St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery - Rich Valley

Rosemount township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T115N - R19W section 26

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in great shape. This church and cemetery are located about three miles east of the city of Rosemount, along County Road 42 or 145th Street East

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: St. John's Lutheran Burial Grounds, Rich Valley. First burial 11 October 1911. Laid out in June 1912. Dedicated Easter 1913. Constitution adopted April 1915. About 1 acre. Section 26. Blaine Avenue East and 145th Street East.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Dale B. Agre Jr.

Alfred L. Beulke

baby Ella Beulke

Minnie A. Beulke

Randy J. Beulke

Emil L. Boche

Johanna H. Boche

F.W. Braun

M.J. Braun

Anna Bruder

Louis Bruder

Alden Bruggemann

Caroline Bruggeman

Ernest H. Bruggeman

Ernst Bruggeman

Lillian Bruggeman

Esther Brummund

Frieda Brummund

Gustav Brummund

Herbert Brummund

Wilma & William Brummund

Sharon Lee Buberl

Arthur Cliff, Co. A 352 Inf.,died in the service of his country, son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Cliff

Arthur Cliff, Minnesota Pvt. 352 Inf. 88 Div.

Arthur G. Cliff

baby Cliff

baby Cliff

Ernestina Cliff

Frieda E. Cliff

Henry Cliff

Herbert H. Cliff

Louisa I. Cliff

Richard H. Cliff

Robert Cliff

Walter Cliff Jr.

Walter L. Cliff

Bert F. Dittman

Celia Dittman

Melvin Harvey Doehling

Randy H. Doehling

baby girl Eldridge

Lambert A. Englert

Ruth M. Englert

Alma Franzmeier

Alvin W. Franzmeier

Annie L. Franzmeier (?)

baby daughter Franzmeier

Edward G. Franzmeier (?)

Friedrich Wilhelm Franzmeier

George J. Franzmeier (?)

Helen Franzmeier

Henry L. Franzmeier

Ida Franzmeier

Lorna M. Franzmeier

Lydia A. Franzmeier (?)

Margaretha Franzmeier

Norman Franzmeier

Raymond G.F. Franzmeier

Roger W. Franzmeier

Thelma E. Franzmeier

Theodore Franzmeier

Walter Franzmeier

Albert H. Genz

Anna M. Genz

Carl F. Genz

Carl F. Genz

Emma Genz

Gerta I. Genz

Louis H. Genz

Marie A. Grieger

Rudolph W. Grieger

Alice M. Groth

Alvina E. Groth

Augusta Groth (?)

baby girl Groth

Dennis A. Groth

Dennis Arthur Groth

Henry G. Groth

Henry H. Groth

Margaret S. Groth

Richard W. Groth

Graham C. Hamacher

Alfred Heintz

Marie W. Heintz

Hattie Hillger

Walter Hillger

Anton W. Hoeppner

Laura L. Hoeppner

baby Hoffman

Harvey S. Hoffman (?)

Lena M. Hoffman (?)

Vernie G. Hoffman

Anton W. Holte

Ortrude B. Holte

Elsbeth E. Horrisberger

Harold Horrisberger

Henry H. Horrisberger

Winfred C.E. Horrisberger

George A. Johnson

Louise E. Johnson

Timothy O. Johnson

Todd M. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Arthur Kahl

Elsie Kahl

Walter A. Kleveter

Monty Knutson

Clara H. Kraft

Elmer H. Kraft

Gilbert A. Kraft

Harold H. Kraft

Herman Kraft

Ida Kraft

Fred Loeding

James H. Loeding

Stella Loeding

A. Tracy Long

Elsie M. Long

Ida Motz

Sharon D. Oberg

Grietje O'Brien

Douglas A. Ohmann

Edna M. Ohmann

Fred E. Ohmann

Herman Ohmann

Tammy Renee Ohmann

Ervin A. Oldenburg

Leona M. Oldenburg

Nancy Lee Oldenburg

Anthony Rechtzigel

Bertha L. Rechtzigel

Ella Rechtzigel

Leonard Rechtzigel

Leonard Rechtzigel Jr.

Maria Rechtzigel

Robert Rechtzigel

Rosalie Rechtzigel

Wenzel Rechtzigel

William H. Rechtzigel

Adam Schneider

Margarethe Schneider

Eleanora W. Scholz

Hulda Scholz

F.A. Schwanz

Fredrich (?) Schwanz (?)

Frieda C. Schwanz

Julius W. Schwanz

Louise Schwanz (?)

Anna Elizabeth Seifert

Elizabeth Seifert

John Peter Seifert

Agnes E. Simon

Arthur C. Simon

Amelia Steinborn

August Steinborn

baby Stock

Fannie VanNurden

August Virblas

August Virblas

baby David E. Virblas

Florence M. Virblas

Herta Virblas

Herta M. Virblas

Christine Volkert

Eleanor G. Volkert (?)

Elsie L. Volkert

John Volkert

Karl H. Volkert

baby Karl Volkert

Lorraine Volkert

Martin F. Volkert

Ruby A. Volkert

Walter F. Volkert (?)

Anna C. Wachter

Clara Wachter

Fred Wachter

Marie Wachter

Max G. Wachter

Otto C. Wachter

Helen C. Waldow

Richard G. Waldow

Francis Wetterlund

Barbara R. (Wachter)

Irma A. Wiediger

baby Donald Zechmeister

Julia Zechmeister

Math Zechmeister

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