All Saints Cemetery

Lakeville city, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N - R20W, section 32

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located on the southern edge of the city of Lakeville, Minnesota. This cemetery contains street signs to mark drive areas. The north entrance gate was dedicated to the memory of P.F. Donnelly.

In "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", By Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he lists two references to the All Saints [Catholic] Church congregation. 1) 'As an off-shoot of St. Joseph's church in 1877, the church of All Saints was formed, and two acres of land were purchased from the railroad company situated in the south-east quarter of section 29.' (page 417). 2) 'All Saint's Cemetery is situated about half a mile south of the village of Lakeville, and comprises three acres of land, set aside for this purpose in 1880. (page 417).'

This congregation may also be related to St. Joseph's Catholic Church congregation in Rosemount, Minnesota.

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: All Saints Catholic Cemetery, established 1880. 3 acres. Located NE1/4 of Section 32. Highway 15 south of Highway 70.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Cecelia Ackerman

'Father' Ackerman (?)

John Ackerman (?)

Lou J. Ackerman (?)

Mae A. Ackerman (?)

Magna M. Ackerman (?)

Margaret Ackerman

Mary Ackerman

Mildred Ackerman (?)

Mildred I. Ackerman

'Mother' Ackerman (?)

Rose Mary Ackerman (?)

Vern J. Ackerman (?)

Willard O. Ackerman

William C. Ackerman

Margaret Adelmann

Nicholas Adelmann

Nick P. Adelmann

Rose F. Adelmann

Carol A. Alexander

baby boy Alich

Florence A. Allis

Louis H. Allis

Daniel Louis Allmann

John Alton (?)

Margaret Alton (?)

Rose Ammerman

Agnes Mary Anderson

Kathleen Anderson

Robert S. 'Andy' Anderson

V. Edward Anderson

Edward C. Antil

Ethel Antil

Michael F. Arndt

Margaret H. Awe

Margaret Friedges Ball

Raymond C. Barlage

Thelma L. Barlage

Ashley Ann Barron

Dorothy A. Baudin

Mary Agnes Baudin

infant John Beckius

John Beckius

Joseph Beckius

infant Peter Beckius

Stephen Berdan

Robert C. 'Bob' Bernard

Anna Maria Bendel, wife of Thomas Berres 

baby Berres

Bert Berres

Casper Berres (?)

Catherine Berres

Christina Berres (?)

Elizabeth, wife of Mathius Berres, (?) at Gilleufeld (?) Germany

Elizabeth Berres

Emma Berres

Frank J. Berres

George J. Berres (?)

Isabelle V. Berres

Jacob J. Berres

Jacob J. Berres (?)

Joseph Berres

Joseph J. Berres

Leo J. Berres (?)

Margaret Berres (?)

Margaret Berres (?)

Mary Berres

Mary E. Berres

Mary E. Berres (?)

Mathius Berres

Mathius Berres

Mat. (?) B. Berres (?)

Matt T. Berres

Mayme Berres

Michael Berres

Nick Berres

Peter Berres

Susan Berres (?)

Thomas Berres

Vera Berres

Gustave W. Betz

Josephine Betz

Elizabeth M. Beuch

Erich C. Beuch

Anna Bies

Edward J. Bies

Hanora Bies

Henry Bies

Fred J. Blaschke

Francis Blazek

Michael Blazek

Robert A. Boenish (?)

Henry B. Bornhofen

Frances A. Bousquel

Frederick G. Bousquel

Chloe E. Boyum

John Brandl

Mildred M. Brandl (?)

Robert A. Brandl (?)

Christine B. Brandle

F.P. Breher

‘Mother' Breher (?)

Bella C. Brennan

Bridgel Brennan

Catherine Connelly Brennan

children of J.E. and Mary Brennan

Ellen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brennan

John E. Brennan

John F. Brennan

John L. Brennan

Joseph M. Brennan

Katheryne J. Brennan

Mary A. Brennan

Mary A. Brennan

Mary C. Brennan (?)

Michael P. Brennan (?)

William Brennan (?)

William E. Brennan

baby Bresnahan

baby Mary Bresnahan

Lawrence V. Brezinka

Baltasar Brost

Josephine Patient Brost (?)

Mary Brost

Mary R. Brown

Theodore Brown

Henry G. Buerke

Bridget Burns (?)

Bridget M. Burns

Daniel P. Burns (?)

James Burns

Margaret Burns (?)

Thomas Burns (?)

William Burns (?)

Isabelle Butler

John L. Butler

Agnes Byrne (?)

Dorothy Byrne

Francis Byrne (?)

Francis L. Byrne

John Thomas Byrne

Margaret M. Byrne (?)

