Church of St. Catherine Catholic Cemetery

Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R22W, Section 35

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The Church of St. Catherine Catholic Cemetery is located on a private road just to the north of County Road 8 / 220th Street East in rural Scott County.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  The church at the site has an active congregation.      


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, P.T.

Albert, Angel Marie

Ames, Dennis E.

Ames, Imogene A.

Ames, Vicki L.

Bighley, Genevieve M.

Birch, Clara M.

Bisek, Leonard J.

Bisek, Mae F.

Black, Margaret

Black, Patrick

Boeser, Patrick A.

Burns, Johanna Oconnor

Casey, baby Margaret

Casey, Dennis Douglas

Casey, Genevieve

Casey, John

Casey, Margaret O’Hern

Casey, Mary Howe

Cassellius (?), Bernard A.

Cassellius (?), Caroline

Cassellius (?), Catherine

Cassellius (?), Elizabeth

Cassellius (?), George B.

Cassellius (?), Herman J.

Cassellius (?), Mary

Cassellius, August

Cassellius, August

Cassellius, Bernard A.

Cassellius, Carl J.

Cassellius, Carl J.

Cassellius, Caroline

Cassellius, Catherine

Cassellius, Elizabeth

Cassellius, George B.

Cassellius, Herman J.

Cassellius, infants

Cassellius, infants

Cassellius, Mary

Cassellius, Sarah H.

Cassellius, Sarah H.

Cheney, Joan Doherty

Clune, Mary

Clune, Patrick

Conlon, James

Conlon, Mary

Conroy (?), Doc.

Conroy (?), Julia

Conroy (?), Patrick

Conroy, Frank J.

Conroy, Joseph W.

Conroy, Julia

Conroy, Julia

Conroy, Louise

Conroy, Mary

Conroy, Mary

Conroy, Mary

Conroy, Michael

Conroy, Michael

Conroy, Patrick

Conroy, Patrick

Conroy, Stephen

Conroy, Stephen

Conroy, Thomas

Corcoran, George F.

Corcoran, James L.

Corcoran, James S.

Corcoran, Margaret

Deegan (?), mary Ann

Deely (?), Bridget E.

Deely (?), Dennis

Deely (?), Dennis J.

Deely (?), Johanna A.

Deutsch, Danielle N.

Devine, Anna C.

Devine, Patrick F.

Dillingham, Emily Grace

Dillon, James

Doherty (?), Martin J.

Doherty (?), Mary B.

Doherty (?), Michael F.

Doherty (?), Patrick T.

Doherty (?), Thomas J.

Doherty, Alice M.

Doherty, Anthony

Doherty, Anthony V.

Doherty, baby

Doherty, Cyril T.

Doherty, Edith A.

Doherty, Elizabeth

Doherty, James F.

Doherty, Jane

Doherty, John J.

Doherty, Margaret A.

Doherty, Margret Hickey

Doherty, Mary

Doherty, Mary

Doherty, Mary Ryan

Doherty, Monica C. Carroll

Doherty, Patrick J.

Doherty, Robert

Doherty, Thomas T.

Donaldson, Mary Keating

Donnelly, Ann

Donnelly, Bridget

Donnelly, David F.

Donnelly, Ellen

Donnelly, Emma

Donnelly, Henry J.

Donnelly, James

Donnelly, Margaret

Donnelly, Martin

Donnelly, Martin E.

Donnelly, Martin J.

Donnelly, Mary

Donnelly, Mary H.

Donnelly, Matthew

Donnelly, Matthew

Donnelly, Nellie

Donnelly, Roseann

Donnelly, Thomas

Donnelly, Winifred

Dougherty, Margaret

Dougherty, Mary

Dougherty, Mary A.

Dougherty, Patrick H.

Dougherty, Thomas

Dougherty, Thomas J.

Doyle (?), Frank P.

Doyle (?), Josephine

Doyle (?), Margaret J.

Doyle (?), William

Doyle, Anne Mary

Doyle, baby

Doyle, Catherine

Doyle, Daniel

Doyle, Daniel J.

Doyle, Desmond W.

Doyle, Elizabeth M.

Doyle, Francis T.

Doyle, Frank I.

Doyle, Helen C.

Doyle, Helen E.

Doyle, Irene

Doyle, Jackie

Doyle, Josephine

Doyle, Leo F.

Doyle, Loretta M.

Doyle, Margaret S.

Doyle, Marie

Doyle, Mary

Doyle, Mary Jane

Doyle, Michael

Doyle, Michael T.

