St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery

city of Rosemount, Rosemount township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T115N - R19W, section 29

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This large cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. This cemetery is not square, but rather oblong in the older part and more square in the newer part. The cemetery is located just north of downtown Rosemount, along South Robert Trail. It appears that many of the old burial monuments have been replaced. There are numerous large family burial monuments in the older part of this cemetery. 

This congregation and the burials from the congregation in Lakeville township, section 1 (Highland Cemetery) belong the same group. This congregation may also be related to the All Saint's Catholic Church congregation in Lakeville, Minnesota.

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery. Land donated in 1886. Further additions made later. 5.69 acres. Located NE 1/4 of Section 29. Highway 3, south of 140th Street.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Anna M. Adams

John Adams

Madeline M. Adams

Peter Adams

Frank J. Ahern

Ellen E. Allen

Lawrence Allen

Lewis J. Allen

Marie A. Anderson

Phillip J. Anderson

Helen E. Andrews

William J. Andrews

Florence M. Backus

Mathias H. Backus

Timothy J. Bade Jr.

Doris M. Baker

John R. Balkowitsch

Marie Fischer Balkowitsch

Mary Agnes Balkowitsch

Mary Agnes Balkowitsch

Mary A. Bamberry

Richard J. Bamberry

Frank H. Barger

Leo J. Barger

Madeline A. Barger

Connie Baumgartner

Lambert G. Baumgartner

Agnes M. Bearns

Joseph A. Bergacker

George V. Bernier

Louis O. Bernier

Marie E. Bernier

Mary H. Bernier

Albert J. Berres

Cecelia A. Berres

Charles S. Berres

Elizabeth M. Bittner

Fritz Bittner

John Blondo

Mary C. Blondo

Edith C. Boeltl

Leo M. Boeltl

'Father' Bohnen

Barbara Jo 'Baje' Boquist

Catherine M. Boyle

Cyril J. Boyle

John Joseph Boyle

Alice M. Brand

Anton John Brand

Marie M. Brand

Claire Renee Brandel

Cecelia Ahern Brannan

Robert F. Breyer

Ethel Brice

Mary Brice

'Mother' Brice (?)

Thomas Brice

Thomas L. Brice

William Bernard Brown

Lyle C. Brunett

Mark A. Bunnell

Joseph D. Burdash

Mary W. Burdash

Mary Walsh, wife of Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke, native of county Sligo, Ireland

Anna M. Buske

John J. Buske

Paul B. Buske

Mary Butler (?)

Richard H. Butler (?)

Mildred Julia Byers

John Cable

Mary Cable

Archie J. Cadzow

William Cadzow

Wm. Cadzow

Grace N. Cahill

Jane Cahill (?)

John Cahill (?)

Myrtle J. Cahill

Patrick Cahill

William J. Cahill

Ellen, wife of James Cain

James Cain, native of county Kildare, Ireland

Catherine S. Callahan

George Callahan

Joseph Callahan

Susan Hynes Callahan

Monica Cameron

Anne E. Carey

James Carey (?)

Rev. Lawrence Carey

Rev. Michael Carey

William Carey (?)

Wm. M. Carey

Wm. M. Carey Jr.

Andrew Carroll (?)

Andrew B., beloved son of Daniel & Barbara Carrol 

Barbara Carroll

Elizabeth J. Carroll

Emelda Carroll

Emmet C. Carroll

Emmet M. Carroll

'Father' Carroll (?)

James A. Carroll (?)

Jane E. Carroll

Joseph Carroll (?)

Mary M. Carroll (?)

Mary Mildred Carroll

Mary S. Carroll

'Mother' Carroll (?)

Patrick J. Carroll

William D. Carroll

William L. Carroll

William P. Carroll

Anna Casey (?)

Gerald H. Casey

James Casey (?)

James Casey

Patrick Casey (?)

Roger Casey

John M. Cavanaugh

Henry Chapdelaine

Loraine Chapdelaine

Margaret E. Chapdelaine

Reine J. Chapdelaine

Shirley Ann Chapdelaine

Jos. Cich Jr.

