Guardian Angels Catholic Church Cemetery

Chaska Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R23W, section 8

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in good shape. The cemetery is situated just outside of the city limits of Chaska, Minnesota in Chaska Township.

In the 1915 "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota", edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: ‘... The Catholic Church of the Guardian Angels was founded in 1858 ...’ (page 232)

In "Chaska - A Minnesota River City, Volume I, The 1800’s", by the Chaska Bicentennial Committee, they wrote: ‘...At about the same time as the church was completed [1880’s?], the congregation acquired a new location for the cemetery. As late as 1881, a map shows the Catholic cemetery located along the present route of Highway 41 (about one mile north of Highway 212 on the west side of the road). Precisely when the first cemetery was established is uncertain, but when it closed the people who had been buried there were re-interred at the new location. Apparently (page 53) the soil conditions at the first site were very poor. Some 1877 remarks made about the first location do not indicate what the problem was. By 1882, however, the church had acquired the site which still serves the church.’ (page 55)

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

Joseph Alfolter

Theresa Alfolter

Raymond L. Allard

Vivian C. Allard

Karlen E. Almberg

James H. Anderson

Helen R. Appenzeller

Jacob F. Appenzeller

Patricia Armstrong Arbogast

Eleanor F. Aretz

John Aretz

Mathew Aretz

Pauline Aretz

Adrian A. Arlt

Georgiana A. Arlt

Eleanor Simons Baer

Henry (?) Baer (?)

John Baer

Mary Baer (?)

Susan White

Albert W. Bahr

Anna A. Bahr

Charles E. Bahr

Emma E. Bahr

Anna Barbra, wife of L.L. Baxter

Gerhard, child of L.L. and A.B. Baxter

Nellie, daughter of L.L. and Anna B. Baxter

Willie, child of L.L. and A.B. Baxter

Emil Bealka

Frances Bealka

John S. Beierstettel

Joseph (?) Beierstettel

M. Antonia Kerker, wife of J. Beierstettel

Maria A. Beierstettel

Richard Benz

Donald Bergstrom

Marie Bergstrom

Alvin Bessel

Kathleen Bessel

Alfred Bielke

Caroline F. Bielke

Frances Bielke

Fred Bielke (?)

Irene Bielke

Mary Bielke (?)

Frances M. Bierlein

Raymond J. Bierlein

Richard J. Bierlein

Robert J. Bierlein

Virginia A. Bierlein

Elizabeth Bitting

Theodore Bitting

Constance ‘Dolly’ M. Bleichner

Emma A. Bleichner

Frank B. Bleichner

Fred Bleichner

Math Bleichner

Robert F. Bleichner

Sophia Bleichner

James Boegeman

John A. Boegeman

Mildred M. Boegeman

Albina, wife of A. Boegemann, nee Hueser

Alex F. Boegemann

Anton, son of A.A. Boegemann

Anton Boegemann

Anton J.H., son of A.A. Boegemann

Caroline Boegemann

Helen Boegemann

John G. Boegemann

Rose M. Boegemann

Debra J. Boehne

Jng. (?) Boetz (?)

Cornelius Bongards, born in Maaseyk (?) Belgien

Edward G. Borak

Mary L. Borak

Emily H. Borden

William T. Borden

Eugene A. Borka

Jake, son of Ed and Denise Borka

Rosella J. Borka

Fred W. Born

Mercel G. Born

Randal F. Born

Regina A. Born

Aaron Robert Bottema

Gertrude A. Bowman

Robert L. Bowman

children of F. and K. Brandenburg

baby Braunwarth

Michael Braunwarth

Leonard Breher

Maria Breher

? Brembelar (?)

Anna G. Brembelar (?)

Clinton Matthew Briggs

Aloys H. Brinkhaus

Bernardina, nee Mellendorf, wife of H. Brinkhaus

Caroline A. Brinkhaus

Clarence H. Brinkhaus

Elizabeth Brinkhaus

Elizabeth Brinkhaus (?)

Franz, child of H. and B. Brinkhaus

Georg, child of H. and B. Brinkhaus

H. Brinkhaus, Company B 1 Minn. H.A.

Henry Brinkhaus (?)

Herman Brinkhaus

Ida Brinkhaus

John F. Brinkhaus (?)

John P. Brinkhaus

Josephine, child of H. and B. Brinkhaus

Louisa Brinkhaus

Margaret Brinkhaus (?)

William Brinkhaus

Martha (?) A., wife of H. Brockmann

Elizabeth Brose

J. Bernard Brose

Joseph Brose

Julius Brose

Martin Brose

Sophia Brose

? Brouwer

Anthony Bruers

Bertha Bruers

Catherine Bruers

Claude H. Bruers

Florence Bruers

Hilda A. Bruers

Jacob W. Bruers

**Joannes Jacobus Bruers 1826-1913, born at Papenhoven, The Netherlands, wife was Maria Catharina Maessen Bruers - is buried in the same grave as either his son Peter Bruers or Peter's wife Katharine Bruers**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Katherine Bruers (?)

**Maria Catharina Maessen Bruers 1835-1912, born at Grevenbicht, The Netherlands, husband was Joannes Jacobus Bruers - is buried in the same grave as either his son Peter Bruers or Peter's wife Katharine Bruers**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Peter M. Bruers (?)

Philibert Bruers

Raymon Bruers

Johann Bucholz

Frances Bueche

Lena Bueche

Bernard Buesgens

Christina Buesgens

Gertrude Buesgens (?)

Gertrude Buesgens

Helena Buesgens

Henry J. Buesgens

Hubert F. Buesgens (?)

Hubert J. Buesgens (?)

Janette G. Buesgens (?)

Joseph M. Buesgens

Leonard J. Buesgens

Margaret Buesgens

Marie Buesgens (?)

Marie E. Buesgens

Mary Ann Buesgens

Mathew Buesgens

Mathias Buesgens

Wilbert Buesgens

William Buesgens (?)

Patricia Katherine Buettgen

Anna M. Burkhart (?)

Anna S. Burkhart (?)

Anton Burkhart (?)

Elizabeth C. ‘Tish’ Burkhart

Fred Burkhart (?)

John Burkhart (?)

John I. Burkhart (?)

Joseph Burkhart

Joseph F. Burkhart (?)

Louisa Burkhart

‘Mother’ Burkhart (?)

Richard J. Burkhart

William H. Burkhart (?)

Diane R. Burmis

Frank E. Burmis

Bonita L. Burwell

Anna Mary Bury

Edward L. Bury

Elias T. Bury

Eugena Bury

Frank Anton Bury

Grace F. Bury

John, son of A.F. and M.E. Bury

William J. Bury

? Buschmeier

C. Buschmeier, Company F 5 Iowa Cav

Caspar Buschmeier

Elisabeth Buschmeier

Leonard Buschmeier (?)

Maria A. Buschmeier (?)

Maria G. Buschmeier (?)

