Oakwood Cemetery

Nininger Township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T115N - R17W, section 20

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in fair shape.  Most of the marked burials appear to be located in the southwest section of this cemetery. The fenced area surrounding the cemetery is much larger than the area that has marked burials. This cemetery is owned by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Over the years there have been several references to this particular cemetery. I have found that one of the best works is ‘The History of Nininger ... More Than Just a Dream’, written Leslie A. Guelcher. This book shows a map outlining the cemetery and photographs of some of the burial monuments.

In the 1881 "History of the Minnesota Valley", by Rev. Edward D. Neill, he wrote: ‘...Oakwood Cemetery ... This association was organized 7 June 1856. ... That same year, they purchased fifteen acres of land in the south-east quarter of section 20. The name Oakwood, on account of a very fine grove of oaks which was situated on the land, was selected. The cemetery was surveyed and platted in 1856 .’ (page 295).

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: Oakwood Cemetery. Owned by Minnesota Historical Society. Surveyed and platted in 1856. 15 acres. Located SE1/4 of Section 20. 140th Street East.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Caleb Adams

Mary F., wife of C.P. Adams

two infant sons Adams

James H. Akers, 1st Sgt. Co. H 1 Minn. Inf. - Civil War - KIA - Gettysburg 

only Akers (?)

Wm. P. Akers

Mrs. H.A. Baldwin

infant son Willie Baldwin (?)

Joh? Beckwith

F.S. Bensmore (?)

Amelia Berkholz

John Berkholz

? Bower (?), of Boyertown (?), Berks County, Pennsylvania

Daniel E. Bower, son of ? and Elizabeth

Carl Bremer (?)

‘Father’ Bremer (?)

‘Mother’ Bremer (?)

Regena Bremer (?)

Bessie W. Dekay, wife of P. (?) N. Bursell

Catherine  (could be Caleff (?) or Jewett (?))

J.J. Caleff

Sarah P. Caleff

? Chamberlain (?)

R.T. Chamberlain

Mattie E. Chamberlin

Theo Chamberlin (?)

Ada F. Chrispen

Benton Chrispen

‘Father’ Chrispen (?)

‘Grandmother’ Chrispen (?)

‘Mother’ Chrispen (?)

Orville Chrispen (?)

?, child of L.N. and A. Countryman

?, child of L.N. and A. Countryman

Alta Chamberlain, wife of Levi Countryman

Gratia A. Countryman

Levi N. Countryman

Marvin, son of L.N. and A. ?. Countryman

Theo R. Countryman

Arthur Cecil Day

Amanda J., wife of Isaac W. Dekay

Isaac W. Dekay

Richard E. Dekay, Private N.Y. Militia, War of 1812

Richard W. Dekay

Winona, daughter of I.W. and A.J. Dekay

Alexander Dockstader

Alonzo Dockstader

Carrie S. Dockstader

Mary A. Dockstader

Mahala Felton

Mary V.R. Felton (?)

William Felton

Anna Fieseler, nee Bernard, wife of Friedrich Fieseler

Friedrich Fieseler, born 22 March 1846 in Rhoden (?) Waldeck

Heinrich Fieseler, born 11 April 1856 Rhoden (?) Waldeck

Willie, son of Friedrich and Anna (?) Fieseler

F. Annita, daughter of J.E. and M.E. Finch

Amelia, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Henry, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Herman, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Lillie, child of M. and L. Fischer

Lisette, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Lissette Retsche, wife of Michael Fischer

Louis, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Louisa, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Matilda, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Menna, child of M. and L. Fischer (?)

Michael Fischer, born in Niederfeld Bei Coblenz Am Rhein

Charles R. Freeman

Russell W. Freeman

Sarah C. Freeman

Charles H. Geibig

Minnie P. Geibig

‘Father’ Goers (?)

Fred W. Goers (?)

Gustave T. Goers (?)

‘Mother’ Goers (?)