Elizabeth G. Clark

Ellen Clark

James Clark

Bradley J. Clemons

Dorothy M., wife of John J. Coffey (?)

'Father' Coffey (?)

Helen G. Coffey (?)

John J. Coffey (?)

Katherine F. Coffey (?)

'Mother' Coffey (?)

Sarah Coffey (?)

Forest W. Cole

Lucille V. Cole

Anna J. Colgan

John Joseph Colgan

Marcella M. Moore, wife of Michael P. Colgan, native of King's county Ireland

Mary Elizabeth Colgan

Michael P. Colgan, native of Kings county Ireland

William J. Colgan

Mary T. Colliton

'Father' Connelly (?)

'Mother' Connelly (?)

Elizabeth Connolly

Aubrey J. Conrad

John Conway

John F. Conway

Margaret Conway

Patrick Conway

Agnes M. Corcoran

Catherine A. Corcoran

Ellen M. Corcoran

John Corcoran

John H. Corcoran

Joseph E. Corcoran

Michael J. Corcoran

Patrick Corcoran

William Corcoran

Bridget Corrigan

Catherine Corrigan

Ellen Corrigan

Erma M. Corrigan

Gene Corrigan

Hugh B. Corrigan

James J. Corrigan

John P. Corrigan

Joseph A. Corrigan

Leona S. Corrigan

Margaret A. Corrigan

Marie A. Corrigan

Mary Corrigan (DHM ?)

baby Paul Corrigan

Raymond F. Corrigan

Thomas J. Corrigan

Thomas L. Corrigan

Thos. L. Corrigan

Albert C. Cronquist

Helen N. Cronquist

Donald J. Crow

Horace Cecil Crow

Ruth V. Crow

Elizabeth M. Cummings (?)

Mary Cummings (?)

Thomas J. Cummings (?)

Anna J. Cunniff

'Father' Cunniff (?)

Florence M. Cunniff

Frank M. Cunniff

Hildegard D. Cunniff

James L. Cunniff

Johney Cunniff (?)

Joseph P. Cunniff

Michael Cunniff

'Mother' Cunniff (?)

Rose M. Cunniff

William L. Cunniff

Arthur John Daly

Catherine Daly (?)

'Father' Daly (?)

Hubert Daly

James Daly

John Daly (?)

John Daly Sr.

John J. Daly

John Wm. Daly

Katherine Daly

Marie P. Daly

Margaret Daly (?)

Mary Daly

Michael Daly (?)

Patrick E. Daly

Philip L. Daly (?)

Stella M. Daly

Veronica Daly (?)

Walter E. Daly

June A. Damiani

Louis J. Damiani

Cecelia M. Davis

Harvey A. Davis

Joseph H. Davis, born at Rosemount

Josephine I. Davis, born in Ireland

Thomas Davis

Walter Davis

Edward P. DeLaHunt

Mary J. DeLaHunt

two babies Delaney (?)

Daniel Delaney (?)

Daniel S. Delaney

Ellen Delaney

'Father' Delaney (?)

Joan M. Delaney

John Delaney

'Mother' Delaney (?)

Stephen J. Delaney

Theresa M. Delaney

Bernardine DesLaurier

Joseph A. DesLaurier

Susan Jo DesLaurier

Albert DesLauriers

Stella Deslauriers

Emma V. Derham

Hugh Derham, born Kilkeelan West Meath Ireland 

Mary, wife of Hugh Derham, born in Liscarroll county Cork Ireland 

Andrew T. Devitt

Bridget Devitt

Cathryn H. Devitt

Ellen Devitt (?)

Gertrude Geniveve Devitt

Joseph Devitt

Julia, daughter of Thomas & Ellen Devitt 

Kathryn H. Devitt

Patrick Henry Devitt

Mary Devitt

Mary A., wife of Andrew Devitt

Thomas Devitt (?)

Thomas Devitt

Anna Diffley

Corinne 'Belair' (?) Diffley

James Diffley

Julia Diffley

Julia Diffley (?)

Katherine F. Diffley (?)

