St. John the Baptist / Calvary Cemetery

Jordan, Scott County, Minnesota



Jordan, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R23W, Section 20

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            St. John the Baptist / Calvary Cemetery is located on a hilltop area east of the town of Jordan.  Entry is at the end of Kreuser Road.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, father

?, Ludwig

?, mother

???ter, ??

??r, Helena

Adam (?), Anton

Adam (?), Barbara

Adam (?), Lorenz J.

Adamek, Marlene M.

Adams, Catherine E.

Adams, Elizabeth

Adams, Tony F.

Addei, baby

Adkins, Dawn M.

Albersmann, P. Suitbert

Allmann (?), Philomena

Allmann (?), Sebastian A.

Allmann, Anastasia C.

Allmann, Bernadette I.

Allmann, Donald S.

Allmann, Eleanore

Allmann, Henry H.

Allmann, Hubert R.

Allmann, Johanna

Allmann, John

Altman, Eugene L.

Andrew, Sheila M. Barrett

Anselmann, Joseph

Aoam, Sabina

Arens, Agnes

Arens, Barbara

Arens, Clara A.

Arens, Henry M.

Arens, Theodore

Armstrong, Christopher S.

Bachinski, George F.

Bachinski, George F.

Backes, Clothilda

Backes, Paul J.

Bakkum, Darlene C.

Bakkum, Gordon A.

Baltes, Mildred

Baltes, Wilfred H.

Bantz, Anna M.

Bantz, John

Barlage, Edward

Barten, Andrew J.

Barten, Dorothy G.

Barten, Rosalia

Bastyr (?), Frank E.

Bastyr (?), Josephine C.

Bath, Magdalena

Bath, Nicholas

Bauer, Cletus H.

Bauer, John E.

Bauer, Joseph H.

Bauer, Nora A.

Bauer, Sophia

Beck (?), ??

Beck, Christina

Beck, Mary C.

Beck, Michael

Beck, Rose A.

Beck, Sophia A.

Becker, Catherine

Becker, Edward

Becker, Vincent

Becker, W.J.

Beckfeld, Charlotte A.

Beckfeld, David Scott

Beckfeld, William F.

Beckfeld, William H.

Beckius (?), Catherine

Beckius (?), Michael P.

Beckius, Al J.

Beckius, Al J.

Beckius, Alice R.

Beckius, Lambert J.

Beckius, Norman F.

Beckius, Peter J.

Beckius, Roman G.

Beckius, Rose C.

Beckman (?), Cecelia

Beckman (?), father

Beckman (?), mother

Beckman (?), Winand

Beckman, Alois H.

Beckman, Alvin H.

Beckman, Andrew

Beckman, Angela S.

Beckman, Beatrice

Beckman, Catherine

Beckman, Cecelia Becjius

Beckman, Edward P.

Beckman, Elnora M. “Eleanor”

Beckman, Emily

Beckman, Evelyn

Beckman, Frances O.

Beckman, Frank A.

Beckman, Franz B.

Beckman, Genevieve M.

Beckman, Gerhard

Beckman, Gildard

Beckman, Hildegard

Beckman, Ira A.

Beckman, John

Beckman, Joseph

Beckman, Josephine

Beckman, Judith B.

Beckman, Larry E.

Beckman, Lawrence

Beckman, Louis P.

Beckman, Lucille E.

Beckman, Marcella

Beckman, Martin F.

Beckman, Mary

Beckman, Paul H.

Beckman, Rose L.

Beckman, Roy J.

Beckman, Russell

Beckman, Sophie

Beckman, Susan T.

Beckmann (?), Frances

Beckmann (?), Franziska

Beckmann (?), Margaret F.

Beckmann (?), Theodor

Beckmann, Georg

Beckmann, George A.

Beckmann, Heinrich

Beckmann, Rene M.

Beckmann, Sybilla

Bembenek, Dolores Marie

Bendzick (?), Anna

Bendzick (?), Henry

Bendzick, John J.

Berg, H.H.

Beslapeg (?), Catherine (?)

Bespaleg (?), Anton A.

Bespaleg (?), Joseph

Bespaleg (?), Joseph

Bespaleg (?), Louis

Bespaleg (?), Mary

Betchwars (?), Anna

Betchwars (?), Elizabeth

Betchwars (?), Frank

Betchwars (?), Henry

Betchwars (?), John

Betchwars (?), Joseph

Betchwars (?), Rose

Betchwars (?), Theresa

Betchwars (?), Thomas

Betchwars, Dorothy E.

Betchwars, Frank T.

Betchwars, Frank T.

Betchwars, Henry C.

Betchwars, Peter John

Betz, Christina

Betz, Frances

Betz, Jacob

Betz, Lawrence

Betz, Margaretha

Betz, Peter

Beuch, Jason

Beuch, Richard F.

Bischoff, Russell J.

Bisenius, Johann

Bisenius, Mathias

Bissener, Denise M.

Bissener, Virgil C.

Blaha, Alice A.

Blaha, Frank W.

Blaha, Rose

Blumberg, Jennifer Lyn

Blumberg, Jerome Donald

Bockman, Betty Olson

Boeckman (?), Conrad

Boeckman (?), father

Boeckman (?), Joseph

Boeckman (?), mother

Boeckman, Delores

Boeckman, Frank

Boeckman, Gerhard F.

Boeckman, Henry

Boeckman, Julia

Boeckman, Katherine

Boeckman, Leonard

Boeckman, Mary J.

Bonader, Theresia

Botzet, Johann

Brandl (?), Anna

Brandl (?), Michael

Breeggemann, Robert H.

Breimhorst, Agnes R.

Breimhorst, Albert G.

Breimhorst, Frank

Breimhorst, Gertrude

Breimhorst, Helen

Breimhorst, Martin

Breimhorst, Martin T.

Breimhorst, Mary

Breimhorst, Theodore

Breunig (?), Joseph H.

Breunig (?), Mary

Breunig (?), Matthew M.

Breunig (?), Maximine

Breunig, Edward L.

Breunig, Joseph F.

Breunig, Ralph F.

Breunig, Robert J.

Breunig, Rosalia C. “Sally”

Breunig, Thomas J.

Broos, Anna

Broos, Helena

Broos, Susanna

Broos, Theodore

Bruchs, Catherine

Bruchs, John

Bruck, Omer Nicholas

Bruestle (?), Bertha

Bruestle (?), Eleanor

Bruestle (?), Joseph P.

Bruestle, Anna C.

Bruestle, Arthur J.

Bruestle, Joseph A.

