Lakeside Cemetery

city of Hastings, Dakota County, Minnesota: T115N - R17W, section 21

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This large cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery has numerous sections with street signs between the sections. The cemetery is situated in a residential area along Dakota County Road 42 (or Ninninger Road), in the northwest section of the city of Hastings. Veterans Cemetery (formerly Old Soldiers-Peller Post G.A.R. 89 cemetery) is located across the street from Lakeside Cemetery.

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: Lakeside Cemetery Association. Organized by ladies of Hastings May 4, 1867. First Land Purchased April 1868. 52 Acres. Located SW 1/4 of Section 21, Township 115, Range 17. Nininger Road.

In the 1881 "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings, including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota", by Rev. Edward D. Neill, he wrote: ‘... A meeting of ladies was held 4 May 1867, for the purposes of forming a cemetery association. ... The cemetery was located on the south-west quarter of section 21, on the south shore of Lake Rebecca. ... The land was purchased in April 1868, and is about seventeen acres in extent. The first internments were three children of A.W. Gardner, removed from Oakwood cemetery. There are now about 260 laid to rest in this beautiful spot.’ (page 295).The WPA records list the organizers of Lakeside Cemetery. Under the ‘Ownership’ category is listed: ‘Lakeside Cemetery Association was organized May 4, 1867, by the following: Mrs. Samantaw Lewis, Mrs. Mary D. Wright, Mrs. Maria A. VanHoesen, secretary; Mrs. Julia M. Allen, Mrs. Emma R. LaDuc, chairman; Mrs. Isolina Heath, Mrs. Martha VanSlyck, Mrs. Alvina Stanley, Mrs. Keziote Webster.’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the summer of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Jennie Abar

Adelaide Adams

Bernice M. Adams

Charles Powell Adams

Frank Adams

John C. Adams

Mary C. Adams

Robert Adamson

Alice Adrian

Clifford Adrian

Mac Adrian

Alfred M. Adsit

Susan F. Adsit

Adelaide Eames Akin (?)

Lamar Akin

Nathaniel Akin

Sarah Aroma Akin (?)

John W. Albrecht

Minnie H. Alexander

Minnie H. Alexander (?)

George M. Allen

Hilda E. Allen

Mary E. Allen

Rodman C. Allen

Jacqueline M. Allgor

Lester Ray Allgor

Orinda F. Allyn

William M. Allyn

David A. Almquist

Marion G. Almquist

Adelaide Emma Alstrom

Andrew Alstrom

Andrew Fredrick Alstrom

Carl Fredrick, son of A. and E. Alstrom

Emma Alstrom

Geri Alzen

Charles Ames

Josephine Ames

baby girl Amidon

Russell G. Amidon

Ruth C. Amidon

Signe Amundson

A.L. Anderson

Aaron Anderson

Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson

Anne M. Anderson

Arlene Anderson

Axel Anderson

Carrie Anderson

Cecelia Anderson

Christine S., wife of Aaron Anderson

Dawn DeAnne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Anderson

Donald Anderson

Effie V. Anderson

Emil C. Anderson

Ernest E. Anderson

‘Father’ H. L. Anderson (?)

Fay Willis Anderson (?)

Forrest B. Anderson

George Anderson

Gladys C. Anderson

Hans Anderson

Hilda C. Anderson

Ingvald M. Anderson

Irvin R. Anderson

James R. Anderson

James Russell Anderson

Karran Anderson

Larry D., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Anderson

Laura Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderson

Louisa Anderson

Lillian O. Anderson

Leonard G. Anderson

‘Mother’ H.L. Anderson (?)

Nina L. Anderson

Peter W. Anderson

Randy S., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Anderson

Robert J. Anderson

Roy L. Anderson

Thomas B. Anderson

Vernon E. Anderson

Yerda H. Anderson

Lloyd H. Angier

M. Rosalie Angier

Ernest C. Anthony

Kate M. Anthony

only Arlen

August Arlen

Clara Arlen (?)

Emanuel Arlen

John Arlen

Marie Arlen

Richard Arlen (?)

‘Father’ Arndt (?)

‘Mother’ Arndt (?)

Henry E. Ask

Carl E. Asplin

Christine Asplin

Emma E. Asplin

John E. Asplin

Velma E. Atchison

William J. Atchison

Clara W., wife of Wm. Atherton

Lisiade E., daughter of Wm. Atherton

Sarah O.K., wife of Wm. Atherton

Wm. Atherton

Herbert W. Atwood

Mamie C. Atwood

Doug A. Aune

Myrna D. Aune

Ronald M. Aune

Ronald M. Aune

Brian Michael Austrum

Hattie Avis, daughter of Levi and F.A. Lancaster

Paul R. Axel

Bacon’s baby girl

Alma H. Bacon

Annie C. Bacon

Evelyn R. Bacon

Evva (?), daughter of W. ? and M.A. Bacon

Keyes Bacon

Mae Lucille Bacon

Mary A. Bacon

Richard O. Bacon

Tommy Bacon

W.M.F. Bacon, 13 Illinois Cav.

W.S. Bacon

Willie Bacon

Delmer A. Baggenstoss

Alice E. Baguhn

Donald B. Bahls

Edith M. Bahls

Edith M. Bahls

Earl O. Bakken

Nettie Bakken

Edward Nelson Baker

Edith Baldwin

Roy Baldwin

Charles A., son of Charles O. Ball

Charles O. Ball

G. Arthur, son of Charles O. Ball

Mary Emma, wife of Charles O. Ball

Rosalie C. Ball

Rosalie E.C. Ball

Donald Balster

Fred L. Balster

George Barbaras

Harriet Barbaras

Lizzie V. Barbaras

Phyllis M. Barclay

Roger C. Barclay

Roger D. Barclay

David Barker

C. Monroe Barnes

Emma Herbst Barnes

Charles L. Barnum

Emily Barnum

Josephine T. Barnum

William H. Barnum

Agnes Carlson Barrett

Amos S. Barrows and his wife Mary A., children William and ?

Sally Barrows

Carl Bartels

Mina Bartels

Lester Bartholomew

Mamie Bartholomew

David A. Barton

Dora A. Barton

Dorothy, daughter of D.A. and D.A. Barton

Bertha Bastian

J.W. Bates

Sarah A., wife of J.W. Bates

Linde C., wife of Alvin F. Bathrick

Ella M. Beck

Frank C. Beck

Catherine Becker

Evangeline E Sorg, wife of George W. Becker

George W. Becker

John Becker

Lois King Becker

‘Father’ Beerse (?)

Elise Behrends

Otto Behrends

A. Theresia Beise

C. Ewald Beise

Carl L. Beise

Dolores N. Beise

Jon Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beise

Marvin M. Beise

Alvah B. Bell (?)

Ann, wife of John M. Bell

Clark H. Bell

Edith M. Bell

Ellen F. Bell (?)

Ellen Jean Bell

Elsie A. Bell (?)

Howard N. Bell

Hubert D. Bell

Isabel S. Bell (?)

James R. Bell (?)

John J. Bell (?)

John M. Bell

Lulu A. Bell (?)

Martha A. Bell

Stella W. Bell

Edith P. Beltz

J. Haden Beltz

Agnes M. Benjamin

Clinton Benjamin

Florence E. Benjamin (?)

Frank W. Benjamin

Gesina M. Benjamin

Harry M. Benjamin (?)

Mabel C. Benjamin

Wendell W. Benjamin (?)

William A. Benjamin

Anne Bennett

Byron E. Bennett

Clara Bennett

Alice R. Benson

Anna Benson (?)

Anna Olivia Benson (?)

‘Father’ Benson (?)

Hanna A. Benson (?)

Hulda S. Benson

John M. Benson

‘Mother’ Benson (?)

Olaf L. Benson

Sophia C. Benson (?)

Audrey M. Benter

Emil Benter

Minnie A. Benter

Walter E. Benter

Ivan E. Berg

Rose C. Irrthum Berg

Andrew G. Berglind

only Berglund

Ephra Berglund

Frank Berglund

Fred A. Berglund

Oscar J. Berglund

Carl Berkholz

Mary Berkholz

Sandra Jean Bertsch

Susan F. Besley

Scott Thomas Beyer

Allison Grace Beying

Charlotte Beynon

Leslie E. Beynon

Everett Bexell

Maurine Bexell

Mary A. Bigelow, born in Natick (?), Mississippi

Emma L. Biggings

Robert W. Biggings

Neil Anthony Bignell

Everett C. Binkly

Charles Black

Frances Black

Henry Black

Jeanette Black

Joseph Black

Abbie C. Blackstone

Harry H. Blade

Lois E.O. Blade

George A. Blake

Hazel T. Blake

Mark Andrew Blanchard

Denise R. Bleyle

Lucy, wife of Wm. Bliss

Anna A. Blohm

William C. Blohm

Anna M. Bloomstrand

Carl W. Bloomstrand

Carl W. Bloomstrand

Clara L. Bloomstrand

Hedda S. Bloomstrand

John E. Bloomstrand

John W. Bloomstrand

Maude Bloomstrand

Doris C. Blumenauer

Ivan T. Blumenauer

Ivan T. Blumenauer

Michael A. Blumke

Edith Lowell Bock (?)

Frederick S. Bock

M.M. Boeck

Wm. A. Boeck

Alma E. Bohlken

Carl J. Bohlken

Evelyn A. Bohlken (?)

George Bohlken (?)

John G. Bohlken

Wm. H. Bohlken

Lynda L. Boler

Anita J. Boles

Edward L. Boles

Edward L. Boles

Lena B. Boles (?)

Sam Boles (?)

Janet Boliou

Stanley Boliou

Anna Reed Bolles

Lois J. Smith Bond

Charles W. Borden

Jessie J. Borden

Carrie Borgstrom

Maria Borgstrom

Marie Borgstrom

Adelaide Reissner Borke

Earl K. Borner

Violet M. Borner

Mary W. Bowen

Peter Bowen

Lucy F. Bowker

Walter K. Bowker, Company F Hatch’s Battalion

Clara L. Bowler

Frank A. Bowler

Chandler B. Boynton

Edith M. Boynton

Frances L. Boynton

Frank C. Boynton

Frank G. Boynton

Inez M. Boynton

Mary A. Boynton

Albert Bracht

Cora Bracht (?)

Della Bracht

‘Father’ Bracht (?)

Geo. A. Bracht

Mary Bracht (?)

‘Mother’ Bracht (?)

Rosa A. Bracht (?)

William Bracht

Carrie J., wife of G.W. Bradbury, daughter of Wm. Jones

E. Smithy (?), son of G.W. and C.J. Bradbury

Gertrude Horton Bradbury

Grosvenor W., son of W. and E. Bradbury

Lillian M. Bradbury

Willard Edgar Bradbury

Brenda Louise Braley

Marie A. Branby, nee Cater

Marie A. Branby

Sapher F. Branby

Sapher F. Branby

Helen L. Branca

Alma S. Barbaras Brandenbourger

Georgie N., son of J.P. and A.S. Brandenbourger

J.P. Brandenbourger

J.J. Brander

Marie Brander (?)

Mrs. J.J. Brander

Emil J. Brandt

Ida Brandt

Peter Brandt

A.A. Braten

Emma, wife of A.A. Braten

A. Augusta Bremer (?)

Dorothy E. Bremer (?)

Frederick T. Bremer (?)

Frederick W. Bremer (?)

John F. Bremer

John R. Bremer

Louis J. Bremer (?)

Olga E. Bremer

Rita E. Bremer

Rose Marie Bremer (?)

Agnes N. Black, wife of Thomas Brennen

Joseph Brennen

Molly ‘Mary’ Brennen

Thomas Brennen

Antonie Bretschneider

Herman Bretschneider

Herman Bretschneider

Katherine Mae Bretschneider (?)

Mabel K. Bretschneider

Ethel H. Bridewell

Everett F. Bridewell

Annabelle Briggs

Charles O. Briggs

Mary G. Briggs

Raymond Briggs

Bethel L. Bristow

Lloyd E. Bristow

Lewis Garfield Britton

Thyra Widing Britton

Herbert A. Broberg

Ione M. Broberg

Emma Brock

Emma B. Brock

Morton R. Brock

Oliver M. Brodale

Rose E. Brodale

Otto Brodeen

Emma E. Brodt

Lawrence H. Brodt

Hosea W., son of J. and R. Brooks

H. Clyde Brotherton

Mary E. Brotherton

Angeline I.M. Brown

Florence T. Brown

Harlan W. Brown

Henry W. Brown

infant son Brown

Irene H. Brown

Josephine L. Brown

Linda A. Brown

Marian Brown

Marty Lee Brown

Stanley A. Brown

Stanley A. Brown

Thomas Andrew Brown

Wayne D. Brown

James Brownell

Smith Brownell

Gracie Browning (?)

Amanda M. Brownson

Louisa May Brownson

Monica M. Brownson

Theodore A. Brownson

Charles Buess

M. Eleanor Bultman

Walter C. Bultman

Lovisa W. Bunnell

Christine Burcham

Grover C. Burcham

Cora Maggie Burger

Erwin C. Burmeister

Irene Burmeister

Dale W. Burr

James H. Burr

Joseph M. Burr

Kenneth M. Burr

Marie C. Burr

Stanley Burr

Vera L. Burr

Clark E. Burt

Clark I. Burt (?)

Myra E. Burt (?)

Naomi R. Burt

Sarah R. Burt

William H. Burt

Agnes J. Busch

Carl A. Busch

E.F. Busch, born in Niederzimmern Saxon Weimer Germany

Elizabeth C. Busch, born in Cleveland Ohio (?)

Ernst L., son of E.F.W. and E.K. Busch

Henry F. Busch

J. Lorenz Busch, born in Niederzimern Sachsen Weymar

Marie D. Busch, born in Niederzimern Sachsen Weymar

Thekla W.K., daughter of E.F.W. and E.K. Busch

Rose L. Buselmeier

William E. Buselmeier

Bernice V. Buss

Walter William Buss

Cora O. Bye

George W. Bye

John William Bye

E.L. Byers

H.C. Byers

John Byers

Minnie C. Bye

Wm. H. Byers

D.E. Cadwell, Company F ? Minn. Inf.

Ellen M. Kelloff, wife of B.D. Cadwell

Harrison Cadwell

Johana E., wife of B.D. Cadwell, daughter of Joseph McCall of Russelsburg R.I. (?)

Josephine Cadwell

Olive Cadwell

Rebecca J., wife of B.D. Cadwell, daughter of Joseph McCall of Russelsburg R.I. (?)

John F. Cahill

Cora Jones Camp

Alice Lucille Campbell

Dolores N. Campbell

William Campbell

Edith B. Cane

Maude Sutcliff Canghon

Anna Maria Canning

Katherine Mary Canning

Michael Anthony Canning

Aver E. Capron

Minnie M. Capron

Amelia J. Carlson

Andrew Carlson (?)

