Fish Lake Immanuel Lutheran / Oak Ridge Cemetery

Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R22W, Section 28

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The Fish Lake Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery is located at the top of a hill above County Road 10 / Fairlawn Avenue in rural Scott County.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  The church at the site has an active congregation.        


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



? [broken stone]

? [broken stone]

?, Emma

?, Lorenze (?), W.H.

?ornfe?, Auguste

Affolder, Johann

Arndt, Ernst

Arndt, Friedrich M.

Arndt, Henriette

Arndt, Henriette F.W.

Becker, Clara

Becker, Heinrich

Bellach, Juanita M.

Bellach, Robert

Bellach, William F.

Beuch, Anna

Beuch, Carl

Beuch, Frank

Beuch, Ida A. Mach

Beuch, Johann

Beuch, Mary

Beuch, Paulina

Beuch, Peter

Beuch, Raymond

Beuch, Wilhelm

Blohm, Carl

Blohm, Fern A.

Blohm, Frieda

Blohm, Lester A.

Blohm, Robert F.W.

Blohm, Troy Anthony

Bootsma, Martha

Borchard, baby

Borchardt (?), Charles

Borchardt, Albert

Borchardt, Annie

Borchardt, Clara

Borchardt, daughter

Borchardt, Francis

Borchardt, Herman

Borchardt, Hulda

Borchardt, Mathilda

Borchardt, Otto

Borchardt, Patricia

Borchardt, Roman

Busacker (?), Alma

Busacker (?), William

Busacker, Clarence J.

Busacker, Johann

Busacker, Judith A.

Busacker, Lavina

Busacker, Maria

Busacker, Melvin

Busacker, William F.

Busse, Alfred

Busse, Emil

Busse, Friedrich

Bussman, Ferdinand C.

Bussman, Martha A.

Carlton, Roger A.

Chlan, Francis A.

Correll, Timothy L.

Dehnbostel, Gary H.

Dehnbostel, Gary H.

Dorn, Bernhart W.H.

Dorn, Edwin C.T.

Dorn, Rosa M.A.

Drewianke, Ferdinand

Dubbe (?), Frank

Dubbe (?), Frieerika

Dubbe, Albert

Dubbe, Alfret H.F.

Dubbe, Alvine

Dubbe, Ann

Dubbe, Anna L.

Dubbe, Charles F.

Dubbe, Charles F.

Dubbe, Dorothea

Dubbe, Frank F.

Dubbe, Friederich

Dubbe, Gerhard

Dubbe, Glorianna L.

Dubbe, Heinrich

Dubbe, Henry

Dubbe, Henry C.

Dubbe, Karl

Dubbe, Lizetta

Dubbe, Marie

Dubbe, Mary

Dubbe, Mary

Dubbe, Wilhelm F.

Dueffert (?), Ernest

Dueffert (?), Mathilda

Dueffert, Erwin

Dueffert, Sophie

Durry (?), Elizabeth

Ebel, Anna

Ebel, Friedrich

Ebel, Joachin

Ebel, Luise

Ebel, Maria

Ebel, William

Ellis, Johann Carl

Ellis, twins Mary M. and Maria M.

Engel, Dorathea Friedriea

Esboldt, Edith

Esboldt, Emil B.

Esboldt, Emil R.

Esboldt, May A.

Evermann, Anna

Evermann, Glorine

Evermann, Paul

Evermann, Theodore

Fahrenkamp, August F.

Fahrenkamp, Charles J.

Fahrenkamp, Howard William

Fahrenkamp, John C.

Fahrenkamp, Ludwig

Fahrenkamp, Minnie

Fahrenkamp, Otto

Fahrenkamp, Wilhelminna

Fehlandt, Elisabeth

Fehlandt, Johann

Fehlandt, Johann

Fehlandt, Johann J.J.

Feldten, Charles

Feldten, Emma E.

Feldten, Frank W.

Feldten, Fred

Feldten, Leander W.

Feldten, Louisa

Feldten, Louise

Feldten, Mary

Feldten, May

Feldten, Minnie

Feldten, Virgil S.

