Moravian Church Cemetery - Chaska, Minnesota

city of Chaska, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R23W, section 5

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in good shape. The SE section has very few burial monuments, with the few remaining being older burial monuments. The NE and SW sections are fairly full of burials, with the NW section having the most recent burials.

Within the boundaries of the Moravian Cemetery is the Priebe Family Cemetery. I have listed the Priebe Family Cemetery as a separate cemetery.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote:  "The first regularly organized church to hold religious services was the MaravianIt was formed 1 January 1858 ..." (page 231).

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Adelia M. Abel

Charles W. Abel

Helen M. Albers

August Arndt - Co. H 9th Minnesota Inf.

B. Arndt

C. Arndt - G.A.R.

C. Arndt

Catherine Arndt

G. Arndt

Grandma Arndt

Grandpa Arndt

H. Arndt

Jno. Arndt Co. H 9 Minnesota Inf.

W. Arndt - Uncle Bill

Helen Amalia Barac

Charles A. Barris

C. Beltz

F. Beltz

father Beltz (?)

K. Beltz

Mamie R. Beltz

mother Beltz (?)

Raddatz Beltz (?)

W. Beltz

Carl Bender

Charles E. Bender

Dorothea (?) Bender (?)

Edward Bender

Edwin J. Bender

Frederick Bender

Helena S. Bender

Henry Bender

John Bender

John Bender (?)

Lilly Bender (?)

Mary Bender

Peter Bender

Sophia Bender (?)

Norma E. Berglund

Sidney E. Berglund

Herbert Bollmann

Lydia Bollmann

Paul E. Bollmann

Anna K. Bongard (?)

Gerhard Bongard (?)

Louisa Bongard (?)

August Brandenburg

Karl Brandenburg

Wilhelm Brandenburg

Mary, wife of Wm. Brum

Caroline S. Carbe (?)

Alice Delzer

Elnor Delzer

Martin J. Dircks

Minnie Dircks

Vernon M. Dircks

Cora F. Dixon

Ralph E. Dixon

Cleone D. Dollerschell

Sara Beth Dollerschell 

Edna Ekstrom (?)

Walter Ekstrom (?)

Walter E. Ekstrom

Richard Elka

August C. Elke (?)

Estella L. Elke

father Elke (?)

H.J. Elke

Herbert Elke (?)

Herman Elke (?)

Howard Elke (?)

Ida Lawin Elke

Mary Elke (?)

Mary Schwich Elke

mother Elke (?)

William F. Elke

Carl F. Ernst

Emilie Eugster

Ulrich Eugster

Ulrich Hedley Eugster

Alvina Faust

Katheren Frank

baby Frenz

Edwin T. Franz

Lydia O. Frenz

Emma E. Gastler

Gustaf E. Gastler

Anna Geske (?)

Anton B. Geske

August Geske (?)

Mabel Geske (?)

Viola L. Geske

Nellie Godfrey

Margaret L., daughter of Rev. C.A. & A.F. Haehnle 

Paul Deremer (?), son of Rev. C.A. & A.F. Haehnle 

Eliza M. Haering (?)

Jacob J. Haering (?)

Anne S. Halquist

Rudolph A. Halquist

Frederick Hammer

Casper W. Happ (?)

Conrad Happ

Dorothy L. Happ (?)

George J. Happ (?)

John L. Happ

John T. Happ

Margaretha K., wife of J.T. Happ

Minnie A. Happ (?)

Albert, child of H. & A. Harden

Alwine, child of H. & A. Harden

Madie J.L. Harrington

Maynard W.E. Harrington

William U.M. Harrington

Minna B.A., daughter of F. & A. Heck

Gilbert Hedtke

Margaret Hedtke

Arthur W. Heimkes

Mabel E. Heimkes

Christina Herrmann

Jacob Hohl

Katharine Hohl

G. Samuel Hubert

Minnie Jo Hubert

John Humble

Irma A. Johnson

Lloyd E. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson 

Lena A. Jones

Elizabeth Keebler

William T. Keebler

Fredericke Kenning

Henry Kenning

Wm. Kittelmann Co. G 2nd (?) Minnesota Inf.