Bengta Carlson

C. John Carlson

Cole A. Carlson

Earl M. Carlson

Elisa Carlson

Emma L. Carlson (?)

Fred Carlson

George William Carlson

Helen L. Carlson

Hilda G. Carlson

Ida Holmberg Carlson

John Carlson

Maria L. Carlson

Michael Carlson

‘Mother’ Carlson (?)

Orrid Carlson

Reuben C. Carlson

Roy A. Carlson

Ruby V. Carlson

Will Carlson (?)

Wilma A. Carlson

Emma Pottratz Carlton

Barzilla Carr, Company C Brackett’s Battalion of Cavalry

Daisy Carr

Edith H. Carr

Marietta H. Carr

Anna Henion Carson

Alfreda V. Carsten

C. Isobel Carsten

Henry Carsten

John P. Carsten

Mildred J. Carsten

Abbie Carstens

Fred Carstens

Mary Finch Carter

Olricke H. Carter

Florence Carver

Truman Carver

Theo. Cary (?) Company K 5th ME. Inf.

Augustus Rodney, son of J.A. and M.A. Case

Elizabeth A. Wilkinson, wife of James R. Case, born at Woonsocket, RI

George F. Case, son of J.R. and E. Case, died at Montevideo, Chippewa County, MN

James Augustus Case, born at Cumberland, RI

James Rodney Case, born at Sintsbury (?), Conn.

John Harris Case, son of J.R.C. and E.A.C., born at Cumberland, RI

Mary A. Case, wife of James Augustus Case

James Cassidy

Judith Cassidy

Alice Cater

Harry Cater

Lorraine Cater

Robert Cater

Ruth A. Cater

Sylvia Cater

Wilbur H. Cater

Dorothea C. Caulkins

Elvin M. Caulkins

Stanley J. Caulkins

Stanley J. Caulkins

Harriet L. Cecil

Reuben W. Cecil

Stephen D. Cecil

Dave Cecka

Amy A. Chamberlain

Benjamin Chamberlain (?)

Blanche A. Chamberlain

Dan T. Chamberlain

E.D. Chamberlain

Edgar H. Chamberlain

Edith Caroline Chamberlain (?)

Edith J. Chamberlain

Elizabeth, wife of Leon T. Chamberlain

Ella F. Jurish, wife of E.D. Chamberlain

Esther Chamberlain, born Isle of Man

Fay Chamberlain

Frances Volkert Chamberlain

Frank E. Chamberlain

Harold B. Chamberlain

Hazel C. Chamberlain

Leon T. Chamberlain

Lloyd B. Chamberlain

Margaret R. Chamberlain

Mary D. Chamberlain

Mary Emma Chamberlain (?)

May Chamberlain

Morris A. Chamberlain

Ralph W. Chamberlain

Ray Chamberlain

Russell Thorpe, son fo Dan T. and Emma T. Chamberlain

Ruth C. Chamberlain

Theodore E. Chamberlain

Vern, son of E.D. and Ella Chamberlain

Verna Chamberlain

William Chamberlain, born in Pennsylvania

Philander T. Champerlain

Gilbert LeDuc Chapin

C.G. Chapman

Cyrus A. Chapman

Howard C. Chapman

Isabella Chapman

M.M. Chapman

Madeline S. Chapman

Sarah A. Chapman

Steven Philip Chapman

Thomas Clarence Chapman

W.H. Chapman

Julius B. ‘Jude’ Chappee

Leslie Carroll Chappee

Roy H. Chappee

Sarah E. ‘Sally’ Chappee

Elmyra N. Chase (?)

Frederick H. Chase

Gail R. Chase

Harry Edgar Chase

Ida B. Chase (?)

Julia Chase

Julia Barnes Chase, born in Wallingford (?), Connecticut

Lucille E. Chase

Mary Catherine, wife of Harry E. Chase

Mary E. Chase (?)

N.M. Chase

Nulan M. Chase (?)

Rose Elizabeth, wife of Harry E. Chase

Sarah J. Chase (?)

Susan J., wife of Elliot Chase, born ? ME.

Elizabeth M. Chavez

Clarene E. Christensen

Louis C. Christensen

Elizabeth Ann Christenson

Miles G. Christianson

Kurt Christoph

Margaret Christoph

Anna Christopherson

Fred J. Christopherson

Marlan Christopherson

Michael Christopherson

Rachel Christopherson

Freddie W. Churchill

Amalia, wife of Otto Claassen

Henrietta Claassen

Otto Claassen

Alvina Claflin

Darrell Claflin

Esther Claflin, mother of H.B. Claflin

Havilah B. Claflin

Mary E., wife of H.B. Claflin, daughter of Ethel and Lydia North

Robert F. Clapp

Maxine B. Clapp Morton

Ruth M. Clapp Morton

Robert D. Clemons

Ruthlyn P. Clemons

Clarence F. Clure

Florence I. Clure

G. (?) Clure

Mary J. Clure

Bessie J. Coalwell

Charles B. Coalwell

Edway Cobb

Clara Liddle Cobb

Mary E. Cobb

Olive M. Gudvangen Coe

Dorothy M. Coffman

Erwin D. Coffman

Harvey Cogswell

Morgianna Cogswell

Leonard Cohoes

Maggie, daughter of J.W. and C.D. Cohoes

Ethel M. Cole

Harlan L. Cole

James A. Cole

Robert Kenneth Cole

Earl, son of J. and M.I. Collins

Erin Riley, son of Roger and Gail Collins

John Collins

Madora I. Collins

Esther L. Colwell

John V. Colwell

Edna R. Hankes Coney

Charles H. Conklin

George W. Conklin

Lucy Conklin

Marcia Searles Conklin

Mary E. Conklin

Sarah A. Conklin

Walter Wood Conklin

Ethelinda Jones Conner

Doris Hugo Millis Conrad

H.P. Constans (?)

Mary Ann, wife of H. Constans

Annie F. Cook

Dell Cook

Earl J. Cook

Earland E. Cook

Elcenia L. Cook

Harold (?) Silver, son of ? and ? Cook

Harriet Cook

Henry F. Cook

Inez U. Cook

Jean M. Cook

Katherine E. Cook

Lucy D. Silver, wife of T.J. Cook, born in Nova Scotia

LuVerne J. Cook

May J. Cook

Ralph Cook

Ralph H. Cook

Willis Cook

Jessie Swetlen Coonce

Anna M. Cooper

Cecil C. Cooper

David A. Cooper

Henry L. Corson

Sarah J. Corson

Michelle Lee Corzette

Beverly Coulter

Harland Coulter

Elizabeth E. Countryman (?)

John W. Countryman

Martha Countryman

Peter F. Countryman (?)

Laura A. Cowan, daughter of L. and T. Bunnell

Dave Crandall

Lena Crandall

Mary L. Crandall

Robert D. Crandall

Charles H. Crawford

Ellen B. Crawford

Helen M. Stoudt Crawford

Emma D. McCreary

Francis Marion Crosby

Helen Sophia Bates Crosby

Howard Walworth Crosby

infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Crosby

Marion Emma Crosby

Margaret E. Cross

William H. Cross

Clyde V. Crotteau

Josephine Reed Crotty

Bernadine Crum, nee Fox

J. Howard Curry

James D. Curry

P. Eliza Curry

Frank Curtis

Sarah Curtis

Shirley A. Cuyler

Oscar L. Cyr

Allen Gene Dahl

John A. Dahlin (?)

Marie Dahlin (?)

Augusta Dahljelm

Otto Luther Dahljelm

Emily C. Dahlstrom

Dorothy M. Dalaska

Henry Dalaska

Mary Dalaska

Robert E. Dalaska

Marilyn H. Dalbotten

Neil H. Dalbotten

Dan Y. Daley

Edith St. Clair Daley

Ella C. Daley

Janice St. Clair Daley

Leslie E. Daley

Roland Lertin Daley

Royce Roland Daley

Ellen Dalzell

Catharine, wife of Charles Damerel

Catherine Damerel

Louisa, daughter of Chas Damerel

Triffenia Damerel

Triffenia, wife of C.W. Damerel

Garnet E. Daniels

Preston F. Daniels

Dick Darling

John L. Darling

Lydia I. Darling

Anna Davidiuk

Jas. E. Davidson

Edward Davis

Elisabeth L. Davis (?)

Fern A. Davis, nee Hayford

Ida W. Davis

Jennie E. Davis (?)

Mary I. Davis

Thomas C. Davis (?)

Alden A. Day, born in Damarescolla (?) Maine

B.L. Day

Benjamin Day

Fanny Day

George Augustus, son of A.A. and M.L. Day

Mary L., wife of A.A. Day, born in Bristol

Millie (?) Powill (?) Day

Seward Aymor Dean

Zoe Langley Dean

Kaden Michael DeCosse

William E. Deitner

Richie H., son of William H. and Julia A. DeKay

Christina D. Delamater

Jane E. Delamater

Bertha J. Dellmore (?)

Harry S. Dellmore (?)

Earl D. Denker

Earl D. Denker

Edna M. Denker

Edward Denn

Edward Denn

Minnie R. Denn

Betsey Densmore

I.H.G. Densmore

Katherine M. Densmore

Emanuel Dettwiler

Frances Ruff Dezell

Frank Dezell

John Dezell

Joseph Dezell

Phoebe Eaton, wife of John Dezell

Alton D. Dick

Alton D. Dick

Elizabeth Dick

Frances M. Dick

Herman P. Dick

John Dick

Joseph Dick

Susie Dick

Myrtle Adsit Dickinson

Anna Dickman (?)

George W. Dickman (?)

Raymond Dickman (?)

Louis Henry Dieball

Minnie Dieball

Amelia Dierken

Ella Dierken

Stella M. Dierken

Walter Dierken

George H. Dillon

Gertrude H. Dobie

John G. Dobie

Robert Dobie

Allen C. Dockstader

Bessie A. Dockstader

?, ? of J.A. Dodge (?)

Donald ‘Demo’ Dodge (?)

Felecia Dodge

Lewis W. Dodge

Rita Mae Dodge

Verna E. Dodge

Charles W. Doebler

Elizabeth Doebler

Margaret M.W., wife of Charles W. Doebler

Marion L., wife of Charles W. Doebler

Otto Doebler

Otto H. Doebler

Anna E. Donaldson

Reuben Donaldson

Hazel A. Dorniden

Ellsworth Doten

Freeman B. Doten

Harvey Doten

Matilda Lasher Doten

James Michael Dowell

Arnold Downs (?)

Carrie L. Downs

Charles O. Downs

Gertrude B. Downs

James H. Downs

James W. Downs

Ralph W. Downs

Margaret Draeger

Matilda Draeger

William Draeger

William D. Draeger

William F. Draeger

Lucius M. Drake

Susan M. Drake

Willard Drake (?)

Lester A. Dreese

Jimmie Drilling

Pearl Polifka Drilling

Celinda Bateman Jellison, wife of James Cummings Dudley

James Cummings Dudley

Hulda J. Duffy

John S. Duffy

Robert L. Duffy

Bernice Dunkel

Henry Dunkel

Henry J. Dunkel

Stanley Dunkel

James E. Durand, son of Joseph and Barbara

Elizabeth R. Durner

Howard J. Durner

Sally, daughter of Harvey and Diane Dusek

Lloyd H. Duwe

Lloyd H. Duwe

Shirley V. Duwe

Jane Beck, wife of William Dyer, born in Wigton, Scotland

William Dyer, born in Canton, Hartford County, Conn.

George Wallace Eagles

Donna I. East

Effie A. East

Harold C. East

Z. Wesley East

Mary Dellmore, wife of Joseph Eatherly

Howard B. Eaton

Sarah Jones Eaton

Clara E. Moorhouse, wife of J.E. Eberly

J. Edgar Eberly

Nettie Peterson Eckert

Albert G. Eckhart

Conrad P. Eckhart

Emma L. Eckhart

Norma C. Eckhart

Kenneth H. Eddy (?)

Mae L. Eddy (?)

Carl Edmunds

Susie Edmunds

Albert O. Ehrich

Delores A. Ehrich

Ida L. Eissel

Helge L. Ellingboe (?)

Jessie A. Ellingboe (?)

Carolina Elmquist

Anna Elston (?)

Arthur A. Elston

Arthur S. Elston

Belle Elston (?)

Caroline Elston

‘Father’ Elston (?)

Harry R. Elston

Marie Sophia Elston

‘Mother’ Elston (?)

John Crandall Embretson

Clara Haselton, wife of N. Emerson, born in Springfield, NH

‘Grandma’ Emerson (?)

Minnie Emerson (?)

N. Emerson, born in Concord, NH

Clara B. Emholtz

Henry A. Emholtz

Amanda S. Engelbretson (?)

C. Emery Engelbretson

Charles A. Engelbretson (?)

Elise B. Engle

Glenn E. Engle

Helen Stoudt Engle

Mildred W. Engle

Conrad Engstrom (?)

Ella Engstrom

Gladys E. Engstrom

Harry E. Engstrom

Mrs. C.O. Engstrom

Helen Augusta Ennis

Joseph Addison Ennis

Mattie Pomeroy Ennis

May Seeley Ennis

George J. Eppler

Gerald L. Eppler

Gordon E. Eppler

Helen R. Eppler

Reka W. Eppler

A. Edward Erickson

Ada Erickson

Arthur L. Erickson (?)

Arthur L. Erickson

Arnold Erickson

Britta Erickson

Carl Benard Erickson

Carl J. Erickson

Carl O. Erickson

Edward M. Erickson

Edward M. Erickson

Emma J. Erickson (?)

Florence Erickson

Florence R. Erickson (?)

