Parish Cemetery of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

city of Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota: T115N - R21W, section 15

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This hillside cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in good shape. The cemetery is located in the western section of the city of Burnsville, near the eastern edge of the city of Savage, in Scott county.  This cemetery is the former Mount Calvary Cemetery.

The burial rows in this cemetery do not line up well and it appears that the rows may have been angled slightly to compensate for the cemeteries location on the side of a large hill. This is more pronounced in the older northern half of this cemetery.

Within the older northern section of this cemetery there were several old slab style monuments that had been broken off and were lying flat at ground level. This appeared to have occurred some time ago, as many of these loose monuments have sunken into the sod and have grass growing out of the cracks.

In the 1910 "History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties, Minnesota", by Editor-In-Chief Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, he wrote: ‘... Mount Calvary Cemetery, located in section 15, was first consecrated to its use in 1859. It is a beautiful shady spot of two and one-half acres, owned and controlled by the St. John’s Church.’ (page 438)

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: St. John the Baptist of Byrnsville Cemetery (formerly Mount Calvery), established 1859. 2 1/2 acres. Section 15, NE 1/4 of SE 1/4, Township 115, Range 21. Judicial Road between County Road 34 and Burnsville Parkway.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

Edward Adelmann

Elisabeth Adelmann

Marilyn Adelmann

Elizabeth E. Boylan Albeck

William H. Albeck

LeAnn Marie Ales

Adele A. Allen

Anna Allen

Catharine and Ellen, children of M. and Ellen Allen

Donald Allen

Edward M. Allen

Ellen, wife of Michael Allen

Frank Allen

Geo. O. Allen

George Allen, native of County Limerick (?), Ireland

George Allen

George J. Allen

George W. Allen

Gerald F. Allen

Gretchen M. Allen

Hanorah Allen

Joseph Allen

Joseph Allen

Linda Allen

M. Antoinette Allen

Margaret R. Allen

Marjorie A. Allen

Martin Allen

Michael Allen

Richard Allen

Rosemary K. Allen

Susan Allen

T. Robert Allen

Thomas Allen

Thomas James Allen

Jerry C. Amell

Paul A. Anderson

baby girl Andrews (?)

Donald Andrews

Donna Andrews

Violet L. Andrews

Anna Arnold

Henry J. Arnold

Frank Arnoldy (?)

James E. Arnoldy

Magdalen Arnoldy (?)

Cleora L. Augustinack

Anthony R. Baratto

Charlene K. Beerling

Robert A. Beerling

John P. Begley, native of Mayo County, Ireland

Lawrence Begley, native of Cragga County Mayo, Ireland

Mary A. Hanes Begley

Thomas Begley, native of Mayo County Ireland

William Begley, native of Mayo County, Ireland

Catherine M. Belbeck

Lolie C. Belcher

Richard G. Belcher

James (?), son of John and Jenn ? Berrisford (?)

Jennie E., wife of John Berrisford

Thomas A. Bicha

Earl Blaylock

Helen Blaylock

Clifford G. Boehme

Edward Boehn

Austin Robert Boerboom, son of Loren and Naomi

Karen A. (Boyer) Bohn

Edith Bokovoy

Raymond Bokovoy

Blaine Michael Borchert

Mary Anne Bowser

Milford D. Bowser

Lorraine A. (Spescha) Boyer

Robert J. Boyer

Anna Boylan

Falix Boylan

Henry T. Boylan

James Boylan

Mary E. Boylan

Patrick J. Boylan

Rosa Boylan

Rosa A. Boylan

Lillian M. Boyle

Michael L. Boyle

Genevieve Bross

August J. Bueltel

Helen F. Bueltel, nee Waletzko

Alfred J. Burgoyne

Ann M. Burgoyne

James G. Burton

Jane J. Burton

Robert C. Burton

Joseph J. Butorac

Ralph A. Braun

Kelly Marie Breggeman

Barbara J. Broos

Bernard Broos

Catherine C. Brennan

Edward Brennan

Veronica Brennan

Mary E. Bunnell

Robert A. Bunnell

? Ellen M., child of Martin J. Burns (?), native of Canada West and Ellen Mc?, native of County Clare, Ireland

Hannah and baby Burns

William Henry, child of Martin J. Burns (?), native of Canada West andEllen Mc?, native of County Clare, Ireland

Margaret, daughter of ? and M. Butle?

Mathilda Butle?

Mary Ann Butler

Agnes Byrne

Ann Byrne

Arnold Byrne

Cecelia Byrne

Dennis Byrne

Elizabeth Byrne

Harold Byrne

John Byrne

John Byrne

Julia Byrne

Michael Byrne

Patrick (?), son of William Byrne

Pious Byrne

William Byrne

William Byrne, native of County Kilkenny (?), Ireland

William Byrne, native of Montreal, Canada

Bridget E., wife of D.J. Byrnes, native of Ireland

Daniel J. Byrnes, native of Ottawa, Ontario

Elizabeth G. Byrnes

George G. Byrnes

William H., infant son of D.J. and B.E. Byrnes

Lloyd E. Byzewski

Lloyd Eugene Byzewski

Mary A. Byzewski

Margaret, wife of Michael Cahill, daughter of Edward Kehoe, native of Ideford, Ireland

Sarah Kennedy Cahill

Alexander Campbell

C.P. Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Bridget, wife of James Cannon

Daniel Cannon

Jas. Cannon, native of Parish of Inver County Donegal, Ireland

Mary Cannon

? Carlon (?)

