St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery

Empire Township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N-R19W, section 29

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. This cemetery is located along the northeast edge of Farmington, Minnesota. The large area that encompasses the cemetery is actually two cemeteries. The northeast side of the area is St. Michael's' Catholic Cemetery and the larger Western side is the Corinthian Cemetery. There are indications that the two cemeteries had a fence between them at one time.  Several four foot pine trees were planted in place of the divider fence. I have listed the cemeteries separately. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, established 1877 - church. 2 acres. Located Section 29, SW1/4. (East Side).

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Adelmann

Maria E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Adelmann

boy Akin

Dennis C. Akin

Ethel Akin

Jerome Akin

Jesse D. Akin

Lisa Dale Akin

Marcella A. Akin

Valerie M. Akin

Lynn Marie Alexander

Agnes Ives Alich (?)

Anna M. Alich

Pvt. Carl J. Alich

Clarence J. Alich

Emil Alich

Evelyn L. Alich

'Father' Alich (?)

Glenn R. Alich

Julia A. Alich

Karl Charles Alich (?)

Millie L. Alich (?)

'Mother' Alich (?)

Paul J. Alich

Pauline Alich

Robert J. Alich

Robert L. Alich

Frances M. Angus

Raymond H. Angus

Colleen Marie Applegate

Carroll L. Auge

Marie L. Auge

Catherine L. Ayotte

Fred D. Ayotte

Margaret Ayotte

Merritt Ayotte

Bardon E. Bakke

R. Jean Bakke

Bernice F. Ballard

Ralph J. Ballard

Elizabeth M. Baltes

Iona R. Baltes

Joseph N. Baltes

Lisle J. Baltes

twin boys John and Paul Baltes

Florence Barlage

Henry Barlage

Leo Barlage

Paulina Barlage

John Bauer

Kirk Patrick Bauer

Barbara Becker

Hildegard Becker

Peter Becker

Alpheus S. Beeney

Ramona M. Beeney

Elsie J. Belden

Allen C. Benolkin

Calvin Benolkin

Charles T. Benolkin

J.J. Bennett

Terrance J. Bennett

Bessie Berres

George W. Berres

Valeria M. Berres

William Berres

Edward D. Bettinger

'Father' Bettinger (?)

Joseph J. Bettinger

Kenneth C. Bettinger

'Mother' Bettinger (?)

Raymond J. Bettinger

Richard C. Bettinger

Raymond Charles Beyer

Richard G. Beyer

Rose P. Beyer

A. Lulu Blake

Clair J. Blake

Frank R. Blake

Richard S. Blake

Alden Bohm

Louise Bohm

Joseph C. Boley

Alfred J. Bolster

Isabel M. Bolster

Alfred E. Bradley

Dianne Bradley

Mary E. Bradley

Anton Brand

Elizabeth Brand

Frances M. Brossard (?)

Jane Brossard (?)

Paul V. Brossard (?)

Wm. Adolph Brossard (?)

Joseph B. Brost

Phil C. Brost

Ethelwyn C. Brunette

Gerald P. Brunnette

Joseph E. Brunette

Edna A. Buberl, nee Schletty

Julia Buckley (?)

Mary Buckley (?)

Michael Buckley (?)

Nina M. Bucklin

Martin C. Campion (?)

Mary C. Campion (?)

Emmet F. Carey

Kenneth C. Carey

Marie A. Carey

Ann P. Carlson

Carl M. Carlson

Charles E. Caron

Dorothy L. Caron

Richard Whittier Caron

Kathleen S. Carr

Mildred A. Carr

Russell O. Carr

Carl T. Case

Humphrey A. Case

Margaret M. Case

Mildred K. Case

Margaret T. Case

'Mother' Casey (?)

Patrick H. Casey

Ernest Christen

Madeline Christen

Daniel Churchill

Anna Clark (?)

Bertrum Clark (?)