Gustav Erickson

Hazel Erickson

Hermie Erickson

Hilda Erickson

Hilma M. Erickson

Johanna M. Erickson

Katherine A. Erickson

Kenneth D. Erickson

L.F. Erickson

Mabel E. Erickson

Maria M. Erickson

Peter E. Erickson

Robert E. Erickson

Susan Morrison Erickson

Verna G. Erickson

Wally Erickson

Wallace H. Erickson

Winnifred Erickson

Amanda C. Estergreen

Emma Torrance Estergreen

Eva C. Estergreen

Frances Edwin Estergreen

John Estergreen

John Edwin Estergreen

Mary Ethel Estergreen

Donna A. Estes

Floyd W. Estes

James W. Estes

Mary E. Estes

Amy P. Estlund

Irene Estlund

Marold F. Estlund

Nels Estlund

Ralph Estlund

Ralph Edward Estlund

Michael A. Estrada

Fannie Easton, wife of F.B. Etheridge

Francis B. Etheridge

Rebecca M. Etheridge

Bonnie Irene Evans

Francis O. Evans

Helen Louise Evans

Inez L. Evans

John E. Evans

Kenneth V. Evans

LaVerna M. Evans

Lawrence E. Evans

Robert E. Evans

Ruth Evans

William Clark Evans

John Evert

Wm. E. Fahy

Elizabeth M. Fallon

Florence Johnson Farnsworth

Edward T. Fearing

Margaret J. Fearing

Joseph S. Featherstone

Nellie Featherstone

William H. Featherstone

Allie M., daughter of Maynard E. and Bell S. Felton

Bell S. Felton

Maynard E. Felton

Rose Wittua, wife of John Felton

Fern O. Fendrick

Paul L. Fendrick

Ralph C. Fendrick

Wayne C. Fendrick

James R. Ferguson

Marilyn Ferguson

Emily I. Fick

Ralph J. Fick

Amelia C. Bowen, wife of F.W. Finch

Frank W. Finch

Harriet Jane, wife of F.W. Finch

Annie B. Fisher

Emily L. Fisher

John C. Fisher

John E. Fisher

Joseph Fisher

Myrtle Fisher

Carrie L. Fitch

Charlotte Louisa, daughter of Isaac and Sarepta R. Fitch

Dan Buck, son of E.S. and C.L. Fitch

Edwin S. Fitch

Frances Smith, wife of J.C. Fitch

Fred A. Fitch

Harold Lee Fitch

Harry P. Fitch

Isaac Fitch, born at Cooperstown, NY

J.C. Fitch

Jared Buck, son of E.S. and C.L. Fitch

Sarepta R., wife of Isaac Fitch

Sophia Fitch

Mildred Fitzpatrick

Raymond J. Fitzpatrick

Arthur W. Flanagan (?)

Charles, child of W.G. and E.A. Flanagan

Dorothy, wife of Patrick Flanagan

Eliz., wife of Wm. Flanagan

Gertrude E., child of W.G. and E.A. Flanagan

John H. Flanagan (?)

John H. Flanagan

John L., child of W.D. and E.A. Flanagan

Lee D. Flanagan (?)

Minerva N. Flanagan (?)

Philip Flanagan

Rose S. Flanagan (?)

William C. Flanagan (?)

Wm. Flanagan

Charles F. Flanders

John James Flanders

Laura E. Flanders

Edgar Flannigan

Rosa Flannigan

Nadeane M. Fleetham

Edna L. Fleming

Edward Fleming (?)

Edward G. Fleming

Harry E. Fleming

Helen J. Fleming

Ida Fleming (?)

Margie C. Fleming

Marjorie I. Fleming

Robert E. Fleming

Everett J. Flom

Harold Flom

Mabel M. Flom

George Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O. Flory

Jennie H. Flory

Judd W. Flory

Mark E. Foderick

L.S. Follett

Lewis W. Follett

Susan Follett

Thomas Follett

Willie LaMoure (?), son of W.R. and Ada Fondyec (?)

Anna Forsblad

Axel Forslad

‘Father’ Forsblad

‘Mother’ Forsblad

Edward B. Fosler

Harriet, wife of Edward B. Fosler

Bernice L. Foster

Floyd K. Foster

George C. Foster

Martha M. Foster

Maxine E. Foster

Ralph E. Foster

Raymond E. Foster

Jennie M. Fox

Walter C. Fox

Byron E. Frank

Byron L. Frank

Cordella Frank

Daniel Frank (?)

Eddie Frank (?)

Edna Frank

Edwin E. Frank

Georgien Frank

Grace Cobb Frank

Hattie A. Frank (?)

Hattie W. Frank

Hiram Frank

Hubert L. Frank (?)

Jesse Frank

Lydia A. Frank

Mary Frank (?)

Nettie Gertrude Frank (?)

Pearl E. Frank

Willis L. Frank

Armenia Franklin

Carl Franklin

David O. Franklin (twin)

only F.A. Franklin

George Franklin

Moses D. Franklin

Dorothy M. Franzmeier

Gregor J. Franzmeier

H.J. Franzmeier

Katharine Schaar, wife of H.J. Franzmeier

Louis W. Franzmeier

Raymond H. Franzmeier

Wesley L. Franzmeier

Joseph Freas

Claire L. Fredrickson

George Fredrickson

Janet Fredrickson

William H. Fredrickson

Shirley Ann Freeborg

Clarence E. Freed

Hazel E. Freed

Charles Edgar Freeman

Charles S. Freeman

Frank V. Freeman

Grace E. Freeman

Horace R. Freeman

Jeanie L., wife of E.H. Freeman, daughter of Seagrave Smith

Nellie Freeman

George B. Freese (?)

Grace K. Freese (?)

Hester M. Freese (?)

Judith M. Freese

LeRoy E. Freese (?)

Mary D. Freese (?)

Ralph E. Freese (?)

James M. Freiermuth

Alma S. Freitag

Anna Freitag

Carl F. Freitag

Charles Freitag

Fritz W. Freitag

Ida Freitag

Ida E. Freitag

Richard R. Friese

Esther Stillman Fritscher

Robert H. Fritscher

Bannard A. Fuhr

Hazel G. Fuhr

Kenneth B. Fuhr

Kenneth B. Fuhr

Myrtle Fuhr

Jay W. Fuller

Amanda C. Furney

Annie M. Furney

Charles R. Furney

George H. Furney

Geraldine M. Furney

Glen E. Furney

James E. Furney

John A. Furney

Lois Marie Furney

Raymond F. Furney

Evelyn H. Gaarder

Emma M. Gabbert

Walter R. Gabbert

Daniel E. Gallagher

Hilda G. Gallagher

Lelia M. Gallagher

Susan V., wife of Wm. C. Gammons

John Frederick Ganfield

May Russ Ganfield

Roy William Ganfield

Ardean E. Garatzke

Robert M. Garatzke

A. Vincent Gardner

A.W. Gardner

Augustine V. Gardner

Charles F. Gardner

Claribel H. Gardner

Edith L. Gardner

George H. Gardner

George W. Gardner

Hattie Gardner (?)

Helen Laschelle Gardner

Henry Duane Gardner

Henry P. Gardner (?)

Julia B. Gardner

Kathryn M. Gardner

L.A. Gardner

Louise Ingalls Gardner

Mabel M. Gardner

Mary E. Gardner

Nellie Hawes Gardner

Roberta G. Gardner

S. Theodore Gardner (?)

Stephen Gardner

Stephen P. Gardner

Truman Perry Gardner

Larry Garloff

John J. Geiken

Bert George

Elizabeth George

Margaret E. George

Matilda George

O.H. George

Minerva Gerard

Walter Gerard

Charles M. Gere

Emily Gere

Helen Reissner Gere

James M. Gere

John M. Gere

Mary E. Gere

Clara Gergen

Herman J. Gergen

Louisa Gergen

Peter Gergen

Albert Gesme

Casper Gesme

Charles Gesme

Christina Gesme

Doris M. Gesme

Hulda A. Gesme

Chas. R., infant son of Frank and Barbara Gilby

A. Luella Gilkey

George C. Gilkey

George W. Gilkey

Sarah J., wife of George W. Gilkey

Allyn F. Gillitt

Harry W. Gillitt (?)

Mabel C. Gillitt (?)

Nellie Gillitt

Viola Gillitt

John Ginther

Marion C. Ginther

Jeffrey S. Gipford

Sonva Gjostdahl

Bessie Glasby

Edith Glasby

Edna Glasby

Kevin R. Glasby

Judith A. Glassing

Margaret Glassing

Otto F. Glassing

D.H. Gleim

Ella M. Gleim

Fred W. Gleim

Harry Henry, son of Fred and Ella Gleim

Heinrich Gleim

Henry D. Gleim (?)

Katharine E. Gleim

Katherina M.B. Gleim (?)

Mary E. Gleim

Verna Elizabeth Gleim (?)

Anna M. Glova

Louis M. Glova

Edith M. Goli

John O. Goli

Ferdinand Gottsch

Bertha N. Gorgus

Fred Gorgus

Henry F. Gorgus

Martin Gorgus (?)

Minnie Gorgus

Robert M. Gorgus

Selma Gorgus (?)

Katherine Gorham

Mary Gorham

Pearlie Gorham

Pearlie S. Gorham

?, son of James and Lucy Graham

George A. Graham

Joseph M. Graham

Michael James Graham

Samuel, son of James and Lucy Graham

Thelma W. Graham

Harry A. Glasby

Lee Glasby

Edward Gramse

Edward Gramse (?)

‘Father’ Gramse (?)

Julius Gramse

‘Mother’ Gramse (?)

Richard H. Gramse

Rosalie, wife of Julius Gramse

Theophile Gravelle

Earl M. Graus

Inez H. Graus

Adelle J. Gray

Carol M. Gray

David Gray

Elizabeth Gray

Emma A. Gray

Raymond J. Gray

Robert N. Gray

William A. Gray

Meda M. Greene

Elizabeth Greenslade

Samuel N. Greenslade

Cory Lee Greiner (?)

Frank L. Greiner

Harry S. Greiner

Jessie L. Greiner

Leda P. Greiner

Samuel N. Greiner

Taylor James Griffin

Karl W., son of W. and M. Groerler (?)

Agnes I. Groskopf

Margaret H. Groskopf

Otto F. Groskopf

Paul Otto Groskopf

Adele E. Groth

Arthur A. Groth

Flossie Grotjohn

Fred Grotjohn

Frederick G. Grotjohn

Anton J. Gruis

Beth M. Gruis

Dale A. Gruis

Jacob R. Gruis

Martin G. Gruis

Anna Grupe

Carl Grupe

Silvio Guarracino

Clifford H. Gudvangen

Dora V. Gunderson

Ralph W. Gunderson

Melven R. Gunter

Ralph L. Gunter

Albert Gustafson

Alice Gustafson

Christine C. Gustafson (?)

Clifford N. Gustafson

Dustin M. Gustafson

Florence I. Gustafson

Frank O. Gustafson (?)

Alvina June, wife of Hank Gydesen

Henry M. Gydesen

baby Haas

Francis Haas (?)

Hazel Haas

James Haas

Peter F. Haas

Ruby L. Haas

Shirley Haas (?)

Charles E. Hach

Henry Hach family

Minnie I. Hach

Myrtle O. Hagberg

Sidney E. Hagberg

Herman V. Hagedorn

M. Josephine Hagedorn

Anna Hagen

Carl Hagen

Donald J. Hagen

Edwin E. Hagen

Goldie Hagen

Lawrence E. Hagen

Louise Hagen

Nels Hagen

Reuben Hagen

Ruth E. Hagen

Esther L. Haglund

Ida C. Haglund

John Ruben Haglund

Loma F. Haglund

Mary M. Haglund

Emily F. Hakseth

James Alan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hakseth

John O. Hakseth

LaReine A. Hakseth

Owen ‘Chuck’ Hakseth

Phyllis A. Hakseth

Carl J. Halbeck

Tilda Halbeck

Eugene E. Halberg

Vyollet A. Halberg

Neil H. Halbotten

Grace Halda

Christopher Webber Hall

Clara J. Hall

Clarine Hall

Lewis Hall

Louisa Wilder Hall

Michael G. Hall (?)

Minnie Hall

Sophia Seely Hall

David Haller, husband of Elizabeth Wittua

John Hamburg

Mina Hamburg

Anna Marie Hamilton

Dale Hamilton

Dale W. Hamilton

Edith Hamilton

Elmer W. Hamilton

George H. Hamilton

Henry Hamilton

Herman L. Hamilton

Lillian Hamilton

Lorenzo G. Hamilton, Company F 7 Minn. Inf.

Mary A. Baldwin, wife of L.G. Hamilton

Menora Hamilton

Minnie M. Hamilton

Wesley Allen Hamilton

Peter Hammerstein, born at Erung Prussia

Anna Rudsdil Hampton

George Hampton

Harry B. Hampton

Maxine E. Hampton

Ruth W. Hampton

Bernt J. Hamre

Benno Hankes

Berthold Hankes

Carl J. ‘Jim’ Hankes

Charles Hankes (?)

Dale I. Hankes

Elsie B. Hankes (?)

Elsie O. Hankes (?)

Freda E. Hankes

Hazel M. Hankes (?)

Henry Hankes

Margaret A. Hankes

Paul R. Hankes

Thomas Hankes

Jerome Hanna

Julia Browning, wife of Jerome Hanna

Mary Hanna (?)

Mary F. Hanna (?)

Nellie L. Hanna

Walter R. Hanna (?)

William Hanna (?)

William H. Hanna (?)

Wilson Hanna (?)

Kristy Lynn Hansel

Agnes Brennen Hansen

Anna L. Hansen

John N. Hansen

Karl H. Hansen

Ludwig H. Hansen

Stella L. Hansen

Alma F. Hanson

Alma Frances Hanson (?)

Amanda Christina Hanson (?)

Carrie H. Hanson

Chas. A. Hanson

Ella V. Hanson

Glen N. Hanson

Hannah Hanson

Harry W. Hanson

Harvey Hanson

Hilda A. Hanson

Ida Mathilda Hanson (?)

John Peter Hanson (?)

Kenneth A. Hanson

Kenneth A. Hanson

Margaret Hanson

Seal Hanson

Seal Hanson

William Hanson

Jeanne Murray Hanzel

Alma M. Harff

Arthur J. Harff

Craig Lynn Hargadine

B. Hargreaves

Mary, wife of B. Hargreaves

Caroline Harnish

Frank G. Harnish

Jocie B. Harnish

James Patrick Harp

Kenneth Harp

Ada M. Harris

Ann V. Harris

Ben E. Harris

Deborah, wife of Seth Harris, born in Massachussetts

Dora E. Harris

Edith L. Harris

Gerald O. Harris, son of Owen and Dora

Glen R. Harris

Joyce A. Harris

Louis C. Harris

Prudence, wife of Seth Harris, born in Baltimore County, Maryland

Seth Harris, born in Dutches County, New York

Silas C. Harris

Vera M. Harris

Marietta Cohoes, wife of J.A. Harrison

Clarence Hartin

Edmund Hartin

Jennie Stowell Hartin

John Charles Hartin

Libbie S., wife of M. Hartwell

Flosie Hatch, nee Flora Bell, daughter of Homer and Tidelia F. Hatch

Homer Hatch

Addie Hathaway

Arthur Lee Hathaway

Bob Hathaway

Lois Irene Hathaway

Mathilda Hathaway

William Hathaway

Dennie H. Havenstrite

Ida M. Havenstrite

Jack L. Haverkamp

Jean A. Haverkamp

Albertina Haviland

Earl Haviland

Harvey Havlish

Rose Havlish

Freda M. Haus

Janet A. Haus

Otto R. Haus

Warren H. Haus

Warren H. Haus

George Henry Hawes (?)

Mary Emily Hawes (?)

Mary C. Hayes (?)

O.T. Hayes, 1st Minn. MTD (?) Rangers

Oren T. Hayes

Hildgarde Hayford, wife of Geo. L.

