MarkMary Catholic Cemetery / Catholic Cemeteries of Shakopee

(former St. Mark’s Catholic and St. Mary’s Catholic Cemeteries)

900 West 10th Avenue

Shakopee, Scott County, Minnesota



Shakopee, Scott County, Minnesota:  T115N-R23W, Section 12

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The MarkMary Cemetery is located along 10th Avenue in Shakopee.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape. 


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Charles

?, Charles G.

?, Elizabeth

?, father

?, Heinrich

?, Heinrich

?, Kristina Marie

?, mother

?, Raymond F.





Abeln (?), Bernard

Abeln (?), Bernard

Abeln (?), Henry

Abeln (?), Henry

Abeln (?), Herman J.

Abeln (?), Josephine

Abeln (?), Mary

Abeln (?), Mathilda

Abeln (?), Peter J.

Abeln, Bernard

Abeln, Donald M.

Abeln, Helen M.

Abeln, Hildegard M.

Abeln, John C.

Abeln, John Charles

Abeln, John H.

Abeln, Margaret A.

Abeln, Marie A.

Abeln, Mathias A.

Abeln, Minnie

Abeln, Patricia R.

Abeln, Peter J.

Acveo, Alec

Adams (?), Annie M.

Adams (?), Johanna M.

Adams (?), Joseph Peter

Adams, Catherine

Adams, Isabelle L.

Adams, John M.

Adams, Walter

Adcox, Patricia Cates

Albers, Tanner A.

Alldredge, Rose

Allen, Anna

Allen, Joseph

Allen, Marie

Allen, Mary Dellwo

Amrhein, Arnold A.

Amrhein, Jerome

Amrhein, John

Amrhein, Nadine I.

Anderson, Alice R.

Anderson, Carl A.

Anderson, Frances

Anderson, Henry

Anderson, Isabelle

Anderson, Lynda K.

Anderson, Mathilda

Anderson, Norman A.

Anderson, Pauline D.

Anderson, Ruth L.

Andrews, Anna

Annen, Ann

Annen, Anna

Annen, Barbara

Annen, Charles E.

Annen, Charles P.

Annen, Elizabeth A.

Annen, George H.

Annen, Harry

Annen, Harry M.

Annen, John C.

Annen, Mathias

Annen, Nicholaus

Annen, Peter

Annen, Regina

Annen, William J.

Annon, Mathias

Arbeiter, Joseph C.

Archambo, Frederick J.

Archambo, Rose M.

Arendt, Allen A.

Aslakson, Gary Ozzie

Aurandt, Regina

Aurandt, William

Ayd (?), Leonard F.

Ayd (?), Saloma A.

Bachmann, Brian Lee

Bachmann, Hillard H.

Baden, Phyllis T.

Baker, Ashley Amia

Baker, Benjamin

Baker, Kathryn Schmitt

Ballinger (?), Mary A.

Ballinger (?), Rudolph G.

Ballinger, Harold George

Banke, Agnes M.

Banzal, Arline Marie

Barbus, Dorthy Davidson

Bardon, Daniel

Barron, Theresia

Barry, Beverly M.

Barry, Bryan

Barry, Jennifer

Barton, Mary

Bartyzal, Billy

Bauer, Leroy J.

Bauger (?), Elisabeth (?)

Baumhoefer, Elizabeth

Beaudette, Louise E.

Becker, Joseph

Beckius, Virgil M.

Beckman, Paul J.

Beckman, Paul J.

Beckman, Stephen P.

Beckrich (?), George W.

Beckrich (?), grandfather

Beckrich (?), Henry

Beckrich (?), Katharina

Beckrich (?), Nicholas

Beckrich, Ann

Beckrich, Anton

Beckrich, Catherine

Beckrich, Cecilia

Beckrich, Emil H.

Beckrich, Ida M.

Beckrich, Isabel

Beckrich, Jennie

Beckrich, John N.

Beckrich, Mary

Beckrich, Mary Ann

Beckrich, Mary Anna

Beckrich, Math J.

Beckrich, Peter P.

Beckrich, Peter P.

Beckrich, Richard

Beckrich, Rosemary

Beckrich, Theresa A.

Beebe, Earl R.

Beedem, Mary L.

Beedem, Thomas J.

Beisang, Albert

Beisang, Albert

Beisang, Andrew

Beisang, Catharina Ceilia

Beisang, Frank Joseph

Beisang, Markus

Beisang, Peter

Beisang, Samuel

Benz, Annella

Benz, Cecilia M.

Benz, Glenn W.

Benz, Roger

Berens (?), Caecilia

Berens (?), Esther

Berens (?), George

Berens (?), Gertrude

Berens (?), Gertrude M.

Berens (?), Harry C.

Berens (?), John

Berens (?), Margaret

Berens (?), Mary

Berens (?), Mathias

Berens (?), Mathias

Berens (?), Mayme

Berens, Anna

Berens, Anthony J. (Bud)

Berens, Arthur

Berens, Gertrude

Berens, Joseph C.

Berens, Leo

Berens, Margaret

Berens, Maude

Berens, Nikolaus

Berg, Abert

Berg, Gilbert J.

Berg, Jean

Berg, Joseph

Berg, Lillian

Bernhagen, Charles

Bieren (?), baby girl

Bieren (?), Catherine E. McGovern

Bieren (?), Elizabeth H.

Bieren (?), father

Bieren (?), Michael A.

Bieren (?), mother

Bieren, Margaret C.

Bieren, Nicholas John

Biggs, Dorothy Theis

Biniek, Shirley A.

Birch, Charles

Birch, Frances

Bise, August R.

Bise, Maria

Blaha (?), August T.

Blenkush, Helen M.

Blenkush, Joseph A.

Blewett, Robert D.

Blewett, Wynnie H.

Block, Carol A. (Smith)

Blum, Keith E.

Bodine, Daisy D.

Bodine, Einar J.

Boeckman, Lawrence

Boeckman, Viola

Boegeman, Kathy A.

Boehme, Eduard

Boehmer (?), Heinrich

Boehmer (?), Herman

Bohls (?), Vincent L.

Bohls, Etta

Bohls, Katherine

Bohls, Maria

Bolig, Margaret

Bongard, Gertrude M.

Bongard, Kathleen A. Theis

Bongard, Willard W.

Borer, Susan

Born, Al J.

Born, May P.

Bornarth (?), Daniel

Bornarth, Ellen

Bouley, Arlene E.

Bowman, Claude J.

Bowman, Madeline J.

Bradley, Dennis

Bradley, Elizabeth Kelley

Bradley, Margaret M.

Bradley, Peter L.

Brahy, John Nicholas

Brandon, Anna M.

Brandon, Charles

Brandon, George E.

Brandon, Madeline C.

Brandon, Margaret A.

Braun, Nicholaus

Braun, Susana

Breeggemann (?), Bernard J.

Breeggemann (?), Elizabeth

Breeggemann (?), Georgina A.

Breeggemann (?), John

Breeggemann (?), Mathias B.

Breeggemann, Clarence J.

Breeggemann, Engelbert J.

Breeggemann, George

Breeggemann, Helen J.

Breeggemann, John H.

Breeggemann, Joseph L.

Breeggemann, Marie M.

Breeggemann, Peter J.

Breeggemann, Rita E.

Breggemann, Rose A.

Brehany, Jeanne Marie

Brehany, John Henry

Brehany, Marie R.

Breimhorst, Elizabeth

Breimhorst, Harriet

Breimhorst, Herman J.

Breimhorst, Richard

Breimhorst, Stephen

Breimhorts, Herman

Bremer, Elizabeth

Bremer, Michael

Breuer, Christine A.

Breuer, Laddie J.

Brewer, Teresa Elizabeth

Brick, Adam

Brick, Bernard A.

Brick, Cecelia G.

Brick, Clemens J.

Brick, Lena

Brink, Dion

Brinkhaus, Patty A.

Brisbois, Jakob

Brisbois, Maria A.

Brooks, Rosina M.

Broos, Bernard Joseph

Brown, Esther W.

Brown, Jed

Brown, Leona B.

Brown, Robert lee

Bruesehoff, Kenneth E.

Bruns, Catherine A.

Bruns, James L.

Bruns, Leonard A.

Bruss, Cynthia Q.

Buch, Elizabeth

Buch, Frank

Buchtel, Adolph A.

Buchtel, Mamie A.

Buesgens, Anna

Buesgens, Edward J.

Buesgens, Henry

Bullins, Lucy

Bullock, Bonita J.

Bullock, Dale A.

Bullock, Robert D.

Bullock, Robert D.

Burdick, Hazel M.

Burdine, Delores A.

Burkhart, Leopold

Burmaster, Maria Roles

Burmaster, Theresa Roles

Burns, Harriet P.

Burns, Joseph J.

Burroughs, Edward S.

Burroughs, Helen A.

Busch, Alphonse

Busch, Bernard L.

Busch, Donald N.

Busch, Frances C.

Busch, Mary Lou

Busch, Veronica

Buss, Chester W.

Buss, Rose M.

Byrne, Henry J.

Byron, John B.

Byron, Margaret

Callan (?), Margaret

Callan (?), Mark

Callan (?), Patrick J.

Campbell, James F.

Campe, Frederick P.

Canty, Margareth

Canty, Timothy

Capesius, Dallas F.

Capesius, Dallas P.

Capesius, Mae A.

Capesius, Sharon F.

Carlson, Cyril H.

Carpenter, Antoinette Marie

Carrington, Sarah Rose

Carsakden, Orson

Carskaden, Anastacia

Casanova, Kathleen

Casanova, Paul

Casey (?), Helen A.

Casey (?), Katherine M.

Casey, Anna C.

Casey, John M.

Casselious, John G.

Cassellious, Elsie E.

Cassellius (?), father

Cassellius, Bernard

Cassellius, Bernardina

Cassellius, Charles J.

Cassellius, J. He??

Cassellius, Katharina

Cates, George M.

Cavanaugh, Charles M.

Cavanaugh, Charles M.

Cavanaugh, John J.

Cavanaugh, Margaret

Cavanaugh, Ovidia B.

Cermak (?), John J.

Cermak, Edna

Cermak, Edward J.

Cermak, Emma M.

Cermak, Frank

Cermak, Henry

Cermak, John E.

Cermak, Mrs. Henry

Chalupsky, Evelyn Hergott

Chandler, Herbert A.

Chandler, Herbert B.

Chapman (?), Dorothea A.

Chapman (?), Leone M.

Chapman (?), Romanzo

Chapman, Cordelia L.

Cheever, Keith John

Cheever, Lynn

Cheever, Maroin V.

Cheever, Richard L.

Cheever, Susan

Chevre, Henry J.

Christensen, Bruce C.

Christensen, Ralph C.

Cikanek, James P.

Cikanek, Mary E.

Cikanek, Matt. J.

Clemens, Mary

Clement, John

Clement, Katharina

Cloud, Louis M.

Cole, Joseph G.

Cole, Michael

Coller, August F.

Coller, Cora D.

Coller, Fred

Coller, George F.

Coller, Ida L.

Coller, Julius A.

Coller, Julius A.

Coller, Lorraine L.

Coller, Mary B.

Coller, Sophia

Condon, Alice E.

Condon, Benjamin F.

Condon, Bridget

Condon, Colman P.

Condon, Frank J.

Condon, Frank R.

Condon, Gregory J.

Condon, Gwendolyn D.

Condon, Helen K.

Condon, Irene

Condon, Mary

Condon, Michael Francis

Condon, Patrick

Condon, Richard C.

Condon, Richard F.

Condon, Thomas J.

Condon, Viola S.

Conley, John

Conlin (?), Ellen A.

Conlin (?), William

Connelly, Joseph W.

Connelly, Mary E.

Connelly, Neill Michael

Connley, Sarah

Connolly (?), Henry L.

Connolly (?), Julia A.

Connolly (?), Michael

Connolly (?), mother

Connolly, F.J.

Connolly, James W.

Connolly, Jane

Connolly, Jess

Connolly, John C.

Connolly, Leo J.

Connolly, Martin C.

Connolly, Martin F.

Connolly, Martin F.

Connolly, Martin J.

Connolly, Martin K.

Connolly, Mary

Connolly, Mary

Connolly, Mary I.

Connolly, Thomas C.

Connolly, Timothy J.

Conter, Anna E.

Conter, Barbara

Conter, Emma A.

Conter, John B.

Conter, John N.

Conter, Joseph N.

Conter, Margaret B.

Cook, Edward C.

Cooney, Tina Nicole

Cordell, Albert M.

Cordell, Isabel D.

Corm??, Louise M.

Corniea, Tiffany Jene

Cote, Hazel M. McGowan Gendreau

Cox, Evelyn E.

Cox, Hector S.

Cox, Kevin J.

Cox, Michael J.

Cox, Ricahrd Leigh

Coyne, Honer

Coyne, John

Coyne, Martin

Craycroft, Dave

Craycroft, Mary

Crosby, Linda M.

Crosby, William J.

Culhane, Douglas J.

Cullen, Joseph

Cullen, Lorraine

Cummings, Josephine

Czaia, August

Czaia, John

Czaia, John A.

Czaia, Lorraine

Czaia, Mary A.

Czaia, Ralph

Dack, Myron J.

Dahl, Adella E.

Dahl, Catherine

Dahl, Elmer

Dahl, Evelyn M.

Dahl, Melvin B.

Dahl, Melvin N.

Dahlen, Joshua R.

Dale, Charles E.

Daremacher, Andrew

Davidson, Charles L.

