St. Luke’s Cemetery

city of Hastings, Dakota County, Minnesota: T115N - R17W, section 34

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in fair shape. The cemetery is situated in the southeast section of the city of Hastings and adjacent to both Gauardian Angels and St. Boniface Catholic Cemeteries. Most of the marked burials are located in the eastern half of this cemetery. There were a few burials in the western half of this cemetery.

This cemetery contains a small Ash Garden in the western section. The ash garden is fenced on three sides and has burial stones for Patricia Ann Hall and Zelda Y. Boenig.

In the 1910 "History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties, Minnesota", by Editor-In-Chief Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, he wrote: ‘... St. Luke’s Parish Cemetery ... 9 May 1856, Abraham Traux donated five acres of land in the southwest quarter of section 34 to the parish of St. Luke’s for the purpose of a cemetery, to be governed by the church. The first body buried in this cemetery was that of Mrs. Hetherington, in May 1856.’ (page 272)

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: St. Luke’s Episcopal Cemetery. Established 9 May 1856. Originally 5 acres now 3.6 acres. Located SW 1/4 of Section 34. Town of Vermillion Addition. Block 8. Highway 316.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Charles W., son of N.P. and H.P. Albriktson

Edna E. Amy

Frederick G. Amy

Mary E. Amy

William A. Amy

Donald N. Arden

Gratia A. Arden

Florence (Wightman) Baker

James J. Baker

Kenneth B. Baker

Susan S. Baker

Johnnie M., son of J.J. and C. Bander

Anna Catharine, wife of D. Becker

Adelaide J. Benjamin

Bradford H. Benjamin

Marguerite C. Benjamin

Norman H. Benjamin

Norman S. Benjamin

J.W. Bodger (?), Company I 1st Minn. H.A

Mary Elizebeth Bodger

Zelda Y. Boenig, mother of Pat Hall

George Boll, father of the late Caroline Warsop

Sarah, wife of G. Boll

J.W. Bottomley, Company F 7th Minn. Inf

‘Mother’ Bottomley (?)

Samuel A. Bottomley

William Bottomley (?)

John A. Brander (?)

Elizabeth M. Broker

Stephen N. Casey

Eliza T., wife of John R. Clagett

Frances B. Clagett

John R. Clagett

Ann Cockbain

John Cockbain

Ada Nicoll Cook

Robert Cook

Alison B. Crook

Clifford Crook

Helen M., wife of F.M. Crosby

D. (?) J. Cummings

Samuel Cummings, native of Canada

Levis (?) P. Davis (?)

Ellen Dobie

Robert Dobie

Edw’d Dungay, Company F 7th Minn. Inf

Albert M., husband of Gertrude Elliott

Gertrude Elliott, born in Hastings, Minn.

Denis Follett

Elizabeth Follett

George Follett

Ray, son of Chas. and Mary Frank

Willie E., son of Chas. and Mary Frank

Mary S. Frost

? G. Gall

Thomas Gee, native of Queens County, Ireland

Aquila Phillips Giles

Curtis Giles

Rebecca Guest Giles

William Giles

Anna B. Gillitt (?)

Annie L. Gillitt (?)

Arthur E. Gillitt (?)

Clara A. Gillitt (?)

Ella ?. Gillitt (?)

**Ella ? Gillitt = Ella E. Gillitt** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Ernest L. Gillitt (?)

‘Father’ Gillitt (?)

**Father Gillitt = Harvey Gillitt** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Florence M. Gillitt (?)

Florence Ma? Gillitt (?)

Frederick C. Gillitt (?)

George H. Gillitt (?)

Harvey H. Gillitt (?)

‘Mother’ Gillitt (?)

**Mother Gillitt = Georgeanna Rebecca Gillitt** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Raymond Gillitt (?)

William Gillitt (?)

William H. Gillitt (?)

Esther Graham

Elizabeth J. Graves

Patricia Ann Hall

Anna Maria, wife of Benjamin Hare (?)

only Hartin

Annie G. Hawthorne

A.M. Hayes

Emily, daughter of A.M. and L.A. Hayes

Lois A., wife of A.M. Hayes

Mary Hayes

Henry Hetrebiagton (?), Company F 2nd Minn. Cav

John Hoffman, Sioux Indian

Jennie, wife of John Hoffmann, Sioux Indian

Catherine S., daughter of Thos. and C. Howes

Thomas Howes

Thomas C., son of T. and C. Howes

Thomas C., son of Thos. and C. Howes

Thomas Ivatts, son of T. and C. Howes

Amos R. Hunt

Helen J. Hunt

Annie Jane, daughter of G. and E. Isabel

Dora V. Jennings

Peter Jones

‘Father’ Keetley (?)

