West Union Lutheran Church Cemetery

Hancock township, Carver county, Minnesota: T114N - R25W, section 1

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This sizable cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The West Union Lutheran Church and Cemetery are located near the southern part of Lake Maria, in rural Carver County, near the towns of Gotha and the West Union settlement area. The cemetery sign states it was founded in 1858. 

This church's congregation is closely related to the members of the  East Union Lutheran Church Congregation. 

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: 'West Union Evangelical Lutheran Church, in the northeastern corner of the township, was organized by Rev. P.Carlson and a frame church was built before the Civil War.'

In the Carver County Historical Publication 'In the Tracks of the Swedish Settlers in Carver County', as written by Susanna Thilquist, in 1988,'... the West Union congregation was organized in December 1858, about six months after East Union.  The Union Settlement had expanded rapidly, especially to the west and south.  The people in the west wished to have a closer church ... The two churches were then named East Union and West Union.' (page 5).  

This cemetery was transcribed in 1990.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1990

John Ahlen

Mrs. John Ahlen

Wilhelmina Ahlen

George E. Alexander

Paul E. Alexander

Ruth E. Alexander

Alice A. Almquist

Andrew A. Almquist

Anna Chr., daughter of J. & M.S. Almquist(?)

Elmer Almquist

John Almquist

John Almquist

Mary, wife of J. Almquist

Oscar L. Almquist

A. Petter Anderson

Agda E. Anderson

Alfred Anderson

Amanda Anderson(?)

Anders Anderson

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson

Annie C. Anderson

Ardie F. Anderson

August Anderson

baby Anderson

baby girl Anderson

Benjamin Anderson

Carl J., son of Anders and Maria Anderson, born at Songa Socken(?)

Catharina Anderson

Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte A. Anderson

Christina Maria Anderson, born in Wing Socken, Elfsborgslan

Clarence R. Anderson

Clarence W. Anderson

Claus Anderson

Dorothy Mellgren Anderson

baby Edgar Anderson

Edward Walter Anderson

Ella K. Anderson

Ellen A. Anderson

Emil R. Anderson

Emma D. Anderson

Eugene Anderson

Eva Soffia Anderson

Frans Anderson

baby Florence Anderson

Glenne Anderson

Hanna E., daughter of S. & M. Anderson 

Hanna Lydia Anderson

Harmon, son of A. & M. Anderson

Herbert R. Anderson

Herman Anderson

Hilding Anderson

Hilma G., daughter of G. & H. Anderson

Ida G. Anderson

Ida Marie Anderson(?)

Johan G. Anderson

Johanna Anderson

John A. Anderson

John S. Anderson

Joseph Anderson

Joseph A. Anderson

Josephine Anderson

Katrina Anderson

Lars John Anderson

Magdalena C. Anderson

Majastina Anderson

Majastina, wife of Samuel Anderson

Mathilda Anderson

Mathilda Anderson

Mildred Ferdinand Anderson

Nannard Anderson

Robert J. Anderson

Samuel Anderson, born in Herrljunga Elfsborgs Lan Sweden

son of J. Anderson

Rev. Svante Anderson

Victoria E. Anderson

William Anderson

Almer Bellquist

Daisy Bellquist

Elmer J. Bellquist

Inez Bellquist

Jonas Bellquist

Joseph Bellquist

Mary Bellquist

Glenn L. Berger

Harry Berger

Minnie Berger

Richard Berger

Andrew Boom

'Mother' Boom(?)

Mayme H. (Johnson) Boxwell

Annastina Brahee

August Brahee

Ellinora E. Brahee

Florence Brahee

Oscar Brahee

Walter E. Brahee

Emma Braun

Louis Braun

Levin Broo

Otto Broo

Ida E. Burman

Pastor John A. Burman

Albert Carlson

Bengt Carlson

Kristina Carlson

Glen A. Carnal

Christina Damstrom

Ida J., daughter of J. & C. Damstrom

John A., son of J. & C. Damstrom

Johannes Damstrom

Algot W. Danielson

Annastina Danielson

Carl Danielson

John Danielson

John W. Danielson

Mary Danielson

Mathilda Danielson

Nora L. Danielson

Swante Danielson(?)

William F. Danielson

Ida Charlotta David

Emelia Maria Davis

Aaron Erickson

Albin Linius, son of Johanna and Erick Erickson

Algot Erickson

Charles E. Erickson

Daniel Erickson

Donald O. Erickson

Freda V. Erickson

George E. Erickson

J. Mathilda Erickson

John Erickson

Lisa, wife of Olaf Erickson

Mabel Erickson

Mathilda Erickson

Mathilda Erickson

Myrtle E. Erickson

Olaf Erickson

Oscar W. Erickson

Victor E. Erickson

Walter N. Erickson

Willie T. Erickson

Algot L. Felt

Andrew Peter Felt

Felt twin Charlotte M.