Davidson, Guy

Davidson, Mary

Dedrick, Amelia

Deering, Beatrice M.

Deering, Ervin G.

Deering, Floyd R.

Deering, Kitty Jo

Deering, Margaret T.

Delbow, Bernice

Delbow, Edward D.

Delbow, Edward W.

Delbow, Elizabeth (?)

Delbow, Lorraine E.

Delbow, Robert J.

Delbow, Robert J. “Stib”

Delbow, Rose B.

Delbow, Theresa E.

Deller, Christian

Deller, Christian

Deller, Christian

Deller, Margaretha

Dellwo (?), ?

Dellwo (?), Catherine

Dellwo (?), Daisy J.

Dellwo (?), Frank Nickolas

Dellwo (?), Jennette May

Dellwo (?), John

Dellwo (?), John H.

Dellwo (?), Royal (?)

Dellwo (?), William

Dellwo, Alice M.

Dellwo, Audrey M.

Dellwo, Charles

Dellwo, Clara D.

Dellwo, Clara E.

Dellwo, Dennis J.

Dellwo, Donald F.

Dellwo, Elmer J.

Dellwo, Emma T.

Dellwo, Florence E.

Dellwo, Frances

Dellwo, George J.

Dellwo, Harold C.

Dellwo, Howard

Dellwo, Irene L.

Dellwo, James

Dellwo, James C.

Dellwo, James R.

Dellwo, John Joseph

Dellwo, Joseph J.

Dellwo, Juliet G.

Dellwo, Lori L.

Dellwo, Lucille

Dellwo, Margaret E.

Dellwo, Margaret E.

Dellwo, Margaret H.

Dellwo, Mary

Dellwo, Milton E.

Dellwo, Peter

Dellwo, Peter

Dellwo, Peter H.

Dellwo, Richard F.

Dellwo, Rose

Dellwo, Wilford

Dellwo, Wilford F.

Dellwo, William

Delougherty (?), Margaret

Delougherty (?), Mary A.

Delougherty, Cornelius

Delougherty, Mary C.

Delougherty, Thomas

Delwo, Eduard

Delwo, Eliesabeth

DeMers (?), Barbara J.

DeMers (?), Celia

DeMers (?), Louis

DeMers (?), Margaret

DeMers, Harris J.

DeMers, Louis S.

DeMers, Marlene

DeMers, Stephen Leo

Derezinski – Lavrusik, Jezabelle Aina

Derhaag, Dolores

Derhaag, Dorothy

Derhaag, Herbert R.

Derhaag, Jerome

Deterling, Susie L.

Deutsch, Agnes A.

Deutsch, Anna

Deutsch, Arthur

Deutsch, Charles

Deutsch, Elizabeth

Deutsch, Frank

Deutsch, Henrietta

Deutsch, Lambert P.

Deutsch, Lawrence P.

Deutsch, Louise C.

Deutsch, Louise C.

Deutsch, Math. A.

Deutsch, Viola

Devenney (?), Magdalen

Devenney (?), Mary Laura

Devenney (?), Thomas

Devenney, Catherine

Devenney, Charles J.

Devenney, Cora

Devenney, Sylvester

DeVille (?), Gertude

DeVille (?), Michael

DeVille, Agnes M.

DeVille, Andrew M.

Deville, Frances M.

DeVille, Michael

Deyoung, Terry M.

Dickson, Barry M.

Dierberger, Elizabeth Ann

Dierberger, Frances M.

Dierberger, Francis I.

Dierberger, Louise

Dierberger, Margaret

Dierberger, Margaret

Dierberger, Nora A.

Dierberger, Otto

Dierberger, Sidney

Diethelm (?), Thekla (?)

Diethelm, Steven A.

Dietrich (?), Regina

Dietrich (?), William G.

Dircks, Adeline J.

Dircks, Edward L.

Dircks, Erna M.

Dircks, Florian A.

Dircks, Joanne V.

Ditto, Richard

Dix, Elizabeth Thiem

Doble, Magdalen Schmitt

Doble, Virginia

Dodsworth, Eva M.

Dodsworth, Frank E.

Doherty, Michael J.

Dols (?), Anton (?) G.

Dols, Earl W.

Dols, Earl W.

Dols, Harry C.

Dols, Henry J.

Dols, Herman

Dols, Margaret

Dols, Susan

Dondelinger (?), Margaret

Dondelinger (?), Nickolaus

Donnersbach, father

Donnersbach, mother

Doody, Alice

Doody, Alice

Doody, Edward

Doody, John

Doody, John

Doody, Joseph

Doody, Mary

Doody, Susie

Dorr, Ethel E.

Dorr, Leo W.

Doucette (?), Arlene Marie

Doyle, J. Clarence

Doyle, James J.

Doyle, Leona E.

Doyle, Mary A.

Doyle, Nora

Doyle, Richard C.

Drawert, Kenneth J.

Drawert, Madonna C.

Drees, Agnes N.

Drees, baby girl

Drees, Barbara

Drees, David M.

Drees, Hilarius A.

Drees, Karen O.

Drees, Mary Ann

Drees, Susan

Dresen, Frank

Dressen, Alfred

Dressen, Donald Lee

Dressen, Dorothy A.

Dressen, Earl F.

Dressen, Edward F.

Dressen, Eleanor E.

Dressen, Elizabeth

Dressen, Harry L.

Dressen, Joseph R.

Dressen, Joseph S.

Druke (?), Annie

Druke (?), Appolonia

Druke (?), Karl

Druke (?), Peter

Druke, Catherine

Druke, Evelyn A.

Druke, Henry

Druke, Mildred

Dubois, Arthur R.

Dubois, Mary L.

Duede, Caroline

Duede, Clara M.

Duede, Frank W.

Duede, Mary E.

Duede, Paul F.

Duede, William F.

Duehn, Barbara

Duffy (?), Gertrude V.

Duffy (?), Katherine A.

Duffy (?), Walter W.

Duffy, Anna Louise

Duffy, William Francis

Dufresne, Elizabeth

Dufresne, Elzeor

Dunfee, Hiram M.

Dunfee, Patricia M.

Dunham, Mary Jansen

Dupont, Aleen M.

Dupont, Joseph V.

Dvoracek, Becky Ann

Dvorak, Dennis Paul

Dyer (?), Mary T.

Dyer (?), Sigel G.

Dyer, Mary Jane

Eastman, Megan Marie

Ebens, Richard R.

Eckrick, Maria

Eder (?), Elizabeth

Eder, Adelaide E.

Eder, Red W.

Edert, Elisabeth

Edert, Elisabeth

Edert, John

Edert, John

Edert, Susan

Egberta, Sister M.

Ehmueller, Gabreal

Ehmueller, Kathrine

Ehrich, Evelyn L.

Elftmann, Dennis

Eller, Anna M.

Eller, Frank

Eller, Johann

Eller, Margaret

Eller, William

Emerick, Catherine

Engebretson, Matthew Robert

Engel (?), Agnes

Engel (?), Dominic

Engel (?), William A.

Engel, Gary J.

Engel, Louis F.

Engle (?), Clara M.

Engle (?), Raymond A.

Engler, Duwayne C.

Engler, Rosemary J.

English, Anna M.

Eppolito, Katie Anne

Erkens, George C.

Erkens, Johanna

Esert, Dora Mersch

Ess, Wayne L.

Ess, Wayne L.

Esterly, George Wendell

Evan, ?

Evan, Georg

Evan, Heinrich

Evan, Henry

Even, Caroline

Everling (?), Peter (?)

Everling (?), William (?)

Everling, Antonia

Everling, Catherine

Everling, Mathias

Everling, Mathias P.

Everling, Nicholas (?)

Everling, Wilhelmine

Ey, Margaret

Fairley, Francis M.

Fandel, Margaret Marschall

Fankhauser, Amanda A.

Faribault, Harriet

Farley, Luverne A.

Farley, Victor E.

Farnen, James

Farnen, Mary Ann

Farrell, Adeline M.

Farrell, Bertha M.

Farrell, Bets M.

Farrell, Edward

Farrell, Edward J.

Farrell, James D.

Farrell, Janice Rose

Farrell, Jill

Farrell, John M.

Farrell, John P.

Farrell, Margaret

Farrell, Mathew Emmet

Farrell, Mathew J.

Farrell, Pater J.

Farrell, Peter Jay

Farrell, Scottie J.

Faust, Frances C.

Faust, Joseph A.

Faust, Melvin J.

Feldman (?), Fred

Feldman (?), Joseph

Feldman (?), Marie

Feldman (?), Mary

Feldman, Ann

Feldman, Frank

Feldmann (?), Engelbert

Feldmann (?), Florence

Feldmann (?), Maria Rossrucker

Feldmann, Elisabeth

Feldmann, Fridolin

Feldmann, John

Feldmann, Mary

Feldmann, Michael

Feldmann, Richard J.

Felten, Johann

Felten, Katherina

Felten, Margaretha

Ferber, David F.

Fetsch, Judith

Fideldy, Ruth R.

Fischer, ?

Fischer, Anna C.

Fischer, Anna M.

Fischer, Antoinette

Fischer, Beata A.

Fischer, Carline

Fischer, Donald F.

Fischer, Esther

Fischer, George

Fischer, Henrietta

Fischer, Henry P.

Fischer, Jerome H.

Fischer, John G.

Fischer, Joseph

Fischer, Joseph D.

Fischer, Julia

Fischer, Loren (?) B.

Fischer, Marion K.

Fischer, Mary A.

Fischer, Paul

Fischer, Peter M.

Fischer, Raymond C.

Fischer, Rosella G.

Fischer, Wilhelmina

Fitz (?), Hildegard M.

Fitz (?), Richard J.

Fitz, Magdalena

Fitz, Peter A.

Fitz, Peter Alois

Fitzpatrick, Margaret

Fitzpatrick, Michael H.

Flaherty, ? James

Flaherty, Bridget

Flaherty, Dennis

Flaherty, Dennis D.

Flaherty, John

Flaherty, Mary Gorham

Flecken, Henry J.

Flecken, Josepha

Flecken, Lenora

Flecken, Leonard G.

Flecken, Mary M.

Flekken, Adam

Flicek, Danny

Florez, Manual L.

Flynn, Edna L.

Flynn, Frances M.

Flynn, Harold E.

Flynn, Harold E.

Fonder, Arthur L.

Fonder, Arthur L.

Fonder, Mary Annette

Fonnier, Delia Mertz

Foster, Phyllis A.

Foudray, R. Gene

Fox, Agnes

Fox, Harold

Fox, Joey

Fox, John

Fox, Joseph J.

Fox, Wayne

Frank, John (?)

Frank, Lizie

Frank, Margaret

Frank, Math W.

Franken, Gerhardt

Franken, Henry

Franken, Katherina

Franken, Katherine

Franklin (?), W.B.

Franklin, James S.

Franklin, Susanna

Friedges, Raymond M.

Friedrich (?), father

Friedrich (?), Frank

Friedrich (?), Mathew (?)

Friedrich (?), Matilda

Friedrich (?), mother

Frieze, Josephine

Frieze, Mary Anna

Froehner, Clara E.

Froehner, Rudolph A.

Fuller, Earl

Fuller, Verna

Furst, baby

Furst, Cornelius W.

Furst, Theo J.

Gabbert (?), Teresa

Gabbert, Elmer H.

Gall, Eleanor M.

Gall, Robert W.

Gansen, Gary

Gansen, Leonard

Gansen, Linda M.

Ganske, Jean E.

Gehl, Anna M.

Gehlen, Lorraine J.

Gehlen, Sylvester A.

Geiger, Doris E.

Geiger, Franklin O.

Geis, Alois H.

Geis, Cecelia M.

Geis, Clemens J.

Geis, Edmund

Geis, Everett H.

Geis, Flavian M.

Geis, Florian

Geis, Geraldine L.

Geis, Gertrude

Geis, Gertude

Geis, Hazel A.

Geis, Henry J.

Geis, Hildegard

Geis, Joseph M.

Geis, Lawrence B.

Geis, Leander

Geis, Loretta

Geis, Louisa T.

Geis, Magdalene

Geis, Mary A.

Geis, Melvin P.

Geis, Melvin P.

Geis, Norbert

Geis, Paul

Geis, Richard J.

Geis, Rose Marie

Geiser, ?

Geiser, ?erine

Geiser, Li??

Gelhave, Cora R.

Gelhave, Frank A.

Gelhaye, Albert M.

Gelhaye, Alice M.

Gelhaye, Anna M.

Gelhaye, Arthur

Gelhaye, August J.

Gelhaye, Catherine

Gelhaye, Francis E.

Gelhaye, Francis E.

Gelhaye, Frank P.

Gelhaye, George F.

Gelhaye, Glenn P.

Gelhaye, Gordon J.

Gelhaye, Harry

Gelhaye, Helen C.

Gelhaye, Ir?? M.

Gelhaye, Jerome

Gelhaye, Josephine

Gelhaye, Lawrence G.

Gelhaye, Lee G.

Gelhaye, Linda M.

Gelhaye, Lyle M.

Gelhaye, Lyle Martin

Gelhaye, Margaret C.

Gelhaye, Marie H.

Gelhaye, Minnie

Gelhaye, Nickolaus

Gelhaye, Susan A.

Gelhaye, Walter A.

Gentgen, John

Gentgen, Margaret

George, Stella

Gerdesmeier, Arnold H.

Gerdesmeier, Gary L.

Gerdesmeier, Marian C.

Gerdesmeier, Ralph L.

Germond, Barbara

Gerold, Angela Marie

Gerold, Apollonia M.