Bruestle, Sylvester

Buck, Carroll C.

Buck, Mathilda R.

Budde, Joseph

Budde, Magdalen

Budde, Tolentina

Buesgens, Carol A.

Buesgens, Scott A.

Burmeister, Clotilda

Burmeister, John

Busch (?), Henry C.

Busch (?), John P.

Busch (?), Lawrence J.

Busch (?), Lucille M.

Busch (?), Mathias

Busch (?), Regina

Busch, Agatha M.

Busch, Barbara

Busch, Catherine

Busch, Catherine

Busch, Eleanor S.

Busch, Elmer J.

Busch, Francis J.

Busch, Gerald M.

Busch, Gerhard J.

Busch, Henry

Busch, John

Busch, John C.

Busch, John G.

Busch, Lillian

Busch, Luverne M. (Boegeman)

Busch, Mamie S.

Busch, Margaret P.

Busch, Marie F.

Busch, Mary

Busch, Mathias

Busch, Mathias F.

Busch, Mathias G.

Busch, Norbert

Busch, Roger P.

Busch, Rose A.

Busch, Urban J.

Buss, John A. “Jack”

Busse, Mary Jean

Carlson, Tracee Jaye

Casey, Agnes Maynard

Casey, Amy M.

Casey, Blanche L.

Casey, Charles H.

Casey, Dorothy M.

Casey, Edith D.

Casey, Elizabeth M.

Casey, John E.

Casey, John George

Casey, Martin B.

Casey, Martin Joseph

Casey, Max H.

Casey, Richard Howe

Casey, Theodore M.

Casey, Therese M.

Casey, Veronica F.

Cassellius (?), Anna

Cassellius (?), Henry

Cassellius (?), Herman

Cassellius (?), Thresa

Caswell, Esther

Caswell, Perry

Caswell, Perry

Chard, John P.

Chard, Joyce E.

Chard, Melvin N.

Chermak, Joyce P.

Chermak, Richard A.

Clark, Emily Marie

Coghill, Donald E.

Coghill, Elizabeth

Coghill, Helen J.

Coghill, Joseph

Colling (?), Anna

Colling (?), John N.

Colling, Aloysius N.

Colling, Frances

Colling, Genevieve B.

Colling, George A.

Colling, Hildegard A.

Colling, Mary

Colling, Nicholas

Colling, Peter

Condon, Joan T.

Cortts, Rose

Cortts, Walter

Cullen, Cecilia S.

Curry, P. Johnforres

Czenz, Carl

Davis, Harvey J.

Davis, Maxine A.

Davis, Theresa Beckman

Dean, Earl W.

Deiutsch, John P.

Dennig, Christine A.

Dennig, John F.

Dennig, John F.

DeRoma, Marsha

Deusterman, Alex

Deusterman, Elizabeth

Deusterman, Johanna M.

Deutsch (?), Barbara

Deutsch (?), Irene

Deutsch (?), Math J.

Deutsch (?), Peter J.

Deutsch, Ann M.

Deutsch, Arnold

Deutsch, Arnold H.

Deutsch, Arthur N.

Deutsch, Caroline

Deutsch, David A.

Deutsch, Edmund

Deutsch, Lorraine

Deutsch, Margaret L.

Deutsch, Raymond

Deutsch, Werner J.

Dick, Frank Edward

Ditz, Hilda G.

Ditz, John

Ditz, John

Ditz, Margaret

Ditz, Sophia

Dols (?), father

Dols, baby

Dols, Elizabeth

Dols, Frank

Dols, Herman

Dols, Theresa

Domler (?), Cora

Domler (?), Frank P.

Domler (?), Hubertha

Domler (?), John H.

Domler (?), Peter

Domler, Margaret E.

Domler, Victor H.

Donaldson, Wilbert W.

Dubruiel, Mary Ann Schaefer

Duffie, Bert

Duffy, Charles S.

Duffy, George A.

Dumar, Bud P.

Dumar, Ruth E.

Dymit, Robert M.

Dymit, William B.

Edneter, Lance J.

Edstrom, S. Jean

Eiden, David M.

Eiden, Florence C.

Eiden, Philip J.

Eikenbusch (?), Franciska

Eikenbusch, Gertrude and Alois

Eikenbusch, Henry

Eikenbusch, Hildegard

Eikenbusch, Theresa

Eikenbush, Frank J.

Eikman, F.

Eimermann, Margaret E.

Eischens (?), Elizabeth

Eischens, Corene M.

Eischens, Irene R.

Eischens, Kenneth R.

Eischens, Lauretta Jane

Eischens, Michael

Eischens, Michael C.

Eischens, Neil C.

Elke, Alvin

Elke, Alvin J.

Elke, baby boy

Elke, Ervin

Elke, Pauline

Elke, Vernon J.

Engfer, Ben J.

Engfer, Regine

Erkens (?), Andreas J.

Erkens (?), Elizabeth

Erkens (?), Eugene

Erkens (?), Joseph

Erkens (?), Maria A.

Erkens (?), Susan

Erkens, Elisabeth

Erkens, Johann

Erkens, P. Joseph

Esboldt, Margaret Dorothy

Farina, Mary N.

Feifarek (?), Edwin J.

Feifarek (?), Henrietta

Feifarek (?), Lois C.

Feis, Jacob

Feitler (?), Mathan (?)

Feitler, Margaretta (?)

Fichter, Joseph

Fichter, Mary

Fischbach, Barbara

Fischbach, Barbara

Fischbach, Bessie

Fischbach, Harry

Fischbach, Johannas

Fischbach, John

Fischbach, Joseph

Fischbach, Joseph

Fischbach, Margaretha

Fischens, Leroy J.

Fischer (?), Elizabeth

Fischer (?), Henry

Fischer (?), Isidore

Fischer, Arthur

Fischer, Catherine

Fischer, Fred

Fischer, Magdalena (?)

Fitz, Angeline C.

Fitz, August

Fitz, August G.

Fitz, Frank J.

Fitz, Katharina

Fitz, Mathilda

Fitz, Nick H.

Fitz, Rosalia S.

Fitz, Theodore

Fitzpatrick (?), Hugh J.

Fitzpatrick (?), John

Fitzpatrick (?), John J.

Fitzpatrick (?), Joseph

Fitzpatrick (?), mother

Fitzpatrick (?), Thomas

Flaschenriem (?), August H.

Flaschenriem (?), Clara M.

Flaschenriem (?), Joseph A.

