St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery

Prior Lake, Scott County, Minnesota



Prior Lake, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R22W, Section 1

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery is located along 160th Street SE in Prior Lake.  It shares a common border with St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.       


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



Adelmann, Anthony J.

Adelmann, Juliet J.

Algren, Karen G.

Amberg, Eugene Michael

Ames, Bert

Ames, Bert

Andersen, Kathleen

Anderson, Barbara L.

Anderson, Deborah Lynn

Arndt, Mark S.

Arnold, Sarah Jane

Atwood, Dorman W.

Baer, Ben

Barncard, James M.

Bartelds, Jonathan Mark

Battis, Alice M.

Battis, Thomas J.

Battis, Thomas J.

Bear, John E.

Bear, John E.

Bear, Vonnie E. (Vaunda)

Beauchamp, David F.

Beaudette (?), Bertha H.

Beaudette (?), Ephriam J.

Beaudette (?), Mary K.

Beaudette, Robert C.

Bellew, Ray

Beranek, George

Beranek, Loretta

Billiet, Blanche R.

Billiet, William B.

Birno, Ambrose J.

Birno, Marie G.

Birno, Richard A.

Birno, Richard A.

Blazejak, Irene D.

Blazejak, Sharon L.

Blazejak, Stanley E.

Blazejak, Stanley F.

Blohm, Bernice M.

Blohm, Herbert E.

Blohm, Wayne J.

Blumberg, Anna M.

Blumberg, Edward A.

Blumberg, Marge

Blumberg, Ray

Blumberg, Raymond A.

Boehmer, George G.

Boehmer, George G.

Boehmer, Ida C.

Boeser, Carol I.

Bolkcom, Delcine

Borchardt, Jessica Nora

Borgerding, Anna Rose

Borgerding, Peter James

Borgerding, Thomas N.

Borka, Kimberly

Borka, Larry

Borka, Norbert H.

Borka, Norbert Herman

Borschardt, Kathryn M.

Brandt, Marvin G.

Brantl, Ardell

Brantl, Ardell C.

Brantl, Lenore

Brouette, Cecelia B.

Brouette, Louis A.

Brouette, Louis A.

Bruestle (?), Christine

Bruestle (?), Frank

Bruestle, Edmund F.

Burke, John C. “Jay”

Bushlack, Robert J.

Busse, Cecelia (Ryan)

Busse, Donald A.

Busse, Elizabeth C. “Beth” Muelken

Busse, Leroy E.

Busse, Richard H.

Caduff, John C.

Caduff, Magdalene A.

Cameron, Albert C.

Cameron, Albert J.

Cameron, Anna

Cameron, Emanuel

Cameron, Gertrude

Campion, Jeremiah J.

Campion, Lorraine S.

Cannon (?), Ellen J.

Cannon, Joseph A.

Carney, Amy

Carney, Thomas D.

Carroll, Charles B.

Carroll, Charles P.

Carroll, Charles W.

Carroll, Lydarene M.

Carroll, Virginia Harriett

Cartier, Joseph

Cassellius, Charles H.

Cassellius, Charles H.

Cassellius, Clara B.

Cates (?), Lyman B.

Cates (?), Sarah J.

Cates, Catherine E.

Cates, Delbert A.

Cates, Earl J.

Cates, James A.

Cates, James M.

Cates, John M.

Cates, John M.

Cates, Mary H.

Cates, Nora A.

Cates, Rose E.

Cavill, Neva

Cervenka, Richard E.

Chamberlin, Agnes K. Busch

Chamberlin, Deral D.

Christenson, Larry D.

Cikanek, Charlie M.

Cikanek, David C.

Cikanek, Frank J.

Cikanek, Grace M.

Cikanek, Mary E.

Cikanek, Rudolph J.

Clark, Elizabeth L. Mueller

Clarke, Charles W.

Clarke, Georgia

Clarke, Margaret E.

Clay, Cecil P.

Clay, Mary T.

Clemen, Bruce M.

Clemen, Bruce M.

Clemen, Clarence M.

Clemen, Phoebe E.

Clemens, Irwin P.

Cobb, Lucille A. Pocernich

Coddington, Pauline Frances

Conlon, Maria A.

Conlon, Theresa B.

Conlon, Thomas

Conlon, Thomas J.

Conroy (?), Coleman

Conroy, Anthony C.

Conroy, Bridget E.

Conroy, Mary A.

Conroy, Mathias A.

Conroy, Michael

Conroy, Steven M.

Cuirielli, Patricia

Curielli, Jeanne

Curielli, John

Daas, Gregory S.