Gerold, Sylvester N.

Gerold, twins

Gerres, ?

Geske, Alton B.

Geske, twin boys

Gigrich, Heinrich G.

Gigrich, Sophia

Gillen (?), Frank

Gillen (?), Jacob

Gillen (?), Katharina

Gillen (?), Nicholas

Gillet, Katie M.

Gillet, William

Girgen, Catherine

Girgen, John J.

Goblish, Terry L.

Goemer, Bert A.

Goemer, Glen J.

Goenen, Catherine

Goenen, Jos. John

Goergen, Catherine

Goergen, Johan

Goetze, Cassondra

Goldkamp, Friedrich

Goldkamp, Lucy

Golla, Ann Elizabeth

Golla, William Gordon

Goodspeed, Thomas R.

Goodspeed, Thomas Richard

Gorham, Ann Lyden

Gorham, John

Gorham, Patrick

Gorham, Thomas

Grady, Cora L.

Grady, Earl G.

Grafenstatt, Arnold J.

Grafenstatt, Bertha

Grafenstatt, Charles H.

Grafenstatt, Harry

Grafenstatt, Joseph

Grafenstatt, Katherine

Grafenstatt, Lizzie M. Marx

Grafenstatt, Maria

Grafenstatt, Mary A.

Grafenstatte, Eleta A.

Gray, Marlene Morgan

Green, Cindy L.

Green, Edward F.

Green, Gladys M.

Green, Helen

Green, Henry

Green, Joseph

Green, Lena

Green, Melvin T.

Green, Melvin T.

Green, Rose M.

Greening, Mathilda

Greening, Morris

Greening, Morris G.

Greening, Therese M.

Greenwood, Jim

Greenwood, Joe

Griep, Bud

Griep, Shelly Marie

Griepentrog, Joann E.

Griffin (?), Allen

Griffin (?), Michael E.

Griffin, ??nie

Griffin, Eugene L.

Griffin, John

Griffin, Mary E.

Grommesch, Clara

Grommesch, Frances

Grommesch, John

Grommesch, Raymond

Groskopp, George

Groskopp, Henry

Groskopp, Mary

Groskopp, Mary S.

Groskopp, Robert

Groskopp, Sophia

Grosser, Emma

Grosser, Henry R.

Grosshauser, Eleanor E.

Grosshauser, Walter C.

Grossinger, David D.

Grossinger, Helen T.

Guzzetta, baby

Haas (?), baby

Haas (?), Elizabeth A.

Haas (?), John Albert

Haas, Berth G.

Haas, Catherine

Haas, Ellen

Haas, Fred H.

Haas, Mabel E.

Haas, Thomas

Haas, Thomas

Haas, Thomas E.

Habeck, Dorothy (Dottie) M.

Hafermann, Joel J.

Hafermann, Shirley A.

Hagen, Ole Joseph

Hagenstad, Mabel J.

Hagenstad, Raymond M.

Haggerty, Martha C.

Hallich, Scott (?) C.

Hamilton, baby boy

Hanley, Katie A.

Hanlon, Shirlee J.

Hans, Louisa

Hart, Cyril M.

Hart, Kevin L.

Hart, LeRoy F.

Hart, Martin J.

Hart, Mary A.

Hartl, Gilbert Thomas

Hartman, Rosalia

Hartmann, Alois J.

Hartmann, Carl P.

Hartmann, Charles Jos.

Hartmann, Dolores E.

Hartmann, Esther C.

Hartmann, George R.

Hartmann, Gregory

Hartmann, Leo L.

Hartmann, Louise C.

Hartmann, M. Paul

Hartmann, Marie C.

Hartmann, Richard L.

Hartz (?), Michael

Hartz, Bernard

Hartz, Peter

Hartz, Susan L.

Harvey, Geraldine V.

Harvey, Richard P.

Hattenberger (?), Catherine

Hattenberger, Alexander

Hattenberger, Alois

Hattenberger, Anthony

Hattenberger, Caroline

Hattenberger, Clara

Hauer, Clara E.

Hauer, James Eugene

Hauer, Peter W.

Hauer, William A.

Hauger, John C.

Hauger, John C.

Hauger, Maryann K.

Haywood, Anna Mary

Heger, Alice

Heger, Arnold F.

Heger, John

Heger, Joseph

Heger, Joseph E.

Heger, Linus H.

Heger, Margaret

Heger, Mary A.

Heger, Myrtle

Heger, Nicholas

Heger, Nicholaus

Heger, Nora Dorothy

Heibel, Anna

Heibel, Caroline

Heibel, Henry

Heibel, Johan

Heibel, John

Heibel, M. Paulina

Heiland, Andrew A.

Heiland, Keith R.

Hein (?), Edna I.

Hein (?), Jacob

Hein (?), John J.

Hein (?), Lorence E.

Hein (?), Mary

Hein, Mary

Hein, Molly

Hein, Terry John

Heinen (?), Anna M.

Heinen (?), John H.

Heinen, Gregor

Heinen, Mary

Heitz, Diane “Babe”

Heitz, Paul A.

Heitz, Rose M.

Heitzman, Anna M.

Heitzman, Edward J.

Heitzman, Marvin J. “Bud”

Heldele, John G.

Heller (?), Herman H.

Heller, Anna G.

Heller, Anna M.

Heller, baby girl

Heller, Bernard H.

Heller, Eleanor L.

Heller, Elizabeth

Heller, George Henry

Heller, H.H.

Heller, Henry J.

Heller, Howard J.

Heller, John B.

Heller, John H.

Heller, Katherine

Heller, Leo H.

Heller, Martha

Heller, Teresa M.

Helmer (?), Arlene A.

Helmer (?), Edward A.

Helmer (?), Marjorie Julia

Henderson, Ethel M.

Henderson, Eugene J.

Henderson, Gordon N.

Henderson, Henrietta H.

Henderson, Kimberly

Henderson, Marjorie R.

Henderson, William G.

Henkels, Heinrich

Henkels, Hortense

Henkels, Peter

Hennen (?), Larry G.

Hennen, Alois J.

Hennen, Cornelius G.

Hennen, Donna Mae

Hennen, Eleanor

Hennen, Harold

Hennen, infant daughter

Hennen, infant son

Hennen, Jerome P.

Hennen, Joanne I.

Hennen, John H.

Hennen, Joseph H.

Hennen, Laura E.

Hennen, Margaret

Hennen, Mark D.

Hennen, Martha

Hennen, Melvin H.

Hennen, Ottilia S.

Hennen, Philamine C.

Hennen, Phyllis I.

Hennen, Rose

Hennen, S.M.

Hennes, Anna

Hennes, Anthony

Hennes, Bob

Hennes, Earl J.

Hennes, Hugo

Hennes, Kristi Jo (Kopitski)

Hennes, Melvin H.

Hennes, Peter

Hennes, Ray

Hennes, Rosalia

Henning, Diane R. (Lane)

Henning, Walter Joseph

Henry, Mike J.

Henry, Rachel M.

Hentges (?), Anna

Hentges (?), Peter

Hentges, Albert J.

Hentges, Bernadette J.

Hentges, Cyril

Hentges, Elizabeth

Hentges, Emilia T.

Hentges, Frances A.

Hentges, Henry

Hentges, Howard D.

Hentges, Hugo P.

Hentges, Jerome J.

Hentges, Madalena

Hentges, Peter H.

Hentges, Raymond J.

Hentges, Richard K.

Hergott (?), Clarence G.

Hergott (?), Frank C.

Hergott (?), Theresa M.

Hergott, Albert M.

Hergott, Donald A.

Hergott, Donald A.

Hergott, Henry

Hergott, Mary

Hergott, Phyllis E.

Hergott, Wilfred H.

Hermann, ?

Hermes, Frank

Hernandez, Maria E. Aguilar

Herrgott (?), Michael

Herrgott (?), Thecla

Herrgott, Anton F.

Herrgott, Jerome A.

Herrmann, Anna Mae M.

Herrmann, LeRoy W.

Herzog, Bernard A.

Herzog, Rose M.

Hess, Margaretha Brahy

Heyda, Laura Susan

Hicks, Theresa F.

Hilgers, Anna Mary

Hinderks, Heinrich

Hirscher (?), Frank

Hirscher, Alex J.

Hirscher, Benedict J.

Hirscher, Blanche

Hirscher, Flora G. “Anderson”

Hirscher, Florence H.

Hirscher, Franz X.

Hirscher, Genevieve

Hirscher, Herbert A.

Hirscher, John

Hirscher, Joseph

Hirscher, Joseph G.

Hirscher, Leo M.

Hirscher, Lucille M.

Hirscher, Lucille M.

Hirscher, Mary Ann

Hirscher, Philimina

Hirscher, Philomene

Hirscher, Theresia

Hirscher, Valentine M.

Hitscher, Mary M.

Hodges, Arthur J.

Hodges, Thomas J.

Hoeltgen, Marie

Hoen (?), Mathias P.

Hoen, Antoinette

Hoen, Bert C.

Hoen, Erna F.

Hoen, Josephine

Hoen, Leo A.

Hoen, Leo A.

Hoffman, Alan R.

Hoffman, Cole Ryan

Hoffman, Dale R.

Hoffmann (?), brother

Hoffmann, Gertrude

Hoffmann, John B.

Hoffmann, Margaretha

Hoffmann, Mary E.

Hoffmann, Nicholas

Homer, Thresa

Horeish, George A.

Horn, Albert E.

Horn, Margaret A.

Houser, Franklin L.

Houser, Margaret E.

Hovorka, Florence E.

Hovorka, Thomas J.

Hruska, Kathleen M.

Huber (?), Catherine

Huber (?), George F.

Huber (?), Margaret E.

Huber, Alois J.

Huber, baby boy

Huber, Cora F.

Huber, Edward J.

Huber, Ellen P.

Huber, Elmer E.

Huber, Evelyn M.

Huber, father

Huber, Flora A.

Huber, Frank

Huber, Frank N.

Huber, George M.

Huber, Gladys

Huber, Harold F.

Huber, Helen E.

Huber, Helena M.

Huber, Hubert

Huber, Hubert

Huber, Ida G.

Huber, J.P.

Huber, John H.

Huber, Joseph Coleman

Huber, Joseph W.

Huber, Josephine

Huber, Laura I.

Huber, Lorraine Wildes

Huber, Mildred E.

Huber, mother

Huber, Paul J.

Huber, Raymond M.

Huber, Walter J.

Huerta, Carlose Roberto “Joaquin”

Hueser, Henry B.

Hueser, John

Hueser, Julia DeMers

Hueser, Leola

Huntsmann, John H.

Huntsmann, Philomina A.

Husma?, Frank (?)

Husman, Anna T.

Husman, Elizabeth

Husman, Henry C.

Husman, John B.

Husman, John L.

Huss (?), John H.

Huss (?), Maria Theresa

Huss, Catherine

Huss, George J.

Huss, Gregory John

Huss, Harold J.

Huss, Leo J.

Huss, Mary E.

Huss, Michael

Huss, Nicholas G.

Huss, Peter

Huss, Rosemary Nancy

Huss, Theodore Joseph

Huss, Theresa

Hussman, Gertrude

Hussman, Henry

Hussman, Henry L.

Hussman, Lora E.

Hutgh, Agnes Mary

Huth (?), Howard A.

Huth (?), Margaret M.

Huth (?), Maria M.

Huth (?), Olive E.

Huth (?), Peter J.

Huth (?), Robert J.

Huth, Albert

Huth, Barbara

Huth, Bernard George

Huth, Eleanore

Huth, Frances

Huth, Georg

Huth, George M.

Huth, John Hal

Huth, John Henry

Huth, Joseph

Huth, Joseph

Huth, Josephine R.

Huth, Leo V.

Huth, Leroy

Huth, LeRoy

Huth, Leroy H.

Huth, Maria Anna

Huth, Martha A.

Huth, Mathias

Huth, Philomene

Huth, Theresa Mary

Huth, Valentine

Hyde, Lydia Schlink

Imboden, Helen

Imker, Joanne V.

Ince, Chester L.

Ince, Marie A.

Ince, Peter L.

Iverson, baby

Jacobs, Clarence H.

Jacobs, Frank R. Lallak

Jacobs, Mary A. Lallak

Jacobs, Stella A.

Jacobs, Theresa Mary

Jacobs, Theresa Mary

Jacques (?), Elaine M.

Jacques (?), Jerome N.

Jacques, Alfred

Jacques, Andrew A.

Jacques, Cameron Jerome

Jacques, Josephine

Jacques, Julie M.

Jacques, Kellie Lynn

Jacques, Lillian

Jacques, Michael

Jahn, Kevin H.

Jansen, Audrey I.

Jansen, Bernard J.

Jansen, Dorathea (?)

Jansen, Elizabeth A.

Jansen, Frank W.

Jansen, Gertrude A.

Jansen, Hekla

Jansen, John

Jansen, Leonard

Jansen, Marie

Jansen, William C.

Jansen, William H.

Jasper, Donald

Jasper, Edward

Jasper, Elisabeth

Jasper, grandfather

Jasper, grandmother

Jasper, Irene M.

Jasper, Joseph P.

Jasper, Leonard

Jasper, Philomena E.

Jasper, Robert G.

Jasper, Ted. J.

Jaspers, Anthony

Jaspers, Bernice K.

Jaspers, Clarus T. “KI”

Jaspers, Dorothy A.

Jaspers, Ethel D.

Jaspers, George A.

Jaspers, George A.

Jaspers, Helen

Jaspers, Inez A.

Jaspers, Jerome W.

