

Josephine Holm (?)

Daniel McIntosh, son of E. and J. Holmes

Geo. B. Holmes

Stephen R. Holmes

Susan B. Holmes

Dorothy E. Huge (?)

Henry W. Huge

Ida Huge

Johanna Huge

John Huge

Mark D. Huge

Ronald W. Huge (?)

Walter F. Huge (?)

Andrew J. Hurtig

Carl E. Hurtig

Mathilda Hurtig

Barbara, ? of Georg Ittel

Georg Ittel

Arthur A. Jaekel

Viola A. Jaekel

Albert W. Japs

Christina, nee Singley, wife of W.D. Japs

Mathilda S. Japs

William D. Japs

Eliza Jaquith

Adolphus D. Jassoy

Augusta Jassoy (?)

Maude H. Jassoy

Rudolph A. Jassoy

Tecla B. Jassoy

Alfred Emil Jernander (?)

Christine Jernander (?)

Vincent N. Jernander

Ann M. Johnson

Anton Johnson

August Johnson (?)

Augusta Johnson

Capt. Chas. Johnson, Company M 1 Minn. H.A.

Cheri Johnson

Christ M. Johnson

Christopher M. Johnson

Clara M. Johnson

Edith, daughter of F.N. and L. Johnson

Edna Johnson

Emilie W. Johnson

Emily C. Johnson

Fred Johnson

Fredrick N. Johnson

George W. Johnson

Gustus Johnson (?)

Hannah Johnson

Hazel Johnson

Hjalmer Johnson

Hulda Johnson (?)

Jodi M. Johnson

John F. Johnson

Kenneth A. Johnson

Laura A. Johnson

Leonard Johnson

Lovesa Johnson (?)

Marie C. Johnson

Martha S. Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Claire Johnson

Nels R. Johnson

Olene Johnson

Oliver Johnson (?)

Otto Johnson (?)

Ralph T. Johnson

Walter N. Johnson

Marie L.H. Kane

Anna Kemkes

Armond Kemkes

baby boy Kemkes

Edna E. Kemkes

Everett E. Kemkes

Richard E. Kemkes

in loving memory of Richard Kemkes

Allen Harvey Kettner

Dorothy E. Kettner

Elizabeth Kettner

Otto E. Kettner

Otto G. Kettner

Gottlieb Kinkel, born in Carver

Bernetta Klatt

baby Kling

Bernice Kling

Lester Kling

Amalie Kloos

Anna C.J. Kloos

Anna Mar. Kloos

Carl W. Kloos

Eleanora, daughter of H. and E. (?) Kloos

Elizabetha Kloos

Fred C. Kloos

Helene E. Kloos

Henry E. Kloos

Henry G. Kloos

Johann F. Kloos

John A. Kloos

John D. Kloos

Julia E. Kloos

Linna A. Kloos (?)

Linnetta E. Kloos (?)

Louis Carl Kloos (?)

Louise A. Kloos

Mathilda B. Kloos

Orville O.F. Kloos (?)

Walter H. Kloos

William Louis Kloos

Henry Klos

Anna Knoblauch (?)

Anton Knoblauch (?)

Frank C. Knoblauch (?)

Helena Konig (?)

Alvina A. Kopisca

Monroe C. Kopisca

Bonivey Ann Kraemer

Elmer G. Kraemer

Gladys G. Kraemer

John George Kraemer

Richard E. Kraemer

Robert G. Kraemer

Henry Krumweide (?)

Bertha Kusserow (?)

Carl F. Kusserow (?)

Otto Kusserow (?)

Pauline B. Kusserow (?)

William Kusserow (?)

Charles H. Laabs

Hannah Laabs

Lydia M. Laabs

Ollie H. Laabs

Orville M. Laabs

Steven P. Laabs

Sylvester J. Laabs

Catherine Ladler

Aneta M. Larson

Christine Larson (?)

Evelyn A. Larson

Hildegard C. Larson

Johanna Larson

Louis Larson (?)

Marcus E. Larson

Margaret H. Larson

Oscar F. Larson (?)

Selma N. Larson

? of A. and K. Lavin

Karoline, nee Ottow, wife of August ? Lavin (?)

Albertina Lehmbecker

Friederich Lehmbecker

Annie C. Lenzen

Carl F. Lenzen

Charles H. Lenzen

Della F. Lenzen

Diedrich Lenzen (?)

Edwin J. Lenzen

Elmer J. Lenzen

Elsie E. Lenzen

Ernest W. Lenzen

Erwin C. Lenzen

Helen H. Lenzen

Henry C. Lenzen

Herman A. Lenzen

Irene L. Lenzen

Margaret Lenzen

Minnie Lenzen (?)

Rose L. Lenzen

Shannah J. Lenzen

Adolph Linn, born in Motola, Sweden

Ulrica S. Linn

Douglas M. Lipinski

Mary E. Luedke

Wm. Luedke

Bertha Luedloff

Otto Luedloff

Iver A. Lundgren

Mary C. Lundgren

Martha A., wife of W. ? Lungeford (?)