Mary C. Diffley

Thomas Diffley

Thomas 'Tom the Barber' Diffley

Thomas F. Diffley

John M. Diminskey

Cathern Dixon

Edward Dixon

'Father' Dixon (?)

John W. Dixon

'Mother' Dixon (?)

Patrick Dixon

Sadie L. Dixon

Claude J. Dobmeier

Helen C. Dobmeier

Lee Dooley

Jeanne, nee McMenomy, Dooley

Amelia S. Dorvall

Harry John Dougherty

Marjorie Ann Dougherty

Mary Dougherty

Mary Genevieve Dougherty

Marguerite M. Dove

Robert C. Dove

Delia M. Dowd

Edward Dowd

Bridget Dowds

John J. Dowds (?)

Thomas Dowds

Thomas Dowds (?)

John W. Downey

Joseph Downey

Margaret Downey

Mary E. Downey

Susan Downey

Thomas Downey

William T. Downey

Alice Doyle

Ann Doyle

Edward P. Doyle

Edwin Doyle

Evelyn M. Doyle

Francis E. Doyle

James Doyle

James T. Doyle

Mrs. James Doyle

John W. Doyle

Joseph F. Doyle

Marge M. Doyle

Mary M. Doyle

Mary M. Doyle

Patrick Doyle

Mrs. Patrick Doyle

Virginia Doyle

John Howard Drury

Donald R. Duea

Monica R. Duea

James E. Duffy

Mary Duffy

Harvey D. Dunbar

Olive L. Dunbar

Delia Agnes Cain, wife of F.J. Dunn

Edward Dunn

Frank J. Dunn

John Dunn

Mary Kane Laid Dunn

Peter Dyer

Edith M. Emerson

Edwin B. Emerson

Mary Enright

Edward R. Erler

Herman V. Erler

Marie Erler

Marion J. (Sandell) Erler

Mary Therese Erler (?)

Henry L. Evans

James M. Evans

Lawrence C. Evans

Mary G. Evans

Ruby L. Evans

Theresa A. Fuller Eyrich

Jeanne M. Fahey

Evelyn Fallon

Anthony T. Farrell

Emma Farrell

John W. Farrell

Joseph B. Farrell

Mary A. Farrell

Mary B. Farrell

Michael Farrell

infant son of the John Farrells

Bridget Feely

John Feely

Mary Feilen

Matthew Feilen

Thomas Feilen

Arthur Fischer

Bill Fischer

Helen J. Fischer

Joseph F. Fischer

Luella Fischer

baby Marie Fischer

Mary Fischer

Mathias Fischer

Susan E. Fischer

William L. Fischer

Harry G. Fleming

David Paul Flach

Estella Marie Flores

Lita C. Flores

Miguel A. Flores

Leo J. Fluegel

Marie (Pink) Fluegel

Lorraine B. Fox

Mary Fran Fox

Mary Lee Fox

Maureen Clara Fox

Nick J. Fox

Richard A. Fox

George Fredrickson

George P. Fredrickson

Joseph W. Fredrickson

Margaret Fredrickson

Marie B. Fredrickson

Margaret M. Friesen

Bernard A. Fuchs

Irene C. Fuchs

Rev. James F. Furey (?)

Bridget M., wife of Francis Garry

Patrick J., son of F. & B.M. Garry

Edward Garvey

Marjorie Bohan Garvey

Richard A. Garvey

Thomas M. Garvey

Catherine Gaynor

Nellie, daughter of P. & C. Gaynor

John C. Geiger (?)

Joseph Gieger (?)

Prudence A. Geiger

baby Geraghty

Elizabeth M. Geraghty (?)

Helen M. Geraghty (?)

Helen M. Geraghty (?)

Hubert J. Geraghty (?)

James F. Geraghty (?)

John C. Geraghty

Joseph A. Geraghty

Julia C. Geraghty (?)

Louis Geronime

Mary L. Geronime

Anna Gibbons (?)

Catherine Moran, wife of Wm. J. Gibbons

'Father' Gibbons (?)

Florence Gibbons (?)

John Gibbons (?)

Loretta M. Gibbons (?)

Margaret Gibbons (?)