Friehl (?), Elisabeth

Friehl, John

Friehl, John

Fruendt, Henry

Gallmeier, Steven

Geister, Charles

Geister, Doris

Geister, Edwin

Geister, Elizabeth

Geister, Erwin H.

Geister, Frieda

Geister, John

Geister, Minnie A.

Geister, William

Getz, Barbara

Getz, Emma

Getz, Heinrich E.

Gierlich, Auguste E.F.

Gierlick, Erwin


Gossell (?), Friedrich

Gossell (?), Wilhelmine

Graach, Karl

Graach, Sophia

Grapper, Albert

Grapper, Annie

Grapper, August

Grapper, Carl A.

Grapper, Carl M.

Grapper, Emilie

Grapper, Francis Melvin

Grapper, Ida

Grapper, Johann

Grapper, John H.

Grapper, Loretta

Grapper, Louise

Grapper, Maria

Grapper, Marie C.

Greenwald, Louis A.

Greive, August

Gruetzmacher, Arnold E.

Gruetzmacher, Gladys H.

Grunewald, Louis K.

Grunwalt, Wilhelmine

Gubbin, Barbara G.

Hafermann, Jerome E.

Hafermann, Jerome F.

Havican, Clara H.

Hennen, Randy W.

Hildebrant, Sophia

Horue (?), Auguste (?)

Jabs, Evelyn

Jackel, Amanda

Jackel, Peter

Janke, August

Jante, August C.F.G.

Jasmer, Judith

Jastramm, Augusta

Jastramm, John

Kaiser, Dorothea M.

Kettelhon (?), Friedrich

Kettelhon (?), Mathilda

Kettelhon, Carolina

Kettelhon, Henry

Klingberg (?), Edna M.

Klingberg (?), Emil C.

Klingberg (?), John L.

Klingberg (?), Leo C.

Klingberg (?), Minnie

Klingberg, Agnes C.

Klingberg, Albert C.

Klingberg, Anna

Klingberg, Anna E.

Klingberg, August

Klingberg, Bertha

Klingberg, Charles

Klingberg, Christopher

Klingberg, Dorothea

Klingberg, Eleonora

Klingberg, Elizabeth E.

Klingberg, Ervin H.

Klingberg, Esther M.

Klingberg, Fred J.

Klingberg, Fredaricka

Klingberg, Johann

Klingberg, John J.

Klingberg, Lena

Klingberg, Lois

Klingberg, Lois

Klingberg, Louis

Klingberg, Louis H.

Klingberg, Ludwig

Klingberg, Ludwig G.P.

Klingberg, Roy A.

Klingberg, Sophia

Klingberg, Sophia

Klonne, Sandra J.

Koch, Carl

Koch, Elsie

Koch, Frida

Kochlin, Emma

Kochlin, Esther A.

Kochlin, Reinhold

Koehn, August

Koehn, Carl

Koehn, Charlotte

Kohout, Anthony

Kohout, Donald M.

Kohout, Emil

Kohout, Helena

Kohout, Ruth F.

Kragh (?), Lyle V.

Kragh, Lyle V.

Krohn, Ceclia F.

Krohn, Ervin F.

Krohn, Ervin F.

Kropp, Friedrich

Krueger, Edward

Krueger, Helma H.

Krueger, Henry

Krueger, Herbert H.

Krueger, Herman E.

Krueger, Josephine

Krueger, Karen S.

Krueger, Mildred M.

Krueger, Minnie

Krueger, Norman

Luedke, Adolph O.

Luedke, Adolph O.

Luedke, Elizabeth

Luedke, Friedrick W.

Maas (?), father

Maas (?), mother

Maas, Fred W.

Maas, Lillian A.

Malz, Raymond E.

Mar??, Anna (?)

Martin, John

Mickus, Anna

Miller, Albert

Miller, Johanne

Mueller, A.H.

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, August H.

Mueller, Francis G.

Mueller, Gertrude O.

Mueller, Henry

Mueller, Irene

Mueller, Martha M.