Richard A. Lura

George P. Luth

Anne Luthy

Annie Luthy (?)

Bertha C. Luthy

Carl D. Luthy

Charles W. Luthy

Doris L. Luthy

Lawrence Luthy

Lawrence Luthy (?)

Marilyn E. Luthy

Norman C. Luthy

Marie W. Malz

William A. Malz

August H. Marose

Fred Marose

Gottfried Marose

Gustie Marose

Margreth Marose

Wilhelmina Marose

William Marose

William G. Marose

Josephine Marshall (?)

Raymond J. Mather

Deffa J. Mathews

James W. Mathews

Johanna C. Meyer

Douglas E. Meyers

Anna Marie Miller

Augusta Miller, wife of John A. Miller

Augusta Miller

Carl Miller

John A. Miller

Arnold C. Mills

August (?), son of E. and C. Mills

Caroline Mills

Ferdinand Mills

Louisa Mills

Viola C. Mills

Walter Albert Mills

Ernest Mils

Albert Molkentine

Henrietta Molkentine

Ame?? Mover (?)

Wm. H. Mover (?)

Charles Muehlberg (?)

Clara, wife of General Hermann, (next to Herman Muehlberg)

Doretta A. Huehlberg

Gertrude Muehlberg (?)

Capt. Herman Muehlberg, Company D 5 Minn. Inf.

General Hermann Muehlberg, Post 158 GAR

Herman Otto Muehlberg (?)

Howard O. Muehlberg

Karen M. Muehlberg

Mary Elma Muehlberg (?)

Dorothy E., daughter of W.J. and O. Mueller

Angela Denise Naglus

Parry Shane Naglus

Hildegarde B. Nelson

John P. Nelson

Mathilda C. Nelson

Mathilda Mather Nelson

only Newman

Bertha R. Noll

William A. Noll

Frieda Nord

Hjalmar Nord

Lorraine Nord

Lorraine L. Nod

Clara Jean Noyes

Gladys A. O’Day

John W. O’Day

Alvin H. Olsen

Betty Kopisca Olsen

Leroy C. Olsen

Luella L. Olsen

Florence M. Olson

Harold E. Olson

Hilma S. Olson

Oscar J. Olson

Peter Oscar Olson

Walter B. Olson

Elizabeth J. Ortlip (?)

Fred M. Ortlip (?)

Henry Ortlip (?)

Mildred Ortlip (?)

Johann Otto

A.C. Oxenrider

James B. Oxenrider

Katherine H. Oxenrider

Mary Oxenrider

Christine Papst

Georg Papst

John J. Pesek

Kathleen Pesek

Mark Leif Peterson

Bertha Pintz

Josephine Pintz

?, daughter of W. and R.M. Pinz

Josephine, ? of H. and ? Pinz

only Plackner Family

Terry Donald, son of Don and Jean Plekkenpol

August F. Ploen

Henry Ploen

Katherine Ploen

Luise Ploen

Marie Ploen

Vernon H. Ploen (?)

Augusta Poppitz

Dora, daughter of H. and E. Poppitz

Eleanora, daughter of H. and E. Poppitz

Emilia Hedtke, wife of H. Poppitz

Ernest A. Poppitz

Ernst Poppitz

Gildon E. Poppitz

Herman Poppitz

Pearl M. Poppitz

John H. Preiss

Minnie Preiss

Rose Preiss

Walter F. Preiss

Josephine Prodahl

Charley W., son of C. - J. Prodhal

Mabel E. Quaas

Gertrude M. Quast

Gustave J. Quast

Alma Radde (?)

Alma Raedeke

Emilie, wife of H. Raedeke

H. Raedeke

Helen J. Raedeke

Louise R. Raedeke

Martha D. Raedeke

Charles Ramsey

Minnie E. Ramsey

Robert E. Ramsey

Carl R. Read

Nettie Read

Ambrose Reed

Christine Reed

Dale D. Reed

Lillie H. Reed

Michael Loren Reed

Russell A. Reed

Anna Rebecca Rehse

Anna Rebecka Rehse

Ethel M. Rickaby

Fred A. Rickaby

Dorothy Rickert

Ida J. Rickert

Genevieve Riesgraf

Joseph N. Riesgraf

Eldred F. Ripley

John W. Roedeke

Ida J. Rolf

Theo A. Rolf

only Rosemann

Caroline A. Rudolph (?)

Gustave Rudolph (?)

Bernhard Ruediger

Dorthea Ruediger

Nancy Ann Sakariason

Kasia Samberg

Lattie Samberg

Elvira A., daughter of Henry A. and Catharine Sauer

Katie M., daughter of Henry A. and Katherine Sauer

Harriet T. Schelin

Maryan Schense

Walter E. Schense

Alvin H. Schlegelmilch

August Schlegelmilch (?)

Carl Schlegelmilch

Elsie A. Schlegelmilch

Elsie C. Schlegelmilch

Helena Schlegelmilch (?)

Helena L. Schlegelmilch

John G. Schlegelmilch

Linnia (?) Schlegelmilch (?)