Flaschenriem (?), Julia

Flaschenriem (?), Magdalena

Flaschenriem, Joseph

Flaschenriem, Mary

Friedel, Joseph

Friedel, Josephine

Fuhrman, Agnes Anna

Fuhrman, Christine M.

Fuhrman, Erwin J.

Fusco, Josephine

Gansen, Sylvester

Gehrig, P. Gratian

Geis (?), Anna

Geis (?), Frank C.

Geis, Elmer Math

Geis, Raymond N. “Bud”

Gerardy, Johann P.

Gerardy, Maria

Gerold, Alvin

Gerold, Anton J.

Gerold, Caroline

Gerold, Catharina

Gerold, David

Gerold, Frank

Gerold, Helen

Gerold, Johann

Gerold, Joseph

Gerold, Karen C.

Gerold, Kathrina

Gerold, Mary K.

Gerold, Rose K.

Gerold, Sophia Gobel

Glynn, Thomas E.

Glynn, Thomas P.

Goebel, Bernat

Goebel, Georg

Golda, George A.

Golda, Gertrude E.

Golda, Judith Marie

Golda, Lloyd J.

Golda, M. Joseph

Golda, Marie A.

Golda, Michael J.

Goldman, Jeremy John

Gothmann, Anna

Gothmann, Heinrich

Gould, Elisha Duffy

Grams, Clara Wagner

Grams, Elizabeth

Grams, Joseph

Grams, Joseph H.

Grams, Katharina

Grams, Loretta

Grams, Marjorie

Gramz, John

Gray, A. Lorraine

Gray, Jerome A.

Gregory (?), Elizabeth

Gregory (?), Peter

Gregory, Adolph

Gregory, Adolph

Gregory, Agnes J.

Gregory, Anthony A.

Gregory, Elizabeth M.

Gregory, Frank F.

Gregory, Henry

Gregory, Henry F.

Gregory, John

Gregory, Joseph J.

Gregory, Katherine

Gregory, Margaret

Gregory, Mary

Gregory, Mary

Gregory, Peter A.

Gregory, Robert J.

Gregory, Theresa M.

Gregory, Timothy Michael

Greuel, Elwood L.

Greuel, Elwood L.

Greuel, Regina M.

Griesemer, Kethleen Johnson

Grimm, Elizabeth Grace

Grommesch (?), Cornelius

Grommesch (?), Elizabeth

Grommesch (?), Susan B.

Gruber, Louisa

Haas (?), Anna

Haas (?), Celia

Haas (?), Thomas

Haas, Anna

Haas, Frances

Haas, Joseph

Haas, Joseph

Haas, Josephina

Habegger, Adelia

Habegger, Howard F.

Hain, Thomas

Ham, James

Hamer, baby girl

Hamer, Kevin J.

Hamer, Krystal L.

Hamer, Robert H.

Hamer, Robert H.

Hames, Adrian C.

Hames, Beatrice G.

Hannigan, Lucy

Hansen, Henry J.

Harsch, Anna M.

Harsch, John T.

Hart, Fred M.

Hart, Shirley E.

Hartman, Andrew J.

Hartman, Ann M.

Hartman, George J.

Hartman, Helen T.

Hartman, James P.

Hartman, James P.

Hartman, Jean C.

Hartman, John J.

Hartman, Julia C.

Hartman, Marjorie R.

Hartman, Philip

Hartman, Philip F.

Hartman, Veronica

Hartmann (?), Frances

Hartmann (?), Joseph A.

Hartmann (?), Katherine

Hartmann, Elizabeth

Hartmann, Gerhard

Hartmann, Gilbert

Hartmann, Linus A.

Hartmann, Timmy

Hartmann, Viola

Hauer, Hanry J.

Hauer, Lorraine J.

Hauer, Thomas J.

Haus, Agnes

Haus, Felix M.

Haus, Florence

Haus, Lester

Haus, Loretta T.

Haus, William

Hedstrom, Chelsea M.

Heiland, Fred J.

Heiland, John F.

Heiland, Regina J.

Heimkes, Earl G.

Hein, Karl

Hein, Louisa

Hein, Sigmund

Hein, Susan

Hennen, Arnold

Hennen, Eldred M.

Hennen, Eldred M.

Hennen, Katherine

Hennen, Marvin

Hennes (?), Cecelia

Hennes (?), Marcia

Hennes (?), Mary F.

Hennes (?), Mathias

Hennes, Andrew

Hennes, Angeline

Hennes, Conrad

Hennes, Frank

Hennes, Henry

Hennes, John

Hennes, Josephine

Hennes, Leon P.

Hennes, Margaretha

Hennes, Mary

Hennes, Theresia

Hennes, Urban J.

Hennes, William

Hennes, William M.

Hentges, Alex P.

Hentges, Helen M.

Hentges, Leroy A.

Hentges, Luella C.

Hentges, Raymond N.

Herder (?), Carl

Herder (?), Cecelia

Herder (?), Eleanora

Herder (?), Elizabeth H.

Herder (?), Frank D.

Herder (?), George A.

Herder (?), Henrich

Herder (?), Herman

Herder (?), Mayme

Herder (?), Minnie D.

Herder, Bernard

Herder, George W.

Herder, Raymond C.

Herder, Robert J.

Herder, Wilhemene

Herder, Winifred D.

Herman, Nathan R.

Hessian, James H.

Heutmaker, Vernon V.

Heutmaker, Vernon V.

Hilgers (?), Frank A.

Hilgers (?), Pauline

Hilgers (?), William H.

Hilgers, ?

Hilgers, ?

Hilgers, Gerhard

Hilgers, Gerhard

Hilgers, Gertrude

Hilgers, Hazel V.

Hilgers, Joseph

Hilgers, Joseph L.

Hilgers, Mary

Hilgers, Peter

Hilgers, Peter M.

Hilgers, Ruth M.

Hilgers, Theodore F.

Hilgerse (?), John

Hoffhower, Mathilda

Hoffman, Anna

Hoffman, Arvid E.

Hoffman, Warren B.

Hoffmann, P. Victoinus

Hogan, Malachi F.

Hollerbach, Katharina

Holzbach, Charles J.

Holzer (?), Anna

Holzer (?), Charles

Holzer, Albert C.

Holzer, Albertina

Holzer, Anna M.

Holzer, Charlotte M.

Holzer, Constantin

Holzer, Gregory A.

Holzer, Jackie

Hoofhower, Joseph G.

Hopster, Edward

Hopster, Harold

Hopster, Ted

Hostmann, P. Rudolph

Hovorka, Agnes

Huedner, Elroy L.

