Credit River Catholic / St. Peter’s Cemetery

Credit River Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Credit River Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T114N-R21W, Section 8

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            The Credit River Catholic Cemetery is located along County Road 27 / Texas Avenue in rural Scott County.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.   


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



? (broken stone)

?, father

?, Julia Lizzie

?, mother

Affield, Janice


Andersen, Nicole E.

Anderson, Margaret

Barbeau, John D.

Barbeau, Peter L.

Barbeau, Theresa Fleming

Bares, Henry W.

Bares, Mary C.

Bauman, Ralph S. “Steve”

Bauman, Ralph Steven

Benepe, Daniel Roland

Benzel, Jerold E.

Bergum, Adeline

Bergum, Albert O.

Bergum, Albert T.

Bergum, Andrew

Bergum, F. Roy

Bergum, Mary B.

Bergum, Otilia A.

Bergum, Virgil

Blair (?), Catharine

Blair (?), Patrick

Boegeman, Elizabeth

Boegeman, Francis

Boegeman, Frank W.

Boegeman, Pauline

Boegeman, Roland

Boller, James

Bress, Johanna Connelly

Carlson, Marilyn A. Haugh

Casey (?), Joanna

Casey (?), Margaret E.

Casey (?), William J.

Casey, Colton Patrick

Casey, Eleanore C.

Casey, Emmett P.

Casey, Frances M.

Casey, James A.

Casey, James Arthur

Casey, John F.

Casey, John F.

Casey, Laura A.

Casey, Margaret J.

Casey, Mark P.

Casey, Mary Esther

Casey, Robert J.

Casey, Ruth Irene

Casey, Stephen M.

Casey, William P.

Cassidy, Catherine

Cassidy, Cecelia A.

Cassidy, Harriet I.

Cassidy, John

Cassidy, John

Cassidy, John P.

Cassidy, M. Arthur

Cassidy, Margaret

Clausen, Howard D.

Cleary, Aurelia M.

Cleary, Bridget

Cleary, Bridget

Cleary, Bridget

Cleary, Catherine J.

Cleary, Cornelius

Cleary, Cornelius

Cleary, Elizabeth

Cleary, Elizabeth Faricy

Cleary, Elizabeth White

Cleary, James J.

Cleary, John F.

Cleary, John H.

Cleary, Kathleen Lane

Cleary, Mae E.

Cleary, Patrick

Cleary, Patrick W.

Cleary, Peter

Cleary, Thomas

Clemen, Sylvester

Clemens, Elizabeth

Clemens, Marcus I.

Clemens, Nick

Clipper, Susan

Coker, James E.

Condon, Bridget

Condon, James

Condon, John

Condon, John

Condon, Mary

Condon, Mary Dimmers

Condon, Patrick

Condon, Patrick “Mr. Pat”

Connelley (?), John N.

Connelley (?), Mary A.

Connelley, Sarah

Connelly, John C.

Connelly, Joseph A.

Connelly, Marjorie J.

Connolly, Marion

Conroy, Margaret

Conroy, Martin

Conroy, Mary

Conroy, Mary

Conroy, Peter F.

Conroy, Thomas J.

Corrigan, Ann Cleary

Corrigan, Catherine

Corrigan, Catherine

Corrigan, James

Corrigan, James C.

Corrigan, John

Corrigan, John B.

Corrigan, Patrick T.

Corrigan, Peter

Costello (?), Bridget

Costello (?), Edward

Costello (?), James

Costello (?), Martin

Costello, Donna Kay

Costello, Michael J.

Coughlin, Ann

Coughlin, James

Covnick, Emellie

Cress, Agnes C.

Cress, Dorothy C.

Cress, Francis W.

Cress, Francis W. “Fred”

Cress, Mary A.

Cress, Richard J.

Cress, Roland J.

Cress, Theresa

Cress, William H.

Cress, William P.

Daas, Alexander G.

Dalton, Martin

Deegan, Anna

Deegan, John

Devine, Theodore V.

Devitt, Burdette F.

Devitt, Ethel M.

Devitt, Lawrence

Devoy, Kimball B.

