Spirit Hill / Jordan Cemetery

Jordan, Scott County, Minnesota



Jordan, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R23W, Section 19

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website.

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            The Spirit Hill / Jordan Cemetery is located near the intersection of Crestview Circle and Sunset Drive / Creek Lane South in the town of Jordan.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013





?, ? F.

?, Emily (?) Mary

?, Cora

?, Frank

?, Henry

?, Minnie

?, Philipp

?, Thadr.

Ackerman, Gladys M.

Ackerman, Walter H.

Adamek, Frances

Adamek, John

Adams, Rachel L.

Ahlbrecht, Dorothy J.

Ahlswede, Amelia

Ahlswede, August

Ahlswede, August

Ahlswede, Charles

Ahlswede, Etta C.

Ahlswede, Lisette

Ahlswede, William

Allen, Betty

Althoff, Charles L.

Althoff, Elizabeth G.

Anderson (?), ??ine

Anderson (?), Charles (?) A.

Anderson (?), Georgia E.

Anderson (?), John (?) P.

Anderson (?), Margie A.

Anderson, Alice

Anderson, Alice M.

Anderson, Dorothy A.

Anderson, Erick

Anderson, Harvey B.

Anderson, James

Anderson, Laura

Andresen, Andreas

Andrist, John G.

Andrist, Stella A.

Arndt, Calvin K.

Arndt, Lillian L.

Arnts, ?thur

Arnts, Lucinda

Arnts, Wm.

Arntz, Emma (?) K.

Atwood, Harriet

Atwood, M.T.

Baier (?), Clarence

Baier (?), Dora

Baier (?), father

Baier (?), mother

Baier, Aurelia

Baier, George F.

Baier, Joseph

Baier, Laura

Baier, William

Baier, Wm. F.

Baier, Wm. H.

Bakken, Ingolf L.

Bakken, Ingolf L.  “Bud”

Ball, Marion F.

Ball, Ralph C.

Ballard, H. Richard

Bandimere, Gary

Bandy, Ann

Bandy, Anna

Bandy, Elsie L.

Bandy, Thomas

Bandy, Thomas H.

Bandy, William

Barber ,Ben B.

Barber, Emma E.

Barlage, Lloyd

Bas?, Lena Jaenike

Bassert, Howard

Baucum, Lucinda Welch

Bauer, Helen H.

Bauer, Lillian M. Bolz

Bauer, Raymond J.

Baumann, Christian E.

Baumann, Esther

Baumann, Frank C.

Baumann, Franklin

Baumann, Louisa M.

Baumgarten, Milton W.

Baxmeyer (?), ?

Baxmeyer (?), ?

Baxmeyer (?), Carl

Been, Bertha

Beer (?), Albert (?)

Beer, Priscilla

Behmler, Carl F.

Behmler, Johanna

Behmler, Martha K.

Behmler, Otto A.

Behmler, Wilhelm

Behmler, Wilhemine

Beise, Joshua James Melvin

Beise, Margie J.

Beise, Mark A.

Beise, Melvin M.

Benes (?), Frank

Benes (?), Josephine

Benes (?), Thomas

Berger, Edward W.

Berger, Pearl Gran

Berger, William H.

Betchwars, Luverne M. Dueffert

Bieder, Alice M.

Bieder, Florence

Bieder, Milo J.

Bieder, William A.

Blair (?), ??ola

Blair, Charles Leroy

Blenkush, Adeline

Blenkush, Frank

Bliss (?), ?

Bliss, Francis A.

Bliss, Victoria E.

Bloomquist, Ronald A.

Blum, Eduard

Blum, Elenora

Blum, Ernestine

Blum, Friederich

Blum, Heinrich

Blume (?), Caroline

Blume (?), father

Blume (?), Florence May

Blume (?), Julius Henry

Blume (?), Margaret (?)

Blume (?), Mary Bertha

Blume (?), mother

Blume (?), William

Blume, ?

Blume, ?

Blume, ?

Blume, ?vin W.

Blume, Anna

Blume, Bertha B.

Blume, Caroline

Blume, Chas. F.

Blume, Christine

Blume, Clarence E.

Blume, Edward S.

Blume, Ernst

Blume, Friderick

Blume, Henry F.

Blume, Lelia M.

Blume, Lelia M.

Blume, Sophia D.

Boettcher, Idabell (?)

Bohnsack (?), Curtis

Bohnsack, Arthur

Bohnsack, Caroline

Bohnsack, Clarence

Bohnsack, Erna

Bohnsack, Evelyn

Bohnsack, Fred W.

Bohnsack, Herbert C.

Bohnsack, Jeanne E.

Bohnsack, Lillie H.

Bohnsack, Verdell

Bohnsack, William F.

Bolz (?), Charles

Bolz (?), Ernestine

Bolz, Arney C.

Bolz, Hattie R.

Bonander, Frank (?) O.

Borchert, Rose E.

Borchert, Wallace W.

Bortness, Oliver L.

Bortness, Shirley A.

Botts, Emma A.

Bowker, Muriel Lydia Dols

Bragg (?), ?

Bragg, Lewis

Brandborg, Emmett

Brandborg, Eugene

Brandborg, Frederica

Brant, Catherine

Brazier, Leo L.

Breimhorst, Jane Varner

Breimhorst, Lois

Breimhorst, Raymond

Breimhorst, William J.

Bren, Frank

Bren, Hannah E.

Brenke (?), Dorthia

Brenke (?), Fred C.

Brenke (?), Fredie

Brenke (?), Whilmena

Bristol, Cora E.

Bristol, Cornelia

Bristol, Edmund R.

Bristol, Edmund R.

Brown, Minnie M.

Brown, Wm. D.

Brustl?, ?

Brustle, Carl M.

Brustle, Maria L.

Bryson, Charles T.

Bryson, David

Bryson, John

Bucholtz, John J.

Bucholtz, Robert A.

Bucholtz, Suzette E.

Buemeister, Nettie

Burech (?), Anna

Buresh (?), John

Burling, E.C.

Burling, Helen

Burling, Lulia

Burling, Roger C.

Burmaester, Freda

Burmaester, Henry

Burmeister (?), Arthur

Burmeister (?), Clara

Burmeister (?), Emma

Burmeister (?), father

Burmeister (?), Glendon

Burmeister (?), Louisa

Burmeister (?), Margaret

Burmeister (?), Minnie

Burmeister (?), mother

Burmeister (?), William

Burmeister, Christina Zaun

Burmeister, John

Buss, Alma E.

Buss, Dora

Buss, Fred

Buss, John

Buss, John G.

Buss, Wilhelmina

Cairncross, Gordon S.

Cairncross, Mary R.

Cairncross, Stewart

Callander, George W.

Callender, Frederick

Callender, Willie B.

Campbell, Marguerite (?)

