Mount Pleasant Cemetery

city of Chaska, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R23W, section 5

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in fair shape. This cemetery is located within the city of Chaska, just north of the current highway 212 and along highway 41 (or Chestnut Street). The cemetery grounds are very old and the sod / grass has become very soft and thick. There were several ‘newer’ burial monuments that had sunken into the sod / grass and were barely visible.

In the 1915 "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota", edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: ‘... Mount Pleasant Cemetery was acquired by the cemetery association of that name and surveyed by Lucien Warner in 1865.’

In "Chaska - A Minnesota River City, Volume I, The 1800’s", by the Chaska Bicentennial Committee, they wrote: ‘ ... The site of Mount Pleasant cemetery was apparently a local burial spot before the cemetery association was formed. While that is not certain, the area was referred to as "the old burying ground" which makes that implication. The cemetery association was formed in the spring of 1863. ... In December of the same year additional land was purchased for the cemetery. As a result, it then extended to the Chaska and Smithtown Road. A later 1865 survey indicated its area was nearly four acres. Within the first year the lots had been laid out, staked and were available for sale. A "new pine board fence" also enclosed its boundaries.’ (page 119-120)

Not sure where else to place this story, but in "Chaska - A Minnesota River City, Volume I, The 1800’s", by the Chaska Bicentennial Committee, they wrote of the grave robbery of the body of Eugene Mattaz: ‘... Not all the thefts which occurred were of money and other valuables. The case of the body snatchers was an example of a desperation theft. Dedicated medical men often resorted to less than ethical means of advancing their knowledge of the healing art as this 1884 news article indicates. "The Work of Ghouls. The body of Eugene Mattaz stolen from Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. It was recovered and re-interred. On Monday, December 29, 1884, Eugene Mattaz was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. He died after short illness of Rheumatism of the heart. (Full mention of his death was published in our last issue.) On Monday night, (when a brilliantly lighted by the moon,) young Henry May, who was homeward bound, in passing near the cemetery, heard the sound of the pick and shovel, and upon examination discovered a person standing near Mattaz grave, as if on guard, which the other parties were at work. He remained as long as he deemed it safe and left for home. On Wednesday evening he made up his mind to inform the officers of what he saw, and for that purpose told Justice Muyres, who in turn imparted the same information to Sheriff DuToit and constable Logelin, who took such steps as they deemed necessary to frustrate the removal of the body from Chaska. They were working under disadvantage, but after about three hours of "watching and waiting" they were rewarded by observing a sleigh drawn by two horses start towards the cemetery containing three persons, other teams were quickly ordered and pursuit commenced. Math Logelin and Henry May, occupying the leading team, after following the "snatchers" as far as Wagoners farm, came in sight of the pursuing team, the leading team having run into a snow bank and the two occupants left the team and corpse and took to the woods, traveling all night and reaching Minneapolis early in the morning in a badly frozen condition, especially the driver, a young Turk, Salebar by name and a student at the college hospital. The other occupant of the team, Mr. May, commonly known as Charley May of this place, was more fortunate except with frozen toes only. Matt Logelin followed the fugitives on foot for three miles through the timber and snow, but they had too much the start. The body of Mattaz was brought back to town and re-interred on Thursday...’ (page 194-195). The grave of Eugene Mattaz appears to be an unmarked grave in 2000.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

Wilfred, son of F. and M. Abel

Anna A. Abraham (?)

Elizabeth Abraham (?)

Emma Abraham (?)

Herman Abraham (?)

Ida Abraham

John Abraham (?)

Lorena Abraham (?)

Wilhelm ? Abston

only Alfred

Bryon Albert Allen

Arvie Anderson

Emma L. Anderson (?)

Ethel I. Anderson (?)

Evelyn Anderson

Marjorie Anderson

Oscar E. Anderson (?)

John Rudlof Arnzen

Emily Louise Askeland

Gerald David Askov

Myrna E. Asmus

Jarred Alan Atkins

Carl Aue (?)

Charles Aue

Cora Aue

Henry Aue

Lizzie Aue

Maggie Aue

Marie Aue (?)

Minnie Aue

Sophia Aue

Myron C. Bailey

Dorothy Baker

Richard E. Balter

Johanne F.C. Barfknecht

Ansel W. Barker, Company A 4 Minn. Inf.

Emma E. Barker

Maria O., wife of A.W. Barker

Mary A., daughter of T. and P. Barker

Helen Barrett

Anna J. Barris (?)

Carl Barris, died 28 October 1881

Edna I. Barris

Evelyn M. Barris (?)

Hazel D. Barris (?)

John N. Barris

Luella P. Barris (?)

Bertha B. Baxter

Elizabeth A. Baxter (?)

Emma Ward (?), wife of L.L. Baxter

George A. Baxter

Helen H. Baxter

Luther Loren Baxter

Mabel Baxter (?)

Mary E., infant daughter of L.L. and E.W. Baxter

Nellie Baxter (?)

only Bealka - next to Bielke

Anna Bealka (?)

Albert, son of Wm. and A. Bechtel

Albert Bechtel

Edna Bechtel

Alvina Bechtel

Emma VanSelow Bechtel

William Bechtel

Elisabeth, wife of J.J. Becker

Jacob J. Becker

William Becker

Charles Behm

Lena Behm

Augusta Behrns (?)

Harry Behrns

Hulda, daughter of Wm. and A. Behrns

William Behrns (?)

Alice Belter

Ewald E. Belter

George H. Belter

Theodore Belter

Edward G., son of G. (?) and ? Hode (?) Beltz

Gottfried Beltz

Caroline S. Bender (?)

Emma Bender

Emma A. Bender

Esther Bender

‘Father’ Bender (?)

