St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery

Sand Creek Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Sand Creek Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R23W, Section 23

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            The St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of County Road 10 / 200th Street and Harlow Avenue in rural Scott County.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape. 


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



Allemani, Pamela K.

Aubele, Franziska

Beckius, Cecilia

Beckius, Margaret

Beckius, Maria

Beckius, Mary

Beckius, Michael

Beckius, Michale

Beckius, Peter

Beckman, Franz

Beckman, Maria

Beckman, Mary

Beckmann (?), Franz (?)

Beckmann (?), William

Bell, Anna

Bell, Margaret

Blumberg (?), Florence

Blumberg (?), Harry

Blumberg, Herman

Blumberg, Jerry Jerome

Blumberg, Minnie

Brick, Joseph

Brick, Joseph (?)

Brick, Maria

Brick, Peter

Bruck, Eliesabeth

Brueck, Anna

Brueck, Apollonia

Brueck, George E.

Brueck, Jacob

Brueck, Thomas

Budde, Anton

Budde, Conrad

Budde, Leo P.

Budde, Margaret

Budde, Matharina

Deutsch (?) John (?)

Deutsch (?), Anna

Deutsch (?), Henry

Deutsch (?), John M.

Deutsch (?), Joseph P.

Deutsch (?), Mary

Deutsch (?), Mathias

Deutsch, Agnes

Deutsch, Anna

Deutsch, Cecelia

Deutsch, Celestine S. “Sally”

Deutsch, Gertrud

Deutsch, Gertrude M.

Deutsch, Johann

Deutsch, Lena

Deutsch, Margaretha

Deutsch, Maria

Deutsch, Mathias P.

Deutsch, Peter

Deutsch, Peter

Deutsch, Peter P.

Deutsch, Sylvester P.

Deutsch, Theresia

Deutsch, Verena

Doetzel, A. Louis

Doetzel, Jacob

Doetzel, Margareth

Doetzel, Nicolaus

Doetzel, Peter

Ehlers, Earl

Ehlers, Katherine

Eickmann, Franziska

Eickmann, Heinrich

Flaschenriem, Catherine

Flaschenriem, Helena

Flaschenriem, Leo

Flaschenriem, Lorraine C.

Flaschenriem, Louis G.

Flaschenriem, Maria

Flaschenriem, Mathias

Flaschenriem, Vinzenz

Flottemesch (?), Mutter

Flottemesch (?), Vater

Flottemesch, ?

Flottemesch, Cathrina

Gales (?), Vater (?)

Geis, ?

Geis, Agnes R.

Geis, Dorothy

Geis, Franz

Geis, Franz

Geis, Herbert A.

Geis, Josephine

Geis, Katherine

Geis, Margaret?

Geis, Mary B.

Geis, Michael

Gregory, Louis H.

Gregory, Philomena

Grommesch, Josephine M.

Henkles, Heinrich

Hennes, Alice

Hennes, Ambrose W.

Hennes, Jacob

Hennes, Joseph

Hennes, Lena

Hennes, Margaretha

Hennes, Mary Elizabeth

Hennes, Mathias

Hennes, Mildred K.

Hentges (?), Robert J.

Hentges, A. Eliesabeth

Hentges, A. Elisabeth

Hentges, Esther T.

Hentges, Henry

Hentges, M. Josepha

Hentges, M. Katharina

Hentges, Mary

Hentges, Nick

Hentges, Wilfred J.

Heseldenz, Maria Barbara

Hinderscheit, Lori Ann

Hoofhower, Catherine

Hoofhower, Martha

Johnson, Colleen Efta

Kastner, Karen Doris

Kehr, Margaret

Kehrer, Cacilia

Kehrer, Franciska

Kehrer, Frank

Kehrer, Johann

Kehrer, Johann

Kehrer, Michael

Kimlinger, John P.

Kimlinger, Katherine

Koch, Elisabeth

Kopp, Alice M.

Kopp, Roderick

Kuechle (?), Lambert

Kuechle, Albert F.

Kuechle, George

Kuechle, Joseph

Kuechle, Peter M.

Kuechle, Regina

Kuechle, Regina K.

Kuechle, Susanna

Lantgen, Katharina

Lehnen (?), Margaret

Lehnen (?), Mathias J.

Lehnen, Albert J.

Lehnen, Josephine M.

Linn, Anna Maria

Linn, Elizabeth

Linn, John

Linn, Joseph

Linn, Josephine

Linn, Margaret

Linn, Margaretha

Lucas (?), Dora

Lucas (?), Joseph

Lucas (?), Virginia

Lucas (?), William N.

Lucas, Anna K.

Lucas, Anna K.

Lucas, Charles

Lucas, Edith Elizabeth “Betty”

Lucas, Esther A.

Lucas, Frank

Lucas, Franz

Lucas, John B.

Lucas, Mathius

Lucas, Nick F.

Lucas, Wilfred A.

Mais, Catherine

Mais, George

Mais, Johann

Mais, John H.

Mais, Joseph

Mais, Joseph H.

Mais, Katharina

Mais, Mary

Mais, Rose

Mais, W.J.