'Mother' Gibbons (?)

Walter F. Gibbons (?)

William Gibbons (?)

Wm. Gibbons

Delmar D. Gibson

Dennis P. Gibson

Dorothy W. Gibson

Francis J. Gibson

Grace Gibson

John Delmar Gibson

Josephine A. Gibson

Magdalene Gibson

Mary Ellen Hayes Glewwe

Ellen S. Goettle

Lillian Goettle

Peter L. Goettle

Donna J. Goggin

James Goldin

Mary Goldin

F.A. Gollon Sr. (& Margaret ?)

Joseph R. Goulet

Bridget Greene

Cathrine Hagney

Elizabeth, wife of John Hagney

Ellen Hagney

James Hagney

John Hagney

John Hagney Jr.

Madeline Hagney

Mary, wife of Matthew Hagney, born in Tynagh county Galway Ireland

Mathew Hagney

Matthew Hagney, born in Ballyglass county Galway Ireland

Patrick Hagney

George Hale

Loren E. Hale

Mary Hale

Rose M. Hale

Agnes Mae Hand

James T. Hand

Joyce Ann Handorff

Arthur Hanlon

Elizabeth Hanlon

Loretta Hanlon

Peter Hanlon

Anna E. Harkins

Catherine M. Harkins

Elizabeth J. Harkins

Gertrude Harkins

John Harkins

Michael Harkins

Michael P., son of Michael & Eliza Harkins

Thomas Harkins

Mary Haverty

Marcella Hawkins

Walter Hawkins

Joseph M. Hayek

Theresa Hayek

Francis J. Hayes

Genevieve M. Hayes

Hannora Hayes

John Hayes (?)

John Leo Hayes (?)

Joseph J. Hayes

Katherine Eva Hayes (?)

Laura E. Hayes

Mary L. Hayes

Patrick R. Hayes

Richard Hayes

Richard J. Hayes

Sarah Elizabeth Hayes (?)

Ben J. Heinen

Marie E. Heinen

Peter Heinen

Peter E. Heinen

Veronica Heinen

Patricia B. Heuer

Philip F. Heuer

Ann Cecelia Higgins

Marie Cordellia Higgins

Mary L. 'Blanche' Hickey

William C. Hickey

Carl P. Hoffman

Lucille M. Hoffman

Irene C. Hogan (?)

John Hogan (?)

Joseph P. Hogan (?)

M.D. Hogan

Mary Hogan

Mary A. Hogan (?)

William F. Hogan

Minnie L. Holmes

Thomas R. Hoogervorst

Lillian V. Hull

Manning J. Hull

Rev. Arthur Hurley, native of county Cork, Ireland

Anna C. Hyland

Anna G. Hyland (?)

Bridget Hyland

Edward Hyland

Edward C. Hyland

'Father' Hyland (?)

'Father' Hyland (?)

**Patrick Hyland 1835 - 1928** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

James Hyland

James M. Hyland, born in county Mayo, Ireland

James V. Hyland (?)

Julia Hyland, born in county Tipperary, Ireland

John E. Hyland (?)

John H. Hyland

Margaret Hyland

Marie T. Hyland

Mary Hyland (?)

Mary McCarthy Hyland

'Mother' Hyland (?)

Patrick Hyland

William L. Hyland

Wm. F. Hyland

Ann A. Hynes

Anne T. Hynes

Bridget Hynes

Edward P. Hynes

'Father' Hynes

Frank V. Hynes

Helen E. Hynes

James Hynes

James T. Hynes

John Hynes

John A. Hynes

John J. Hynes

Joseph F. Hynes

Joseph J. Hynes

Julia A. Hynes

Mary Ellen Hynes

Michael Hynes (?)

Michael Hynes, native of county Galway, Ireland

Michael J. Hynes

'Mother' Hynes (?)

Patrick Hynes, born in Headford county Galway, Ireland

Patrick Hynes

Patrick J. Hynes

Rose Hynes (?)

Sara Hynes

Jean Ingebrigtsen

Anna Jagoe

Ellen Jagoe

Henry Jagoe

Mary Jagoe

Christopher L. Johnson

Helen C. Johnson

Loretta M. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

William M. Johnson

Alice B. Johnston, wife of Joseph F.

