St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery

Prior Lake, Scott County, Minnesota



Prior Lake, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R22W, Section 1

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            St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery is located along 160th Street SE in Prior Lake.  It shares a common border with St. Michael’s (Catholic) Cemetery.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.       


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



Appel, Erhard C.

Appel, Olive M.

Benson, baby

Beuch, Anna

Beuch, Ernest C.

Beutler, Alfred R.

Beutler, Frieda

Beutler, Gerhard

Beutler, Manfred Ernst

Bixby, Brayde Joseph

Bjorge, Arthur E.

Bjorge, Eileen D.

Blakeborough, Hattie L.

Blakeborough, Ralph K.

Blohm, Charles J.

Blohm, Delbert F.

Blohm, Delores E.

Blohm, Emilie

Blohm, Emma

Blohm, Herman

Blohm, Martha

Blohm, Wilbert J.

Boettger, Alma

Boettger, Earl

Bohnsack, Emma I.

Bohnsack, Wayne A.

Boltz, Albert E.

Borchardt, baby girl

Borchardt, Darlene L.

Borchardt, Darlien

Borchardt, Delbert A.

Borchardt, Elaine

Borchardt, Floyd L.

Borchardt, Glendora M.

Borchardt, Marcella M.

Borchardt, Melvin

Borchardt, Nora S.

Borchardt, Scott L.

Borchardt, Wilfred E.

Brandt, Raymond

Brandt, Viola

Busacker, Anna C.

Busacker, William

Busse (?), Fred A.

Busse (?), George H.

Busse (?), Kenneth A.

Busse (?), Mary

Busse (?), Otillia E.

Busse (?), Verona

Busse, Albert

Busse, Albert W.

Busse, Anita M.

Busse, Art C.

Busse, baby boy and girl

Busse, Carl W.

Busse, Caroline

Busse, Caroline M.

Busse, Charles

Busse, Charles F.

Busse, Christ G.

Busse, Christ G.

Busse, Donald F.

Busse, Elmer

Busse, Elroy W.

Busse, Fred C.

Busse, Fred C.

Busse, Fred H.

Busse, Frohnie I.

Busse, Gloria

Busse, Herman C.

Busse, Ida

Busse, Jerome Charles

Busse, Jerry C.

Busse, Joan M.

Busse, Katherine M.

Busse, Keith Norman

Busse, Kenneth L.

Busse, Lillian A.

Busse, Martha L.

Busse, Paul F.

Busse, Paul F.

Busse, Regina L.

Busse, Rose Marie

Busse, Willard W.

Busse, William J.

Busse, Wilmar A.

Busse, Wilmar Arthur

Busselman, Jenni Lynn and Jon Mychal

Butherus, Esther E.

Butherus, Henry

Butherus, Herman H.

Butherus, Magdalena

Carlson, Bennie M.

Carlson, Bennie M..

Carlson, LaVonne R.

Carpenter, Gayle K.

Crawford, Mark S.

Dittman, baby

Dorn, Arnhold G.

Dorn, Arnhold G.

Dorn, Ella A.

Dorn, Elsie

Dorn, LeRoy

Dorn, Otto H.

Ebel, Alvin

Ebel, Leona

Ebenhoh, baby son

Ebenhoh, Scott L.

Esboldt, Eleanor M.

Esboldt, Louis C.

Frey, Carolyn M.

Friehl, Anna F.

Friehl, William J.

Geiger, Howard J.

Geister, Melvin O.

Geister, Melvin O.

Geister, twin daughters

Grapper, Alfred H.

Graupmann, Allan A.

Groth, James R.

Groth, James R.

Gusse, Gerald D.

Hafner, Herbert J.

Hafner, Margaret J. (Fiess)

Hansen, Evelyn A.

Hanson, Dennis G.

Hanson, Paul

Hart (?), Ronald R.

Hart, Richard H.

Heideck, Emil C.

Heideck, Marie W.

Hensch, August F.

Hensch, Hattie F.

Hobart, Joanne R.

Hobart, Richard A.

Hullett, Joseph

Hullett, Joseph E.

Hullett, LaVaine

Huwe, Maria L. “Marluis”

Johnson, Arthur D.

Johnson, Arthur D.

Johnson, baby girl

Johnson, Clayton

Johnson, Edna

Johnson, Floyd A.