Arthur T. Headley

Charlotte M. Headley

Edith Doten Hebert

Lewis W. Hebert

Mary I. Doten, wife of L.W. Hebert

Betty Hedin

John P. Hedin

Karl Richard Hedin

John H. Heath

Leila F. Heath

Mary E., wife of Henry M. Heath

Virginia S., wife of John H. Heath

E. Bernice Hedin

Daniel Hecimovich

Helen I. Heesch

Lillian Heesch

Otto Heesch

Otto V. Heesch

Thomas J. Heesch

Gene L. Heilig

Laura H. Heinen

P.A. Heitz

Dennis E. Held

Dennis E. Held

Martha J. Held

Hattie E. Heldt

William F. Heldt

Sada E. Helig

William A. Helig

Mary Hemenway

Dirk Hendricks

William H. Hendrickson

Ann Stinson, wife of George Henion

George Henion

Robert G. Henion

George E. Hennings

Ida E. Hennings

Susanna Herbst

Catherine Herkenratt

Joseph L. Herkenratt

Ellen M. Herman (?)

Frank W. Herman (?)

Ida Foss Herman

Lydia Geiken Herman

Doraine Hernlem

John C. Hernlem

John C. Hernlem

John Herrman

Nettie, wife of John Herrman

Arthur Herrmann

Helen Herrmann

Kevin J. Herzog

Hattie A. Heschke

Owen C. Heschke

Anna J. Hetherington

G.J. Hetherington

Isabelle Hetherington (?)

Thomas M. Hetherington (?)

Clarence H. Hicks

James Harold Hicks

Neoma P. Hicks

Dawn M. Hildebrandt

Harriet Reissner Hildebrandt

Linford (?) H. Miloy (?) Hildebrandt

Alice Hildred

Drury Hildred

Jessie E. Hilferty (?)

John Hilferty (?)

Katherine M. Hill

William, son of Christian and Emma Hill

Elesabetha Hiller

Peter Hiller

Edith Hindmarsh

Emma S. Hindmarsh

Percy D. Hindmarsh

William Hindmarsh

Lorena H. Hinrichs

Emil Hirsch

Earl Hodge

Earl W. Hodge

May Hodge

Belle M., wife of William Hodgson

Elisabeth S. Hodgson

Laurence Curran Hodgson ‘Larry Ho’

William Hodgson, Company F 2nd Minn. Cavalry

Alyn C. Hoffman

Bertha Hoffman (?)

Betty J. Hoffman

David Joseph Hoffman, son of Larry and Judy

Dora E. Hoffman

Ebba C. Hoffman, wife of Harold, president of Smead Mfg.

Floretta E. Hoffman

Harold J. Hoffman

Irene E. Hoffman

John Peter Hoffman, son of Harold J. and Ebba C.

Martin Hoffman (?)

Maude Hoffman

Peter A. Hoffman

Peter C. Hoffman, son of Peter A. and Maude B.

Robert Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. Hoffman

Walter A. Hoffman

John Olson Hoie

Bernice E. Hokanson

Clarence M. Hokanson

Claus Hole

Amelia H. Holland

Harry J. Holland

Anton Holman

Gladys Holman

Warren A. Holman

Hugh Holmes

James R. Holmes

Sharon K. Holmes

Axel Holmgren

Henrietta Holmgren

Pearl Linde Holmgren

Emily C. Holmquist

Helen M. Holmquist

John A. Holmquist

A. Gusav Holmstrom

Eva M. Holmstrom

Byrdie E. Holt

Emma Holt

George H. Holt

Lawrence N. Holt

Mary Herbst Holt

Russell Holt

Wm. Forrest Holt

Leta M. Holsinger

Ray G. Holsinger

David Hone

Electa B. Hone

John William Horth

Lucile Doten Horth

Granville S. Horton

Nellie Evelyn Horton

Violet Nichols Horton

A.F. Hotinger

Alfred Hough

Charles Houghtaling

Charles Houghtaling

Ernestine Houghtaling

George Houghtaling

Polly A. Houghtaling

William Houghtaling

Frances Hove

John Hove

baby Hovland

Eleanor Howard

Frank Howard

George W. Howard (?)

Jessie A. Howard (?)

Jessie G. Howard (?)

Regina G. Howard (?)

Carry W. Howes

Bailey Howes

Byron C. Howes

Frances, daughter of B.C. and M.A. Howes

Fred C., son of G.W. and K.B. Howes

George A. Howes

George Wilmur Howes

Lydia P., wife of G.A. Howes

Mary Howes

Mary A. Howes

Mary Katherine Bradford, wife of G.W. Howes

J. Jacob Hoyhtyd

Francis D. Hubbard

Lucy H. Hubbard

J. Gottfried Huber

Mary Huber, wife of J.G. Huber

Annie Huble

Theodore K. Hubley

George Huefner

Louisa Huefner

Paul Huefner

Pauline Huefner

Ruth Huefner

Stanley R. Huefner

George H. Huff

Millie S. Huff

Carrie E. Hughes

August Hugo

Edna Hugo

James Reed Hull

Laurence R. Hull

Lucy Reed Hull, wife of Wm. E. Hull

Monti Hull

William E. Hull, Company D 2nd Cal. Inf.

Arthur Hullander

Arthur S. Hullander

Andrew P. Hultin

Anna S. Hultin

J. Elmer Hultine

Philip J. Hummel

Sybil I. Hummel

Harold J. Hunt

John Amor Hunt

Mabel L. Hunt

Marjorie Coonrod Husting

John C. Illa

Marjorie E. Illa

Mildred V. Illa

Peggy L. Illa

Raymond B. Illa

Robert A. Illa

Jessie E. Ind

Leslie T. Ind

?, daughter of John and ? Ingram

Dennis W. Irvin

Benjamin Ista

Gordon C. Ista (?)

Lorna Ista

Frankie, infant son of F.J. and L.W. Jackson

Jennie O. Jackson

Robert G. Jackson

Peter Jacobs

Peter Jewell Jacobs

Albert H. Jacobsen

Leona O. Jacobsen

Hazel M. Jacobsen - Theel

Adelia M. Jacobson

Albert Jacobson

August J. Jacobson

Emma L. Jacobson (?)

John H. Jacobson

Julia A. Jacobson

Lindahl M. Jacobson

Mathilda Jacobson

Nellie A. Jacobson

Seivert Jacobson (?)

Lawrence F. Jaeger (?)

Bertha Emilie Jahnke

Emil B. Jahnke

Fredrick A. Jahnke

Helmuth O. Jahnke

Beulah Jarchow

Morrill Jarchow

John W. Jarrett

Ralph F. Jasper

Ruth Lidstrom Jelley

Anna Maria Jelly (?)

Clinton Allen Jelly (?)

James Alexander Jelly (?)

Lucretia Pearl Jelly (?)

Russell James Jelly (?)

Ella Jennings

William H. Jennings

Williston Jennison, ? ? Parsons

only Jensen

Carl Jensen

Dorothy Jensen

Frances G. Jensen

James T. Jensen

Niels Peter Jensen

Jessica Anne Jenson

Rose M. Jenson

Alexander Joseph Jeremy

Alvin E. Jeremy

Chas. S. Jeremy, Company B 3 U.S. Inf.

Joseph E. Jeremy

Maud M. Jeremy

Orville Rex Jeremy

Sarah Estella Jeremy

Susan M. Jeremy

Corrine K. Jesme

Daniel O. Jesme

Jason P. Jesme

Philip P. Jesme

Ruth A. Jesme

Mary Ann Jesness

Robert F. Jesness

Mary Lemon Johns

William Francis Johns

A.L. Johnson

Alfred E. Johnson (?)

Alfred F. Johnson

Alton G. Johnson

Amanda Johnson

Amos J. Johnson

Amos J. Johnson

Andrew J. Johnson

Anna Johnson

Anna G. Johnson

Annie M. Johnson

Arthur H. Johnson

Arthur S. Johnson

Arthur W. Johnson

August Johnson

Augusta Johnson

Axel Johnson

Axel Ferdenad Johnson (?)

Caroline M. Johnson

Carl Maurice Johnson

Chancy Johnson

Charles Johnson

Charles August Johnson

Charles J. Johnson (?)

Charlie Johnson

Christine Johnson

Clarence Johnson

Clayton L. Johnson

Donna Mae Johnson

Eddie A. Johnson

Edward Johnson

Einer Johnson

Eleanor C. Johnson

Ellen Johnson (?)

Ellen Johnson (?)

Elmer E. Johnson

Emil C. Johnson

Emil Florontin Johnson (?)

Emil I. Johnson

Eva Johnson

Eris Johnson

Emma Johnson

F. Lily Johnson

‘Father’ Johnson (?)

Florence Johnson

Frank E. Johnson

Frans Oscar Johnson (?)

G. Lorraine Johnson

George R. Johnson

Gordon Louis Johnson (?)

Grant W. Johnson

Harold Rosencrans Johnson

Hattie C. Johnson (?)

Hazel N. Johnson

Hilda Johnson

Irene S. Johnson

Israel Olson Johnson (?)

J. Gust Johnson

Mr. J. Johnson

Mrs. J. Johnson

Jenna R. Johnson

Johanna Johnson

John Johnson (?)

John C. Johnson

John E. Johnson

John E. Johnson

John F. Johnson

John H. Johnson

Joseph P. Johnson

Kathleen Johnson

Larry Johnson

Lars Johnson

Laura Johnson

Lawrence Danial Johnson

LeRoy E. Johnson

LeRoy E. ‘Swede’ Johnson

Lillian A. Johnson

Lilly B. Johnson

Louis Johnson

Louise Johnson

Luther Johnson

Maria Johnson

Marjorie Jo Johnson

Martha Johnson

Marvel Keene Johnson

Mary E. Johnson

Mary M. Johnson

Mary Rossen Johnson

‘Mother’ Johnson (?)

Mildred Larson Johnson

Myrtle R. Johnson

Naemi Johnson

Oliver W. (?) Johnson

Peter Johnson (?)

Philip O. Johnson

Philip Oscar Johnson

Robert J. Johnson

Roy D. Johnson

Rubie E. Johnson

Ruth Johnson

Ruth N. Johnson

Shirley Johnson

Signe Larson Johnson

Theron J. Johnson

twin boys Johnson (?)

Vern E. Johnson

Victor Johnson

Viola T. Dolly Johnson

Walfrid Johnson

Adella G. Jones

C. Olena (?), son of C.S. and C.R. Jones (?)

C. Smith Jones

Catherine Jones

Cecil E. Jones

Daniel Paul Jones

Frank F., son of Wm. and Delia A. Jones

Grace Mary Day Jones

Larry Erle Jones, son of Cecil and Ruth

Marquis R. Jones

Ruth I. Jones

Thomas G. Jones

Viola V. Jones

Wm. Jones

Frances E. Judge

Frank T. Judge

Mary E. Judge

William P. Judge

Addie Child Judkins

Eliza A. Moore, wife of B.S. Judkins

Flora, wife of Orrin Judkins

Henry Louis, son of O. and F. Judkins

infant son of S. and M. Judkins

Laura Judkins

Lizzie, daughter of O. and F. Judkins

Louisa, daughter of S. and M. Judkins

Marian Thompson Judkins

Mary Elizabeth Judkins

Orrin Judkins

Shepard Judkins

Charles W. Juenke

Doris O. Juenke

Mary D. Juenke

Richard C. Juenke

Leighton B. Julius

Almira Stevens, wife of Lewis Jurisch

Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Jurisch

John T. Jurisch

Lavinia Besley, wife of W.F. Jurisch

Lewis Jurisch

Lewis G. Jurisch

May Stimble, wife of C.P. Jurisch

Winnie Goss, wife of W.S. Jurisch

Wm. S. Jurisch

Beulah Walbridge Kaercher

Lucian D. Kaercher

Grace M. Kaiser

Lorraine M. Kallsen

Monte Lee Jones Kallsen

Paul T. Kallsen

Antoinette Kassa

George L. Kassa

Aaron D. Kauffman

Amelia T. Kauffman

Hortense L. Kayler

Scott Richard Keene

baby Keetley

Eleanora C. Keetley

Gertrude V. Keetley (?)

Horace L. Keetley

James E. Keetley

LeRoy Keetley

Lillie B. Keetley

Margaret A. Keetley

Walter R. Keetley

Florence M. Kelley

Walter H. Kelley

Phyllis L. Kelly

Emma G. Kemmerer

Marie A. Kemmick

John E. Kemp

Shirley June Kemp

Villa E. Kemp

Catherine A. Kendall

Cynthia J. Kendall

L. William Kendall

L. William Kendall

Louis L. Kendall

John Kennedy

Elva I. Kern

Kenneth F. Kern

Joanne I. Kerstetter

Robert P. Kerstetter

Audrey Ketchmark

Jason M. Ketchmark

Edna M. Kilbride

Marion Kilouff

Gregory D. Kimmen

Audrey King

Aurelia M. King

Frank J. King

Frank Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. King

Harlan Charles King

Lily Splaine King

Louise A. King

Rose M. King

Vera Lucille King

William C. King

Alice Pearl Kingston (?)

baby Kingston (?)

Beaumont H. Kingston (?)

Clara E. Kingston (?)

Edith L. Kingston (?)

Emery F. Kingston (?)

‘Father’ Kingston (?)

Gertrude J. Kingston (?)

Gordon Lloyd Kingston (?)

Henry M. Kingston (?)

Lloyd P. Kingston (?)

‘Mother’ Kingston (?)

Rebecca Kingston (?)

Samuel Paul Kingston (?)

Sara Louise Kingston (?)

Thomas G. Kingston (?)

Wesley Paul Kingston (?)

William C. Kingston (?)

Annastatia Kinney

Amos M. Kinney (?)

Byron N. Kinney (?)

Nellie G. Kinney

Arthur E. Kippe

Irma E. Kippe

Dale C. Kirton

Alex Kitzmann

Dolores Kitzmann

Edmond Kitzmann

Eli Kitzmann

Judy Kitzmann

Margaret M. Kitzmann

Ellen S. Kjos

Patricia Ann Kjos

Peter A. Kjos

Albert J. Klegen

Nicholas W. Klein

George R. Klemetsrud

George R. Klemetsrud

LaDonna M. Klemetsrud

Alma F. Johnson Klingbeil

Frank C. Klingbeil

Charles F. Klotz

Donald Kluender

Jean Kluender

Austin R. Knapp

Hattie A. Knapp

Roland W. Knapp

Lillie, ? of ? Knocke

‘Grandma’ S. Knoulton

Charlotte Knowles

Ernest J. Knowles

Lydia H. Knowles

Percy F. Knowles

Alvin Koch

Nellie Kochendorfer

Stanley Kochendorfer

Charles A. Koepke

Hazel Koepke

Kenneth A. Kohls

Harold H. Kolehma

Helen M. Komorouski

Vernon L. Komorouski

Doris A. Kopp

Emil Kopp

Elmer K. Korn

Karl O. Korn

Lillian M. Korn

Hollie Joi Koster

Albertine, wife of Henry Kramer

Fred W. Kramer

Fred W.K., son of Henry and Albertine Kramer

Henry Kramer, born in Rhoden, Waldeck Germany

Joseph D. Kramer

Pauline Kramer

Suzanne T. Kramer

Donna T. Kramlinger

Bill Krech

Diana E. Kreig

Anna E. Krelberg

Henry G. Krelberg

Ruth Krelberg

Alfred Krenz

Thena Krenz

J. Friederich Krueger

John F. Krueger

Julia A. Krueger

Kind Krueger (?)