Michael F. Byrne (?)

Raymond F. Byrne

Blanche C. Campion

Daniel Campion

'Father' Campion (?)

J. Francis Campion

James E. Campion

Jane Campion (?)

Joseph J. Campion (?)

Julia Campion

M. Edward Campion (?)

Michael Campion

'Mother' Campion (?)

Maurice V. Campion

Roy J. Campion (?)

William H. Campion (?)

Philip Carroll

Mary E., wife of Patrick Casey 

Mary Caspers

Mathias Caspers

Michael J. Caspers

Earl L. Cherry

Elizabeth V. Cherry

Lorraine Cherry

baby Faye D. Chisholm

Ida H. Chisholm

Thomas A. Chisholm

Carl C. Christensen

Francis John, baby son of Carl and Lucille Christensen 

Heather Ann Christensen

Lucille E. Christensen

Lawrence E. Christian

Mary M. Christian

Donald B. Coffing

Catherine Connelly

Elizabeth Connelly

John R. Connelly

Michael T. Connelly

'Our Brothers' Connelly

William F. Connelly

Isobel Conroy

Mary Conroy

Michael Conroy

Patrick Conway

Ambrose C. Cool

Mary King Cool

Frank Corcoran

Nellie Corcoran

'Father' Coughlin (?)

Marie E. Coughlin

'Mother' Coughlin (?)

William Coughlin (?)

Timothy D. Cronin

Esther K. Courtney

Henry J. Courtney

Paul W. Cuta

Rose B. Daly

William E. Daly

Anna Dawson

baby Dawson

Elizabeth Dawson

Elizabeth Dawson

Elizabeth Dawson

Hannah MacMullen, wife of James Dawson

Hugh Dawson

Hugh Dawson

Gladys Simones Dawson

James Dawson

Lucille Dawson

Mary A. Dawson

John Francis Dean

Magdalen M. Dean

Arthur L. Deconing

Alice Deegan (?)

Anna Deegan

Francis M. Deegan

James Melvin Deegan

Mary E. Deegan (?)

Michael J. Deegan

William Deegan (?)

William J. Deegan (?) Jr.

Chelsea Maria DeGroot

Donald W. DeJarlais

Mabel E. DeJarlais

William J. DeJarlais

Grace Milan Dekoning

Jake P. Derres

Stanley W. Dey

A. E. Dimond

Bernard J. Dircks

Arthur Doebel

Luella Doebel

Catherine Doetkott

Henry Doetkott

Maria Domjan

Peter Donkers

Catherine Donlon

Frances V. Donlon

George E. Donlon

Margaret Isabel Donlon

Mary Donlon

Michael J. Donlon

Peter J. Donlon

Peter R. Donlon

Robert F. Donlon

Thomas Donlon

Warren B. Donlon

Elizabeth Donnelly (?)

George E. Donnelly

Julia C. Donnelly

Marguerite Donnelly

Marguerite A. Donnelly

Martin J. Donnelly (?)

Patrick F. Donnelly

Patrick F. Donnelly

Robert J. Donnelly

Robert John Donnelly

James H. Donovan

John W. Donovan

P. Donovan

Patrick H. Duffy (?)

Alice M. Dunham

Anna Dunham

David W. Dunham

Eleanor M. Dunham

Frank Dunham

Gertrude M. Dunham

James J. Dunham

John L. Dunham

Mary A. Dunham

Mary A. Dunham

Mary T. Dunham

Philip L. Dunham

Philip L. Dunham

Wright J. Dunham

James C. Dwyer, son of James M. and Mary Sullivan Dwyer 

Henry B. Ehnes

Peter M. Eischen

Louis L. Emond

Kenneth Eugen Enright

Louisa Hoheisel, wife of Nicholas Everote 

N. Everote

'Father' Feehan (?)

John J. Feehan

'Mother' Feehan (?)

Thomas L. Feehan (?)

Anna Irene Feely

'Mother' Feely (?)

Patrick H. Feely

Flora M. Felber

John A. Felber

Katherine M. Felber

M. Dorothy Felber

Bernard J. Feldman

Julia M. Feldman

Edward Fitzgerald

Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald

George Henry (?)  - near White and Fitzgerald

Mary A. Fitzgerald

Ryan Edward Flaherty

Grace H. Flannery

Mary Forland

Gladys H. Fowler

E.J. Red Fowler

Erin Marie French

Mary J. Freundschuh

Alice M. Friedges

Nick F. Friedges

Peter B. Friedges

Peter J. Friedges

Sophia A. Friedges

Anna M. Friedges - Ring

Catherine Friedges - Ring

George P. Friedges - Ring

Mathias Friedges - Ring

Madeline Gaffney

Dr. Thomas J. Gaffney

Margaret Gannon

'Father' Garot (?)