Danes, Gary W.

Danes, Gary W.

Davis, Douglas L.

Davis, Douglas L.

Deere, John

Deere, Mary Anne

DeGidio, Daniel J.

DeGidio, Louis

DeGidio, Mary D.

DesMarais, George R.

Determan, Ralph Joseph

Deutsch (?), Joseph A.

Deutsch (?), Nellie M.

Deutsch, Agnes P.

Deutsch, Anthony L.

Dixon, Anne P. (Marincel)

Dixon, Frank J.

Doble, Warren E.

Doyle, Catherine A.

Draeger, Sybil I.

Duede, Fred H.

Duede, Frederick H.

Duede, Lois M.

Duede, Sharon K.

Dunlap (?), Francis S.

Dunlap (?), Samuel J.

Dunlap, Mary Alice

Dunlap, Murlin “Irish”

Dupont, Bernard John

Durand, Anna Mancip

Durand, C.F.

Edwards, Ronald E.

Eibs, Elaine L.

Eibs, John H.

Eickmann, Christina

Eickmann, Henry

Eiden, Julie L.

Engel, Donald C.

Engel, Donald C.

Fairbrother, Marilyn Andersen

Farrel, Patrick

Farrell, Ann B.

Farrell, Anna

Farrell, Cecil J.

Farrell, Diana June Millette

Farrell, George P.

Farrell, Harry

Farrell, Jack

Farrell, John J.

Farrell, Louise

Farrell, Nora A.

Farrell, Nora M.

Farrell, Theresa M.

Farrell, William M.

Farrell, William M.

Fay, Donald S.

Fay, Phyllis A.

Felix, Edmund D.

Felix, Edmund D.

Felix, Jessie M.

Felix, Noel A.

Felix, Noel Albert

Felix, Peter A.

Ferguson, Gary C.

Flaherty (?), Ann

Flaherty (?), Cummings

Flaherty (?), Margaret

Flaherty (?), Patrick H.

Flaherty, Donald J.

Flaherty, Ellen T.

Flaherty, John

Flaherty, Mary Casey

Flaherty, Mary E.

Flaherty, Rose M.

Flaherty, Thomas J.

Flaherty, William

Flaherty, William

Floer, Catherine M.

Foley, Leslie J.

Foley, Pauline A.

Forner (?), Andrew

Forner (?), John A.

Forner (?), Magdalen R.

Forner (?), Mary

Foucault, LeVonne F.

Foucault, Thomas R.

Foxwell, Sarah Ann

Frahm, Helen E.

Frahm, Paul J.

Frahm, Paul John

Friedes, Steven E.

Friedgen, Evelyn M.

Friedges, Betty A.

Friedges, Roman E.

Gamroth, Justin Lee

Garrity, memory of Dona

Garry, James F.

Garry, Lillian

Gearin, Bernard

Gearin, Rosemarie

Geis, baby boy

Geis, Darlene M.

Geis, Kevin R.

Geis, Wayne P.

Gemelke, Louise

Gemelke, Robert

Georger, Bernadine

Gibbons, Margaret

Goracke, Hubert

Goracke, Maureen

Goracke, Maureen K.

Grabowski, Victor H.

Gravelle, Helen M.

Graves, Mary A.

Graves, Wilford J.

Grimm, Mary Y.

Grommesch, Alois J.

Grommesch, Mary F.

Gutzmer, Thereisa A.

Hadac, Ronald Francis

Hafermann, Jeanette C.

Handt, Marvin W.

Handt, Marvin W.

Hannen, Charles O.

Hannen, Christine

Hannen, Margaret E.

Hannen, Oliver H.

Hannes, Evelyn M.

Hannes, Evelyn M.

Hannes, Stanley B.

Hannes, Stanley Biarne

Harley, Herbert

Harley, Marjorie

Hartmann, Harriet E.

Hartmann, Lawrence W.

Havlicek, Merle E.

Hayes, Charles E.

Hayes, Charlie

Heckel, Coleen M.

Hein, Mara Lois

Hennen, Barbara F.

Hennen, Clarence

Hennen, Clarence F.

Hennen, Evelyn E.

Hennen, Gordon L.

Hennen, Raymond J.

Hennen, Richard

Hennen, Suverna

Henretty, Mary E.

Hess, Dorothy C.

Hess, Richard S.

Hess, Richard Samuel

Hickey, Margaret A.

Hill, Jayme

Hoffman, Helen M.

Hoffman, Joseph R.

Hohler, Eileene J.

Hommrich, Carol Ann

Huber, Howard E.

Huber, Marion R.