Magdalena Byers

Roman Byers

Salome C. Byers

Leonard Carchasky

Leo W. Carskaden

Marion A. Carskaden

James M. Carter

Mildred A. Carter

John J. Casper

Otto L. Chermak

Viola M. Chermak

Esther Christensen

Eugene ‘Dick’ Christensen

Francis A. Christensen

Mary L. Christensen

Ciesielski - foot stones in large lilacs

Michael Ciesielski

Francis J. Colling

Harriet A. Colling

Bridget Connelly

Patrick R. Connelly

Dolores Contreras , ‘grandmother of Robledo family

Anna Bernice Cooney

Mary Crawford

Barbara G. Cress

George P. Cress

William (?) Cress

Alberta Cronin

Edward Cronin

Robert C. Cronin

Francis P. Cummings

Cecil F. Daniels

Danny Lee David

Elizabeth Dawson, nee Savelkoul

Robert D. Dawson

Edward M. Delaney

Hubert Deckers

Dorothy O. Delaney

Ida Delsing

Magdalin Delsing

Mary Delsing

Mary Delsing

Josephine DeMonte

? Derhaag (?)

Amilda E., daughter of M. Derhaag

Gertrude Derhaag (?)

Henry Derhaag

John Derhaag

John Derhaag (?)

John W. Derhaag (?)

Joseph Derhaag (?)

Katherine Derhaag (?)

Mary A. Derhaag

Michael Derhaag

Sophie Derhaag (?)

William Derhaag (?)

Catherine Deuhs, born in Borne Holland

Gerhard Deuhs, born in Borne Holland

Adeline K. Diedrick

Marvin A. Diedrick

John Dienslake

Charles H. Diethelm

Loretta E. Diethelm

Michael Diethelm, born in Sch?

Troy Steven, son of Gary and Jenny Diethelm

Anna A. Dietz

George H. Dietz

Anna Dircks

Leonard W. Dircks

Minnie Lan Dircks

Dale F. Dirkswager

Marilyn J. Dirkswager

Amanda V. Dols

David Dols (?)

Eileen E. Dols

Elizabeth Dols (?)

Francis J. Dols

Gertrude Dols

Henry L. Dols

John A. Dols (?)

Lillian A. Dols

Mary D. Dols

Muriel Dols

Raymond W. Dols

Robert, son of George and Edith Dols

Robert R. Dols

Valeria E. Dols

William Dols

Irene Donovan

Kathryn Donovan

Patrick Gene Donovan

Timothy Paul Donovan

Hildegaarde Doolin

John J. Doolin

Wilhelmina Dosch

Agatha Dresen (?)

Helen T. Dresen (?)

Mathias H. Dresen (?)

Edward Dressen

George E. Dressen

Jerome F. Dressen

Kathryn Dressen

Leonard Dressen

Lucille Dressen

Mary K. Dressen

Michael Dressen

Michael P. Dressen

Raymond J. Dressen

Catharine Driessen

Elmer Driessen

Henry Driessen

Marcella M. Driessen

Thomas Driessen

Veronica Driessen

Victor Driessen

Althea L. Dube

Wilford L. Dube

Gregory M. DuCharme

Mathilda Dupont

Omer Dupont

Anna M. Dutoit (?)

Fred E. Dutoit

Frederick E. Dutoit (?)

George M., son of Fred and Anne Dutoit (?)

Julia Dutoit

Connie and Lorna Ebert (?)

Frank J. Ebert

Pauline F. Ebert

Alfred J. Eder (?)

Amanda E. Eder

baby Eder (?)

Clarence Eder (?)

Elizabeth A. Eder

Esther E. Eder

Herbert M. Eder

James L. Eder

John Eder

John E. (Dick) Eder

Kathrina, wife of John Eder

Leonard Eder

Loretta Eder

Mat H. Eder (?)

Roman J. Eder

Theresa Ehrmanntraut

William B. Ehrmanntraut

Agnes R. Eiden

Anna C. Eiden (?)

Arthur J. Eiden

Bernard M. Eiden

Cathrine Eiden (?)

Daniel H. Eiden (?)

Dennis F. Eiden (?)

Duane Eiden

Eleanor M. Eiden (?)

Elvira A. Eiden (?)

Fred Eiden

Grace Eiden

Henry Eiden (?)

James Eiden

Joseph N. Eiden (?)

Lucille T. Eiden

Mary T. Eiden

Nicholas Eiden

Nicholas H. Eiden

Nikolaus (?) Eiden (?)

Saloma E. Eiden

Shirley Eiden

Theresa Eiden

Thomas H. Eiden (?)

Victoria Eiden

Harold Eitel

Rose Eitel

Douglas M. Engelen

Joanne G. Engelen

John Engelen

Joseph Engelen (?)

Joseph A. Engelen

Lila P. Engelen

Louisa Engelen (?)

Marie Engelen

Mary Catherine Engelen

Philomena Engelen

Adrienne L. Engler

James T. Engler

Agnes Ess

Anna E. Ess

Annette M. Ess (?)

Cecilia Ess

Charles Ess

Charlotte Ess

Cyril Ess

Dorothy L. Ess

Edmund H. Ess

Eleanor Ess (?)

Elizabeth C. Ess

Erwin G. Ess

Frances Ess (?)

Francis Ess, Company A 4 Minn. Inf

Frank X. Ess

Fred Ess

Gladys L. Ess

Hubertina Ess (?)

Ida Ess

John Ess

Joseph Ess (?)

Joseph Ess (?)

Lillian M. Ess

Olivia A. Ess

Oscar F. Ess

Vincent Ess (?)

William Ess

William E. Ess

Jno. Etzel, Company B 2nd Minn. Inf

Anna Etzell

Johann Etzell

Joseph A. Etzell

**Roger Clair Evanson  25 March 1931 - 3 February 1999**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Genevieve Faber

George Faber

George F. Faber

Ida H. Faber

Donald Fahey

Frances Feiden

Anna Fiebelkorn

Otto Fiebelkorn

Anna Fink

Anton Fink

Arthur J. Fink

Conrad Fink

Donald P. Fink

Evelyn Fink

John Theodore Fink

Josephine Fink

Leopold Fink

Leora M. Fink

Magdalene Fink

Mathias Fink

Stephen J. Fink

Theodore Fink

Wilhelmina Fink

Yvonne A. Fink

Ella Fisher

Fred J. Fisher

John Florax

John Florax

Theresia Maurus Florax

Adelaide N. Forner

Agnes M. Forner

Aloys Forner

Ann H. Forner

Elizabeth Forner

John C. Former

Joseph F. Forner

Joseph H. Forner

Catherine Franck (?), born in Prussia

Fred Frank

Edward Jacob Frey

Bernard Fritz

Gary Lee Fritz

Lorenze Fritz

Margaret Fritz

Mathilda Fritz

Tony Fritz

Theresia Gabelhei

Cornelius Gassmann

Frances M. Gastler

Walter C. Gastler

M. Gehrig

Florian M. Geiser

Frank W. Geiser

Gladys A. Geiser

Magdaline Geiser

Afra G. Gestach

Bertha Gestach

Gertrude Gestach

Helen Gestach

JoAnn, daughter of Norbert and Laura Mae Gestach

Johann Gestach

John C. Gestach

John L. Gestach

Laura Mae Willims Gestach (?)

