Highland Cemetery

Lakeville township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N - R20W, section 1

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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** 2000 UPDATE:  I am happy to report that the Highland Cemetery has been cleaned up during the past couple of years.  The clean-up was due in part to the local Catholic Church and a Friends of Highland Cemetery group which was formed by a group of descendents of those buried in the Highland Cemetery.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of the Highland Cemetery group please see the other Highland Cemetery web site.  There is a link to the other Highland Cemetery web site at the end of the introductory information for this cemetery. **

This cemetery is very old and in poor shape. The vast majority of the burials took place before 1890. We visited the cemetery in late August 1996. At that time it appeared that the cemetery had not been mowed since earlier in the summer. Much of the area had tall grass and weeds. There were several areas on the grounds where small trees or sumac had begun to grow. This past summer (1996) the path of Dodd Boulevard was changed so that the northern quarter stretch that went through section 2 and connected up with 160th street was closed. The new part of Dodd Boulevard now connects up with Pilot Knob Road. This is just a little north of the Highland Cemetery.  Parts of the cemetery appear to be showing evidence of possible below surface shifting or sliding down the hill.  The soil in the area is very sandy.  I am not sure if the 1996 road construction or the heavy truck traffic or just the soil is the cause, or ?.  As I wrote down burial information for the western rows I began to notice wedge shaped gaps in the soil at what appeared to be the east edge of some of the burials. These gaps were about a foot in length, a couple inches wide and some were deep. They did not appear to be rodent holes.

As we left the cemetery we came across a burial stone that was south of the drive area and along the south central edge of the cemetery. This was: Emma, daughter of Frank & Mathilda Langer 8 May 1883 - 5 November 1883. I do not know if this is the actual burial place or if the stone just ended up there. When I transcribed the burial stone information in this cemetery I noticed that G and C were very hard to discern with the lettering style used on the monuments.

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Highland (Hyland) Cemetery. (Formerly St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery). Platted 1868. 4 acres. Located NW 1/4 of Section 1. Highway 31 south of Highway 9.

In the book "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he wrote: ... Four acres of land were surveyed and platted in 1868, ... and called St. Joseph's cemetery. This land is situated in the north-west quarter of section 1. The first internment was a daughter of Thomas Murray, and there are now about one hundred and fifty bodies buried there ... The storm of 1881 did great damage to many of the monuments in the yard (page 417).

In "Over The Years 1961-1978", compiled by the Dakota County Historical Society, they wrote: ...After considerable discussion as to where to locate the church, Thomas Hyland gave St. Joseph's parish seven acres of land between Rosemount and Lakeville for a church and cemetery. A big wind destroyed the Hyland (St. Joseph's) Church in the early 1880's and it was replaced by a new church built in Rosemount. Contract for the present St. Joseph's Church at Rosemount was in March 1924 and the corner stone laid 22 June 1924 (page 136).

This congregation may also be related to the All Saint's Catholic Church in Lakeville.

Another reference to the Hyland cemetery can be found in "Over The Years 1961-1978" ... Burial Records Compiled for Hyland Cemetery... One of the very worthy historical projects being carried on in Dakota county is the compilation of burial records for those interred in Hyland Cemetery at Rosemount, and the restoration of the cemetery grounds to a presentable state. This work is being carried on personally by Gerald (Jerry) G. Mattson of Rosemount, who is being commended for his efforts. In a letter from Mattson, he said he had finished compiling burial records this spring (1977 ?) and he now has a record of 254 of the burials in the cemetery. During his research, Mattson wrote that he had decided to expand the history of the cemetery on which he is working, to include a general history of the area and a history of St. Joseph's parish to the year 1880 when the original church was destroyed (page 416).

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Katie Bally

Bridget, wife of Maurice Bamberry

Maggie, daughter of Maurice and Bridget Bamberry 

Mary, daughter of Maurice and Bridget Bamberry 

Maurice Bamberry (?)

Richard, son of Maurice and Bridget Bamberry 

Richard, son of M. and B. Bamberry

Bridget Burke, wife of E. Brennan, native of Co Sligo, Parish of Kiloglass, Ireland

Mary, daughter of George and Mary Brown 

Catherine Burns

'Father' C/Garvey (?)

'Mother' C/Garvey (?)

Patrick C/Garvey, native of Hedford Co Galway Ireland 

Agnes Casey

Ellen Casey

George Casey, son of Ellen Casey

Hanora, wife of Michael Casey, native of Co Cork Ireland 

Henry Casey

James Casey (?)

James Henry Casey

Margaret Ann Casey

Mary, wife of Henry Casey

Mary, wife of Patrick Casey, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Michael Casey, son of Ellen Casey

'Mother' Casey (?)

Mrs. Bridget Collins, wife of James Collins

Nellie C. Collins

Bridget, wife of Michael Costello, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Maria, wife of Michael Costello

Isabel McBreen, wife of John Daly

John Daly

Mary McCarthy, wife of Patrick Daly

Marcella Deavitt

Ann Devitt

Patrick Devitt, native of Co Leitrim Ireland

James Dewire, native of Parish Tunie Co Galway Ireland 

Margaret Herward, wife of Thomas Dewire 

Bridget, wife of John Dunn

David Dunn

John Dunn, born in Queens Co Ireland

William H., son of John and Bridget Dunn 

John, son of Thomas and Margaret Dwyer 

Patrick, son of Thomas and Margaret Dwyer 

Thomas Dwyer, native of the Parish of Tuam (?) Co Galway Ireland 

Carle Egle (?)

