Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Shakopee, Scott County, Minnesota



Shakopee, Scott County, Minnesota:  T115N-R22W, Section 8

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            The Calvary Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of Eagle Creek Boulevard and Vierling Drive in Shakopee.  Entrance is found by taking Vierling Drive to Jasper Road to Hauer Trail.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Nicholas

?, Willie

??errgott (?), Anna Maria

??ull, Maria

Albachten, Adolph

Albachten, Anna

Albachten, Emilia

Albachten, Julia

Albachten, Mary

B?, An?? Aloysius

Baldwin, Andrew

Baldwin, Georg

Baldwin, George

Baldwin, Joseph

Baumhager (?), Maria Katharina

Baumhoffer, Maria Becker

Beck, Jno.

Beckrich, Anna ?

Beckrich, Mary

Boan, Emma

Boan, Francis

Boan, Leo

Boan, Vitiline

Boan, Vitiline

Bruggeman, Frankie L.

Cavanaugh, Ellen

Cavanaugh, John

Conter, J.B.

Craig, Corp’l Thos.

Craig, Robert

Craig, Rose

Dellwo, Little Mary

Demers, Catherine

Demers, John

Dols, Gertrud

Donlon, Mary C.

Donlon, T.F.

Donnelly, Elizabeth

Donnelly, Patrick

Dougherty, Constantine

Doyle, Mary C.

Duffy (?), Andrew G.

Duffy (?), Anna M.

Duffy (?), Helen M.

Duffy (?), Mary C.

Duffy (?), Timothy J.

Duffy, ?

Duffy, Peter F.

Edert, Elisabeth

Edert, John

Edert, Susana

Entrup, Anton

Entrup, Anton

Entrup, August S.

Entrup, Carl A.

Entrup, Lizetta M.

Everling, A. Maria

Falar (?), Mary ?

Far??, Anna

Fewer, Anna

Fewer, George

Fewer, James

Fewer, William

Fogerty, John

Galvin, Ellen

Galvin, John

Galvin, Julia

Galvin, Thomas

Garr, Ann

Garr, Lawrence

Gelhave, G???es

Gellenbeck, Ellen

Gellenbeck, G.W.

Gellenbeck, J. Henry

Geyermann, ?

Geyermann, ? Otto

Glynn, Ethel P.

Gr??, Mary

Groinmesch, Brigita

Groinmesch, John B.

Hallenberger, Martin Aloysius

Hartmann, Anna

Hartmann, Frances

Hattenberger (?), Mary F.

Hattenberger, Frank

Hattenberger, Gregor J.

Hattenberger, Maria A.

Hattenberger, Peter

Havican, John

Havican, John

Havigan, A.

Hearn, Elizabeth

Hirscher, Heinrich

Hun??mann, ?

Husmann, John S.


K., H.

K., J.

Kauth, Joseph A.

Kinney, Mary

Kline, Agnes

Kline, Alice I.

Kline, Annie V.

Kline, Joseph A.

Kline, Mary L.

Koerner, Eva

Kohler, Emma T.

Kohler, Louisa I.

Kohls, M. Gertrude

Kopf (?), Anna M.

Korner, Adam

L., M.J.

Lies, Mary ?

Maloney, David

Maloney, Mary

McGrade, Charles B.

McGrade, Ellen Alec?

McGrade, Frank

McGrade, Frank

McGrade, John T.

McGrade, Mary

McGrade, Raymond

McGrade, Thomas F.

McGrugan, Ann

McGrugan, John

McKown, Anna J.

McKown, Ellen

McKown, James

McKown, James

McKown, Thomas F.

McNeal, Catherine

McNeal, Edward

McNeill, Mary C.

Menke, J.H.

Mullen, Catharine

Mullen, Ellen

Murray (?), Michael (?)

Murray, Michael (?)

O’Brien, Handra

O’Brien, John

O’Conner, Catherine

O’Conner, Edward

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Johnnie

O’Dowd, Johanna T.

O’Hearn, Henry

O’Loughlin, Margeret H. Haley

Payne, ?

Ra?, John

Reis (?), Franz Joseph

Reis, Bartholomaus

Reis, Catherina

Reis, Elisabeth

Reis, Katharina

Reis, Valentin

Rielander, Christoph

Robinson, Hannah

Robinson, William

Sanders (?), Adam

Schinzel (?), Juliana

Schmitz, Gertrude M.

Schott, Carolina M.

Schumacher, Michael

Schwartz, Johan

Schwartz, Susanna

Schweizer, Christine Clara

Selcer, Katherine

Selcer, Maria F. (?)

Selcer, Wilhelmenia

Smith, Ann

Stark, Anna M.

Stark, Barbara M.

Stark, Catherine

Stark, Catherine

Stark, Emma J.

Stark, George A.

Stark, Karl

Stark, Michael J.

Sullivan, Mary Jane G.

Teeling, Rachel Havican

Verling (?), ?

Vierling, Johan

Wampach, ??nn

Wampach, Bennie

Wampach, John

Wampach, Michael

Wampach, Theodor

Wehle, Anna

Wright, Eugene

Yost (?), Francis X.

Yost (?), John B.

Yost, Peter

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