Leo Gestach

Michael John, son of Leo and Rita Gestach

Norbert J. Gestach 1926-1999

Rita Gestach

Sarah Ann, daughter of Gregg and Janet Gestach

Clarence J. Geyen

Vernus B. Geyen

Eugene M. Gibson

Hubertina Gies

Hubertina Gies 1861-1887, sister to Josephine (Stans) Hentges, daughter of Henry and Catherine Stans ** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

? Glatzel

Adeline L. Glatzel

Anastasia Glatzel

Anton Glatzel

Ben P. Glatzel

Carolina Glatzel

Caroline M. Glatzel (?)

Clara Glatzel (?)

Clara E. Glatzel (?)

Edward A. Glatzel

Frank (?) Glatzel (?)

Joseph A. Glatzel (?)

Joseph F. Glatzel

Katie (?) Glatzel (?)

Leo F. Glatzel

Marcella M. Glatzel

Mary Glatzel (?)

Mathilda Glatzel

Paulina Glatzel

Walter J. Glatzel

Wilhelm Glatzel

William Glatzel (?)

Wendy Mae Glynn

Clara Goebel

Michael Goebel

Anna Goetz

Helen A. Goetz

John Goetz

Mathias A. Goetz

John Carlton Grams

Andrew E. Grassmann

Lois M. Grassmann

Anna Grimm

Frank Grimm (?)

Frank Grimm (?)

James M. Grimm (?)

John Grimm

Kate Grimm (?)

Leo H. Grimm

Regina R. Grimm (?)

Rosalia Grimm (?)

Theresia Grimm (?)

Kathryn Grobstig

? Guenser

Charley A. Guenser

George H. Guenser

John B. Guenser

Joseph Guenser

Josephine Guenser

Josephine Guenser (?)

Katherina Guenser

Katherine Guenser

Margaret Guenser

Margaretha Guenser, born in Puttelange (?) Frankreich (?)

Martin C. Guenser

Martin J. Guenser

Michael Guenser, born in Puttelange, Frankreich (?)

Michael Guenser

Josephine Gysen

Leonard Gysen

Florence Habegger

Fred A. Habegger

Gene A. Habegger

Neil J. Habegger

Benjamin Habel

Anna E., wife of Arnold Haerden

Arnold Haerden

Christian, son of Anna E. and Arnold Haerden

Marie R. Haerden

Mary A. Haerden

Peter H. Haerden

Peter H. haerden (?)

William J. Haerden (?)

Aloys L. Hahn

Regina Hahn

James F. Halloran

Marie A. Holloran

Thomas W. Halloran

William F. Halloran

? Miller, wife of M. Hammer

Catherine Hammer

Dorothy E. Hammer

Elizabeth Hammer (?)

Ferdinand Hammer (?)

Jacob Hammer (?)

John L. Hammer

John P. Hammer

Leonard Hammer

Losetta Hammer

Alice E. Hammers

Bernard Hammers

George H. Hammers

Henry Hammers

Henry J. Hammers (?)

Mary E. Hammers (?)

Regina Hammers

Anna M., wife of Chas. C. Happ

Sophia H. Happ

William C. Happ

Helena Harver

George Harvey

Jacob Harvey

Ida M. Hasse

William Hasse

Bertha Hauser

George Hauser

Anna Hecklin (?)

Barbara Hecklin (?)

George L. Hecklin

Walter Hecklin

Albert Heger

Donald W. Heger

James R. Heger

Rose M. Heger

Sheryl A. Heger

Wilbert Joseph Heger

Anna Heiland (?)

August Heiland

Catherine Heiland (?)

Charles Heiland (?)

Evelyn K. Heiland

John Heiland (?)

Joseph Heiland (?)

Martin Heiland (?)

Sabina Heiland

Thomas A. Heiland

Thomas C. Heiland

Anna Heiman

Anna M. Heiman

William Heiman

Eleanor A. Heinisch

Florence M. Heinisch

Louis G. Heinisch

Margaret R. Heinisch

Max F. Heinisch

John J. Heitz

Margaret K. Heitz

? Heldt

Agnes Jaspers Heller

Fred Heller

George F. Hellriegel

Lucy M. Hellriegel

Jerome ‘Dick’ J. Henk

Marie E. Henk, nee Lano

William D. Hennessy

Ernest Hensel

Frank J. Hensel

Martha Hensel

Josephine Hentges 4 September 1869 – 2 March 1906 – daughter of Henry and Catherine Stans **This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

William Hentges13 April 1867 – 20 April 1945 – William Hentges, and his sons William and Harry, built the grotto in this cemetery after the death of Josephine Hentges  ** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

? Hesse

Adolph Hesse (?)

Adolph Hesse

Albert Hesse

Angeline M. Hesse

Anna Elizabeth Hesse

Anton P. Hesse

baby, daughter of Francis and Eunice Hesse

Catherine Hesse

Edward A. Hesse (?)

Emma Gertrude Hesse

Frank S. Hesse

Franz Hesse

Gertrude Hesse (?)

J.E. Hesse

John Hesse

Katharine Hesse

Louisa C. Hesse

Margaret M. Hesse

Michael (?) Hesse

Rose Hesse (?)

Simon I. Hesse

Wilhelmine Hesse

Rose C. Heutmaker

William J. Heutmaker

Anton Hilgers

Elisabeth Hilgers

Gertrude Hilgers

Anton Hilton (?)

Elizabeth Hilton (?)

Emily Hilton

Idalen Hilton (?)

Mary Caroline Hilton (?)

?, wife of A. Hoen

Arnold Hoen

Eilzabeth Hoen

Silvanus Hoffmann

Jacob Holper

Susie Holper

Anna Hopster

Elizabeth Hopster

Florian Lewis Hopster

James T. Hopster

John L. Hopster

‘Father’ Hudinski (?)

Florence Hudinski (?)

Johanna S. Hudinski (?)

‘Mother’ Hudinski (?)

Donald L. Ice 1911-1993

Ruth F. Ice

Barbara Iten

Magnus Jacob

Maria Jacob, nee Bock, born in Klosterbeuren Bayern

Mathias Jacob

Agatha Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs

Clemens Jacobs

John M. Jacobs (?)

Joseph Jacobs (?)

Lena Jacobs (?)

Sophia Jacobs

Rosa Jacobs (?)

Rose C. Jacobs

Alphons Janitzki

Joseph Janitzki

Julia Janitzki

Mary Janitzki

Stephen Janitzki

Joseph N. Janousek

Mary M. Janousek

Leonard Jaskers

Allen, child of Joseph and Marcella Jaspers

Anna Jaspers

Cacilia, wife of H. Jaspers

Catherine Jaspers

Dorthea Jaspers

Elizabeth A. Jaspers

‘Father’ Jaspers (?)

Henry Jaspers

Joseph Jaspers

Magdalene, wife of Wm. Jaspers

Marcy Jaspers

‘Mother’ Jaspers (?)

Theresa Jaspers

William Jaspers

Ann Jensen

Arlene Jensen

Charles P. Jensen

Ole Jensen

Thomas Jensen

Alvin Jeurissen

Dorothy Jeurissen

Frank Jikofsky

Jacob Jikofsky

Paul L. Jikofsky

Marie A. Johnson

Donald A. Jorissen

Lucille F. Jorissen

Anna Joseph

Eunice M. Joseph

Wilfrid Bud Joseph

Ma?, ? of C. Juni (?)