'Mother' Garot (?)

Margaret Gear (?)

Daniel Gephart (?)

Daniel M. Gephart

Evelyn M. Gephart

Fred Gephart

George Gephart

John C. Gephart

Josephine R. Gephart (?)

Kate A. Gephart (?)

Kris Ann Gephart

Leonard J. Gephart

Leonard N. Gephart (?)

Louis M. Rowan-Gephart

Mary E. Gephart

Mary T. Gephart

Raymond D. Gephart

Veronica Gephart

Alois Gerdesmeier

Alois George Gerdesmeier

Dolores Gerdesmeier

John A. Gerdesmeier

Joseph A. Gerdesmeier

Mary Gibbons

Walter Gibbons

Dan. Giles

Edward D. Giles

'Father' Giles (?)

Frank J. Giles

Helen M. Giles

Margaret A. Giles

'Mother' Giles (?)

Raphael J. Giles

Thomas Jerome Giles

William J. Giles

Agnes Gilmore

Edward Gilmore, native of Parish Bevenaugh Co. Galway Ireland 

Gracie E., daughter of P.E. and Agnes Gilmore 

John M. Gilmore

Margaret O'Connell, wife of Ed Gilmore, native of Parish Tuam  Co Galway, Ireland

Mary Gilmore

Mary O'Connell, wife of P.E. Gilmore

Michael J. Gilmore

Patrick E. Gilmore

Therese A. Gitzen

Catherine Gleizner

Catherine Gleisner (?)

Sylvester Gleisner

Chris Gnerer

Edith Gnerer

Mayme M. Gomoll

Paul E. Gomoll

Georgie Gorman

E. Patrick Grandpre

Mary A. Grandpre

Anna Grady

Anna L. Grady

John F. Grady

Thomas E. Grady

William Grady, born in Co Mayo, Ireland 

William J. Grady

Anna Leyden Graham

Emma Arendt Grapper

Francis D. Graves

Julie G. Graves

Catherine Green

Elizabeth Green

Henry Green

M. Agnes Green (?)

Marie Green

Martin Green, born in Co Gallway, Ireland 

Thomas H. Green

William J. Green (?)

Nicholas G. Groff

Praxedis Grohoski

Walter Grohoski

Jana Gulbrandson

Sharon Gulbrandson

George J. Hack

Marie T. Hack

Stanley P. Hagan

Catherine V. Hagen

Edwin O. Hagen

Dolores A. Haglund

Harold G. Haglund

Heather Marie Halbmaier

Pat Haller

Stella A. 'Grandma Alice' Haller

Barbara Hammer (?)

Jamisen Michael Hammer

Joseph P. Hammer

Marie Hammer

Oscar Hammer (?)

Palmer Hammer

Patricia A. Hammer (?)

Paul N. Hammer (?)

Elizabeth Hammes

Elizabeth Hammes

John Hammes

John Hammes

Joseph P. Hannan

Joseph P. Hannan

Mary A. Hannan

Mary A. Hanzel

Peter P. Hanzel

Richard Hartmann

Verna Hartmann

Ambrose P. Hauer

Andrew M. Hauer

Anna K. Hauer

Jacob A. Hauer

James Rustan Hauer,  infant son of James and Christine

Mary E. Hauer

Floyd M. Hayes

Susan E. Hayes

Jennifer L. Haze

Dircks Hedlund (?)

Robert C. Hedlund

baby Tonya Heim

(Rocky) J.A. Heim

Barbara M. Heiman

Edward R. Heiman

Florence Heiman

Paul M. Heiman

Harold B. Hetletvedt

Mary Hickey

Wm. Hickey

Anna C. Higgins

baby boy Higgins

Bridget T. Higgins (?)

James L. Higgins

James P. Higgins (?)

Owen Higgins

Mrs. Geo. Hilstad , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Huberty

Tim Hirman

baby boy Hoffbeck

Blanche R. Hoffbeck

Elmer P. Hoffbeck

Anna C. Hogan

Steven Roger Horazuk

Ryan David Howe

baby girl Huberty, daughter of Clemens

Clemens J. Huberty

Isabelle Huberty (?)

Peter J. Huberty (?)

Regina Huberty (?)

Albert C. Hullett (?)

Elizabeth E. Hullett

James Thomas Hullett

James Hullett

Katherine A. Hullett (?)

Lorena K. Hullett (?)

Lott Bernard Hullett

Margaret Hullett

Mary M. Hullett

Phylis K. Hullett (?)

Phylsie E. Hullett (?)

Raymond Frances Hullett

Rose Hullett

Susan A. Hullett (?)