Doherty, Alice

Doherty, John C.

Doherty, Margaret

Doherty, Margaret

Donlon (?), father

Donlon (?), mother

Donlon, Bardlay

Doody, Elizabeth Holleran

Dorn, Florence

Dorn, Mack H.

Dowdle, J. Raymond

Dowdle, Luella S.

Drake, Regan Faricy

Drees (?), Bernard J.

Drees (?), Catherine

Drees (?), Josephine A.

Drees, Henry F.

Dress, Frank H.

Egan, John J.

Egan, Julia

Ehlers, Catherine

Ehlers, Edwin P.

Ehlers, Edwin P.

Ehlers, John

Ehlers, John M.

Ehlers, Mary

Ehlers, Melba J.

Ehlers, Paul J.

Ehlers, Paul J.

Eischens, Jerome E.

Faricy, Bertha E.

Faricy, Bridget

Faricy, Clare S.

Faricy, Evelyn

Faricy, Frances J.

Faricy, Georgia M.

Faricy, Gertrude Coleman

Faricy, Harold

Faricy, Helen K.

Faricy, Irene Marie

Faricy, James

Faricy, James E.

Faricy, James L.

Faricy, James R.

Faricy, James Regan

Faricy, Johana

Faricy, John C.

Faricy, John J.

Faricy, John P.

Faricy, John Patrick

Faricy, Julia

Faricy, Julia A.

Faricy, M. Genevieve

Faricy, Margaret Bordan

Faricy, Marion C.

Faricy, Mary Grace

Faricy, P. Melvin

Faricy, Patrick

Faricy, Patrick W.

Faricy, Patrick W.

Faricy, Peter J.

Faricy, Raymond

Faricy, Raymond W.

Faricy, Robert

Faricy, Robert Emmett

Faricy, Robert Emmett

Faricy, Robert J.

Faricy, Robert L.

Faricy, Roland J.

Faricy, Rose E.

Faricy, William

Faricy, William H.

Faricy, Willie

Farrell, Ellen

Farrell, John

Farrell, John

Feldman, Albert B.

Feldman, Deborah Lee (Erickson)

Feldman, Margaret

Feldman, Rita A.

Feldman, Thomas

Felix, Dana

Felix, Elizabeth

Fitzgerald, Catherine

Fitzgerald, father

Fitzgerald, Garrett

Fitzgerald, grandmother

Fitzgerald, mother

Flaherty, Maria

Fleming, John Dennis

Forseide, Lloyd G.

Foster, mark Edward

Friedges, Dorothy

Friedges, Ralph “Pat”

Furey, John

Furey, Mary

Gannon (?), father

Garey, Patrick

Garvey, Anthony

Garvey, Anthony

Garvey, Anthony C.

Garvey, Catherine

Garvey, Edward

Garvey, Ellen

Garvey, Elmer N.

Garvey, John F.

Garvey, Margaret

Geary, John

Geary, Margaret

Geary, Patrick

Georges, Val

Gibbons, James

Gilmore, Hanora

Gilmore, Patrick

Gnerer, Catherine M.

Gnerer, George F.

Gnerer, George L.

Grady, Ellen

Grady, William R.

Grady, Wm.

Grady, Wm. R.

Grapper, Emma

Grapper, Lena

Gratz, Stephen K.

Graves (?), George

Graves (?), Lois Marie

Graves (?), Mary E.

Graves, Roland G.

Griffin (?), Joseph J.

Guertin, John E.

Guertin, Katherine E.

Hackley, Jon “Mark”

Hanrehan, Anna

Hanrehan, Catherine

Hanrehan, Edward P.

Hanrehan, John

Hanrehan, John

Hanrehan, Margery

Hanrehan, Mary C.

Hanrehan, Thomas M.

Hanrehan, William J.

Hansen, Earl

Hanson, Bernice M.

Hanson, LeRoy J.

Hanson, Lyle S.

Hartman, Martin G.

Hartmann, Esther M.

Hartmann, Lawrence J.

Hartmann, Lorraine C.

Hartmann, Louis P.

Hartmann, Lynn

Haugh (?), Bridget E.

Haugh (?), Earl A.