Kind Krueger (?)

Margaret Krueger

Merle B. Krueger

William F. Krueger

Jodi Kjos Kruger

Anna L. Krumbiegel

William H. Krumbiegel

Fred Will Krumpei

Augusta Krumrei

Fred Krumrei

Karl M. Kuchera

Adolph Gustav Kuenzel

Anna Marie Kuenzel

Emil ‘Ted’ Kulla

Bertha Hullander Kummer

Elizabeth Kustritz

George Kuzman (?)

Minnie Kuzman (?)

Alma E. Kvam

Lars Kvam

Alice Markuson Kyle

Lee Sherman Kyle

Albertine LaBonte

Francis J. LaBonte

Russell LaBonte

Caroline Ladwig

Emma Ladwig

Frank Ladwig

Ben E. Lageson

Ben E. Lageson

Meta Warnecke Lageson, wife of Ben E. Lageson

Charles O. Laird

Steward W. Laird

Rhoda A. Laird

Ruby G. Laird

Evelyn M. Lamb

Julius H. Lamb

Julius H. Lamb

John C. Lamberg

Arthur O. Lammo

Hilda A. Lammo

Frances A. Lancaster

Bernice Landsberger

Ernest P. Landsberger

Alicia A. Lang

Carl A. Lang

Levi Langaster, born in Virginia

Myrtle Swanson Lange

William Lange

Jack Douglas Laumeyer Langenfeld

Lucas J. Langenfeld

Emma E. Larkey

George F. Larkey

Lillian Larkey

A.E. Larpenteur, wife of F.B. Larpenteur

F.B. Larpenteur

Elsie A. Larsen

Nicholas Larsen

Annetta J. Larson

Cecelia Larson

Darrell R. Larson

Edith R. Larson (?)

Elizabeth H. Larson (?)

Ellen C. Larson (?)

H.C. Larson

Ida M. Larson (?)

Oscar E. Larson (?)

Raymond C. Larson

Selma Larson

Reinhardt Lassow

Maria Latto, born in Wolmzach Bavaria

Rudolf Latto, born in Gilsdorf, near Coelm, Prussia

Dawn R. Latzke

Brandon Joseph Lauwagie

Devon Tanner Lauwagie

Gertrude A. Law

Keith D. Law

Kenneth B. Law

Alice Sumner LeDuc

Chas. S. LeDuc, son of Henry S. and Mary LeDuc

Charles Sumner LeDuc

Edward Mills LeDuc, son of C.S. LeDuc

Edward Mills LeDuc

Florence Gray LeDuc

Henry S. LeDuc

James M., son of H.S. and M. LeDuc

Lucy LeDuc, died at Hastings, MN

Mary Elizabeth LeDuc

Mary Stowell, wife of Henry S. LeDuc

William G. LeDuc

Bertha Lee

Richard W. Lee

Lillian M. Lee

Anna Lehmann

Della F. Lehmann

Emil Lehmann

Emil Lehmann

Fritz A. Lehmann

Johanna Lehmann

Ludwig Lehmann

Charles R. Lemen

Elizabeth Bowman Lemen

James Pulliam Lemen

Pauline Lemen

Carl G. Lenz

Charlotte M. Lenz

Elsie W. Lenz

James R. Lenz

Lloyd R. Lenz

Arthur L. Leslie

C.G. LeVesconte

Oraelia Levesconte

Cornelia A., wife of Ira N. Lewis

Elizabeth A. Lewis

Emma A. Lewis (?)

Frank H. Lewis

Ira N. Lewis

James Lewis

James E. Lewis

Jeanette B. Lewis

John H. Lewis

Louie W. Lewis

Luther Lewis, born at Waterville (?), ME.

Mildred Lewis

Phoebe, wife of James Lewis

Robert E. Lewis

Robert James Lewis

Samantha W. Sprague, wife of Wm. E. Lewis

Helen A. Libbey

Rowland G. Libbey

Horace E. Libby

Ruth Lowell Libby

Bertha Liddle

Clark M. Liddle

daughter Liddle (?)

Ethel M. Liddle

‘Father’ Liddle (?)

Fred E. Liddle

‘Mother’ Liddle (?)

Myrtle M. Liddle

Ruth L. Liddle

Alice Vivian Lidstrom (?)

Clarence E. Lidstrom (?)

Edward A. Lidstrom

Erick J. Lidstrom (?)

Kate Lidstrom (?)

Rudolph C. Lidstrom (?)

Ruth McChesney Lidstrom

John Liedstrom (?)

Louise Liedstrom (?)

Edgar L. Lightbourn

Eleanor A. Lightbourn

Beverly J. Likes

Martha Likes

Veo Likes

Vinton D. Likes

Edvald F. Lindberg

Helena C. Lindberg

Rosalie M. Lindberg

Samuel A. Lindberg

Fred L. Linde

Donald A. Lindeman

Marilyn B. Lindeman

Russell A. Lindeman

Elizabeth H. Lindstedt

Ernest A. Lindstedt

Helen L. Lindstedt

Walden S. Lindstedt

Cora Linnie

Edward M. Linton

Edward M. Linton

Jonathan F. Linton

M. Isabelle Linton

Mary Linton

Robert Linton

David B. Livingston

Corinne F. Lockhart

Hazel Pittenger Lockwood

Alice M. Lomker, nee Chapman

Amelia Lomker

Fred A. Lomker

Fred T. Lomker

Harold A. Lomker

Kyra E. Lomker

Lanard A. Lomker

Lona Lomker

Virginia Lomker

Sigrid Turner London

Cora B. Lorentz (?)

Joseph N. Lorentz (?)

Leroy R. Lorentz

Lyle A. Lorentz (?)

Mariel L. Lorentz

Peter M., son of Marvin and Dorothy Lorentz

Emil R. Lorenz

Hattie E. Lorenz

Hazel E. Lottridge

Leslie M. Lottridge

Brent V. Lovejoy

Chester W. Lovejoy

Geraldine Lovejoy

Gertrude Lovejoy

Grace G. Lovejoy

Ralph Lovejoy

Robert L. Lovejoy

Ruby L. Lovejoy

Sharon Lovejoy

Charles S. Lowell

Dora Parker Lowell

Emma L. Lowell

John A. Lowell

Lucius M. Lowell

Parker Lowell

Sherman Lowell

Williva Lowell

George D. Lowery

Louise I. Lowery

Ida F. Loy

Robert Loy

Robert L. Loy

Ruth A. Loy

Warren L. Loy

Todd Michael Lubinsky

Mary Lucas

Ralph, son of John and Sarah M. Lucas

Sarah (?) M. Stone, wife of John Lucas

Emma Leigh, infant daughter of Ray and Vonda Luckin

Bert H. Lund

Edna S. Lund

Linnea M. Lundin

Verner R. Lundin

Dora Furney Lynn

Dorothy V. Lynn

Almira Lyon, wife of J.B. Lyon

Carrie Lyon (?)

Hazel Lyon

Hester A. Lyon

Isadore Lyon (?)

James B. Lyon

James W. Lyon

Jas. W. Lyon

John T. Lyon

Katherine H. Lyon

Leland Lyon

Lottie C. Lyon

Roscoe Lyon

William H. Lyon

Lester F. Maas

Myrtle M. Maas

Frances Thompson Mace

Donna C. Olson Machesney

George W. Machesney

Lester A. Mack

Phoebe Jane Mack

Arthur MacKenzie

Claudia L. Mackey

Donald J. Maderich (?)

Lois D. Maderich (?)

Ida Maffit

Charles Magle

Elizabeth Magle

Fred Magle

George Magle

Harry Magle

John Magle

Willie Magle

Corpl. Geo Mahar, Company E 13 Minn. Inf. Sp. Am. War

Mary Jane Mahar

Minnie V. Mahar

Thos. Allen Mahar

Eva Lu Maher

Edith L. Mahler

Fred W. Mahler

Fredrich W. Mahler

Henrietta M. Mahler

Abbie I. Cardner, wife of Samuel W. Mairs

Clara G. Mairs

Samuel W. Mairs

Andrew J. Majeski

Loraine M. Crotteau Majeski (?)

Dorothy Malmanger

Elian Malmanger

Thomas J. Maloney

Duane W. Mann

Lyle Mann

Maleda Mann

Michael Mann

Willard Mann

George H. Manners

Marjorie H. Manners

Richard Loren Marrison

Norman L. Marsh

Addie Marshall

C.B. Marshall

Charles B. Marshall

George H. Marshall

Helen Woodburn Dean Tingle Marshall

Henrietta Jurisch, wife of G.H. Marshall

John Marshall

Joseph J. Marshall

Maria A. Marshall

Maria M. Marshall

Phebe E. Marshall

Sarah M. Marshall

Gust Martenson

Arabel Martin

Charles Martin

Cyrus W. Martin

David C. Martin

Emma Martin

F.C. Martin

Grace E. Martin, child of F.C. and A. Martin

Leonora Martin

Nehemia Martin

Norris W. Martin

Sarah Martin

Stephanie Lynn Martin

Wm. C. Martin

Betsey Martinson

John Martinson

Selma Martinson

D.R. Marvin

Ellen Frances Marvin

Ione Marvin

Richard J. Marvin

Ellsworth H. Maskrey (?)

Mrs. J.P. Maskrey

John P. Maskrey (?)

Luceba M. Maskrey (?)

Sybil M. Stedwell, wife of Anthony Masso

Sarah E. Mather

E. Mathews (?)

Timm A. Mathiowetz

Ferdinand C. Mathison

Una M. Mathison

Bradley Matsch

Bradley L. Matsch

Larry Matsch

Lawrence Matsch

Lawrence A. Matsch

Phila Matsch

Calvin Matteson

Carrie L. Matteson

Elizabeth Matteson

Fred W. Matteson

J. Iris Matteson

Viva Cecille Matteson

Warren G. Matteson

Charles Mattson (?)

Charles Mattson

‘Mother’ Mattson (?)

William L. Mattson (?)

Bart Thomas Matz

George R. Matz

George R. Matz

Harold G. Matz

Harold G. Matz

Helen L. Matz

Katherine Matz

Goldie I. Mauch

Carol J. Mayer

Christian Mayer

David Mayer

Edna N. Mayer

Frieda Warnecke Mayer

Friedrich Mayer

Hedwig F.L. Mayer (?)

Henry Mayer

John Mayer

John Frederick, son of John and Edna Mayer

Paul W. Mayer

Peggy E. Mayer

Sophia Mayer

Sophia Mayer

Verna G. Mayer

James A. McBeath (?)

Lincoln McBeath

Mary A. McBeath

Carol E. McBeth

William A. McBeth

Marshall Gordon McCallson

Gladys McCallum

J. Percy McCallum

Sophie Reese, wife of L.B. McCarriel, born in Baden, Germany

Jennifer Ann McConnell - Schiller

John H. McCreary

Mathilda C. McCreary

Matilda Constans, wife of S.A. McCreary

Ruth McCreary

Stephen E. McCreary

Eleanor A. McCune

William H. McCune

Andrew B. McDonald

Donald E. McDonald

LaVerne E. McGoon (?)

Rose McGrath

Letitia, wife of N.J. McGree

Nikki Jeanne McIntyre

Aura E. Johnson McKane

Mae C. McCane

William McKane

Winston McKane

Mary I. McKay

Vernon J. McKay

Vernon J. McKay

Harold M. McKee

Cornelia A. Siple, wife of A.H. McKillips

Robert E. McLain

D. Stewart McLeod

Maude E. McLeod

David Joshua McMahon

Jason J. McMurray

Bertha McMurtrie

Mabel McNeal

Duncan S. McTaggert

Louise C. McTaggert

John E. McWaters

Annie, daughter of ? and Sarah Mead

Henry Mead

Sarah M. Mead, daughter of Pliny and Louisa Stowell

Kenneth R. Meade

Lucille L. Meade

Richard G. Meade

Clifford M. Meier

DeForest E. Meier

Dwayne F. Meier

Helen T. Meier

Isabel Hankes Meier

Shirley A. Meier

Leland B. Melby

Leland B. Melby

Leone D. Melby

Ale Mellema

Susan Mellema

Anna E. Menger

Oscar A. Menger

Curtis J. Mensink

Emily J. Hanna, wife of M.D. Merrill

M.D. Merrill

Mary E., daughter of M.D. and F.J. Merrill

Agnes S. Mertz

Alden G. Mertz

Alden G. Mertz

Jennie E. Mertz

Jennie E. Mertz

John George Mertz

Lois Mathews Mertz, wife of John George Mertz

Ilo R. Metcalf

Wm. Rex Metcalf

Audrey J. Metzger

Audrey J. Metzger

Ferne H. Metzger

George A. Metzger

Amelia E. Meyer

Christopher M. Meyer

F.W. Meyer

Frederick W. Meyer

Mary Meyer

Mary K. Meyer

Maurice A. Meyer

William Meyer

Janice M. Meyers

Peter A. Meyers

Arthur George Milhaupt

Athalene M. Miller

William R. Miller

Junious A. Millis

Arthur E. Mills

Sybil A. Mills

S. Lovina Milner

John Mishler

Bennie C. Mjolsness

Marvella Mjolsness

Hugh E. Moeller

Shirley A. Moeller

Amund Moen

Betty J. Moen

Orvin A. Moen

R. Mathilda Moen

Alfred Mogren

Hattie Mogren

Walter H. Moldenhauer

Loretta M. Monson

Marcus G. Monson

Jane S. Montgomery

James N. Moore

Josephine Moore

Mary M. Jurisch, wife of W.H. Moore

Sarah L. Moore

W.H. Moore

Emma F. Moorhouse

I.E. Hall, wife of W. Moorhouse

Sarah E. Moorhouse

William Moorhouse

Bertha Moran

John Moran

Harry Y. Morey

Jessie B. Morey

Francis B. Moritz

Monica K. Moritz

Edward Morland

Lily Morland

Dora E. Morlock

Wallace J. Morlock

Dorothy M. Morris

John G. Morris

Carleen M. Morrison

John Morrison

Ross M. ‘Jerry’ Morrison

J. Patrick Morrow

A. Spencer Morse

Ella Belle Morse (?)