Johnson, Otto

Johnson, Roger

Johnson, Roger Allen

Jorgenson, Janyce M.

Jurdy, Esther M.

Jurdy, Mitchell J.

Kabes, Eileen M.

Kerkow, Donald H.

Kerkow, Larry L.

Kerkow, Samantha Dawn

Klingberg, Harold Harry

Klingberg, Harvey O.

Klingberg, Hertha S.

Klingberg, Ida E.

Klingberg, Leland

Klingberg, Leland H.

Klingberg, Luverne C.

Klingberg, Maebel

Klingberg, Maria J.

Klingberg, Marian K.

Klingberg, Otto H.

Klingberg, Otto H.

Klingberg, Robert E.

Klingberg, Sarajane

Klingberg, William C.

Koch, Wally L.

Kusic, Emma

Kusic, Ivan

Langhorst, Wallace

Luedke, Adolph A.

Luedke, Anna M.

Luedke, Augusta

Luedke, Fred W.

Luedke, John C.

Luedke, William

Lutz, T. John H.

Mathews, Clarence C.

Mathews, Clarissa L.

McCullough, Jodi

McFadden, Michael J.

McFadden, Michael J.

Meihack, Elsie

Meihack, Erick

Meyer, Nancy C.

Mueller, Angula L.

Mueller, August W.

Mueller, Eleanor E.

Mueller, Helen M.

Mueller, Ida A.

Mueller, Marie I.

Mueller, Rueben C.

Mueller, Susan A.

Mueller, William F.

Oldenburg, Emil

Oldenburg, Lillian

Patchin, Burke J.

Pederson, Ellen

Petsch, Edmund “Bud”

Petsch, Irene

Prady, Daniel L.

Prady, Timothy R.

Prekker, Isabel F.

Prekker, Mike F.

Radanke, Loren F.

Rodenberg, Harry M.

Rodenberg, Verna H.

Rodewald, Carol M.

Rodewald, Raymond E.

Rodewald, Raymond E.

Russo, Emmanuel R.

Russo, Emmanuel R.

Sass, Herbert M.

Sass, Irene H.

Schabert, Christopher Wilson

Schabert, Michael G.

Schmidt, Ann Louise

Schmidt, Clarence R.

Schmidt, Clarence R.

Schmitz, Ronald F.

Schroeder, Alan P.

Schroeder, Esther C.

Schroeder, Keith L.

Schroeder, Octavia

Schroeder, Otto C.

Schroeder, Stuart John

Schroeder, Vicki E.

Schroeder, Vicki Elizabeth

Schroeder, Victor C.

Schroeder, Victor E.

Schroeder, Villa C.

Schroeder, Villa C.

Schultz, Herman C.

Schultz, Louise

Schumann, Henry C.

Schumann, Katherine

Segler, Edwin A.

Segler, Esther L.

Sellentine, Charles

Silferston, Alexander Sandy

Smith, Alfred E.

Smith, Cyril A. Hank

Smith, Eugene

Smith, Ida E.

Smith, Luke

Smith, Luke A.

Smith, Mason James

Smith, Ralph C.

Smith, Theresa A.

Snell, Herbert

Stark, Della E. (Mueller)

Stark, Herbert W.

Stassen, Louis J.

Stassen, Louis J.

Stassen, Louis J.

Stassen, Mildred M.

Stock, Henry W.

Suhrbier, Louise

Suhrbier, William

Tercero, Cordella A.

Tercero, Luis E.

Tercero, Luis E.

Tessmer, Bernhardt

Tessmer, Marie

Thieling, Roland H.

Thieling, Roland Henry

Thorsfeldt, Erling I.

Thorsfeldt, Lavernia M.

Thorsfeldt, Phillip G.

Thorsfeldt, Robert D.

Thorsfeldt, Ronald O.

Thorsfeldt, Theresa Lynn

Tonne, Kathleen

Trichie, Neil T.

Trom, Ella N.

Trom, Kermit

Vargason, Albert L.

Vargason, Geraldine V.

Walm (?), Henry W.

Will, Anna L.

Will, Fred

Will, Gwendolyn M.

Will, Howard H.

Will, Kevin H.

Will, Louis W.

Will, Mary

Wilson, Mary L.

Wise, Dwayne Verner

Zaudtke (?), Emilie C.

Zaudtke (?), William A.

Zoller, Patricia Jean

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