Grace Carlon (?)

Margaret H. Carmody (?)

Mary, daughter of I. (?) and B. Car?

Anne Carr

Annie Carr

John ?, son of John and Mary Carr

Mary Carr

Mary, wife of John Carr

William E. Carr

William H. Carr

James P. Carroll

Ann Casey

Catherine Casey

Catherine Casey (?)

Christopher Casey (?)

James F. Casey

Joseph M. Casey (?)

Mary Casey (?)

Patrick Casey

Patrick (?) Casey (?)

Roger Casey

Emma B. Coakley

George Coakley

George Coakley, Private 1 CL U.S. Army World War 1 

Kathleen Coakley

Raymond Coakley

John Cokley

Julia Cokley

Katherine, wife of Michael Coffey

P.H. Coffey

Francis Coleman

Helen Coleman

Anna J. Conroy (?)

Coleman J. Conroy (?)

Coleman J. Conroy

Florence A. Conroy

Laurence Martin Conroy

Martin L. Conroy

Mary P. Conroy (?)

?, daughter of ? and M. Connelly

Anna H. Connelly

Anna L. Connelly (?)

Anthony Connelly

Bridget Connelly (?)

Catherine Connelly

James Connelly

James Connelly, born in County Cork, Ireland

James F. Connelly (?)

John C. Connelly

John Joseph Connelly

Margaret Connelly, daughter of James and Mary Connelly 

Margaret A. Connelly (?)

Mary, wife of J. Connelly

Mary Ellen Connelly, daughter of James and Mary Connelly

Mary Ellen Connelly

Mary Hayes Connelly

Maxine J. Connelly

Owen J. Connelly

Patrick J. Connelly

Patrick M. Connelly

Paul G. Connelly

Timothy W. Connelly

William J. Connelly

William J. Connelly (?)

William J. Connelly (?)

William R. Connelly (?)

John E. Cook

Mae Ellen Cook

Robin Jean Cook

Marten Cooney

Ryan Alan Coor-Bjick

Elaine R. Costello

Robert M. Costello

Edward Coughlin

Margert Couney

Catherine E. Cregg

Ellen B. Cregg

David A. Cuddigan

Genevieve H. Cuddigan

Shelly M. Cummings

Vicki Jo Cummings

Mabel H. Cunningham

William E. Cunningham

George F. Curtis

Raymond D. Custer (?)

John J. Daneu

Josephine Daneu

Bernice R. Danielson

Lawrence R. Danielson

Leo H. Dannecker

Marlene C. Dannecker

Michael J. Dannecker

Florence S. Davidson

John J. Davidson

Josephine A. Dean

Robert A. Dean

Paul Dempsey

Cameron M. Deschene

Charles DeShaw (?)

Delores DeShaw (?)

Honora E. DeShaw

Luella E. DeShaw

Thomas W. DeShaw

William DeShaw (?)

William J. DeShaw

Coletta M. Dietz

Leonard A. Dietz

Michael L. Dietz

Jeremiah Dillon, native of County Kerry, Ireland

Mary, wife of Jeremiah Dillon

Vincent DiLoreto

Cecelia Doebel

Edward H. Doebel

Grover C. Doebel

Leo C. Doebel

Mary G. Doebel

Willis J. Doebel

Marguerite J. Dompier

Barbara Doran (?)

Richard Doran (?)

Steve Doran (?)

Richard J. Dougherty

Virginia F. Dougherty

Mary Hendricks Dowd

Frank S. Dowdle

George Dowdle (?)

George A. Dowdle (?)

‘Mother’ Dowdle (?)

Patrick (?) Dowdle (?)

Philomena Vanderschaegen Drake

Francis Edmond Dressen

James L. Dressen

Steven M. Dressen

John A. Duffy

Margaret G. Duffy

Mary Duffy

Thos. Duffy, Company I 4th Minn. Inf.

baby Dunn

Bridget C. Dunn

Mary Dunn

Mary A. Dunn

Mary Ruth Dunn

Michael J. Dunn

Walter J. Dunn

Anna Dwyer

Donald Dwyer

Richard Dwyer

Bob G. Edwards

Gert L. Edwards

Alice Egan (?)

baby boy Egan (?)

baby girl Egan

Catherine, daughter of P. and M. Egan

Catherine M. Egan (?)

Ellen J. Egan (?)

George M. Egan

H. Ralph Egan (?)

Helen Egan

James Egan (?)

James T. Egan (?)

John P. Egan

Lena Egan

M. Wallace Egan (?)

Margaret Egan (?)