Mueller, Melvin F.

Mueller, Mildred M.

Mueller, Myrtle I.

Mueller, Norman Albert

Mueller, Otto W.

Mueller, Rudolph W.

Mueller, Ruth A.

Mueller, Sophia C.

Mueller, Wilbert F.

Mueller, Wilhelmina

Mueller, William F.

Mueller, William H.

Muller (?), W. Gottfied

Muller, Maria

Nelson, Richard L.

Oldenberg, Luella F.

Oldenburg, Clarence

Oldenburg, Edith

Oldenburg, Elizabeth

Oldenburg, Erich A.H.

Oldenburg, Frank

Oldenburg, Friedrich

Oldenburg, Henry F.

Oldenburg, Johann

Oldenburg, Johann

Oldenburg, John

Oldenburg, Karl

Oldenburg, Louis A.

Oldenburg, Louise

Oldenburg, Lydia

Oldenburg, Maria

Oldenburg, Mary

Oldenburg, Paulina C.

Oldenburg, Ronald

Oldenburg, Shirley L.

Pape, Maria Dorothea

Pautz, Albertina

Pautz, Alma M.

Pautz, Arnold F.

Pautz, Augusta T.

Pautz, Carl W.

Pautz, John A.

Pautz, Lawrence

Pautz, Valerius F.

Pautz, Virginia T.

Petermann, Emilie

Petsch, Henry A.

Prekker, Melvin D.

Radank, Louisa

Radanke, August

Radanke, Ernestina

Radanke, Julius

Radanke, Maria

Radanke, Sylvia

Radanke, Wilhelm J.

Rowe, baby

Rowe, Harold M.

Sasse, Charlotte

Sch??, Jacob

Schesso, Emma

Schessow, August

Schessow, Criederike

Schessow, Friedrich

Schroeder, Clara

Schroeder, Emma A.

Schroeder, Karl

Schroeder, Paul L.

Schultz, baby

Schultz, Everett H.

Schultz, Harry C.

Schultz, Herman H.

Schultz, Ida S.

Schultz, Minnie A.

Schumann, August C.

Schumann, Emma

Schumann, Gottlieb

Schumann, Henry C.

Schumann, Louisa

Schumann, Lydia W.

Senne, Martha

Smisek, Adeline E.

Smisek, Gerald W.

Snell, baby

Snell, baby

Snell, Dora A.

Snell, Edna I.

Snell, Edwin G.

Snell, Effie

Snell, Emil C.

Snell, Emma M.

Snell, Fred

Snell, Heinrich

Snell, Lillia

Snell, Lorenz

Snell, Louis C.

Snell, Luella

Snell, Melvin V.

Snell, Metha

Snell, Mildred

Snell, Ricka

Spaude, Albert F.

Spaude, Laura W.

Spaude, Roy E.

Stier, Marc Andrew

Suhrbier (?), Albert

Suhrbier (?), Clara

Suhrbier (?), Ruth

Suhrbier, child

Suhrbier, Dorothea L.

Suhrbier, J.J. Friedrich

Torkelson, Jeffrey Steven

Torkelson, Myron Clayton

Trost, Ione A.

Unterburgerm Howard John

Vogel, Adam

Vogel, Eda

Vogel, Eunice H.

Vogel, Frank J.

Vohnoutka, Daniel

Vohnoutka, Daniel

Walm, Emma

Wandschneider, Edwin J.A.

Wandschneider, Katharina

Wangerin, Helina

Wangerin, Irene S.

Wangerin, son

Wangerin, William

Wangerin, William H.

Wanschneider, Ferdinand J.H.

Wiese, Fritz

Wiese, Wilhelmine

Will (?), William H.

Will, Auguste

Will, Carl E.

Will, Reinhold

Wormer, Dora

Wormer, Willard G.

Wormer, William

Yanke, August J.F.

Zaudtke, Arthur W.

Zaudtke, Charles

Zaudtke, Emilie

Zaudtke, Verona M.

Zimmerman, Kenneth L.

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