Ingvalson, Joan M.

Irlbeck, Joleen R.

Jarsko, C. Nenette

Jarsko, Marvin

Jenks, Adelaide M.

Johnson, Craig W.

Jorgenson, Burton W.

Jorgenson, Jeanne C.

Jorgenson, Marguerite A.

Jorgenson, Peggy J.

Justen, Leo B.

Kalal, baby girl

Kalal, baby girl

Kalal, Jane M.

Kalal, Raymond A.

Kasparek, Raymond R.

Kaufenberg, Thomas John

Kaufhold, Sylvia Mary

Keating, Dorothy Jane

Keating, Patricia

Keating, Robert H.

Kelly, Helen

Kelly, Jack

Kemper, Tammy

Kennedy, Mary C.

Kennedy, Thomas J.

Kennedy, William H.

Kerber, Martin D.

Kerber, Rita J.

Kes, Clara H.

Kes, Clarence G.

Kes, Emil T.

Kes, Joey

King, Craig Evert

Klehr, Alois V.

Klehr, Hilda

Klehr, Robert J.

Klein, Fred

Klingberg, Jay Paul

Klingberg, Mildred E.

Klingberg, Paul F.

Klingbergm Eileen (Ryan)

Knipp, Natalie

Knox, Gary R.

Knox, Roger A.

Koch, Daniel T.

Kocon, Patricia A. Boschert O’Keefe

Kohout, Joyce Marie

Koop, John C.

Kop, John

Kop, Meda E.

Kopp, Andrew B.

Kopp, Catherine M.

Kopp, Frank J.

Kopp, Leo N.

Kopp, Margaret E.

Kopp, Matthew

Kopp, Peter J.

Kopp, Peter P.

Kraska, Catherine

Kraska, David Martin

Kraska, Jennifer J.

Kraska, Martin

Kraska, Martin

Kreuser, Patricia W.

Krogfus, Michael J.

Kroyer, Alfred P.

Kroyer, Andrew

Kroyer, Cleopha

Kroyer, Elizabeth

Kroyer, Florence W.

Kroyer, Raymond

Krus, John

Krus, John B.

Kruse, Robert K.

Kuboushek, Anada

Kuboushek, Willis

LaChapelle, Cary J.

LaChapelle, Catherine Jean Anderson

LaChapelle, Russell J.

Lampman, Stanley C.

Lang, Francis

Lang, James Gerald

Lang, Mary A.

Lang, Mary Lois

Lang, Michael

Lang, Willard J.

Langevin, Bruce C.

Lannon (?), Mary Ellen “Nellie”

Lannon, Francis C.

Lannon, John M.

Lannon, Martin J.

Lannon, Mary P.

Lannon, Robert

Lattery, Isabelle E.

Lattery, Melbourne A.

Lattery, Ronald James

Leach, Edward E.

Leach, Virginia M.

Lebens, Dorothy

Lebens, Gordon G.

Lebens, Marie A.

Lebens, Mary

Lemiuex, Raymond E.

Lemiuex, Ruby E.

Lemley, Raymond A.

Lentner, Dorothy B.

Lentner, Florian

Loftus, Catherine R.

Loftus, Michael T.

Loth, Sharon A.

Ludowese, Dominic A.

Ludowese, Joyce C.

Ludowese, Kathryn E.

Lutz, Jason Aaron

Lyons, James William

Lyons, Margaret Faricy

Magnuson, Ellen B.

Magnuson, Sylvester F.

Mahowald, Francis

Mangan, William R.

Marispini, Danial J.

Marschall, Shanna Marie

Martinson, James

Martinson, Martin

Martinson, Martin E.

Martinson, Mary

Martinson, Maurice M.

Mayer, Jennings J.

Mayer, Jennings J.

Mayer, Thomas M.

McCormick, Mary Ann

McCormick, Patrick L.

McFadden, Francis J.

McFadden, John J.

McFadden, John J.

McFadden, Katie

McFadden, Pearl J.

McMahon (?), Bridget

McMahon (?), John J.

McMahon, Edward J.

McMahon, Elizabeth L.

McMahon, Francis W.

McMahon, M. Jerome

McNeal, James E.

McNeal, Jim E.

McQuiston, Kathryn K.

McQuiston, Martin B.

McTamaney, Nicole Renae

Mead, Georgia M.

Mead, Virgil J.

Meier, William C.

Melville, Beatrice C.

Melville, Bernard E.

Melville, Bernard E.

Menden (?), Joseph F.

Menden (?), Lurene C.

Menden (?), Rosella F.

Menden, Rose Ann

Meuville, Pearl C.

