Lakeville Grove Cemetery

city of Lakeville, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N - R20W, section 28

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. There are two main gates with each having a separate memory dedication. They dedications are for Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Lorentson and The Cross Family.

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: Lakeville Grove Cemetery. (Formerly Perkin's Cemetery). Owned by St. John's Lutheran Church of Lakeville. Established in ?. 3.67 acres. Located in the SW corner of NW 1/4 of Section 28.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1996

Ralph Ackerman

Gustaous F. Ackley

Nellie A. Ackley or McGrail

Sara J. Ackley or McGrail

Victoria Alexson

Alan Allstopp

Mark L. Alstrom

Anderson twins

Alexander V. Anderson (?)

Alfred Anderson

Arthur Anderson

Augusta Anderson (?)

Catherine Anderson (?)

Ellen Anderson (?)

Ellen Anderson

Eric D. Anderson

Ethel M. Anderson

Francis W. Anderson (?)

Gladys C. Anderson

Harry Anderson (?)

Henry Anderson (?)

John Anderson (?)

Lova L. Anderson (?)

Lucy A. Anderson (?)

Mamie Anderson (?)

Nellie Anderson

Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson (?)

Tena C. Anderson

Meghan Danielle Aug

Ardella I. Austad

Kris E. Austad

Dan W. Balch

Della M. Balch

Etta M. Balch

Fred K. Balch

Louie Balch

Maria S. Balch

Dale L. Baldus

Wilbert T. Baldus

Loren M. 'Red' Barsness 

Manton G. Barsness

Nina A. Barsness

Joe L. Battles

Anna M. Baudin

H.J. Baudin

Marie C. Baudin

David K. Bauer

Ean J. Beaumaster

Gladys E. Belford

William W. Belford

A. Leonard Bentson

LaSalle H. Bentson

Kathleen A. Benz

Norma E. Berglund

Debbie 'Suelter' Besmehn

'Father' Betz (?)

Helen Blackford

J.L. Blackford

Michael Dean Blackford

Robert Blackford

Edward William Blazek

Helen Haglund Blazex

Sharon Blenkush (?)

Albert Borgen

Reggie Borgen

Nancy L. Bowman

Ann M., wife of J.J. Brackett

Joseph J. Brackett

Bernette Brandon

Glen M. Brandon

F. ' Kicky' Breitmeier

Oliver W. Brown

Myrtle A. Bruder

Orestes M. Bruder


Arvid O. Carlson

Billie A. Carlson

Mabel Carlson

Michael D. Carrier

Hannah Castle

James Castle

baby Cederblade

Harold J. Cederblade

Hazel C. Cederblade

Cummings Cherry

Lydia Cherry

Edward Christensen

Jens Christensen

Mabel C. Christensen

Marie C. Christensen

Christian P. Christiansen

Dorthea Christiansen

Russell A. Christiansen

Earl Lee Clay

Edward A. Coburn, son of Robert and Audrey

Isaac Coburn

Paul E. Colburn

Curtis A. Cole

? (first name buried to deep to read) Coles 

Anabell L. Conway

Lillie Cook

Samuel Cook

Wm Gladstone Cook

Wesley Alan Cotton

Elsie Cox

Sam Cox

Christine E. Cross

Clinton F. Cross

Dale R. Cross

Florence B. Cross

Frank Edward Cross

Richard E. Cross

Robert W. Dahlke

Claude Rexford Damann

Elaine Rebecca Damann

Shawntay Marie Davis

Courtney Lynn Dawson

Jennett Deconing

Lewis Kurtz Deibler

Marie Deibler

Huiebrecht (?) Dekoning

Mackenzie Katherine Ross Dickey, daughter of Dale and Val 

C. Elmar Diebler

Martha J. Dimond

Reuben B. Dimond

Adelbert D. Doland

Florence M. Doland

Viola E. Doland

Horace W. Donaldson

Louisa Donaldson

Edna Dufresne

Timothy Joseph Dugan

Blanche M. Dunham

Charles H. Dunham

Clayton D. Dunham

Clayton H. Dunham

Cora E. Dunham

Harry A. Dunham

Laverna M. Dunham

Richard S. Dunham

George Edwards

Joseph Edwards

'Mother' Edwards (?)