Anastasia M. Johnston

Anastasia Johnston

Ellen Johnston

James C. Johnston

Joseph F. Johnston, husband of Alice B.

John H. Johnston

Michael Judge

Lawrence Johnston

Martha, daughter of Michael & Mary Johnston

Mary, wife of Michael Johnston, native of county Mayo, Ireland

Michael Johnston, native of county Mayo, Ireland

Annie Kane

Emma B. Kane

Frances Fischer Kane

Francis R. Kane

Frank Kane

George E. Kane

Helen M. Kane

Hubert A. Kane

Joseph F. Kane

Lawrence T. Kane

Margaret Kane

Martin C. Kane

Leo Keane

Mary Keane

Bertha Kearns

Ellen Kearns

Mary E. Kearns

Philip Kearns

Philip D. Kearns

Thomas C. Kearns

William Kearns

Catherine Keegan

Catherine E. Keegan

Daniel Keegan, native of county West Meath, Ireland

Frances M. Keller

Kelly Ann Keller

Lawrence A. Keller

Edward L. Kelly

Ellen Kelly

Florence M. Kelly

Frank A. Kelly (?)

Harry V. Kelly (?)

John F. Kelly

Joseph Kelly

Joseph J. Kelly

Julia M. Kelly

Katie, wife of J.J. Kelly

Dr. Leo J. Kelly

Margaret C. Kelly

Mary A. Kelly (?)

Mary E. Kelly

Mary H. Kelly

Mary L. Kelly (?)

Michael E. Kelly

Michael J. Kelly

Michael R. Kelly

'Mother' Kelly (?)

Patrick Kelly (?)

Rose E. Kelly

Wiliam Kelly

William Kelly

William Kelly

Mary Killelea

Mary Killelea, born in Lough George county Galway, Ireland

Sean M. Kirkpatrick

Alan G. Koehnen

George J. Koehnen

Lillian M. Koehnen

Abertus A. Koester

Genevieve M. Koester

Charles G. Kohls

Lorene M. Kohls

Mary C. Kohls

Elizabeth Kramer

Joseph Kramer

Rose Doyle Krauser

baby Kreitz

Emma Kreitz

'Father' Kreitz (?)

Frank Kreitz

John Kreitz

Joseph H. Kreitz

Magdalene Kreitz

Margaret Kreitz

Margaret Kreitz

Michael Kreitz

'Mother' Kreitz (?)

Sadie Kreitz (?)

Sonny Kreitz (?)

twin son Kreitz

baby Laid (?)

Ellen laid

Ellen, wife of Patrick Laid

Johanna Laid

Patrick Laid

Patrick Laid

William Laid

Kathryn Laschinger

Frank Leado

Kate Ledo

Andrew J. Loftus

Ellen Loftus

John L. Loftus

John M. Loftus

Julia A. Loftus

Mary Loftus

Mary E. Loftus

Patrick H. Loftus

Sadie Loftus

Thomas E. Loftus

Maureen F. Lopatka

Alfred M. Lucking

Pearl E. Lucking

Joseph Lynch

Winifred Lynch

Cecil Thomas McBride

Florence Margaret McBride

John Keith McBride

Shirley Patricia McBride

Elizabeth Daly McCann

Katherine McCann

Margaret M. McCann

Thomas Lloyd McCann

Agnes C. McCarthy

Annie McCarthy

Catherine McCarthy

Catherine McCarthy

Charles J. McCarthy

Charley McCarthy

Edmund L. McCarthy

Edward C. McCarthy, Co. I 7 Vt. Inf.

Elizabeth J. McCarthy

Frank H. McCarthy

Hubert McCarthy

J. McCarthy

James W. McCarthy

John F. McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy

Louis J. McCarthy

Margaret A. McCarthy

Marie Hyland McCarthy

Mary McCarthy

Mary A. McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick H. McCarthy

Rose G. McCarthy

Sarah McCarthy

Thomas J. McCarthy (?)