Meyer, Gregory M.

Michael (?), Herbert

Michael (?), Melvina

Molkenbur, Harvey

Molkenbur, Irene

Molkenbur, Wayne

Monnens, Alvin J.

Monnens, Elfreda A.

Monnens, Harold J.

Monnens, Harold J.

Monnens, Harry

Monnens, Helen C.

Monnens, Mark

Monnens, Mathilda

Monnens, Walter D.

Moodie, Darlene Leona

Mortensen, Evelyn G.

Mortensen, Francis L.

Mortensen, Francis L.

Moss, Gene F.

Muelken, Bernice M.

Muelken, Billy E.

Muelken, Donald

Muelken, George J.

Muelken, George J.

Muelken, George M.

Muelken, George M.

Muelken, Gerald

Muelken, Lael

Muelken, Randall J.

Muelken, Robert C.

Muelken, William E.

Mueller (?), Cyril A.

Mueller, Agnes

Mueller, Chris

Mueller, Daniel C.

Mueller, Elizabeth

Mueller, Hilda C.

Mueller, Hubert A.

Mueller, John J.

Mueller, Leander F.

Mueller, Loretta O.

Mueller, Louise

Mueller, Margaret

Mueller, Peter

Mueller, Ralph J.

Muellner, Mary T.

Mullan, Margaret V.

Mullan, Patrick J.

Mullan, Patrick J.

Mullan, Patrick J.

Murphy, Mary A.

Nacey, John W.

Nacey, Laura R.

Nee, Fannie J.

Nee, William J.

Nelson, Stephen Douglas

Nelson, Valerie Marie

Neuville, Mose J.

Nohner, Alice L.

O’Brien (?), Anna S.

O’Brien (?), Clarence J.

O’Brien (?), Elizabeth M.

O’Brien (?), James M.

O’Connell (?), Alice M.

O’Connell (?), Maurice J.

O’Connell, Alvina S. Nalewaja

O’Connell, Daniel John

O’Keefe (?), James F.

O’Keefe (?), Katherine

O’Keefe, baby

O’Keefe, Eugene D.

O’Keefe, Francis J.

O’Keefe, Howard J.

O’Keefe, James P.

O’Keefe, Margaret A.

O’Keefe, Richard E.

O’Rourke (?), Bernard M.

O’Rourke (?), Catherine

O’Rourke (?), Clara H.

O’Rourke (?), Marie C.

O’Rourke (?), Patrick

O’Rourke, Bernard M.

Olson, Margaret L. “Peggy Ryan”

Olson, Randy Michel

Olson, Russell James

Palmby, Robert J.

Palmby, Robert J.

Patient, Leonard A.

Pauly, Irene T.

Pauly, Jacob H.

Pavek, Arnost F.

Pavek, Bernice C.

Pawlowski, Mary H.

Pawlowski, Paul W.

Pelarski, David

Pelarski, Frances

Peterson, Larry L.

Peterson, Larry L.

Pond, Jenny Ann (Genevieve)

Poquette, Edna M.

Poquette, Kenneth N.

Pothen, Edward R.

Pothen, Helen A.

Preksto, Eileen C.

Preksto, Peter W.

Pudil, Emily C.

Pudil, Louis E.

Radanke, Emmett

Rau, Arthur E.

Rau, Jeffrey E.

Rau, Kathryn V.

Rau, Richard Edward

Rausch, Vernon John

Redetzke, M. Butch

Redetzke, Mary L.

Redetzke, Merlin L.

Resop, John C.

Richard, Eliza Jane

Riebel, Teagan Shawn-Francis

Ries (?), Catherine

Ries, Frank

Ring (?), Eleanor C.

Ring (?), Peter

Ring (?), Sophia

Ring, Louis J.

Ring, Nellie L.

Roach, Catherine

Roach, Frank J.

Roach, Genevieve

Roach, James M.

Roach, Mary V. (Regan)

Roach, Robert

Roach, Simon J.

Roach, Stephen M.

Robel, Loretta A.

Robel, Raymond B.

Roeden, Henry

Rose, Barbara J.

Rose, John C.

Rusk, Joanna F.

Ryan (?), Francis J.

Ryan (?), Marion H.

Ryan, Catherine

Ryan, Esther T.

Ryan, Henry

Ryan, Lawrence W.

Ryan, Mary Lee Walz

Ryan, Patrick J.

Ryan, Thomas L.

Sanchez, Hunter Richard Jaymz Hambrick

Sanft, Dorothy A.

Sanft, Fred R.

Sauer, Ryan W.