Bernice M. Kalkes

Christian Kalkes

Claude J. Kalkes

Dorothy Kalkes

Evelyn M. Kalkes

Henry P. Kalkes

James P. Kalkes

Maria Kalkes

Ronald J. Kalkes

Barthel Karcheski

Joseph Karcheski

Mary Karcheski

Edward Karchewski (?)

Stephen Karpinski

Victoria Karpinski

Elizabeth Kartes (?)

Francis X. Kartes

John Kartes (?)

John B. Kartes (?)

Lena Kartes

Mary Kartes (?)

Mathew Kartes

Peter Kartes

Susan (?) Kartes

Theodore F. Kartes

Walburga Kartes

Anton M. Kaufhold

Daniel R. Kaufhold

Roger J. Kaufhold

Rose M. Kaufhold

Anna Maria Kaufmann

Johannes Kaufmann

Martha Kelm

Rinda C. Kelm

Catherine M. Kelzer, born at Cologne

Frank L. Kelzer, born at Victoria

Jerome A. Kelzer

Pearl A. Kelzer

Andrew James Kerber

Dorothy C. Kerber

Elaine E. Kerber

Elsie A. Kerber

Florian J. Kerber

Gilbert M. Kerber

James A. Kerber

James J. Kerber

Guido W. Kerber

Anna M. Kerker

J. Dagobert Kerker

Johann Kerker

? Michael Kesler

Barbara Kesler

Bernhard Kesler

Christina, wife of Bernhard Kesler

Franziska Kesler

Heinrich Kesler

Joe Kesler

John Kesler

Theresia Kesler

Arthur H. Kessler

Idella A. Kessler

James A. Kirsch

Judy Klehr

Carl Klepperich

Florence Klepperich

Cornelius (?) Klingelhoets

Katherine Klingelhoets

Kenneth Klingelhoets

Daniel Klingelhutz

Mary Ann Klingelhutz

Mary L. Klingelhutz

Vincent J. Kloos

Mildred G. Kloos-Meyer

Beatrice M. Knotz

Urban S. Knotz

Lambert Kobben

Gottlieb Koehler

only Koehnen

Amelia A. Koehnen (?)

Catherine Koehnen

David C. Koehnen

Earl A. Koehnen

Edith Koehne (?)

Eleanor T. Koehnen

Elizabeth G. Koehnen

George Koehnen

John Koehnen (?)

Joseph Koehnen

Joseph Koehnen

Lawrence Koehnen (?)

Margaret Koehnen

Martha Koehnen (?)

Martin J. Koehnen (?)

Martin M. Koehnen (?)

Mary A. Koehnen

Matthew Koehnen

Mathilda (?) Koehnen (?)

Oscar A. Koehnen

Raymond J. Koehnen

Rosella A. Koehnen

Bertha Kohman

Floyd T. Kohman

Frank M. Kohman

Gerald A. Kohman

Lena A. Kohman

Linda M., daughter of Victor and Rosemary Kohman

Ralph W. Kohman

Raymond, son of Steven and Susan Kohman

Rosemary E. Kohman

Ruth Kohman

Sandra R. Kohman

Valencia E. Kohman

Victor J. Kohman

Earl A. Kohnen

Elisabeth Kohnen

Lorenz J. Kohnen

Andrew Konschak

Anthony Konschak

‘Mother’ Konshak

Bernard J. Kocks

Elizabeth Kocks

Frank J. Kocks

John Kocks

Joseph Kocks (?)

Katharina Kocks (?)

Marie A. Kocks

Marion Kocks

Maria Kohl

Eva, daughter of J. and E. Koslosky

Alois Kraemer

**Alois Kraemer was born in 1827 in Hasselberg, Alsace-Lorraine, married Katherine Hirschberger Kraemer**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Anna J. Kraemer

**Anna Jozefa Kraemer, daughter of Peter Jacob Vaars and Johanna Elisabeth Vaars, born in Limbricht, Limburg, Netherlands, 20 July 1935 – 3 May 1916.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

John Kraemer

Katherine Kraemer

**Katherine Kraemer, nee Hirachberger born in 1836 at Biebersbach, Bavaria, wife of Alois Kraemer**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

John Kramer

William Kramer

Charles S. Krayna (?)

John W. Krayna (?)

Lorraine A. Krayna (?)

Mary Krayna (?)

Virginia Lee Krayna (?)

Joseph Kremer

Anna Kreutzian (?)

Thomas Kreutzian (?)

Agnes Krueger

Conrad Krueger

Margaret Kruger

Andrew Kugler

Bryant Kugler (?)

Michael Kugler (?)

Justinian Kugler

Victoria Kugler

Frank Kunz

Katherina Kunz

Mathias K. Kunz

Horace B. Kunze

Margaret G. Kunze

Catherine Kurvers

William Kurvers

Elizabeth Ann LaFountain

Anthony W. Lahl

John A Lahl

Joseph Land (?)

Katherine Land (?)

Agnes Landsberger

Beatrice T. Landsberger

Gertrude Landsberger

Joseph Landsberger

Joseph W. Landsberger

Audrey (Caroline) Lano

Barbara Lano

Barbara R. Lano

Catherine Lano (?)

Catherine M. Lano (?)

Elizabeth A. Lano

Emma E. Lano

Flora M. Lano

Francis, son of Gerhard and Elizabeth Lano (?)

Frank Lano (?)

Gerhard J. Lano

Guido J. Lano

Henry P. Lano

Jay Lano

Jeff Lano

Jerome J. Lano

John P. Lano

Joseph Lano (?)

Joseph G. Lano

Joseph L. Lano

Julius Lano (?)

Leonard Lano

Leonard Lano

Leonard Lano

Lorraine C. Lano

Margaret Lano

Margaret M. Lano

Margaretha Weiler, wife of T. Lano

Matthew Lano

Michael Lano (?)

Peter M. lano

Theodore Lano, born in Kelburg (?) Province Rhine Prussin Germany

Theodore M. Lano (?)

Kenneth G. Lappi

Mary A. Lappi

Samuel J. Larrison

Rose Larson

Frank C. Lawrence

Rosella C. Lawrence

Bradley Allan, son of Ralph and Sharon Leeder

Karl H. Leiverman

? Leivermann

Albert C. Leivermann

Albert P. Leivermann

August Leivermann

Barbara Leivermann

Bernard J. Leivermann

Cyril Leivermann

Cyril E. Leivermann

Gertrude K. Leivermann

Josephine Leivermann

Kay A. Leivermann

Leslie B. Leivermann

Louise A. Leivermann

Mary I. Leivermann

Virginia Leivermann

Blanche M. LaTour

Erbin J. LaTour

Marilyn J. LeTourneau

Mildred Lewandowski

Phil Lewandowski

Alice M. Liestman

Richard L. Liestman

Vernon F. Liestman

Clara M. Lindenberg

Clarence J. Lindenberg

Elizabeth Linenfelser

Florian Linenfelser, born in Oestringen Baden

Agnes Lipinski

Albert Lipinski

Alfred R. Lipinski

Anna Lipinski

Anna, child of Bernard and Helen Lipinski

Anthony Lipinsky (?)