Bertha M.A., daughter of H. & M. Kirchmantz (?) 

Otto H.J., son of H. & M. Kirchmantz (?) 

Alice O. Klammer (?)

August Klammer (?)

Louisa H. Klammer (?)

Louise Klammer (?)

Paul L.C. Klug

Albertina Koglin

Carl Koglin (?)

Freidrich (?) Koglin (?)

Herman Koglin

Reinhard Koglin, son of A. (?) & M.H. (?) Koglin 

Anna M. Kohls

Anton A. Kohls

Edward John Krause

Friederike D. Krause (?)

Gustave Krause (?)

Bernhard R. Lawin

Bertha, daughter (?) of J. & L. Lawin

Bertha H. Lawin

Charlotte Lawin

Emilie, daughter of J. & L. Lawin

Johann Lawin

George W. Lindenberg

Mabel H. Lindenberg

Anna M.A. Meder

Herman Meder

Lydia Meder

Wilhelmina Meder

father Mertz

mother Mertz

Friederich J. Meyer

Deloris Sauerbrey Miller

Alice (?), daughter of E. & K. Moeschler

Charles Moeschler

Friederecke Moeschler

Lucian Moeschler

Hulda Molnau

Paul Moser

Paulina Moser

Constance A. Naegeli

Anna M. Ochs

Elizabeth Ochs

Henry Ochs

Henry Ochs

Henry J. Ochs

Louise Ochs

Minnie K. Ochs

Willie Ochs

Carl F.W. Oehlke (?)

Irma L. Ottinger

Theodore W. Ottinger

Ruben E. Pearson

baby Perry

Antonia B. Pfuhl (?)

Fredericka Pfuhl (?)

William F. Pfuhl (?)

? Priebe

Carl Priebe (?)

Bertha H. Prieber

H. Wm. (?) L. Prieber

Louise C. Reinhard

Henry Sauerbrey

John Sauerbrey

Marie Sauerbrey

Mary Sauerbrey

Anna Schacher

Jacob Schacher

Adam Schafer

Johanna Schafer

John Schafer

Katrina Schafer

Georg Schennerman (?)

Andrew Schilken

Louise M. Schilken

Beulah P. Schleicher

Casper Schleicher

Friederika Schleicher

George H. Schleicher

George H. Schleicher

Theresa Schleicher

William C. Schleicher

Conrad (?) Schleiger

Anton Schneider

Ruth Abel Schneider

John J. Schoen

Delores E. Schwalbe

Henry T. Schwalbe (?)

Lydia M. Schwalbe (?)

Marvin William Schwalbe (?)

Traugott W. Schwalbe

Harry B. Smith

Ruth C. Smith

Emilie F. Sondermann, born Thust  in Gnadenfei (?)  Deutschland

Alice M. Stans

Florian H. Stans

Lillian Stege

Olga Stege

Sophia Stout

Erna T. Stripe, nee Torgerson

Ervin H. Teich

Esther Teich

Schwester Maria Thies

Fred Tunell

Josephine Tunell

Mathilda Utecht

Roland A. Vollmer

Mary Wasserman (?)

Michael Wasserman (?)

Matilda Ochs Weingarth

father Werner (?)

Louise D. Werner

mother Werner (?)

Paul F. Werner (?)

Rudolph Werner (?)

William F. Werner

Johnnie, son of George & Mary Wiest

Wilhelm Wiest

Amelia F. Wolff

Arthur R. Wolff

Ellen H., daughter of F. & A.O. Wolff

Erdmutha C. Wolff

Herbert A. Wolff (?)

Myrtle E. Wolff (?)

Richard A. Wolff

Theodor J. Wolff

Elizabeth E. Zimmerman

Fred H. Zimmerman

Everett O. Zimmermann

Mildred A. Zimmermann

William D. Zwiers

The following monuments were not complete:

?, died 15 September 1869 - rest of monument is missing

Augusta, wife of - rest of monument is to worn to read

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