George Egle (?)

Lorenze Egle

Lula, daughter of Lu and L. Egle

Rosina Egle

Kate Fahey

Mary Fahey

Patrick Fahey, native of Clougher Co Mayo Ireland 

Patrick H. Fahey

Sarah, wife of ? Featherly (?)

Winifred Finn

John Finnegan, native of the parish of Ballaghaderreen Co Mayo Ireland 

Cecelia Gallagher (?)

Nora Gallagher (?)

Patrick Gallagher (?)

Terrance Gallagher

? Atheri ? (Catherine ?), daughter of Philip and Catherine Garon 

Little Pat, son of John and Mary G/Carvey 

Thomas G/Carvey, native of the parish of Dunmore Co Ireland 

Patrick H., child of J.C. and Bridget Geraghty 

Robert J., child of J.C. and Bridget Geraghty

Mary, child of John and Ann Gibbons

Mary, wife of Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons

Willie, child of John and Ann Gibbons

George Gilbert

John Gilbert

James Glynn, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Katie, daughter of J. and B. Glynn, a native of Coug(?) Co Mayo Ireland 

Emma, daughter of Frank and Mar.(?) Gollon (?) 

James Hanaughan, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Hannah McCrath, wife of James Haverty, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Kate Sheridan, wife of James Higgins

Edward Highland, native of parish of Gilmore Co Mayo Ireland 

Edward, child of Patrick and Mary Hyland

Edward M., son of Thomas and Mary Hyland

Frank Hyland, native of the parish Killman Co Mayo Ireland 

James J. Hyland

Mary Dwyer Hyland

Mary Ki?(rest is cemented over), wife of Patrick Hyland 

**Mary Kilroy Hyland, died 1870, 1st wife of Patrick Hyland.  Patrick Hyland is buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Rosemount, MN** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Patrick H., child of Patrick and Mary Hyland 

Thomas, son of T. and M. Hyland

John Kane, native of Co Galway Ireland 

John H. Keefe

Bridget, wife of John Keeffe

Margaret Burke, wife of Thomas Kelly, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Margaret Toolan, wife of Patrick Kelly, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Annie, wife of John Kennedy, native of Killabeg Co Donigaire 

Edward, son of Annie and James Kennedy 

James Kennedy, native of Parish of Inver Co Donigalire 

Margaret Kennedy

Mary E. Kennedy

Martin Kilroy, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Mary Kilroy, native of Co Mayo Ireland 

Emma, daughter of Frank and Mathilda Langer 

Annie E. Leach

Mary Olive Leach

John Lenihan, native of Co Kerry Ireland 

Mary Lynch, wife of John Lenihan, native of Co Kerry Ireland 

Patrick Loftus, native of Co Galway Ireland 

Susan Loftus, daughter of Andrew and Ellen Loftus  native of Co Galway Ireland

John, son of Thomas and Maria Mangan 

? child (?), (?) McCarthy (?)

Catherine McCarthy, wife of Barthol

Edward McCarthy

Edward McCarthy

James, son of Edward McCarthy (?) and Catherine Hyland  native of Parish of ? Co Mayo Ireland, born in St Paul

Mary, born McCarthy, of the Parish of ? Co Kerrn(?) Ireland 

Timothy McCarthy

Ellen McCugh

Katie E. McCugh

Mary McDuillan

Ann, daughter of Bartholemew and Bridget McGovran 

Bridget, wife of Bartholemew McGovran 

? McGrath (?)

Bernard McGrath

Hanora McGrath

Michael McGrath

Rose A. McNiskern

Bernard McSherry

John McSherry

Margaret Hyland, wife of John McSherry

Catherine Martin

John Martin, native of Co Kilkenny Ireland

Philip J. Mathers

Arthur J. Walsh Moran

Mary, wife of John Murphy

Michael Murnan, native of Co Limerick Ireland 

Kattie Jane, daughter of Thos. and Bridget Murry 

Joseph Edward Niskern

Ann, native of Co Mayo Parish of Ballycastle Ireland  wife of Patrick Nolan

Patrick Nolan, native of Co Mayo Ireland

John O'Connell, native of Taum Parish Co Galway Ireland 

W.B. O'Donohoe, native of Sligo Ireland

Andrew O'Grady

B. (?) H. O'Grady

Michael O'Neil, native of Tipererarry of ? Ireland 

Thomas P., son of Sylvester and Maggey Parisa 

Joseph Quinn

Nellie Quinn

Catherine M., daughter of Thomas and Mary Shaughnessy 

Ellen, child of Thomas and Mary Shaughnessy

Martin (?), child of Thomas and Mary Shaughnessy 

Mary Shaughnessy

John Sheridan

John M., son of John and Mary Sheridan (?) 

Delia E. Smith

Anna Sullivan

Margaret A., wife of J.W. Tomson

Rhoda Grace, daughter of J.W. and M.A. Tomson 

Mrs. Ann Walsh, born in Co Galway Ireland 

Annie, daughter of P. and B. Walsh

Bernard, son of P. and B. Walsh 

John, son of P. and B. Walsh

John M., son of J. and M. Walsh

Joseph Thomas Walsh

Thomas, son of P. and B. Walsh

Mary Welby, native of Co Galway Ireland

I was not able to get a complete reading of the following stones.

??? 1888 - all that remains of the stone

Katherine ?, died 6 August 1881 (?), age ? - worn and hard to read

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