Zion United Methodist / Concord Cemetery

Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R22W, Section 29

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            The Zion United Methodist / Concord Cemetery is located near the intersection of 205th Street East / County Road 10 and Vergas Avenue in rural Scott County.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.         


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Amalia

?, Friederich

?, Nancy E.

Adam (?), Charles C.

Adam (?), John

Adam (?), Katherine

Adam (?), Sophia

Adam, Adelfane (?) S.

Adam, Ernstina

Anderson, Hugo L.

Anderson, Luella L.

Armstrong, Keith C.

Armstrong, Lucy

Bair, Curtis H.

Beottcher, Eitel E.

Beuch, Melvin C.

Boettcher (?), Frank

Boettcher (?), Wilhelmina

Boettcher, Anna

Boettcher, Beatrice M.

Boettcher, Bernard

Boettcher, Bertha

Boettcher, Eitel E.

Boettcher, Emma

Boettcher, Ethel Mae

Boettcher, Eugene R.

Boettcher, Gerhard F.

Boettcher, Henry

Boettcher, Mabel M.

Boettcher, Marvin W.

Boettcher, Mary June

Boettcher, Richard

Boettcher, Wilmer G.

Bolz, Bertha C.

Bolz, George W.

Borchardt, Carl F.

Borchardt, Edward A.

Borchardt, Edward C.

Borchardt, Evelyn G.

Borchardt, Helen E.

Borchardt, Herman

Borchardt, Howard L.

Borchardt, Lillie

Borchardt, Loren E.

Borchardt, Martha

Borchardt, Minnie S.

Borchardt, Otto R.

Borchardt, Sophronia

Borchardt, Walter W.

Borchardt, Walter W.

Borchardt, Wesley

Borchardt, Wilhelmina

Borchardt, Willie F.

Brown, Alvin

Buchholz, Earl “Bud”

Buchholz, Lois A.

Burnett, Genny P.

Buskirk, Lauretta C.

Buskirk, Victor J.

Cambold (?), Elizabeth R. (?)

Colman, Charlotte

Colman, Joseph

Colman, Lester

Colman, Sarah S.

Conrady (?), Clara B.

Conrady (?), Emma A.

Conrady (?), Grace U.

Conrady (?), Henry W.

Conrady (?), Irene L.

Conrady (?), Joseph A.

Conrady (?), Louis H.

Conrady, Charley

Conrady, Christine

Conrady, David Wayne

Conrady, Friedrich

Conrady, Mary

Conrady, Walter E.

Conrady, William

Conrady, William E.

Creglow, Lucy C.

Dorn, Albert E.

Dorn, Amelia

Dorn, August L.

Dorn, Augustine

Dorn, Beverly B.

Dorn, Ellen N.

Dorn, Herman

Dorn, Robert A.

Dorn, Viola E.

Dorn, Wilhelm

Dubbe, Ada M.

Dubbe, Anna B.

Dubbe, Edward C.

Dubbe, Elsie

Dubbe, Elsie E.

Dubbe, Ervin

Dubbe, Harold G.

Dubbe, infants

Dubbe, infants

Dubbe, Lloyd R.

Dubbe, Lonora V.

Dubbe, Sibylla A.

Dubbe, William C.

Engel, Edward

Engel, Sophronia

Fahrenkamp, Christian

Fahrenkamp, Delbert C.

Fahrenkamp, Ida M.

Fahrenkamp, Steven

Feldten, Charlie T.

Feldten, Minnie E.

Fix, Alta

Fix, Ella

Flavel, ?

Gausmann, Bertha

Ge???, ???ich

Geister, John F.

Getz, J. Fred

Getz, Martin

Gossel, Fred D.

Greenwald (?), Julia F.

Greenwald (?), Wesley H.

Greenwald, Carolina C.

Greenwald, Gilbert G.

Greenwald, Gilbert G.

Greenwald, Henry E.

Greenwald, Lawrence E.

Greenwald, Phyllis

Greenwald, Phyllis

Greenwald, Virginia

Greglow, John C.

Gruenewald, Carl

Gruenwald, Carl Ferninand

Gruenwald, Wilhelmina

Grunewald, Johanna K.

Grunewald, Wilhelmina J.

Grunewalde, Frederick

Haferman, Bessie D.

Haferman, Erwin G.

Haferman, Howard H.

Haferman, Howard H.

Haferman, Joyce G.

Haferman, Mae N.

Haferman, Rose A.

Haferman, Vernon W.

Haferman, Vernon W.

Hafermann (?), Bertha W.

Hafermann (?), Charles

Hafermann (?), Edward W.

Hafermann (?), Ervina B.

Hafermann (?), Theresa

Hafermann, Amelia A.

Hafermann, Annie

Hafermann, August

Hafermann, August

Hafermann, baby

Hafermann, Earl H.

Hafermann, Edna L.

Hafermann, Elizabeth

Hafermann, Ella L.

Hafermann, Elvyra

Hafermann, Gordon

Hafermann, Henry

Hafermann, Herman A.

Hafermann, Kenneth L.

Hafermann, Kenneth L.

Hafermann, Kimberly J.