Mary Jayne Elgersma

Elmer G. Emmons

George H. Emmons

Harry L. Emmons

Lizzie M., wife of C.S. Emmons

Bert E. Enggren (?)

Evelyn Enggren

Ingeborg Enggren (?)

John G. Enggren

Melroy Engle

Richard R. Engle

Sereine Engle

Edward N. Erickson

Sophia Victoria Erickson

Arthur L. Ersfeld

Caroline Ersfeld (?)

Fred W. Ersfeld (?)

Helen Ersfeld

Lawrence Ersfeld

Richard M. Ersfeld

Stephen M. Ersfeld (?)

Walter L. Ersfeld

John Curtis Everson

Julie Ann Everson

Chester J. Eugene

Violet A. Eugene

Emil Figura

Paul Figura

Jeremy 'Jay' Fischer

George L. Fisher

Dacy Dow Fladager

Thomas Edward Fleet

Kelly Rae Forbrook

John Forss

Margaret Forss

Robert B. Forstrom

Christopher S. Frank

Clara Frank

Cleone L. Frank

Denny Frank (?)

Patsy J. Frank

Richard N. Frank

Wilber Frank

Sarah Franzier

Arthur Fredrickson

Jackie Fredrickson

Norma Fredrickson

Mildred V. Gaither

Elaine A. Gardner

Frank Gates

Lillian M. Gates

Ada Marie Geldman

Albert Leo Gembe

Charlotte R. Gembe

Bjarne E. German

Kenneth B. German

Patricia D. German

Ivester Gillespie

Samuel Neil Gladwin

Eva L. Glenn

John W. Glenn

Ella J. Gramsey

Kenneth Gramsey

Louis Gramsey

Louis C. Gramsey

Ralph Gramsey

Chantal L. Orcutt Gramstad

Diane L. Orcutt Gramstad

Herman F. Grapper

Raymond W. Grapper

David J. Graupmann

Deidrick Graupmann

Mary A. Graupmann

Ruth A. Grey

Willard H. Haase

John J. Hack

Lena P. Hack

Louis J. Hack

Carl A. Haglund

Erick Haglund

Laura C. Haglund

Mary E. Haglund

William W. Haglund

Edna M. Haiker

Herman F. Haiker

Darwin F. Hamilton

Jesse J. Halbert

baby Hammer

Henry R. Hammer

Janet L. Hammer

Anne C. Hansen

Charles R. Hansen

Clara M.J. Hansen

Connie Lin Hansen

Jacob Hansen

James Charles Hansen

Pamela Kay Hansen

Steven Oren Hansen Jr.

Olive K. Harfield

Robert D. Harris

Walter R. Hartman

Wilhelmina A. Hartman

August H. Haverland

baby Haverland

Caroline Haverland

Charles W. Haverland

Ernest W. Haverland

Florence B. Haverland

Fred W. Haverland

Hattie Haverland (?)