Doyle, Nellie E.

Doyle, Thomas J.

Doyle, William E.

Driscoll, Mary

Driscoll, Thomas

Dunn, Delia

Dwyer, Edward

Egan, “Doc”

Egan, James E.

Egan, James E.

Egan, Russel M.

Faricy, Nellie

Farrell, Catherine

Farrell, Catherine O’Hera

Farrell, Donna T.

Farrell, James

Farrell, Joseph M.

Farrell, Robert A.

Farrell, William C.

Farrell, Winifred

Flynn, Bettie A.

Flynn, Earl L.

Flynn, Edward

Flynn, Harold J.

Flynn, John

Flynn, John E.

Flynn, Lucia K.

Flynn, Martin J.

Flynn, Mary

Flynn, Michael James

Flynn, Neil P.

Flynn, Raymond M.

Flynn, Roland T.

Flynn, Thomas W.

Garry, baby girl

Geehan (?), Hannah

Geehan (?), James

Geehan (?), John E.

Geehan (?), Mark C. “Mick”

Geehan, Catherine M.

Geehan, Elizabeth

Geehan, Francis J.

Geehan, Gertrude

Gilkey, Veronica E.

Grady, father

Grady, Frank L.

Grady, Hannah

Grady, Joseph J.

Grady, mother

Grady, Rose

Grady, Roy

Grady, Willie

Grady, Winifred M.

Haley, James H.

Harrigan, Mrs. John P.

Heddle, Elizabeth M.

Hennen, baby boy

Hennen, Florentine J.

Hennen, Margaret C.

Henschell, Mildred Donaldson

Hesse, Anna B.

Hesse, Dick

Hesse, Joseph A.

Hesse, Peter H.

Hesse, Rita

Hickey, D.H.

Hickey, Delia

Hickey, James E.

Hickey, John E.

Hickey, Josephine

Hickey, Margaret

Hickey, Mary

Hickey, Michael

Hickey, Simon

Jabas, Shirley A.

Jacques, Lawrence J.

Jacques, Marion C.

Johnston, Beatrice E.

Johnston, Thomas J.

Kearney, Mary

Kearney, Michael

Keating, Mary McCarthy

Kennedy, Johanna M.

Kennedy, John H.

Kennedy, Michael A.

Kennefick (?), Caroline

Kennefick (?), Charles

Kennefick (?), Charles F.

Kennefick (?), Edward J.

Kennefick (?), George

Kennefick (?), James W.

Kennefick (?), John

Kennefick (?), Mary C.

Kennefick, Catherine

Kennefick, Ellen

Kennefick, Emanuel

Kennefick, Thomas

Klehr, baby

Kosiak, Angeline D.

Kruse, Arnold

Kruse, Marie K.

Kujawa, Benjamin Kevin

Lenihan, Edward J.

Lenihan, Francis J.

Lenihan, John

Lenihan, Margaret A.

Lenihan, Mary L.

Lenihan, Patrick

Lindau, Margaret A.

Ludowese, Florence L.

Ludowese, James P.

Lynch, Maggie M.

Mager, baby girl

Marek, Adam J.

Marek, Shirley Talley

Marrinan, Bridget

Marrinan, John

Marrinan, William

Martin (?), Mary E.

Martin, Joseph E.

Martin, Mary M.

McCart, Anna

McCart, Katharine

McFadden, Clara G.

McFadden, Daniel E.

McFadden, Francis R.

McFadden, Patrick J.

McFadden, William J.

McLaughlin, Ellen

McLaughlin, William

McMahon (?), baby Francis

McMahon, Anna

McMahon, Daniel

McMahon, Dennis

McMahon, Dennis M.

McMahon, Eliza

McMahon, Francis

McMahon, Margaret

McMahon, Martin

McMahon, Mary E.

McMahon, Maurice

McMahon, Michael

McMahon, Patrick Tony

Meyer, Marie

Miller, Thomas

Morrison, George H.

Mulkern, David Harlan

Mulkern, Festus

Mulkern, Lizzie

Mulkern, Mary

Mulkern, Mary Jane

Mulkern, Patrick H.

Myers, Forrest C.

Myers, Vernonica M.

Nelson, Marian L.

Nelson, Smith M.

Neylon, Katherine

Neylon, Mary Ellen

Neylon, Michael

Neylon, Patrick

Neylon, Thomas

O’Flynn, Cornelius

O’Flynn, Delia F.

O’Flynn, Elizabeth

O’Flynn, Emmit E.

O’Flynn, Leonard C.