Jaspers, Loretta A.

Jaspers, Mary S.

Jaspers, Theodore

Jaspers, Vincent E.

Jaspers, William

Jenn, Joseph J.

Jenn, Marie H.

Jenny, Edward J.

Jenny, Edward J.

Jenny, Rose G.

Jenny, Rose G.

Jenny, Thomas C.

Jenny, Thomas C.

Jenny, Troy S.

Jerdee, James D.

Jeurissen (?), ?

Jeurissen (?), Elizabeth

Jeurissen (?), Joseph

Jeurissen, Anna M.

Jeurissen, Donald

Jeurissen, Donald J.

Jeurissen, Edward M.

Jeurissen, Elizabeth A.

Jeurissen, Genevieve

Jeurissen, Gerhard L.

Jeurissen, Henry L.

Jeurissen, Hubert J.

Jeurissen, Jacob J.

Jeurissen, Jeanette M.

Jeurissen, Jerome

Jeurissen, Jessica

Jeurissen, Leo H.

Jeurissen, Leonard J.

Jeurissen, Veronica

Jeurrisen (?), Joseph

Jeurrisen, Andrew J.

Jeurrisen, Paul N.

Johannes, Nicholas J.

Johnson, Apollonia A.

Johnson, Arabella K.

Johnson, baby

Johnson, baby boy

Johnson, baby girl

Johnson, Clifford

Johnson, Esther B.

Johnson, Helen L.

Johnson, Helen Sullivan Esterly

Johnson, Marshall

Johnson, Morse E.

Johnson, Parnell P.

Johnson, Parnell P.

Johnson, Rodney E.

Johnson, Ronald J.

Johnston, Henrietta

Johnston, William

Jones, Betty

Jones, Gus B.

Jones, Lena M.

Jones, Sophia (Stevens)

Jorgensen, Charles

Jorgensen, Pauline

Jorgenson, Brittney C.

Joseph, Frank

Jost, Annie

Jost, Mathias

Jost, Mathias

Kadrlik, baby boy

Kalal – Brinkhaus, Jennifer Theresa

Kaley, Carl J.

Kaley, Charles D.

Kaley, Elizabeth

Kaley, Frank A.

Kaley, Fred J.

Kaley, George

Kaley, John P.

Kaley, Loraine

Kaley, Loretta G.

Kaley, Philomene T.

Karl, Elmer F.

Karl, mary F.

Karst, Diane E.

Karst, Diane E.

Karst, Elizabeth M.

Karst, Hildebard

Kaschke, Angela Deller

Kaup (?), Anna Mary

Kaup (?), Elizabeth

Kaup (?), Elizabeth (?)

Kaup (?), John

Kaup (?), Margaret (?)

Kaup (?), Nicholas (?)

Kaup (?), William F.

Kaup, Elizabeth

Kaup, Johann F.

Kaup, John

Kaup, John

Kaup, Maria

Kaup, Maria

Kaup, Peter

Kaup, Susan

Kauth, ?

Kauth, Margaretta

Kauth, William J.

Kelly (?), father

Kelly, baby

Kelly, Catherine

Kelly, Mary

Kelly, Mary

Kelzer, Alice E.

Kelzer, Herbert V.

Kelzer, Herbert V.

Kelzer, Leonard L.

Kelzer, Leonard W.

Kerber (?), Al A.

Kerber (?), Lena

Kerber, Donna Mae

Kerber, Isabelle I.

Kerber, Jacob

Kerber, Josephine

Kerber, Martin F.

Kerkow, Eileen H.

Kerkow, Erwin A.

Keschnitzke, Francis

Keschnitzke, Louis

Kessler, Magdalena

Ketterer, ?eno C.

Ketterer, Evelyn C.

Ketterer, Gelbert

Ketterer, George Engelbert

Ketterer, Mary (?)

Kieber, Robert John

Kieron, Bridget

Kieron, Bridget Thornton

Kinghorn (?), George F.

Kinghorn (?), Mary

Kinn, Bernhard

Kinn, Catherine

Kinn, Katharina

Kintzie, Elizabeth

Kintzie, Minnie

Kircher, Katherine

Klehr, Cynthia

Klehr, Donald J.

Klehr, George M.

Klehr, Harold M.

Klehr, Mary C.

Klehr, Mildred V.

Klein (?), Pauline

Klein, Agnes R.

Klein, Annie

Klein, Edward H.

Klein, Edward H.

Klein, Louis J.

Klein, Ray J.

Klein, Regina A.

Klein, Theresa

Kleschult (?), Dorothy M.

Kleschult (?), Robert J.

Klick, Marguerite D.

Klick, Robert A.

Kline (?), Agnes M.

Kline (?), Katherine

Kline (?), Nathaniel

Kline (?), William W.

Kline, Anna V.

Kline, Charles L.

Kline, Louis B.

Klingelhut, Marion

Klingelhut, Raymond

Klinkhammer, Heinrich J.

Klinkhammer, J. Heinrich J.

Klinkhammer, John

Klinkhammer, Joseph

Klinkhammer, Katrina

Klinkhammer, Margaretha

Klopp, Anna

Klopp, Peter

Klouda, Alice M.

Klug, Len

Klug, Paul Anthony

Knutson, Gary Lee

Koch, Clara Ann

Koch, Clarence J.

Koch, Dolores C.

Koch, Elroy

Koehn, Loren C.

Koenig, ?

Koenig, August

Koenig, Caroline

Koenig, Joseph

Koenig, Michael

Koenig, Nicholas

Koenig, Peter

Koenig, Theresa

Koeper (?), Anna

Koeper (?), August

Koeper (?), Charles

Koeper (?), Charles A.

Koeper (?), Josephine

Koeper (?), Mary

Koeper (?), Minnie

Koeper, August C.

Koeper, baby

Koeper, Charles C.

Koeper, Elisabeth

Koeper, Elizabeth

Koeper, Frank

Koeper, John

Koeper, Joseph

Koeper, Joseph

Koeper, Lawrence J.

Koeper, Marie

Koetz, Arthur J.

Koetz, Lorraine S.

Kohler, Anna M.

Kohler, Ben A.

Kohler, Benedict

Kohler, Emma

Kohler, Frank O.

Kohler, John A.

Kohler, Julius

Kohler, Lena

Kohler, Rose

Kohler, Sophia E.

Kolb, Bing Severson

Kolb, Claude

Kolb, Dorothy

Kolb, Larry Severson

Koll, Olivia A.

Koll, Simon N.

Kollasch, Donald M.

Kollasch, Harold J.

Kollasch, Mabel J.

Kollasch, Marie E.

Koop (?), Nellie D.

Kopel, Bernice M.

Kopel, George J.

Kopp (?), Charles

Kopp (?), Edward A.

Kopp (?), Edward P.

Kopp (?), Elizabeth

Kopp (?), Elizabeth

Kopp (?), father

Kopp (?), James

Kopp (?), Jonnie A.

Kopp (?), mother

Kopp (?), Nickolaus

Kopp (?), Raymond J.

Kopp, Albert J.

Kopp, Alvin E.

Kopp, Anna M.

Kopp, Carrie

Kopp, Charles C.

Kopp, Charles M.

Kopp, Edward

Kopp, George C.

Kopp, Gerald F.

Kopp, Harry C.

Kopp, Hazel M.

Kopp, Johann

Kopp, John

Kopp, John J. “Uncle Huns”

Kopp, Joseph John

Kopp, Kenneth E.A.

Kopp, Lapold

Kopp, Laura A.

Kopp, Lyman G.

Kopp, Margaret

Kopp, Mary

Kopp, Sabina Scott

Kopp, Susanna P.

Kopp, Theresia

Kopp, Wilfred

Kopp-Robinette-Fitzharris, Arnold

Kopp-Robinette-Fitzharris, Irene

Kopp-Robinette-Fitzharris, Katharine

Kopp-Robinette-Fitzharris, Theodore

Kortz, Edith A.

Kortz, Hedwig

Kortz, John

Kortz, Leo D.

Kortz, Michael J.

Koshiol, Kevin L.

Koskovich, Joseph J.

Kotchevar, Delores

Kotsmith, James R.

Kotsmith, Laverne J.

Kovarik, Elizabeth E.

Kovarik, Theresa

Kovarik, Wencel

Kratochvil, Gloria E.

Krauth, Elmer F.

Krauth, Elmer F.

Krauth, Julia A.

Krautkremer, Jeanette G.

Kreuser (?), Betty Ann

Kreuser (?), Carrie

Kreuser (?), Elizabeth

Kreuser (?), John

Kreuser (?), John P.

Kreuser (?), John T.

Kreuser (?), Katherine

Kreuser (?), Lucy A.

Kreuser (?), Mary

Kreuser, Anna J.

Kreuser, Chuck

Kreuser, Frank J.

Kreuser, Lawrence N.

Kreuser, Lucille M.

Krohn, Louise

Kronfuss, J. Olive

Kronfuss, Vincent A.

Kronschnagel, Caroline

Kroyer, David

Kroyer, Henry J.

Kroyer, Mary A.

Krueger, Agnes

Krueger, August

Krueger, August V.

Krueger, Hubert

Krueger, Marguerite M.

Krueger, Mary Fischer

Kubiszewski, Emil A.

Kubiszewski, Sharon Ann

Kupfer, Jean L.

Kurvers (?), Margaret S.

Kurvers, Germaine C.

Kurvers, Ida W.

Kurvers, Joseph J.

Kurvers, Leonard J.

LaBash, Rita F. Marschall

Lackaff, Elizabeth Marschall

Laddusaw, Robert

Laddusaw, Rose J.

Laddusaw, Walter L.

Laddusaw, William E.

Lafontaine, Chris H.

Lallak (?), Anna Mary

Lallak (?), Charles

Lallak (?), Elizabeth

Lallak (?), John F.

Lallak, Alois R.

Lallak, John F.

Lallak, Kristin M.

Lambert, Edith M.

Lambrecht, Jessica Lynn

Lambrecht, Rita

Lambrecht, Roger

Lander, Agatha

Lander, Josephine

Lander, Marcus

Lander, Markus

Lander, Mary Theis

Lander, Theresia

Lander, Veronica

Lane, Gladys

Lane, Harry E.

Lang, Michael Manford

Lang, Robert J.

Larkin, Richard J.

Larson, Ernest R.

LaTour (?), ?

LaTour (?), Anna K.

LaTour (?), Anton

LaTour (?), Catherine

LaTour (?), Clifford (?)

LaTour (?), Cornelia Mary

LaTour (?), Frances

LaTour (?), Peter J.

LaTour (?), Rhubert M.

LaTour (?), Thomas H.

Latour, Anthony L.

LaTour, Betty R.

LaTour, Hildegard

Latour, Mary E.

Latour, Michael R.

LaTour, Nicholas

LaTour, Wilfred E.

Latzke, Robert John

Lauer (?), Sophia

Lauer, Clara

Lauer, Frederick

Laurent, Gilbert P.

Laurent, William P.

Leavitt, J. Patrick

Leavitt, James Patrick

Leavitt, Jermayn (Martinka)

Lebens (?), father

Lebens (?), James F.

Lebens (?), Josephine

Lebens (?), Leon J.

Lebens (?), Peter J.

Lebens, Andrew

Lebens, August S.

Lebens, Bernice A.

Lebens, Carter Benedict

Lebens, Catherine

Lebens, Clarence F.

Lebens, Dennis R.

Lebens, Dennis R.

Lebens, Derell (?)

Lebens, Dolores M.

Lebens, Donald P.

Lebens, Eleanor

Lebens, Gilbert E.

Lebens, Harry A.

Lebens, Irene T.

Lebens, Jerry R.

Lebens, Jimmy

Lebens, Joseph H.

Lebens, Karen L.

Lebens, Laura

Lebens, Leona

Lebens, Luella

Lebens, Margaret

Lebens, Margaret G.

Lebens, Marie

Lebens, Melvin P.

Lebens, Melvin P.

Lebens, Peter

Lebens, Ralph August

Lebens, Theresia (?)

Lebens, Thomas R.

Lebens, Violet L.

Lee, Donald C.

Lehnert, Gerhart

Lehnertz, Catherine

Leibold, Edwin G.

Leibold, Eleanor Mary

Leibold, Herbert W.

Leibold, Katherine

Leibold, Richard John

Leisdon, Herman

Leisdon, Myrtle

LeMay, Louis E.

LeMay, Louis E.

Lemieux, Raymond E.

Lemmer, Mary L.

Lenzen, Barbara Lee Doble

Lenzmeier (?), Anna B.

Lenzmeier (?), Bertha

Lenzmeier (?), Caecelia

Lenzmeier (?), Casper

Lenzmeier (?), Clara

Lenzmeier (?), Elizabeth

Lenzmeier (?), father

Lenzmeier (?), Henry

Lenzmeier (?), John H.

Lenzmeier (?), Martin

Lenzmeier (?), Mary

Lenzmeier (?), mother

Lenzmeier (?), Nicholas

Lenzmeier, Anna

Lenzmeier, Cecelia M.

Lenzmeier, Christian

Lenzmeier, Clemens H.

Lenzmeier, Dennis C.

Lenzmeier, Donald

Lenzmeier, Duane J.

Lenzmeier, Eleanora

Lenzmeier, Frank

Lenzmeier, Helen M.

Lenzmeier, Herbert C.

Lenzmeier, Jerome N.

Lenzmeier, John

Lenzmeier, Joseph

Lenzmeier, Judy

Lenzmeier, Lorraine

Lenzmeier, Marie

Lenzmeier, Marie

Lenzmeier, Mathilda A.