Jacob Grether, born in Grossterzoethum (?) Baden, Germany

P. Hartshorn

Margaret, wife of Wm. Hawkins

Wm. Hawkins

Henry Hoffman

Anne, wife of William Holmes

William Holmes

Willie, son of Wm. and E. Holmes

Archie R. Huebsch

Lizzie, wife of L.L. Jewell

Dorothy Jewett

Jedediah Jewett

Samuel Jewett

Susan, wife of Samuel Jewett

? (next to Kirchner)

Caroline Kirchner

Fred Kirchner

Friedrich H., son of F. and H. Kirchner

Emily J. Knapp

Reuben S. Knapp

Anna Matilda, child of H. and A. Kramer (?)

Anna M. Kramer

Henry O. Kramer

Henry Otto, child of H. and A. Kramer (?)

Henry R. Kramer

Charles, son of Wm. and Lydia Lee (?)

Ella E., daughter of Wm. and Lydia Lee (?)

Fannie B. Liddle

Isaac Liddle

Margaret Liddle

George B. Manners (?)

Lily A. Manners (?)

Ann H. Moore, born in Hornellsville, N.Y.

Pearl Morris

Frederick Myers

Minnie Myers

? Myers

Conrad Oestreich

‘Father’ Oestreich (?)

Louise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Oestreich

Louise, daughter of Mr. and Mr.s C. Oestreich

Margaret, wife of Conrad Oestreich

Margaret, wife of Conrad Oestreich

‘Mother’ Oestreich (?)

Sophia Oestreich

William Oestreich

Alvine Ott

John Peller

Caroline Peterson

Carrie, daughter of S. and C. Peterson

Sievert Peterson

Myron Perkins

Harmon B., son of J.N. and M.E. Pettibone

child of J.C. and L. Pfleger

Christian Pfleger

George C. Pfleger

Henry Pfleger

Maria Pfleger

Anna Piehl

Herman Piehl

Robert Powell

only Rieger

Amelia Robertson

Peter C. Robertson

Clarence Robinson (?)

Helen M. Robinson

Robert D. Robinson

Augusta Rupp

Clara Rupp

Peter Rupp, ? Co. H 106 (?) Illinois Vol. Inf.

Jacob Schmidt

Katharina Schmith

Amy Isabel Simmons (?)

Rufus A. Simmons

Sarah A. Simmons

Maria, wife of Julius Simon

only Skelton

Hattie J. Dekay, wife of Geo. W. Smith

Adelbert Sondermann

Flora Sondermann

George H. Sondermann

Helena (?) Sondermann

Louisa Sondermann

Robert Sondermann

Wilhelmina Sondermann

William Sondermann

Allan C., son of B.A. and M.A. Souires

Emma Striebel

Ephraim Striebel

August Strohschein

Ernestina Strohschein

Ernestine Strohschein

Fred Stroshein

Burton H. Twichell

Louisa E. Twichell (?)

Luther Twichell (?)

Arba B. Tyrrell

Nancy Toles, wife of R. VanValkenburg

Richard VanValkenburg

Alice L. Wheeler

Mary A., daughter of B. and S. White

Ada Wilson

Albert E. Wilson

Demila W. Wilson, born in Wilkinsburg, State of Pennsylvania

E.D. Wilson, born in the town of Abbott, State of Maine

Susan Wilson

Lorentz (?) Wimmer

Theresia Wimmer

Elizabeth Zeisz

Wilhelm, son of H. and E. Zeisz

Aug. L. Zempel

Julius Zempel

Julius Zempel

Kati Zempel

Mathilda Zempel

Albert Zempell (?)

Elisabeth Zempell

John Zempell

Anna, daughter of A. and C. Zoeller

Anton Zoeller

Anton, son of A. and C. Zoeller

Not able to get complete names for the following:

?, died 22 August 1857 - very worn stone

? - 21 ? 1865, aged 10 years 6 months 14 years - rest of stone missing

?? ige, died 16 ? 1863, aged 22 years ? - rest of stone missing

only 10 May 186?, aged 21 years - rest of stone missing

Edmund ?edschir? - rest very worn

Leonard I. - rest buried to deep to read

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