Bernard Lipinski

Bernard, child of Bernard and Helen Lipinski

Dorothy M. Lipinski

Elizabeth Lipinski

Elizabeth Lipinski

Frank Lipinski

Frank X. Lipinski

Helen Lipinski, nee Schallow

Helen, child of Bernard and Helen Lipinski

John J., child of Bernard and Helen Lipinski

Joseph Lipinski

Leo M. Lipinski

Margaret Ann Lipinski

Mary Ann Lipinski (?)

Paul John Lipinski (?)

Ralph J., son of Bernard and Helen Lipinski

Lenny, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent B. Lipinsky

Vincent B. Lipinsky

Appolonia A. Litfin

Clara E. Litfin (?)

Frank J. Litfin

John B. Litfin (?)

Joseph A. Litfin

Charles E. Livesay

John W. Lobitz

Idella Lobitz

Amelia E., daughter of M.A. and L.A. Logelin

Andrew Logelin

Anna Logelin

Magdalen (?) Logelin (?)

Mathias Logelin, Company E 5 Minn. Inf.

Albert J. Loutzenhiser

Geraldine Loutzenhiser

Russell M. Luce

Paul P. Lubanski

Casimir A. Lubansky

Francis Lubansky (?)

Hildred M. Lubansky

Joseph Lubansky (?)

Magdalin Lubansky (?)

Raymond Lubansky (?)

Jacquelin Ann Luedloff

Caroline Luken

Henry Lukan

Mathias Luyten, born in Borne Holland

Bernadine C. Lynch

Leo A. Lynch

Irene P. Lytzen

Karl S. Lytzen

Hubert Maas

Mathilde Maas

Andrew Manuel

Eva, wife of A. Manuel

Joseph Marczynsky

Julia, wife of Joseph Marczynsky

Eleanor R. Martinson

George A. Martinson

John Martinson

Florence E., wife of Ignatz Matasky

Katharina Matasky

Leo Matasky

Leo Matasky

John Mathes

Leonard Maurus

Leonard Maurus

Regina Maurus

Regina Maurus

Jesse J. McGovern

Johanna L. McGovern

Margaret J. McGovern (?)

Mary H. McGovern (?)

William H. McGovern (?)

Eddie McKenzie

Frances V. McShane

Gordon J. McShane

Katherine H. Meuleners

Lambert C. Meuleners

Alex W. Meuwissen

Clara T. Meuwissen

Dale K. Meuwissen

Eugene J. Meuwissen

Frank T. Meuwissen

George F. Meuwissen

Herman Meuwissen (?)

Jerome J. Meuwissen

John H. Meuwissen

Mary Meuwissen (?)

Mary Helen Meuwissn

Mary O. Meuwissen

Paul Meuwissen

Rose M. Meuwissen

Carl ‘Kelly’ Meyer

Elizabeth Meyer (?)

Franz Meyer

Heinrich Meyer 17 (?)

Henry J. Meyer

Magdalen C. Meyer

Marie F. Meyer

Mary C. Savelkoul, wife of P. Meyer

Peter Meyer (?)

William F. Meyer

Alfred Mieseler (?)

Anna Mieseler (?)

Crescenia Mieseler (?)

Elmer E. Mieseler (?)

Frank Mieseler (?)

Frank H. Mieseler

Frank J. Mieseler (?)

Franz Mieseler

Frederick Ruben Mieseler

Harry Mieseler (?)

Ida Mieseler (?)

John Mieseler (?)

Katharina Mieseler

Michael Mieseler (?)

Pauline Mieseler (?)

Philip Mieseler (?)

Philip J. Mieseler (?)

Joseph A. Miller

Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Millner (?)

Rufinus Moehle

Alice Moers

Elmer Moers

Joseph A. Moers

Rose H. Moers

Ruben Moers

Afra Muyres Monroe

Louis D. Monroe

Benvenute Mueller

Dolores C. Mullin

James W. Mullin

Eleanor R. Murphy

Merven J. Murphy

Augusta Muyres (?)

Irene C. Muyres (?)

Dorothy Muyres

Elizabeth Muyres (?)

Mary Muyres (?)

Mathias H. Muyres (?)

Oswald P. Muyres (?)

Ray W. Muyres (?)

Rose Muyres (?)

Susan Muyres

Gladys L. Myskevitz

Hedwig Myskevitz (?)

Hildagard E. Myskevitz

John A. Myskevitz

John Dale Myskevitz

Joseph A. Myskevitz

Julia A. Myskevitz

Martin Myskevitz (?)

Thomas Myskevitz

Barbara E. Naughton

Julia S. Naughton

Owen T. Naughton

Owen T. Naughton

Cecilia F. Naymovitz

Ignatz Naymovitz

Jean E. Naymovitz (?)

Josephine Naymovitz

Nicholas J. Naymovitz

Ida Mary Needham (?)

William Robert Needham (?)

Beatriz G., daughter of Omar and Maria Negrete

Emmanuel T. Nelson

Genevieve M. Nelson

Anna Neuberger

John T. Neuberger

Jos. Neuberger

Andrew H. Neutgens

Anna C. Neutgens (?)

Antoinette A. Neutgens

Gilbert H. Neutgens

John Neutgens

John Neutgens, born in Kanton Zitaart Prov Limburg Holland

Josephine Neutgens

Margaret G. Neutgens

Marie E. Neutgens

Mary Neutgens

Michael Neutgens, born in Susteren Pbov. Limborg

Myrtle Neutgens

Sabina Neutgens

Willis L. Neutgens

Carol A. Newberg, nee Savelkoul

Flora Nieberle

Martin Nieberle

James F. Niedenfuer

Melanie C. Niedenfuer

Flora Jacobs Nord

Catherine Noterman

Gertrude Noterman

John Noterman

Mary Noterman

Reineer Noterman

Theodore Noterman

Carl Notermann

Josephine Notermann

Anna, daughter of K. and M. Oberle

Augusta, daughter of K. and M. Oberle

Edward O’Brien (?)

Edward A. O’Brien (?)

Johanna O’Brien

Mary Ellen O’Brien (?)

Katherine O’Connell, born in Dingle, Ireland

Rosa Oesterreich

Maria Ohnesorg

Anna Ohnsorg

Anthony Ohnsorg

Caverance Ohnsorg

Clarence M. Ohnsorg

Dorothy B. Ohnsorg

Edna R. Ohnsorg

Ferdinand Ohnsorg

Fern L. Ohnsorg

Josephine Ohnsorg

Leonard F. Ohnsorg

Leonard J. Ohnsorg

Mathias (?) Ohnsorg (?)

Paulus, son of F. and J. Ohnsorg

Richard M. Ohnsorg

Rose M. Ohnsorg

Sebastian Ohnsorg (?)