George Walling Morse

Margaret Morse

Minniferd Duffey, wife of George W. Morse

Herman Morton

J.A. Morton (?), company F 7th Minn. Inf.

Lillian Morton

Edward Moser (?)

Emma C. Moser

Frederick H. Moser (?)

H.A. Moser

Harry Moser

John Moser

John F. Moser (?)

John J. Moser

Lesetta Moser

Mollie Moser (?)

Ruby L. Moser

Edna Mosley

A.E. (?) Mowry

G.H. Mowry

F.C. Mowry

F.G. (?) Mowry, company I. 7th (?) Minn. Inf.

W.E. Mowry

John B. Mudgett

Lydia A. Mudgett

George J. Mueller

Jennie M. Mueller

Albertina Muggenburg

Emma Muggenburg (?)

William Muggenburg

William Muggenburg (?)

Dorothy Ann Muhl

Lowell S. Muhl

Frank A. Muirhead

Frank A. Muirhead

James A. Muirhead

James A. Muirhead

Pearl R. Muirhead

Pearl R. Muirhead

Robert W. Muirhead

Robert W. Muirhead

Mildred Munger

S.W. Munger

Vernon C. Munger

Cyrus W. Munroe

Ella W. Munroe

Cecil W. Munson

Doris N. Munson

Frank Mutch

Albert Myers

Esther V. Myers, nee Anderson

Georgia F. Myers

Philip Ivan Myers

Warren G. Myers

Anna E. Neels

Ernest W. Neels

Elnora E. Nei

Patti Lynn Nei, daughter of Walter and Elnora

Walter C. Nei

Shannon Victoria Neill

Keith Nelsen

Adeline L. Nelson

Alma J. Nelson

Caroline Nelson

Celia Nelson

Charlie A. Nelson

Curtis L. Nelson

Eunice Elston Nelson

Fred Nelson

Geneva C. Nelson

Genevieve Nelson

Gertrude Nelson

John Nelson

John Nelson

Leigh Evans Nelson

LeRoy G. Nelson

Leta A. Nelson

Magnus Nelson

Mary Ellen Nelson

Mathilda J. Nelson (?)

Menferd E. Nelson

Minnie M. Nelson

N. Thomas Nelson

Nels Nelson

Nels C. Nelson

Ole Nelson

Peter Nelson (?)

Verna McKay Nelson

Wilma Nelson

William C. Nelson

William C. Nelson, 307 U.S.K.,

Emma Nesbit (?)

Kathryn Nesbit (?)

Thomas Nesbit (?)

Andrew Nessel

Mary A. Newburgh

Maggie Cater Newport

John F. Newton, MN Cpl 6 Regt Wisconsin Iron Brig Civil War

Rollin Finn Newton

Ethel M. Nicholls

Harold E. Nichols

Harold E. Nichols

Alice Lyon Nichols

Mary Nichols

Donald Nicoll

Irene Nicoll

Lloyd Nicoll

Helen Niedere (?)

Joseph Niedere (?)

Arthur L. Niederkorn

Augusta Niederkorn

Bernice O. Niederkorn

Charles J. Niederkorn

Hattie J. Niederkorn

Irene S. Niederkorn

Laurence J. Niederkorn

Lenore K. Niederkorn

Marjorie Jane Niederkorn

Michael Niederkorn

William M. Niederkorn

Lotte-Lore Nielsen

Robert A. Nielsen

Louis Nomando

Mabel L. Nord

Michael Nord

Michael J. Nord

Anna Nordstrom

Cecelia Nordstrom

Clifford Nordstrom

Genevieve Nordstrom

Harold E. Nordstrom

Hazel Nordstrom

John Nordstrom

Mary P. Nordstrom

Rosabelle Nordstrom

Charles H. Noreen

Mary C. Noreen

John Norman

F.F. Norrish (?)

F.F.N. Norrish (?)

Gertrude A. Norrish

John Freeman Norrish

K.M. Norrish (?)

K.M.N. Norrish (?)

Lavina Tarr Norrish

M.A. Norrish (?)

M.A.N. Norrish (?)

S. Norrish (?)

S.N. Norrish (?)

Ethel North, born in Cornwall, Conn.

Lydia North

Donald E. Norton (?)

Elizabeth G. Norton (?)

Grace C. Norton (?)

Harmon F. Norton

Hilda M. Norton

John P. Norton

Josephine Norton (?)

Maude A. Norton (?)

Murray W. Norton (?)

Robert Fulton Norton

Thomas F. Norton (?)

Thomas H. Norton (?)

Vera A. Norton

Virginia Denna Norton

Arthur L. Norway

Clara Norway

Estella S. Norway

Faustina Lyon Norway

Jediah Norway

Raymond J. Norway

Royal J. Norway

William H. Norway

Ada V. Noyes

Willard A. Noyes

John Carl Nygaard

John O’Boyle

Mathilda O’Boyle

Charles J. O’Brien

Charles J. O’Brien

Florence M. O’Brien

Frank O’Brien

Ivedell H. O’Brien

Mary O’Brien

Urban Oehrlein

Albert Oestreich

Anna Oestreich

Herman Oestreich

Neva Oestreich

Arne Odtedahl

Elvera Oftedahl

Phyllis J. Olesen

Vernon G. Olesen

A.N. Olin (?), company A 12th Wisconsin (?) Inf

Alice F. Oliver

Jeanie C., daughter of F.W. and J.L. Oliver

Jeanie L., wife of F.W. Oliver

Lester H. Oliver

Asta Olsen (?)

Chelsea Marlene Olsen

Elsie V. Olsen

Hans G. Olsen

Kristian M. Olsen (?)

Agnes Elinor Olson

Albert Olson (?)

Alice Olson (?)

Alice E.E. Olson

Andrew Olson

Anna Louise Olson

Bette Olson

Bridget Olson

Ellen K. Olson

Emil A. Olson

Ernest Olson

Esther Olson

Esther L. Olson

Ethel Olson

Hanna, wife of Nels Olson

Hazel Haglund Olson

Ida M. Olson

James A. Olson

John K. Olson

John K. Olson

John N. Olson

Joseph Olson

Karen Olson

Louise Dahlhjelm Olson

Lurene J. Olson

Mary Olson

Minnie C. Olson (?)

Nan O. Olson

Nels Olson

Nels Olson

Norman Olson

Olaf Olson (?)

Olena Olson

Olena Olson, wife of P.A. Olson

Olof Olson

P.A. Olson

P. Albert Olson

Rebecca J. Olson

Samuel W. Olson

Theodore Olson

Walter A. Olson (?)

William M. Olson

Willis Olson

Alfred E. Oman

Amanda E. Oman

Augus Oman

Carl G. Oman

Charles E. Oman

Johanna M. Oman

Mary Oman

Mary J. Oman

Mathilda E. Oman

Antonette Otte

Earl L. Otte

Ernest G. Otte

Leslie Otte

Lottie Otte

Frederick E. Otto (?)

Frederick H. Otto (?)

Jane Carolyn Otto (?)

Juanita Claire Otto (?)

Florence Ovsak (?)

June I. Ovsak

Lavern V. Ovsak

Lawrence Ovsak (?)

Apollos Owen (?)

Charles Owen (?)

E.B. Owen

Nancy Owen (?)

Stella Owen (?)

Susan Elizabeth Oyster


Dorothy R. Page

Paul J. ‘Joe’ Page

Amanda C. Palmer

Ann L. Palmer

Ernest Palmer

Esther Palmer

John A. Palmer

Roy A. Palmer

Signe E. Palmer

Emma E. Palmstrom

Florence Marie Palmstrom

Harold E. Palmstrom

George Panchot (?)

Katharine, wife of G. Panchot

Miles Panek

Ruth Panek

Russell C. Pangerl

Julius Panse

Ottilie Panse (?)

Susanna Panse

Ermah L. Pape

George W. Pape

George Parker

Mary M. Parker

Mary Maud Parker

John M. Parmenter

Fred Partington

Marjorie J. Partington

Kenneth F. Pasch

Michael L. Pauletti

Florence Paulson

Fred E. Paulson

Lavinia E. Pearce

Charles Pearson

Elmer W. Pearson

Helen H. Pearson

Kaisa (?) Pearson

Nettie L. Pearson

Salome Winter Whittemore, wife of C. Pearson

Walter G. Pearson

Angus Pederson

Anna L. Pederson

Annie Pederson

August H. Pederson

Caroline A. Pederson

Edna Pederson

Elmer Pederson

Esther L. Pederson

Gunborg Larson Pederson

Lawrence A. Pederson

Siver A. Pederson

Ethel H. Pemble

Ray E. Pemble

Sadie S. Pennel

Clarance Pennock

Robert W. Pennock

Bernard W. Penrod

Clara M. Penrod

Diehl W. Penrod

Doris H. Percy

Everett E. Percy

Alexander W. Perry

Esther Person

Olof Persson

Carl C. Peterson

Clarence R. Peterson

Elmer R. Peterson

Emma Peterson

George E. Peterson

Ida Peterson

James C. Peterson

Jeanette Peterson

Jewett Peterson

Jewett R. Peterson

John Peterson

Kathleen Peterson

Kathleen Twiss Peterson

Lewis E. Peterson

Lillian Peterson

Lillian U. Peterson

Marilyn Weckman Peterson

Mrs. N.C. Peterson, Martha

Nels C. Peterson

Norman E. Peterson

Ole Peterson

Peter M. Peterson

Richard M/ Peterson

Ruth L. Peterson

Sophia Peterson

William Peterson

Per Petterson

Harmon Pettibone

Herman D. Pettibone

Mary E. Pettibone

Milo Pettibone

Tamizem Dunning Pettibone

only Pettingill

Benjamin H. Pettingill

Dorothy Pfenning

Gordon W. Pfenning

‘Mother’ Pfenning (?)

Joseph F. Pfost

Joseph F. Pfost, son of Joseph and Marion

Marion E. Pfost

Emmett R. Phifer

Bernard J. Piehl

Florence J. Piehl

John M. Piehl

Herman R. Piehl

Mary Ann Piehl

Mildred V. Piehl

Alma Elizabeth Pierce

Annie Pihl (?)

Clara V. Pihl (?)

David Pihl (?)

‘Father’ Pihl (?)

Frances C. Pihl (?)

Ida Maria Pihl (?)

‘Mother’ Pihl (?)

Selma V. Pihl (?)

William S. Pilcher

Arnold E. Pinke

August Pinke

Erwin Pinke

Grace E. Pinke

Herman W. Pinke (?)

Margaret Pinke

Meta M. Pinke (?)

Mildred Pinke

Bernice Furney Pinske

Elizabeth G., wife of John B. Pitcher

J.H. Pitcher, company F 3rd U.S. Inf., Hero of Spanish American War

J.H. Pitcher, company F 3rd U.S. Inf.

John B. Pitcher

Loretta V. Pittenger

Wesley C. Pittenger

Maynard P. Pitts

Joy Place

Matthew Eldon Place

Louise Plate

Ludwig Plate

Mary, wife of L. Plate

Scott J. Platson

Ervin J. Plein

Kathryn J. Plein

John H. Plum

Louise Todd Plum

Fred Pluta

Joseph Podner

Josephine M. Podner

Charles Poler

Lloyd Polifka

Margaret M. Polifka

Annie M., wife of Dallas M. Poor

Dallas M. Poor

Edwin Poor

Frances E. Poor

J. Lucille Poor

James Monroe Poor

John Wm. Poor

Nancy W., wife of Charles B. Poor

Nellie R., daughter of Dallas and Annie Poor

A. Willis Poore

David M. Poore

Katherine Poore

Otto H. Poore

Viola B. Poore

Walter E. Poore

Anna Pottratz

Herman Pottratz

Ada G. Potts

Francis H. Potts

Esther, wife of J.L Powers

Lafayette Powers

William DeWolf Princle, 1st Lt and Adjt company M 9th NY H Art Batalia, NY

Louise C. Pringel

William DeWolf Pringel

Henry Hudson Pringle

Lizzie Pringle

Louisa A. Pringle

Louise Pringle

Sarah, widow of Eld. W.G. Proctor

Hattie Quick

Lizzie Rabold

Dorothy Jean Radabaugh

Lois Mertz Radabaugh

Rudolph C. Radabaugh

Sophia V. Rader

Agnes H. Radke

Anna D. Radke

Augusta Radke (?)

Ella E. Radke

Emil A. Radke

John Radke

Oscar R. Radke

William Radke (?)

Joanne D. Radi

Marvin D. Radi

Dorothy A. Radice

Edith I. Rahn

Hubert H. Rahn

Eliza E. Ralphe

Francis S. Ralphe

Francis X. Ralphe

Louise M. Ralphe

Vince J. Ralphe

Carl E. Ramberg

Charles Ramberg

Christine Ramberg

Hannah C. Ramberg

Lena Ramberg

Louise Ramberg

Olga L. Ramberg

Lillie V. Ranelius

Sven J. Ranelius

Charlie Rathbone (?)

‘Father’ Rathbone (?)

‘Mother’ Rathbone (?)

Bernard Rauch, born in Brooksal Germany

John Rauch

Marie Rauch, born in Breslau Germany

Christina Rawle (?)

Robert Rawle

Lillian D. Razor

Grace Rebold

Marjorie Redman

Albert Irving Reed

Amanda Reed

Anthony Reed

Ariel Rodgers Reed

baby, child of Albert I. and Mary W. Reed

Charles A. Reed

Charles H. Reed, company E 3rd VT. Inf.

Charlie A. Reed

Elizabeth A. Reed

George B. Reed

Harold G. Reed

Helen L. Reed (?)

Ina M., wife of Merton H. Reed

Jessie Reed (?)

June Clarke Reed

Marion B. Reed

Mary Watson Reed

Merton H. Reed

Merton H. Reed, company C 14th Minn.

Myrtle H. Reed (?)

Pamelia Randall Reed

Penelope L. Reed

Phyllis E. Reed

Ruth H. Reed

Sam’l A. Reed

Sarah Z. Reed

W.B. Reed

Walter E. Reed (?)

William G. Reed

William G. Reed

William Watson, child of Albert I. and Mary W. Reed

Elmer G. Reese

Sherwin K. Reese

Addie Reeves

Jeffrey D. Regenscheid

Leo D. Regenscheid

Catharine M., wife of John H. Rehse

John H. Rehse

Margaret, wife of John H. Rehse

Hilma L. Reifsteck

Louis H. Reifsteck

Florence Reinhardt

LeRoy Reinhardt

Audrey Reissner

Erwin Reissner

‘Father’ Reissner (?)

Fritz Reissner

Karl H. Reissner

Mildred Reissner

‘Mother’ Reissner (?)