Margaret M. Egan (?)

Mark M. Egan (?)

Mary Egan

Mary Egan

Mary E. Egan

Mathew Egan (?)

Mathias Egan

Michael Egan

Michael Egan (?)

Michael Egan, native of the Parish of Anangh County Mayo, Ireland

Michael D. Egan (?)

Michael Ward Egan

Robert J. Egan

Robert M. Egan (?)

Sadie M. Egan

Theodore M. Egan (?)

Theresa M. Egan (?)

Thomas Michael Egan

Tole Egan

Tony J. Egan

Patrick Egan, born  ?? County Mayo, Ireland

Wayne M. Egan (?)

William P. Egan

Valerie Ehrhardt

Jacob S. Engel

Harry C. Englund

Kristina Marie Enos

Blanche Erickson

Walter E. Erickson

Walter E. Erickson

Ellen, wife of Jas. Erwin, born in County Waterford (?), Ireland

Elizabeth Erwin

James Erwin, born in County Cork, Ireland

James M. Erwin

John P. Erwin

Richard, son of James Erwin

Thomas W. Erwin

Clarence A. Ess

Dana L. Ess

Leonard F. Ess

Maude Ess

Viola Ess

Walter Ess

Ann Elizabeth, child of James and Bridget Fahey, at Ottawa, Illinois

Anna Fahey

Bridget Fahey

Bridget, wife of Peter Fahey

Bridget, wife of James Fahey, born at Monnt (?) County Ga??

Catherine Fahey

James Fahey

James Fahey, born at County ?, Ireland

John F. Fahey

Julia A. Fahey

Margaret Agnes, child of James and Bridget Fahey, born  at Ottawa, Illinois

Margaret E. Fahey

Michael Fahey, native of County Galway, Ireland

Michael J. Fahey

Peter Fahey, native of County Galway, Ireland

Thomas Fahey

Thomas H. Fahey

Paul Richard Filipek

Hannah Finnegan

Margaret Finnegan

Catherine, wife of Thomas Finnerty, born in Headford County Galway (?)

Eugene F. Fisk

Ellen Fitzgibbons (?)

James Fitzgibbons (?)

Thomas Fitzgibbons (?)

Thomas Fitzgibbons (?)

Margaret Flanigan

Margaret Flynn

John, son of ? M. and M. Foley (?), native of County Cork, Ireland

John W. Foley

Mary Foley

Mary Foley

Mary L. Foley

Michael Foley

Michael F. Foley

Mrs. Michael Foley

Nellie M. Foley

Patrick Foley

Patrick J. Foley

Patrick J. Foley

Peter W. Foley

Thomas J. Foley

Donna Mae Forar

George Forar

Edward Frawley

John Frawley, of County Limerick, Ireland

Mary Ann Frawley

Marion Froehlingsdorf

Othmar Froehlingsdorf

John W. Gaffne

Charles Gaffney

Edward Gaffney

Rose Gaffney

Ann Gallagher

Bertram J. Gallagher

Bridget Kennedy, wife of William Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher

Catherine Gallager

Catherine Gallagher

Catherine V. Gallagher

Eileen Gallagher

Enous Gallagher

‘Father’ Gallagher (?)

Francis X. Gallagher

Henry Gallagher (?)

infant daughter of Bertram and Catherine Gallagher (?)

John Gallagher

John Gallagher (?)

Jose H. Gallagher (?)

Margaret Gallagher

Maria Egan, wife of Michael Gallagher

Martin Gallagher

Martin F. Gallagher

Mary Gallagher

Mary Gallagher (?)

Mary Gallagher

Mary Hafferty, wife of Patrick Gallagher

Mathew, child of Michael and Maria Gallagher

Mathias, child of Michael and Maria Gallagher

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher, native of County Galway, Ireland

‘Mother’ Gallagher (?)

Neil A. Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick H. Gallagher

Thomas Gallagher, native of County Galway, Ireland

Wallace W. Gallagher

Charles H. Galligan

Mary A. Galligan

Garvey babies

Ellen Garvey

James P. Garvey

John Garvey

Margaret Rose Geis

Margaret Geraghty, native of Manulla, County Mayo, Ireland

Patrick Geraghty, native of Manulla, County Mayo, Ireland

baby twins Gerold

Ann R. Gilbertson

Cecelia L. Giles

Cletus J. Giles

Edward F. Giles

Edward Francis Giles

Elizabeth M. Giles

Henry P. Giles

LeRoy D. Giles

Loretta M. Giles

Mary A. Giles

Mary Ann Giles

R. Virginia Giles

Allyson Leigh Girouard

Rose Gleisner

P.S. Glennon, born in Rochester, N.Y.

P.S. Glennon, born Rochester, N.Y.

