Assumption Lake Catholic Church Cemetery

Hancock township, Carver county, Minnesota: T114N - R25W, section 18 and part of Washington Lake township, Sibley county, Minnesota: T115N-R26W, section 13

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has some regular care and is in fair shape. The cemetery is straddled on the boarder of Carver county and Sibley county, with parts of the cemetery in each county. Carver County Road 33 was altered to go around the cemetery.  At the time I visited the cemetery (1990), the church was no longer being used and the parsonage home was being torn down.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: 'The Parish of Assumption, Roman Catholic, on the northwest corner of section 18 - practically on the Sibley County Line - was organized in 1859.  A frame church was erected in 1861, ... Prior to the building of this church, services were held in the house of John Bovy.'

This cemetery was transcribed in 1990.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1990


Ann Bigaouette

Clara Bigaouette

George Bigaouette

George Bigaouette

Melissa Ann, daughter of Michael and Mary-Ann Bigaouette 

Sylvester Bigaouette

Agnes Blake

John Blake

John P. Blake

Mary Blake

Mary Lynch, wife of Frank Bolyon, native of County Clare, Ireland

Christian Bove

Katharina Bovey

Theresia, wife of Michael Bovey

Anna Katrina, wife of C. Bovey

Catharina, wife of Mathias Bovy, born in Waldorf Regerunsberzrk Achen

John Bovy

Michael Bovy

Mathias Bovy

Charles Bowser(?)

James E. Bowser

Joseph Bowser(?)

Mary Bowser

Thomas Bowser

Genevieve Rose Breen

Charlie, son of Mary (Dwane) and Patrick Bulger 

Mary Dwane, wife of Patrick Bulger



Daniel J. Calvin, husband of Mary E. Calvin 

Michael Calvin

Bridget, wife of Cornelius Casey, native of County Kerry, Ireland

Julia, wife of John Casey

Kate Casey

Mary, nee Flynn, wife of C. Casey

Ann, wife of Jacob Christman

Bridget Colbert

'Father' Colbert

Rev. Fr. William Collbert

George, son of P. and M. Colbert

Johanna, daughter of P. and M. Colbert 

Kate Colbert

Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick A. and Mary M. Colbert 

Mary, wife of Patrick Colbert

Mary, wife of Patrick Colbert

Mary Colbert

Mary Colbert

'Mother' Colbert

infant, of Patrick Colbert(?)

Patrick Colbert

Patrick A. Colbert

Patrick A. Colbert

Julia Collins

Patrick Collins

Thomas Collins

Anthony, son of Arthur and Margaret Connelly

Arthur, son of Arthur and Margaret Connelly

Ellen, daughter of Arthur and Margaret Connelly

Mary, daughter of Arthur and Margaret Connelly 

Morgan, child of Arthur and Margaret Connelly

Bridget C. Corcoran

Bridget C. Corcoran

Catharine Corrigan

'Father' Corrigan

Katherine Corrigan(?)

Margaret Corrigan

Mary Corrigan

Mathew S. Corrigan(?)

Michael Corrigan

'Mother' Corrigan

Margaret, wife of John Cotter


Elizabeth H. Daly

Eugene H. Daly

Mary Daly

Michael F. Daly

Mrs. Catherine Devenney, born in County Longford, Ireland

Anthony Doherty

Dennis Doherty

James A. Doherty

Mary Doherty

Johnie, son of J. and K. Dohney

Kate, wife of John Dohney

Michael Donely

(near Donlon? no name?)

(near Donlon? no name?)

(near Donlon? no name?)

Bridget Donlon (?)

Bridget Agnes Donlon

baby Bridget Donlon(?)

Julia M. Donlon(?)

Mary, wife of Peter Donlon(?)

Phillip Donlon(?)

Phillip Donlon(?) Jr.

Anthony F. Dressen

Inez Mae Dressen

Mary Dolores Dresen

Agnes Duggan(?)

Cathrine Duggan(?)

Edward Duggan

'Father' Duggan

John Duggan

Kathryn O. Duggan

'Mother' Duggan

Philip W. Duggan

Rose Duggan(?)