Lenzmeier, Ralph C.

Lenzmeier, Rose S.

Lenzmeier, Susan

Lenzmeier, Urban H.

Lenzmeier, Wilfred F. “Bill”

Lenzmeier, Wilfred W. “Bill”

Leporte, Dolores M.

Leporte, Lawrence C.

Lervoog, Christine mary

Lervoog, Frances R.

Lervoog, John O.

Lervoog, Mark J.

Libby, Bertha M.

Libby, Cyril E.

Lies, John

Lies, Margaret A.

Lies, Margaretha

Lies, Mary

Lies, Matthias

Lill, Beryl

Lill, Charles

Lill, George D.

Lill, John H.

Lill, Mabel J.

Lindholm, Janet

Lindholm, Oren W.

Lindmeyer, Kermit J.

Lindmeyer, Margaret

Lindquist, baby boy

Lindstrom, Frances Hixo?

Linhoff (?), John

Linhoff, Carl H.

Linhoff, Edyth Y.

Linhoff, Joseph C.

Linhoff, Mary M.

Link, Cletus J.

Link, Cletus J.

Link, Donald N.

Link, Joseph C.

Lins (?), Inona

Litfin, Edward F.

Litfin, Regina H.

Lodermeier, James F.

Loesch, Henry M.

Loesch, Patrick Andrew

Logeais, John R.

Logeais, Nicole L.

Longton, Ann M.

Lotsberg, Dorothy

Lucarelli, Gina Marie

Lucarelli, Scott Michael

Luce, Arthur C.

Luce, Edwin

Luce, Eugene C.

Luce, Eugene Conrad

Luce, June I.

Luce, Mary M.

Luchtel, Ida L.

Luchtel, Lawrence A.

Ludes, Julippa

Ludes, Margaretha

Ludes, Nickolaus

Luedloff, Roger E.

Luers (?), Henry

Luers (?), Louise

Luers (?), William

Luers, Louis

Lusignan, Doreen D.

Lusignan, Zefere F.

Lusignan, Zefere F.

Lynch, Agnes C.

Lynch, Elizabeth

Lynch, John F.

Lynch, John J.

Lynch, Joseph C.

Lynch, Joseph W.

Lynch, Laverne A.

Lynch, Margaret L.

Lynch, Mary A.

Lynch, Mary E.

Lynch, William

Lyons, Mary A.

Macdonald, Gregory

Macdonald, Rosemary

Mace, Marcus John

Machale (?), ?

Machale (?), ?

Machale, James (?)

Machale, Martha

Madden, Michael

Madigan, Carrie

Mahanke, Howard C.

Mahanke, Magdeline G.

Mahar, Anthony M.

Mahar, Eleanor C.

Mahoney, Patrick

Mahoney, Patrick J.

Mahoney, Theodore

Mahowald, Estella C.

Mahowald, Isidor A.

Majerus, Catherine

Majerus, Dominic

Majerus, Earl H.

Majerus, Elizabeth Linhoff

Majerus, Frank

Majerus, James

Majerus, M. Katharina

Majerus, Margaret

Majerus, Mary

Majerus, Mathias

Majerus, Matt

Majerus, Nettie

Majerus, Nick

Majerus, Nicolaus

Majerus, Susan

Majerus, Walter A.

Malerich (?), Phyllis E.

Mankowski, George J. (Hap)

Mankowski, George John

Manske (?), Karen L.

Manske, Amalia C.

Manske, Arthur C.

Manske, Carol M.

Manske, Kenneth J.

Marchand, Elsie Drees

Marchand, San

Marin, J. Gerardo

Marin, Maria Del C.

Marrinan (?), Catherine

Marrinan (?), George J.

Marrinan, Esther M.

Marrinan, John F.

Mars, Agnes M.

Mars, Elaine M.

Mars, Norman W.

Marschal (?), Bernard

Marschal (?), Henry

Marschal (?), Margaret

Marschall (?), Anton

Marschall (?), Apollonia

Marschall (?), Frances

Marschall (?), Katrina

Marschall (?), Mathias C.

Marschall, Anna V.

Marschall, Anthony N.

Marschall, Armelle C.

Marschall, Beatrice M.

Marschall, Clara S.

Marschall, Clarence A.

Marschall, Clarence A.

Marschall, Doris V.

Marschall, Elmer J.

Marschall, Ferdinand

Marschall, H.A.

Marschall, Harold F.

Marschall, Heinrich

Marschall, Hildegarde A.

Marschall, James E.

Marschall, Joseph M.

Marschall, Katharina

Marschall, Kathryn

Marschall, Laura Christine

Marschall, Leander F.

Marschall, Leo

Marschall, Margaret A.

Marschall, Margaretha

Marschall, Marie R.

Marschall, Mary E.

Marschall, Roger

Marschall, Teresa A.

Marschall, Thomas

Marschall, Vincent A.

Marschall, William Francis

Marschall, Wm. M.

Marshall, Charles R.

Marten, Alfred C.

Marten, Regina A.

Marx, Elisabeth

Marx, Hubert

Mason (?), Aloysius N.

Mason (?), Marcella R.

Mather, Caroline

Mather, Lavina

Mather, Leroy A.

Mather, Mathias

Mather, Mich’l

Mather, Peter

Mau, Nancy

Maurine, Rudolph

Maxa, Cyril W.

Maxa, Cyril W.

Maxa, Lillian C.

Mayer (?), O.J.

Mayer, Elizabeth A.

Mayer, Lambert

Mayer, Louise

Mayer, Margaretha

Mayer, Mathias

Mayer, Robert L.

McAck, John Wa.

McCabe, James Frederick

McCaffery, Charles M.

McCaffery, Elizabeth

McCaffery, John

McCaffery, John J.

McCaffery, Louise

McCaffery, Margaret

McCann, Frank

McCarthy, Michael J.

McCormack, Pauline

McDevitt, Agnes C.

McDevitt, Celia M.

McDevitt, Dolores M.

McDevitt, Edward J.

McDevitt, infant boy

McDevitt, Lawrence T.

McDevitt, Marie M.

McDevitt, Mary

McDevitt, Mary E.

McDevitt, Patricia Lee

McDevitt, Patrick

McDevitt, Thomas F.

McDonald, John Fitzgerald

McGovern, Alma E.

McGovern, Ann C.

McGovern, Audrey H.

McGovern, Bernadette E.

McGovern, Bernadette E.

McGovern, Catherine

McGovern, Christa Elizabeth

McGovern, Cordula

McGovern, Edward

McGovern, Florence

McGovern, George B.

McGovern, George B.

McGovern, Harry

McGovern, J. Frank

McGovern, Jerome E.

McGovern, Jerome E.

McGovern, John

McGovern, Leo L.

McGovern, Leo L.

McGovern, Leo P.

McGovern, Leo P.

McGovern, Mary

McGovern, Peggy A.

McGovern, Shirley A.

McGovern, Terrance J.

McGovern, Terry J.

McGovern, Timothy Charles

McGowan, Josephine E.

McGrade, Anna C.

McGuire, John P.

McHale (?), John

McInerney, Mary

McInerney, Thomas F.

McInerny, Michael C.

McInerny, Thomas

McKenna (?), Harold P.

McKenna (?), John H.

McKenna (?), Mathilda

McKenna, J. Harold

McKenna, Leander T.

McKenna, Loretta E.

McKenna, Rosella C.

McKenzie, Allen R.

McLaughlin, Jeffrey

McMahon, Thomas

McMullen, Christina H.

McMullen, John B.

McNamee, Thomas

McPherson, Teagan A.

McRaith, Michael A.

Meek, Eugene F.

Meek, Eugene F.

Meier (?), Justin Reit

Melby, Frances Sullivan

Melby, Leonard

Melby, Leonard James (Bud)

Melby, Mary Frances

Melchior, Duane M.

Melchior, Pearl M.

Menden (?), Bernice A.

Menden, Alois J.

Menden, Arlene E.

Menden, Bertha M.

Menden, Edmund

Menden, Eldred J.

Menden, Elizabeth

Menden, Eugene F.

Menden, Harold

Menden, Helen

Menden, Irvin N.

Menden, Jacob

Menden, Jake M.

Menden, Joseph

Menden, Kenneth P.

Menden, Lenora

Menden, Mabel I.

Menden, Mary

Menden, Rosalyn

Menden, Theresa C.

Menden, Viola

Menke, Catharina M.

Menke, Catherine

Menke, Joseph J.

Menke, LeRoy

Menke, Marie C.

Mergens (?), Anna

Mergens (?), Gretchen

Mergens (?), Henry

Mergens, ?

Mergerns, John

Mersch, Barbara

Mersch, Christ M.

Mersch, Lena

Mersch, Maria

Mersch, Mathias

Mertens, Wayne William

Mertz (?), Albert

Mertz (?), Edward V.

Mertz (?), Elizabeth

Mertz (?), Huldah J.

Mertz (?), John

Mertz (?), Julia E.

Mertz, ?

Mertz, Arthur A.

Mertz, Catherine

Mertz, Elvira

Mertz, Frederick

Mertz, Harry C.

Mertz, Henry

Mertz, Isabel

Mertz, Mary

Mertz, Michael E.

Mertz, Robert John

Mertz, Sarah B.

Mertz, Susan

Mertz, Theo

Metcalf, Ida Mae

Metcalf, James Lewis

Metcalf, John A.

Meuleners, Gertrude A.

Meuleners, Henry J.

Meuwissen, Helen A.

Meuwissen, Heribert B.

Meyer (?), Catherine

Meyer (?), Nicholas

Meyer (?), Nicholas M.

Meyer, Barbara E.

Meyer, Cecelia M.

Meyer, Gertrude Anna

Meyer, Isabel M.

Meyer, John

Meyer, Joseph N.

Meyer, Julia

Meyer, Julia Chaon

Meyer, Mathilda (?) Potter

Michels, Griffin Robert

Michels, Robert A.

Miles, Donald L.

Miles, Florence M.

Miller, Agnes Chandler

Miller, Cindy R.

Miller, Frank P.

Miller, Harold M.

Miller, John J.

Miller, Lloyd Milton

Miller, Lorraine Anna

Miller, Thomas A.

Mingo, Andrew J.

Mingo, Catherine J.

Mingo, George J.

Mingo, Geraldine T.

Mingo, Henry F.

Mingo, Katherine M.

Mingo, Ottilia S.

Mische, Gerald F.

Moe, James M.

Mohrbacher, E.

Mohrbacher, Leona C.

Mohrbacher, Wilbert J.

Molkenbur, Alfred L.

Molkenbur, Bernadette J.

Molkenbur, Erwin H.

Molkenbur, Evelyn M.

Monley, J. Cleary

Monley, Martha A.

Monnens (?), Frances C.

Monnens (?), Frank W.

Monnens, Audrey E.

Monnens, Carletta K.

Monnens, Clarence J.

Monnens, Donald A.

Monnens, Donald A.

Monnens, Edmund J.

Monnens, Elmer J.

Monnens, Kristal

Monnens, Lee H.

Moonen, David E.

Moore, Barbara R.

Moore, Evelyn M.

Moore, John H.

Morales, Carlos M.

Morgan, Billy R.

Morgan, Billy R.

Morgan, Marlene B.

Morgan, Steven E.

Moriarty, Anthony M.

Moriarty, Anthony Mannix

Moriarty, Joseph J.

Moriarty, Margaret H.

Moriarty, Martha

Moriarty, Nellie

Morley, Elizabeth

Morley, Grace E.

Morley, Harold P.

Morley, John

Morley, John F.

Morley, Kate

Morley, Richard

Morley, Sarah

Morris, Mary Louise

Mosser, Bridget L.

Mosser, Edmund H.

Mozis, Mary E.

Muer, John A.

Mullin, Jean Emily

Munsch, Hilary J.

Munsch, Joseph C.

Munsch, Mary T.

Murphy, baby

Murphy, Versa

Murphy, William

Murray, Hanora

Myers, Margaret Jane

Myers, Mary ?

Myers, William Henry

Nachtcheim, Alexander

Nachtsheim, Anna

Nachtsheim, Bertha G.

Nachtsheim, Caroline

Nachtsheim, Gertrude

Nachtsheim, Johana N.

Nachtsheim, Johann N.

Nachtsheim, John L.

Nachtsheim, Joseph

Nachtsheim, Lorenzo A.

Nachtsheim, Margaret

Nash, Blanche M.

Nash, Michael E.

Natzel, Suzanne L.

Neisen (?), James T.

Neisen (?), John T.

Neisen, Ted S.

Nelson, Angeline H.

Nelson, Diane L.

Nelson, Ralph E.

Neubert, Richard W.

Nevin (?), Carolyn G.

Nevin (?), Paul F.

Nguyen, Nancy M. P.

Nguyen, Paul Xuan

Nickolay, Cecelia

Nickolay, Clement T.

Nickolay, Susanna

Nickolay, Thomas J.

Niedenfeuhr, Elizabeth A.

Niedenfeuhr, Valent??

Niedenfuehr, Adelaide M.

Niedenfuehr, Bibianna

Niedenfuehr, Gottlieb

Niedenfuehr, Karl

Nieters, Agnes Marie

Nieters, Bernard

Nieters, Bertha M.

Nieters, Charles

Nieters, James J.

Nieters, John G.

Nieters, Robert B.

Nieters, Ruth L.

Nieters-Jaspers (?), Gerhard

Nieters-Jaspers (?), Joseph

Nieters-Jaspers (?), Mary K.