George Bender

Louis Bender

Louisa Bender

‘Mother’ Bender (?)

Sophia Bender (?)

William B. Bender

John Bennett (?)

John Bennett

Margaret Bennett

Marian I. Bennett

Sarah E. Bennett

Esther H. Beulow

Gottlieb Beurlen (?)

Katherine Beurlen (?)

Albert Bielke

Amelia Bielke (?)

August Bielke

Bertha Bielke (?)

Frank Bielke

Frank Bielke (?)

George Bielke

Gilbert H. Bielke

Johanna Bielke

Mildred Bielke

Richard Bielke

William Bielke (?)

William Bielke

Anna F. Bierlein

Bertha L. Bierlein

John George Bierlein

Joseph G. Bierlein

Fred P. Bierline

Harry, son of J. and A. Bierline

Hugo F. Bierline

Milton Bierline

Iola D. Bishop

Kenneth F. Bishop

Friederika Blocher

Christian Blocker

Ernest C. Blocker

August Bollmann

Carolina Bollmann (?)

Carolina S. Bollmann

Henry A. Bollmann

Conrad H. Bongard

Frederick Bongard

Lillian A. Bongard

Harold F. Born

Virginia M. Born

Mathilda Borns

W.A. Borns

Friederike Boss (?)

John Boss (?)

August Brandenburg

Clara Brandenburg

Minnie Braun (Iltis ?)

August Braunwarth (?)

August A. Braunwarth (?)

Barbara Braunwarth

George Braunwarth

Irvin W. Braunwarth (?)

John Braunwarth

Louisa Braunwarth

Lutzia Braunwarth

Margaret Braunwarth

Marion A. Braunwarth (?)

Michael Braunwarth

Minnie C. Braunwarth (?)

Pauline (?) Braunwarth

Hildegard Braunworth

Walter Braunworth

Linda J. Brodehl

Olga J. Brody

Margaretha Broider

Ruth O. Bruhn

Vernon Bruhn

Albert Buelow (?)

Alma Buelow (?)

Johanna Buelow (?)

Olga A. Buelow

Robert Buelow (?)

Frank Buisler (?)

Caroline, wife of (?) Fred Bullemer (?)

Sophie Bullemer

Ann (?) G., wife of Ira Bullis

Edwin H, Busch

Elizabeth W. Busch

Albert F. Buschkowsky

Arthur C. Buschkowsky

August Buschkowsky

Augusta Buschkowsky

Bertha C. Buschkowsky

Carl Buschkowsky (?)

Ferdinand Buschkowsky (?)

Ferdinand Buschkowsky

Henry Buschkowsky

Herman Buschkowsky

Herman Buschkowsky (?)

infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buschkowsky

Johanna Buschkowsky (?)

Lena Buschkowsky

Oscar Buschkowsky

Otto G. Buschkowsky

Theodore Buschkowsky (?)

Wilhelmine Buschkowsky (?)

Wilhelmine Buschkowski

Amelia Byhoefer (?)

David Byhoefer (?)

Edward Byhoefer (?)

Julia Byhoefer (?)

Frances Byhoffer

Anna Cabelhei

Henry Cabelhei

Jacob Chossek

Annie S. Christian

William P. Christian

Gary A. Christiansen

Martha (?) Conle?, nee Gutofske

Kim H. Cornelius

M. Patricia Cornelius

Wallace D. Cornelius

Albert, son of A. and E. Darsow

Amelia Darsow (?)

Herman Darsow

Herman Darsow

Johanna Darsow

Martha, daughter of A. and E. Darsow

Max P., son of H. and H. Darsow

Paula Darsow

Mary Joyce Deane

Addie M. Degen

Arthur Degen (?)

Charles Degen (?)

Erwin C. Degen

Fred G. Degen

Freddie W. Degen

George F. Degen (?)

Helen I. Degen (?)

Henry F. Degen (?)

Henry F. Degen (?)

Jacob G. Degen

Julianne C. Degen (?)

Mary K. Degen

Mary E. Degen (?)

Rebecca Degen (?)

Ruth A. Degen

Crae W. Degler

Dean F. Degler

Lois Degler

August A. Dennin

Catherine E. Dennin

F. Desman

Jacob Dettinger

Magdalena Dettinger

Bertha Diacon

Charles H. Diacon

Louise M. Diacon

Lugien Diacon

Augusta Diedrick

Carl H. Diedrick

Herman Diedrick

Lucile Diedrick

Jos. H. Diel

Carl Dietrich

Carl H. Dietrich

Minnie F., wife of C.A. Dietrich

Lisa Anne Dilley

Heather Marie Dobson

Anna Dongoske

Christ Dongoske

Angeline Douglas (?)

Rex Douglas (?)

Carrie Dragert

John Duerr

Mary Duerr

Wilhelm Duerr

Olga Duffy

A.L. DuToit

Eliza, wife of F. DuToit, born in France

Frederick DuToit, born in Mouden, Switzerland 1817

Jacob Ebinger

Rosa Ebinger

Christian Eder

Frederika Eder

Alwisius, child of J. and C. Erhmanntraut

Catherine Ehrmanntraut

Jacob Ehrmanntraut

Jacob, child of J. and C. Ehrmanntraut

Ann E. Ehrmantraut

Emma Ehrmantraut

Harry O. Ehrmantraut

Helen M. Ehrmantraut

Vernon L. Ehrmantraut

Adolph Eitel

Albert Eitel (?)

Albert Eitel (?)

Elsie Eitel

Friedrich Eitel

John G. Eitel

Katherina Eitel (?)

Richard Eitel (?)