Huss, Mary

Hutchinson, Daniel Kieran

Hutchinson, Richard D.

Huth (?), Mary D.

Huth (?), Walter M.

Huth, David J.

Huth, Helen A. Holzer

Huth, Thomas Walter

Huth, Walter A.

Jackelen, George F.

Jackelen, Marian M.

Jandl, Frances B.

Javurek, Emil

Jay, Johanna

Jelen, Alphonse E.

Jelen, Alphonse Edmund

Jelen, David

Jenny (?), Joseph

Jenny (?). Elizabeth

Jenny, Anna E.

Jenny, Anna M.

Jenny, Charles

Jenny, Christ

Jenny, Jacob A.

Jenny, Jacob P.

Jenny, John F.

Jenny, Lucy C.

Jenny, Margaret R.

Jenny, Mary

Jenny, Mary K.

Jenny, Theresa

Joachim, John G.

Joachim, Raymond J.

Johnson, Allen

Johnson, Philip D.

Johnson, Sophie C.

Johnson, Walfred

Joseph, Arthur E.

Joseph, Rose

Joslyn, Cory Andrew

Juvarek, Mathilda

Juvarek, Ralph J.

Kaiser, Alphonse

Kaiser, Josephine

Kaizer, Maria

Kaizer, Wilhelm

Kanuit, Evelyn

Kanuit, Vincent

Kapler, Maria

Karbowski, Stan

Karis, Anna G.

Karis, Joseph

Karl (?), Joseph A.

Karl, Adam

Karl, Albert H.

Karl, Anna M.

Karl, Catherine C.

Karl, Florian C.

Karl, George

Karl, infant son

Karl, Leo E.

Karl, Lucille M.

Karl, Marie C.

Karl, Mary A.

Karl, Mathilda

Karl, Ottilia M.

Kasper, Victor P.

Kehrer, Andrew

Kehrer, Joseph

Kehrer, Theresa

Kelly, Isabelle

Kelly, Joseph

Kelzer, Anton

Kelzer, Miena

Kersting (?), Frank

Kersting (?), Harold J.

Kersting, Anna

Kersting, Anna

Kersting, Franziska

Kersting, Georg C.

Kersting, Heinrich

Kes, Jackie

Kiley, Catherine H.

Kiley, Joseph W.

Kipp (?), Earland

Kipp (?), Frank J.

Kipp (?), Margaret

Kipp, Dorothy A.

Kipp, Elizabeth

Kipp, George

Kipp, Germanus R.

Kipp, Ida M.

Kipp, Raleigh R.

Klehr, Anna M.

Klehr, Katharina M.

Klehr, Michael

Kleschult, Anna

Kleschult, Emma

Kleschult, Frank

Kleschult, Frank

Kleschult, Hortense

Kleschult, Margaret

Kleschult, William

Kleschulte, Franz

Klocke, Felicia

Knapp, Bertha

Knapp, Robert

Koch, Anna M.

Koch, Gerhard

Koch, Henry F.

Koch, Herman

Kochlin (?), Adam

Kochlin, Carl F.

Kochlin, Daniel

Kochlin, Dorothy

Kochlin, Julia A.

Kochlin, Julius C.

Kochlin, Margaret

Kochlin, Richard M.

Kochlin, William R.

Koelzer, Katherine

Koelzer, Peter

Koenig (?), Mary

Koenig (?), Richard

Koenig, Catherine

Koenig, David J.

Koenig, Joseph

Koenig, Mary

Koetz (?), mother

Kootz, Hildegarde

Kootz, John

Kootz, Magdalena

Korang, Peter

Koreis, Dorathy L.

Koreis, Frank A.

Koreis, Joseph

Koreis, Katharina

Koreis, Magdalen G.

Koreis, Margaret R.

Koreis, Olga B.

Koreis, Thomas

Korener, Emma

Koschel, ?arence

Koschel, Anna

Koschel, Henry

Koschel, Rose

Koschel, William E.

Kozel, Elizabeth (Elsie)

Kozel, infant son

Kozel, William H.

Kragthorpe, Diane J.

Kragthorpe, Dorothy G.

Kragthorpe, James O.

Krahl (?), Clara J.

Krahl (?), Mary

Krahl (?), Thomas

Krahl, Joseph

Krajewski, Estelle Anne

Kral, Catherine

Kral, Elizabeth

Kral, Frank

Krauth (?), Anna M.

Krauth (?), Esther C.

Krauth (?), Florian A.

Krauth (?), Henry J.

Krauth (?), Josephine D.

Krauth (?), Phyllis C.

Krauth, Agnes A.

Krauth, Catherine M.

Krauth, George H.

Krauth, John

Krauth, Katherine

Krauth, Louis J.

Krauth, Louis J.

Krauth, Rose M.

Krautkremer (?), Anna Marie

Krautkremer (?), Barbara

Krautkremer (?), Jacob

Krautkremer (?), John B.

Krautkremer (?), Katharina

Krautkremer (?), Katherine

Krautkremer (?), Philip

Krautkremer (?), Sylvia

Krautkremer, Agnes B.

Krautkremer, Alexander J.

Krautkremer, Christine

Krautkremer, Edward

Krautkremer, Elaine M.

Krautkremer, Elizabeth

Krautkremer, Elsie A.

Krautkremer, Florence M.

Krautkremer, Glenn R.

Krautkremer, Helena C.

Krautkremer, Herman P.

Krautkremer, Ida S.

Krautkremer, infant

Krautkremer, Johann

Krautkremer, John

Krautkremer, Joseph J.

Krautkremer, Joseph P.

Krautkremer, Marguerite M.

Krautkremer, Mary A.

Krautkremer, Ralph A.

Krautkremer, Raymond L.

Krautkremer, Stella K.

Kreuer, Margaret

Kreuer, Margaret

Kreuer, William

Kreuser, Benjamin James

Kreuser, Roman John

Kromrey, Martha H.

Kruc, Elizabeth

Kruta, Frank

Ktajewski, John Paul

Kuehl, Agnes C.

Kuehl, William A.

Kunz, Maria

Kunz, Wenzel

Lambrecht (?), Adam

Lambrecht (?), Theresia

Lambrecht, baby boy

Lambrecht, Carl

Lambrecht, Clara

Lambrecht, Earl J.

Lambrecht, George

Lambrecht, Harold

Lambrecht, Harold A.

Lambrecht, John

Lambrecht, Lloyd L.

Lambrecht, Lloyd L.