Nieters-Jaspers (?), William

Niewind, Harold

Niewind, Susan

Nist, Josephine

Noonan, Mary

Noonan, Patrick

Noterman, Anne

Noterman, Math H.

Notermann (?), Apollonia

Notermann (?), John G.

Notermann, Alphonse T.

Notermann, Benedict C.

Notermann, Carl A.

Notermann, Elvira A.

Notermann, Harry J.

Notermann, Isabelle

Notermann, Leo G.

Notermann, Marianne E.

Notermans, Thos. G.

Novakovich, Charles J.

Novakovich, Christine M.

Novitzki, Lucille M.

Novitzki, Thomas J.

Nyssen, Bertha L.

Nyssen, Harry H.

Nyssen, Hubert

O’Brien, Amy Helen

O’Brien, Helen C.

O’Brien, Leo J.

O’Brien, Leo J.

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Dowd, John

O’Dowd, John J.

O’Dowd, Joseph F.

O’Dowd, Mary

O’Dowd, Rod’k W.

O’Keefe, Harry E.

O’Keefe, Laura E.

O’Loughlin (?), Catherine

O’Loughlin (?), Dennis M.

O’Loughlin (?), Margaret

O’Loughlin (?), Peter

O’Loughlin, Edward J.

O’Loughlin, Helen Ring

O’Loughlin, James J.

O’Loughlin, Lauretta F.

O’Loughlin, Margaret E.

O’Loughlin, Odelia M.

O’Loughlin, Raymond F.

O’Loughlin, William M.

O’Neill (?), John

O’Neill (?), Mary

O’Neill, Joseph F.

O’Reilley, Louis

O’Reilley, Ruth E.

O’Rourke (?), James F.

O’Rourke (?), Mary F.

O’Rourke, Mary

Odenwald, Lucille M.

Odenwald, Theodore J.

Oldsberg, Jan M.

Olson, Edward J.

Oradson, Evelyn M.

Oradson, Harry W.

Oradson, Margaret M.

Oster, Anthony

Oster, Margaret

Oster, Peter

Oster, William

Osweiler, Valentine

Ott, Nellie

Pacott, Anna

Pahs, K.

Pahs, V.

Panek, Clayton Thomas

Panek, Therese Marie

Paron (?), Joseph

Paron (?), Mary

Paron, Alphonse J.

Paron, Francis J.

Paron, Hubert

Paron, Joshua Peter

Paron, Margery

Paron, Pauline

Pass, Alex N.

Pass, Anna M.

Pass, Anna T.

Pass, Arthur Jacob

Pass, Catherine

Pass, Catherine

Pass, Dale

Pass, G.

Pass, Gerhard H.

Pass, Hubert J.

Pass, Irene E.

Pass, Jerome

Pass, Joseph

Pass, Ludiwig H.

Pass, Mary C.

Pass, Raymond J.

Pass, Regina

Pass, Theodore

Patterson, Robert L.

Paukner, Emma

Paukner, John

Paul, Amanda Lynn

Paul, Bruce L.

Paul, Louise M.

Paul, Stanley R.

Pauly (?), James W.

Pauly (?), Mathilda F.

Pauly (?), Walter N.

Pauly, Anna M.

Pauly, John

Pauly, Richard C.

Pauly, Steven C.

Pearson, Bror F.

Pearson, Elizabeth B.

Pederson, Delcie Dellwo

Peffer, Katharina

Peffer, Paul

Pehoushek, Arline M.

Pehoushek, Joseph C.

Petermeier, Matthew J.

Peters (?), ?

Peters, Margaret E.

Peters, Peter

Petersen, Florence M.

Petricka, Walter L.

Pfa?, Johanna

Pfaus (?), Francis X.

Philipp, Anna M.

Philipp, Anthony H.

Philipp, Evelyn A.

Philipp, George A.

Philipp, Harry

Philipp, Henry

Philipp, Josephine

Philipp, Laura

Philipp, Margaretha

Philipp, Mary E.

Philipp, Pauline

Philipp, Peter V.

Philipp, Thomas A.

Picha, Nancy Lill

Pieper (?), Helen A.

Pieper (?), Henry

Pieper (?), Marie A.

Pieper, Anna E.

Pieper, John H.

Pieper, John M.

Pieper, Mary

Pieper, Verena M.

Pierce, Harley H.

Pierce, Marie A.

Pierson, Clara

Pierson, Elrene

Pinger, Anton P.

Pinger, George

Pinger, Mary

Pink (?), Anne

Pink (?), Elizabeth

Pink (?), Henry

Pink (?), Lauretta

Pink (?), Norman “Bud”

Pink (?), Pauline

Pink (?), Peter

Pink, Agnes

Pink, Ambrose

Pink, Anna

Pink, Catherine

Pink, Catherine

Pink, Catherine

Pink, Cecilia

Pink, Clara M.

Pink, Edmund J.

Pink, Elisabetha

Pink, Evelyn

Pink, George

Pink, Hazel M.

Pink, Henry

Pink, Henry

Pink, Herman

Pink, Hildegarde

Pink, Janet A.

Pink, John

Pink, John H.

Pink, Margaret

Pink, Margaret

Pink, Margaretha

Pink, Marge A.

Pink, Marie

Pink, Patrick H.

Pink, Patrick H.

Pink, Terry Donald

Pink, Thomas E.

Pink, Thomas Emmett

Piske, Rose

Pistulka, Audrey A. Rice

Pitschneider, Adeline M. Huss

Pitschneider, Richard F.

Pitschneider, Richard F.

Pitschneider, Richard F.

Pivec, Anton

Pivec, Mary

Planting, David L.

Plaster, Christopher J.

Plekkenpol, George H.

Plekkenpol, Herbert

Plekkenpol, Viola

Ploumen, Charles P.

Ploumen, E. Joseph

Ploumen, Edward J.

Ploumen, Florence J.

Ploumen, Gertrude

Ploumen, Ida M.

Ploumen, Ida M.

Ploumen, J.L.

Ploumen, James T.

Ploumen, Joseph

Ploumen, Katharina

Ploumen, Lawrence

Ploumen, M.M.

Ploumen, Peter

Ploumen, Peter J.

Ploumen, Sophia

Plut, Alois

Poetz (?), Frank H.

Poetz, Anna C.

Poetz, Catherine

Poetz, John

Pomije (?), Mary J.

Pomije (?), William A.

Pomije, Dorothy M.

Ponterio, Eunice K.

Ponterio, James E.

Powers (?), Joseph T.

Powers, James H.

Powers, Maurice P.

Pratschner, Richard

Prenevist, Ervie W.

Prenevost, Doris G.

Pribyl, Edward

Pribyl, Josephine

Pribyl, Leona

Prozinski, Elizabeth L.

Prozinski, Max R.

Pudil, Alfred H.

Pudil, Christina

Pudil, Clarence N.

Pudil, Joseph

Pumper, baby girl

Pumper, Marcella

Pumper, Roger Thomas

Pumper, Thomas J.

Pumper, Valerie

Quigley, Luella

Quinn, Francis C.

Rachel, Theresa

Rademacher, Andreas

Rademacher, Charlotte

Rademacher, E. Alex

Rademacher, Frank

Rademacher, Frank G.

Rademacher, infant son

Rademacher, Irene G.

Rademacher, John F.

Rademacher, Joseph V.

Rademacher, Josephine M.

Rademacher, Magdalene Allen

Rademacher, Peter

Rademacher, Peter A.

Rademacher, Robert B.

Rademacher, Victoria

Rademacher, William

Rademacker, Catherine

Radimecky, Valentine W.

Raines, Bernadean

Raines, Denzil

Raines, Dorothy

Raines, Kent A.

Rand, Darren Jay

Randahl, Gloria J.

Randahl, L. Wayne

Randahl, Marguerite S.

Ranzau, Dolores K.

Rau, Jerome E.

Rauch, John Joseph

Realander, Carl

Realander, Carl G.

Realander, Christina

Realander, Elizabeth

Realander, Gerhard

Realander, Henry

Realander, Hilda

Realander, Josephine

Realander, Magdalen

Realander, Robert

Realander, Walter E.

Rearden, Timothy Joseph

Reardon, George P.

Reardon, John Cornelius

Reardon, Mary Condon

Reardon, Mary T.

Redfield, Michael Patrick

Regan (?), Patrick J.

Regan, John P.

Regan, M. Lucille

Regan, Mary J.

Regan, Mary Mae

Regan, Michael L.

Regan, Michael T.

Reilly (?), ?ward

Reilly, Anna

Reilly, Anna F.

Reilly, Elizabeth

Reilly, Herbert

Reilly, Mathew

Reilly, Rosalia M.

Reilly, William E.

Rein (?), Anna M.

Rein (?), Christ

Rein (?), Dolores E.

Rein (?), Francis J.

Rein (?), Joseph C.

Rein (?), Joseph C.

Rein (?), Margaret

Rein, Alice M.

Rein, baby girl

Rein, C. Bernice

Rein, Carl C.

Rein, Christian J.

Rein, John

Rein, John P.

Rein, Marie

Rein, Paul C.

Reis, Constantina

Reis, George H.

Reis, Henry M.

Reis, Mary A.

Reiter, Anna

Reiter, Henry W.

Reitmeier, Mathilda m.

Reitmeier, Michael J.

Rempe, baby boy

Remskar, P.F.

Rendler, John A.

Rendler, Margaret Mary

Rhode, Dolores

Rhode, George

Rhoy, Johanna

Rich, Harry J.

Rich, Hazel M.

Ricklick, Eugene A.

Ricklick, Rose M.

Riedel, Lydia

Rielander, Sophia

Ries (?), Irene R.

Ries (?), Joseph G.

Ries (?), Joseph N.

Ries (?), Josephine M.

Ries (?), Marion

Ries (?), Theodore A.

Ries (?), Walter

Ries, Alexandria M.

Ries, baby

Ries, Dolores Mary

Ries, Donald J.

Ries, Donald J.

Ries, Donald Michael

Ries, Elizabeth K.

Ries, George H.

Ries, George H.

Ries, Howard

Ries, Jacob

Ries, John

Ries, John B.

Ries, John P.

Ries, Josephine

Ries, Margaret

Ries, Robert Lee

Ries, Rosella

Ries, William

Riley (?), John Joseph

Riley (?), Margaret C.

Riley, ? Sullivan

Riley, Diddod

Riley, Hannah M.

Riley, James P.

Riley, John P.

Riley, Mary K.

Riley, Patrick

Ring (?), Mary Catherine

Ring, ?

Ring, Cecilia A.

Ring, Charlotte C.

Ring, Eva M.

Ring, Frank G.

Ring, Fred J.

Ring, Fred J.

Ring, George “Corky”

Ring, George A.

Ring, Gertrude L.

Ring, John H.

Ring, John Peter

Ring, Joseph A.

Ring, Joseph A.

Ring, Mary A.

Ring, Mathild C.

Ring, Theresa M.

Rither, Anna Herrgott

Robling, Albert J.

Robling, Isabelle G.

Robling, Marie

Roehl, Agnes

Roehl, Arthur C.

Roehl, Arthur C.

Roehl, Hubert

Roehl, Hubert

Roehl, John H.

Roehl, Margaretha

Roehl, Maria

Roehl, Marie H.

Roehl, Marjorie C.

Roepke, Gertrude A.

Roepke, John A.

Roeser, Rosetta

Rogers, Marian E.

Rogers, Roland W.

Rogge, Leonard J.

Rogge, Margery F.

Rognrud, Samuel

Rohe, Anna

Rohe, John B.

Roles, Mike J.

Roles, Polly W.

Rolfzen, Florence C.

Rolfzen, Ray J.

Rollinger, Ja??

Rollinger, Johann

Root, Donald J.

Root, Emma K.

Root, Mildred

Root, Theodore W.

Root, William B.

Rosckes, Mary

Rose, Charles

Rose, Christina

Rosen, Mathias

Rosen, Mathilda M.

Rosen, Paul A.

Rosentreter, John B.

Rossrucker (?), Catherine

Rossrucker (?), Franz

Roth, Alfred J.

Roth, Anna K.

Roth, Johann

Roth, Joseph

Roth, Mary A.

Roth, Peter J.

Rowbal, Anne M.

Rowbal, Robert M.

Roy, Ernest A.

Roy, Viola M.

Rudolph, Alan B.

Rudolph, Lawrence G.

Rudolph, Mary C.

Rue, Christ M.

Rue, Clara M.

Ruehle, Marie M.

Ruehle, Ruben E.

Ruehle, Ruben F.

Ruhland, Audrey

Ruhland, John P.

Ruhland, Walter

Russell, George F.

Rutt, Daniel K.

Rutt, Ermina M.

Rutt, J. Kenneth

Rutt, John

Rutt, Rita M.

Rutt, Shirley M.

Ryan, Dorothy R.

Ryan, Helen Crane

Ryan, J. Robert

Ryan, James J.

Ryan, John P.

Ryan, Kenneth J.

Ryan, Margaret A.

Ryan, Nellie C.

Ryan, Robert A.

Rybak, Martin C.

Rybak, Patricia M.

Sames (?), Alex J. Beckius

Sames (?), Angela C.

Sames (?), Anna

Sames (?), Catherine Beckius

Sames (?), Charles C. Beckius

Sames (?), Cyril J.

Sames (?), Daniel W.

Sames (?), John

Sames (?), Mildred C.

Sames (?), Pearl M. Beckius

Sames, Apollonia

Sames, Apollonia R.

Sames, Gerold Joseph

Sames, Herbert M.