William McCarthy

John F. McDermott, Minnesota Wagoner 4 Antiaircraft M.C. Batt'n 

B. Leo McDonald

Josephine M. McDonald

Andrew J. 'Mickey' McDonough

Ann M. McDonough, born in county Galway 

baby McDonough (?)

Elizabeth A. McDonough (?)

Eugene R. McDonough (?)

Evelyn McDonough

'Father' McDonough (?)

George McDonough

George L. McDonough

Joseph McDonough

L. Leo McDonough

Margaret K. McDonough

Martin McDonough (?)

Mary McDonough

Mary McDonough (?)

Pear McDonough

Sara A. McDonough, nee O'Leary

T. Agnes McDonough

Therese L. McDonough

Elizabeth A. McGinn

James F. McGinn

Joseph W. McGinn

Margaret E. McGinn

Margaret McGovern

Mary McGovern

Annie McHugh (?)

Patrick M. McHugh (?)

Garrett Joseph Daly McIntee

Anthony McKenna (?)

Bridget, wife of A. McKenna

Jane McKenna (?)

Mary McKenna (?)

Margaret McKenney

Agnes S. McLafferty

Edward McLafferty

Edward McLafferty

Flora K. McLafferty

John J. McLafferty

Josephine McLafferty

Mary E. McLafferty

Peter E. McLafferty

Mary E. McLaughlin

Arthur T. McMenomy

Charles J. McMenony

Charles R. McMenomy

Edward McMenomy

Edward B. McMenomy

Elizabeth McMenomy

Ethel McMenomy

Eugene J. McMenomy

Helen McMenomy

Irene McMenomy

Mary C. McMenomy

William L. McMenomy

Jack T. McNamara

Edward McNearney

Alice Bohan McSherry

Edward J. McSherry

John B. McSherry

Margaret McSherry

Mary McSherry

Thomas M. McSherry

Catherin Mahoney

Ellen Mahoney

John Mahoney

Julia Mahoney

Martin Mahoney

Mary A. Mahoney

Mary M., wife of Patrick Mahoney

Patrick Mahoney

Virginia L. Mahoney

William J. Mahoney

Bridget Mullery Mangan

Mary W. Mangan

Patrick J. Mangan

Thomas J. Mangan

Allan Anthony Markum

M.J. Martin

William E. Martin

James George Mattson

Audrey J. Matuska

Craig A. Matuska

Catherine J. Meier

Edward M. Meier

Elisabeth Menther (?)

Ann A. Mertens

Raleigh M. Mertens

Anna K. Methner

Julius C.A. Methner

Clara Meulners

Anthony Mikulewicz

Mark A. Mikulewicz

Gertrude M. Miller

Edwin F. Moeller

Elizabeth L. Moeller

Andrew Molitor, born in Michonuch (?) Gross__ (?)  Luxemburg

Henry J. Mongan

John H. Mongan

Julia Mongan

Katherine Mongan

M. Nell Mongan

Matilda Mongan

Agnes A. Moran

Austin D. Moran

Catherine Moran

Catherine H. Moran

Ellen Kelly, wife of John L. Moran

Ellen Sarah Moran

Henry P. Moran

John L. Moran, husband of Ellen Kelly

Michael Joseph Moran

Patrick Moran

William F. Moran

William J. Moran

Margie M. Moravec

Winfred Moravec

Edward J. Morearity

Mary Morearity

Mary E. Morearity

William P. Morearity

Billy Mueller

George R. Mueller

Louise E. Mueller

John Mullen

Michael Mullen

Neal Mullen

Patrick Mullen

Delbert D. Mullin

Mary Ann Mullin

Michelle Kay Mullin

Elizabeth Mullery

Francis J. Mullery

John E. Mullery

Julia Mullery

Margaret Mullery

Michael Mullery

Patrick Mullery, born in Eyrecourt county Galway, Ireland 

Winnifred Mullery, born in Tynagh, Ireland 

Catherine Murnane (?)

Frank M. Murnane (?)

James Murnane, born in ?? Ireland

John J. Murnane

Margaret Murnane (?)