Sylvester A. Hullett

Burdell Hystad

Katherine Hystad

Mary L. Ingersoll

Oscar M. Ingersoll

Frank N. Jackson

Leona F. Jackson

John P. Jay

Lauretta E. Jeffers

Tracy M. Jeffers

Asger M. Jensen

Elizabeth C. Jensen

James R. Jensen

Ruth M. Jensen

Catherine M. Johnson

Gilbert Johnson

Jason Patrick Johnson

Sadie Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

William Lawrence Johnson

Dale R. Kaisto

Ryan Jon Kalisch

Mary Ann Kean

William Kean

Albert J. Kehrer

Emma, daughter of Geo. (?) and Mary (?) Kehrer 

George Kehrer

John M. Kehrer

Julian J. Kehrer

Margaret Kehrer

Mary A. Kehrer

Michael J. Kehrer

Pamela A. Keith

Ann Kelly (?)

Anna L. Kelly

Bernard Kelly (?)

Catherine Kelly

Edward Kelly (?)

Edward Kelly (?)

Elizabeth M. Kelly (?)

'Father' Kelly (?)

'Father' Kelly (?)

John Kelly

John Kelly

John F. Kelly

Joseph Kelly (?)

Margaret Kelly

Mary, wife of John Kelly

Mary Kelly (?)

'Mother' Kelly (?)

'Mother' Kelly (?)

Patrick Kelly

Patrick H. Kelly

Rose Kelly (?)

Sarah Kelly, wife of Timothy Kelly

Timothy Kelly

William D. Kelly (?)

J. Dayton Kempson

Rene R. Kempson

Clare C. Kennedy

John P. Kennedy

Emma Kill

John Kill

John Kill

Joseph Kill

Magdelena Kill

Nicholas Kill

Genevieve A. King

Harold E. King

Mary Ann King

Michael J. King

Nicole Ann King

Stephen M. King

Leo Kline

Mary Kline

Albert Kluzak

Mildred P. Knack

Eliz. Knapp

Lena Knapp

A. Cunnie Koehnen

Alouis M. Koehnen

Irene C. Koehnen

Debbie Koempel

Edward A. Korba

Genevieve C. Korba

Ann E. Kraft

Anton Kraft

Apollonia Kraft

Barbara Kraft

Corey C. Kraft

Henry J. Kraft

Lorraine A. Kraft

Mary Kraft

Mary Kraft

Robert F. Kraft

Veronika Kraft

Carl W. Krause

Elizabeth Krause

Francis W. Krause

Jerome J. Krause

Raymond Krause

Albert Krejce

Anna Krejce

Charles Krejce

Daniel J. Krejce

Donald V. Krejce

Evelyn Krejce

Evelyn Marie Krejce

John P. Krejce

Joseph F. Krejce

Rosetta June Krejce

Vern Charles Krejce

Veronica Krejce

Alois H. Kreuser

Bertha A. Kreuser

Thomas Edward Kroeninger

Virginia C. 'Ginger' Kroll

Judy Kubes

Ervin L. Kulzer

Lucille Kulzer

Keith E. Kurtz

Loretta E. Kurtz

Mary Ann Lahart

Matthew T. Lahart

William Lahart

Agatha V. Lander

Anna C. Lander

Anna J. Lander

Henry J. Lander

John Lander

Margaret Lander

Helen A. Lang

Patrick H. Lang

Catherine Larkin (?)

Michael Larkin (?)

Joseph W. Laverdiere

Mary Eva Laverdiere

Dianne L. Lebans

Robert A. Lebens

Ambrose J. Lenertz

Anna M. Lenertz (?)

Nicholas Lenertz (?)

Anton Lenhartz, born in Lux

Mary Lenhartz, born in Lux

Frank W. Lenihan

James M. Lenihan

John L. Lenihan

Josephine P. Lenihan

Josephine R. Lenihan

Josephine Rosemary Lenihan 

Kate J. Lenihan

Malichi James Lenihan

Judy C. LeTendre

baby V. Levern

Shirley V. LeVoir

A.T. Leyden

Anna Leyden

Anthony Leyden

J.H. Leyden

Tanya Marie Littleton

Anna Lommel

John Lommel

Rose Lommell (?)

Barritt L. Lovelace

Barritt Lee Lovelace

John F. Longtin

Mary C. Longtin

Gary Lucius (?)

Harold P. Lucius (?)