William Eitel

Mary Elizabeth Eng

Marie Engelhardt

Anna, wife of C.F. Engler

Charles F. Engler

Clarence C. Engler

Diana R. Engler

Emma Diana Engler

George F. Engler

George M. Engler

John F. Engler

Naomi M. Engler

Mathilda Engler

Michael Engler

Minnie A. Engler

Jere Ermann, Company ? 5th N.Y. Cav.

Bertha Ess

Bertha A. Ess

Carrie Marie Ess

Cole E. Evans

Henry H. Eustis (?)

Mathilda S. Eustis (?)

Clara May Faber

Clairette Faber

James Faber

John H., son of G. and G. Faber

Lewis Faber (?)

Ralph Edmund Faber

Mary J. Fadden

Carolina Fetzner

Johann, son of J. and C. Fetzner

Johann (?) Fetzner (?)

John Fetzner

John Fetzner

Karl, son of J. and C. Fetzner

Leopold Fetzner

Albert Fiebelkorn

Albertine Fiebelkorn

**Amelia Steinhardt Fiebelkorn 1860-1894, born Puggeshow, Pomerania, died Chaska, Minnesota** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**August Fiebelkorn 1858-1907, born Gross Jannewitz, Pomerania, died Chaska, Minnesota** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Bertha Fiebelkorn (?)

Clarence A. Fiebelkorn

Emilie Fiebelkorn (?)

‘Father’ Fiebelkorn

Grace Fiebelkorn (?)

Hulda Fiebelkorn (?)

‘Mother’ Fiebelkorn

Paul A. Fiebelkorn

Paul A. Fiebelkorn (?)

‘Son’ Fiebelkorn

William Fiebelkorn (?)

Valette Kay Finger

Emma Fischer

Martha Fisher, nee Fiebelkorn

August Flesch

Henriette Flesch

Otto Flesch

Joyce M. Flickinger

Malcolm Flickinger

Anna Frank

Edna L. Frank, nee Lundquist

‘Father’ Frank (?)

Fred C. Frank

Friedrich Frank

Henrietta E. Frank

Harriet Franken

Joseph Franken

Milton Franken

Alfred I. Fritchman

Louis Fritchman

Shirley M. Fromm

Francis A. Galvin

Ida T. Galvin

Ernst Garble

Elisabeth Gasahl

Alma A., daughter of L. and W. Gastler

August, son of L. and W. Gastler

George O. Gastler

Hazel A. Gastler

Ludwig Gastler (?) - and wife ?

Martha M. Gastler

Paul C. Gastler

Anna Gehl (?)

Charles A. Gehl (?)

Charles F. Gehl

Henry W. Gehl (?)

Irvin J. Gehl (?)

Rosella B. Gehl (?)

Otelia Gehl

Frank Geisler

Ida Geisler

Anna Christine Giesel

Heinrich M. Giesel

Annie M. Gimber (?)

Hattie Gimber (?)

Lina Gimber (?)

Norman L. Gimber (?)

Joseph M. Gleason

Thomas Glowatzke

Virgel Glowatzke

‘Grandmother’ Gochau (with Koschinske ?)

Frank (Jack) Goddard

Mabel (Betty) Goddard

Glen H. Godfrey

Helen K. Godfrey

Thomas G. Godfrey

Carl Gomoll

Wilhelmina Gomoll

Burns Good

Marie Evans Good

John David Gordon

Adolph Goslin

Anna Goslin

Anthony J. Gray

Clara Ida Gray

Nora R. Greaves

Ida, daughter of J.W. and J.M. Gregg

Angeline C. Greiner (?)

Emma Greiner (?)

Frederick Greiner

Frederick Greiner (?)

Ida Greiner (?)

Katharina Greiner, wife of F. Greiner

Katie Greiner (?)

Laura C. Greiner

Magdalene E. Greiner (?)

Mathilda Greiner (?)

Matilda B. Greiner, born Northfield, Minnesota

Matilda H. Greiner (?)

Susanna Greiner (?)

Carl H. Griep

Emma A. Griep

‘Father’ Griep (?)

Herbert G. Griep

Herman H. Griep

Martha Griep, nee Gastler

Martha Griep

‘Mother’ Griep (?)

Suzanne R. Griep

William A. Griep

Fred Grining

Lydia Grining

George, son of A.D. and A. Groves

Emil Gruening

Emilie Gruening

Frederick Gruening

Ida E., twin (?) daughter of F. and E. Gruening

Lydia Gruening

Martha M, twin (?) daughter of F. and E. Gruening

Irene L. Gulachek

Caroline Gutofske (?)

Friedrich Gutofske (?)

Ben F. Gutzman

Elmer W. Gutzman

Bernhardt F. Gutzmann

Fred J. Gutzmann (?)

Fredrich Gutzmann (?)

Helen F. Gutzmann (?)

Helena Gutzmann (?)

? Hatchet (?), Company G 8th Minn. Inf.

Caroline Haering

Ella Haering

George E. Haering

George C. Haering

Jacob J. Haering

Leon Haering

Pauline Haering, nee Werner

Amalie Hahn (?)

Augusta Hahn

Fredrich Hahn (?)

Fredrick H. Hahn

Rudolph Hanseman

Ursula Hanseman

Alma J. Happ

Carl Happ

Evelyn C. Happ

Milfred Happ

Cynthia M. Harrison

August Hasse

Augusta, wife of Albert Hasse

Emma Hasse

Rodney Allen Hatfield

? Heck

Albertina Heck (?)

Ernestine A. Heck

Friederich Heck (?)

Leo C. Heck

Emilia Hecklin

Hattie Hecklin

Anna A. Hedtke

Charlotte Hedtke

Edward Hedtke (?)

Flor ?? Hedtke (?)