Ludwig Schlegelmilch

Marie Schlegelmilch

Lorraine Scheuble

Anna, ? of ?? Schirmer

Anna B. Schirmer (?)

Caroline Schirmer

Christine, wife of F. Schirmer

Ernest H. Schirmer (?)

Franz Schirmer

Oswald H.G. Schirmer (?)

Walter H. Schirmer (?)

Augusta M. Schmidt

Ella E. Schmidt

Julius E. Schmidt

Julius J. Schmidt

Louise M. Schmidt

Nellie C. Schmidt

Walter J. Schmidt

Vicky Lynn Scholl

Carl A. Schrimpf

Gustave (?), son of ? and ? Schrimpf

Evelyn Ripley Schrupp

Albert R. Schultz

Bertha Schultz

Carl F. Schultz (?)

Elisabeth, wife of J. Schultz

Ethel I. Schultz

Ernestine Schultz (?)

Harvey D. Schultz

Herman Schultz

Ida A. Schultz

John Schultz

John C. Schultz

Leonora Schultz

Lydia S. Schultz

Martin J. Schultz

Maynard Schultz

Meta Schultz

Otto W. Schultz (?)

Raymond W. Schultz

son of Mr.and Mrs. H.D. Schultz

Joyce, daughter (?) of J.W. and A.M. Searls

Karen Severson

Eileen D. Sexton

Eldon H. Sexton

Philipp Siegle

Andrew L. Skoog

Dora Skoog

Emily L. Skoog

John A. Skoog

John Lundeen Skoog

Ann M. Soeldner

O.A. Soeldner

Erik G. Spang

Maria C. Spang

Christoph H. Stockmann

Dorothea Stockmann

William C. Stockmann

Andrew G. Sthol (?)

Augusta Sthol (?)

Ida E. Sthol (?)

Lillie J. Sthol (?)

Maidie H. Sthol (?)

Ferdenand Strache

Louisa Strache

Mary Strache

Laura Schultz Strader

Bertha C. Streif

Herman Streif

Mabel P. Swanson

Woodrow M. Swanson

Britta J. Swenson (?)

Charlie W., son of M. and K. Swanson

Clara M. Swenson (?)

Emil I. Swenson (?)

Halmar A., son of A.M. and Kate Swenson

Kate, ? of A.M. Swenson

P.J. Swenson (?)

Beta Rohde Suelter

Ludwig Suelter

Allen D. Taylor

Caroline Tessmann

Wilhelm Tessman

Arthur F. Thaemert

Henry C. Thaemert

Kathrine N. Thaemert

Anna M.F. Thiebe (?)

Eva L. Thomas

Earl W. Thurk

Catherine Tirsell (?)

Herbert J. Tolppi

John Smith Tracy

Olive R. Tracy

Daniel F. Trende

Alfred Trieloff

Alma J. Trieloff

Erich G. Trieloff

‘Father’ Trieloff

‘Mother’ Trieloff

Heinrich Truhn

Wilhelmine, wife of H. Truhn

Richard Verch

F.O.S. Wallin, Company B (?) 3 (?) U.S. Inf.

Clara Wanke

Dorothea, child of Richard and Bertha Wanke

Eva, child of Richard and Bertha Wanke

Julius, child of Richard and Bertha Wanke

Therese J. Wanke

Hermine M. Wardle

Frank Warner

Jane Warner

Anna Wassmund, nee Suepke

Anna, wife of P. Weego

P.W. Weego, Company A 4 Minn. Inf.

Ferdinand Wels

Frank J. Whittemore

Hannah C. Whittemore

Hilma A. Widstrand

Dorthy Krumweide Wigby

George J. Willman

Lulu A. Willman

Terry G. Wisler

Arne M. Wold

Carl M. Wold

Frederick D. Wold

Fredricka Wold

Olga M. Wold

Rossell E. Wold

Stephen A. Wold

Stephen A. Wold

baby Wolff

Elsie M. Wolff

Henry R. Wolff

Hilma A. Wolff

Jean M. Wolff

Milton A. Wolff

Sheila M. Wolff

Anna M. Wolter

Dorothy L. Zeman

Louis A. Zeman

Andrew G. Zetterberg

**Andrew Gustav Zetterberg 13 May 1828 - 7 June 1899**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Elma Zetterberg

**Elma Zetterberg, daughter of Andrew Gustav Zetterberg and Maria Christina Swanstrom Zetterberg, married Clarence H. Gibson**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Marie C. Zetterberg

**Maja  C. Zetterberg, a/k/a Maria/Marie/Mary Christina Swanstrom, married Andrew Gustav Zetterberg**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Not able to get a complete surname for the following:

Sgt. Chrs. , Company ? 6th (?) Minn. Inf.

William C. - could be Hartung or Gruenhagen

Amalia M. - could be Hartung or Gruenhagen

Phillipina - can’t read surname

only 26 years 6 months 10 days - rest missing - next to John Gustafson

Maria, daughter of A. and ??

Lydia Nellia - no dates or surname

Wilmay E. - no surname

Lillian A. - no surname

only infants - no names or dates

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