John Haverland

Lillian J. Haverland

Marie A. Haverland

Rosemarie Haverland

Sigurd Haug

Opal Kris (?) Hein

Elizabeth Heinold

baby girl Heintz

Arthur Heinz

Phyllis Heinz

Eleanor Henderson

Katie Ellen Henry, daughter of Michael

Laura Ann Henry, daughter of Michael

Valerie L. Henry, wife of Michael

Frank Henwood

Fred Henwood

Gertrude (?) Henwood

Harry Henwood

Jennie Henwood

Viola Henwood

Gordon W. Hetlinger

Myrtle H. Hetlinger

Olive M. Hillmer

Earl Hobbs

Margaret J. Hobbs

Geo. Hoffman

Chris Charles Holen

Bertha B. Holmen

Ingval Holmen

Dean A. Holt

baby Hooker

Brownell Horn

Cora A. Hostetle

Maurice W. Hostetle

Carrie A., wife of H.E. Howard

Michael W. Howe

Betty Hoyt

George Hoyt

Nettie O. Hoyt

Samuel Hullett

Anneliese Hummel

Karl F. Hummel

Thomas K. Hummel

Michele L. Isaacson

Austin W. Jacobson

Patricia German Jacobson

Brenda J. Jasper

John P. Jensen

Nora L. Jensen

Alice J. Johnson

Austin L. Johnson

Carralina O. Johnson

D.C. Johnson

H.E. Johnson

John W. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

William Lee Johnson

Emma Jones

John G. Jones

Marie L. Kellington

Emma B. Kerr

Mary Etta Kessel

?.B. Kilbourn

?.E. Kilbourn

Nelle D. Killmer

Roswell C. Killmer

Nancy Irene King

Ambrose O. Kinn

Andrew Kinn

Anna Kinn

Austin George Kinn

Howard Carl Kinn

Gladys P. Kinn

Joyce Kenneth Kinn

George Klemenhagen

Karl Klemenhagen (?)

Mabel M. Klemenhagen

Rudolph Klemenhagen

Sarah Klemenhagen

'Father' Luckert or Kleve (?)

Irene Kleve

Maurice Kleve

'Mother' Luckert or Kleve (?)

Lawrence K. Kloster

Michael E. Knisely

Chuckie Knutson

Jarl R. Knutson

L.C. Lefty Knutson

Mabel C. Knutson

Herbert R. Koentopf

Ruth E. Koentopf

Eleanor C. Kohls

Henry J. Kohls

Margaret A. 'Peggy' Kohls

Raymond R. Kolbe

John C. Kop

Minnie G. Hack Kopernick

Otto F. Kopernick

baby boy Kraft

Frances Kraft

Leslie H. Kraft

Lucinda Frances Kraft

Paul Kraft

Alpha E. Kuehn

Roy W. Kuehn

Marie H. Kulstad

Oscar Kulstad

Betty Ann Lackey

Floyd B. Lackey

Ruth O. Lackey

Terrance Frank Langhorst

Carl Marcus Larsen

Margarethe 'GOM' Petrea Larsen

Oscar A. Larson

Margaret A. Larson

Samuel Larson

Chris Laursen

Ida Laursen

Emma Leese

Harry F. Leese

Jacob Leese

Mamie A. Leese (?)

Harry Lewis

Mayme Lewis

Bertha Lidgerding

Willia A. Lidgerding

Daniel J. Locker

Kathleen E. Locker

Pernelia J. Lorentson

Victor E. Lorentson

Chester C. Lovelace

Ruby M. Lovelace

?.H. Lucke

Aquina L. Lucken

'Father' Luckert or Kleve (?)

'Mother' Luckert or Kleve (?)

Robert H. Luckman

Robert H. Luckman

Verna M. Luckman

Verna M. Luckman

baby girl Lynch

Alice Ann Madson

Ernest Madson

Alfred C. Markison

Bertha M. Markison

Milo Matthews

Cora A. Matzoll

John J. Matzoll

John J. Matzoll

Jane McCarthy

Jody K. McCarthy

Joseph M. McCarthy

baby McClintock (?)

Clyde McClintock (?)

Elizabeth McClintock (?)

Ella A. McClintock

Erving McClintock (?)

Etta McClintock (?)

Gussie McClintock (?)

Helga McClintock (?)

John P. McClintock (?)

Richard McClintock (?)

Richard McClintock (?)

Ruth E. McClintock

T.W. McClintock

Harry McCowen

Christian McDougall

Alice A. McGrail

Alice A. McGrail

Cortland S. McGrail

Cortland S. McGrail

Edward Charles McGrail

E.C. McGrail

Lillian H. McGrail

Lillian H. McGrail

Nellie A. Ackley or McGrail (?)