Canfield, Jas. E.

Cargin, Dora C.

Cargin, George H.

Carleton, Nancy L.

Carlson (?), Chester

Carlson, Clarence R.

Carlson, Elmer

Carlson, Emil A.

Carlson, Hilda V.

Carlson, Joseph O.

Carlson, Melvin V.

Carlson, Ralph Herman

Carlson, Sadie

Carlson, Walter L.

Carlton, F.W.

Caron, Lillian B.

Caswell, Charlott

Caswell, Chas. M.

Caswell, Ethel J.

Caswell, G.W.

Caswell, Ida

Caswell, Lovisa

Caswell, Nora

Caswell, Sylvester L.

Chadderdon, Flora C. Nicol

Chard (?), Donald Roy

Chard (?), Ethel

Chard (?), Lulia

Chard (?), Thomas

Chard, Lila M.

Chard, Roy T.

Charpentier, James E.

Cheezig (?), Augusta

Cheezig (?), Jacob C.

Cheezig, Louise A.M.

Cheezig, Lucille W.

Cheezig, Viola A.

Christian, Hailey Rose

Christian, Kayla Renae

Clemmer, Benjamin Forrest

Coates (?), Caroline

Coates, Jos.

Coates, Rebecca

Coates, Sarah J.

Coates, Sarah J.

Cobb, Walter Joe

Cole, Bernard E.

Cook, Ella M.

Cook, Florence F.

Cook, J. Thomas

Cook, Jessie E.

Corbel, Nancy

Corbel, Philip

Corbin, Doloris

Corbin, Eugene R.

Corbin, Myrtle

Cords (?), mutter

Cords (?), vater

Cords, Anna

Cords, Carl

Cords, Emma

Cords, Friederich

Cords, Heinrich

Cragun, ?

Cragun, Carrie Arnts

Cragun, Christina

Cragun, Enoch

Cragun, Eva Elizabeth

Cragun, James

Cragun, James W.

Cragun, Jonathan O.Q.

Cragun, Leland

Cragun, Mary R.

Cragun, Nephi

Cragun, Ruth A.

Crane, Fern L.

Crane, Kenneth D.

Crane, Kenneth D.

Cunrath (?), Ethel J.

Cunrath (?), Louis

Cunrath (?), Maria K.

Cunrath (?), Marilla L.

Cunrath (?), Martha R.

Cunrath, Arthur H.

Cunrath, Ella S.

Cunrath, Henry

Cunrath, John

Cunrath, Lena

Cunrath, Sophie

Cunrath, Wilhelm ?

Dahlke (?), mutter

Dahlke, Eduard

Dammann, Mariechen

Darlington (?), Marshall B.

Darlington (?), Marshall S.

Darlington (?), Rowena V.

DeCamp, H. (?) E.

Degnan, George

Dennig (?), Katherine

Dennig (?), William

Dennig, Adele J.

Dennig, Charlotte M.

Derhaag, Paul S. “Buck”

Dette, Albert

Deusterman, Gladys Burmeister [in memory of]

Dierks, Dora

Dierks, Friedrich

Diers (?), Friadreaka

Diestler, ?

Diestler, Jacob

Dietrich (?), ??roline M.

Dietrich (?), William (?) F.

Dietrich, Frona

Dietrich, George M.

Dietrich, Leslie W.

Dietz, ?lia

Dols, Bertha Louise

Dols, Donald L.

Dols, Donald L.

Dols, John B.

Dorn (?), Edward E.

Dorn (?), Mary C.

Dorn (?), Niella D.

Dorn (?), William F.

Dorn, Amy Helen

Dorn, Cora D.

Dorn, Cora Mae

Dorn, G. Herman

Dorn, Henry J.

Dorn, Robert

Dorn, Robert E.

Draeger (?), Gustav F.

Draeger (?), Lutricia Ann

Draeger, Emil D.

Dubbe (?), Agnes

Dubbe (?), Elanora

Dubbe (?), Frieda

Dubbe (?), George

Dubbe, Arthur

Dueffert, ??isse

Dueffert, Adeline

Dueffert, Alice M.

Dueffert, Ernest J.

Dueffert, Frieda

Dueffert, Herman W.

Dueffert, Ida E.

Dueffert, Lena W.

Dueffert, Lorraine M.

Dueffert, Rose

Dueffert, Ruth Alice

Dueffert, Walter E.

Dueffert, William A.

Dueffert, Wm. C.

Duff, Josephine (?) E.

Dumas, Beatrice M.

Dumas, Leo J.

Dupue, James A.

Dvorak (?), Antonia

Dvorak (?), Ella Rose

Dvorak (?), Joseph H.

Dvorak, Evelyn G.

Dvorak, Mary

Dvorak, Roger G.

Dvorak, William A.

Eckert, father

Eckert, mother

Eggert, Andreas F.

Eickman, Casper

Eilers, Dora C.

Eilers, Minnie S.

Eisele, ?

Eisele, Andrew

Eisele, Jacob

Eisenhardt (?), father

Eisenhardt (?), mother

Ellies (?), Dorathea

Ellies, Frederick

Ellies, Henry

Ellies, Hildegard M.

Ellies, Rudolph F.

Engel, Bernhard

Engel, Hellena D.

Engel, Katharina

Engelbertson, George F.

Engfer, Dolly

Engler, Emma

Engler, Henry A.

Engler, Laura

Englund (?), father

Englund (?), Hilma

Englund (?), Josephine

Englund (?), mother

Englund (?), Oscar

Englund, Esther

Enters, Friedrich

Erickson (?), August E.

Erickson (?), Flora

Erickson (?), Jonas

Erickson (?), Mathilda

Erickson, Lydia Schlemmer

Erickson, Marcella L.

Erickson, Matilda Burling

Erickson, Walter J.

Erickson, Walter John

Ersin (?), Avis B.

Ersin (?), Edward W.

Esboldt (?), Nora

Esboldt (?), Robert

Esboldt, Ludwig J.

Esboldt, Wilhelmina

Esbolt, Julius

Everman, Emil

Everman, Martha

Evermann (?), father

Evermann (?), mother

Fahrenkamp (?), baby boy

Fahrenkamp (?), Shirley A.

Fahrenkamp (?), Tracy Lee

Fahrenkamp, Bonnie Lee

Fahrenkamp, Emilie A.

Fahrenkamp, Rudolph W.

Fahrenkamp, Shirley L.

Fahrenkamp, Willard E.

Fahrenkamp, Willard E.

Fehlandt (?), Augusta

Fehlandt (?), Elmer E.

Fehlandt (?), Henry

Fehlandt (?), Louise H.

Fehlandt, Allen H.

Fehlandt, Charles

Fehlandt, Erwin H.