Lambrecht, Louise

Lambrecht, Marie

Lambrecht, Nick

Lambrecht, Olga

Langer (?), father

Langer (?), Gudula

Langer (?), Hildegard

Langer (?), Joseph

Langer (?), Maria

Langer (?), mother

Langer, Carl J.

Langer, Carl J.

Langer, Fred

Langer, Henry

Langer, infant son

Langer, James M.

Langer, John J.

Langer, Joseph A.

Langer, Mary

Langer, Victor B.

LaPlant, Henry J.

Larca, Benny

Larca, Lucy M.

Larsen, Clara

Larsen, Thorvald

Laux, Ulrich

Lebens, John M.

Lebens, Josephine

Lebens, Michael

Lehnen, Anthony Paul

Lehnen, Clara C.

Lehnen, Douglas

Lehnen, Edmund

Lehnen, Frank J.

Lehnen, Mathias N.

Lehnen, Raymond P.

Lehnen, Roman G.

Lehnen, Theresa C.

Lehnen, Verena M.

Lehnen, Wilma M.

Leibbrand, Hazel M.

Leif, Theresa

Lenartz, Katharina

Lenartz, Nickolaus

Leonard, Emmett F.

Leonard, Francis J.

Leonard, Hilda

Leonard, Irene

Leonard, Jacob

Leonard, Mary

Leonard, Roman J.

Leonard, Urban

Lersting (?), Albertina

Lethert, Carl

Lethert, Katharina A.

Ley (?), Catherine

Ley (?), Michael (?)

Ley, Michaela

Libert, Edward G.

Liebert, Bernhard

Liebert, John

Liebert, John G.

Liebert, Louisa

Liebert, Margaretta


Linf, Clara

Link (?), ?eola

Link (?), ?semary

Link, Anthony E.

Link, Bernardina

Link, Clatus

Link, Edmund

Link, Emma T.

Link, Frances

Link, Friedrich E.

Link, George

Link, Joan S.

Link, Joseph L.

Link, Josephine

Link, Leo

Link, Richard L.

Link, Ruth S.

Link, Sabina

Link, Teresia

Link, Tillie M.

Linn, Anna

Linn, Claude

Linn, Elizabeth

Linn, Nick

Lucas, Mildred R.

Lucas, Raymond N.

Lucius, Francis

Lunacek, Roy W.

Luskey, Helen M.

Luskey, Karen

Lux, Florian

Maerz, Anton

Maerz, Joe C.

Maerz, Margaretha

Maerz, Marjorie

Mais, Alfred G.

Mais, George

Mais, Mary

Marshall, Jennifer

Martmann (?), Michael

Marxen (?), Elizabeth

Marxen (?), Frank J.

Marxen, ?

Marxen, Alexander M.

Marxen, Henry M.

Marxen, Hillard N.

Marxen, Ida

Marxen, Joseph G.

Marxen, Lucia

Marxen, Martha L.

Marxen, Mary Gerold

Marxen, Nicholas

Marxen, Nicholas

Marxen, Nicholas J.

Marxen, Nicholas J.

Marxen, Theresa G.

Maus, Albert

Maus, Anna

Maus, Bertha

Maus, Joseph

Mayer (?), Albert

Mayer (?), Mary Ann

Mayer, Alice J.

Mayer, Anna

Mayer, Clemens

Mayer, John C.

Mayer, Leonard

Mayer, Rudolph C.

Mayer, Susanna

Mayer, William

Mayerhofer, Ervin

McCormick (?), Rosemary

McCormick (?), Wallace

McCormick, Theresa

McEvoy, Helen Koreis

McEvoy, Maurice E.

McNamara, Michael

Mehrle, Catherine Grams

Meisingen, Caspar

Menke (?), Albert

Menke (?), Clemense

Menke (?), father

Menke (?), Gilberta

Menke (?), Joseph W.

Menke (?), Josephine

Menke (?), Katherina

Menke (?), Marie

Menke (?), Phillip J.

Menke (?), William J.

Menke, Alvira

Menke, Andrew U.

Menke, Bernardina

Menke, Franz Joseph

Menke, Larry J.

Merget, Elisabeth

Merget, Johann

Merget, Magdalena

Mertens (?), John B.

Mertens (?), Margaret

Mertens (?), Mary

Mertens (?), Rudolph

Mertens (?), Thresa A.

Mertens (?), William S.

Mertens, Cecil J.

Mertens, Maria Dorothea Elis.

Mertens, Mollie E.

Mertens, Ollie H.

Mertens, Sybilla Beckman

Mertens, Veronica

Mertz, Bernard A.

Mertz, Ida M.

Meyer, Theresia

Michael (?), Elizabeth

Michael (?), Leo

Michael (?), Loretta

Miller, Alfred F.

Miller, Cleo C.

Miller, David R. “Crockett”

Miller, Elizabeth

Miller, Henry J.

Miller, Maria L.

Miller, Marie

Miller, Mary B.

Miller, Nelly V.

Miller, Notger J.

Miller, Orville L.

Miller, Otto

Miller, Roberta

Miller, Roman A.

Miller, Thomas Joseph

Mohlin, Richard Allan

Mohlin, Sharon R.

Moore (?), ?

Moore, A. Maria

Moore, Anna C.

Moore, Annie Coraline

Moore, H.P.

Moore, Theresa

Morgan, Mark G.

Morgan, Steven J.

Moriarty, Gerald L.

Moriarty, Marcella C.

Moriarty, Michael R.

Moris, Florence A.

Moris, Louis J.

Mueller, Alphonse

Mulligan, Gaile E.

Mulligan, John H.

Nachbar (?), father

Nachbar (?), Francis

Nachbar (?), Gerhard

Nachbar (?), Hildegard

Nachbar (?), John J.

Nachbar (?), Justina

Nachbar (?), Mary

Nachbar (?), mother

Nachbar (?), Olga E.

Nachbar (?), Roland F.

Nachbar (?), William A.

Nachbar, Anna Marie

Nachbar, Doralia

Nachbar, Edward F.

Nachbar, Elizabeth S.

Nachbar, Ella Ehmke

Nachbar, Gertrud

Nachbar, Harold E.

Nachbar, J.G.

Nachbar, John P.

Nachbar, Leo L.

Nachbar, Margaret

Nachbar, Mary K.

Nachbar, Mathias

Nachbar, Robert W.

Nachbar, Wilhelm

Nachbar, Wilhelmina

Nagel (?), Catherine

Nagel (?), father

Nagel (?), mother

Nagel (?), William P.

Nagel, Norbert H.

Nagel, Verena M.

Neisen, Lorraine A.