Hattie Hedtke

Johann (?) E. Hedtke

Walter W. Hedtke

baby Hein

Adolph Heinecke

Fred Heinecke

George Heinecke

Ida P. Heinecke

Sophie Heinecke

Vealand E. Heinecke

Walter J. Heinecke

August A. Heinisch

Augusta Heinisch

Gottfried Heinisch

Loraine E. Heinisch

Louisa Heinisch

Minnie Heinisch

Christ Heintz (?)

Paulina Heintz (?)

Hulda A. Hellriegel

John C. Hellriegel

Mary Hellriegel

Wm. F. Hellriegel

Anna Helmeke (?)

Dora Helmeke (?)

Herman Helmeke (?)

Joseph A. Helmeke

Mary C. Helmeke

Leslie Helmich

Edna Henk

Olga Henk

Carl Henke

Johanne Henke

Karl Henke

Dorothea Henning

G.F. Henning

L.S.G. Henning

Louisa Christina, daughter of F.W. and C.M. Henning

Ludwig C., son of F.W. (?) and C.M. (?) Henning

Albertina Hermann

Carl Hermann

Chas. Herrmann, Company E 5 Minn. Inf

Jacqueline Ann Hitzeman (?)

Evelyn Hoag

Jesse Hoag

Alvina Hoehn

F.W. Hoehn

John Hoehn

Phillipina Hoehn, born in O?Heun (?) Rhein Pintz (?)

Emma L. Hoffer

William H. Hoffer

Gustaf A. Holmberg

Bertha Holtz

Carl Holtz

Ferdinand Holtz

Fred Holtz

John Holtz

Louise Holtz

Louise G. Holtz

William Holtz

John Homyak

Mary L. Homyak

Melinda Sue Homyak

Clarissa, wife of Lucius Howe, a native of Vermont

Joel M. Hunziker

Douglas R. Hutchinson

Ezekiel Illoworth

Albert Iltis

Alice Barker Iltis

Charlie Iltis

Fred’k Iltis, 1st Sgt. Company G 6 Minn. Inf

Frederick A.C. Iltis

George W. Iltis

Maria B. Iltis

Maria Barbara Iltis, nee Baldensperger

Mathias Iltis

Mathias Iltis

Minnie Iltis

Oscar Iltis

Peter E. Iltis

Wm. Iltis

August Jahn

Theresa Jahn

Rose E. Jahn

Margaret A. Jensen

Melvin Jensen

Ruth Jensen

Anne A. Jeske

August Jeske

Wilhelmine, wife of A. Jeske

Blanche A. Jespersen

Alma Rohy Johnson

Dawn J. Johnson, nee Ellingson

Donald C. Johnson

Earle E. Kamerud

Hilda C. Kamerud (?)

Jeanette A. Kamerud

Neil W. Kamerud (?)

Oscar P. Kamerud (?)

John Karcher

Maria Agnes Karcher, nee Ulmer, born in Gomeringat (?) ??nigreilel (?) Wuertemberg Deutschland

Mary Kaufman

Simon Kaufman

Albert A. Kayesta (?)

Augusta C. Kayeska (?)

Carl A. Kayeska

Charles P. Kayeska (?)

Edna M. Kayeska

Gladys M. Kayeska

Anna Kayeske

Carl Kayeske

Fred W. Kayeske

Helen L. Kayeske

Paul H. Kayeske

Marie Keller

Arthur C. Kelm (?)

Augusta C. Kelm (?)

Edward W. Kelm

Fredrick Kelm (?)

Frieda A. Kelm

Mathilda W. Kelm (?)

Agnes Kerker

John Kerker, born (?) in Gaehuil (?) Schwiez

Anna M. Kessler (?)

Clarence Kessler (?)

Frank W. Kessler

George A. Kessler (?)

Hulda E. Kicker

Nancy Kicker (?)

Ralph (?) Kicker

Rudolph Kicker

Louise Giesel Kirschner

Edward Kittelmann

Anna Kittlemann (?)

August Kittlemann (?)

Augusta Kittlemann (?)

Madalyn Audrey Kjolsing

Bruno B. Klammer

Carrie P. Klammer

Emma L. Klammer

Kalmer K. Klammer

Paul W. Klammer

Ruth D. Klammer

Thomas Alan Knight

Harlan D. Koehnen

Lavinia Koehnen

Leonard Koehnen

Luvilla Koehnen

Virginia A. Koehnen

Gustave Koelpin

Hulda Koelpin

Amanda Lynn Kohler

Carl Koschinske

Clara Koschinske (?)

E. Koschinske (?)

Marie Koschinske (?)

? Koshinsk

Don R. Koski

Marlene A. Koski

Elise Kraemer (?)

Elizabeth Kraemer (?)

Maud Kraemer (?)

Peter Kraemer (?)

Mary Krakowsky

Grace E. Kramer

Peter H. Kramer

Wade Larry Kramer

Chester H. Kraus

Doris E. Kraus

Edmund E. Kraus

Ezra I.H. Kraus

Faye L. Kraus

Frank E. Kraus (?)

Henry C. Kraus

Herman T.R. Kraus (?)

Hulda M. Kraus (?)

Jean A. Kraus

Jean A. Kraus

Joanne C. Kraus

Kevin K., son of Chester and Lorna Kraus

Llewellyn Kraus (?)

Marcella E. Kraus (?)

Wallace G. Kraus

only Krause

Anna L. Krause

George B. Krause(?)

Constance Kreyenbuhl

Eugene (?), son of G. and C. Krayenbuhl

Gustave Krayenbuhl

Gustave A., son of ? and ? Krayenbuhl (?)