Anthony Ludden

Ellen, wife of Anthony Ludden

Mary Ellen, daughter of A. and E. Ludden 

Ignaz Ludwig

Theresia Ludwig

Cecelia R. Lynch

Daniel E. Lynch

Edward C. Lynch

Ellen Lynch

Eugene E. Lynch

Helen M. Lynch

Irene Lynch

James J. Lynch

Joseph C. Lynch

Joseph W. Lynch

Mary E. Lynch

Mayme D. Lynch

Nelie A. Lynch

Prudence Kay Lynch

Raymond W. Lynch

T. Lynch

Timothy Lynch

Timothy Lynch

Thomas F. Lynch

Bridgel Lyons

Laura Lyons

Stephen J. Madden

Bernard J. Mahoney (?)

Charles F. Mahoney (?)

Elizabeth Mahoney

Ellen D. Mahoney

Florence Mahoney (?)

Francis Mahoney (?)

James Mahoney (?)

James Mahoney

John H. Mahoney (?)

Joseph Mahoney (?)

Joseph Thomas Mahoney

Julia D. Mahoney

Loretta Mahoney (?)

Margaret Mahoney

Margaret A. Mahoney (?)

Margaret H. Mahoney

Michael Mahoney

Michael B. Mahoney

Michael J. Mahoney

Nora Mahoney (?)

Patrick H. Mahoney

Phillip L. Mahoney

Robert Leo Mahoney (?)

Sylvester Mahoney (?)

Thomas Mahoney (?)

Thomas Mahoney (?)

William Mahoney

William Mahoney

Amy Diane Mahowald

Ann Mahowald

Annie M. Berres, wife of John P. Mahowald 

Christina H. Mahowald

Clara Mahowald (?)

Francis G. Mahowald (?)

Frank M. Mahowald

Fransiska Mahowald

Fransiskus Mahowald

Jacob Mahowald (?)

James J. Mahowald

Jerome H. Mahowald

Marcella A. Mahowald (?)

Marie E. Mahowald

Nich P. Mahowald

Patrick J. Mahowald

Phyllis D. Mahowald

Raymond J. Mahowald

Mary Nell Maloney, nee Conner 

James Mamer

Rose M. Mamer

Agnes Marek

Frank Marek

Steven J. Marek

Valene J. Marek

Catherine Marrinan

John J. Marrinan

Peggy Marrinan

J. E. Martin

Eric John Martinson

Anna McAndrew

James P. McAndrew

John J. McAndrew

Mary McAndrew

Richard McAndrew

Mary E. McAninch

Charles B. McBride (?)

Margaret T. McBride (?)

Daniel W. McCarthy

Catherine, wife of James McDonald, born in Co Galway Ireland

James McDonald, born Co Galway Ireland

John H. McFadden

Rose McFadden

Frank H. McGlone

Frank H. McGlone

Marcella M. McGonagle

Stephen J. McGonagle

Catherine McInerney

Laura M. McNearney

Robert Leo McNearney

Jennifer A. Meacham

Maria W. Meister

Ann J. Merten

Angela Mesmer

John M. Messenger

Harold N. Midtvedt

Elmer V. Mielke

Bertha C. Mielke

'Father' Mielke (?)

Francis G. Mielke

Joseph F. Mielke

May S. Mielke

'Mother' Mielke (?)

Alice Milan, born in Co Limerick Ireland

Anna Milan (?)

Annie Milan (?)

Balbina C. Milan

Bridget Milan (?)

Catherine Nye Milan

David J. Milan

Denis Milan, born in Co Limerick Ireland 

Dennis John Milan

Esther M. Milan

'Father' Milan (?), born is Springfield, Massachusetts 

Florence M. Milan

Gertrude A. Milan

James W. Milan

James L. Milan

John Milan (?)

Margaret M. Milan

Mary Milan

Mary K. Milan

Patrick H. Milan

Romuald P. Milan

Thomas Milan

Walter F. Milan

William L. Milan

Margaret F. Miller

Patricia M. Miller

Sidney O. Miller

Walter A. Miller

William G. Moebius

Alfred N. Moes

Anna Moes

Dorothy Moes

Harold Moes

Nicholas Moes

Vivian M. Moes

Billy, son of J.M. and M.R. Mollers

Christine Mollers

Eugene P. Mollers

Hubert M. Mollers

John L. Mollers

Joseph M. Mollers

Mary Caspers Mollers

Mary Dores Mollers

Theodore P. Mollers

Emma Moore

John Moore

Alice, daughter of S.L. and M. Moran 

Elizabeth, child of L. and M. Moran

Francis M., daughter of J.D. and E. Moran 

Lawrence Moran

Margaret, wife of Lawrence Moran 

Mary A. Moran

Michael, child of L. and M. Moran

James E. Morrisey 

James E. Morrisey

John A. Morrison

Frank I. Moudry

Frank James Moudry

Helen M. Moudry

Dorothy E. Mueller

William Mueller

Christopher Mulkern (?)