Phillip C. McGrail

Sara J. Ackley or McGrail (?)

J.C. McKennett

Edwin M. McLain

Ella C. McLain

Rosetta A. McLain

Samuel E. McLain

Astrid Melby

Edward T. Melby

Inez M. Melby

Theodore Melby

Paul O. Melting

Ruth A. Melting

Virgil A. Merincourt

David Lee Messerll

Berniece Meyer

Herman J. Meyer

Raymer Meyer

Ruth V. Smith Meyer

Esther R. Midvedt

Olaf H. Midvedt

Joseph P. Miles

baby boy Miller

Charles T. Miller (?)

Edna B. Miller

Elsie L. Miller (?)

George A. Miller (?)

Herbert W. Miller (?)

Joseph Miller

Katherine Miller (?)

Katie, wife of George Miller

Lawrence M. Miller (?)

Minna L. Miller

Maud E. Miller (?)

R.R. Miller

Mrs. R. Miller (?)

Ralph Miller

Paul J. Mills

Heather Joanna Moe

Andrew Moen

Mildred Moen

Penny Sue Molter

Ella L. Monson

Kathryn Mi (Hickey) Murphy, wife of Lawrence W. 

Sandy Murrell

William F. Nagel

Albert Nason

Ida Nason

Emily Nason

Rinaldo Nason

Frank L. Nau

Bergetha Nelsen (?)

Merel Nelsen (?)

Nels Nelsen (?)

Otto Nelsen (?)

Victor Nelsen (?)

Arne C. Nelson

Arne N. Nelson

Clarence A. Nelson

Daisy G. Nelson

Dennis L. Nelson

Henry Nelson

Herman N. Nelson

Pearl F. Nelson

Bertha A. Newcomb

Charles G. Newcomb

Jane C. Newcomb

William A. Newcomb

Amarius Nielsen

Audrey Kay Nielsen

Jensine Nielsen

John C. Nielsen

Lester A. Nielsen

baby Nordstrom

Hjalmar A. Offrell

Sadie A. Offrell

Kathryn A. Olmsted

Keith E. Olmsted

Bessie Marie Olson

Gust Olson

Karna Olson

Nels Olson

Michael D. Osborne

Anton J. Osfeld


Terrance R. Paulson

Renee E. Pearson

Roland W. Pearson

Michael J. Pepple

Alfred Perkins

Alfred N. Perkins

Anna Bell, daughter of Irenus and Sarah Perkins 

Eva M. Perkins

H.J. Perkins (?)

Henry T. Perkins

Irenus Perkins

Jane W., wife of A. Perkins

Lucile Perkins

Lucina O. Perkins

Matilda Perkins

Orlo Perkins

Owen A. Perkins (?)

Samuel A. Perkins

Sarah, wife of Irenus (?) Perkins

Harlan W. Persons

Inga (?) Peterson

John Peterson

Beatrice K. Pettet

Eugene Pettet

Wilma Pettet

Arthur Leonard Pettis

Carrie Pettis

Donna Lee Pettis

Henry C. Pettis

Jack H. Pettis

Bruno Peuschel (?)

Margaret Peuschel (?)

Griffin Phelps

Harriet Phelps

Sarah J. Phelps

Sarah J. Phelps, wife of G. Phelps 

Leone Phillips

Anna G. Plaisted

Henry (?) B. (?) Pond (?)

Maria H. Pond (?)

Carl M. Prevette

Marie Prochnow

Walter Prochnow

Joshua Myles Renken

Herschell L. Revell

Midred Rice

Mildred L. Rice

Lyle E. Ringeisen

Ronald L. Risdon

Mary Jane Roehl

baby boy Rose

Joanne G. Rowe

Esther C. Ruh

Juel O. Ruh

Herbert H. Rushlow

William Scheiman

Nancy J. Seebeck

Oscar W. Seebeck

baby Seikkula

Alice R. Seivers (?)

Anna C. Seivers (?)