Isabella M., daughter of G. and C. Krayenbuhl

Frederick Kroll

Wilhelmina Kroll

George Kronschnable

Kate Kronschnable

Louis Kronschnable

Louis Kronschnable

W.A. Kronschnable

Gertrude Krueger, nee Schoenke

Abraham Kunz

Aquil Kunz

Maria Kunz

Bertha Kutz

Emil Kutz

Anna Ladwig

Herman R. Ladwig

Arnold C. Lambrecht

Henriette Lambrecht

Herman Lambrecht

Ida Lambrecht

Madylin M. Lambrecht

Isalina E. Lang

Mary, wife of Paul Lang

Paul Lang

Ferdinth, child of P. and W. Lano

Herman, infant son of P. and W. Lano

Peter Lano

Walter Lano (?)

Wilhelmine Lano

Mabel J. Larson

Mark L. Larson

Ellen M. Lawrence

G. Clifford Lawrence

Kenneth L. Lawrence

Martina J. Lawrence

Selma V. Lawrence

Emeline S. Lee

Linus J. Lee, Company A 4 Minn. Inf.

Linus J. Lee

Emilie Teske Richards Leivermann

?, ? of A. and B. Lemke

August Lemke

Otto J.A. Lemke

Carl D. Lenzen (?)

Edna W. Lenzen (?)

Albert Lindenberg

Clara Lindenberg

Henrietta Lindenberg

Ida Lindenberg

Johann Lindenberg

Theodore Lindenberg

Mathias Lindenfelser

Mark D. Lindmeyer

Carrie Linne

Donald Edward Linne

John August Linne

Royal A. Linne

Mary H. Loy

Pauline Loy

William G. Loy

Louisa, ? F. Luebke

Albertine Luetzkow

Arnold V. Maanum

Elmer F. Mackey

Estella Mackey

Jerome A. Mackey

Anna Mahlke

August H. Mahlke

Paul Mahlke

Elizabeth M. Malzahn

Ray Andrew Malzahn

Herman A. Manseck

Otto J.F., husband of Wilhelmine Manseck

August Manske

August Manske

Caroline Manske

Charles Manske

Christ Manske

Martha Manske

Benjamin Manter

Andrew Manuel

Albert Maschke

John W. Mathis

Louisa H. Mathis

Eugene Mattaz

Carl Mauritz

Friedrich W. Mauritz

Johanna Mauritz

‘Mother’ May (?)

Anna B. McNally

Caroline Melchert

William Melchert

?, child of R. and A. Melvin

?, child of R. and A. Melvin

Amelia Melvin

Reuben Melvin

Linda K. Menzel

Alwine Meyer (?)

Bennie Meyer (?)

Bertha Meyer (?)

Carl Meyer (?)

Chas. Meyer

Conrad C. Meyer

Earnest Meyer (?)

Fred L. Meyer (?)

Fred C. Meyer

George Meyer

Henry E. Meyer (?)

Henry E. Meyer (?)

Herman F. Meyer (?)

Ida B. Meyer (?)

Myrtle H. Meyer

Rene Meyer (?)

Rene Meyer

Roland F. Meyer (?)

Ruth F. Meyer

Tena Meyer (?)

Anna Mieseler

Sybilla Mieseler

Walter W. Miller

Earl Millett

C.H. Mittelsted

Caroline Mittelsted

Florence E. Mittelsted

Walter F. Mittelsted

Albert Moldenhauer (?)

Alvina Moldenhauer

Augusta Moldenhauer (?)

Carl Moldenhauer (?)

Carl C. Moldenhauer

Caroline Moldenhauer

Emma Moldenhauer (?)

Gustave Moldenhauer (?)

Hannah (?) Moldenhauer (?)

Henry Moldenhauer (?)

John Moldenhauer

Martha Moldenhauer (?)

Paul Moldenhauer (?)

Albert (?) ?, son of G.and A. Molnau

Albert Molnau (?)

Albertina Molnau (?)

Albertine, wife of A. Molnau

Alfried, son of A. Molnau

Alfred Molnau (?)

Alwina Molnau (?)

Augusta Molnau (?)

Carl Molnau (?)

Eduard Molnau (?)

Emma Molnau (?)

Emma Molnau

Emma A.F. Molnau

Frederick Molnau

Gustave Molnau (?)

Helen Molnau (?)

Helena, daughter of G. and A. Molnau

Karl Molnau

Reinhard Molnau (?)

Wm. C. Molnau

Augusta Mueller (?)

Emil R. Mueller (?)

Hermann Mueller (?)

Ludwig Mueller (?)

Otto Mueller (?)

Sophia Mueller (?)

Minna Naegeli, nee Baner (?)

**Minna Naegeli, nee Bauer  28 March 1857 - 27 April 1887**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member. 

Emil Nagel

Darween Nash

Floyd N. Nash

Larry Herbert Nelson

Wilhelmina Neuenfeldt

Albert, child of J. and S. Neunsinger

Emma, child of J. and S. Neunsinger

Freddie, child of J. and S. Neunsinger

Lenhart, child of J. and S. Neunsinger

Stephania Neunsinger

Chas. Niccum, Company I 142 Indiana Inf.

Lavinia Niccum

Adela A. Gannon (?) Nikolai (?)

Edna M. Nikolai

Emily A. Nikolai

Frances, wife of Herman Nikolai

Harry Gustav Nikolai

Herman E. Nikolai

Louise, wife of Herman Nikolai

Mathilda, wife of H. Nikolai

Mathilda, wife of Herman Nikolai

Minnie Nikolai

Carl Nimmer (?)

Heinrich Nimmer (?)

Louisa Nimmer (?)

Minnie Nimmer (?)