Fehlandt, Heinrich

Fehlandt, Ida

Fehlandt, Wilhelmina

Feldten (?), father

Feldten (?), mother

Feldten, Ernest T.

Fischer, Christian

Fischer, Leo F.

Fischer, Viola M.

Fleisch (?), F.M.

Fleisch, Lydia

Fleisch, Wm.

Forssman, Mary E. Payne

Foss, Aurelius

Foss, Betsy C.

Foss, Daniel

Foss, Edwin

Foss, James W.

Frank (?), baby boy

Frank (?), baby girl

Frank (?), Frieda

Frank (?), Grace B.

Frank (?), Reuben M.

Frank, Clara

Frank, Dorothea M.

Frank, Emma

Frank, Heinrich A.

Frank, Heinrich A.

Frank, Heinrike A.

Frank, Heinrike W.

Frank, Heinrike W.

Frank, J. William

Frank, Johann R.

Frank, John M.

Frank, Laura E.

Frank, Maria

Frank, Percy B.

Frank, Rosa

Frank, Rosalia

Frazer, Norbert

Freer, Catharine

Freer, Joni (?)

Freer, Peter A.

Friedlund, Maria

Friedlund, Nels

Fuhrman (?), father

Fuhrman (?), George T.

Fuhrman (?), Mary E.

Fuhrman (?), mother

Fuhrman, Albert

Fuhrman, Alfred

Fuhrman, Anna M.

Fuhrman, Ben H.

Fuhrman, Bertha

Fuhrman, Elisabeth

Fuhrman, Emma

Fuhrman, Fern

Fuhrman, Gerhard

Fuhrman, Harold C.

Fuhrman, Hazel

Fuhrman, Henry

Fuhrman, John

Fuhrman, Joseph A.

Fuhrman, Martha M. Tiede

Fuhrman, Mary L.

Fuhrman, Minnie Liefer

Fuhrman, Mollie

Fuhrman, Robert C.

Fuhrman, Theodore H.

Fuhrman, William G.

Fuhrmann (?), August

Fuhrmann (?), Charley

Fuhrmann (?), Herman

Fuhrmann (?), Louisa

Fuhrmann (?), Sophia

Fuhrmann, Frank J.

Fuhrmann, Regina L.

Fuller, J.

Furhman, Albertine

Furman, Ralph

Gallas, Ed. F.

Gallas, Heinrich

Gallas, Lena

Gallas, Louise

Galles, Hattie C.

Galles, Otto F.

Gallus, Harry

Garcia, Wesley K.

Gardner, Hattie Fleisch

Garritson, Jane A.

Gehring (?), Herman

Gehring (?), John

Gehring (?), Mary

Gehring, Adeline

Gehring, Bertha

Gehring, Otto

Gehring, Sebastina

Geiger (?), mother

Geiger, Agnes

Geiger, Caroline

Geiger, Edna M.

Geiger, Henry J.

Geiger, Johann

Geiger, Rose M.

Geiger, William F.

Geiger, William H.

Gerken, Anna R.

Gerken, C.K.

Gerken, Jost.

Gerken, William J.

Gerres, Mary A.

Gerres, Mathew A.

Getz, Lillian

Getz, Louisa

Geyer, Mollie

Gierlich, Fred F.

Gierlich, Mary E.

Giger, Laonhard J.

Goodrich, A.A.

Goodrich, Ella H.

Gordon, Lulu B.

Gosewisch, Angela

Gosewisch, Charles

Gosewisch, Jerome H.

Graham, Mary E.

Graham, S.F.

Grams, Emma C.

Grams, John

Grams, Louis J.

Gran (?), father

Gran (?), mother

Gran, Christian

Gran, Clara P.

Gran, Edith E.

Gran, Edward C.

Gran, Johanna

Gran, Lando F.

Grassmann, Herbert W.

Gray, baby

Greenwald (?), E. Lydia

Greenwald (?), F. William

Greenwald (?), Olinda L.

Greenwald (?), Shirley

Greenwald (?), Warren

Greenwald, Bertha

Greenwald, Clara

Greenwald, George

Greenwald, H.L.

Greenwald, Willard W.

Greve (?), Fred

Greve (?), Ida F.

Griffin, Alvina

Gruber, Arnold O.

Gruber, Rose Yahnke

Guenther, Conrad P.

Guenther, E. Irene Graham

Gustafson, Ervil L.

Gustafson, Helen J.

Gutknecht, Henry

Haag, Faune E.

Haas, Heffrey R.

Habegger (?), Fred

Habegger (?), Hildegarde

Habegger (?), Julia

Habegger (?), Loren

Habegger (?), Virginia

Haferman, Evelyn E.

Haferman, Lawrence A.

Hafermann, Beautrice B.

Hafermann, Edmund P.

Hagie, Al C.

Hagie, Estella

Hagie, Theresa

Hahn (?), Minnie

Hahn, Louis (?) A.

Hain, Lucy

Halgren (?), Margaret

Hamburg, ?

Hamburg, Everlof

Hamer, Elizabeth

Hamer, John F.

Hammack, Ruth A.

Hanson, Dorothy M.

Hanson, Lloyd O.

Hanzel, Lois W.

Hanzel, Lois W.

Hanzel, Raymond J.

Hanzel, Raymond J.

Harrington, Kathryn A.

Harris (?), George A.

Harris (?), Lucy Jane

Harris, Cornelia (?) A.

Harris, G.H.

Harris, Nephi A.

Haugland, Lloyd C.

Haugland, Urana A. (Sandell)

Hedlund, Ida A.

Hedlund, John E.

Heiland, Friederich

Heiland, Katharina

Heiland, Louise

Hein, William M.

Heinisch, Doris

Heinisch, James W.

Heins, A.C.

Heins, Louisa

Heitkamp (?), ?

Heitkamp, Emma

Heitkamp, Luise H.

Heitkamp, Mina

Heitkamp, Walter A.

Heitkamp, Werner

Heitkamp, Wilhelm

Helgesen (?), father

Helgesen (?), Lando

Helgesen (?), mother

Helgesen, Ellenora L.

Henning, Doretta

Henrichs, Heinrig

Henrichs, Maria

Henry, Samantha

Hensel, Alfred E.

Hensel, Olga L.

Hensel, Russell H.

Herhaugen, Joy

Hessing (?), Clara

Hessing (?), George

Hessing (?), Helena

Hessing (?), Hildegard

Hessing (?), William

Hessing, Earl W.

Hessing, Todd R.

Hetzel (?), Barbara

Hetzel (?), father

Hetzel (?), Philip

Hewitt (?), father

Hewitt (?), mother

Hewitt, Frank

Hilbig, Urana Baier

Hladky (?), father

Hladky, Josef

Hladky, mother

Hlatky, August

Hlatky, Ida


Hoffert, Mary

Holmes (?), Orren Thomas

Holmes, Dora

Holmes, G.R.