Christina Felt

Felt twin Curtis B.

Edgar Victor Felt

Edith Felt, nee Lund

J. Josephine Felt

John Edgar Felt

Rudolph V. Felt

Walfred A. Felt

Anna S. Flodin, wife of Johannes F. Flodin

Johannes F. Flodin


Ida W. Fritz

baby of L. & E. Galles

LeRoy Galles

Richard H. Galles

August Hagel

Selma Hagel

Julie Anne Halbmier

Andrew J. Hall

Bernard S. Hallgren

Birger A. Hallgren

Carl S. Hallgren

Ebba M. Hallgren

Esther E. Hallgren

Esther O. Hallgren(?)

Florence M. Hallgren

Joel P. Hallgren

John Peter Hallgren(?)

Petronella E. Hallgren

Sarah T. Hallgren

Andreas O. Hallin

Johanna Hallin

Charles Halquist

Christena Halquist

Swan Halquist

Anna Hanson, born Svenson

Clara, daughter of Johannes and Anna Hanson

Johannes Hanson

Mary Hanson

baby Harry

Andrew Anderson Hoke

Anders E. Holm

Inca S. Holm

John Hurtig

Josephine Hurtig


Christiana Jackson

Christine Jackson

Johanna Jackson

Maria Jackson

Helena, wife of P. Jamtt

Anders Johanson

Erk Johanson

Johanna Johanson

Katharina Johanson

A.E. Johnson

A. Peter Johnson

Agnes Johnson

Alfred Johnson

Alfred Johnson

Alfred C. Johnson

Alfred E. Johnson

Alfred L. Johnson

Alfred H. Johnson

Alma O. Johnson

Alma Olivia Johnson

Amanda Y. Johnson

Amanda E., daughter of A.P. & Anna Johnson

And'w Johnson, Co. F 4th Minnesota Infantry, veteran *61-65  by Anders Johanson tombstone

Andrew Johnson

Andrew C. Johnson

Andrew E. Johnson

Anna Johnson

Anna M. Johnson

Anna M., daughter of Andrew and Inga Johnson

Annastina Johnson, ? of David Johnson 

Anton V. Johnson

Arthur A. Johnson

Arthur D. Johnson

August C. Johnson

August W. Johnson

Augusta Johnson

Beda A. Johnson

Bengt J. Johnson

Bridget C. Johnson

Carl Johnson

Carl A. Johnson

Carl E. Johnson

Carl Johan Johnson, from Belle Plane

Caroline Johnson

Charles Johnson

Christina Chattrina Johnson, from Belle Plane 

Clara Johnson

Clara Johnson

Clarence Johnson

David Johnson

Dorothy M. Johnson

Edgar Johnson

Edward Johnson

Edward C. Johnson

Edward C. Johnson Jr.

Effie G. Johnson

Emma A. Johnson

Emma E.,daughter of A. & C. Johnson

Emma J. Johnson

Emma M. Johnson

Esther A. Johnson

Fillmore H. Johnson(?)

Frank Johnson

Frank J., son of Hans and Johanna Johnson

Frank Victor Johnson

Franke, son of J.C. & H. Johnson

Fredrick, son of A. & C. Johnson

Gustaf Johnson

Gustaf Johnson

Gustaf Alfred Johnson

H. Emelia Johnson

Hannah Johnson

Hans Johnson(?)

Harold O. Johnson

Harry A. Johnson

Henry Arthur Johnson

Hilding L. Johnson

Hilma Alfrida Johnson

Howard W. Johnson

Ida Johnson

Ida J. Johnson

Inez L. Johnson

Ingastina, wife of Carl Johnson

Johan L., son of Charles and Inga Johnson

Jahanna Johnson

Johanna, wife of J.C. Johnson

Johannes Johnson

Johannes A. Johnson

John C. Johnson

John E. Johnson

John E. Johnson

John Harry Albin Johnson

John W. Johnson

John W. Johnson

Johnson babies

Jons Johnson

Josephine K. Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Kenneth C.R. Johnson

Kermit Everett Johnson

Kersti Johnson

Lillie O. Johnson

Mabel W.K. Johnson

Manda Pauline Johnson

Marie Helena, wife of Andrew P. Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mathilda Johnson

Mathilda, wife of A.C. Johnson

Melvin Johnson

Mildred Johnson

Olga E. Johnson

Oscar E. Johnson

Paul E. Johnson

Peter A. Johnson

Roy B. Johnson

Ruth A. Johnson

Ruth Agnes Mathilda Johnson

Sclma A. Johnson

Selma E. Johnson

Sigrid Johnson

Sven Johnson

Thelma L. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Anders P., son of Andrew and Ingry Johnson Oreg(?)