Elizabeth Mulkern (?)

Joseph B. Mulkern

Rose Mulkern (?)

Bernice E. Murphy

Bertha E. Murphy

Bland Murphy

Evelyn B. Murphy

Gertrude M. Murphy

Hannah F. Murphy

James E. Murphy

John H. Murphy

Lillian Murphy

Mary J. Murphy (?)

Michael J. Murphy (?)

Michael J. Murphy

Michael J. Murphy

Patrick Leo Murphy

Robert Murphy

Robert J. Murphy

Willard J. Murphy

Willard Jack Murphy

Bridget, wife of Thomas Murray, born in ? Co Galway 

Margaret Murray, daughter of Thomas and Bridget Murray  born in Neu Market

Thomas Murray, Native of Dunmore Co. Galway Ireland 

Edward J. Myers (?)

'Father' Myers (?)

James Myers

John N. Myers

Lucy Myers (?)

Marcella Myers

Margaret Myers

Margaret I. Myers

'Mother' Myers (?)

Nora Myers (?)

Catherine Neary

Charles Neary

John Neary

Wm. F. Neary

Wm. F. Neary

Marie Redmond Nelson

Robert T. Nelson

Charles O. Newcomb

Ella N. Newcomb

Ethyl M. Newcomb

Frank W. Newcomb

Leister E. Newcomb

Rita C. Newcomb

James A. Newhouse

Rita Mae Novak

Bridget O'Connell

Leo O'Connell

Louise M. O'Connell

Margaret O'Connell

Patrick O'Connell, native of Parish Tuan Co Galway Ireland 

Thomas O'Connell, born in Parish Tuan Co Galway Ireland 

Thomas O'Connell

Tom O'Connell Sr.

Michael O'Conners

Bessie O'Donnell

Elizabeth O'Donnell

John O'Donnell

John Thomas O'Donnell

James D. O'Leary (?)

Julia O'Leary (?)

Julia F. O'Leary (?)

Mabel Grace O'Leary (?)

Mary F. O'Leary (?)

Timothy O'Leary (?)

William O'Leary (?)

Alexander Olsen

Adeline Olson

Lucille M. Olson

Orville W. Olson

Rosemary Olson

Louis Oster

Martin H. Otting

Michael J. Otting

Donald F. Oxborough

Dorothy A. Oxborough

Julia Mollers Paton

Francis M. Paulson

Josephine M. Paulson

Mary / Marie H. Paulson

Clara E. Pawlak

Edward F. Pawlak

Mary Penners

David Pepera

David Pepera Jr.

Evelyn J. Pepera

George S. Pepera

James G. Pepera

LeRoy Joseph Pepera

Vicki Pepera

Joan Perepa

Florence Larson Peterson

Leslie Larson Peterson

Anna Peuschel

Emil B. Peuschel

Floy E. Peuschel

Geraldine Pfarr

Mary Piperak

Timothy Pivek

Adelaide L. Plante

Gary E. Plante

Cally Pool

Eulalia Pool

Frank H. Pool

Elizabeth Prehall

William E. Prehall

'Father' Pudil (?)

Henrietta M. Pudil

'Mother' Pudil (?)

Elizabeth Quinn

James Quinn

James Quinn

John Quinn

John Quinn

Margaret Quinn

Mary Quinn

Michael Quinn

Michael F. Quinn

Rose Quinn

Thomas Quinn

William Quinn

Jacob Todd Rawson, son of Wanda and Terry

'Father' Redmond (?)

Frank Redmond (?)

James Redmond (?)

'Mother' Redmond (?)

Catherine V. Regan

John J. Regan

Joseph J. Regan

William J. Regan

Mary B. Reiley

Michael J. Reiley

Gertrude L. Reis

James G. 'Big Jim' Reisinger

Lauralee T. Restrepo

Jeffrey C. Rice

Lucille A. Rice, daughter of Catherine and Tom

Anna C. Ring

Clarence P. Ring

Elaine M. Ring

Elizabeth Margaret Ring

Hubert J. Ring

Joseph H. Ring

Katherine Ring

Lawrence George Ring

Marie V. Ring

Rosa Clara Ring

Yorkco L. Rivera

John G. Roehl

Mary M. Roehl

Mary E. Roehl

Peter H. Roehl

John W. Rowan

Michael Rowan

Sarah Rowan

Sarah Rowan (?)

Sarah J. Rowan

Dominick Rowan-Akin

Ellen Rowan-Akin

'Mother' Rowan-Akin (?)

Michael J. Rowan-Gephart

Eugene Ruddle

George Ruddle (?)

Ida Ruddle (?)