Holmes, Georgie R.

Holmes, Katie

Holmes, Nancy

Holmes, Susana

Holmes, William

Hurtig, Alvina

Husak (?), Anna

Husak (?), Joseph

Husak, Edward A.

Husak, Emily

Husak, Josef

Husakova, Josefa

Jabs (?), Carl

Jabs (?), Charles W.

Jabs (?), Gustave A.

Jabs (?), Lillian E.

Jabs (?), Louise

Jabs, Annie M.

Jabs, Christine

Jabs, Clarence

Jabs, Clarence F.

Jabs, Darlene

Jabs, Darlene E.

Jabs, Frederick W.

Jabs, Henry Carl

Jackson, Alfred

Jackson, Alice E.

Jackson, Andrew

Jackson, Emma R.

Jaeger, A.

Jaeger, August

Jaeger, Dolly

Jaeger, Dorothea

Jaeger, Edward

Jaeger, Friedricka

Jaeger, George L.

Jaeger, Hanna

Jaeger, Henry

Jaeger, Henry

Jaeger, Ida

Jaeger, John H.

Jaeger, Rosalia M.

Jaeger, Theo

Jaenicke (?), ?ary

Jaenicke (?), Clara

Jaenicke (?), Frad

Jaenicke, Lydia

Jaenike (?), ?

Jaenile (?), father

Janz (?), August

Jeffery, Mary

Jenny, Brian E.

Johnson (?), Betty June

Johnson (?), Burton

Johnson (?), father

Johnson (?), mother

Johnson (?), Selma

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Bertha M.

Johnson, Charles T.

Johnson, Crystal Blair

Johnson, Dorothy E.

Johnson, Frieda I.

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Hildegarde A.

Johnson, Jon Scott

Johnson, Mary A.

Johnson, Robert W.

Johnson, Rosalia Juergens

Johnson, Russell R.

Johnson, Wilhelmina

Joseph (?), John

Joseph (?), Mary

Juaire, Hailey Marie

Juaire, Patricia R.

Juergens, F. Herman

Juergens, F.W.

Juergens, Fred J.

Juergens, Gerhardt H.

Juergens, Herman M.

Juergens, Hugh H.

Juergens, Leona E.

Juergens, Louisa M.

Juergens, Paul H.

Juergens, R.C.

Juergens, Ray G.

Juergens, Sylvia

Juffer, JoAnn Gustafson

Jun, John

Jun, Joseph

Jun, Mary

Juni, Caroline

Juni, Charles Henry

Juni, Christian

Juni, Julia B.

Juni, Lizzie

Juni, Robert W.

Juni, William C.

Junn, Bessie H.

Junn, Edward A.

Junn, Joseph

Junn, Joseph L.

Junn, Rose

Junn, Walter E. Johnson

Kaiser, Elizabeth

Kaiser, William

Karnitz, Verna P.

Kassuhn, Fred

Keller, Magdalena

Keopple, J.C.

Keopple, J.M.

Keoprel (?), Mary

Keoprel, ?

Kerkow (?), Bertha K.

Kerkow (?), Fredericka

Kerkow (?), Herman

Kerkow (?), Minnie B.

Kerkow (?), Otto C.

Kerkow (?), Reinhard C.

Kerkow, Arnold W.

Kerkow, Bertha

Kerkow, Bruce G.

Kerkow, Catherine

Kerkow, Charles

Kerkow, Charles W.

Kerkow, Edward F.

Kerkow, Ella L.

Kerkow, Emilie

Kerkow, Erwin

Kerkow, Ethel J.

Kerkow, Gerhard W.

Kerkow, Harold R.

Kerkow, Harold R.

Kerkow, Heinrich

Kerkow, Herman W.

Kerkow, Hulda E.

Kerkow, Julius

Kerkow, Julius J.

Kerkow, Leroy Bob

Kerkow, Lillian A.

Kerkow, Lillian P.

Kerkow, Lucille G.

Kerkow, Mary A.

Kerkow, Minnie

Kerkow, Raymond

Kerkow, Violet

Kerkow, Werner C.

Kerkow, Weymuth Arthur

Kes, Benjamin Andrew

Killian (?), Andrew

Killian (?), Bertha W.

Killian (?), Charles

Killian (?), Charles R.

Killian (?), Edwin F.

Killian (?), George

Killian (?), John

Killian (?), Lena

Killian (?), Mary

Killian (?), Rosella L.

Killian (?), Suzanna

Killian, Emma M.

Killian, Harvey M.

Killian, Marshall

Killian, Melanie Raye

King, Amanda

King, William A.

Kinzel, Frank

Kinzel, Nettie

Kipp, ? Maria

Kipp, Anna

Kipp, Anna

Kipp, Anna

Kipp, August

Kipp, Charles

Kipp, Charles

Kipp, Edward

Kipp, Emma

Kipp, Frank

Kipp, Fred

Kipp, Frederick H.

Kipp, George

Kipp, Henry

Kipp, John

Kipp, Joseph

Kipp, Juliana

Kipp, Katherine Marie

Kipp, Nettie

Kipp, Phillip

Kipp, Roman W.

Kipp, Theodore

Kleimenhagen, Clara M.

Klein, Charles A.

Klein, Mollie J.

Klemenhagen, Augusta A.

Klemenhagen, George W.

Klemenhagen, Joseph

Klemenhagen, Mary E.

Klemenhagen, Ruth M.

Klemenhaos (?), Christpher

Klickey, Russell H.

Klingberg (?), Augusta B.

Klingberg (?), Henry C.

Klingberg, Dwane Darryle

Klingberg, Francis F.

Klingberg, Larry J.

Klingberg, Shirley Ann

Knauer, Herman

Knott (?), ?

Knott (?), mother

Knott, Jane E.

Knott, Thomas

Knutson, Daniel R.

Knutson, Helen P.

Knutson, Leonard M.

Kober, Ellen M.

Kober, Henry C.

Koch, ??sta W.

Koch, Adeline B.

Koch, Augusta W.

Koch, Rudolph

Koch, Wilhelm

Koch, William

Koch, William J.

Kochlin, Charles

Kochlin, Friederika

Kochlin, Mary K.

Kochlin, Oscar R.

Kochlin, Pauline

Kochlin, William

Koenig, James P.

Koenig, Shirley M.

Kogle, Fred S.

Kogle, Mildred G.

Konecny (?), mother

Koschel, William

Kovich, Margie

Kovich, Mike

Kreger, Anna S.

Kreger, Gust H.

Kreuer, Hazel

Kreuer, Lawrence

Kroc, Anna

Krohn (?)

Only mother of Bruce Douglas Krohn

Krueger, Gust C.

Krueger, Lena M.

Krug (?), Henry

Krug (?), mother

Krug (?), William E.