Clarence T. Seivers (?)

Dorothy Seivers (?)

'Father' Seivers (?)

'Mother' Seivers (?)

Rodney L. Seivers (?)

Robert D. Sellner

Scott M. Sellner

baby daughter Serum

Lillie Deibler Serum

Verna H. Gyrion Shaurette

Catherine Shen

Ella Shen (?)

Harry Shen (?)

Henry Shen (?)

Robert Shen (?)

Walter C. Shen

William Shen (?)

Anna Sherburne

Georg Sherburne

Mary F. Jenkins Shirl

? (buried to deep to read) Silsbee (?) 

E.B. Silsbee

Herbert H. Silsbee

Rae Silsbee

T.B. Simmons

Brad A. Skoglund

Travis L. Skogman

Alfred Sletten

Viola Sletten

Amie Sorensen

Angus E. Sorensen

Anton P. Sorensen (?)

Harlan W. Sorensen

Mamie Sorensen (?)

Margaret Sorensen

Myrtle R. Sorensen

Pauline Sorensen (?)

Roscoe Sorensen

Alvin R. Smith

Bertrand L. Smith (?)

Charles W. Smith

Evelyn Smith (?)

Frank Smith

Fred Smith

George A. Smith (?)

Helen O. Smith

Helene P. Smith

Margaret O. Smith (?)

Maude Smith

Minnie I. Smith

Orrin Smith

Ruth M. Smith

Stella Smith

Thomas C. Smith (?)

Carol Snow

baby girl, daughter of Wm. and Julia Somero

Selma A. Sorg

Clarice M. Sperling

John J. Sperling

Anna Marie Stanton

John Earl Stanton

Floyd Steele

Grace Steele

John Steele

Katherine Steele

Thomas P. Steele

Thos. Steele

Winnie Steele

Julia Steen

Susan A. Steiner

Fannie Stewart

Robert L. Stoneberg

A. Martin Storlie

Dorothy A. (Svenning) Storlie

Marlin L. 'Sid' Storlie

Myra Storlie

Arie Streefland

Arie Streefland

Bernard Henry Streefland (?)

Christina Streefland (?)

Jansje Streefland

Jennie Streefland (?)

Herman Stricker

Ida J. Stricker

baby Swanson

Earl Swanson

John Swanson

Lena Swanson

Minnie Swanson

Clara C. Thies

Lillian C. Thies

Wilbur F. Thies

Steven Ray Thomason

C.P. Thompson

Lynn M. Thompson

Marlene A. Thompson

R. Thompson

Mary Louise Todd

Catherine Elizabeth Hale Trygstad

Richard Melvin Trygstad



Thomas John Vereide

Janice Anne Rice Vigen

Katie Lyn Vigen

Jesse J. Vincent

baby boy Vogen

Ruth Jean Vopat

Earle Vrooman (?)

James H. Vrooman, Co F 1st Wis. Calvalry

Mabel V. Walker

Maxine M. Walker

Orin E. Walker

Edith J. Wallin

Edward H. Wallin

Marie Wallin

Mark A. Wallin

Nels Wallin

Matthew Walter

Anna Wastrom

Sven Wastrom

Orville E. Watson

Alice G. Way

LeRoy D. Way

Clarice E. Weichselbaum

Edythe M. Weichselbaum

Frank Weichselbaum

John Weichselbaum

John Weichselbaum (?)

John F. Weichselbaum

Mamie C. Weichselbaum

Margaret Weichselbaum

Margaret L. Weichselbaum

Saubina Weichselbaum (?)

Anita Joyce Weirke

Vernon P. Westveer

Bernard Lowell Wetterlund

Connie White

Caroline Wilson

Ezkiel Wilson

Gene W. Wischmann

Harry Wisner

Harry Lukes Wisner

Dean F. Wolf

Louisa S. Wood

R.B. Wood, Co A 10th Wis. Inf.

Charles A. Wright

Richard C. Wright

Steven Young

Molly Ziebarth

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