Sauser, F. Andrew

Sauser, Margaret E.

Schanus, Adolph A.

Schauer, Mae McCann

Scherer, Don B.

Scherer, Dorothy

Scherer, Eugene M.

Scherer, John M.

Scherer, Robert D.

Scherer, Scott

Schild, Annella

Schild, Lester

Schild, Lester

Schmidt, Mary M. “Martinson”

Schmitt, Peter

Schmokel (?), Joanne E.

Schmokel (?), William E.

Schmokel, Gregory William

Schmokel, Harry M.

Schmokel, Lucille M.

Schmokel, M. Cecelia

Schmokel, Mary C.

Schmokel, Robert J.

Schommer, Donald A.

Schommer, Donald Alfred

Schoot, Donna E.

Schoot, Stella M.

Schrader, Anna A.

Schrader, Henry J.

Schrank, Margaret M.

Schultz, Arthur H.

Schultz, Fleurine

Schumacher (?), Anne Marie

Schumann, Dorothy May

Schumann, Edgar Carl

Schweich, Kathleen (Ryan) Spielman

Schwenke, Lisa R.

Searle, Ina M.

Searle, Mary S.

Seidel, Verdelle

Senet, Harvey M.

Seurer, John Lee

Shambour, Nicholas

Shankey, Francis J.

Shankey, Michael J.

Sheehan, Daniel B.

Sheehan, Daniel W.

Sheehan, Olive M. Jonas

Shelton, Edith A.

Shoquist, Clifford A.

Shoquist, Lucille F.

Siegmund, Henry J.

Siegmund, Ruth A.

Simones, Eva

Simones, Frank

Simpkins (?), Dennis

Simpkins (?), Irene

Simpkins (?), Julia

Simpkins, Anna C.

Simpkins, Anne M.

Simpkins, Bridget A.

Simpkins, David J.

Simpkins, Edward J.

Simpkins, William

Simpkins, William J.

Smed, Richard C.

Smith, Ethel McCann

Snell, Grancis F.

Snell, Marie A.

Sovinski, Alvera T. Wolf

Speiker, Anthony H.

Speiker, James J.

Speiker, James Joseph

Speiker, Mildred C. Conroy

Speilman, Andrew M.

Speilman, Della J.

Spielman, Robert J.

Standish, Cynthia Jean

Steiner, Albin

Steiner, Elizabeth

Steinmetz, Herman J.

Steinmetz, Margaret

Stepka, Anna L.

Stepka, Joseph J.

Stevens, Inez M.

Stevens, William E.

Stromwall, Harold

Stromwall, Harold C.

Stromwall, Mark H.

Stromwall, Wilhelmine

Swartz, Marjorie I.

Swartz, Roy F.

Theis, Alvin H.

Thelen, Cathy Jean

Thielen, Shirley

Thornton, James L.

Thornton, Mary

Thorsfeldt, Mary Pat

Thorsfeldt, Theresa Lynn

Torborg, Beverly M.

Tousignant (?), Joseph C.

Tupa, Alvina C.

Tupa, Alvina C.

Tupa, Leonard E.

Tupa, Leonard E.

Tussing, Anna M.

Tussing, Simon L.

Vevea, Juanita

Vevea, Lawrence

VonBokern, Donald

Wagner, Lloyd M.

Wagner, Margaret E.

Wangerin, Dwane F.

Wangerin, Evelyn M.

Watkins, Marcella M.

Watkins, Marcella M.

Watkins, Thomas H.

Watkins, Thomas Henry

Weber, Della I.

Weber, Elizabeth

Weber, Frank

Weber, Louie

Weber, Louise K.

Weber, Mabel

Weber, Wemer W.

Weber, Wemer W.

Webster, Cecelia Farisy

Welch, Bonnie J.

Welch, Henry E.

Wells, Martin

Weninger, Beulah E.

Weninger, Martin J.

Weninger, Martin J.

Werner, Ignaz

Werner, Josephine S.

Wessel, Jason L.

White, Albert T.

White, Albert T. “Bub

White, baby boy

White, William A.

Wickman, Anna Cole

Wickman, Christina

Wickman, Fred

Wickman, Fred

Wild, Antoinette

Wild, Lawrence J.

Wolf (?), Cletus S.

Wolf (?), Mary

Wolf (?), Nicholas A.

Worrell, Francis O.

Worrell, Frank O.

Youngvorst, Charles H.

Youngvorst, Lucas H.

Zaudtke, Cecelia D.

Zaudtke, Gerhard E.

Zemaitis, Susan A.

Zweber, Alex N.

Zweber, Odelia K.

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