Charles, son of Andrew and Ingry Oreg(?)

Emma, daughter of Andrew and Ingry Oreg(?) 

Anna Stina Jonason 

Anna J., daughter of Salomon and ? Kahst(?)

Jennie, daughter of Salomon and ? Kahstd

Mavis Koepke

Andrew Kraft

Mary Kraft

Bonnie L. Kulseth

A. Gilbert Larson

Anna T. Larson

August Larson

Everett P. Larson

Hannah C. Larson

Mrs. J. Larson

Maria B. Larson

Mathilda Larson

Wayne A. Larson

Emma Lind

Anna K. Linderholm

August Linderholm

Mrs. Sophia A. Lindskog

Rueben Linsted

Ruth Lindsten

J. Alfred Lindstrom

Johanna M. Lindstrom

Kathi Lila Loerzel

Alfred Lund

Arthur J. Lund

Emma M. Lund

Adolph Lundborg

Andreas Lundborg, born in Tumberg's Socken, Westergoth Land,  Sweden

Anna M. Lundborg

Carl J. Lundborg

Donald V. Lundborg

Elfrida Lundborg

Emil Joshua Ebenezer Lundborg

Emma Lundborg

Esther Mathilda Josephina Lundborg 

Evelyn Lundborg

Helmer Samuel Lundborg

Johannes Lundborg, born in Tumberg's Socken, Westergoth Land,  Sweden

Joseph Lundborg

Krestina Lundborg, born in Tumbergs Sock Elfsborgs Lan, Sweden

Lena Lundborg, born in Skofde, Socken, Westergothland, Sweden 

Oscar N. Lundborg

Oscar Nathaniel, child of S.A. & Anna M. Lundborg 

Samuel A. Lundborg

Oscar E., son of E.C. & J.P. Lundean

Emma C. Lundeen

John P. Lundeen

Anna Charlotte Lundgren

Ellsworth Lundgren

J.A. Lundgren

Johanna Lundgren

Johanna Lundgren

John P. Lundgren

John P. Lundgren

Levin Lundgren

Myrtle E. Lundgren

Raymond T. Lundgren

Rueben Lundgren

Memi A., daughter of J. & E.C. Lundin

August, son of B.P. & A.M. Lundqvist

Beda G., child of M. & P. Lundqvist

Carl E., son of Peter and Mary Lundqvist

Charlotta, daughter of B.P. & A.M. Lundqvist 

Emel N., son of M. & P. Lundqvist

Emil N., son of Peter and Mary Lundqvist 

Tilda M., daughter of Peter and Mary Lundqvist 

Gudrun Mellberg

Harry Mellberg

Mabel Mellberg

Theodore E. Mellberg

Andrew A. Mellborg

Christina Mellberg

Eleanora E. Mellborg

Ernst Mellborg

Adolph Mellgren

Anders L. Mellgren

Anna V. Mellgren

Betsy Mellgren

Charlotta Mellgren(?)

Christina Mellgren

Clarence Mellgren

Emma V. Mellgren

Esther J. Mellgren

Gerdard V. Mellgren

Hannah Mellgren

Johannes Mellgren

Lydia Mellgren(?)

Theodore N. Mellgren

Walter E. Mellgren

Anna Miller

Peter S. Miller

Sven B. Monson

Anders Nelson

Anders Nelson, born in Lekasa, Skaraborgs Lan, Sweden

Hannah Nelson

John V. Nelson

Majestina Nelson

Carl A., son of J. & S. Noed(?)

Ingeborg Nojd

Albert R. Nord

Alfred Nord

Anna Irene Nord

August Nord

Edward J. Nord

Edward W. Nord

Elizabeth Nord(?)

Esther F. Nord

Fred R. Nord

George T. Nord

Harry A. Nord

Joella Nord(?)