Irene M. Ruddle

Thomas Ruddle, son of Eugene and Irene

Aurelia Rushlow

Fred Rushlow (?)

Louis Rushlow

Agnes F. Ryan (?)

Anna Ryan, native of Co Clare Ireland

baby Ryan

Dorance Cyril Ryan

John C. Ryan

Leo J. Ryan

Mary Ryan

Mary E. Ryan

William C. Ryan

Barbara Samels

Frank J. Samels (?)

John Samels

John P. Samels (?)

Katherine Samels (?)

Lucy C. Samels (?)

William F. Samels (?)

only Sauber

Aloysuis Sauber

Anna Sauber

Catherine Sauber

Eddie M. Sauber

Gertrude Sauber

Grace Ruddle Sauber

Henry Sauber

John Sauber (?)

John W. Sauber

Joseph P. Sauber

Louis P. Sauber

Margaret Sauber (?)

Mary Sauber

Mathias W. Sauber

'Mother' Sauber (?)

Nicholas Sauber (?)

Nicolaus, son of N. and K. Sauber 

Peter Sauber

William Sauber

William H. Sauber

Amelia S. Sauser

Anna Sauser (?)

Charles M. Sauser

Edward F. Sauser

Edward M. Sauser

Francis Sauser (?)

Frank Sauser or VonBank

Florence Sauser (?)

Henry Sauser

John Sauser (?)

Joseph Sauser

Joseph E. Sauser (?)

Julia Sauser

Julius M. Sauser

Katherine Sauser (?)

Margaret Sauser

Margaret Sauser or VonBank

Mary Sauser (?)

Mary A. Sauser

Mary E. Sauser

Mary L. Sauser

Mary L. Hauer Sauser

Mat Sauser

Peter Sauser (?)

Peter J. Sauser

Regina Sauser (?)

Vicki Dee Sauser, daughter of Muggs and Dolly 

James H. Schadeg

Frank C. Schlosser

Florence M. Schmitt

Wilfrid A. Schmitt

Marshall Schmit

Dolores Schmitz

John B. Schneider

Helen Schuhwerck (?)

Martin T. Schuhwerck (?)

David Schweich (?)

Jacob P. Schweich (?)

Jerome Jacob Schweich

Joseph J. Schweich

Margaret V. Schweich (?)

Marlys M. Schweich

Mary Schweich (?)

Lori A. Seuer

Raymond J. Seuer

Raymond J. Seuer

John Sheerien, born in Ballingary Parish Co. Limerick Ireland 

Mary C. Sheerien, native of Lestry Parish Co. Kerry Ireland 

Scott D. Shepard

Barbara Sheridan

'Father' Sheridan (?)

'Father' Sheridan (?)

Joseph J. Sheridan

Margaret L. Sheridan

'Mother' Sheridan (?)

Grace Sibell

Cecelia I. Sieber

Walter C. Sieber

Edward P. Simon

Josephine A. Simon

Carolie Simones

Jacob Simones

Jacob J. Simones

Rita C. Simones

Roland J. Simones

Susanne Mary Slette

Joseph W. Smallwood

Anna Smith

Verle Smith

Gertrude R. Soucek

Gertrude S. Soucek

Louis J. Soucek

Albert Speiker

Alice O. Speiker

Bernard A. Speiker

Danny Speiker

Edna T. Speiker

Francis Speiker

George A. Speiker

Grace Speiker

Henry G. Speiker

John J. Speiker (?)

John L. Speiker

Louise Speiker

Margaret Speiker

Marie A. Speiker (?)

Mary Speiker (?)

Myrtle R. Speiker

Paul Speiker (?)

Peter H. Speiker

William Speiker

Catherine N. Speikers (?)

Gerhard Speikers (?)

Henry G. Speikers

John H. Speikers

Margaret Speikers

Robert Speikers

Susan, daughter of K. and J. Speikers 

William Speikers

baby Spellacy

Ellen Spellacy (?)

Michael Spellacy (?)

Rose Spencer

George Stanek

Dale A. Staupe

Oberlin S. Staupe

Oberlin S. Staupe

Vivian V. Staupe

Edward N. Zimmer or Stelter

George Stelter (?)

Leo Gilbert Stelter

Mae Stelter

Peter J. Stelter

Rose Stelter

Anna Stieger

Charles F. Stieger

Daniel M. Stommes

Patrick John Stommes

Wilfred F. Stommes

Clara F. Storlie

Sidney O. Storlie

Alice Streefland

Art Streefland

Mary Streefland

Mary M. Streefland

Russell L. Streefland

'Father' Strong (?)

George E. Strong

Jessica Eve Strong

Margaret Strong

'Mother' Strong (?)

