Lebanon Cemetery - Apple Valley, Minnesota

city of Apple Valley, Dakota county, Minnesota: T115N - R20W section 36

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and in good shape. It is located at the corner of Pilot Knob Road and County Road 42 in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  The area that comprises Apple Valley city was originally  Lebanon township.  Apple Valley city was incorporated 1 January 1969. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Lebanon Cemetery, established 5 December 1863. 2 acres. Located Section 36, NW 1/4.

In the book "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he wrote the following: ... 5 December 1863, a meeting of the citizens was held to organize a cemetery association. ... The corporate name of Lebanon Cemetery Association was adopted. Two acres in the north-west quarter of section 36 were purchased .... in 1863. There are now [in 1881] about fifty graves in the enclosure (page 431).

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright (c) 1996 Debbie Boe

Lawrence Abrahamson

Jay Andersen

Andrew Anderson

David Anderson

Eva Anderson

Fay H. Anderson

Lena Anderson

Mary Anderson

Ruth Anderson

Joan Gloria Wason Anger

Richard P. Anger

Lucille 'Bobby' Arneson

Mae R. Bangerter

Walter F. Bangerter

Barbara J. Barnes

Bob L. Barnes

Elise Barnes

Eva B. Barnes

Frank P. Barnes

Nettie E. Barnes

Samuel Barnes

William P. Barnes, Minnesota TEC 4 Co. C 129 Infantry World War 2  BSM 28  

William J. Barrott Jr.

Clara L. Bartelt

Lloyd W. Bartelt, United States Air Force Korea 

William F. Bartelt

John Beekenkamp

Eva S., daughter of M.B. & ? Benson (?)

Albert Berg (?)

Clara Berg (?)

Darlene M. Berg

Evelyn M. Berg

'Father' Berg (?)

Floyd Berg

George E. Berg

Lorraine Berg

'Mother' Berg (?)

Otto K. Berg

Reanis S. Berg

Wesley A. Berg

Ida A. Bergacker

Jacob A. Bergacker

Calvin C. Blackwood

Isabelle Blackwood 5

Cornelius E. Bothof

Edith J. Bothof

Dorothy M. Braun

Jane H. Brower

Henry Brown

James F. Brown

Evelyn R. Bryant

Edgar F. Carpenter

Jorge Campero

Mary J. Carson

Henrietta Chennaux

John Chennaux

Emil H. Chesney

Emma L. Chesney

? Chin

John P. Christiansen, SGT United States Army

Frank R. Chrz

Maizie V. Chrz

Marlys K. Clemens

Clara S. Copenhaver

Raymond W. Copenhaver

Clara A. Cordes, nee Moeller 

Louis H. Cordes

Benjamin William Dahlke

Elisabeth, wife of J.J. Danens

Gladys O. Deeg

Harvey B. Deeg

Leonard C. Deeg

Ellen A. Dick

John R. Duggan

'Father' Elliott (?)

Florence Elliott (?)

'Mother' Elliott (?)4

Ralph Elliott (?)

T. Wilmer Elliott (?)6

Mary A. Ennis 4

Robert Ennis

William Ennis

Henry G. Erler (?)

Mary Erler (?)

Robert G. Erler

Elizabeth, wife of Geo. Farquhar (?)

Albert T. Fay

Emma S. Fay

Augusta P. Fischer (?)

Carl A. Fischer (?)

Charles A. Fischer (?)

Edward A. Fischer (?)

Emil Fleischmann (?)

Johanna Fleischmann (?)

Alice Fletcher

Ernest Fletcher

Billie K. Forgan

T.R. Forgan Jr.

Clark Forgerson

Jane M. Forgerson

**Jane M. Ferguson1841-1913** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Samuel Forgerson

**Samuel Ferguson 1830-1871** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Josephine Frank

Frank G. Freerks

Opal M. Freerks

John E. Fullerton

Monica Kathleen Gee -

Dale J. Geffert

Minnie F. Geffert

Minnie Frieda Geffert, nee Hagemeister 

Theodore F. Geffert

Theodore Fred Geffert

Alice V. Genz

?, child of J. & H.M. Gilman

?, child of J. & H.M. Gilman

Bert (?), child of J. & H.M. Gilman

Georgie, child of J. & H.M. Gilman

Gertie, child of J. & H.M. Gilman

'Father' Gramsey (?)