O’Flynn, Michael E.

O’Flynn, Robert J.

O’Hern, Catherine

O’Hern, Eugene

O’Hern, Eugene E. “Elmer”

O’Hern, Eugene Francis

O’Hern, Eugene T.

O’Hern, Mary Jane

O’Hern, Megan Jane

O’Hern, Michael J.

O’Hern, Philothea R. “Phil”

O’Keefe (?), Francies

O’Keefe (?), Francies H.

O’Keefe, Aggie

O’Keefe, Ann

O’Keefe, Catherine

O’Keefe, Cora

O’Keefe, Daniel

O’Keefe, Henry

O’Keefe, James

O’Keefe, Joseph

O’Keefe, Magie

O’Keefe, Mary

O’Keefe, Mathew

O’Keefe, Minnie Vaughan

O’Keefe, Patrick

O’Keefe, Patrick

O’Keefe, Patrick E.

Oconnor, Annie

Oconnor, Margret

Odette, Donald G.

Odette, Lawrence Allan

Parkhurst, Margaret Conroy

Parkhurst, Margaret Conroy

Pipkorn, Michael Francis

Poli, Armando R.

Ramsey, Bertram H.

Ramsey, Emma M.

Ramsey, Jane

Rausch, Janet Heddle

Ready, John

Ready, Will

Redding, Dennis

Reedy (?), Mary Ann

Reedy (?), William

Reedy, Mary

Reitz, Emily D.

Roach, Agnes Lorene

Roach, Agnes M.

Roach, David

Roach, Hannah

Roach, John M.

Roach, Nancy

Roach, Thomas

Rubenzer, Mary Alice

Ryan, Billy

Ryan, Bridget

Ryan, Bridget

Ryan, Catherine

Ryan, Catherine E.

Ryan, Dennis

Ryan, Edward F.

Ryan, Edward P.

Ryan, George

Ryan, Hannah M.

Ryan, infant son

Ryan, James F.

Ryan, John E.

Ryan, Joseph E.

Ryan, Joseph L.

Ryan, Mary

Ryan, Mary M. Minnie

Ryan, May B.

Ryan, Michael

Ryan, Michael

Ryan, S. Agnes

Ryan, Therese

Ryan, Thomas

Sauber, Andrew J.

Sauber, George

Sauber, Mary A.

Sauber, Mary R.

Scheurenbrand, Laurel L.

Scheurenbrand, Peter D.

Seurer, Lambert J.

Seurer, Mary M.

Seurer, Ruth C.

Seurer, Stanley J.

Sharkey, Dennis J.

Shea, Catherine

Shea, Emmit G.

Shea, Francis

Shea, James J.

Shea, John

Shea, John E.

Shea, John J.

Shea, Joseph Edward

Shea, Margaret T.

Shea, T. Joseph

Shea, T. Joseph

Sheehan, Annie Hogan

Sheehan, Bridget

Sheehan, John

Sheehan, Michael

Sheehan, Patrick F.

Slattum, Agnes

Smisek, Theodore J.

Smith, Delores A.

Smith, Leward A.

Stephens, Anne F.

Stephens, Annie

Stephens, Annie

Stephens, John

Stephens, Margaret

Stephens, Martin T.

Stephens, Stephen

Stepka, Kathleen M.

Stepka, Lawrence M.

Stepka, Lawrence R.

Stevens (?), John S.

Stevens (?), Mary

Stevens, Dorothy Haley

Stevens, Joseph M.

Stevens, Mary A.

Sweet, Margaret Mary

Talley, Bessie

Talley, John

Talley, John A.

Talley, Louise E.

Tevens, Nellie

Theis, Norman E.

Theis, Norman E.

Thornton (?), Agnes

Thornton (?), C. Cecelia

Thornton (?), Martin F.

Thornton (?), Thomas F.

Tschida, Margaret

Vaughan, Anna

Vaughan, baby

Vaughan, Bridget

Vaughan, John M.

Waldner, Michael J.

Waldner, Michael J.

Wall, Bridget Flynn

Wells (?), John M.

Wells (?), Margaret

Wells (?), Mary

Wells (?), William

Wells, Celia E.

Wells, John A.

Wells, Lula M.

Wells, Lulu M.

Wells, Walter R.

Wells, Walter R.

Wermerskirchen, Ernest P.

Williamson, Kathleen

Zephirin, Sharon E.

Zweber, Alan L.

Zweber, Alan LeRoy

Zweber, Helen M.

Zweber, Vincent F.

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