Nora Clay

Arnold H. Clobes

Arthur C. Cook

Arthur D. Cook

Barbara Cook

Benedict A. Cook

Bertram L. Cook

Calvin C. Cook

Joseph Cook

Mary L. Cook

Rose C. Cook

Adeline C. Cordes

Anna Mae Cordes

Marvin F. Cordes

Dorothy Corrigan

James F. Corrigan

John J. Corrigan

Margaret McAndrews Corrigan

Harriet Daily

Lawrence F. Daily

Andela M. Deary

Edward B. Deary

Edward J. Deary

Katherine B. Deary

Margaret M. Deary

Catherine Deegan

Francis J. Deegan

Irene Churchill Deegan

James Deegan

James Edward Deegan

John F. Deegan

John Paul Deegan

Mary A. Deegan

Wilfred J. Deegan

Catherine Deibler

John N. Deibler

Benita Devney

Edward J. Devney

'Father' Devney (?)

John A. Devney

Margaret C. Devney

Michael H. Devney

'Mother' Devney (?)

Suzanne Blake deLongpre

Katherine Doffing

Melvin Doffing

Peter Doffing

Wilhelmina Doffing

Daniel Doyle

Daniel C. Doyle

Margaret Doyle

Pearl L. Doyle

Jan Duchek

Bruce L. Duff

Winnifred B. Duff

Gustav Edfast

Kenneth N. Ekness

August Elsner (?)

August R. Elsner

Henry G. Elsner

John B. Elsner

Regina Elsner

Regina Elsner

Albert J. Emond

Clara O. Emond

Joseph S. Emond

Vivian L. Emond

James Fahey

Michelle M. Fasbender

Agnes T. Feely

Donald T. Feely

Ellen Feely

Edward C. Feely

Hazel M. Feely

Pearl A. Feely

Thomas J. Feely

William F. Feely

Hugh Forsaith Field

Frank W. Finnegan

Nellie Finnegan

Thomas Finnegan

Alfred F. Fischer

George E. Fischer

James H. Fischer

John Volden Fischer

Mary Daly Fischer

Sue Ann Fischer

Elizabeth Flach (?)

George J. Flach (?)

George E. Flynn Sr.

Joseph Flynn

Mary Flynn

Myra S. Flynn

Clarence Foster

Jeanette Foster

Maude Foster

John W. Frame

Patricia Ann Frame

Rose M. Frame

baby girl Frandrup

Ervin H. Frandrup

Frank B. Frandrup

'Father' Franske (?)

'Mother' Franske (?)

James M. Fread

Louise K. Berres Fread

David Alyn Fredrickson

Katie Jane Fritz

Michael Fritz

Arlene M. Gannon

Elizabeth L. Gannon

Joseph T. Gannon

Julia Gannon

Lloyd P. Gannon

Patrick J. Gannon

William Gannon

Sylvia J. Garr

Patrick John Garvey

Timothy Hyland Garvey

John C. Gephart

M. Eileen Gephart

Ernest M. Gerster

Esther M. Gerster

Earl C. Granger

Edith Granger

Fred J. Granger (?)

Martha M. Granger (?)

Michael W. Granger

John Grove

Fred (Jerry) Grove

Glen 'Sonny' Grove

Glen T. Grove

Lucas Calles Grundman

Brian Michael Haan

Justin A. Haan

Allen James Haffner

Mary Ellen Haffner

Florence A. Hall

George C. Hall

Rowena A. Hanson

Anne P. Hartley

Diane Barbara Heinen

Elizabeth A. Heinen

Gertrude Heinen

J.V. Heinen

Joseph Heinen

John S. Heinen

Mary E. Heinen

Nicholas Heinen

Sarah A. Heinen

Virginia Heinen

Francis J. Henneberry

Helen E. Henneberry

James M. Henneberry

Thomas J. Henneberry

Albert C. Bermann (?)

Marie L. Hermann (?)