Peter J. O’Laughlin

Zita A. O’Laughlin

Agnes M. Ostberg

John Osweiler

Mathilda Osweiler

Anthony J. Pass

Anthony J. Pass

Bernarda Pass

Peter L. Pass

Rose M. Pass

Ruth E. Pass, nee Rein Jernander

William Pass

Chris Pauly

Dolores Pauly

John Pauly

Joseph J. Pauly

Julia Pauly

Lena Pauly

Loretta Pauly

Lorraine Pauly

Margaret Slitzke Pauly

Mary S. Peglow

Mathilda Peglow

Cathrine Perry

Mike Perry

Arthur Peters

Arthur J. Peters

Augusta Peters

Ben Peters

Donna Maria Peters

Evangeline Peters

Florence E., daughter of G. and M. Peters

George A. Peters

Jean Marie Peters

John Peters

John F. Peters

John H. Peters

Lena Peters, nee VonMuelken (?)

Mamie Peters

Mary Peters

William Peters

William A. Peters

Zita A. Peters

June M. Petersen

Steven D. Petersen

Herbert N. Peterson

Jeffrey Carl Peterson

Marie R. Peterson

Stephen L. Peterson

Harold A. Petrofske

Hildegarde Petrofske

Alfred Erwin Pierson

Alvin Pierson

Anne Pierson

Clarence G. Pierson

Cyril N. Pierson

Edward Pierson

Glenn Edward Pierson

Helen K. Pierson

Martha Simons Pierson

Mathilda Pierson

Lucia B. Pike

Vaughn A. Pike

Lorraine Mae Poppitz

Mary Anne Poppitz

Orwin Poppitz

Anna (?) Poppler

Ervin J. Poppler

Julia T. Poppler

Elizabeth Powers

Emma B. Powers

Peter H. Powers

Thomas Powers

Wm. Pratt

Earl W. Prestrud

Amy Pulkrabek

Othmar Putthoff

Helen Quinn

John F. Quinn

Alexander, son of A. and A. Rachel

Alexander Rachel

Anna Rachel

John G., son of A. and A. Rachel

Maria C. Rademacher

Mary E. Rademaker

Nicholas Jason Radovich

Helen Rameker

Henry Ramaker

Herman Ramaker

Mary Ramaker

Ida A. Rehman

Leo F. Rehman

Elizabeth Rein (?)

Eunice C. Rein

Max Rein (?)

Robert W. Rein

Robert W. Rein

Donna V. Remes

Frances A. Remes

John J. Remes

John J. Remes

William H. Remes

only Reus

Charles A. Reus

Emma B. Reus

Peter H. Reus

Anastase Rhode

Andrew Riedele, born in Reichau Baiern Deutschland

Maggie Reidele

Maria A. Riedele

Mary Riedele

Ardis O. Rief

Collins H. Rief

Collins H. Rief

Dale M. Rief

Elisabeth Rief, born in Boosteren, Holland

Frank J. Rief

Frank V. Rief

Jane Ann Rief, nee Jensen

Hubert Rief (?)

Katherine Rief (?)

Leonora A. Rief

LuAnn Mary Rief

Michael Paul Rief

Reuben J. Rief (?)

Wallace R. Rief

Walter C. Rief

David M. Riesgref

John L. Roadinger

John A. Roemer

Earl W., son of M. - L. Roers

Jerome M., son of M. - L. Roers

John William Roers

Rosa Roers (?)

Adeline E. Rosckes

Agnes Rosckes

Aloysius Rosckes

Andrew Rosckes

Andrew H. Rosckes

Arthur A. Rosckes

Deborah Rosckes

Edna R. Rosckes

Eleanor Rosckes

George A. Rosckes

Herman Rosckes

John H. Rosckes

Josephine Rosckes

Mary Agnes Rosckes

Mary J. Rosckes

Theodore Rosckes

William M. Rosckes

Bernice W. Ruediger

George J. Ruediger

Catherine E. Ruetten

Joseph W. Ruetten

Mary K. Ruetten (?)

Myrtle M. Ruetten

Rose M. Ruetten

William J. Ruetten

Barbara Rupp

Joseph A. Rupp

Anthony A. Ryski

Anthony A. Ryski

Joseph Ryski

Pearl A. Ryski

Stella Ryski

Clarence F. Salden

Eleanor Salden

Frank Salden

Germain Salden

Helen Salden

Katherine Salden

Katherine Salden

Maggie Samels

Elizabeth Sandell

Oscar P. Sandell

? Savelkoul (?)

Anna Savelkoul

Clara L. Savelkoul

Elizabeth Savelkoul (?)

Florian W. Savelkoul

Frank Savelkoul (?)

Frederick P. Savelkoul

Heinrich Savelkoul, born in Limburg

Helen M. Savelkoul

Herbert M. Savelkoul

Hubert Savelkoul

John M. Savelkoul

Joseph Savelkoul

Joseph J. Savelkoul (?)

Josephine A. Savelkoul

Leonard Savelkoul

Matthew Savelkoul

Mildred Elizabeth Savelkoul

Michael Savelkoul

Veronica Savelkoul

Leyon B. Sayre

David N. Schabelski

Pearl Simons Schilken and baby

Philip Schillen

Daniel E. Schimschock

Anton P., child of F. and K. Schindler

Betty J. Schindler

Clara A. Schindler

Daniel Schindler

David A. Schindler

David F. Schindler

Dora F. Schindler

Florian F., child of F. and K. Schindler

Frank M. Schindler

Frank P. Schindler

Helen Schindler

Helena M., child of F. and K. Schindler

Ida M. Schindler

Isabel Schindler

Johann Schindler

John L. Schindler

Joseph G. Schindler

Joseph N. Schindler

Julia C. Schindler

Karoline, wife of Joseph Schindler

Katherina Schindler

Lois M. Schindler

Maria, child of F. and K. Schindler

Mary C. Schindler

Melania M., child of F. and K. Schindler

Nicholas I. Schindler

Nick F. Schindler

Philip G. Schindler

Robert C. Schindler

Charles G. Schlafle

Charley Schlafle

Henry Schlafle

Lena (?) Schlafle

‘Mother’ Schlafle (?)

Magdalena Schlegel

Frank Edward Schleicher

Adam Schlesky

John, wife of A. and L. Schlesky

Louise Schlesky

William J. Schlesky

Darlene C. Schmid

Russell R. Schmid

Anton Schmidt

Anton M. Schmidt

Dorothy Schmidt

Elizabeth Schmidt

Florence I. Schmidt

Hatta, wife of J.L. Schmidt

John L. Schmidt

Leo J. Schmidt

Lorraine Schmidt

Martin Schmidt

Minnie B. Schmidt

Raymond J., son of J.L. and H. Schmidt

Johann Schmieg

Maria A. Schmieg

Apolonia Schmigaj

Jozef Schmigaj

O.Z.M. Schmigaj

Pioter Schmigaj

Prosimy (?) Schmigaj

Staniskawa (?) Schmigaj

Tomasz Schmigaj

Andreas (?) Schmitt

C.A. Schmitt

Carolina, wife of Joseph Schmitt, nee Schindler

Caspar A. Schmitt

Casper (?) A. Schmitt

Joseph Schmitt

Luella R. Schmidt

Rosina Schmitt

Carolina Schmitz

Anna Schneider

Anna M. Schneider

Anton C. Schneider

Apolonia Schneider

Christine A. Schneider (?)

E. Schneider, Company B 1 Minn. H.A.

Engelbert Schneider

Hildegard C. Schneider (?)

John J. Schneider (?)