Frieda Gramsey (?)

Harry C. Gramsey

Lillian E. Gramsey

'Mother' Gramsey (?)

Williard H. Gramsey

Carrie A. Hagemeister

Dorothy Hagemeister

F.W. Hagemeister

Henry Hagemeister

Mrs. Henry Hagemeister

Herman F. Hagemeister (?)

Rev. Herman L. Hagemeister

Lois M. Hagemeister

Louise D. Hagemeister (?)

Simon A. Hagemeister

John Hall

Margaret Keyes, wife of John Hall

Pastor Ray Orion Hansen

Elizabeth M. Hanson

Elizabeth M. Hanson

Arthur A. Harper

Arthur A. Harper

Frances A. Harper

William E. Harper

Ernest Harris

Louise Harris

Louise Hatley

Anthony W. Hein

Adele A. Heiser

Donald N. Hillestad

Shirley Mae Roach Hillestad

Erwin H. Hinrichs

Mary L. Hinrichs

Richard (?) Hinrichs

Carrie Hollman

Augusta Holman

Earl W. Holman

Edna V. Holman

Ella E. Holman

Florence Holman

Herman H. Holman

Louis Holman

Louis Holman

Ella Holmstrom

Harold Holmstrom

Lot R., child of Samuel (?) & Lydia Hullett

Sarah J., child of Samuel (?) & Lydia Hullett

Ron Hultine

Dorothy S. Hunt

John W. Hunt

Anna Ilnicki

Stefan Ilnicki

Darryl D. Isaacs

Alice M. Johnson

Clarissa A. Johnson

Ernest V. Johnson

Helen Johnson

John Johnson

Mary E. Johnson

Rinaldo E. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Esther E. Judd

Louis E. Judd

Lorraine M. Kalkbrenner

Hyman Kerner

Mary Kerner

Brandon M. Kinser

Norma F. Koepp

Alfred J. Kohls (?)

'Father' Kohls (?)

Grace S. Kohls (?)

Ida Kohls (?)

'Mother' Kohls

Wm. Kohls

baby Kreitz

Emil O. Kruger

Frances H. Kruger

Fred Kukosky

Mathilda Wegener, wife of William Kukosky

William Kukosky

Emelia F., child of Wilhelm & Sophia Kurz

Friedrick Kurz

Louisa,  child of Johan & Sophia Kurz

Martha G., child of Johan & Sophia Kurz

Sarah M, child of Wilhelm & Sophia Kurz

Sophia A. Kurz

Wilhelm F. Kurz (?)

William F. Kurz

James A. Lange

Agatha K. Lau

Martin Lau

Martin G. Lau

Clayton R. Lawson Jr.

Louisa, wife of Benedith Leasch

James H. Ledel

Violet V. Ledel

Benjamin Liesch

Lucas James Lindeman

Carrie M., wife of James Lloyd

Ellen C., wife of Jas. Lloyd

Helen E. McClung

Raymond B. McClung

William E. Mann, Kansas CPL 5 Engineers 7 Division World War 1 

Helen B. Martin

Pauline R. Mayhak

George S. Menzhuber

Herman Menzhuber

Mayme L. Menzhuber

Violet M. Menzhuber

Ephriam D. Mersha

James Michael Miller

Adolph F. Moeller

Albertina J. Moeller

Benjamin Moeller

Benny A. Moeller

Bertha E. Moeller

Catheryn Moeller

Dora Moeller, child of Adolph & Louise Moeller

Doretta Moeller

Edward K. Moeller

Emma Moeller, child of Adolph & Louise Moeller

'Father' Moeller (?)

Fred A. Moeller

Friedrch W. Moeller

Mabel Moeller

'Mother' Moeller (?)

Simon A. Moeller

Simon Moeller Co. A 29th Wisconsin Infantry

Wilhelmina Moeller

William O. Moeller

Karen L. Monson

Kenneth A. Monson

Lois E. Monson

A.F. Morrison

Amelia Morrison, daughter of Mary Tower Morrison 

Marion Morrison, daughter of Mary Tower Morrison 

Daryl L. Mortenson

Elvera E. Moser

Linda L. Moser

Marvin M. Moser

Peter T. Moser Jr.