Neisen, Steve J.

Nelson, Clara VonBank

Nelson, Dorothy M.

Nelson, Harry

Nelson, Joseph Duane

Nelson, Loretta Lynn

Nelson, Lorinda Sue

Nelson, Reissnor

Nelson, Roger M.

Nelson, Rose M.

Newholm, Rose

Nicholin, Anna Sophia

Nicolin (?), ?

Nicolin, Anna Sophia

Nicolin, Frank

Nicolin, Gerhard

Nicolin, Gerhard

Nicolin, William

Nolden (?), Ann G.

Nolden (?), Esther

Nolden (?), Sidney O.

Nolden (?), Werner

Noterman, Helen M.

Noterman, Robert P.

O’Brien, Robert J.

Ochsenreiter, Adam

Ochsenreiter, Frank

Ochsenreiter, Gebhard

Ochsenreiter, Herman A.

Ochsenreiter, Otto

Ochsenreiter, Paulina S.

Ohnsorg, Thomas X.

Ohnsorg, Veronica R.

Oliver, Norman Raymond

Olson, K. Sanford

Osterman, Martina

Otterholt, Dorene G.

Otteson, Brandon

Otteson, Charles L.

Otteson, Steven C.

Oyler, Donald J. “Josh”

Pahl, Barbara

Panek, Jane A.

Patterson (?), Herman J.

Patterson (?), Robert H.

Patterson, Helen R.

Pauly, Bertha M.

Pauly, Peter H.

Pauly, Sylvester M.

Pauly, Victor P.

Pauly, Virginia E.

Pauly, Wilfred A.

Pauly, Willy A.

Peaslee, Mathilda

Pekarna (?), Edward C.

Pekarna (?), Frank J.

Pekarna (?), Josephine

Pekarna (?), Marie Ann

Pekarna, Albert’s family

Pekarna, Anna

Pekarna, Celina V.

Pekarna, Edward C.

Pekarna, Gertrude

Pekarna, Joseph A.

Pekarna, Rosanna

Pekarna, Theodore F.

Pennisi, William R.

Penus, Magdalen

Peschges, Kenneth Francis

Peschges, Mary Cerene (Quinlan)

Peter, Christina

Peterson, Arthur E.

Peterson, Martha

Phillips (?), Grace M.

Phillips (?), William H.

Phillips, Clara Grams

Pieper (?), Joseph

Pieper (?), M. Catherine

Pieper, Caroline E.

Pieper, Clement M.

Pieper, Fidelis A.

Pieper, Herman

Pieper, Joseph J.

Pieper, Lawrence J.

Pieper, Lyle D.


Pilny (?), father

Pilny (?), mother

Pilny, Aloysia A.

Pilny, Jakob

Pilny, Johann

Pilny, John

Pilny, Joseph

Pilny, Mary K.

Piquerez, Henriette

Pitsch, Gertrude

Pitschneider (?), George H.

Pitschneider (?), Henry

Pitschneider (?), Rosa

Pitschneider, Alois H.

Pitschneider, Anna M.

Pitschneider, Evelyn

Pitschneider, Gertrude

Pitschneider, Herta D.

Pitschneider, Jerome J.

Pitschneider, Joseph F.

Pitschneider, Maurice P.

Pitschneider, Robin H.

Pitschnieder (?), Christ

Pitschnieder (?), Mary

Pletsch, Charlene F.

Ploen, Charles P.

Ploen, Katherine

Prehall, Agnes Arens

Prehall, Leonard

Preisen, Andrew M.

Preisen, Rose H.

Prew, Joseph

Radermacher, Andrina C.

Radermacher, Roman R.

Raser, Gilbert D.

Raser, Hildegard A.

Rauer (?), mother

Rauer, Anna

Rdaheim, Lavina C. Link

Regenbogen, Maurus

Reisinger, Edward

Reisinger, Frances

Remick, 3 infant sons

Rendler, Maria

Rendler, Sigmund

Rice, Angeline Kipp

Richter, Katie Koch

Rick, Bernard

Ricklick, Johann R.

Rieschl, Emma T.

Rieschl, Martin A.

Rieschl, Martin A.

Riesgraf, Andrew M.

Riesgraf, Cletus A.

Riesgraf, Elizabeth

Riesgraf, Erwin G.

Riesgraf, Frances M.

Riesgraf, George

Riesgraf, George M.

Riesgraf, Hedwig G.

Riesgraf, John A.

Riesgraf, Killian J.

Riesgraf, Mary

Riley, John W.

Riley, Lucy M.

Rindermann (?), ??

Ritchell, Katherine

Roderig, Caspar

Roderig, Jakob

Roderig, Maria

Roderig, Mary

Rogge, Anna

Rogge, Frank

Rogge, Frank H.

Rogge, Henry F.

Rogge, Henry X.

Rogge, Leonard

Rogge, Louis H.

Rogge, Louisa W.

Rogge, Louise

Rogge, Lucille

Rogge, Margaret M.

Rogge, Susan E.

Rogge, Theresa

Rosa, Eldena

Rosendahl, Charles G.

Rosendahl, Mary

Rosendahl, Wm.

Ruh, Anna B.

Ruh, Henry J.

Ruh, Margaretha

Ruh, Peter

Ruh, Peter

Ruh, William P.

Ruppert (?), Alexander

Ruppert (?), Mary

Ruppert, Alex H.

Ruppert, Anna

Ruppert, Catherine M.

Ruppert, Claire M.

Ruppert, Ella R.

Ruppert, Estella

Ruppert, Frank G.

Ruppert, Frank J.

Ruppert, Hildegard and Leo

Ruppert, Julian J.

Ruppert, Julian Joseph

Ruppert, Karen C.

Ruppert, Lorraine M.

Ruppert, Math J.

Ruppert, Peter F.

Ruppert, Susan

Ruppert, Tony J.

Rushmeyer, Dolores

Rushmeyer, Stephen

Rust, Thomas

Rutoski, Ignatius

Rutoski, Michael J.

Rutoski, Ronald C.

Rutoski, Viola

Rutz, Amelia Rose

Sachs (?), Catherine

Sachs (?), Leander

Sachs (?), Margaret

Sachs (?), Robert F.

Sachs, Leonard M.

Sachs, Mercedes Kipp

Sand, Angela Pekarna

Sand, Herbert M.

Sand, Lucille A.

Sanford, Mary

Schaak, Ralph J.

Schaefer (?), Emma W.

Schaefer (?), John J.

Schaefer, Bessie B.