Almira, wife of Joel D. Noble

Joel D. Noble

L.W. Noble

Mary, wife of Lyman Noble

S.A. Noble

Jeanette V. Norton

William G. Norton

Augusta Oberle

Fritz Oberle

August Oberstein

Bertha Oberstein

Constance E. Odell (?)

Constance E. Odell (?)

David Lee Odell

George A. Odell

Grace D. Odell

Ida B. Odell (?)

Lucie Odell (?)

Lucie Odell (?)

William B. Odell

William C. Odell (?)

William F. Odell (?)

Constance E. Oerter

Milton H. Oerter

Ewald E. Oesterreich (?)

Mathilda Oesterreich (?)

Augusta Ohnsorg (?)

Joseph F. Ohnsorg (?)

Lillian Ohnsorg

Robert Ohnsorg

Melissa Louise Okey

Betty M. Olsen

Dennis L. Olsen

Orville R. Olsen

Kim Lew Olson

Esther Sell Ort

Violet J. Ott

Adelia Ottinger (?)

Arthur G. Ottinger (?)

Emma Ottinger

Esther L. Ottinger (?)

George Ottinger

Katharine, wife of T. Ottinger

Theodore Ottinger (?)

Tobias (?) Ottinger

John E. Owen

Albert Pagelkopf (?)

Arthur C. Pagelkopf (?)

August Pagelkopf (?)

Bertha Pagelkopf (?)

Elsa E. Pagelkopf

Eugene A. Pagelkopf

Evelyn G. Pagelkopf

‘Father’ Pagelkopf (?)

John A. Pagelkopf

‘Mother’ Pagelkopf (?)

Oscar, son of Aug. and B. Pagelkopf

Otto, son of Aug. and B. Pagelkopf

William H. Pagelkopf

Denise L. Parrow

Clara L. Paschke (?)

Fred Paschke (?)

Fredrick Paschke (?)

Louise Paschke (?)

Minnie Paschke (?)

Caroline Patzka

Ferdinand Patzka

Anna Patzke

Flora Patzke

Jakob Patzke

Karl Patzke

Christian J. Peters

Frances (?) M. Peters

Frank, son of J. and M. Peters

George Peters

Johann Peters (?)

John J. Peters

Julius Peters

Lambert F. Peters

Maria, wife of J. Peters

‘Mother’ Peters (?)

Rose L. Peters

Archie C. Peterson

Della E. Peterson

Eva Petrofska

Herman Petrofska

Robert Petrofska

Louisa Petrofsky (?)

Samuel Petrofsky

Albert C. Peunteck (?)

Johanna Peunteck

John Peunteck

E.W. Pierce

Mary Noble, wife of E.W. Pierce

? Pierson (?) 1866-1872

? Pierson (?) 1809-1897

? Pierson (?) 1835-1900

? Pierson (?) 1814-1892

? Pierson (?) 1835-1900

Addie Pierson

Edward Pierson

Emma Pierson (?)

Gilbert H. Pierson

Howard E. Pierson (?)

John Pierson (?)

Margaret C. Pierson

Orwin R. Pierson

Paulina Pierson (?)

Peter Pierson (?)

Esther Pitman

Fred Pitman

Henry Pitmon

Janella Pitmon

Lydia Pitmon

Clinton Plocher

Henry Plocher

Ida Plocher

Mathilda Plocher

Walter Plocher

Heinrich Pollnow

Henry Pollnow

? Poppitz

Edward C. Poppitz

Ernest Poppitz

Harold A. ‘Kelly’ Poppitz

Mary Hedtke Poppitz

Shirley Anne Poppitz

Velda F. Poppitz

Lorrayne H. Pribyl

Sidney P. Pribyl

J. Lloyd Price

Mary Lou Price

Idda Priebe

Theodor Priebe

Melvin E. Quast 

Carl Raasch

Charlie L., son of C. and I. (?) Raasch

Jennie Raasch

Josephine Raasch, nee Willmann

Louisa Raasch

Margaret Josephine Raasch

William George Raasch

Adolph M. Rachel

Emilie F. Rachel

Mary Rachel

Anna B. Radtke

Harry V., son of P. and A. Radtke

Mathilda L., wife of H. Radtke

Paul W. Radtke

Augusta Raitz (?)

Charles Raitz (?)

Elisabeth Raitz (?)

Levi H. Raitz (?)

Pam Marie Randall

Caroline Rauschfleisch

Friederich Rauschfleisch

Johann S. Reinfeldt

Henry Reitz

John Louise Rejeska

Walter Jordan Rejeska

Gerald A. Rekow

Jennie C. Rekow

Oliver O. Rekow

Charles A. Reynolds

Minnie S. Reynolds

Ramona E. Riba

Ray E. Riba

Hazel Rice

John H. Rice

Wallace L. Richards

Bennie, son of J.S. and S.J. Richardson

Albert C. Ritter

August Ritter

baby Ritter

‘Father’ Ritter (?)

Mrs. H.H. Ritter, nee Lundholm

Harry H. Ritter

‘Mother’ Ritter (?)

Christine Robbie

Wallace L. Robbie

Willie W., son of W.H. and L.J. Robbins

Mabel Robinson

Paul T. Robinson

Tami Robinson

Ida Roehl

August E. Roepke

‘Father’ Roepke (?)

Helen Roepke

‘Mother’ Roepke (?)

Wilhelmin (?) Roepke (?)

Carroll H. Roers

Alfred E. Rohy

Edward A. Rohy

Wilhelmine, wife of D.P. Rohy

Virgil L. Rolstad

Virgil LeRoy Rolstad

Carl, son of A. and M. Rossler

Edwin Rudolph

Gustav, son (?) of P. (?) and ? Rudolph

Lena M. Rudolph

William W. Rudolph

William W. Rudolph

Alvina Ruediger (?)