Joyce M. Schneider

Margaret Schneider (?)

Paul W. Schneider

Paul W. Schnieder

Peter Schneider

Sophie Schneider

Antoinette J. Schoen

Catherine Schoen

Leopold Schoen

Raymond J. Schoen

Donald R. Schommer

Natalie A. Schommer

Frank X. Schonner

Mary Schoumaker

Peter Schoumaker

Ethel B. Schramm

Lenhardt W. Schramm

Elizabeth A. Schrempp

Julius J. Schrempp

?, daughter of G. and M. Schroers (?)

? Schroers

Anna T. Schroers

Clarence J. Schroers

Elsie Schroers

Gerhardt Schroers

Hazel F. Schroers

Henry, son of G. and M. Schroers (?)

Hubert H. Schroers

Ilene M. Schroers

Lawrence L. Schroers

Leonard J. Schroers

Mary Schroers

Mary E. Schroers

Ray A. Schroers

William Schroers

Andrew J. Schueren

Dorothy C. Schueren

Josephine Schueren

Mary E. Schueren

Paul Schueren

Raymond J. Schueren

Cacilia Schugg

Johann Schugg, born in Klosterbeuren (?) Bayern

Gloria M. Schultz

Kenneth F. Schultz

Alovshis (?), son of T. and J. Schuren

**Aloyisius (Van der) Schuren**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Thre?? (?) Schuren

**Theodore (Van der) Schueren 1 October 1813 - 6 October 1891  His spouse was Josephine Janssen Schueren**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Josephine Schuren

**Josephine Janssen Schueren 5 January 1826 - 16 April 1900**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

M.I. Schuren

Fred S. Schuster

Lillian L. ‘Sue’ Schuster

Aloys Schutrop (?)

Anna K. Schutrop

Elizabeth Schutrop (?)

Elizabeth Schutrop

Maria Schutrop

Nicklaus Schutrop (?)

Paulus Schutrop

William M. Schutrop (?)

Genevieve Schulz

Frances C. Schwartz

Joseph J. Schwie

Margaret Schwies (?)

Edward F. Seiberlich

Mary C. Seiberlich

Emil J. Seifert

Marie M. Seifert

Jackie Sernett

John Sernett

Dale M. Sheehan

Delmer J. Sheehan

Ethel ‘Aninka’ Sheehan

James D. Sheehan

Joseph F. Sherman

Peter W. Shewchuk

Margaret Siegle

Simon J. Siegle

Simner (?)

Adelaide E. Simons

Anthony Peter Simons

Anna C. Simons

Anton Simons

Bernard Henry Simons

Cacilia Simons

Frances Simons (?)

Isabel Simons (?)

Lt. J.S. Simons

John Simons (?)

Marie M. Simons

Peter A. Simons

Peter H. Simons

Robert H. Simons

**Marie / Mary Margaret Sivanich, wife of John Sivanich, married 22 November 1910, daughter of Martin and Bertha / Elizabeth (Dircks) Unterberger, 5 November 1890 - 5 December 1918**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

David Harrison Smith

Maryan Sneider

Steve Sneider

Mary Sondag

Mary Sontag

Anton Specken

Hubert Specken

Hubert Specken

John Specken

Joseph Specken (?)

Katherina Specken

Peter Specken

William Specken

Alex Splettstoesser

Theresa Splettstoesser

Anna Katharina Stacken, nee Rademacher

Carolyn M. Stacken

Charles J. Stacken

Gertrude Stacken

Henry W. Stacken

Mary Ann Stacken

Peter Stacken

Phyllis H. Stacken

Mary, wife of Joseph Staken

Johanna Staken

Joseph Stacken

Joseph Staken

Catherina Stans

Clara M. Stans

Emma M. Stans

H. William Stans

Henry Stans

Henry J. Stans

J. Louis Stans

Katherine Stans

Leander H. Stans

Mathias Stans

Romanus H. Stans

Anna Stans Stanton

William T. Stapleton

Angela Steinberger

Clara C. Steinberger

Duane L. Steinberger

Florian R. Steinberger

George R. Steinberger

Hilda Steinberger

John Steinberger

Joseph Steinberger

Joseph A. Steinberger

Mamie Steinberger

Rosella A. Steinberger

Ruth N. Steinberger

Thomas J. Steinberger

Clara M. Stelten (?)

Elaine E. Stelten

Gertrude Stelten

Jeanette S. Stelten

John L. Stelten

Leander H. ‘Bert’ Stelten

Leo J. Stelten

Luke Stelten

Marie Stelten

Mary J. Stelten (?)

Peter A. Stelten

Peter M. Stelten (?)

Theresa A. Stelten

William Stelten

Anna Stokes

Walter H. Stokes

Josephine Larrison Strauss

‘Father’ Streukens (?)

George E. Streukens (?)

Iltis (?) Streukens (?)

‘Mother’ Streukens (?)

Maria Storms

Peter Storms

Ann K. Swanson

Clarence W. Swanson

Joann Marie Swanson

Melvin O. Tate

Theresa Tate

Florence Techam

George Techam

Casper Teipel

Gordon A. Telander

Lucille M. Telander

Elizabeth Tellers

Rose Marie Tellers

Wilbur J. Tellers

Anna Brachele, wife of N. Terres

Anna F. Terwedo

Herman Terwedo

Anndelle ‘Billie’ Terzich

Walter L. Terzich

Bernice Tesch

Eleanor S. Thaemert

Laurence F. Thaemert

Margaret Thaemert

Robert W. Thaemert

Verner A. Theis

Anna Therres

Anna M. Therres

Helen B. Therres

Henry Therres

Joseph Therres

M. Tina Therres

Mathilda Therres

Nicholas Therres

Otto Therres

Raymond H. Therres

Shirley Therres

Dorothy M. Thill

Harold L. Thill

Dale, son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Tholen

Agnes Jewel Thomas

Bruce E. Thomas

Bruce M. Thomas

Gilbert T. Thompson

Josephine S. Thompson

Bernard Tix

Sybilla Tix

Andrew Traybiatowski

Anna Traybiatowski (?)

Donald Traybiatowski (?)

Florence Traybiatowski (?)

Frank Traybiatowski

Hattie Traybiatowski

Joseph Traybiatowski (?)

Joseph H. Traybiatowski (?)

Martin Traybiatowski (?)

Michael Traybiatowski (?)

Stella Traybiatowski (?)

Dorothy H. Trebiatowski

Irene P. Trebiatowski

Leonard J. Trebiatowski

Raymond Trebiatowski

Rosa Trebiatowski

Theophilus Trebiatowski

Anton M. Tschimperle

August Tschimperle

Gertude Tschimperle

Ida M. Tschimperle

Mathilda Tschimperle

Matthew J. Tschimperle

Leo Tschimperle

**Bertha / Elizabeth Unterberger, wife of Martin Unterberger, married 1889, daughter of Leonard Dircks, 3 March 1867 - 8 September 1930**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Martin Unterburger

John Uterberger

**Johanna Elisabeth Vaars, born in Limbricht, Limburg, Netherlands, wife of Peter Jacob Vaars, 4 February 1810 - 6 January 1884.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**Joannes Vaars, son of Peter and Elisabeth, born Limbricht, Limburg, Netherlands, 29 July 1839 - 13 August 1886.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**Peter Jacob Vaars, born in Geilenkirchen, Germany, 10 June 1807 - 29 January 1901.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

William Patrick Vader

Mary M. VanBrocklin

Lewis J. VanderLinden

Loretta VanderLinden

Melvin VanderLinden

Nellie M. VanderLinden

Martin VanEyle

Mary VanEyle

Christina VanEyll (?)