Krug (?), William M.

Krug, Phillip

Krumwiede, ??

Krumwiede, August

Krumwiede, Dorothea

Krumwiede, Erestine

Krumwiede, Lily

Kuehn (?), Ella

Kuehn (?), Rosalie

Kuehn, F. Eleanore

Kuehn, Leopold A.

Kuiken, Darrin A.

Kulik, Adolph

Kulik, Anton

Kulik, Beatrice C.

Kulik, Edward A.

Kulik, Emma

Kulik, Evelyn E.

Kulik, Joseph

Kulik, Josephine

Kulik, Mary

Kulisek (?), ?

Kulisek (?), Frances

Kulisek (?), Frank

Kulisek (?), Gustav

Kulisek (?), Josephine

Kulisek (?), Vincentia

Kulisek, Emma

Kulisek, Frank

Lagerstrom, Charles

Lagerstrom, Helma

Lange, Thelma M. “Tillie”

Lapping, Pinkney M.

Larson, Carol Ann R.

Larson, Eric L.

Larson, Freddie

Larson, Lars G.

Larson, Sarah J.

Larson, Stephanie C.

Laughridge, Sandra L.

Laurens, L.

Laurens, Mary R.

Laurens, Walter J.

Lawrens (?), father

Lawrens (?), mother

Lawrens, Herbert K.

Leander, Charley


Lebra, Annie

Lebra, Frank

Lebra, Grace

Lebra, Harry P.

Lehnen, Alois J.

Leibbrand (?), Friedrich

Leibbrand (?), Michael

Leibbrand (?), Rosina

Leibbrand, Alfred R.

Leibbrand, Anna

Leibbrand, Arthur Elsie

Leibbrand, Arthur G.

Leibbrand, Chester

Leibbrand, Donald C.

Leibbrand, Edw. J.

Leibbrand, Elsie C.

Leibbrand, Emma

Leibbrand, Fred

Leibbrand, George

Leibbrand, Gottlieb

Leibbrand, Jacob

Leibbrand, Laura Lough

Leibbrand, Lou L.

Leibbrand, Lydia

Leibbrand, Minnie

Leibbrand, Myrtle

Leibbrand, Pearl M.

Leibbrand, Robert G.

Leibbrand, William

Lemke (?), Ida

Lemke (?), Robert

Lewis, John L.

Lewis, Sophia M.

Liden, Rudolph

Liebert, Joseph

Liebhard (?), Anna K.

Liebhard (?), Henry

Liebhard (?), Henry A.

Liebhard (?), John H.

Liebhard (?), Louise

Liebhard (?), Martha

Liebhard (?), Serene

Liebhard, Paul R.

Liebhard, Raymond

Liefer (?), Millie

Liefer (?), Walter

Liefer (?), William

Liefer, Anna

Liefer, Christian

Liefer, D.M.

Liefer, Dorothea

Liefer, Dorothee Runge

Liefer, Emma

Liefer, Emma H.

Liefer, H.A.

Liefer, Henry

Liefer, Henry F.

Liefer, Louisa

Liefer, M.D.

Liggett, Raymond

Lincoln, George

Linde (?), father

Linde (?), mother

Lindquist, Clifford R.

Livgard (?), Esther C.

Livgard, James Warren

Livgard, Oscar T.

Loffler, Karl W.

Lorenz, Beverly F.

Lorenz, Ronald D.

Lorenz, Ronald D.

Lough, Anna

Lough, Caroline

Lough, Harriet

Lough, Hilda M.

Lough, infant

Lough, R. Catharine

Lough, Sarah

Lough, Walter W.

Lough, Wesley

Lowe, Anna

Lowe, John

Lowe, Sam

Lowe, Virginia M.

Lubbert, Wilhelm

Luckhardt, Arthur L.

Luckhardt, Florence H.

Luedloff (?), Anna M.

Luedloff (?), Edward R.

Luedloff, baby

Luedloff, Emil J.

Luedloff, Viola A.

Lunacek, Anna

Lunacek, Joseph

Lunacek, Mary

Lunacek, Raymond J.

Lunacek, Sophia

Lunacek, Virginia M.

Lunajeck, Anna

Lunajeck, Frank

Lydon (?), Joseph J.

Lydon (?), Rose E.

Madera (?), John

Madera (?), Josephine

Madera, Frantiska

Madera, Frantiska

Madera, Ignat

Madera, Ignat (?)

Madera, Jan

Madera, Jan

Madera, Marie

Magenheimer (?), Carl

Magenheimer (?), Ella

Magenheimer (?), Minnie

Magenheimer (?), mother

Magenheimer, C.J.

Mahaffey, Lavone Sharbach

Maleritsch (?), Emil

Maleritsch (?), father

Maleritsch (?), Mathilda

Maleritsch (?), mother

Malz, Richard

Malz, Robert E.

Manke, Anna

Manke, Ernest

Markham, Victor Aleksei

Markham, Vlaimir Grigori

Markham, Vitali Sasha

Markham, Yuri Guius

Markham, Gennadi Nikolai

Martin (?), Elois F.

Martin (?), Josie W.

Martin (?), Paul E.

Martin, ?

Martin, Bernetta A.

Martin, Richard W.

Martin, Robert W.

Martin, Willis M.

Maus, Helen Luverne

Maus, Selma Johnson

McCart, Carrie

McCoy, Andrew J.

McCoy, Florence E.

McCoy, Martha A.

McCoy, Mary E.

McCoy, Mary E.

McGarty, Fred

McLaren, Daniel S.

McLaren, Emma R.

McPherson, Alphe

McWilliams, Earl W.

McWilliams, Kathryn B.

Mensing (?), mother

Mensing, Eleanor

Mensing, Ell??

Mensing, Ellenora

Mensing, F.

Mensing, father

Mensing, Flora

Mensing, Frederich

Mensing, Hertha

Mensing, Noel B.

Mensing, Orlando F.

Mensing, Otillia E.

Mensing, Otto

Mensing, William

Mertens (?), Elizabeth

Mertens (?), Mary

Mertens, August H.

Mertens, Christoph

Mertens, Dora M.

Mertens, Dorothea

Mertens, F.I.

Mertens, Fred G.

Mertens, Frederica

Mertens, Hattie S.

Mertens, Helen M.

Mertens, Henry

Mertens, LeRoy “Bud”

Mertens, Louise E.

Mertens, Marilyn

Mertens, May E. Strait

Mertens, Renee M.

Mertens, Stephen Patrick

Mertens, Thaddeus H.

Mesenbrink, Amanda

Mesenbrink, Anna

Mesenbrink, Wilhelm

Mesenbrink, William

Messerer, Bessie

Messerer, Henry W.

Metzner, Edwin

Metzner, Oscar

Meyer (?), Pearl Stoldt (?)