Beatrice, daughter of T. and M. Glynn

Edward Glynn

James (?) Glynn

Margaret A. Glynn

Patrick Glynn

Thomas J. Glynn

Edwin C. Gelhar

Helen M. Gelhar

Mary Goedken

Catherine Golden

Claire P. Gosewisch

August J. Gospeter

Ella M. Gospeter

John P. Goude

John Grady

Patrick, son of John and Catherine Grady, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harkins

Thos. Grady, son of John Grady

Charles H. Grafensatte?

Owen K. Kent Grandlund

Marius ‘Mike’ Green

Virginia M. Green

Karl H. Gronewaller

Rosemarie L. Gronewaller

John A. Haanen

Marlois Ann Haanen (?), nee Dellwo

Isabella, wife (?) of Wm. Hackett (?)

Alice J. (Primus) Hahn

Leander A. Hahn

Carl R. Hall

Florence C. Hall

Ann Hammill

‘Father’ Hammill (?)

Jane A. Hammill (?)

John Hammill

‘Mother’ Hammill (?)

Wilhelmina S. Hannon

Cathrine Hanrehan

Edward M. Hanrehan

Edmund Hanrehan

Ellen Hanrehan, native of Parish Asdee County Kerry, Ireland

Ellen Hanrehan

Emmet L. Hanrehan (?)

John Hanrehan, native of Parish Asdee County Kerry, Ireland

Margaret A. Hanrehan

Mary Hanrehan

Mary E. Hanrehan (?)

Nellie Hanrehan

William (?) Hanrehan

William Hanrehan

William, son of J. and E. Hanrehan (?), native of Ireland

Madelyn M. Hansen

Teresa C. Harding

William R. Harding

Hannah, wife of Patrick Harkin

Patrick Harkin, native of Cross Parish of Ballaghaderreen County Mayo, Ireland

James L. Harkins (?)

James Havert ?

Anthony J. Havican

Susanna Havican

William P. Havican

John J. Havek

Agnes E. Hayes (?)

Annie Hayes

Charles F. Hayes

Ellen O’Brien, wife of Timothy Hayes

Francis J. Hayes

Helen M. Hayes

John Hayes

John, child of Timothy and Mary Hayes

John J. Hayes

John J., child of Timothy and Mary Hayes

John Joseph Hayes

Margaret C. Hayes

Martin S. Hayes (?)

Mary O’Connell, wife of Patrick Hayes

Mary, wife of Timothy Hayes, native of town of Tallow County Cork, Ireland

Mary H. Hayes

Matthew, child of Timothy and Mary Hayes

Matthew, son of Timothy and Mary Hayes

Matthew Hayes

Matthew A. Hayes

Patrick Hayes, husband of Mary O’Connell

Thomas Hayes

Thomas B. Hayes

Timothy Hayes, born in the Parish of Ogunly County Clare, Ireland

Timothy B. Hayes

Timothy J. Hayes

Timothy J. Hayes

Douglas H. Hegen

Mary L. Hegen, nee Sheridan

Robert W. Heidemann

Veronica B. Heidemann

Denis Henry Hein

Mary Ellen Hein

Frank Hendricks

Genevieve Hendricks

Theresa Hendricks

Catherine Hennen (?)

Elroy J. Hennen

George J. Hennen (?)

Jeffrey J. Hennen

Hannah (?), daughter of ?olin and Mary Hennessey (?)

Marne J. Hesch

Elizabeth A. Hilla

John R. Hilla

Henry A. Hirscher

Katherine F. Hirscher

Sarah A. Hirscher

James Hoben

Ann, wife of Thomas Hogan

Thomas Hogan, native of Casttetown (?), Delvin County Westmeath, Ireland

Jacob Curtis Hovick

George F. Hurley

James Hurley

James J. Hurley

Julia C. Byrnes, wife of James Hurley

Margaret, daughter of Frank and Mary Hyland

Hannah M. Hynes (?)

James Hynes (?)

Michael M. Hynes

Rose E. Hynes

Kate Kristine Jach

Julia (?) Jacobs (?)

Michael Jacobs

Anna M. Jaros

Frank Jaros

Katherine Jaros

Henry H. Jensen

Julia E. Jensen

Genevieve M. Johnson

Hjalmer C. Johnson

Theresa Marie Johnson

?, wife of Edward Jord?

Michael D. Jordan

Tracy Lynne Kaiser

Kendall L. Kammeier

Elizabeth J. Karst

Peter J. Karst

Albin Kaufenberg

Emma Kaufenberg

Irene M. Kaufenberg

Raymond N. Kaufenberg

Robert H. Kaufenberg

Audrey M. Kaul

Robert A. Kaul

Dorothy H. Kavanaugh

James E. Kavanaugh

Anastasia Kearney (?)

Catherine Kearney (?)

Clara A. Kearney

Eli O. Kearney

Eugene T. Kearney

G. Joseph Kearney

George M. Kearney (?)

John A. Kearney

Mary L. Kearney (?)

May L. Kearney (?)

T. Alice Kearney

P.M. Kearney

Patrick E. Kearney

Peter Kearney (?)

Edward Kehoe (?)