Schaefer, Elisabeth Beckmann

Schaefer, Joseph

Schaefer, Philip

Schaefer, Phillip

Schafer (?), Mayme

Schafer (?), mother

Schafer, Johann

Schafer, Maria A.

Schafer, Philipp Jos.

Scharbach, Dave C.

Scharbach, Marion B.

Schatz, Barbara

Schaufler (?), Helen

Schaufler (?), Mathias

Schaufler (?), Michael

Scheffler, Anton

Scheffler, Frank

Scheffler, Helena

Scheffler, Leroy E.

Schendel, Ansel F. “Schen”

Schendel, Myrtle H. (Fischer)

Schilling, Christian

Schilling, Tresa

Schinstock (?), Fritz

Schinstock (?), Katharina

Schloesser, Johann

Schmidt, Joseph

Schmidt, Rosalia

Schmieg, Allen F.

Schmieg, Mary Lou

Schminder, Anna

Schminder, Frances E.

Schminder, Frank J.

Schminder, Joseph

Schmitt (?), ?

Schmitt (?), Louisa

Schmitt (?), mother

Schmitt (?), Peter H.

Schmitt (?), Peter J.

Schmitt, Angela B.

Schmitt, Charles

Schmitt, Christian R.

Schmitt, Dolores L.

Schmitt, Eduard

Schmitt, Franz

Schmitt, Greg R.

Schmitt, Lois

Schmitt, Mathias Pete

Schmitt, Rosa

Schmitt, Ruth A.

Schmitz (?), Grace

Schmitz (?), Jacob

Schmitz (?), Mary

Schmitz (?), Robert

Schmitz, Clarence J.

Schmitz, Elizabeth

Schmitz, Josephine M.

Schmitz, Sunshine J.

Schneider, Barry D.

Schneider, Clara

Schneider, Eugene E.

Schneider, Joseph A.

Schneider, Kenneth E.

Schneiderhan (?), Anna E.

Schneiderhan (?), Bertha

Schneiderhan (?), Candice

Schneiderhan (?), Clara M.

Schneiderhan (?), Clemens

Schneiderhan (?), Elizabeth

Schneiderhan (?), Frank M.

Schneiderhan (?), Joseph

Schneiderhan (?), Leander

Schneiderhan (?), Norbert E.

Schneiderhan (?), William H.

Schneiderhan, Agnes

Schneiderhan, Caroline

Schneiderhan, Florence O.

Schneiderhan, George H.

Schneiderhan, John

Schneiderhan, Katharina

Schneiderhan, Leonard M.

Schneiderhan, Leonhard

Schneiderhan, Lloyd G.

Schneiderhan, Sophia

Schnittgen, Arnold

Schnittgen, Gertrude

Schnittgen, Margaret

Schnittgen, Peter

Schoenbauer, Paige Emily

Schoenecker (?), Alfred

Schoenecker, Ben

Schommer, Anna

Schommer, Henry W.

Schommer, Katherine

Schommer, Nicholas

Schommer, Theckla

Schreiner (?), ?

Schultz, Franziska

Schulz, Mary

Schuster (?), Joseph M.

Schuster (?), Lucille M.

Schuster (?), Ralph M.

Schuster, Michael

Schuster, Rosa

Schutz (?), Mike A.

Schutz (?), Peter

Schutz (?), Veronica

Schutz, Albert W.

Schutz, Catharina

Schutz, Catherine C.

Schutz, Raleigh P.

Schwarz, P. Simon

Schweitzer, Anthony J.

Schweitzer, Barbara E.

Schwieger, A. Catharina

Schwingler (?), Caroline

Schwingler (?), Gerhard

Schwingler (?), Joseph

Schwingler (?), Lawrence

Schwingler, Agnes M.

Schwingler, Anna K.

Schwingler, Claire P.

Schwingler, Eugene M.

Schwingler, Joseph M.

Seaquist (?), Anton J.

Seaquist (?), Christine L.

Seaquist (?), Mary T.

Seaquist (?), Robert W.

Seaquist, Robert W.

See, Joseph W.

Seifert (?), Rosalia

Seifert, Anna

Seifert, August

Seifert, Augustine

Seifert, Bertha A.

Seifert, Clara D.

Seifert, Frances

Seifert, George A.

Seifert, Henry A.

Seifert, James J.

Seifert, Jerome J.

Seifert, Joanne R.

Seifert, John

Seifert, Joseph

Seifert, Joseph

Seifert, Leonard J.

Seifert, Michael

Seifert, Michael W.

Seifert, Otto

Seifert, Otto

Seifert, Veronica

Seifert, Virgina R.

Shotliff, Robert J.

Shotliff, Steven

Shotliff, Susan Marie

Shutrop, Nick

Simek, Dorothy A.

Simek, Frank A.

Simon, Matias

Simones, Leroy

Simones, Myrtle

Skinner, Sharon Gregory

Skluzacek (?), Patricia Anne

Skluzacek, Ann M.

Skluzacek, Benedict M.

Skluzacek, James F.

Skluzacek, James F.

Skluzacek, Leonella A.

Skluzacek, Ludwig J.

Smith, Joseph H.

Smith, Mary K.

Smith, Virginia G.

Soller, Barbara A.

Soller, Raymond M.

Sons, Rick G.

Sorensen, Davin C.

Spandel, Anna

Spandel, Elglebert

Spandel, Elizabeth

Spandel, Elizabeth

Spandel, George

Spandel, Joseph

Spandel, Margaret

Speck, Adelaide

Spieker, Kilian R.

Stahler, baby boy

Stang (?), Catherine

Stang, Ann Undesser

Stang, Barbara L.

Stang, Blanche E.

Stang, Frank A.

Stang, John

Stang, John

Stang, John J.

Stang, Kathryn

Stang, Mae C.

Stang, Mary

Stang, Mary

Stang, Nick

Stang, Richard Mathew

Stang, Robert L.

Stang, Sandra Ann

Stang, Sylas P.

Stang, Walter Joseph

Steckman, Genevieve

Steckman, Theodore E.

Steinhoff, Mary

Steinhoff, William

Stemig, Catherine

Stemig, Florenz A.

Stemig, Florenz A.

Stemig, Peter

Stenger, Fred K.

Stenger, Jean B.

Stifter, John A.

Stifter, Louis J.

Stifter, Mary J.

Stifter, Monica J.

Stitzinger, Glenn M.

Stitzinger, Glenn M.

Stocker (?), Catherine

Stocker (?), Elizabeth

Stocker (?), Frances

Stocker (?), Gerhard

Stocker (?), John

Stocker (?), Margaret

Stocker (?), Peter

Stocker (?), Philip J.