Meyer, Anna M.

Meyer, Donald H.

Meyer, Ferdinand H.

Meyer, Henry J.

Meyer, infant daughter

Meyer, Lillian L.

Michelsen (?), B.A.

Miller (?), Christina

Miller, ?

Miller, August B.

Miller, Augusta

Miller, Emil

Miller, Fred W.G.

Miller, Wilhelm B.

Minge, Cordelia

Minge, Evelyn M.

Minge, Harold

Minge, Leonard H.

Minge, Martha

Moeller (?), Mathilda (?)

Moeller, Fletcher J.

Moeller, Henry C.

Moeller, Mary E.

Mollenhauer, Harold C.

Moore, Henry

Moran, Mabel K.

Morlock (?), ? F/

Morlock (?), Louise F.

Morlock (?), mother

Morlock, Agnes M.

Morlock, Anna R.

Morlock, Annie M.

Morlock, Fred

Morlock, Fred C.

Morlock, Friedericke L.

Morlock, Henry J.

Morlock, Henry T.

Morlock, J.

Morlock, Johanna D.

Morlock, Levi F.

Morlock, Lillian R.

Morlock, Mary A.

Morlock, Vera B. (?)

Morlock, William H.

Morlock, William J.

Morrell (?), father

Morrell (?), grandfather

Morrell (?), grandmother

Morrell (?), mother

Morrell (?), Myrtie

Morrell, Alvina

Morrell, Charles F.

Morrell, Ermin C.

Morrell, Russell G.

Mount, baby boy

Mueller (?), Augusta

Mueller (?), Charles

Mueller (?), father

Mueller (?), Lina

Mueller (?), Minna

Mueller (?), mother

Mueller, Carl Friedrich

Mueller, Karl

Muelling (?), Eleanor

Muelling (?), Fred

Muelling, Augusta

Muelling, Karl

Muelling, Rosa

Mullen, Harold

Murphy, Ada D.

Murphy, Frank

Myers, Deborah L.

Nance, Irwin J.

Narkie, Ariel

Narkie, Bud

Nash, Mary M.

Neilson, Geneva

Nelson, Barry Allen

Nerhaugen, Bernice

Nette. Andrew

Neubauer (?), Celeste Maria

Neubauer, Emelie

Neubauer, Valentin

Neumann (?), Chri??

Neumann, August

Newell, ?

Newell, Mary J. Rowe

Nicol, Eliza J.

Nicol, William D.

Nolting, David P.

Norman (?), Harriet

Norman (?), Walter

Norton, Dianth Crandall

Norton, Diantha

Norton, Emile (?)

Norton, Williw

Novotny (?), Adolph

Novotny (?), Alfred W.

Novotny (?), Ann

Novotny (?), Joseph

O’Day, Dorothy A. Morrell

O’Day, Michael J.

Odenwald (?), ?

Odenwald (?), father

Odenwald (?), John Wesley

Odenwald, Ben H.

Odenwald, Minnie

Oehler, Michael F.

Oestreich, Mary Ann

Oldenburg (?), Clara A.

Oldenburg (?), Marlin H.

Oldenburg (?), Merlin A.

Oldenburg (?), Walter H.

Oldenburg, Clara M.

Oldenburg, Douglas E.

Oldenburg, Lawrence E.

Oldenburg, Merlin W.

Oldenburg, Verne C.

Oldenburg, Vernon F.

Oldin, Florence

Olson (?), Anna Maria

Olson (?), Bertha

Olson (?), Josephine

Olson, Andrew

Olson, Bernice J.

Olson, Karla J.

Oltmans, Delmer D.

Orr (?), Hellen

Orr (?), mother

Orr (?), Philip

Orr (?), Ralph

Osterkamp, Alvin C.

Osterkamp, Luvaine

Osterkamp. A;vin C.

Page, Earl V.

Page, Rose C.

Palher, E.J.

Parrish, Dorothy

Pasquarette, Rocco E.

Paul, Jane

Paul, Joseph J.

Paul, Laura Belle

Paul, William

Paulick, Eva

Paulish (?), Anna

Paulish (?), Frank

Paulish (?), Margella

Paulish, Anna

Paulish, Frank M.

Paulson, Camille R.

Pavlis, Franta

Payne, Christine C.

Payne, Thomas

Payson, Florence S.

Peck, Alma Ella

Peck, Ellis A.

Peck-McCready, Grace A.

Peltier, William A.

Perrin (?), William (?)

Personius, Clarice H.

Personius, Roy R.

Peter (?), father

Peter (?), mother

Peter, Anna

Peter, Evlin

Peter, Frank

Peter, Frantiska

Peter, Josefa

Peters, Alfred Henry

Peters, Alice M.

Peters, Del M.

Peters, Dennis Gene

Peterson, Duane A.

Peterson, George W.

Peterson, Iola M.

Peterson, Kouis

Peterson, LaVerna

Peterson, Magnus

Peterson, Mary

Peterson, Pearl E.

Peterson, Valgar N.

Petter (?), Alice M.

Petter (?), Dollie A.

Petter (?), Lloyd W.

Petter (?), William J.

Petter, Lloyd W.

Petter, Ralph

Pflaum, Christine

Pflaum, Theodore

Phillips, Fannie M.

Phillips, Mary A.

Phillips, Mary B.

Phillips, Wm. H.

Piemeisel (?), Antonia

Piemeisel (?), Frank J.

Piemeisel (?), George L.

Piemeisel, Rudolph A.

Piere (?), Anna

Piere (?), Evelyn J.

Piere (?), Fred F.

Piere (?), Harold F.

Piere (?), Herbert H.

Piere, Charlotte W.

Piere, Christian

Piere, Gottlieb

Pippel, Frederick E.

Pitman, Elizabeth H.

Pitman, Guiley

Pitman, Thomas M.

Plummer, Abraham

Plummer, Florence L.

Plummer, John A.

Podvolecky, Jan

Podvolecky, Josefa

Polansky (?), Adolph

Polansky (?), Anna R.

Polansky (?), Antonie

Polansky (?), Charles

Polansky (?), Dennis R.

Polansky (?), Joseph

Polansky (?), Raymond L.

Polansky (?), Virginia M.

Polansky (?). Frances

Potthast, Chris L.

Potthast, Gerald H.

Potthast, Violet M.

Pretre, ??estin

Pretre, Rose (?)

Proafk (?), ??al

Proefke, William (?)

Proefken, Wilhelmine F.

Pryor, Robert

Ptacek (?), Everett

Ptacek (?), Joseph

Ptacek (?), Sophia

Ptacek (?), Velma Joy

Ptacek, Cleopha Ann (Weckman)

Ptacek, Curtis O.

Ptacek, Lorraine

Ptacek, Wallace L.