Rosemary Kehren

Victor Kehren

Agnes Kellerher

Agnes Kelleher

Anna Kelleher

Anna, wife of James Kelleher

Helen A. Kelleher

James Kelleher

James Kelleher

James A. Kelleher

James A. Kelleher

James J. Kelleher

Josephine Kelleher

Kate Kelleher

Margaret Kelleher

Patrick Kelleher

??as Kelly

Bridget Agn?, daughter of ? and Sarah Kelly (?)

Edward F. Kennedy

Hanora, wife of James Kennedy

James Kennedy, born in Donegal Parish of Inver, Ireland

James Kennedy, native of County Clare, Parish of Tullagh, Ireland

John T. Kennedy

Johnnie, son of J.J. and A. Kennedy

Mary, wife of James Kennedy, native of the Parish of Inver County Donegal, Ireland

Mary Loretta, daughter of J.J. and A. Kennedy

Vincent Kennedy

Elizabeth A. Kennelly (?)

John Kennelly

John P. Kennelly

John T. Patrick, son of Walter (?) and Sarah Kennelly

Joseph M. Kennelly (?)

Loretta J. Kennelly (?)

Margaret M. Kennelly

Rose Kennelly

Rose E. Kennelly (?)

Sarah Kennelly

Thomas H. Kennelly (?)

Walter Kennelly

Walter P. Kennelly (?)

Mary E. Kepner

Masina E. Kepner

Robert G. Kepner

August M. Kes

August Myron Kes

Eileen M. Kes

Richard R. Kibbe

Duran Kirschman

George L. Kline

Joseph A. Kline

Mary A. Kline

Frank Klingelhut

Maude E. Klingelhut

Ambrose Klotz

Jerome Klotz

Phillip Klotz

William R. Kneafsey (?)

Harry J. Knebel

Frank Kneissel

Lucille M. Kneissel

Caroline M. Knowlton

Albina A. Knox

Anthony Knox

Patrick H. Knox

John C. Knutson

John C. Knutson

Marie E. Knutson

Mary Kratovil

Erin Kathryn Kresse

baby boy Komoroski

Catherine J. Kritzeck

Donald O. Kritzeck

Donald O. Kritzeck

Adele Kroyer (?)

Alwies Kroyer (?)

Annie M. Krueger

August C. Krueger

Kelly Megan Kuehne

Michael J. Kuplic

Donald Labo

Mary C. Labo

James E. LaCount

Mary A. Ladner

David Lalonde

Francis Lalonde

Nick Lalonde

baby Lanigan

Frank L. Lannon

Helen C. Lannon

Johanna V. Lannon

Josephine M. Lannon

Leo W. Lannon

Michael F. Lannon

Michael F. Lannon

Mildred M. Lannon

William P. Lannon

Kris LaPanta

Darleen O. Larson

Douglas Keith Larson

Elden R. Larson

John G. Larson

Myrtle E. Larson

Albert Lattery

baby Lattery

Elizabeth Rose Lattery

Florence Lattery

Harold Lattery

Helen J. Carlson Lattery

James Lattery

Jane Lattery

Richard F. Lattery

Thomas J. Lattery

Virginia Lattery

William Lattery

Ngoc Kim Le

Mary Lou LeBeau

Christy Ann Lebens

baby girl Leidner

Joyce C. Lentsch

Marvin W. Leibl

George Litchy

Josephine Litchy

Leo B. Lockway

Marie P. Lockway

James P. Lodermeier

Jay Lodermeier

John P. Lodermeier

Ann, wife of Thos. Loftus

Bernard J. Loftus

Bridget Loftus

Helen E. Loftus

John M. Loftus

John P. Loftus

Margaret M. Loftus

Mathew J. Loftus

T.J. Loftus

T.P. Loftus

Thos. Loftus

Thos. J. Loftus

Thos. P. Loftus

Patricia A. Loughrey

Bridget, daughter of P. and A. Lynce

Albertina Lynch

Angela Lynch, wife of Patrick Lynch

Bridget Lynch

J.F., son of P. and R. Lynch

John A. Lynch

John F. Lynch

Margaret J., wife of M. Lynch

Mary Lynch

Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch, born in Ireland

Patrick E. Lynch

Peter Lynch

Rose A. Lynch

Vincent Lynch

Anne MacLeod (?)

Michael MacLeod (?)

Janet C. Magee

Charles H. Malone

Esther I. Malone

Eugene Maloney

Janie Rae Dop Mannick

Kathleen A. Markstrom

Phyllis M. Marschall

Robert P. Marschall

Henry E. Marso

Kathryn M. Marso

Edmund R. Martin (?)

Edward I. Martin

Ellen, wife of Octave Martin

Joyce E. (Kelly) Martin

Laurence J. (Jack) Martin

Loretta E. Martin

Louise C. Martin

‘Mother’ Martin (?)

William E. Martin

Ashley Marie Matlock

Dayna Rae Matlock

Kristin Marie Matlock

Edwin J. Maus

Margaret M. Maus

Catherine Byrnes (?) Mayer

George Mayer

?atherin McAndrews

Bartley J. McAndrews

John Joseph McAndrews

John M., son of John J. McAndrews (?)