Ferdinand Ruediger (?)

Margaret M. Ryan

Molly M. Ryski

Susan Marie Saleh

Chester Salter (?)

Clara E. Salter (?)

‘Father’ Salter (?)

Frederich (?) Salter (?)

Fredricha Salter (?)

‘Mother’ Salter (?)

Daniel I. Sanchez

Joseph A. Sargent

Amalie Sauloyske

Elisabeth Sauter, nee Zimmermann

Carolina (?) Schaefer

Carl Schalow

Emil F. Schalow

Julius Schalow (?)

Martha Schalow

Reinhard Schalow (?)

Richard (?) W. Schalow (?)

Wilhelmine Schalow (?)

Emily Scheiman

John Scheimann

Louise Scheimann

Mathilda Scheimann

Hallie V. Scheuble

Bertha Scheuneman

William Scheuneman

William A. Scheuneman

Emily Schimel (?)

Emma H. Schimel (?)

Fred W. Schimel (?)

Luella Schimel (?)

Eva Schimmel

Wilhelm Schimmel

August Schlefsky

Charlotte Schlefsky (?)

Emma Schlefsky

Gottlieb Schlefsky (?)

Herman Schlefsky (?)

Rudolf F. Schlefsky

Albertine Schleicher

Alice Schleicher

Carl Schleicher

Lydia Schleicher

Paul Schleicher

Rose Schleicher

Barbara Schmidt (?)

Bertha E. Schmidt

Casper Schmidt

Dorothea Schmidt

Edmond Schmidt (?)

Edmund A. Schmidt (?)

Estelle M. Schmidt

Friedrich W.A. Schmidt

Irvin A. Schmidt

J.A. Schmidt

Lena Schmidt

Louis Schmidt (?)

Louisa Schmidt

Margaret Schmidt

Mathaus Schmidt (?)

Mathilda Schmidt (?)

Milton A. Schmidt

P.H. Schmidt

Albert Schoen

Augusta Schoen (?)

Carl Schoen (?)

‘Father’ Schoen (?)

‘Mother’ Schoen (?)

Theodore Schoen (?)

Anna Schoenke (?)

August Schoenke (?)

Clarence E. Schoenke

Caroline, daughter of N. and D. Schoenborn (?)

Dine, daughter of N. and D. Schoenborn (?)

Dine, wife of N. Schoenborn (?)

Fred Schonke

Wilhelmina Schonke

Andreas Schrimpf, born in Thueringen

Eva C. Schrimpf

August C. Schroeder

Friedrich Schroeder

Henry F. Schroeder

Wilhelmina Schroeder

Amanda C. Schultz

Friedericka Schultz

Henry Schultz (?)

Herman Schultz

Oscar F. Schultz

Otto C. Schultz

Wilhelmina Schultz (?)

William Schultz (?)

William Schultz (?)

Alice E. Schulz

Bernhardte J. Schulz

Carl Schulz

Fredericka Schulz (?)

Gottlieb Schulz (?)

Mary Schulz

Otto W. Schulz

Augusta Schuschitzky

Heinrich Schwanz

Johann Schwanz

Lori Kay Schwarz

August Schwech

‘Mother’ Schwich

Anna Schwie (?)

Gustave Schwie

Leroy Schwie

Mary Schwie (?)

Mathilda Schwie

Robert Schwie (?)

Robert Schwie

Wilhelm Schwie (?)

Wilhelm Schwie (?)

William C. Schwie

Juliann Sears

Willard Sears

Elizabeth Seeger (?)

Ferdinand P. Seeger (?)

Frankie Seeger (?)

Mus’n F.F. Seeger, Company D 9 Minn. Inf

Dora E. Sell

Elizabeth Trende Sell

H. Helmuth R. Sell

Myrtle E. Sell

Malburga Shmid

Bertha Siems

Carolina F. Siems

Charles Siems

Johann W. Siems

Johann W. Siems

Louise Siems

Fredrick W. Sievert

Hulda E. Sievert

Carl Siewert

Carolie Siewert

Friederich Siewert

Henrietta Siewert

Herman Siewert

Wilhelmina Siewert

Rebecca A. Smith

Bernhardt Soice

Jacob Soice

John Soice

Katherine Soice

Fred Splettstoesser

Mathilda Splettstoesser

Oscar A. Splettstoesser

Ida H. Sprague (?)

Leo C. Sprague (?)

August F. Spoerner (?)

Henry E. Spoerner

Mark E. Spoerner

Mayme Spoerner

Seraphine Spoerner (?)

William A. Spoerner

Wm. F. Spoerner

Robert W. Stacy

? Koglin, wife of Herman Stange

Albert H. Stange

Ellen Stange

Emma Truwa, wife of Herman Stange

Heinrich Stange

Herman Stange

Herman Stange

Mathilda Stange

Robert Stange

John George Stans

Leo Stans

Mrs. Leo Stans

Lois Stans

Mark Vincent Stans

Severin A. Stans

twins James and Paul Stans

Wendelin L. Stans

Minna Stapel, nee Griep

Bertha Stege

Caroline Iltis Stege

Charles Stege

Julius Stege

Albert Steinhardt (?)

Albert Steinhardt (?)

Bertha A. Steinhardt (?)

Otto Stiewe

Madelyn Iltis Strauss

Dale E. Strege

Benjamin Strobach (?)

Edwin Strobach (?)

‘Father’ Strobach (?)

Henry Strobach (?)

Inez Strobach (?)

‘Mother’ Strobach (?)

Walter Strobach (?)

Edith W. Taylor

Edwin A. Taylor

Edwin D. Taylor

Emma C. Taylor

Harold R. Taylor

Lucy W. Taylor

Peter H. Taylor

Shirley W. Taylor

W. Bruce Taylor

Wallace B. Taylor

Bertha Terres

Matthew H. Terres

Albert Teske (?)