Margaret, wife of Jas. Murnane

Mary Murnane (?)

Michael Murnane (?)

Jean E. Murphy

Edward Murray

baby Eileen Murray

James E. Murray

Margaret Murray

Mary A. Murray

B. Everett Nelson

Catherine A. O'Brien (?)

James C. O'Brien (?)

Eva Mae O'Connor

Mamie O'Connor

Thomas O'Connor

James O'Gorman

Margaret O'Gorman

Mary O. O'Gorman

Bernard O'Hara

John O'Hara

'Mother' O'Hara (?)

Thomas O'Hara

Cecelia O'Leary

Dennis P. O'Leary

Donald O'Leary

Mary A. O'Leary

Mary Jean O'Leary

Mary Leona O'Leary (?)

Evelyn C. Olson

John O'Malley

Sade O'Malley

Marie M. O'Neil

Elizabeth O'Rourke

'Father' O'Rourke (?)

Felix J. O'Rourke

Francis H. O'Rourke

John B. O'Rourke (?)

Leo Francis O'Rourke

Mary O'Rourke

'Mother' O'Rourke (?)

Rose M. O'Rourke

Thomas O'Rourke

James F. Oster

James R. Oster

Margaret Oster

Cordelia T. Ostertag

John Ostertag

Leo G. Ostertag

Cornelius O'Sullivan, native of county Cork, Ireland

Inez Helen Oxborough

Marvin H. Paulsen

Monica M. Paulsen

Amanda Perron

Elmer J. Perron

Wilmer M. Perron

baby (?) Peters (?)

baby daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Peters

Eugene W. Peters

Frank Peters

Joseph Peters

Margaret A. Peters

Margaret C. Peters

Mary L. Peters

baby Mary Lois Peters (?)

Anna M. Petter

Emil G. Petter

John Pivec

John M. Pivec Jr.

Ludmilla Pivec

Frank G. Prokop

Magdalena M. Prokop

Rita Gibson Puett

Ann C. Quigley

Catherine Quigley

Catherine Quigley (?)

Catherine Quigley

Dave Quigley (?)

'Father' Quigley (?)

John Quigley

John T. Quigley

Joseph N. Quigley

Mabel E. Quigley

Margaret Quigley

'Mother' Quigley (?)

Patrick J. Quigley (?)

Margaret Raab

Eldon Raasch

John W. Redican

Thomas J. Redican

Catherine Radigan (?)

Jerry Reilly

Margaret Reilly

Marie Reilly

Mary, wife of Jeremiah Reilly

Veronica M. Reilly

William Reilly

Arthur D. Reynolds

E. Loretta Reynolds

Hattie H. Reynolds

John S. Reynolds

Audree M. Riggs

Annie Rose Roach

Michael Roberts

Frank P. Rositzke

Marie C. Kreitz Rositzke

Catherine Rowe

Elizabeth Rowe

James E. Rowe (?)

Joseph W. Rowe

Maria Rowe (?)

Thomas J. Rowe

Darren Edwin Roy

baby Ferdinand H. Ruhr

Agnes T. Ryan

Anna Molitor Ryan

Catherine A. Ryan

Catherine S. Ryan

Elenore A. Ryan

Elmer J. Ryan

Emma Veronica Ryan

'Father' Ryan (?)

Gertrude M. Ryan

Rev. H. Derham Ryan

James A. Ryan

James E. Ryan

John Ryan (?)

John Henry Ryan

John O. Ryan

Marjorie Fuller Ryan

Mary Genevieve Ryan

Mary A. Derham Ryan

Michael Ryan

Michael F. Ryan, husband of Rose Ryan

Michael James Ryan

'Mother' Ryan (?)

Patrick J. Ryan

Rose A. Ryan, wife of Michael F. Ryan

Ruth Ryan (?)

Steve Ryan (?)

Thomas J. Ryan (?)