Ptacek, Wallace Lee

Quatmann, Alice

Quatmann, Alvina

Quatmann, Harry

Quatmann, Joseph

Quatmann, Wayne

Radtke, Noah D. “Bubz”

Rank, Delia M.

Rank, Duane E.

Rank, Duane Erlin

Rausch, Charles F.

Rausch, Clara

Rausch, Elizabeth

Rausch, Frederick

Rausch, Johanna

Read, A.J.

Read, Catherine F.

Read, George B.

Read, Olive M.

Reider, Martha L.

Reinke (?), Marie S.

Reinke (?), William F.

Reinke, Charles H.

Richardson, Marlys M.

Ricklick, Sophia

Rieschl, E.K.

Riley, Elinor B. “Betsy”

Ritschel, Anna R.

Ritschel, Edward J.

Ritschel, Helena

Ritschel, Joseph

Ritschel, Rose E.

Rodell, Carl

Rodell, Henrietta

Roff, Anna Marie

Rosival, Frank

Rosival, Joseph

Rosival, Mary

Rosz, Jun Georg

Rowe, George R.

Rowe, Thomas

Rowert, Ollie

Rowert, Sarah

Rud, Stella M.

Rudm George M.

Ruediger (?), Ida

Ruediger (?), Louis ?

Ruediger (?), Valerius J.

Ruediger (?), William

Runge (?), father Woehrmann

Runge (?), Henry Woehrman

Runge (?), Mary Woehrman

Runger, D.D.

Rushmeyer, Lowell G.

Rutherford, Todd

Sachs, Alma Bolz

Sachs, Bernard J.

Sachs, Katherine

Sachs, Leonard

Saffert, Henrietta

Sandahl, mother

Sandell, George

Sandell, George A.

Sandell, Leona E.

Sandell, Margaretta

Sass (?), Alfred

Sass (?), Alfred

Sass (?), Anna

Sass (?), Anna

Sass (?), Howard

Sass (?), Luella

Sass, Arthur W.

Sass, father

Sass, mother

Sass, Roger L.

Sauter, Charles

Sauter, Dorothea M.

Sawatzky (?), father

Sawatzky (?), Henry

Sawatzky (?), mother

Sayre, Jean Marie

Schahrnhorst, Heinrich

Scharf (?), Allen W.F.

Scharf (?), Fred

Scharf (?), Katherine

Scheller, Marie Carlson

Schlauderaff, Christina M.

Schlauderaff, Roy J.

Schlauderaff, Roy J.

Schlauderaff, Rudolph H.

Schlemmer, Emma

Schlemmer, Phil. J.

Schmidt, Anna

Schmidt, Augusta M.

Schmidt, Diana M.

Schmidt, Frank Matthew

Schmidt, Jacob A.

Schmidt, John

Schmidt, Karen L.

Schmidt, Maxine M.

Schmidt, Wilbur R.

Schmitt (?), Chester R.

Schmitt (?), Elizabeth

Schmitt (?), May L.

Schmitt (?), William J.

Schmitt, Cedric W.

Schmitt, Clara W.

Schmitt, Otto W.

Schroeder (?), Anna C.

Schroeder (?), Emil W.

Schroeder, Evelyn F.

Schroeder, Herman O.

Schroeder, Rose

Schroeder, William H.

Schuldtt, Theodore

Schultt, John

Schultt, Louisa

Schultz (?), ?

Schultz (?), Emma L.

Schultz (?), George W.

Schultz (?), Johanna (?)

Schultz, Adolph

Schultz, Carl Gustav

Schultz, Charles H.

Schultz, Emilie H.

Schultz, Gladys G.

Schultz, Wilmer A.

Schulz, Darcie Ann

Schuster, James L.

Schwichtenberg, Agnes

Schwichtenberg, Alwin

Schwichtenberg, baby boy

Schwichtenberg, Della D.

Schwichtenberg, Emil

Schwichtenberg, Harvey W.

Schwingler, Eugene M.

Seaquist (?), Christine

Seaquist (?), John

Seaquist (?), Olof

Seaquist, Christina

Seaver, Herbert R.

Sharbach, Eleanor M.

Sharbach, Mathew P.

Sharbach, Philip M.

Shepherd, Norman A.

Shepherd, Rena P.

Shonka (?), Edward

Shonka (?), father

Shonka (?), father

Shonka (?), Joseph

Shonka (?), Lillian

Shonka (?), mother

Shonka (?), mother

Shonka, Adolph

Shonka, Bessie

Shonka, Gustav

Shonka, Maude

Simek, Darwen M.

Simmonds, Janice Victoria

Simmonds, Stanley

Simmons, Charles W.

Simmons, Sarah A.

Simmons, Susan E.

Simon, Charles A.

Simon, Frances H.

Simon, Jacob

Simon, Mary

Slavicek, Annie D.

Slavicek, Emil

Slavicek, Frank J.

Slavicek, Frank J.

Slavicek, Gustave

Slavicek, Mathilda

Slavirek, Frantisek

Slonek, Frantisek

Sly, George Charles

Sly, Louise A.

Sly, Sidney L.

Smail, Annie

Smail, Emma

Smail, Hannah

Smail, John

Smail, John

Smail, John

Smail, John

Smail, Thomas

Smail, William

Smith, Anthony Thomas

Smith, Cathrine

Smith, Florence L.

Smith, George

Smith, George A.

Smith, Hattie May

Smith, John O.

Smith, Keith J.

Smith, Lorraine E.

Smith, Lyle R.

Smith, Marie

Smith, Mary Alice Hoogakker

Smith, Nile E.

Smith, Ray

Smith, Robert B.

Smith, Wilma A.

Smits, Cary Carroll

Snell, Lillian L.

Sobiech, William P.

Soley (?), Carrie

Soley (?), George Edwin

Soley (?), Gilbert

Spandel, John Baptist

Spandel, Martha Viola

Speck, Ernestine

Speck, Martin

Speck, Martin

Sponsel, John Christopher “Topper”

Stearns, Margaret Eaton

Steiner, Alice O.

Steiner, Elmer E.

Stemmer, Lew L.

Stemmer, Martha W.

Stier, Berhard A.

Stier, Charles B.

Stier, Eric

Stier, Linda C.

Stifter, Flavilla Morrell

Stoldt, baby girl

Stoldt, Christ

Stoldt, Dennis L.

Stoldt, Edward

Stoldt, Elizabeth

Stoldt, Gladya

Stoldt, Henry

Stoldt, Henry E.

Stoldt, Herbert F.

Stoldt, John G.

Stoldt, Maria

Stoldt, Maria

Stoldt, Minnie

Stoldt, Minnie

Stoldt, Sylvia M.

Stoppelmann, ?

Stoppelmann, Fredricka

Stoppleman, Fiedericke A.