Katherine Burke McAndrews

Marie M. Fox McAndrews

Mary McAndrews (?)

Patrick M. McAndrews (?)

Mary J., daughter of ? M. McCandre ?

Annie McCann

Bee McCann

Clara R. McCann

Dennis M. McCann

James McCann, son of Pat and Bridget

James P. McCann

John (?) McCann (?), native of County Mayo, Ireland

John McCann

John J. McCann

John M. McCann

Joseph McCann

Mary McCann

‘Mother’ McCann (?)

Nicholas T. McCann

Patrick McCann

Charles F. McCarthy (?)

Charles R. McCarthy

Maude R. McCarthy (?)

Rose M. McCarthy

Alice C. McCorkell

Edmund J. McCorkell

Alice McCoy

Ann Campbell, wife of Patrick McCoy

Bridget McCoy (?)

Cecelia McCoy

Cecilia McCoy, erected by Father John McCoy, native of Kregan Armah, Ireland

Francis McCoy

Henry McCoy

J.F. McCoy, Company I (?) 2nd Minn. Cav.

James McCoy

James McCoy

James McCoy, Company K Regt Minn. Inf., Civil War

James P. McCoy

Luke F. McCoy

Margrette McCoy

Mary McCoy (?)

Mary A. McCoy

Nellie R. McCoy

Sarah McCoy

Bridget, wife of Charles McDavitt

Charles McDavitt

Cornelius McDavitt

Maggie, daughter of Bryan and Ann McDermoth

Edmund McDermott

Erne?, son of Bryane and Ann McDermott

John B. McDermott

John C. McDermott

Julia M. McDermott

Margaret M. McDermott

Mary E. McDermott

Mary J. McDermott

Michael C. McDermott

William, son of John and Ann McDermott, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harkins

Susan McDevitt

Anne McDonald

Edward McDonald

‘Father’ McDonald (?)

Henry A. McDonald

James, son of Michael and Mary McDonald

John A. McDonald

Maria, wife of Michael McDonald

Marie McDonald

Mary McDonald

Mary E. McDonald

Michael McDonald, native of Fortchester County Wexford, Ireland

‘Mother’ McDonald (?)

Leo McDonnell (?)

Mark McDonnell (?)

Mary McDonnell (?)

‘Mother’ McDonnell (?)

Doris J. McGinn

Terrence McGovern

Winifred, wife of T. McGovern, born in Bally William, Ireland

Catherine, child of Thomas and Mary McGrath

Ellen, child of Thomas and Mary McGrath

John, child of Thomas and Mary McGrath

Mary, child of Thomas and Mary McGrath

Thomas McGrath, native of County Clare, Ireland

Joseph McLaughlin

Lavonne C. McLaughlin

Mary McLaughlin

Mary Ann McLaughlin (?)

Martin McLaughlin

Nancy, wife of Michael McLaughlin

P. McLaughlin, Company K 5 Minn. Inf.

Patrick J. McLaughlin

Vernadetta McMahon

Dennis H. McNamara

Elizabeth, wife of Timothy McNamara

John T. McNamara

Margaret A. McNamara

Mary Ellen McNamara

Timothy McNamara

Timothy, son of Timothy and Elizabeth McNamara

Ellen McNearney (?)

Helen J. McNearney

James McNearney

James J. McNearney

Mary E. McNearney

William McQuestion

Benjamin McQuiston

Genevieve A. McQuiston

Harold J. McQuiston

John A. McQuiston

John A. McQuiston

John H. McQuiston

Kathryn E. McQuiston

Margaret H. McQuiston

Matthew E. McQuiston

Matthew Timothy Mehr

Ladonna Melichar

Megan Marie Michaelson, daughter of Richard and Deborah

Paul T. Mikkalson

Brian C. Miller

David C. Miller

Margaret I. Miller

Ralph L. Miller

Christine Marie Minnick

Jennifer Lynn Meyer

Jeremy James Meyer

Denis Mo?, ? Parish of ?ongfourd (?) County Kerry, Ireland

Christine Alexia Moen

James Molone

Michael Mongan

Thomas Mongan

Catherine, wife of T.J. Moore

Catherine T., wife of T. Moore

Catherine Moran

Mary, wife of Patrick Moran

Patrick Moran

Ben H. Morlock

Grace M. Morlock

Marlene C. Morrow

Mary Mueller

Roman Dennis Mueller

Roman H. Mueller

Catherine Murphy, native of County Kerry, Ireland

Eugenie and John, children of R. and C. Murphy

Jas. Murphy, Company G 2nd Missouri L.A.

Maryarel (?) Murphy, daughter of R. and C. Murphy

‘Mother’ Murphy (?)

Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy, native of County Kerry, Ireland

Edward Myres, native of Cashel County Tipperary, Ireland

Margaret, wife of Edward Myres, native of Cashel County Tipperary, Ireland

Agnes A. Nagle

Gerald F. Nagle

Clarence Neck

Clarence L. Neck

Genevieve Neck

Evelyn Oelrich Nelsen

Agnes McAndrews Nelson

Donna M. Nelson

Richard O. Nelson

Anna Neshiem

Francis Newell, native of County Mayo, Ireland

Winifred, wife of Francis Newell (?)

Huynh Thi Nguyen

Dolores M. Nicholson

Margaret A., daughter of M. and M. Nicholson

Mary J., wife of Michael Nicholson, born in County Galway, Ireland

Mary M. Nicholson

Michael Nicholson, native of County Sligo, Ireland

Nora C. Nicholson

Patrick J. Nicholson

Patrick J. Nicholson

Walter J. Nicholson

Joseph D. Nielsen (?)

Mary K. Niemeyer

William Neimeyer

Margaret A. Noonan

Stella R. Noonan

Thomas Noonan

Timothy T. Noonan

Josephine Novotny

Jerry Nuebel

Loretta Nuebel

Anna O’Brien

Catherine, wife of T. O’Brien

Edna M. O’Brien

Edward M. O’Brien

Edward T. O’Brien

Elizabeth A. O’Brien

Lizzie O’Brien

Thomas O’Brien, born on County Limerick, Ireland

Thomas J. O’Brien

Francis Ocain

Mary Ann Ocain

Neil Ocain

Daniel O’Connell

Dennis T. O’Connell

Jeremiah O’Connell

Lizzie, wife of M. O’Connell, native of County Kerry, Ireland

Maurice O’Connell, native of County Clare, Ireland

Maurice Elmer, son of Dan and Eva O’Connell

Patrick O’Connell

Lester H. Oelrich

Warren Joseph Oelrich

Elizabeth Jean O’Halloran

James Valentine O’Halloran

John O’Hare

Thomas O’Hare, Corp Company K 10th Minn. Inf.

Thomas, son of J. and ? O’Hare

Hanna, wife of James O’Herr

Edward R. Oja

Lynn A. Oja

Andrina L. O’Keefe

John R. O’Keefe

John Rolly O’Keefe

Victoria Marie O’Keefe

Edna C. Olsem

John B. Olsem

Hayle Christian Olson

Anna, child of C. and J. O’Neill

Charles O’Neill

Charles H. O’Neill, son of Julia and Charles O’Neill

Ellen C., child of C. and J. O’Neill

James O’Neill, native of County Clare, Ireland

John F. O’Neill

Julia, wife of C. O’Neill

Sarah O’Neill, native of County Clare, Ireland

Catherine, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Ragan

James, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Ragan

Adeline E. O’Regan, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Regan

Catharine O’Regan, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Regan

Catherine O’Regan

Ellen O’Regan, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Regan

Erma T. O’Regan

George T., child of Timothy and Hannah O’Regan

Hannah O’Regan, born in County Cork, Ireland

Hannah A. O’Regan, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Regan

James O’Regan, child of Timothy and Hannah O’Regan

John H. O’Regan

Timothy O’Regan, born in County Cork, Ireland

Timothy A. O’Regan

Timothy A. O’Regan

Timothy I. O’Regan (?)

Charles F. Oster

Elizabeth I. Oster

John M. Oswald (?)

Mary E. Oswald

Jennie Catherine, wife of Michael O’Toole

Margaret M. O’Toole (?)

Michael O’Toole, born in Fortchester, Wexford County, Ireland

Annastatia, ? of John Owens, born in County ?, Ireland

Johanna L. Owens

John Owens, native of County Waterford, Ireland

Mary Jane Owens (?)

Edward Oxborough

Edward John Oxborough, Pfc U.S. Army Vietnam

Fern M. Oxborough

Irene E. Patch

Earl F. Peters

Ethel M. Peters

Leo R. Picek

Axel J. Peterson

Selma M. Peterson

Mary T. Pivec

Tony J. Pivec

Jacqueline Kay Pomeroy (?)

Mary Ellen Pomije

Belva Pope

Monie Pope

Elizabeth M. Putrin

? Quinn

Dennis Quinn

‘Father’ Quinn (?)

Kate Quinn

Martin Quinn

Martin Quinn

‘Mother’ Quinn (?)

**William Quinn, died 29 July 1865, age 38 years 11 months**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Wm. Quinn, Company B 2nd Minn. Inf.

Bernard E. Raleigh

Grace C. Raleigh

Timothy Michael Raleigh

Delores Ralph, nee Egan

John A. Ralph

Isidore J. Rebel

Janet M. Rebel

Margaret Reid

R. George Reid

Diane Renner

Lorraine Ann Retterath

Michael Joseph Retterath

Helen Riley

Irene Glynn Riley

Martin Riley

Patrick Riley

Robert M. Riley

Rose Mary K. Riley

Margaret D. Ring

Oswald R. Ring

Walter B. Ristow

Pat’K Roanan (?), Company K 10th Minn. Inf.

Andrew Roberts (?)