Haugh (?), Edward

Haugh (?), Hanora

Haugh (?), John

Haugh (?), Margaret

Haugh (?), Maria

Haugh (?), Mark A.

Haugh (?), Michael

Haugh, Agnes T.

Haugh, Deloris H.

Haugh, Edward J.

Haugh, Jane

Haugh, John J.

Haugh, John W.

Haugh, John W.

Haugh, Mark J.

Haugh, Mary I.

Haugh, Michael R.

Haugh, Veronica M.

Heffner, Alice M.

Heffner, John J.

Heller, Bernard F.

Heller, John A.

Heller, Margaret M.

Heller, Mary A.

Henkels, Cheryl Lee

Henry, Douglas M.

Hibbeler, Arthur A.

Hibbeler, Helena P. (Cleary)

Holleran, Elizabeth

Holleran, John

Hubbard, baby

Jacobson, Clariet Lois

Jacobson, Michael Lyle

Jacobson, Milton E.

Jacobson, Milton Emery

Jensen, Marilynn Rita

Jespersen, Michael W.

Johnson, Arthur A.

Kalal, Leroy J.

Kambeitz, Steven J.

Kane (?), (no first name)

Kane (?), Anna

Kane (?), Edward J.

Kane (?), Francis

Kane (?), Margaret G.

Kane (?), Mary

Kane (?), Michael

Kane, (no first name)

Kane, (no first name)

Kane, Agnes T.

Kane, Elizabeth D.

Kane, George E.

Kane, James J.

Kane, James M.

Kane, John H.

Kane, Margaret E.

Kane, Mary

Kane, Mary M.

Kane, Patrick

Kane, Patrick H.

Kane, Thomas F.

Keating, Batholomew

Keating, Catherine

Keating, Ellen

Kennedy (?), Rose

Kennedy, Annie

Kennedy, Catherine

Kennedy, Ellen

Kennedy, Harold

Kennedy, Helena

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, John J.

Kennedy, Joseph D.

Kennedy, Mary

Kennedy, Mary

Kennedy, Mary

Kennedy, Michael

Kennedy, Nicholas

Kennedy, Patrick

Kennedy, Phillip

Kennedy, Susan

Kennedy, William C.

Kennedy, William D.

Kennely, Hanora

Kern, Clementine

Kern, Edward

Kewley, Julian Scott

King, Helen L.

King, Louis O.

Klein, Anna

Klein, Henry

Klein, Lillian

Klein, Mary

Klein, Nicholas

Klotz, Benno

Klotz, Clara

Klotz, Clarence C.

Kneafsey (?), Alice

Kneafsey (?), Elizabeth

Kneafsey (?), father

Kneafsey (?), mother

Kneafsey, John

Kneafsey, Marie F.

Kneafsey, Mary M.

Kneafsey, Robert

Kneafsey, Robert F.

Kneafsey, Thomas

Kohout, Maureen C.

Kranz, Fred C.

Kranz, Janet

Krolak, Ethan Terrance

Kuhr, Robert John

Lang, Anna

Lang, James

Lang, Katherine A. Condon

Lang, Mathias A.

Lang, Michael

Lang, Peter

Lanigan (?), Catherine

Lanigan (?), Elizabeth

Lanigan (?), Katherine

Lanigan (?), Mary

Lanigan (?), Michael E.

Lanigan (?), Nicholas

Lanigan (?), Pat

Lanigan, Ambrose M.

Lanigan, Katherine J.

Lanigan, Nicholas

Lanigan, Sarah

Lannon (?), ?

Lannon (?), ?

Lannon (?), ?

Lannon, ?

Lannon, Annie

Lannon, Emma

Lannon, James J.

Lannon, Martin I.

Lannon, Martin R.

Lannon, Patrick J.

Lannon, Thomas

Lannon, William P.

Larkins, father

Larkins, mother

Lein, Louie

Lein, Margaret

Leonard, James J.

Leonard, Lawrence

Leonard, Lawrence P.

Leonard, Lawrence P.

Leonard, Louise M.

Leonard, Louise M.