Strait (?), Clinton

Strait (?), Cora

Strait (?), father

Strait (?), Mary

Strait (?), mother

Strait, Agnes C.

Strait, Beatrice C.

Strait, Celia V.

Strait, Clifford L.

Strait, Edward A.

Strait, Frances D.

Strait, Geo. B.

Strait, Helen

Strait, Herbert “Skip”

Strait, Herbert G.

Stresnak (?), Anna

Stresnak (?), Frank

Stresnak (?), Frank

Suhrbier, Frederick

Suhrbier, Veronica

Svoboda, Anna

Svoboda, Joseph

Svoboda, Raymond

Svoboda, Raymond F.

Svobodny, Emma

Svobodny, John

Swank, William R.

Swanson, Pedar

Taege, Augusta

Taege, Charles

Taege, Otto

Taylor, Arthur

Taylor, John W.

Taylor, Nancy

Templin, Adela M.

Templin, Jacob C.

Teply, Marie

Teply, Vaclav

Thelemann, Edna M.

Thelemann, Vernon F.

Thiel (?), Augusta M.

Thiel (?), Edwin R.

Thiel (?), John E.

Thiel, Walter Edward

Thiels, twins

Thyberg, Emma

Thyberg, Louis P.

Tiede, Charlie

Tiede, Esther

Tiede, Ralph E.

Tiede, Ursula

Timmerman, Anna M.

Timmermann (?), Henry

Timmermann (?), Minnie L.

Timmons, LaVonne E (Vonnie)

Traub, George

Trewella, Elizabeth

Trimpey, Robert N.

Trost (?), Ivan L.

Trost, Dennis L.

Trost, Edmond

Trost, Hannah W.

Trost, Herbert H.

Trost, Herman F.

Trost, Hermann L.

Trost, Mary

Turnlund, C. Edwin

Ullevig, Alma O.

Ullevig, Harold J.

Vaclavek (?), Anton

Vaclavek (?), Cora

Vaclavek (?), Marie

Vaclavek (?), Michael

Vanderhoeve (?), Adrian H.

Vanderhoeve (?), Ann H.

Vanderhoeve (?), Anna C.

Vanderhoeve, Arthur H.

Vanderhoeve, Dorothy A. Wright

Vanoosterh??, ?ier

VanOosterhout (?), father

VanOosterhout (?), mother

Varner (?), Ada

Varner (?), Adelaide

Varner (?), Barkley

Varner (?), Elliott

Varner, Anna

Varner, Harold C.

Varner, Joseph H.

Varner, Myn Gran

Varner, Wm. H.

Vieburg, Jonathan Lee

Voigt (?), Herbert F.

Voigt (?), Hugo

Voigt (?), Katie

Voigt, Anna

Voigt, Dorothy

Voigt, Ervin

Voigt, Fred

Voigt, Howard H.

Voigt, Jennifer Louise

Voigt, Leroy

Voigt, Louisa

Voigt, Lucy R.

Volek, James G.

Volek, Mary Ann

Vosinek, Catherine

Vosinek, Frank

Voss, Friedrich

Wagner, Donald E.

Wagner, Gerald W.

Wagner, Mathew R.

Wagner, Minnie

Wagner, Willie

Walsh, Cora M.

Walsh, Patrick

Walsh, Patrick W.

Waltz (?), J. Frederick

Waltz, Hannah Baier

Waltz, Harry L.

Waltz, Joseph A.

Waltz, Lillian M.

Waltz, Monica

Ware, Henry

Ware, Rebecca C.

Warner, Lynn Marie

Welch (?), Urana M.

Welch, Alma I.

Welch, Arthur W.

Welch, Edward (?)

Welch, William F.

Wendell (?), Gino

Wendell (?), John H.

Wendell (?), Richard

Wendell, Frank H.

Wendorff (?), Velma C.

Wendorff, Lowell F.

Wendorff, Morris C.

Wendorff, Morris C.

Wermerskirchen, David L.

Werth, Anna

Werth, Frank

Westcott, Anna E.

Westcott, Clarence L.

Westcott, Claud V.

Westcott, Ellanor

Westcott, George

Westphal, Carl J.

Westphal, Iola M.

Westphal, Louise K.

Widmer, Donald Edward

Wieben (?), father

Wieben (?), mother

Wieben, Bertha

Wiedmann, Bernard

Wiedmann, Leona

Wild, Clara S.

Wilkens, Alvina

Wilkens, Anna C.

Will (?), Bruce H.

Will (?), Gerhard F.

Will (?), Hally F.

Will (?), Harold W.

Will (?), Margaret A.

Will (?), Mary A.

Will (?), William E.

Will, Carl

Will, Emilia

Will, Herman

Will, Lydia

Will, Reinhard A.

Williams, Julia A. (Cole)

Wilson (?), Michael A.

Wilson, Gladys L.

Wilson, Larry A.

Wilson, Ralph A.

Winter, Susan

Wise, Maurice H.

Wise, Philip

Wise, Sara E.

Woehrmann, Clara (?)

Wolff, Azelia

Wolff, Carrie

Wolfram, Clarence E.

Wolfram, David C.

Wolfram, Ellen Rose

Wolfram, Estella L.

Wolfram, Lester R.

Wolfram, Stella A.

Wollitz, Johann

Wolpern, John F.

Wood, Martha

Wood, Rodney K.

Worner, Waldemar

Wosinek (?), Agnes

Wosinek (?), Clarence

Wosinek (?), Edith

Wosinek (?), George

Wosinek (?), Josephine

Wosinek, Frank

Wosinek, Rosa Kinak

Yahnka, Albert C.

Yahnke (?), Melvin ?

Yahnke, Donald E.

Yahnke, Donald E.

Yahnke, Ernestine

Yahnke, Mary A.

Yahnke, Nancy C.

Yahnke, Robert E.

Yahnke, Robert J.

Yang, Kashie

Young, Benjamin J.

Young, Charles B.

Young, Clara E.

Young, David

Young, Emil R.

Young, Herman E.

Young, Johanna B.

Young, Paulina

Zarth, Carl

Zarth, Charles

Zarth, Mathilda

Zarth, Waldermar

Zaun (?), Elmer R.

Zaun (?), Emma

Zaun (?), Ethel M.

Zaun (?), George C.

Zaun (?), Nettie

Zaun (?), William C.

Zaun, Adolph G.

Zaun, Barbara

Zaun, Christian

Zaun, Christian W.

Zaun, John

Zaun, Sharon Marie

Zaun, Singhild V.

Zeelau (?), father

Zeelau (?), mother

Zeelau (?), Theodore

Zeelau, Harry H.

Zeelau, Louise M.

Zeier (?), Adam G.

Zeier (?), Norma A.

Zeier, Gary L.

Zeier, Rodney and Richard

Zobac, Kormelie (?)

Zobac, Vincenc

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