Susie Strong (?)

Amandus Studer

baby Studer

Hazel Studer

Joan Studer

Phyllis Studer

Catherine Sullivan (?)

Daniel Sullivan, born in Ireland

Daniel Sullivan, born in Ireland

Eleanor Sullivan

Ellen Sullivan (?)

'Father' Sullivan

George D. Sullivan (?)

John H. Sullivan (?)

Mary Sullivan, born in Ireland

Mary McCarthy, beloved wife of Daniel Sullivan  born in Ireland

'Mother' Sullivan (?)

Patrick Sullivan (?)

Pearl Sullivan (?)

Raymond Sullivan (?)

Susan M. Sullivan (?)

William F. Sullivan

William H. Sullivan (?)

Lillian Sweno

Edward L. Swift

Thomas Swift

John S. Sykora

Anna Tabaka

Anthony J. Tabaka

Frank Tabaka

Joseph A. Tabaka

Lucy Tabaka

Margaret Tabaka

Margaret Tabaka

Mary L. Tabaka

Nicholas Tabaka

Raymond Tabaka

Teresa M. Tabaka

William J. Tabaka

William J. Tabaka

Jean Louise Talley

Myrna M. Talley

Loretta A. Taylor

Anthony C. Thole

Galen M. Thomas

Margaret Thomas

Felix P. Tillges

M. Gladys Tillges

Vella M. Tillges

Sylvester Tillges

Nicholas Chiam Tilsen

Elizabeth Timmons

'Father' Timmons (?)

Simon Timmons

William E. Timmons

Helen A. Tobey

Roy E. Tobey

Robert Tourdot

Catherine A. Travis

Barbara Tritz

John Tritz

Ann Twohy

Catherine M. Twohy

Hubert Twohy

Michael J. Twohy

Margaret G. Valo

Mary Ellen Vizena

Mathew Voelker

Elizabeth VonBank

Frank VonBank

Frank Sauser or VonBank

Fredericka VonBank

Joseph VonBank

Margaret Sauser or VonBank

Mathias, son of Frank and Lizzie VonBank 

Eleanore Wagner

Grace Sauser Wagner

John P. Wagner

Louis J. Wagner

Madelyn B. Wagner

Mary A. Wagner

William P. Wagner

Beverly Kay Waller

John H. Wallin

Delia Catherine Walsh

Gerold M. Walsh

Helen Mae Walsh

M. George Walsh

Margaret Walsh

Martin Walsh

Roy M. Walsh

Wilfrid W. Walsh

Chad R. Walther

Catherine M. Weber (?)

Charles W. Weber (?)

Florence Weber

Francis C. Weber (?)

Letty D. Weber (?)

Louis N. Weber

Alice C. Wells

George H. Wells

Tom J. Werdan

Frank Wetch

James Edgar Wheaton

Anna E., wife of Patrick White

Earl White (?)

Flavian J. White (?)

George Henry White or Fitzgerald 

Kate White

Louise V. White (?)

Marguerite T. O'Leary (?), beloved wife of P.H. White 

May White (?)

Patrick White

Robert Francis, son of Robert and Joan White (?) 

Anna M. Wild

George D. Wild

Anna Wilde (?)

Bernard F. Wilde

Catherine M. Wilde

Jacob Wilde (?)

Raymond G. Wilde

Leander J. Lee Willner

John Wolf

Charles Wren

Frances Wren

Vincent Wren

Wilhilmina Wren

John C. Yung (?)

Katherine Yung

Ludwig M. Yung

Margaret A. Yung

Mary Yung

Mary Magdalen Yung (?)

Michael J. Yung

Odelle Magdalen Yung (?)

Josephine Zelt

only Zimmer

Adon A. Zimmer (?)

Andrew J. Zimmer

Barbara Zimmer (?)

Brad Louis Zimmer

Edward N. Zimmer or Stelter

'Father' Zimmer (?)

Florence L. Zimmer (?)

Francis Zimmer (?)

Frank A. Zimmer

Frank V. Zimmer

Helena Samels Zimmer

Irene M. Zimmer

James Michael Zimmer

John H. Zimmer (?)

Josephine M. Zimmer (?)

Louis J. Zimmer

Margaret Wood Zimmer

Martha Zimmer

'Mother' Zimmer (?)

Suzanna Zimmer

Wilbert Zimmer

Phyllis J. Zurek

Alice K. Zweber

Francis J. Zweber

Helen M. Wermerskirchen Zweber

Joan Claire Zweber

Leroy Zweber

Leroy H. Zweber

Loretta Deutsch Zweber (?)

Wilfred Zweber

I was not able to determine surnames for the following:

Cindy Ann

Margaret Ellen

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