Stocker, Adeline A.

Stocker, Allard M.

Stocker, Alois

Stocker, Alois

Stocker, Alphons S.

Stocker, Coletta

Stocker, Frances

Stocker, Gerald H.

Stocker, Helena

Stocker, Henry

Stocker, Irene M.

Stocker, John

Stocker, Joseph B.

Stocker, Lucy

Stocker, Marie E.

Stocker, Mary A.

Stocker, Maureen Scheffler

Stocker, Melvin E.

Stocker, Michael

Stocker, Michael S.

Stocker, Oliver

Stocker, Peter M.

Stocker, Ralph A.

Stocker, Rosalia F.

Stocker, Thomas F.

Stocker, Walbert

Stocker, Wineta M.

Stokes (?), father

Stokes (?), mother

Stommel, Ida

Stommel, John

Stommel, Joseph

Stommel, Mary Magdalen

Stommel, William B.

Strunic, John

Strunk (?), Aloys C.

Strunk (?), Elizabeth

Strunk (?), Karl

Stupeck, Dora

Stupeck, Joseph

Suman, Susan M. (Radermacher)

Sunder (?), Frank W.

Sunder (?), Susan E.

Sunder, Alois J.

Sunder, Christina

Sunder, George

Sunder, George J.

Sunder, Isabelle M.

Sunder, John

Sunder, John F.

Sunder, Joseph T.

Sunder, Josephine R.

Sunder, Leonard J.

Sunder, Leroy George

Sunder, Mark G.

Sunder, Mary

Sunder, Regina A.

Svoboda, Catherine E.

Svoboda, Theodore J.

Swygart, Sandra

Taddei (?), Hildegarde

Taddei, Geno A.

Tankersley, Genevieve

Teitscheid, Johan

Tepley, Elayne Heiland

Theis (?), Alvin

Theis (?), Margaret

Theis (?), Peter

Theis, Dorothy

Thill, Carolina

Thill, Kathleen M.

Thill, Leo

Thill, Nicolaus

Thill, William J.

Thissen, Albertus G.

THissen, Cherie Mae

Troll, Annie N.

Troll, John

Troll, John

Trost (?), Fae A.

Trost (?), Walter

Twesten, Debra J.

Undesser, Ann

Undesser, Henry

Undesser, Leroy

VanTassel, Marti M.

Vasser, Michael L.

Verey, Rosemary A.

Vitten, Nicolaus

Vomacka, Lloyd G.

VonBank (?), John N.

VonBank (?), Mary

VonBank, Agnes

VonBank, Alan A.

VonBank, Alan A.

VonBank, Alois

VonBank, Anna

VonBank, Betty Ann

VonBank, Catherine Koch

VonBank, Christine V.

VonBank, Eliesabeth

VonBank, Heinrich

VonBank, Helena

VonBank, Jody Mary

VonBank, Johann

VonBank, Johann

VonBank, Mary (?)

VonBank, Nicholas

Wagner (?), Paul William

Wagner (?), Sophia

Wagner, Agnes A.

Wagner, Herb F.

Wagner, Marcy M.

Wagner, Mary Ann

Wagner, Peter J.

Wagner, Ray H.

Wagner, Stephen F.

Walerius (?), Casper

Walerius, Isidore

Walerius, K.

Walerius, Teresa

Walerius, W.

Wampach (?), Jacob

Wampach (?), Mary

Wampach, Anna

Wampach, Frank J.

Wampach, Henry

Wampach, Henry

Wampach, Jerome

Wampach, Jerome K.

Wampach, Juane

Wampach, Juane C.

Wampach, Maymie C.

Wartman, Isabel Reynolds

Wartman, Lloyd H.

Weckman, Anton J.

Weckman, Cecelia M.

Weckman, Dorothy

Weckman, Elmer

Weckman, Jacob J.

Weckman, Margaret

Weierke, Frances

Weierke, Paul A.

Weierke, Raymond E.

Wemhoff, Paulus

Wermerskirchen (?), Anna K.

Wermerskirchen (?), Casmer

Wermerskirchen (?), Celia

Wermerskirchen (?), Ernest J.

Wermerskirchen (?), Franz J.

Wermerskirchen (?), Lena

Wermerskirchen (?), Leo F.

Wermerskirchen, Alfred

Wermerskirchen, baby boy

Wermerskirchen, Dolores M.

Wermerskirchen, Florence

Wermerskirchen, Frances

Wermerskirchen, Francis J.

Wermerskirchen, Franz

Wermerskirchen, Friedrich

Wermerskirchen, Guido

Wermerskirchen, Leander A.

Wermerskirchen, Lena

Wermerskirchen, Loretta M.

Wermerskirchen, Margaret

Wermerskirchen, Maria Eva Schmitt

Wermerskirchen, Melvin P.

Wermerskirchen, Roman N.

Wermerskirchen, Ruth L.

Wermerskirchen, Stephan

Werner, Cordelia E.

Werner, Jerome F.

Wickum (?), John David

Wickum (?), Ray D.

Wissmann, Didacus

Woerdehoff, Albert H.

Woerdehoff, Doris N.

Woerdehoff, Eugene V.

Woerdehoff, George

Woerdehoff, George

Woerdehoff, Helen C.

Woerdehoff, John J.

Woerdehoff, Joseph T.

Woerdehoff, Joseph T.

Woerdehoff, Louise

Woerdehoff, Wilbert LeRoy

Woerdehoff, Wilbert W.

Wolf (?), father

Wolf (?), John A.

Wolf (?), Katharina

Wolf (?), mother

Wolf, Agnes M.

Wolf, Anna C.

Wolf, Bernard

Wolf, Clara

Wolf, Elizabeth

Wolf, Evangeline E.

Wolf, Flavian

Wolf, Francis

Wolf, Frank X.

Wolf, Franz X.

Wolf, Gerhard

Wolf, Jos. L.

Wolf, Joseph L.

Wolf, Juane C.

Wolf, Lawrence John

Wolf, Leonard M.

Wolf, Lucy

Wolf, Math

Wolf, Michael M.

Wolf, Mildred M.

Wolf, Rosalia

Wolf, Werner M.

Work, Katherine

Worm (?), father

Worm (?), mother

Worm, Joseph A.

Worm, Margaret

Worm, Theodore F.

Wysocki, Eleen Marie Kuehl

Zaun, Amanda

Zaun, Clara M.

Zaun, John

Zaun, William H.

Zemiers, Mary

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