Elisabeth A. VanEyll

Elizabeth VanEyll (?)

‘Father’ VanEyll (?)

John VanEyll (?)

John M. VanEyll

‘Mother’ VanEyll (?)

Raymond J. VanEyll

Regina VanEyll

Arthur VanSloun

Catherine VanSloun (?)

Clara P. VanSloun

Donald L. VanSloun

Esther E. VanSloun

Florian J. VanSloun

Frances VanSloun (?)

Gerhard VanSloun (?)

Hortulana VanSloun

Hubert VanSloun

Ida VanSloun

Jacob VanSloun

Jeanette R. VanSloun

Johanna K. VanSloun

Joseph VanSloun (?)

L. Karl VanSloun

Leonard VanSloun

Leonard VanSloun

Mabel VanSloun

Martin VanSloun

Martin VanSloun

Mathias H. VanSloun

Mayme S. VanSloun

Minnie VanSloun

Peter VanSloun (?)

Wilhelm B. VanSloun

William VanSloun (?)

Arthur Van-Sloun (?)

Christina Van-Sloun (?)

Judith, daughter of Arthur and Rose Van-Sloun (?)

Peter Van-Sloun (?)

Rose Van-Sloun (?)

William, son of Peter and Christina Van-Sloun (?)

Charles Veit

Joseph Veit

Duane R. Vickmark

Geraldine M. Vickmark

Alex Vogel (?)

Alice Vogel, wife of Edward

August Vogel (?)

Bertha Vogel

Darlene Vogel

Dora M. Vogel

Edward Vogel

Eleanor Vogel

Francis Vogel (?)

George L. Vogel

Glenn C. Vogel

Hildegarde R. Vogel

Janet E. Vogel

Martin F. Vogel

Mary Vogel (?)

Mathilda Vogel (?)

Roger Vogel

Sebastian Vogel (?)

Albert A. Vojtisek

Lucille M. Vojtisek

Jacob VonMuelken

Michael VonMuelken

Sophia VonMuelken

Agnes Vos

Anna Vos

Anna Vos

Bruce Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mercel Vos

Gertrud Vos

John Vos

Laverne K. Vos

Leonard Vos

Leonard Vos

Lizzie Vos

Maria Vos

Mary Vos

Mercel R. Vos

Anna Wey Waldvogel

Theresa Waldvogel

Anna M. Walker

Lloyd L. Walker

Lloyd L. Walker

Barbara Walter

Celeste Walter

Dallen Walter

Harry Walter

Harry T. Walter

Joshua Steven, son of Steven and Jayne Walter

Marian J. Walter

Scott Allan Walter

Wilbert Walter

Adelaide Wartman

Charles Wartman

Jacob Wartman (?)

Marie Wartman

Mary (?) Wartman (?)

Regina Wartman

Theresia Wartmann

Casimer Wacinak

Henry Wavinak (?)

John Wavinak (?)

Joseph Wavinak (?)

Mary Wavinak (?)

Thomas Wavinak (?)

Josepha Weber

Laurenz Weber

Nellie Webster

Paul G. Webster

William D. Webster

Evelyn M. Weckman

Hubert A. Weckman

Altavene E. Wellens

Anna Wellens (?)

Elizabeth G. Wellens (?)

George J. Wellens

Germain Wellens

John H. Wellens (?)

Joseph Wellens

Margaret A. Wellens

Mary Wellens

Michael Wellens

Paul Wellens

Roman J. Wellens

Anna Mary Weller

Crescentia M. Weller

Elisabeth D. Weller

Jerome M. Weller

Lambert John Weller

Philip T. Weller

Victor M. Weller

Tony Wellins (?)

**Anton Wellins**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Alvin W. Welter

Antoinette Welter

Bernice A. Welter

Clarence M. Welter

Elizabeth Welter

Florentine L. Welter

Laura (?) Welter

Lorene Welter

Martin Welter

Raymond Welter

Reuben J. Welter

Rosa, wife of M. Welter

Rosella M. Welter

Vincent R. Welter (?)

Marie A. Wessendorf

John Wey

Theresa Wey

Michael and Joseph Wherley (?)

Frank White

George White

John F., son of F. and K. White

Kate A., nee Samels, wife of F. White

L. Marie, daughter of F. and K. White

Minnie E. White

Victoria K. White

Hildegard M. Wickenhauser

Joseph F. Wickenhauser

Agnes Williams

Clarence C. Williams

David W. Williams

Elizabeth J., daughter of David and Lucille Williams

Elroy W. Williams

Henry W. Williams

James H. Williams

Johanna J. Williams

John Joseph Williams

John P. Williams

Loritta R. Williams

Lucille M. Williams

Mary Williams

Peter Williams

Albert and Catherine Willman

**Albert Willman 3 September 1859 - died in St. Paul 16 July 1930, married Catherine Lano 15 November 1888 ** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**Catherine Lano Willman 17 November 1861 - died in Minneapolis 4 September 1925 - wife of Albert Willman** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Agnes Windolf

Anton Windolf

Clara V. Winkel (?)

Conrad H. Winkel (?)

Henry (?) J. Winkel

Herbert H. Winkel

Hubert Winkel

Mary Anna Winkel

Roger P. Winkel

Roger P. Winkel

Rose M. Winkel

Susan V. Winkel

Barbare Winter

Ben Henry Wirtz

Frank P. Wirtz

Heinrich Wirtz (?)

Johanna A. Wirtz

Maria (?) Wirtz (?)

Maxine K. Wolff

Roy O. Wolff

Bernada Workman

Daniel Workman

Augusta Worm

Francis W. Worm

Gaudence Worm

Hubert Worm

Hubert W. Worm

Laura A. Worm

Leola M. Worm

Loretta Worm

Robert P. Worm

Rosella E. Worm

Theodore Worm

Anthony J. Wudke

Helena A. Wudke (?)

John Wudke (?)

Leo J. Wudke

Sabina Wudke (?)

Elisabeth Yaars

Jacob Yaars

John Yaars

Henry J. Yorek

Irene H. Yorek

Horace Alfred Young

Margaret A. Young

Mary J. Young

William J. Young

Elvira E. Zimmermann

Mary Ann Zins

Augusta Zitur (?)

Frank Zitur (?)

Not able to get complete information for the following:

?, died (?) 13 February 188? - very worn stone

Angela 1912-1912 - no surname - near Thomas

Catherine Elizabeth 1880-1963 - near Karts and Koehnen

infant - no name or dates - near Grimm and Kerber

Sebastian 1807-1888 - near Ehrmanntraut

J.M.J.A. Schwester (Sister ?) Amanda, 1 July 1835 - 11 October 1905

J.M.J.A. Schwester (Sister ?) Telesphora, 25 August 1874 - 23 April 1900

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