Edward Dunn

John Dunn

Margaret Dunn

Michael Dunn, a native of Queens County, Ireland 

Patrick Dunn, a native of Queens County, Ireland

John Dwane

'Father' Earley

'Grandma' Earley

Martin Earley

Mary Earley

Mary E. Earley

Mary M. Earley

'Mother' Earley

Nellia, daughter of P. and M.E. Earley 

Patrick Earley

Thomas F. Earley

William Earley

William J., son of P. and M.E. Earley

Adam, son of C. and M.G. Effertz

Anna, daughter of C. and M.G. Effertz 

Anna E. Effertz(?)

C. Effertz, child of C. and M.G. Effertz 

Chris. E. Effertz(?)

Christ. Effertz(?)

Christian Jr., son of C. and M.G. Effertz 

Edward Effertz(?)

Joseph Effertz

Margaretha, daughter of Joseph Effertz 

Teodor, son of C. and M.G. Effertz

Thomas, son of C. and M.G. Efferts 

William, son of C. and M.G. Effertz

Wilhelm, son of C. and M.G. Effertz in Deutchland




Catherine Farrell

Clifford Farrell(?)

David Darrell

Myron Farrell

Angline Flaherty(?)

Anna B. Flaherty

Beatrice Flaherty(?)

John Flaherty

John Flaherty

Kevin Flaherty

Mary, wife of John Flaherty

Mary Flaherty(?)

Michael Flaherty

Steven Flaherty(?)

Bridget Flannery

Bridget Flannery(?)

Cornelius Flannery, native of County Tipperry, Ireland 

Cornelius Flannery

Edward F. Flannery

Ellen, infant daughter of Cornelius and Mary Flannery 

Emma L. Flannery

Frank H. Flannery

Henry, son of Cornelius and Bridget Flannery

John C. Flannery

John C. Flannery

Katie, daughter of Cornelius and Bridget Flannery

Margaret Flannery

Margaret Flannery

Mary Flannery(?)

Mary G. Flannery(?)

Nealis J. Flannery

Thomas Flannery

William Flannery

William Flannery

William J. Flannery(?)

Betsey Flynn

Coleen M. Flynn

Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn(?)

Edward Flynn

Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Flynn

Gerald F. Flynn

Hannah Flynn(?)

James Flynn(?)

Johanna Flynn

John Flynn(?)

John W. Flynn

Lawrence Flynn

Leo Flynn

Maurice Flynn

Sadie Flynn

Wm. Flynn

William Flynn

Agnes, daughter of P.M. and J. Foley

Helen, daughter of P.M. and J. Foley

Johanna, wife of P.M. Foley

Johannah Omalley, wife of Patrick M. Foley 

Mary, daughter of P.M. and J. Foley

Patrick M. Foley

Fox (only surname)

Crist Frank

James Gallagher

Nancy, wife of Terrance Gallagher

Terrance Gallagher

Mary Blake, wife of Motly Gallivan

Denis Galvin, native of Ireland

Denis, son of Denis and Johanna Galvin

James, son of Denis and Johanna Galvin

Johanna, wife of Denis Galvin

Johanna Galvin

Neal, son of Denis and Johanna Galvin

Timothy, husband of Johana Galvin

John J. Garvey(?)

Mary Gibbons

Thomas F. Griffin

'Brother' Haugh(?)

'Father' Haugh(?)

Mary A. Haugh

'Mother' Haugh(?)

Patrick Haugh

'Uncle' Haugh(?)

Johanna, wife of M.F. Hoffman, nee O'Day

Alice, daughter of J. and J. Hogan

Daniel, son of J. and J. Hogan

Elizabeth 'Betty' Mary Hogan

F.H. Hogan(?)

'Father' Hogan

Frank Hogan

J.H. Hogan(?)

James Hogan

Nan Hogan(?)

Susan Hogan

W.H. Hogan(?)