Frank Hince

Lena Hince

Margaret A. Hince

Donna M. Huebner, nee Thelen

David R. Hulsing

Albert L. Humphrey

Mary Anne Hunter

Catherine A. Hyland

Grace L. Hyland

Joseph F. Hyland

Maude R. Hyland

Bernard Jensen

Wilhelmz Johnson

Elizabeth Johnston

Harry Johnston

Margiana D. Jones

Raymond A. Kalscheuer

Salona E. Kalscheuer

Clarence A. Kamen

Pauline C. Kamen

Rosalia R. Kamen

Theodore J. Kamen

baby girl Kaufenberg

Patrick J. Ketelboeter

Mary Kimber (?)

Matilda Kimber (?)

William Kimber (?)

Jeannette L. Klahr

William Klahr

baby Klement

baby girl Klement

Lawrence C. Klement

Mary J. Klement

Patty Jo Spaniol Kleve

Sarah M. Kleve

William H. Kleve

Gregory C. Klotter

Christopher Klotz

Cora C. Klotz

Gregory C. Klotz

Jacob Klotz

Katharina Klotz

Mary Klotz

Michael Klotz

Michael R. Klotz

Dana Andre Knott

Dorothy Koehnen

Sandra Kolstad

Roman Charles Kotz

Bette M. Kubista

Roman S. Kubista

Donald W. Kulstad

Mary A. Kulstad

Kevin Joseph Kurowski

John H. Kurrasch

Martha M. Kurrasch

Anna Agnes Langer (?)

August Langer (?)

August Langer

Frank Langer

George Langer

Jeanette Langer (?)

John Langer

Joseph Langer

Julius Langer

Mary Langer

Matilda Langer

Deon Joy Larson

Emmett W. Larson

Jeanelle E. Walker Larson

Marie M. Larson

Annette Lennox

Helen R. Lennox

Steven Little

George J. Loesch

Mary T. Loesch

Mathew M. Loesch

Melba T. Logan

William J. Logan

William J. Logan

Zenobia A. Losinski

Genevieve E. Lubke

Oscar J. Lubke

George Ludescher

Rose Ludescher

Michael A. Lynch

Anna A. MacPhee

Daniel J. MacPhee

LeRoy E. MacPhee

Rose E. MacPhee

Roy E. MacPhee

Mary McGinn Mahoney

Vincent J. Majerus

Catherine Markey

Thomas Markey

Anna Martin

Elmer A. Martin

Julius Martin

Kathryn Martin

Pfc Robert D. Martin

Doris Mauer

Lisa Jane Mazurkiewic

Fred L. McAndrew (?)

Mary A. McAndrew (?)

John J McBrien

Ruth E. McBain

Florence C. McCarthy

F. Berkey McClusky

George B. McCluskey

Mary (Walsh) McCluskey

Mayme C. McCluskey

Evelyn C. McDermott (?)

Patrick T. McDermott (?)

Robert V. McDermott (?)

Ambrose McDonald

John J. McDonald

Anne E. McGinn

Arthur J. McGinn

Bernard D. McGinn (?)

Beryl M. McGinn

Cecilia Casey McGinn (?)

Gregg McGinn

John Patrick McGinn (?)

Margaret L. McGinn (?)

Sylvester B. McGinn

Thomas E. McGinn (?)

William B. McGinn

Ellen McGovern

Joan Mary McGovern

John McGovern

John B. McGovern

Leonard V. McGovern

M. Helen McGovern

Thomas P. McGovern

baby sister McGrath (?)

'Father' McGrath (?)

baby Forciea McGrath (?)

Harry McGrath (?)

James McGrath (?)

Kathryn McGrath (?)

Margaret McGrath (?)

Mary Ellen McGrath (?)

'Mother' McGrath (?)

Patrick McGrath (?)

Thomas Byron McGrath (?)