Sames, Jacob

Sames, John Mathias

Sames, Josephine

Sames, Mary H.

Sames, Mary M.

Sames, Mathias

Sames, Regina

Sames, Rose

Sames, Susan Pappas

Sames, Verna I.

Sand, Barbara

Sand, Bernice W.

Sand, Grace B.

Sand, Henry J.

Sand, Henry N.

Sand, James J.

Sand, Jerome A.

Sand, Leo P.

Sand, Susanna

Sarasen, Mary

Sarasen, Peter

Sarazin (?), Catherine

Sarazin (?), Frank J.

Sarazin (?), George A.

Sarazin (?), Louis P.

Sarazin, Genevieve G.

Sarazin, John C.

Sarazin, Mary E.

Sauber, Mary Agnes

Sauber, Nicholas Charles

Sauber, William Peter

Savs, M.

Scanlon, Laura J.

Schaak, Glenn F.

Schaak, Rachel Ann

Schaefer (?), Alexander

Schaefer (?), Anna M.

Schaefer (?), Esther M.

Schaefer (?), Joseph J.

Schaefer (?), Leander

Schaefer, Eunice

Schaefer, Frank A.

Schaefer, Hattie Ring

Schaefer, Leander

Schaefer, Madalen Marschall

Schaefer, Mary T.

Schaefer, Robert L.

Scharer, John B.

Scharf, Augusta

Scharf, John

Scharf, Louis

Scharf, Maria

Scharf, Mary A.

Schawrtz, John G.

Scheffler, Anna M.

Scheffler, Edward W.

Scheffler, Edward W.

Scheffler, George J.

Scheffler, Jane

Scheffler, Rose Mary

Schell (?), Elizabeth A.

Schell (?), Laura M.

Schell (?), Rosaline M.

Schell (?), Tresa M.

Schell, Agnes

Schell, Magnus

Scherer, Albert H.

Scherer, Anna K.

Scherer, Cecelia L.

Scherer, Leander A.

Scherer, Louise P.

Scherer, Martha K.

Scherer, Matthew Lee

Scherer, Ronald R.

Scherer, son

Scherer, Sonny J.

Scherer, Sylvia

Scherkenbach (?), August

Scherkenbach (?), Barbara

Scherkenbach (?), Cecelia E.

Scherkenbach (?), Clara

Scherkenbach (?), Maria

Scherkenbach (?), William F.

Scherkenbach, Anna

Scherkenbach, Anna S.B.

Scherkenbach, Benjamin

Scherkenbach, Benjamin E.

Scherkenbach, Elizabeth

Scherkenbach, Frederick

Scherkenbach, Frederick

Scherkenbach, George M.

Scherkenbach, George M.

Scherkenbach, Georgia Rose Telljohn

Scherkenbach, Ida

Scherkenbach, Joseph

Scherkenbach, Joseph R.

Scherkenbach, Mary

Scherkenbach, Odelia

Scherkenbach, Ray M.

Scherkenbach, Raymond

Scherkenbach, Rose E.

Schesso, Herman H.

Schesso, Herman H.

Schesso, Nancy B.

Schesso, Roman R.

Schesso, Roman R.

Scheurer, Ann J.

Scheurer, Jeffrey

Scheurer, William J.

Scheurer, William J.

Schier (?), Mathias

Schiffrer, Val

Schlegelmilg (?), Mary

Schleicher, Frances

Schleicher, Richard

Schleicher, Walter

Schlink (?), father

Schlink (?), mother

Schlink, Gertrude

Schlink, Joseph

Schlink, Lucene Otto

Schlink, Marie C.

Schlink, Mary M.

Schlink, Otto H.

Schlink, Richard G.

Schlosser, John

Schmid, Agnes D.

Schmidt, Amy M.

Schmidt, Arthur

Schmidt, Catherine

Schmidt, Donald R.

Schmidt, Dorothy C.

Schmidt, Edward A.

Schmidt, Eleanor E.

Schmidt, Harold J.

Schmidt, Heather Marie

Schmidt, Joseph G.

Schmidt, Joseph G.

Schmidt, Mathew J.

Schmidt, Peter C.

Schmidt, Peter C.

Schmidt, Sadie I.

Schmidt, Viola M.

Schmieg, Richard C.

Schmieg, Valentina

Schmieg, Victor

Schmit, Anton

Schmit, Cyril A.

Schmit, Gertrude

Schmit, John A.

Schmit, Juanita L.

Schmit, Lawrence C.

Schmit, Roland P.

Schmitt (?), Christian

Schmitt (?), Dorathea

Schmitt, Alois J.

Schmitt, Amelia

Schmitt, Angeline M. Bruesehoff

Schmitt, Anna L.

Schmitt, Annie

Schmitt, Anthony P.

Schmitt, Carl A.

Schmitt, Catherine

Schmitt, Christina

Schmitt, Clarence T.

Schmitt, Dolores A.

Schmitt, Donald

Schmitt, Eileen H.

Schmitt, Eleanor

Schmitt, Elizabeth

Schmitt, Elizabeth

Schmitt, Elizabeth

Schmitt, Emily C.

Schmitt, Frances

Schmitt, Frances E. Bach

Schmitt, Frank

Schmitt, George

Schmitt, George C.

Schmitt, George J.

Schmitt, George J.

Schmitt, Gerhard

Schmitt, Henry

Schmitt, Jacob

Schmitt, Jacob

Schmitt, John P.

Schmitt, John W.

Schmitt, John W.

Schmitt, Joseph

Schmitt, Josephine

Schmitt, Juliana

Schmitt, Juliana

Schmitt, Julianna

Schmitt, Katherine

Schmitt, Leo C.

Schmitt, Leo N.

Schmitt, Luella

Schmitt, Luella H.

Schmitt, Margaret

Schmitt, Margaretha

Schmitt, Margaretha

Schmitt, Mary E. Dellwo

Schmitt, Mary M.

Schmitt, Mathias

Schmitt, Mathilda C.

Schmitt, Nickolas

Schmitt, Nickolaus

Schmitt, Nicolaus

Schmitt, Peter

Schmitt, Peter F.

Schmitt, Peter J.

Schmitt, Rose

Schmitt, Rosemary A.

Schmitt, Sandra M.

Schmitt, Silverius

Schmitt, Theodore

Schmitt, Wayne J.

Schmitz, Adolph

Schmitz, Alvin

Schmitz, Carl M.

Schmitz, Fidelis T.

Schmitz, Gilbert S.

Schmitz, Jacob W.

Schmitz, Leora A.

Schmitz, Louisa

Schmitz, Margaretha

Schmitz, Peter

Schmitz, Thersa

Schneider, Adeline B.

Schneider, Barbara

Schneider, Eugen E. “Geno”

Schneider, Jacob John

Schneider, John T.

Schneider, Matheal

Schneider, Roman J.

Schneider, Wesley G.

Schoenecker, Kevin J.

Scholer, Madeline

Scholer, Mary M.

Scholtes, Anna M.

Scholtes, Henry E.

Schott, Barbara

Schott, Elizabeth

Schott, George

Schott, Mathias

Schramm, baby boy

Schroeder, Dorothy E.

Schroeder, Eva C.

Schroeder, Jerome

Schroeder, Sylvan E.

Schroer, Walter R.

Schroers, James Donald

Schroers, Joseph Anthony

Schroers, Patti Lynn

Schroers, Tamara Marie

Schroers, Walter A.

Schroers, Wilbur A.

Schu??, Eliesabeth

Schuler, Elisabeth

Schuller (?), Angela

Schuller, Johann

Schultz, Anthony V.

Schultz, Donald E.

Schultz, Elizabeth M.

Schultz, Marie

Schultz, William J.

Schumacher, Roman T.

Schumacher, Rose E.

Schwartz, Emma M.

Schwartz, Lucille E.

Schwartz, Magdalena

Schwartz, Michael

Schwartz, Patty Jo

Schwartz, Peter J.

Scoot, W.

Seaburg, Craig A.

Sebastian, Mary

Seemann, Kathleen Lynn

Seiberlich, Anna Mary

Seiberlich, Carl

Seiberlich, Charles August

Seiberlich, Walter

Seidl, Clarence A.

Seidl, Myrlise K.

Seifert, Edmund A.

Seifert, Lucille A.

Selsvold, Julie

Selsvold, Mary “Cass”

Senn, Mary MacLeod

Shanus, Louis P.

Shanus, Mary R.

Shea, Joseph D.

Shea, Joseph D.

Sheckin, John

Sheehan, Ngoc Be

Sheffer, Clair E.

Sheffer, Virginia L.

Shelton, Patricia C.

Sheskin, Catherine

Shimek, Elvira E.

Shimek, Robert J.

Shores, Deane W.

Shutrop, Frances J.

Shutrop, George J.

Shutrop, Idella J.

Sichmeller, Larry

Siebenaler (?), Frank

Siebenaler (?), Sophie M.

Siebenaler, Albert M.

Siebenaler, Charles M.

Siebenaler, Ed

Siebenaler, Ellen A.

Siebenaler, Helen F.

Siebenaler, Lena M.

Siebenaler, Leo M.

Siebenaler, Leonard

Siebenaler, Lola

Siebenaler, Margareta

Siebenaler, Raymond F.

Siedow, Walter C.

Sikich, Michael M.

Simard, Nora E.

Simmer, Jakob

Simpkins, Ann

Simpkins, Edward

Simpkins, James

Simpkins, Maude

Smisek, Barbara E.

Smisek, William C.

Smith (?), Eveline M.

Smith (?), George D.

Smith (?), John

Smith (?), John E.

Smith (?), John Norman

Smith (?), Laura M.

Smith (?), Margaret

Smith (?), Mary Ann

Smith (?), Mary Jane

Smith (?), Tommy

Smith, Alice

Smith, Arthur H.

Smith, Barbara J.

Smith, Cecelia A.

Smith, Donald E.

Smith, Earl H.

Smith, Edward

Smith, Frieda

Smith, Gertrude Goenen

Smith, Henrietta M.

Smith, Hildegarde A.

Smith, James

Smith, James J.

Smith, Jeannine

Smith, Jennie

Smith, John H.

Smith, Mabel A.

Smith, Mary Ellen

Smith, Roy W.

Smith, Stephen Matthew

Smith, Stephen Matthew

Smith, Terry M.

Smith, William F.

Smith, Willis

Snell, Roland Chub

Sorenson, Everett W.

Sorenson, Margaret L.

Sorenson, Robert E.

Spandl, Gervase G.

Spearman, Johanna

Spearman, John

Spearman, John

Speckle, Christina

Speckle, Franz M.

Spielman (?), baby

Spielman (?), Margaret

Spielman, Ann

Spielman, baby

Spielman, Henry (?)

Spielmann, Anna

Spielmann, Anna

Spielmann, Edward

Spielmann, Emil M.

Spielmann, John

Spielmann, John

Spielmann, Katharina

Spielmann, Margaretha

Spielmann, Otto

Spielmann-Rice, Hildegard C.

Sprank (?), Michael

Sprank, Annie

Sprink, Margaretha

Stang, Antoinette C.

Stang, Clara E.

Stang, Lawrence G.

Stang, Phillip J.

Stans, Henry

Stans, J. Hubert

Stans, Kathleen Carmody

Stans, Mary C.

Stans, Maurice H.

Stark, Carl J.

Stark, Dolores E.

Stark, George R.

Stark, Henry C.

Stark, Lucille H.

Stauff, Kirk M.

Stein, Ernest H.

Stein, Ernest Herman

Stein, Harriette J.

Stein, Helena J.

Stein, John S.

Stein, Louise J.

Stein, Stanley F.

Stein, Vincent C.

Steinhoff, Genevieve

Steinhoff, Louis

Steinmetz, Jeremy Allen

Stejskal (?), John P.

Stejskal (?), Laura M.

Stejskal, Anna M.

Stejskal, Joseph F.

Stelten (?), Magdalen

Stelten, Anna Mary

Stelten, Fred

Stemmer (?), ??lome

Stemmer (?), Anna

Stemmer (?), Barbara

Stemmer (?), Barbara M.

Stemmer (?), George F.

Stemmer (?), Peter F.

Stemmer, Austin M.

Stemmer, Bernice

Stemmer, Calvin H.

Stemmer, Elsie

Stemmer, Franziskus

Stemmer, George J.

Stemmer, Helen M.

Stemmer, Kathleen M. O’Keefe

Stemmer, Lawrence

Stemmer, Marvin

Stemmer, Mary Anna

Stemmer, Warren E.

Stephens, Anthony Paul

Stephens, Dorothy M.

Stephens, Joshua

Stewart, Allan V.

Stewart, Donald

Stewart, Philip

Stewart, Vera M.

Stocker, Bernard J.

Stocker, Clara

Stocker, Clifford H.

Stocker, Dorothy A.

Stocker, Florence C.

Stocker, LeRoy M.

Stocker, Math

Stocker, Ronald H.

Stockert, Elizabeth

Stockert, Herman

Stockert, Johan

Stockert, John

Stockert, Joseph

Stockert, Joseph

Stockert, Peter

Stratmann, F. and J.

Streefland, James

Strehlow, Lizetta M.

Streitz, Bernadette A.

Streitz, Robert E.

Strobel, Ashley M.

Strunk, Adelaide T.

Strunk, Arnold

Strunk, Arnold M.

Strunk, C. Joseph

Strunk, Frank R.

Strunk, George H.

Strunk, Gertrude B.

Strunk, Henry H.

Strunk, Isabel C.

Strunk, Janet M.

Strunk, John J.

Strunk, Joseph B.