Bridget Horan

Wilhelmz Johnson

W.B. Jones

Catherine Joyce

Catharine, wife of Gehard Joyce

Elizabeth Joyce

Elizabeth Joyce

Gehard Joyce

Gehard Joyce

John, son of G. and C. Joyce

John Joyce

Maurice Joyce

Maurice, son of G. and C. Joyce

Mary Joyce

Mary, daughter of G. and C. Joyce

Rose A.M. Jubert

Stephen Jubert

Agnes, daughter of M. and M. Keating

James Keating

Johanna V. Keating

Madonna Keating

Margaret, wife of Mathew Keating

Mathew Keating

Mathew, son of M. and M. Keating

Matthew Keating

Patrick, son of M. and M. Keating

Philip, son of M. and M. Keating

Thomas, son of M. and M. Keating

William, son of M. and M. Keating

Katherine Kenney

Mary Kenney

Thomas Kenney, native of County Clare, Ireland

Mary King

Michael King

Mary, daughter of E. and Mary Lennon

Arvilla A. Liebhard

Bridget, wife of Timothy Lynch

'Father' Lynch(?)

Mary, wife of Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch

Patrick J. Lynch(?)

T.J. Lynch





Ann McCloskey

Charles McCloskey

Thomas McCloskey

Thomas E. McCloskey

Andrew P. McCormick

Annie McCormick

Bridget McCormick

Elizabeth McCormick

James McCormick

John F. McCormick

Mary McCormick

Mrs. Ann McDermoth


Elizabeth, wife of B.J. McParthan

'Father' McPartlan

Gus L. McPartlan

Mary McPartlan

'Mother' McPartlan

Anna McVary

James McVary

Nora Markey

Ann Meehan

Anthony Meehan

Anthony Meehan

Ellen Meehan

Helena Meyer

Ida Mies

John Mies

Rev. John Mies

Joseph Mies

Matthew Mies

Anna, daughter of John and Julia Miller

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Julia Miller 

Fredrick, son of John and Julia Miller 

Henry, son of John and Julia Miller

Johann Miller

John Miller

John Miller

Lawrence Miller(?)

Lucey, daughter of John and Julia Miller 

Magdlana, daughter of John and Julia Miller 

Mary Miller

Michael, son of John and Julia Miller 

Nickolas Miller

Roselia, daughter of John and Julia Miller 

Rosalia Miller

Mary Morris

Thomas J. Morris

Anna Mueller

Michael Mueller

James Mulcare

Johana, wife of John Mulcare

John Mulcare

John H. Mulcare

Mary E., wife of John Mulcare

Michael, son of John and Johann Mulcare

Anna J., daughter of P. and J. Mullen 

David J. Mullen

Hugh Mullen

James Mullen

Julia, wife of Patrick Mullen

Lauretta Mullen

Margaret Mullen

Mary Mullen

Mary J. Mullen

Patrick Mullen

Francis X. Murphy(?)

Mary Murphy(?)

Minnie Grady Murphy

Susan Murphy(?)

Thereca Murphy(?)

Anna Nash

James Nash

John E. Nash

Donald R. Nickerson Jr.

Margaret O'Brien

Mary O'Brien

Michael O'Brien

Anna O'Day

Anthony E. O'Day

Bridget, daughter of P. and E. O'Day

Ellen, wife of P. O'Day

'Father' O'Day(?)

Michael O'Day

Michael O'Day

'Mother' O'Day

Nora O'Day

Patrick, son of P. and E. O'Day

Theresa O'Day

Winifred E. O'Day

Bridget O'Malley

Martin O'Malley

James O'Neill

John O'Neill, Jr.

Thomas O'Neill

Rev. O.F. Rice

Martin Ryan, born in Tipperary, Ireland

Dan Shaughnessy

Ellen Shaughnessey


baby Sons

Paul Sons(?)

Theodore Sons

Sylvester Tupek

Joseph Wall

Bridget, wife of Edward Walsh

Edward Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Catherine Welch

Thomas Welch

John C. Welch

Barbara Winterhalt

Usula, wife of Jacob Wirtz

Emma Flannery Youle

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