Marie F. McGuire

Paul E. McGuire

Paul Edward McGuire

Timothy McGuire

Timothy F. McGuire

Estelle Hyland McHugh

Hazel M. McHugh

Henry J. McHugh

James H. McHugh

William B. McHugh

Avon E. McKague

George W. McKague

Winifred E. McKague

Anna K. Mester

Frank J. Mester

Roger F. Mester

Julius L. Methner

Ronald G. Meyers

Ryan Dennis Michaelis

Doug Millard

Edward S. Minnick

Edward P. Minnick

Mary E. Minnick

Nelda A. Minnick

Dominic Moes

Anna Molitor

Hubert Molitor

John Molitor

Joseph P. Molitor

Katherine Molitor

Mary Molitor

Peter Molitor

Brandon Joh Moore

Father David Moran

Andrew M. Mogenson

Erna Mroz

Anna Mulligan

Leon Mulligan

Eva M. Mulvhill

Wm. J. Mulvhill

Anne V. Murphy

Raymond T. Murphy

Robert J. Murray

George Mussman

George F. Mussman

Rose Mussman

Pearl E. Myervold

Ann Marie Narum

Edith May Neilan (?)

George Hugh Neilan (?)

Evelyn T. Neilen

Henrietta Nelson, nee Langer

Emma L. Nonopatski

Elizabeth O'Connor

Michael O'Connor

Elizabeth M. Olson

Enoch E. Olson

Mary A. Olson

Catherine J. O'Meara

Irwim (Mike) O'Meara

Marcella O'Meara

Thomas J. O'Meara

Thomas L. O'Meara

Clara J. Oster

Daniel Oster

Hannah Oster

Ishmael P. Oster

Lucilla Oster

Peter Oster

Emilinne L. Oxborough

Claude Pearson

Mary Pearson

Edward F. Pechacek

Elizabeth M. Pechacek

Ferro Pellicci

Nicholas J. Pellicci, son of John and Lori

Norma Pellicci

Thomas T. Peters

Margaret M. Pietsch

Marvin L. Pietsch

Joseph J. Rademacher

Audrey Ann Raidt

Steven R. Raidt, husband of Deborah

Ann Raymond

Bernard A. Record

Anna F. Reichow

Edward F. Reichow

Dora Reinardy

Jacob Reinardy

Emma C. Reisinger

Harold (Jug) Reisinger

Rex T. Reisinger

Kristine M. Rezac

Charles Riegert

Ida Riegert

James Ristow

James Harold Ristow

Robert W. Ristow

Robert W. Ristow

Vivian M. Ristow

baby Roach

Irene Roach

John A. Roach

Lois A. Roach

Nellie Roach

Barbara Rollmann

John Rollmann

Agnes M. Rosen

August F. Rosen

Lloyd F. Rosen

Ruth D. Rosen

Ann M. Rother, born Rollmann

Edward Rother

Henry E. Rother

Marjorie Rother

Mary K. Rother

Pat Rother

Catherine Rotty

Gordon E. Rotty

Gordon Edward Rotty

Vincent Rotty

Clara Ruddle

Edward Ruddle

Kermit Ruona

Myrna Rush

Anna B. Ruzicka

Joseph J. Ruzicka

baby Ryan

John H. Ryan

Katherne Ryan

Marie A. Ryan

Emma L. Sauber

Irene S. Sauber

John E. Sauber

John Edward Sauber

Katherine Sauber

Matt Sauber

Nelena Sauber

William M. Sauber

William M. Sauber

Francis J. Scanlon

James Scanlon (?)

Margaret E. Scanlon (?)

Nellie Scanlon (?)

Nellie M. Scanlon

Albert H. Schiller

Anton J. Schiller

Josephine M. Schiller

Gordy Lee Schmitz, son of Steve and Barb

Adolph M. Schneider

Alvin F. Schneider

Bob Schneider

Helen C. Schneider

Helena J. Schneider

James M. Schneider

Mary Rose Schneider

Juanita C. Schoenle

Leo I. Schoenle

Blandina C. Schroeder (?)

Elizabeth Schroeder (?)

Ethel L. Schroeder (?)

Francis E. Schroeder (?)

Vincent J. Schroeder (?)

Clara J. Searle

Donald Searle (?)

Roy Searle Jr.