Brooke Marie Robinson

Michael John Rogers

Tommy Mark Hilgendorf Rogers

Eleanor E. Rompage

Harry S. Rompage

? Ronan

William C. Ross

Mary V. Rossler

Mary Louise Rutherford

Taylor Nicole Royland

James P. Ryan

Mary Jane Ryan, nee McDermott

Michael F. Ryan

Rosella C. Ryan

Allie Saatzer

Laura Saatzer

Gail Marie Sanders

baby Sarsfield

Minnie M. (Knebel) Sauser

Mabel M. Sawinski

Gregory F. Schmitt

Mae V. Schmokel

Lila J. Schneider

Louis Robert Schneider

Frances M. Miller Schuneman

Ardelton J. Schunk

Marie A. Schunk

Helen Oxborough Schuyler

Mary Scott

Emma R. Shankey

William R. Shankey

Herbert E. Sharpsteen

Margaret M. Sharpsteen

John Shea, son of D. (?) and M. (?) Shea

Elizabeth (?) Sheridan

Ellen Sheridan

Henry (?) Sheridan

Henry F. Sheridan (?)

James Sheridan, born in County Monehan, Ireland

Mary E. Sheridan (?)

Michael Sheridan (?)

Rose A. Sheridan (?)

Bridget Sherin

Samuel James Shields

William James Shields

Donald E. Sieben

Helen I. Sieben

Peter W. Sieben

John F. Singewald

Lucille M. Singewald (?)

Ronald P. Skic

Robert F. Skorupa

Bridget H. Walsh Slater

Ellen, wife of Timothy Slater (?)

Ellen Slater

Ellen C. Slater

**Francis Slater 16 April 1863 - 17 December 1915, son of Timothy and Ellen (Timmins) Slater**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

John A. Slater

John Joseph Slater

John G. Slater

Marie C. Slater

Timothy Slater

William A. Slater

John Smith

Ann Marie Sodomka

Elizabeth Mary Sodomka, nee Lannon

Emma J. Sodomka

James Leo Sodomka

Beverly I. Solberg

Melvin J. Solberg

James L. Spank

James L. Spank

Rose Conlin, wife of James Stanton

William Gene Strogen

Catherine Stupera

John R. Stupero

Rose T. Stupero

James C. Sweiger

Patrick Kirk Szyman

Joseph Thelen

Joseph Thelen

Joseph A. Thelen

Mary Thelen

Mary E. Thelen

Veronica Thelen

Josephine Thomas

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas

John Thornton (?)

Joseph, child of Lawrence and Mary Thornton

Lawrence, child of Lawrence and Mary Thornton

Lawrence Thornton, native of Lou? (?), Ireland

Mary, wife of Lawrence Thornton, native of Tipperary, Ireland

P.H. (?) Thornton

Tole (?) Thornton

Wineford, child of Lawrence and Mary Thornton

Michael C. Tierney

Ellen Timmins

James Timmins

Leonard L. Trapp

Thomas J. Truso

Frank J. Unterman

Margaret B. Unterman

Leo Vanderschaegen

Jacqueline Ann VanDiver

Jon J. VanDiver

Irma E. VanHove

Oscar C. VanHove

Mary Varley

Elizabeth N. Vars

John D. Vars

Gilbert C. Veilleux

Euphrasie Verschaegen

Rita Wagner

Syl Wagner

Paul E. Wallace

??cholas E. Walsh (?)

?atherine P. Walsh

Anne Walsh

Catherine Walsh, born in County Cork, Ireland

Julia McDermott Walsh

Mary, wife of Thomas Walsh, born at Parish of Knock County Mayo, Ireland

Michael Walsh

Nicholas E. Walsh

Patrick John Walsh

Thomas Walsh

William Walsh

Wyatt O. Ward

Anne M. Wegner

Mary S. Wegner

Wm. Welsh, Company E 4th Minn. Inf.

William Wens

Lorraine M. Whitley

Robert V. Whitley

Inga H. Widmer

Robert D. Widmer

A.H. Williams (?) Company C (?) 2nd Minn. Inf.

Ann Williams

Elizabeth, daughter of H.A. and Ann Williams

George T. Williams

H.A. Williams

Helen Williams

Myrtise Williams

Jon Williams (?)

Brenda Sue Winkler

Mrs. Ellen Wise, daughter of James and Mary Kennedy

Dominic A. Wolf

Norbert J. Wolf

days, child of ?angis and Mary Young (?)

child of ? angis and Mary Young (?)

John James (Jack) Young

Penny Marie Young

Thomas Joseph Young

Francis Zeller

Mary Zeller

Mary M. Zeller

Michael F. Zeller

Susan Zeller

Joseph J. Zilka

Lucille E. Zilka

George A. Zoost

M. Evelyn Zoost

Helen Zorek

Not able to get complete surnames for the following

, County Mon?, Ireland - rest missing

?, age ?

?, ? of Thomas ?, native of Kerry Parish of ?. Ireland

the following appeared to be grouped together:




    Mary E.

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