Laura B. Nord

Laura B., daughter of A.P. & Carolina Nord

Lillie M., wife of H.W. Nord

Majestina Nord

Mathilda Nord

A.P. Olson

Alfred L. Olson

Andrew E. Olson

Anna Olson

Anna A. Olson

Anna J. Olson

Arthur J. Olson

Britta Christina, wife of Hans Olson, born in Westergotland, Sweden 

Carl G. Olson

Charlott Olson

Christina Olson

Clara Olson

Earl O. Olson

Edwin H. Olson

Emmons Olson

Hanna Uagusta Olson

Hans Olson, born in Westergotland, Sweden 

Harry A. Olson

John Olson

John A. Olson

John A. Olson

John S. Olson

Josef A. Olson

Josephine Wilhelmina Olson, born in Sveroge Kronolerg Lan 

Kristina Olson

Kristina Olson

Maria Olson

Maria C. Olson

Oscar A. Olson

Oscar A. Olson

Oscar C. Olson

Petrus A. Olson

S.A. Olson

Swan Olson

Viola Olson

Aurora Olson-Bratt

Ida Olson-Bratt

Ivory Olson-Bratt

John Olson-Bratt

John Olson-Bratt

Merritt Olson-Bratt

Hazel A. Pearson

John E. Pearson

Neville P. Pearson

A.M. and E.K. Pehrson's daughter Alma Roselia

Alma Rolelia, daughter of A.M. and E. Pehrson 

Anders Pehrson

Anders M. Pehrson

Emely Kristina Pehrson, born in West Union, Carver Co., Minnesota 

Ingeborg Pehrson

Emil Person, born in Harened Socjen Westergothland, Sweden 

baby boy Peterson

Ernest M. Peterson

Lyla M. Peterson

Christina, wife of S.P. Petterson

S.P. Petterson

Anna Provencher

George Reich

children of C. Romvalls and Sara L. Romvalls, 10 children named  on Romvall tombstone, Maria ?rsdotter,

A. Fredricka Romvall

A. Victor Romvall

Anders Romvall

Ester, daughter of A. and J.C. Romvall 

H. Dorotea Romvall

H. Eugenia Romvall

Ida J. Romvall

J. Josefina Romvall

Johanna C., wife of A. Romvall

Josua E. Romvall

Lydia Romvall

M. Matatia Romvall

Pehr J. Romvall

Gustaf Romvall

Sarah Romvall

Edith J. Rovick

Marvin C. Rovick



Alfred S. Sandberg

Emma J. Sandberg

Esther E. Sandberg

Robert A. Sandberg

Albin N. Sandquist

Alice A. Sandquist

Clarence T.A. Sandquist

Elmer A. Sandquist

Emma V. Sandquist

'Father' Sandquist

'Mother' Sandquist

Oscar A. Sandquist

Victor A. Sandquist

Gustaf Semuelson

A.J. Smedberg, Co. B 3rd Minnesota Inf.

Andrew J. Smedberg

Carl Smedberg

Inga C. Smedberg

Wilhelm Smedberg

A. Ludvig Soderlund

P.A. Soderlund

Selma A. Soderlund

Vendela F. Soderlund

Britta Swanberg, wife of Swan Swanson

Alfred J. Swanson

Alice Swanson

Amanda V. Swanson

Charles A. Swanson

Clark F. Swanson

Anders Swenson

Andreas Swenson, born in Skolvend Westerdotland, Sweden 

Anna M. Swenson, born in Skolvend Westerdotland, Sweden 

Kristina Swenson

children of O. and J. Tapper

Carl J., son of O. and J. Tapper

Christona, daughter of O. and J. Tapper 

Emma M., daughter of O. and J. Tapper 

Johan A., son of O. and J. Tapper

Albert C. Tengblad(?)

August Tengblad

Emma Tengblad(?)

Gilbert C. Tengblad(?)

Johanna Tengblad

John Tengblad

Edward W. Thaemert

A.L. Udd, Co. K 5th Minnesota Inf

Inga Lena Udden

Olga Josefina Udden, born at Winnepeg, Manitoba

Thilda Davis Udden, wife of Rev. Svante Udden, born at this place 

Ingrid Wahlstrom, born in Hjorts Borga Socken Kroneborgs Lan, Sweden 

Olof Wahlstrom, born in Gammals Torp, Blekings Sweden 

Carl A.N. Walquist

Esther Walquist

Olivia N. Wahlquist

Amanda Natalia Wanquist

Archie R. Wanquist

baby Wanquist

Mildred Evelina Wanquist

Swan Wanquist

Bessie Wendell

Ida Marie Wendell

Alma L. Zellman

Burtin A. Zellman

Otto F. Zellman

The following tombstone was broken, this is all that remains:

?, died 16 April 1865 age 11 years, 3 months, 8 days

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