Bertha Teske (?)

Carl W. Teske

Emil O. Teske

Emilie Teske

Esther Teske

Garth Hugh Teske

Louisa, wife of C.W. Teske

Louise Teske

Minna Teske

Roger Charles Teske

William Teske

Carlein, wife of F. Tessman

F.H. Thomas, Company B 16 Ct. Inf.

Fred H. Thomas

Sarah J. Thomas

Mary Thommas

Anna B. Thompson

Fred Tiedemann

Henrietta Tiedemann

Herman Tiedemann

Johann Tiedemann

Martha Tiedemann

Sophia, wife of J. Tiedemann

Leona H. Tietz

Walter C. Tietz

Martha Todd

Wesley Todd

Edna Trende

Orville Trende

Caroline, daughter of J.M. and S. Troll

Salome Meedea, wife of John M. Troll

William, son of J.M. and S. Troll

Dorothy E. Schalow Trost

Mark W. Trowbridge

Richard Tupa

Wilhelmina Tupa

Barbara Ulmer

David Ulmer

George Ulmer

Ottilie, wife of G. Ulmer

Katharina Veidt

August Verch

Minnie Verch

Minnie Verch

Michele Christina Vestal

Louise Vogel

Ida Vogelpohl

Elwina R. Voight

Frank, son of H. and E. Voight

Herman Voight

Lena, daughter of H. and E. Voight

Willie, son of H. and E. Voight

Elsie H. Volkman

Esther S. Volkman

Frank W. Volkman

Frank J. Volkmann (?)

Heinrich Volkmann

Hulda Volkmann (?)

Augusta M. Voss (?)

Bertha Voss

Carl Voss

Carl J. Voss

Carl O. Voss (?)

Frieda E. Voss (?)

Friederich B. Voss (?)

Friederich J. Voss (?)

Henrietta S. Voss (?)

Ida M. Voss (?)

Lena Voss

Ludwig C. Voss (?)

Beverly J. Waibel

Kirby G. Waibel

Ronald G. Waibel

Elisabetha Walch, nee Scheerer (?)

John A. Walch

Emelia J. Walden

Gustav A. Walden

Bernard Walter

Herman Wegener

Julius G. Wegener

James E. Weiland

Olga A. Buschkowsky Welker

Walter E. Buschowsky Welker

Ernest R. Wellington

Madaline V. Wellington

Arthur Wenz (?)

‘Father’ Wenz (?)

John Wenz

John Wenz

Mary Wenz

Carl Wenzel

Henriette Wenzel

Catharine E., wife of John Werner

Emily C. Werner

John Werner

Louis W. Werner

George Wetterau (?)

John H. Wetterau (?), born in Blankenbach (?)

Wilhelmina Wetzel

Deren Jungster, son of ? and ? Wetzig, born in Carver County, Minnesota

Elisabeth, wife of Theodor (?) Wetzig

Friedericki Wetzig, nee Zimmermann, born in Beiersdorf in Konigreich (?) Sachen (?)

Karl Heinrich Wetzig, born in Zsehorkan (?) Konigreich (?) Sachen (?)

Theodor Wetzig

Claude Edwin Whidby

Robert Monroe Whidby

John F. White (?)

Mae F. White (?)

William A. White (?)

William H. White (?)

August Wienholz

Bertha, wife of Aug. Wienholz

Emilie Ulmer Wienholz

Maria, wife of Aug. Wienholz

Jos. Willman, Company A In. J.L.A

Margaretha Willmann

Betty G. Windschitl

Melvin F. Windschitl

Melvin F. Windschitl

Clara E. Wolff

Donald F. Wolff

Marie Lenzen Wolff

Raymond G. Wolff

Raymond H. Wolff

Carl, son of F. and Carolina Wommer

Aaron Winkelman

Cecilia Winkelman

Clarence Winkleman

Johanna Yanka

Julius Yanka

Julius A. Yanka

Bertha H. Yanke

Carl W. Yanke

Albert F. Young (?)

Alice Elenor Young

Amedee H. Young

baby Young

Bertha, nee Schaler, wife of Hy. M. Young

Donald A. Young

Dorothy M. Young

Elmer F. Young

Ercell G. Young

Frieda A. Young

Harold E., son of Hy. M. Young

Henry Young

Henry Young

Horace Greely Young

Julia Angelina Young

Medelaine Young

Mary Emelie Young

Mary F. Young (?)

Alice Hilda Zamjahn

Caroline Zamjahn

Clarence A. Zamjahn

Ernest Zamjahn

Ernest A. Zamjahn

Frank Zamjahn

Frank P. Zamjahn

George W. Zamjahn

John R. Zamjahn

Mollie Zamjahn

Nellie I. Zamjahn

Theodore J. Zamjahn

William F. Zamjahn

Jakob Zellgert

Ferdinand A. Zimmerman

Henry Zimmerman

Lillian Zimmerman

Olga Zimmerman

Anna C. Zimmermann

Anna C., wife of C.F. Zimmermann, nee Giesel

Charles F. Zimmermann

Emma E. Zimmermann

Jacob (?) Zimmermann (?)

John W. Zimmermann

Maria Zimmermann

Bertha, wife of Math. Zweifel, nee Pullnow (?)

Not able to determine complete surnames for the following:

Ballard (?) - rest to worn to read

Esther  - no surname

Kay, ? of Millard M. - hard to read

Howard G. - no surname

Howard J. - no surname

Alice L. - no surname

Mabel  - no surname

Maria, infant ? of - rest missing

Maria M.M. ? - hard to read surname

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