Roy T. Searle

Mary C. Seurer

Exzilda Shankey

Gladys M., daughter of John and Evilda Shankey 

John Shankey

Adelaide M. Shirley

girl Shirley

girl Shirley

Rudolph G. Shirley

Joseph H. Siegler

Nettie M. Siegler

Ralph Joseph

Elizabeth A. Smith

Roy A. Smith

Adolph E. Smithberger

Anna C. Smithberger

Anna M. Smithberger

Bernard Smithberger

Charles B. Smithberger

Frank J. Smithberger

Josephine E. Smithberger

Donald R. Stang

Paul Martin Stapleton

Anna G. Stegmaier

John N. Stegmaier

Julia Stegmaier

Robert Stegmaier

Gregg W. Steigauf

Michael Stifter

Janice L. Stock

Wayne H. Stock

Bernard C. Stoneberg

Bert Stoneberg

Bruce Arnold Stoneberg

Margaret L. Stoneberg

Daniel J. Sullivan

Josephine C. Sullivan

Eugene Robert Swanson

Bertha Sypal

Edward Sypal

Mildred L. Terante

Donald J. Thelen

Donald J. Thelen

Leo Thelen

Margaret Thelen

Agnes F. Theurer

John L. Theurer

Barbara A. (Kaufenberg) Thomas

Mabel C. Thurmes

Nick Thurmes

Peter M. Thurmes

Esther A. Tierney

Dillon P. Tierney

Mary A. Tierney

Phillip Tierney

Thos Tierney

Alvina 'Vi' Tobias

Merril Tobias

Adam Christopher Trevis

John L. Turek

Rose M. Turek

Richard Tussing

Agnes Tutewohl

Albert Tutewohl

Alois Tutewohl

Angeline D. Tutewohl

Anna Tutewohl (?)

Appolonia Tutewohl

Arnold L. Tutewohl

Bertha A. Tutewohl

Edward Tutewohl (?)

George E. Tutewohl

John Tutewohl

Joseph Tutewohl

Joseph C. Tutewohl

Joseph L. Tutewohl

Joseph M. Tutewohl

Laurence Tutewohl

Louis Tutewohl

Louise Tutewohl

Margaret C. Tutewohl

Margaret C. Tutewohl

Marie Tutewohl

May Tutewohl

Pearl E. Tutewohl

Rosa Tutewohl

Annie S. Ulvi

Henry M. Ulvi

Richard J. Ulvi

Nancy L. Vogel

Agnes Wagner

Dallas M. Wagner

Ralph Wagner

Agnes Walker

Anthony Walker

Michael Walter

Ida V. Watters, nee Langer

Margaret J. Wear

Raphael R. Wear

Wendy M. Wear

Clarence L. Weatherly

Donald C. Weatherly

Everell L. Weatherly

Louise M. Weatherly

Francis Weber

Mildred Weber

Lance B. Weierke

Lance B. Weierke

Shirley J. Weierke

Mary F. Weiler

Anton Weisbrich

Charles Weisbrich

Charles A. Weisbrich

Charles N. Weisbrich

Clarence E. Weisbrich

James Weisbrich

Lillian M. Weisbrich

Mathilda Weisbrich

Mary Weisbrich

Mary E. Weisbrich

Cecelia Deegan Welsch

Della M. Wessman

Mary C. White

William G. White

David L. Whittier (?)

Jeanette M. Whittier

Leslie B. Whittier

Louise A. Wiederhold (?)

Luverne Wiederhold (?)

Magdalena Wiederhold (?)

Raymond A. Wiederhold (?)

Valentine Wiederhold (?)

baby boy Williams

Irene M. Williams, nee Oster

Thomas Wingert

Mary J. Weisbrich Wolkow

Ralph Wolters

Worrell, son of Peter L. Jr.

Lyell E. Yetzer

Harvey A. Yost

Mary Yost

Lynn Michelle Youngkrantz

Alvina L. Zieman

Anthony R. Zieman

Phyllis Zweber

I was not able to determine a surname for the following:

Casandra Ann - closest surnames are Ulvi and Caron

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