Strunk, Lizetta

Strunk, Mabel C.

Strunk, Magdalena

Strunk, Maria A.

Strunk, Mary Ellen

Strunk, Regina

Strunk, Robert J.

Strunk, Robert J.

Strunk, Winifred M.

Stuber, Donald Lawrence

Stuber, Dorothy Nell

Suel, Isabelle

Suel, L. John

Suel, L. John

Suel, Richard John

Sullivan, Bridget C.

Sullivan, Florence

Sullivan, George

Sullivan, George F.

Sullivan, James

Sullivan, James Edward

Sullivan, Mary

Sullivan, Mary E.

Sullivan, Peter E.

Sunder, Gerald J.

Sweeney, Edward E.

Sweeney, Edward J.

Sweeney, Grace E.

Sweeney, Robert O.

Sweeney, Thomas W.

Taranto, Marc E.

Teeling, John


Teta, Kincsem “Kym”

Theim (?), father

Theis (?), Christina

Theis (?), George J.

Theis (?), Mary Adele

Theis, Benjamin

Theis, Cecelia

Theis, Clara M.

Theis, Dorothy R.

Theis, Elizabeth

Theis, Elmer L.

Theis, Gladys

Theis, Gottfried

Theis, Harold J.

Theis, Harold Joseph

Theis, Helen

Theis, Herry

Theis, Jena May

Theis, John A.

Theis, John A.

Theis, Jolenta Theresa

Theis, Joseph L.

Theis, Julia

Theis, Karen R.

Theis, Lawrence John

Theis, Leroy E.

Theis, Louis G.

Theis, Margaret

Theis, Margaret C.

Theis, Mary A.

Theis, Matilda

Theis, Natha J.

Theis, Nicholas

Theis, Nicholas

Theis, Nicholas G.

Thiede, Edward F.

Thiede, Elizabeth

Thiede, Herman J.

Thiede, Josephine Agnes

Thiede, Mary A.

Thiede, Theresa E.

Thiede, William J.

Thielen (?), Anna

Thielen (?), Arnold J.

Thielen (?), Nicholas B.

Thielen (?), Olivia

Thielen, Anna

Thielen, Anna C.

Thielen, Augusta

Thielen, baby

Thielen, baby

Thielen, Brian D.

Thielen, Elizabeth

Thielen, Elizabeth

Thielen, Elizabeth

Thielen, Ernest

Thielen, Florence (?)

Thielen, John

Thielen, Mary

Thielen, Mary

Thielen, Mathias

Thielen, Peter

Thielen, Peter family

Thielen, Robert M.

Thiem (?), Helen R.

Thiem (?), John Francis

Thiem, Franz Jo.

Thiem, John H.

Thiem, Johnny

Thiem, Joseph

Thiem, Joseph

Thiem, Kate M.

Thiem, Katherine

Thies, Mollie

Thies, N.

Thole (?), John

Thole (?), Katherine

Thole, Herman F. “Porky”

Thole, Herman J.

Thole, Hermann H.

Thole, John H.

Thole, Mary Lou

Thole, Mildred Mae

Thole, Simon M.

Tholen, Herman

Thoma, Agnes L.

Thoma, Peter W.

Thomas, Aloysius J.

Thomas, Alvin P.

Thomas, Alvin P.

Thomas, Cecelia B.

Thomas, Frances S.

Thomas, Frank F.

Thomas, Gladys

Thomas, Leo P.

Thomas, Maria A.

Thomas, Ralph

Thomas, Twila Jean

Thornton, Bridget

Thornton, Bridget McDonnell

Thornton, Catherine Lyden

Thornton, John

Thornton, Joseph

Thornton, Martin

Thornton, Mary J. Manning

Thornton, Mary M.

Thornton, Thomas

Thornton, Thomas J.

Thornton, Thomas L.

Thul, Anna

Thul, Anna K.

Thul, Elisabeth

Thul, Johann

Thul, Joseph P.

Tieben (?), Herman T.

Tieben (?), Nora

Tieben, Barbara J.

Tieben, Elsie M.

Tieben, Hazel D.

Tieben, Henry “Bud”

Tieben, Henry J.

Tieben, John H.

Tieben, Joseph

Tieben, Joseph

Tieben, Susanna

Tieben, Vicki

Tiede, Theresa

Tieden, Jacquelyn A.

Tiedt (?), Albert A.

Tiedt (?), Laura C.

Tillman, Edward

Timmerman, Charles A.

Timmerman, Mildred A.

Tjoens, Harry

Tjoens, Leo C.

Tjoens, Margaret Abeln

Tobias, Donna

Tobias, John

Tobias, Madge

Tolang, Elizabeth Susan

Topic (?), Ione

Topic, Frances E.

Topic, Joseph E.

Topic, Joseph F.

Topic, Rita M.

Toronto, Dean

Toronto, Ellen

Toronto, Margaret

Toronto, Mary

Towers, David M.

Traxler, Bert L.

Traxler, Dorothy

Tribbitt, Marjorie Reilly

Trickel, Alvina

Trond (?), Mathias

Trutnau, Dean William

Trutnau, Donald H.

Trutnau, Rosella C.

Tuma, Deborah L.

Tuma, Glenn T. “Jesse”

Unterburger, Gertrude M.

Unterburger, John C.

Unze, Catherine

Unze, Edward

Unze, Eliz

Unze, Elizabeth

Unze, Florence K.

Unze, George C.

Unze, Harry C.

Unze, Henry F.

Unze, Ida M.

Unze, John F.

Unze, Joseph

Unze, Katherine

Unze, Marie E.

Unze, Marjorie

Unze, Mary C.

Unze, Mildred C.

Unze, Nickolas L.

Unze, Peter A.

Unze, Susan L.

Unze, Sylvester George

Unze, Sylvester H.

Utecht, Irene A.

Utecht, William A.

VanEyll, Milton

VanSloun, Allen

Vasko, Ralph Frank

Vasko, Steven

Veiht (?), ?

Veiht (?), mother (?)

Veiht, William

Velz, Francis

Velz, John M.

Velz, Marie (?)

Velz, Mary A.

Verkennes, Ellen

Verkennes, Henry

Verkennes, John H.

Vierling (?), Catherine

Vierling (?), Frank

Vierling (?), Heinrich

Vierling (?), Henry

Vierling, Alphons

Vierling, Alphons A.

Vierling, Amanda

Vierling, Anastasia

Vierling, Anna

Vierling, Anna M.

Vierling, Anna M.

Vierling, Anna M.

Vierling, Anna Margaretha

Vierling, Anthony

Vierling, baby

Vierling, Bernard I.

Vierling, Bertha

Vierling, Carl

Vierling, Catherine

Vierling, Edward J.

Vierling, Elisabeth

Vierling, Elizabeth

Vierling, Franz

Vierling, Franziska

Vierling, Fred

Vierling, George H.

Vierling, George H.

Vierling, Gilbert L.

Vierling, Gloria M.

Vierling, Harlan

Vierling, Heinrich J.

Vierling, Henry G.

Vierling, Ignatz

Vierling, Jakob

Vierling, Jane

Vierling, John A.

Vierling, John G.

Vierling, John P.

Vierling, Josephine M.

Vierling, Leo B.

Vierling, Linus J.

Vierling, Louisa J.

Vierling, Marcus

Vierling, Marcus J.

Vierling, Marguerite M.

Vierling, Marie

Vierling, Marjorie

Vierling, Math

Vierling, Nicholas

Vierling, Rose M.

Vierling, Rose Marx

Vierling, Simon

Vierling, Steven J.

Vierling, Susan

Vierling, William F.

Voelker, Mathias

Vogel, Alex.

Vogel, Angela

Vogel, Anne M.

Vogel, Appolonia M.

Vogel, August

Vogel, Franz

Vogel, Joseph

Vogel, Joseph

Vogel, Magdalena

Vogel, Math J.

Vogel, Mathilda

Vogel, Max

Vogel, Paul A.

Vogel, Susan

Vogel, Theresa M.

Vogel, Veronica

Vogel, Winnie

Voiovich, Rose M.

Volz, Christina

Volz, Joseph

VonBank, Catherine M.

VonBank, Lawrence J.

VonBokern, Bernard

VonBokern, Johanna

Vost, Nicholaus

Wacker, Barbara

Wacker, Frank J.

Wacker, Leon F.

Wagener, Charles F.

Wagner, Anna K.

Wagner, Frank J.

Wagner, George F.

Wagner, June Rose

Wagner, Leo G.

Wagner, Margaret

Wagner, Margaret

Wagner, Michael J.

Wagner, Nicholas

Wagner, Nicholas John

Wagner, Pat A.

Wagner, Timmie

Wagner, Verena M.

Walden, Brandon Michael

Wall, Rosemary C.

Walpole, James M.

Walpole, John P.

Walpole, John P.

Walsh, Edward J.

Walsh, Eliza

Walsh, Elizabeth M.

Walsh, John

Walsh, John Francis

Walsh, Martin A.

Walsh, Rose A.

Walsh, Suzanne L.

Walsh, Thomas

Walsh, Thomas H.

Walters, Susan A.

Wampach (?), Aloysius N.

Wampach (?), Appolonia

Wampach (?), Catherine

Wampach (?), John N.

Wampach (?), Peter

Wampach, Delores E.

Wampach, John W.

Wampach, Marie S.

Wampach, Mary

Wampach, Robert C.

Wanderschneider, Ann G.

Wanderschneider, Charles W.

Wandschneider, Joseph

Ware, Alfred N.

Ware, Constance M.

Waritz, Marcy (Mary) J. (Ayd)

Wattenhofer, baby

Weber, Anna Donnersbach

Weber, Francis

Weber, Margaret T.

Weber, Mary

Weber, Nicholas S.

Weber, Paul W.

Weber, Paul W.

Weber, Paul W.

Weber, Robert J.

Weckman, Anna M.

Weckman, Anna M.

Weckman, Earl J.

Weckman, Edward A.

Weckman, Gerald P.

Weckman, Gerald P.

Weckman, Germain

Weckman, Helen M.

Weckman, Jane G.

Weckman, John B.

Weckman, Jos C.

Weckman, Lucille S.

Weckman, Marion M.

Weckman, Odette G.

Weckman, Ralph J.

Weckman, Silvinus J.

Weckman, Virginia

Weichselbaum, Mary

Weidler, Carl

Weidler, Edward

Weidler, Emil Paul

Weidler, Henry

Weidler, Karolina

Weiland, Albert L.

Weiland, Frederick (Sky)

Weiland, Ida M.

Weiland, Joseph S.

Weiland, Louisa

Weiland, Ruth

Weiland, Theodore

Weinzierl, Fred W.

Weinzierl, Theresa

Weinzirl, Debra Ann

Welch, Frances M.

Wells, Linda Ann

Welsh, Irene F.

Welter, Christopher M.

Weltzin, Rose Schwartz

Wendling (?), Bernard

Wendling (?), Joseph

Wendling (?), M. Della

Wendling, Douglas B.

Wenzel, Kevin W.

Wermerskirchen (?), Clara Marie

Wermerskirchen (?), Eleanor A.

Wermerskirchen (?), Josephine

Wermerskirchen (?), Peter Paul

Wermerskirchen (?), Philip

Wermerskirchen, Beatrice A.

Wermerskirchen, Clara E.

Wermerskirchen, Doris Ann

Wermerskirchen, Florence C.

Wermerskirchen, Greg F.

Wermerskirchen, Jacob P.

Wermerskirchen, John P.

Wermerskirchen, Joseph M.

Wermerskirchen, Laura

Wermerskirchen, Margaret (Peggy) Muelken

Wermerskirchen, Max G.

Wermerskirchen, Paul W.

Wermerskirchen, Paul W.

Wermerskirchen, Terence J.

Wermerskirchen, Viola

Wermerskirchen, William N.

Werner, Lawrence G.

Werner, Lorene L.

Weston, Kayla

Westveer, Jimmy Joe

Whelan, Frances S.

Whelan, Joseph A.

Whelan, Joseph Arthur

White, Frank

White, Laura

White, Michael Francis

White, Mildred

White, Robert

Wickham, Thomas Jeffery

Wiesner, Matthew

Wilbert, George P.

Wilcox, Catherine

Will, Rodney Louis

Williams, Anna G.

Williams, Lillian Allen

Williams, Wilfred L.

Williams, William A.

Wilpolt, Catherine M.

Wilson, Margareth

Wilt, Gregory J.

Winings, Barbara J.

Winter, Peter

Wise, James M.

Wise, James R.

Wise, Mary

Wise, Richard

Witt, ?

Witt, Antoinette

Witt, Carl

Witt, Catherine

Witt, Georgia B.

Witt, Joseph R.

Witt, Louisa

Witt, William F.

Wood, Corwin E.

Wood, Irene H.

Worm, Appollonia

Worm, Clara A.

Worm, Lawrence

Worm, Lawrence M.

Worm, Marie S.

Wudke, Mathilde

Wurst, Al N.

Wurst, Nellie A.

Yost, Anna K.

Yost, John

Yost, Joseph F.

Yost, Katherine

Yost, Lena

Yost, Margaret

Yost, Maria K.

Yost, Ralph W.

Young, Harold N.

Zager (?), Leora M.

Zaun, Lynn Marie

Zerr, Randolph Scott

Zettel, Sophia

Zimmer, Erwin G.

Zimmer, Lydia M.

Zoller (?), Magdalena

Zoller (?), Valentine (?)

Zrust, Ferdinand F.

Zrust, Maria T.

Zukauska, Jamie Lorae

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