Leonard, Mary

Leonard, Mary Elisabeth

Loek, Barbara A. Oestreich

Luedke, Dawn Marie

Lundtvedt, Korbin D.

Lundtvedt, Sonia A.

Lyons, Catherine

Lyons, Catherine A.

Lyons, Francis J.

Lyons, James

Lyons, James A.

Lyons, Joseph L.

Lyons, Mary V.

Lyons, Rosella M.


Madden, Earl

Madden, Ernest

Madden, James

Madden, James A.

Madden, James A.

Madden, Margaret

Madden, Marie A.

Madden, Mary E.

Mahoney, Colleen J.

Mahoney, Gladys C.

Mahoney, James V.

Mahoney, Martin V.

Mahoney, Zachary

Malone, Fitzgerald

Mares, Dorothy H.

Martin, Kethleen Kennedy

McCarthy (?), Catherine I.

McCarthy (?), George J.

McCarthy (?), John W.

McCarthy (?), John W.

McCarthy (?), Margaret

McCarthy (?), Margaret E.

McCarthy (?), Martha

McCarthy (?), Patrick T.

McCarthy (?), Richard J.

McCarthy, Anna

McCarthy, Catherine ? Sashin ?

McCarthy, Eleanor Faricy

McCarthy, Harold W.

McCarthy, John

McCarthy, Keith L.

McCarthy, Martha

McCarthy, Mary Steward

McCarthy. Queenie Walmsley

McCourtney, Raymond

McCourtney, Rosemarie

McGrath, Anne

McGrath, Michael

McHale, Robert John

McMahon, Daniel F.

McMahon, Myrtle

McMahon, Verna L.

McMullen, Betty O. Dittner

McMullen, Lawrence E.

McQuestion, Catherine

McQuestion, Catherine

McQuestion, James

McQuestion, John

McQuestion, John

McQuestion, Margarite

McQuestion, William

McQuestion, William


McQuiston, Mathew B.

McQuiston, Thomas M.

Meduna, Charles A.

Meduna, Mary F.

Menke, Elizabeth T.

Monnens, Marion Casey

Muelken (?), Tommy

Muelken, Annie E.

Muelken, Ben J.

Muelken, Clare M. White

Muelken, Clarence M.

Muelken, Edward M.

Muelken, Elizabeth

Muelken, Ethel M.

Muelken, Fred M.

Muelken, Genevieve

Muelken, Helen S.

Muelken, Jacob P.

Muelken, Mary Ellen “Nellie”

Muelken, William F.

Mullenmeister, Michael G.

Murphy, Agnes

Murphy, Daniel

Murphy, Daniel J.

Murphy, Dennis

Murphy, Jane

Murphy, Julia

Murphy, Katherine

Murphy, Lizzie Faricy

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary A.

Murphy, Mary Ann

Murphy, Richard P.

Murphy, Rita C.

Murphy, Robbie

Murphy, Walter J.

Naughton (?), ??mas

Naughton (?), Brig??

Nee, Barbara

Nee, Bridget T.

Nee, Daniel

Nee, John H.

Nee, Michael

Nee, Michael C.

Nee, Nellie

Nee, Patrick

Nelson, Scott O.

Niver, Dorothy Amthor

Niver, Matt E.

Noel, Dorothy A.

Novak, Edwin J.

Novak, Gladys M.

Nugent, James

Nyland, Clifford

O’Brien (?), Frank J.

O’Brien (?), Mary

O’Brien, Bridget

O’Brien, James J.

O’Brien, John

O’Brine, John

O’Connell, Catherine

O’Connell, Catherine

O’Connell, Patrick

O’Donnell, Bridget

O’Donnell, Cornelius T.

O’Donnell, Jeremih

Obrein, Catherine

Obrein, John

Page, Robert D.

Parrish, Laurence C.

Parrish, Louise G.

Payne, Helen R.

Peterson, Cecilia Helena (Cleary)

Peterson, Lewis D.

Pulk, Dennis J.

Pulk, Stewart J.

Quinnell, Christopher Lee

Reardon, Eliza

Reardon, Henry

Reddington, Mary

Regal, Edward Charles

Regan (?), Catherine

Regan (?), James F.