Otto Reissner

Suzanne Kay Reissner

Valzora Reissner

John Rekstad

Ruth Rekstad

Eva R. Reuter

Glenn C. Reuter

Joseph C. Reuter

Margie M. Reuter

Ronald R. Reuter

Ruby B. Reuter

Ruby E. Reuter

Thomas C. Reuter

Thomas C. Reuter

Thomas C. Reuter

Wilna M. Reuter

Frank A. Rheinhardt

Mary Rheinhardt

Hannah M. Rhodes

John Rhodes

Lucinda C. Rhodes

Allen E. Rich

Ann Maria Rich

Maurice Poe Rich

Ira Richardson

Laura Richardson

Leone Tobey Richardson

Robert Richardson

H.N. Rice

Nellie Rice (?)

Bette A. Richmond

Kermit E. Richmond

Kermit E. Richmond

John Thomas, infant son of Dennis and Diane Rickert

Kirby Riggs

Melva Riggs

Orvetta Riley

Bernard Rimpila

Gertrude Rimpila

Clellan D. Ringeisen

Clellan Reigeisen

Patricia Ringeisen

Shirley Ringeissen

Charles Ringstrom

Christina Ringstrom

Peter A. Ringstrom

Knute N. Riste

Marie P. Riste

James R. Ritchie

Selma I. Ritchie

Charles E. Rivard

Helen L. Rivard, nee Hakseth

Florence E. Roberts

Gordon D. Robey

Clarence E. Robinson

Dayton J. Robinson

Della Foster Robinson

Deloras V. Robinson

Dorothy F. Robinson

Geo. W. Robinson

George C. Robinson

George C. Robinson

Janeita Robinson

Mary K. Robinson

Mina Z. Robinson

Russell Robinson

Wilbert J. Robinson

William Robinson

Douglas E. Robinson - Von Dutch

Anthony P. Roche

John Rock

Albertina Rockstead

Andrew C. Rockstead

Frances S. Rodgers

George A. Rodgers

Josephine S. Rodgers

Frank L. Rogers

James Rogers

Margaret M. Rogers

Maria Leslie Rogers

Nathaniel Rogers

Winnifred Carr Rogers

Oscar C. Rolfing (?)

Winifred L. Rolfing (?)

Frank W. Rolph

Cecille A. Root

Fred S. Root

Henry C. Root

Corrine M. Rosch

Harold H. Rosch

Willie Rose

Bess Crane Rosenbaum

Louis F. Rosenbaum

Daniel Joseph Ross

Michael Ross

Russell Ross

Stuart G. Ross, son of Max and Betty

Charles C. Rossen

Katrina Rossen

Katrina Rossen

Nels C. Rossen

Alex Rossing

Onolee Rossing

Wendy Lee Rossing

Arnold Rossow

Pauline Rossow

Andrew Rothe

Amelia O. Royce

George M. Royce

George W. Royce

Fred W. Rubin

Marian E. Rubin

A.E. Rude

Emma Rude

Lloyd S. Rude

S.B. Rude

Agnes C. Ruedy

Anton U. Ruedy

Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ruedy

Wayne L. Ruedy

Emma Ruff

Gladys E. Ruhnke

Raymond P. Ruhnke

Ellen D. Rusch, daughter of J.A. and Lowell

Gustaf A. Rusch

Abidel Russell

Cecil E. Rust

Clarence B. Rust

David Lee Rust

Ella B. Rust

Emma E. Rust

Mary J. Rust

Elizabeth P. Hetherington, wife of G.H. Ruth

Ida R., daughter of Adam and Octavia Ruths

Samuel Ryckman, born in New York

Carl A. Salin

Lena, wife of Carl A. Salin

Henry A. Samuelson (?)

Ida C. Samuelson (?)

J.C. Sanborn

Mary J. Thompson, wife of J.C. Sanborn

Glen E. Sanders

Grace Darling Sanders

Marion L. Sanders

Walter Sanders

Warren E. Sanders

Albert W. Sandquist

Clara E. Sandquist

David J. Sanford

Elizabeth Brennen Savage

Donald David Savor

Anna C. Schaar

Carl W. Schaar

Cynthia L. Schaar

Daniel P. Schaar

Dorothy H. Schaar

Elsie A. Schaar

Emma W. Schaar

Helen P. (Trapp) Schaar

Howard W. Schaar

Jacob Schaar

Louise Schaar

Maria M. Schaar

Otto L. Schaar

Rudolph P. Schaar

Emma S. Schabacker

Henry C. Schabacker

Anna Schildt (?)

Herman Schildt (?)

Herman Schildt

Marie Schildt

Christabel, ? of Christian and Fannie Schiltz

Goldie E. Schlinsog

Robert W. Schlinsog

August H. Schluessler

Carl Schluessler

Elizabeth J. Schluessler

Emma Schluessler

Evelyn M. Schluessler

LeAnn Marie Schuessler (?)

Linda Kaye Schluessler

Doris E. Kulla Schmidt

Christina Schmitt, wife of Peter Schmitt

Peter Schmitt

Tianna Nichole Schmotzer-Paulson

Conrad Schnider, company E 1st Batt’n Minn. Inf.

Louise Heinold Schoenhoff

Amalia Schoepf (?)

Amelia Otto - Schoepf, born in Germany

Christof Schoepf, born in Germany

Ida B. Scholl

J. Fred Scholl

Alfred O. Schroth

Anna M., wife of Charles Schroth

Bertha F. Schroth

Charles Schroth

Charles G. Schroth

Edward J. Schroth

Georgie, son of Charles and Bertha Schroth

Gottlob Schroth

John B. Schroth

Lizzie A. Schroth

Pauline Schroth

Edwin Schuette

Fredrick Schuette

Fredrick Raymond Schuette

Lila Schuette

Arlene A. Schultz

Fernly R. Schultz

Gary Norman Schultz

Heather Lea Schultz

Herman Schultz

Marie Schultz

Vernon J. Schultz

Larry H. Schuster

Larry H. Schuster

Annie Schurch (?)

‘Father’ Schurch (?)

John Schurch (?)

‘Mother’ Schurch (?)

Frederick Schwartz

Anna Scott

Harry E. Scott

Peter Scott

Blanche Seaman

Fletcher Seaman

Clara Searles

Eleanor Wade Searles

Erskine Bronson Searles

Jasper Newton Searles

Julius Bronson Searles

Lewis Tozer Searles

Sarah Tozer Searles

Wade T. Searles

Jennifer R. Seeger

Arvad C. Semple

Ida May Semple

James A. Semple

Arnold R. Severson

Keith G. Severson

Mildred A. Severson

Chester S. Shaw (?)

‘Father’ Shaw (?)

‘Mother’ Shaw (?)

Olive A. Shaw (?)

Darwin Shearer

Ida Roskstead Shearer

Mildred Shearer

Ethel M. Sheehan

Daniel G. Sheggeby

Ella E. Shelton

H.G. Shepardson

Sarah S. Shepardson

Felix P. Shillock, born in New Ulm, Minnesota

Beulah M. Shingledecker

Clarence D. Shingledecker

Glen W. Shingledecker

Elizabeth A. Shubert

H.A. Shubert

H.A. Shubert, Company D 29th Missouri Infantry

W.D. Shubert

Wayne S. Sieben

Jessica Lynn Siebenaler

Marshall S. Siebold

Arland J. Siebrecht

Joyce M. Siebrecht

Sondra Lea, daughter of Francis and Marlys Sieckert

Emma C. Siewert

Frank G. Siewert

Lorraine Ann Siewert

Amy Silver

Amy Silver

J. Nyren Silver

James M. Silver

Carroll B. Simmons

Ellen Pringle Simmons

Emma B. Simmons

Emma Ball Simmons

Ethel M. Simmons

Florence W., wife of S.B. Simmons

Margaret D. Simmons

William A. Simmons

Fern B. Simonson

George E. Simonson

John M. Siple

Mary R. Hazard, wife of John M. Siple

Reuben M. Siple

Forrest R. Skallerup

Henrietta Skallerup

Robert Glenn Skallerup

Ethelyn Slagle

Merrill Slagle

Florence Sloniger

Loran Sloniger

Monty Sloniger

Almira G. Smith

Arthur Abe Smith

Charley E. Smith

Christine E. Smith

Effie C. Smith

Esther T. Smith

Fernando M. Smith

Fidelia (?) P. Smith

Frances Truax Smith

Frank P. Smith

Fredie A. Smith

George F. Smith

George Hullet Smith

Hattie E., wife of E.B. Smith

Helen Naomi Smith, nee Johnson

Hepzisah B. (?), wife of J.T. Smith

Hiram Smith

Ida B. Smith

Ida E., daughter of R.J. and N.E. Smith

James A. Smith

James Andrew Smith, born at Newbury, Vermont

Jessie M. Tyck, wife of William E. Smith

John Lafayette Smith

John P. Smith

John T. Smith

Kendall B. Smith

M. Alice Smith

N. Emma, wife of B.F. Smith

Nancy E. Smith

Mary A. Smith

Paul Wilson Smith

R.S., son of R.J. and N.E. Smith

Robert J. Smith

Seagrave Smith, born in Stafford Village, Connecticut

William E. Smith

Willis E. Smith

Bernard J. Smola

Shirley A. Smola

Mary Snider

Agnes M. Snyder

Anna Lewis Snyder

Annie T. Snyder

Charles Snyder

Conrad Snyder

Conrad E. Snyder

Emma Snyder

Frederick C. Snyder

Harry P. Snyder

Hazel V. Snyder

Louise C. Snyder

Mary A. Snyder

Nick Snyder

S.W. Snyder, 11th New York Batt’y

Floyd G. Soderquist

Debra L. Soehl

Patricia Ann Soehl

Ronald Claus Soehl

Clarence A. Soleim

Edna M. Soleim

Phillip Sommers

Edwin G. Sontag

Etta M. Sontag

George A. Sontag

Henry A. Sontag

Lorraine B. Sontag

Mary G. Sontag

Rozella A. Sophy

Donna M. Sorenson

Selmer P. Sorenson

Carl L. Sorg

Earl B. Sorg

Estella Sorg

‘Father’ Sorg (?)

Gary L. Sorg

J.A. Sorg

Loren K. Sorg

Marion L. Sorg

Martha L. Sorg

‘Mother’ Sorg (?)

W.A. Sorg

Charles W. Speakes

Mabel Dick Speakes

Mary C. Speakes

Irene H. Spearbeck

June C. Spearbeck

Donald Adolph Specht

Lorna B. (?) Daley Specht

Allie Sunburg (?) or Sprague (?)

James H. Sprague

Myra L. Sprague

Mary L. Stam

David R. Stancer

baby Stead

Beverly J. Stead

Lucille M. Stead

Columbus Stebbins

Kate Laura Stebbins

Mary E. Lemen Stebbins

Mary Ellen Stebbins

Marlene Steele

Mary Steele

Clara S. Steffenhagen

Dorothy C. Steffenhagen

John F. Steffenhagen

Lawrence F. Steffenhagen

Andrew Steinwand

Anna Steinwand

Lucy C. Stephens

Norma E. Stevens

Ethel Stewart, nee Kiefer

Howard E. Stiles

Charlotte Stillman

Otto G. Stillman

Nancy Stlte

Clara A. Stober

Blanche E. Stokes (?)

Ethel Johnson Stokes

Fred Edwin Stokes (?)

Fred W. Stokes, Pvt 52 Iowa Inf. Sp. Am. War

Tommy C. Stokes

Annie C. Stokke

Martin N. Stokke

Herman W. Stoltz

Violet E. Stoltz

Albert F. Stone

Mary Ann, wife of Albert F. Stone

Laura E. Stoneman

Richard H. Stoneman

Richard S. Stoneman

Barbara A. Storlie

Dale L. Storlie

Adelbert J. Stoudt

Anna M. Stoudt

Edward Stoudt

Esther R. Stoudt

Frank L. Stoudt

George A. Stoudt

Jerome H. Stoudt

John Stoudt

Marian R. Stoudt, nee Ruhr

Mary Hanna Stoudt

Paul C. Stoudt

Wilhelmina, wife of John Stoudt

Winnie A. Cook, wife of Edward Stoudt

Frances B. Stowell

Hammon Stowell

Jane Stowell

Louisa Fay, wife of Pliny Stowell

Pliny Stowell

Ruth Stowell

Mrs. C. Straus

Anamay Ives Strauss

Anna M. Strauss

Arthur T. Strauss

Charles Strauss

Charles Strauss

Albert H. Strehlow

Esther V. Strehlow

Albert Strey

Ellen Striebel

Frederick A. Striebel

Harry J. Striebel

Myrtle R. Striebel

only Stromberg

Bertha C. Stromberg

Charles G. Stromberg

John Oscar Stromberg

Alice Maud Stroud

Anna M. Stroud

Charles McMurtrie Stroud

Harold Dudley Stroud

Harris K. Stroud

Clara F. Stultz

Henry Stultz

Henry Stultz

Sally Ann Stultz

Lydia Macy Starbuck, wife of Michael H. Sullivan

Michael H. Sullivan

Minnie Condon, wife of Dr. Sumption

Irene Sunberg

Stella S. Sunberg

James Sunburg

James S. Sunburg

Albert B. Swanson

Anna M. Swanson

Annie K. Swanson

Arthur H. Swanson

Brian John Swanson

Carl Swanson

Carl A. Swanson

Chester E. Swanson

Clarence R. Swanson

Dallas C. Swanson

Elbert Russell Swanson (?)

Emma E. Swanson

Enoch Swanson

F. Alfred Swanson

Florence Swanson

Frank Aaron Swanson (?)

Hannah E. Swanson

Harriet Swanson

Harry M. Swanson

Harry M. Swanson

Harry W. Swanson

Helen I. Swanson

Helen Josephine Swanson (?)

Herman Swanson

Ida Swanson

John Swanson

Lawrence H. Swanson

Lawrence H. Swanson

LeRoy H. Swanson

Lily Swanson

Louise M. Swanson

Mabel Louise Swanson (?)

Marion L. Swanson

Mary Christine Swanson (?)

May Frances Swanson

Ole A. Swanson

Olivia Swanson

Peter M. Swanson

Russell John Swanson

Ruth Linnea Swanson

Sherman G. Swanson

Swan W. Swanson

Victor L. Swanson

Violet H. Cater Swanson

Wayne A. Swanson

Carl Victor Swenson, born in Smaaland, Sweden

Admiral Swetlen

Eliza Swetlen

Frank Swetlen

John Swetlen

Peter Swetlen

Caroline Tack

Emil Tack

Alice Taffe

Richard F. Taffe

Gavin Matthew Talafous

A.F. Talmadge

Aurelius (?) Talmadge (?)

C.F. Talmadge

E.N. Talmadge

Esther N. Talmadge (?)