William J. Moser

Rohanie Irene Motilall

Carolyn Mueller

Matthew R. Neff

Jessica Joy Elizabeth Nolden

Hazel Novier

Chris E. Olsen

Rebecca Ueland Pacey

Donald D. Peterson

Mary E. Pettit

Richard E. Pettit

Caroline Polenske

Gustav Polenske

William Polenske

Gerald Gene Puckett

Daniel J. Radford

Phyllis HJ. Radford

Dennis O. Rasmus

Albert Ratzlaff

Bertha E. Ratzlaff

Christie Ratzlaff

'Father' Ratzlaff (?)

Herbert A. Ratzlaff

infant babies, Frank Ratzlaff

Martha Ratzlaff

'Mother' Ratzlaff (?)

Otto Ratzlaff (?)

Richard Ratzlaff (?)

Sophie Ratzlaff (?)

Gertrude Gramsey Rausch 8

Joseph W. Reed

Kate Reed - Goldsmith

Mary Reed

Erma E., wife of J.M. Ritchardson

Roger Dean Roen, SP4 United States Army Vietnam 

Eddie, child of I. & J. Sanger

Georgie, child of I. & J. Sanger

Cora Schmidt

Alfred Schultze

Agnes Julia Scott

'Father' Scott (?)

Frank J. Scott

Grace A. Scott

James Scott, PVT. 2 Minnesota Cav.

Kassandra Lynn Scott

Martha A. Scott

'Mother' Scott (?)

Nettie V. Scott

Reo F. Scott

Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott

William David Scott

William J. Scott 6

Paul N. Severson

Abbie F., daughter of S.S. & Olive K. Sevey 

Olive K., wife of Stillman S. Sevey 

infant ?? P.L. & C.E. Share

Robert, son of P.L. & C.E. Share

Clyde L. Shipton

Grace Shipton

John W. Shipton

Verna Hopkins Shipton

Antonina Simchuk

Policarpo Simchuk

Thomas Smuskewicz

Jennie I. Stauffer

Milton A. Stauffer

Beda C. Stephens

Edward F. Stephens

Milo W. Stephens

Ruth J. Stephens

Wilbur A. Stephens 

Friedrich Steinkamp

W. Stoddard

Annabelle Stolberg

August Strese (?)

Donald S. Strese

Earl H. Strese

Edward S. Strese

Esther P. Strese

'Father' Strese (?)

Freda H. Strese

George Strese (?)

Henry W. Strese

Herman K. Strese

Irvin H. Strese

Isabelle F. Strese

Julius J. Strese

Louise A. Strese

Mamie M. Strese

Martha Strese (?)

'Mother' Strese (?)

Victor A. Strese 9

Joel W. Stuhr

Robert Suneson

Dorothy Swank

Franklin F. Swank

Karen L. Swank, infant daughter of Frank & Dorothy

George Tazelaar, TEC 4 United States Army World War 2

Dorothy A. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson

Richard J. Thompson

Shane Jay Thompson

Henry Tintelnot

Mary Tower

Jerome T. Trevis

John 'Jack' Trevis, husband of Sue

Mildred C. Triebold

Henry Trummer

Thomas J. Tyvand

Cecelia Ueland

Titus Ueland

Fred M. Uitdenbogerd

Gerard A. Uitdenbogerd

Marie V. Uitdenbogerd

Pieternella Uitdenbogerd

Fred M. VanDorin

Violet J. VanDorin

Charles S. Verrill

Eddy E., son of G.S. & L.B. Verrill

George Visnovec (?)

John G. Visnovec

Rose Visnovec (?)

Ernest Wagner

George E. Ward

Helen L. Ward

Elizabeth D., wife of John S. Watson

John (?) Watson

Robbin L. Weber

Edward W. Wenzel, Minnesota PFC 17 Infantry 7 Infantry Division  Korea PH

PFC Edward W. Wenzel

Ella Wenzel

Paul K. Wenzel

Kermit L. Werner

Carol Ann Wesley

Ruth Ann Westbrock - Dozier

Donald G. Westergaard

J. Albin Weston

Arvilla S. Whited

John Wilson

Richard Lee Wingenbach

Caroline Wolback

Bernice D. Wright

Albertina Zellmer

Arthur G. Zellmer

Fred Zellmer

George W. Zellmer

Norman H. Zurfluh, Wisconsin SN. United States N. R. World War 2 

The following stones were not complete enough to get a surname.

?? son (?)

- cracked stone - hard to read

just Charlie - by W. Stoddard

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