Regan (?), Johanna

Regan (?), John

Regan (?), Raymond

Regan, Catherina M.

Regan, Catherine

Regan, Charles J.

Regan, father

Regan, James

Regan, James E.

Regan, M.J.

Regan, Mary

Regan, Mary A.

Regan, Michael O.

Regan, mother

Regan, mother

Regan, Theresa B.

Regan, Thomas C.

Regan, William H.

Reinboldt, Helen Marie Cates

Roach, Ellen

Scanlan, Margaret A. Erno

Scanlan, Walter J.

Scheidt, Maria Emily

Scheren, Elizabeth

Schiller, Gregory P.

Schneider (?), George

Schneider, Andrew

Schneider, Catherine M. Lynch

Schneider, Cecelia

Schneider, Frank

Schneider, Frank J.

Schneider, Harold H.

Schneider, Helen K.

Schneider, Julius J.

Schneider, Lawrence

Schneider, Margaret M.

Schneider, Math

Schneider, Nellie E.

Schneider, Richard

Schneider, Virginia

Schweich, Cyril J.

Schweich, Fred C.

Schweich, James G.

Schweich, Jeanne H.

Schweich, Jeffrey G.

Schweich, M. Eileen

Schweich, Mary

Schweich, Quinn Mylon

Scott, Paula S.

Segler, Lisa Ann

Shanahan, Joseph R.

Shanahan, Mary A. Regan

Sheehan, Hilaria C.

Sheehan, Joseph M.

Sheehan, Margaret Mary

Sheehan, Rick Lee

Sheehan, Todd Michael

Sheehan, William J.

Sheehan, William P.

Sherin, Mary

Simpkins, Ella

Simpkins, Katie

Skluzacek, Agnes H. Meduna

Skluzacek, Joseph F.

Smith, Edward J.

Smith, Eileen K.

Smith, Leonard M.

Smith, Margaret Leonard

Smith, Mary

Snyder, Harold R.

Speiker (?), henry J.

Speiker (?), Mary

Speiker (?), Ralph

Speiker, Joseph A.

Speiker, Lawrence F.

Speiker, Marie K.

Speiker, Mary H.

Spratt, Ada M.

Spratt, John

Spratt, Mary

Spratt, Otis

Spratt, Paul E.

Spratt, William J.

St. George, Adaline

St. George, Adeline

St. George, Gene

St. George, Henry W.

St. George, Joseph

Stewart, Effie M.

Stirzl, Helen Regan

Streiff, John M.

Strieff (?), Lenora Anna

Strieff (?), Mary

Strieff (?), Mary D.

Strieff (?), Michael

Strieff (?), Michael N.

Suel, Addye W.

Suel, Anna Leonard

Suel, Arthur B.

Suel, Catharine

Suel, Colman W.

Suel, Cormac A.

Suel, Frank

Suel, James

Suel, John

Suel, John

Suel, John L.

Suel, Margaret

Suel, Monica

Suel, Monica

Suel, Thomas

Sueur, Robert J.

Sullivan, Michael (?)

Sullivan, Patrick

Swanson, Marry Corrigan

Swanson, Walter Godfred

Sweeney, Helen Faricy

Sweeney, James W.

Thomas, Corba Scott

Topp, Sina Margretha

Tuma, Ronald R.

Vennix, Julie M (Kelley)

Wachter, Fred B.

Walker, David E.

Walsh, Beatrice L.

Walsh, Tyler Paul

Webber, Lizzie

Wells, Bridget

White, Catherine E.

White, Cyril J.

White, Doretta M.

White, Elizabeth

White, Elizabeth B.

White, Frank L.

White, James

White, Jane

White, John

White, John P.

White, Leo J.

White, Margaret

White, Margaret E.

White, Margaret E.

White, Mary

White, Matthew

White, mother

White, P.H.

White, Patrick H.

White, Thomas F.

White, Vincent

Wiederhold, Caroline

Wiederhold, Philip J.

Wilson, Mark E.

Wolf, Mary A. (Feldman)

Zell, Donna M.

Zell, Keith D.

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