Frank Keetley (?)

Horace Keetley (?)

Lucy Keetley (?)

‘Mother’ Keetley (?)

Jennifer Marie Kieferle

Annie Clague, daughter of Chas. and Mary King

Charles King

John King

Marian S. King

Mary King

Ruth E. King

Rebeca, wife of T. Kinston

William J., son of ? and E. Kingston (?)

Oleg A. Kostyuk, born in Ukraine

Ben Kreig

Edith Kreig (?)

Evelyn I. Kreig (?)

‘Father’ Kreig (?)

‘Grandmother’ Kreig

Herman Kreig (?)

Herman E. Kreig (?)

Marie Kreig

Mathilda Kreig (?)

‘Mother’ Kreig (?)

Sarah Kreig

William Kreig

Cyrus Lang

Mrs. F. Lang

Harold Hanwell Lucas

Mary Alice Lucas

William Charles Lucas

William Hanwell Lucas

James Ludlow, born in Baltimore, MD.

Beatrice Laurenza Lyon

Gertrude L. Lyon

Leslie L. Lyon

Mabel E. Lyon

Mary McCarriel Lyon

William Henry Lyon

Annie, wife of Robert Manners

Robert Manners

Thomas R. Manners (?)

Harold A. Nelson

Alexander Nicoll

Eliza Nicoll

Harold S. Nicoll

Olive N. Nicoll (?)

Orange A. Nicoll

Selma Nicoll

Wallace Nicoll (?)

Georgina (?) Louise Norrish

Laura Lavinia Norrish

Sarah Norrish

Alicia Pearce

John Pearce

John Harold Pearce

Eleanor L. Pederson

George W. Pederson

Lucretia Pool, wife of Aquila Phillips

John M. Plum, born in West Ontario, Canada

Martha H. Huckins, wife of J.M. Plum, born in West Ontario, Canada 

Daniel H. Poor

Ella C. Poor

Etta Poor

Hattie M. Poor

Lewis Poor

Tracy H. Poor

George E. Pringle

George P. Pringle

Mary H. Pringle

Michael J. Ries

John E. Senesgall (?)

Margaret Alice Senesgall (?)

Mary E. Senesgall (?)

Eleanor King Shepherd

V. Shepherd

Zachary Alexander Sieverss

Curt L. Simmons

Dorothy, daughter of Ed and Mary Simmons

Edward B. Simmons (?)

Ellen Pringle Simmons

Florence O. Simmons

Francis Pringle Simmons

Frank A. Simmons

Grace A. Simmons

Harlon Simmons

Lucius Curtis Simmons

Charles Smith

Helen Smith

Jenks S. Sprague

Prudence, noble relect of Dr. Jenks S. Sprague

Francis Curtis (?), son of C.W. and E.J. Sterling

Alexander Stewart

Richard, son of R. ?. and L. Sugden (?)

Elizabeth Tarr

Thomas Thorne,born in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England

Zillah Thorne

Margaret Tyner

Mary Inez Belle, daughter of Thomas and Mary Tyner

John Tyner

Chasie C. Varien (?)

Eliza Varien

George Varien

John C. Varien

John J. Varien

‘Mother’ Varien (?)

Oakley T. Varien

Rayford J. Varien

Richard Varien

Richard Varien (?)

Richard T. Varien

Roma C. Varien (?)

Sarah K. (?) Varien (?)

Stella Varien

William Varien

only Grace and George Verien

Irene S. Wald

Robert (?) Wald (?)

Rudolf H. Wald

Maude L. Ward

Geo. Warner

Sarah, wife of Geo. Warner

Andrew Warsop

Caroline, wife of Andrew Warsop, born in Nottingham, England

Sarah, daughter of Andrew and Caroline Warsop, born in Detroit, Michigan

David Crocker Weldon

Medora (Orledge) Wightman

Reuben Wightman

Samuel Wightman

Harriet Z. Wood

Not able to get sufficient readings of the following burial monuments

only Jane, wife of ?? Wh? - rest of stone missing

only Mary Ann - no dates or surname

John, a Sioux indian - A U.S. Scout - A friend of the whites and preserver of their lives in the Sioux Outbreak of 1862 (base of burial monument has ‘Muck A Pea Wak Ken Zah’, could be a name?)

the following group of stones appeared to be together:

    Richard T.

   Mary Kin ?


07 the following burial monuments appeared to be together:





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