Hafermann, Lavin Lloyd

Hafermann, Minnie

Hafermann, Nora

Hafermann, Otto J.

Hafermann, Patricia A.

Hafermann, Wilhelmina

Hafermann, William

Heins, William C.

Hobart, Adelia U.

Hobart, Clarence L.

Ista, Arthur W.

Ista, Henry D.

Ista, Wesley

Ista, William O.

Johannes, David Erwin

Kasten, Alvin

Kasten, Audrey Dawn

Kerl, Anna M.

Kerl, Louis

Kerl, Margaret

Killian, Arline H.

Killian, Clara L.

Killian, Donna Jean

Killian, Edward C.

Killian, Lillie L.

Killian, Lowell L.

Killian, Mathilda A.

Killian, Orville W.

Killian, Sylvan H.

Klingberg, Doris M.

Klingberg, Herbert W.

Kochlin, Maria

Kochlin, Otto

Konrad, Gustav A.

Kyes, Gladys C.

Kyes, Harold L.

Laabs (?), Clarence C.

Laabs (?), Leslie L.

Laabs, Bernice M.

Laabs, Bertha

Laabs, Charles F.

Laabs, Clara E.

Laabs, Edward H.

Laabs, Edwin

Laabs, Harriet

Laabs, Henry E.

Laabs, Ida

Laabs, Leslie L.

Laabs, Melvin M.

Laabs, Nora

Laabs, Sophronia

Laabs, Wilhelmina

Lillian, Walter A.

Lindall, Dennis Lawrence

McDonald, Alma A.

McDonald, Arthur W.

McDonald, Bertha M.

McDonald, Elizabeth

McDonald, Emilie C.

McDonald, Harry A.

McDonald, infants (2)

McDonald, Isabel

McDonald, James L.

McDonald, Lillian E.

McDonald, Mary A.

McDonald, Mary A.

McDonald, Oscar

McDonald, Ralph W.

McDonald, Raymond L.

McDonald, William B.

McGowan, Dorwin P.

McGowan, Dorwin P.

McMindes, Christopher

McMindes, Deborah

McNeil, Earline R.

McNeil, Vernon G.

Moller, Christine

Moller, Ernstine

Moller, Wilhelm

Monson, Charlene Ellen

Monson, Erling J.

Monson, Verdell J.

Mueller, Wesley

Oldenburg, Evelyn L.

Oldenburg, Maria

Olsen, Emma Dubbe

Pautz, Carl F.W.

Pautz, Hanna

Pautz, Otto

Pautz, Wilhelm

Pautz, Wilhelmina

Pautz, William

Pearson, Inez E.

Pearson, Roy H.

Petsch, Clarence R.

Petsch, Clarence R.

Petsch, Cora

Porter, Frank S.

Porter, Lena

Porter, Thomas

Prange, Mary

Radloff, Louise

Rhoades, Donald Dean

Rhoades, Harold

Rhoades, Merle

Rhoades, Ronald G.

Rousch, August

Schesso (?), Emma E.

Schesso (?), Henry A.

Schesso, Everett H.

Schesso, Gary R.

Schesso, Larry R.

Schesso, Lawrence A.

Schesso, Phyllis M.

Schmidt, Richard

Schroeder, Eldon W. “Bud”

Schultz (?), Gustive F.

Schultz (?), Millie

Schultz (?), Nellie

Schultz, Della M.

Schultz, Friderika

Schultz, Leslie C.

Schultz, Lois D.

Schultz, Marguerite

Schultz, Willhelm

Sharp, Audrey Ann

Snow (?), Jno. Tyo ??

Snow (?), Sara ?

Snow, Asa R.

Snow, infant daughter

Snow, Lillie

Snow, Mary Jane

Snow, Sallie G.

Spacht, Peter

Squire, Joseph R.

Squire, Samuel

Stark, August

Stark, Minnie

Sutton, Fanny

Sutton, George W.

Sutton, Harriet Snow

Sutton, Stewart

Timmerman, Dorothea

Timmerman, Karl

Volek, James G. “Farmer”

Walm, Bernice C.

Walm, John

Wanuschneider, Wilbern W.

Ward, Adeline E.

Wegner, Henry G.

Whipps (?), Catharine L.W.

Whipps (?), Eliza J.

Whipps (?), Emma

Whipps (?), Rachel R.W.

Whipps (?), Reason

Whipps (?), Susan

Whipps (?), Wesley

Whipps, Agnes M.

Whipps, Almeda L.

Whipps, Altia E.

Whipps, Banjamin (?)

Whipps, Catharine

Whipps, Charilla

Whipps, Charles E.

Whipps, Dollie

Whipps, Earl A.

Whipps, Elizabeth

Whipps, Elmer W.

Whipps, Emma D.

Whipps, Eveline

Whipps, Evelyn M.

Whipps, Irvin

Whipps, Loren L.

Whipps, Roger W.

Whipps, Susan

Whipps, William A.

Whipps, William G.

Whipps, William Waldo

Will, Leona S.

Will, Leonard H.

Wilson, Margret

Wilson, Martha A.

Wilson, Mary H.

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