Harriet M. Talmadge

May Viola, wife of C.F. Talmadge

baby son Taplin

Dolley L. Russell, wife of John C. Taplin

Dolley L. Taplin

George H. Taplin

Morris W. Taplin

Myrtle L. Taplin

H. Violet Tate

Dwight Morse, son of F.C. and M.E. Taylor

Fred Chas. Taylor

John H. Taylor

John W. Taylor

Maud Elvira Taylor

Agnes M. Teare

Lizzie A. Bracht, wife of William Teare

Sarah E., wife of William Teare

W. Lyle Teare

William Teare

William K. Teare

only Teeters

Richard D. Teig

Bradley Michael Teigen

Adeline Teigen

Archie Teigen

Agnes Telford (?)

Alexander Telford, born in Tady, Ohio

Elizabeth Telford (?)

Mary Henderson, wife of Alexander Telford, born in Princeton, New Jersey

Stella Telford (?)

Amanda G. Temple

Jerome Temple

Dwight Tessman

Julius Tessman

Vena B. Tessman

Hermann Teszmann

Einer A. Theodorson

Elsie M. Theodorson

Margaret Thiel

Wayne C. Thiel

Isa G.J. Moorhouse, wife of U.M. Thomas

Rita D. Thomas

Walter H. Thomas

A.J.W. Thompson

Abbie Judkins Thompson

Amelia, wife of D.L. Thompson

Amelia V. Thompson

baby Thompson (?)

Clara Thompson

David L. Thompson (?)

Elenor S. Thompson

Emma N. Thompson

‘Father’ Thompson

Fred A. Thompson

George Robert Thompson

Grace W. Thompson

Jennie Thompson (?)

Maria Adelaide Thompson

Mary G. Thompson

Mary G., wife of A.J.W. Thompson and only daughter of Mrs. Julia Salsbury

‘Mother’ Thompson

Ole C. Thompson

Sarah Y. Thompson, born in Limington, Maine

William Thompson, born in Limington, Maine

Alice Norrish Thorne

Della M. Thorne

Darlene Tietz

Marvin E. Tietz

Samuel S. Tingle

Bertha C. Todd

Helen L. Todd

Irving Todd

Irving Todd

Alverna T. Tokle

Beverly L. Tokle

Orval L. Tokle

Harry G. Tolan

Naomi A. Tomlinson

Agnes Torrance

Frank B. Torrance

Isaac B. Tozer

Mary B. Tozer

Alvin Trapp

Bernadine Trapp

Emma J. Trapp (?)

Helen Lois Trapp (?)

Henry F. Trapp (?)

Henry W. Trapp (?)

Kenneth Trapp

Lucille L. Trapp (?)

Fred G. Trautmann

Marjorie J. Trautmann

Lyndon Treague

Ronald A. Tri

Susan Jeanne Trick

Albert H. Truax (?)

Alfred Akin Truax

Arvilla Truax

Caleb Truax (?)

Caleb J. Truax

Caroline A. Truax

Daniel B. Truax (?)

Edith M. Truax

Elizabeth K. Truax

Ellen A. Truax (?)

Emma L. Truax (?)

Fannie Hale Truax

Frederick Truax

Harry F. Truax (?)

James Truax (?)

Kathleen R. Truax

Lany A. Truax (?)

Leon M. Truax

Lillie B. Truax

Lucelia Truax

Mary Truax (?)

Mary J. Truax

Mathilda H. Truax

Mildred M. Truax (?)

Neil R. Truax (?)

Richard P. Truax

Ruth E. Truax

Samuel W. Truax

Sidney D. Truax

Sidney J. Truax

Shirley V. Truax

Vernon M. Truax

Vernon Merle Truax

Vincent M. Truax (?)

Wanda A. Truax

Winnie L. Truax (?)

Alfred W. Tucker

J.H. Tucker, Company E 2nd U.S.C. Cav.

J.M. (?) Tucker, Company E 2nd U.S.C. Cav.

Jessie Gault Tucker

Lisle D. Tucker, MN 1 Lieut 305 Cav.

Lorraine Tucker

Mary S. Tucker

S.S. Tucker, Company E 2nd U.S.C. Cav.

Ardelle Tuma

Alzada Turnbull

Everett J. Turnbull

John Turnbull

Mary Turnbull

Daniel O. Turngren

Grand G. Turngren

Martha F. Turngren

Mary Turngren

Peter Turngren

Sarah Turngren

baby boy Tuttle

Bertha A. Tuttle

C.N. Tuttle

Clinton E. Tuttle

Charlotte M., wife of Robert L. Tuttle

Edwin E. Tuttle

Eva E. Frank, wife of E.E. Tuttle

Gertrud Ellen, wife of Clinton E. Tuttle

Harold W., son of Lewis and Belle Tuttle

Josephine T. Tuttle

Leslie Tuttle (?)

Martha A. Tuttle (?)

Nathaniel Tuttle

Robert L. Tuttle

Sarah E. Tuttle

Stiles E. Tuttle (?)

Walter Russell Tuttle

Walter Stiles Tuttle

James R. Tverberg

Arba (?) B. Tyrell

Susan Tyrell

Daren Lee Uglem

Vickie Lynn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Uglem

Russell Jay Unrah

Anna F. Utecht

Leo F. Utecht

Charity VanAuken

Charles H. VanAuken (?)

P.G. VanAuken

Adelin VanCleve

Margaret J. VanderHoff

Irene VanDeusen

Randall VanDeusen

Randall K. VanDeusen

Michael Louis VanEpps

Charity VanEtten

Kermith W. VanGuilder

Antoinette Van H. Wakeman

John VanHoesen

Maria VanHoesen

Henry VanInwegen, Company F 2nd Minn. Cav.

L. VanInwegen

Priscilla VanInwegen

Lorenzo VanSlyck

Martha VanSlyck

Jacob E. VanSlyke

Myron S. VanSlyke

Nicholas H. VanSlyke

Polly P. VanSlyke

Emma J. VanValkenburg (?)

Gina A. VanValkenburg (?)

Hiram W. VanValkenburg (?)

Nellie A. VanValkenburg (?)

Roy L. VanValkenburg (?)

Anna Matilda Alvina Vedder (?)

Emma Vedder

Ferdinand C. Vedder

infant Vedder (?)

Hermine Scholz Ventriglia

Jonathan Adam Vikla

Timothy Lee Vikla

Bertha Gergen Vinar

Augusta Voigt (?)

Charles L. Voigt (?)

Emil L. Voigt

Emma J. Voigt (?)

Evelyn L. Voigt

Frederick H. Voigt

Frederick H. Voigt

Fredrick A. Voigt (?)

Fredrick C. Voigt (?)

Herman Voigt (?)

Joan M. Voigt, nee Nelson

John L. Voigt (?)

Lebrecht A. Voigt (?)

Louis H. Voigt

Louis H. Voigt

Marie Voigt

Mary L. Voigt

Thora A. Voigt

Wilhelmina Voigt (?)

Wilhelmina L. Voigt

Alta P. Vollrath

Geo. W. Vore

Mary E. Vore

Edward Vose

Margaret T. Vose

Alva L.M. Wachter

Richard A. Wachter

Chase R. Wadleigh

Ellen H. Wadleigh

James N. Wadleigh

Mary J. Wadleigh

P.M. Wadleigh

Ada A. Waite

D. Adelia Cooke, wife of John S. Waite

John S. Waite

Adelbert R. Walbridge

Constance Marie Walbridge

Eliza A. Walbridge

Floretta Lovejoy Walbridge

Jason Walbridge

Ruth F. Walbridge

Walter Scott Walbridge

Catharine, wife of John Walker

John Walker

Martha L. Maloney Wallace

Addie B. Waltrip

Clinton C. Waltrip

Clementine Ward

Elizabeth I. Ward

Gilbert E. Ward

Jeffrey S. Ward

Jerieu W. Ward

Kenneth G. Ward

Sarah E. Ward

Aslaug Solveig Sigirdardotter Warmboe, born in Husavik, Ireland

Lloyd A. Warmboe

Robert Warren Warmboe, born in Henning, Minnesota

August Warnecke

Elizabeth Warnecke

Erna B. Warnecke

A. Emil Warner

Emma C. Warner

George Warner

Arnold E. Wasser

Charles M. Waterman

Warren William Watson

Leslie L. Watterson

Archie J. Webber

John E. Webber

Jeffrey Raymond Weber

Rose M. Weber

William A. Weber

Charlotte H. Webster

Chas. Webster, Company K 21 Wisconsin Infantry

Laura C. Webster

Charles J. Weckman

Edward P. Weiland

Henry P. Weiland

Henry Weileman

Mary Weileman

Grace M. Weiler

Jane Weiler (?)

Jerome G. Weiler (?)

Carl A. Weiss

Elda H. Weiss

Darlene M. Welch

Edwin C. Welch

Eliza Jane Welch

Estella Welch (?)

Fay L. Welch

Harold E. Welch

Harold R. Welch

Helen M. Welch

Ida E. Welch

Irving Welch

James S. Welch (?)

Janett Welch (?)

Jennie M. Welch (?)

Nellie Lillian Welch

Norman E. Welch

Raymond J. Welch

Russell I. Welch

Wendell K. Welch

Bruce Welchlin

Marian Welchlin

Hawley G., only child of Norman and Julia Wells

Louis C. Wells

Mae A. Wells

David Wermlund

Ida Wermlund

Ernest Werner

Ernest J. Werner

Ernst Werner

Louise Werner

Eva Werth

G. Conrad Werth

Henry Werth

Henry Werth

Imogene Werth

Jacob Werth, married Imogene

John Werth

Katherine E. Werth

Lavon M. Werth

Luella C. Werth, married Henry

Peter Werth

Wilhelmina Werth

Gladys V. Westland

Lewine A. Westland

Louise Poore Westphal

Clara E. Whaley

Fred D. Whaley

Myrtie Wheeler-Jones

Arlene Whipple

Benjamin H. Whipple

Daniel Whipple

Anna (?) Whistance

Jos. Whistance

Charles E. White

Charlie A., child of S. and M. White

Clara White (?)

Gracie F., child of S. and M. White

John White

Kenneth J. White

Spencer White (?)

Adeline B. Whitford

Edmund A. Whitford

Hess Witham

Lorena T. Witham

Ben J. Whitney, Company F 8th Minn. Inf.

Herman A. Wicke

Henry Carl Wiese

Flora Wiesen

Flora Wiesen

Emma A. Wilcox

L.H. Wilcox

Margaret Wilcox

Ray G. Wilcox

Jesse Martin Wildes

Lillian Carlson Wildes

Marion Wildes

Dorethy Wilke

Gustav Wilke

Gustive Wilke

Hazel E. Wilke

Karl Wilke

Lois I. Wilke

Otto F. Wilke

William Wilke

Lorena C. Willason

William M. Willason

Arthur E. Williams

Betty J. Williams

Evelyn A., wife of John B. Williams

Evelyn A. Williams

Gary Williams

Hattie F. Williams

Helen L. Williams

Henry G. Williams

John B. Williams

Nettie F. Williams

Sarah Lovejoy Williams

Verlin E. ‘Willie’ Williams

Everett Williamson

Helen M. Williamson

Jane Williamson

John P. Williamson

Minnie Williamson

Robert J. Williamson

Albert Charles

Alice L. Wilson

Amoretta D. Wilson (?)

Anna M. Wilson

Arthur R. Wilson (?)

Arthur W. Wilson

Caroline L. Wilson

Caroline Perkins, wife of Thomas Wilson

Charlotte Wimer Wilson

Flora E. Wilson

Florence M. Wilson

Floyd W. Wilson (?)

Frank B. Wilson

Gladys L. Wilson

Gordon L. Wilson

Gordon W. Wilson

Harriet E. Wilson (?)

Henry F. Wilson

James W. Wilson

John D. Wilson

Julia M. Wilson

Leroy C. Wilson

Lillian C. Wilson (?)

Lorraine Wilson

Mary M. Wilson

Merrill V. Wilson (?)

Orville R. Wilson

Stanley Wilson

T. ? Wilson, Company D 16 Wisconsin Infantry

William J. Wilson (?)

Zachary D. Wilson

Anna M. Wimer

B. Frank Wimer

Clemons F. Wimer

Flori Ann Rebecca Westmoreland Wimer

Laura E. Wimer

Laura Smith Wimer

Marvin Wimer

William Wimer

Ella M., only daughter of G.S. and H.J. Winslow

Jane Ellen Wisness

Bartholome Wittau (?)

Bartholome Wittua

Fredinand Wittua

Hanna Wittua

Katherine Wittua (?)

Margaret Wittua

George A. Wohlferd

Alton L. Wolcott

Everene R. Wolcott

Jessie B. Woodward

Kevin Andrew Woxland

Maurice O. Woxland

Peter Woxland (?)

Phyllis I. Woxland

Sarah Woxland (?)

Asa Wright (?)

Eugenia M. Wright (?)

‘Father’ Wright (?)

Fred W. Wright

George B. Wright

Julia C. Wright

Leslie Wright (?)

Linn C. Wright

Mark Wright

Mark A. Wright

Mary F. Wright

‘Mother’ Wright (?)

Nellie Wright (?)

William F. Wright

Beatrice Lauretta Wurst

Herbert Wurst

Charles S. Wyman

Harriet Wyman

Edward F. Wyss

Jacob Wyss

Jacob Wyss

Lester J. Wyss

Magdalena Wyss

Rosabel Wyss

Charles Yaeger, born in Holzheim (?) Hesse ??mstadt (?) Germany

Johnie Yaeger (?)

Stephan, son of G.L. and L. Yaeger

Donna J. Yager

James C. Yager

George L. Yeager

Jim Young

Robert D. Young

George Zabel

Annie Zastrow

Arthur Zastrow

Arthur E. Zastrow

Carl H. Zastrow

Chester Zastrow

Emma Zastrow (?)

Ethel Zastrow, nee Stark

Gilbert Zastrow

Lilly Zastrow

Molina Zastrow

Otto Zastrow (?)

Hedwig Warnecke Zeigler, wife of Harold Zeigler

Nathan E. Zeigler

Louise Schmitt, wife of Conrad Zeisz, born in Louisville, Ky.

Albert J. Zempel

Arthur Zempel

August Zempel (?)

Bertha Zempel (?)

Ethel Zempel

Mary S. Zempel

Clara Zell

William Zell

Donna B. Zetwick

Robert J. Zetwick

Robert J. Zetwick

Earl E. Zimmermann

Gary Travis Zorn

Grace Zubris

John Zubris

Robert Zubris

** Not able to determine a surname for the following markers:

Bertha, from friends, - near Schildt

only ‘Our Bertie’ - no datesCharles

Dorothy L.

Edwin, - near Hough

Fannie ? - near Hanson

Johann (?) ??nke - near Juenke - rest to worn to read

John ?,


Vermillion Lodge No. 8 I.O.O.F., erected in memory of departed brothers- 15 October 1907 -

 ??onson ?? 7, 1919 - rest of stone missing

Evelyn Cornelia

Herman A.

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