Patrick Sarchfield

John Scherlowski

John Scherlowski

Pauline Scherlowski

Joseph Charles Schiltgen

Clara A. Schmid

Hedwig Schmid

Elizabeth Schuller

John G. Schuller

Agnes Schultz

Elizabeth Schultz

Paul F. Schultz

Emma M. Scott

Thomas H. Scott

Patrick Sexton

Catherine, wife of M. Shields, child of J. & B. Tierney 

Catherine Shields

Kathrine Shumway

Harriet M. Smith

Margaret V. Smith

Mary Lou Heinen Smith

Neil A. Smith

Phillip Smith

Anna B. Sowieja

John J. Sowieja

Susan E. (Herriges) Splinter

Adeline M. Stelter

Agnes Stelter

Arthur John Stelter

Frank J. Stelter

Isabelle Stelter

John Stelter

Joseph J. Stelter

Laura M. Stelter

Marie A. Stelter

Mathilda Stelter

Peter Stelter

Marie K. Storkamp

Norbert G. Storkamp

Elizabeth Stupero

John Stupero

Daniel Sullivan, native of county Cork, Ireland

Dennis J. Sullivan

Eliza J. Moran, wife of John J. Sweeney

Frances C. Sweeney

Frank Thomas Sweeney

John J. Sweeney

Robert J. Sweeney

John Tabaka

Margaret Tabaka

Margaret Oberst, wife of John Tabaka

Marie Buske Taggart

Delores E. Tentinger

Catherine Tersteeg

Cecelia Fluegel Tersteeg

Edward A. Tersteeg

George Tersteeg

Hildegard Tersteeg

Evelyn Thelen

Norbert Thelen

James W. Thomes

Leona M. Thomes

Arnold A. Thommes

Vincent L. Thull

Genevieve M. Thune

Victor F. Thune

Annie, child of J. & B. Tierney

Beatrice Tierney

Bridget, wife of J. Tierney

J. Tierney

John E. Tierney

Thomas, son of J. & B. Tierney

Charles Tilden

Pauline Tilden

Janet M. Tix

Betty A. Tousignant

Edwin J. Tousignant

Gary E. Tousignant

Leo A. Tousignant

Lorraine A. Tousignant

Edward Tracy

Mary O'Rourke Tracy

Louise E. Trevis

Walter C. Trevis

Floyd J. Turbes

Virginia M. Turbes

Arthur Tutewohl

Henry Tutewohl

Ida M. Tutewohl

Karl Tutewohl

Margaret Tutewohl

Maria Josephine Tutewohl

Maria J. Tutewohl

Mary Tutewohl

Andrew M. Undis

Helen T. Undis

Kathleen Mary Varanelli

Helen Warweg Varville

Gail M. Vinje

Joan Lynn Wageman

Annie, baby of P. & M. Walsh

Anthony J. Walsh

'Father' Walsh (?)

Frank J. Walsh

Frank T. Walsh

John E. Walsh

Louis E. Walsh

Lillian Walsh (?)

Lillian M. Walsh

Margaret Walsh

Margaret Walsh

Martin Walsh

'Mother' Walsh (?)

Patrick J. Walsh

Sadie Walsh

William Walsh

Anna Ward

Archie Ward

baby Ward

Edward L. Warweg

Edward L. Warweg

Louis H. Warweg

Sarah R. Warweg

Elizabeth Wellberg

Fred Wellberg

John A. Wiederhold

Josephine U. Weiderhold

Gunnie A. Weisbrich

Joseph A. Weisbrich

Anna E. Whalen

Catherine Whalen

'Father' Whalen (?)

Mary E. Whalen

Michael Whalen, born Queens county, Ireland

Michael H. Whalen

M.W., son of W.C. & M.C. Wilcox

Rose Hynes Wilson

Julius F. Wolkow

Justin L. Wolkow

Mary Ellen Wolkow

Leonard L. Wood

Maude C. Wood

Joseph Worwa

Stella V. Worwa

Gertrude K. Yost

George Davis Zanmiller

Herman Zaunmiller (?)

Joseph Zaunmiller (?)

Martin Zaunmiller (?)

'Mother' Zaunmiller (?)

The following did not have a surname:

? Native of county Carlow, Ireland,  This was an unusual headstone. It appears as though the stone  mason forgot to put the name on the headstone!

Margaret M.

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