Mechtel, Christina

Mechtel, Eugina

Mechtel, George

Michael, Clementine Catherine

Michael, Heinrich D.

Michael, Helena

Michael, John

Michael, Joseph

Michael, Sophia

Moeller (?), father

Moeller (?), Frank

Moeller (?), mother

Moeller, Franz

Neubauer, Cleopha

Neubauer, Cleopha V.

Neutgens, Luella E.

Neutgens, Wilbur P. “Boy”

Pauly, Alan J.

Pauly, Alban

Pauly, Alphonse

Pauly, Amelia

Pauly, Anna

Pauly, Bernadina

Pauly, Christina

Pauly, Frances

Pauly, Frank

Pauly, George H.

Pauly, Jacob

Pauly, Jacob

Pauly, Joseph

Pauly, Kenneth W.

Pauly, Lambert F.

Pauly, Lorenz N.

Pauly, Lucille A.

Pauly, Luella

Pauly, Margaret C.

Pauly, Margaretha

Pauly, Maria

Pauly, Maria Elisabeth

Pauly, Minnie

Pauly, Nicholas

Pauly, Quentin

Pauly, Ramona M.

Pauly, Roger

Pauly, Roland F.

Pauly, Theresa

Pieper, Ronald A.

Pitzschnider (?), Elizabeth

Putzschneider (?), Fritz (?)

Putzschneider, Franz

Roberts, Winnifred A.

Robling, Jeanette L.

Robling, Michael

Robling, nancy J.

Robling, Wilbert E.

Ruppert, Anna

Ruppert, Anna (?) M.

Ruppert, Anna M.

Ruppert, baby

Ruppert, Dorathea (?)

Ruppert, Dorthea K.

Ruppert, Florian H.

Ruppert, Frank

Ruppert, Franz

Ruppert, Franz F.

Ruppert, John

Ruppert, John F.

Ruppert, John P.

Ruppert, Joseph

Ruppert, Josepha

Ruppert, Marie E.

Ruppert, Peter

Ruppert, Peter

Sames, Melvin

Sames, Rita

Schaak (?), Henry

Schaak (?), Jacob (?)

Schaak (?), Mary

Schaak (?), Vincent

Schaak (?), Wilfred

Schaak, Anna M.

Schaak, Christian

Schaak, Elizabeth

Schaak, Frances M.

Schaak, Frank

Schaak, Genevieve M.

Schaak, Hubert

Schaak, Jacob

Schaak, John C.

Schaak, Katharina

Schaak, Magdalena

Schaak, Marcella

Schaak, Margaret

Schaak, Maria M.

Schaak, Mary

Schaak, Michael

Schaak, Nicholas

Schaak, Peter J.

Schaak, Raymond

Schaak, Robert

Schaak, Sylvester

Schaak, Veronica

Scheffler, Irene I.

Scheffler, Lawrence

Scheffler, Lidwina

Schimek, Anna

Schloesser (?), Alphons

Schloesser, Anna

Schloesser, Elisabeth

Schloesser, Elizabeth

Schloesser, Flavian T.

Schloesser, Frank

Schloesser, Franziskus J.

Schloesser, Wilhelm

Schlosser, Wilhelm

Seil, Anna K.

Seil, Mathias

Selb, Elisabeth

Selb, Joseph

Simon, Rachel ?

Spaetgens, B.

Spaetgens, Bartholomaus

Spaetgens, F.

Stemig (?), Anna

Stemig (?), Gerhard

Stemig (?), Gertrude

Stemig, Franz

Stocker, Frank

Stocker, Lawrence J.

Stocker, Sophia

Stocker, William

Sweeney, Anna Maria

Thill, Peter

VanRicklan (?), Mutter

VanRicklan, Theodor

VanRickley, Patronalia

VonBank (?), Annie

VonBank (?), John P.

VonBank, Alfred J.

VonBank, Anna M.

VonBank, Franz H.

VonBank, Gerald B.

VonBank, Gerald B.

VonBank, Hildegard L.

VonBank, Joseph J.

VonBank, Nicholas

Wampach, Anna

Wampach, Elizabeth

Wampach, M. Katherina

Wampach, Marie

Wampach, Peter

Wampach, Peter

Wampach, Veronika

Warzeila, Anna

Weber, Adam

Weber, Catherine

Weber, Margaret

Weckman, Jacob

Weckman, Katharina

Weckmann, Maria Bernardina

Wermerskirchen, Raphael

Wick (?), Elizabeth

Wick (?), Henry

Wick (?), William F.

Wick, Alphonse N.

Wick, Anna Marie

Wick, Annella P. “Nellie”

Wick, Annie M.

Wick, Casper

Wick, Catherine

Wick, Elizabeth

Wick, Elvira H. Kimpling

Wick, Frank

Wick, Frank J.

Wick, Joseph

Wick, Lawrence F.

Wick, Renee Elizabeth

Wickman, Fred

Wickman, Katherine

Wieck, Anna

Wieck, Gerhard

Wieck, infant son

Wolf, Johann

Wolf, Peter

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