Corinthian Cemetery

Empire Township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N-R19W, section 29

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. This cemetery is located along the northeast edge of Farmington. The area that comprises the cemetery is two cemeteries. The larger western side of the area is Corinthian Cemetery and the northeast side is St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery. The old fence line could still be detected by a couple of fence posts and the change of fence style along the north edge of the cemeteries. I have listed the cemeteries separately.

The cemetery gate was dedicated to the memory of H.W. Hosmer - Corinthian Cemetery 1872. This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

In 'History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings, ...' By Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he wrote: ' ... In 1872, the freemasons of this place talked strongly of purchasing land for a cemetery for the use of the members of their order, but some dissatisfaction arose among them, and the measures were never carried out. The citizens, however, in the same year organized an association for the fitting up of a cemetery for general use, and bought five acres of land, ... About eighty internments have been made. (page 363).'

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Corinthian Cemetery, established 1872. 5 acres. Located Section 29, SW1/4 (west side).

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Chandler (?), son of (?) H. and A. (?) A??ler (?) 

Anna L.P. Abell, wife of Erasmus Darwin Abell 

Erasmus Darwin Abell

? Ackley (?)

**Courtland Gustavus Ackley, 1 April 1845 Watertown, NY - 24 January 1873**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Vern Adkins

Elaine M. Akin

Gerrit F. Akin

Lamar H. Akin

Nellie Akin

Melinda Alden

George J. Alexander

Lydia B. Alexander

Myrle G. Alexander

Myrle G. Alexander

Vera Mae Alexander

Vera R. Alexander

Carroll C. Allen

Gladys Louise Allen

Mae E. Allen

David H. Allgor

Henry Allgor

Margaret Allgor

Ruth E. Allgor

Maggie, wife of J.A. Almquist

Grace M. Alton

Beverly A. Ames

Chester C. Ames

Ruby B. Ames, nee Reisinger

Dorothy Atley Amidon

Emma S. Amidon

Hattie E. Amidon

William W. Amidon

Leo Amundson

Thelma Amundson

Ethel P. Anderson

Oscar Anderson

Phillip Anderson

Theodore Anderson

Bradly A. Angen

Enoch Arneson

Eloise J. Asher

Loran K. Asher

Robert Averill

Wilford Averill

Marion, wife of W.C.B. (?)

Frances C.B. Guiteau Babcock

Helen Backes

Pamela M. Backes

Raymond Backes

Josephine V. Bailey

Anna A. Baker

Arnold A. Baker

Edna, daughter of A.J. and O.H. Baker 

Guy, son of A.J. and O.H. Baker

Thomas E. Baker

Fannie P. Balch (?)

**Fannie P. Balch 1857-1933** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument

George S. Balch (?)

**George S. Balch 1851-1932** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument

Birdie Ballard (?)

Flora, wife of Peter W. Ballard

Florence B. Ballard

J. Ballard, husband of Mary A. Ballard

Mary A., wife of J. Ballard

Peter W., son of J. Ballard

Caroline Barbey

Emil Barbey

Alexander A. Barclay

Harmon F., son of H.W. and E.E. Barkuloo

Harmon W. Barkuloo

baby girl Barlage

LeRoy J. Barlage

LeRoy J. Barlage

Mary O. Barlage

Charley R. Barnum

Frona V. Barnum

Milton T. Barnum

Rachel C. Barnum

baby Bartelds

John A. Bartelds

Lucille E. Bartelds

Selma E. Bartelds

Lewis Bartz Sr.

Harriet, wife of Rev. John B. Batson

Rev. John B. Batson

Jud L. Batson

Bliss H. Becker

Edwin Anthony Becker

Emma A. Becker

Gena M. Becker

George Becker

Harry F. Becker

Luella A. Becker

Oliver N. Becker

Alfred H. Beenken

Shirley N. Beenken

Ann Selena Bell

baby Bell (?)

baby Bell (?)

C. Maybelle Bell (?)

Doris R. Bell

Esther P. Bell

Frank P. Bell (?)

George F. Bell

George F. Bell

Henry J. Bell

James Bell

Mary Jane Bell

Wayne M. Bell

Arthur W. Belter

Verona M. Belter

Clara Wescott Thomas Bemis

Lila M. Benham

Lowell Benham

Clarence A. Benjamin

Mary L. Benjamin

Anna S. Berry

Howard D. Berry

Carrie I., Wife of Nelson Best

David C. Best (?)

Ida M. Best (?)

Gary R. Bester

Jennie Sachs Bester

Ardis L. Bethke

Emmons M. Betzold

Fred A. Bethke

George F. Betzold

George M. Betzold

Katherine A. Betzold

Lee Ann, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo A. Betzold

Lewis C. Betzold

Lewis C. Betzold

Louisa M. Betzold

Mabel M. Betzold

Martha H. Betzold

Melvin O. Betzold

Samuel M. Betzold

E. Grant Birdsall

Eleanor A. Birdsall

Eva F. Birdsall

Forest Birdsall

Harvey V. Birdsall

J. Ralph Birdsall

L. Ruth Birdsall

Margaret Birdsall

Retha O. Birdsall

Hazel Bisek

Joe Bisek

Russell F. Duff (?) or Bisek (?)

Murdice L. Bjerke

Lois Alice Bliss

Nilo John Blomquist

Chas. P. Blunt

Minnie Bell McConnell, wife of Chas. P. Blunt 

Reuben O. Boehlke

Steven Robert Bohart

Phoebe Jane Boland

Ralph, son of J. and P. Boland

Richard Boland

William C. Boland

Luella Bonham

Donald W. Boyd

Olive B. Boyd

Hattie L. Boyer

A.B.W. Bracket (?)

Carlton Brackett (?)

C.L.B. Brackett (?)

D.M.B. Brackett (?)

E.H.B. Brackett (?)

E.L.B. Brackett (?)

Frank Brackett (?)

G.M.C.B. Brackett (?)

M.E.B. Brackett (?)

'Mother' Brackett (?)

W.M.B. Brackett (?)

Alice H. Bradford (?)

Bennie Bradford

Cynthia M. Bradford

Eva A. Bradford

Fanny P. Bradford

'Father' Bradford (?)

Frank H. Bradford

Henry B. Bradford

'Mother' Bradford (?)

Pliny F. Bradford

Zoie Fluke Bradford

Emma A. Briesacher

Fred C. Briesacher

Leila A. Briesacher

Walter E. Briesacher

Jennie Briggs

Arthur Francis, son of C.A. and J.J. Brooks 

Cynthia, wife (?) of J.J. Brooks (?)

Anna Mae Brown

Jennie (?) Brown

John J., son of Samuel and Betsy Brown 

Orley V. Brown

Robert J. Brown

Samuel J. Brown

Abigail Brownell

Elmer A. Brosseth

Grace V. Brosseth

Margaret M. Brosseth

Cheryl L. Brule

Stephanie Brule

Lynn Brummund

Nina L. Bullard

baby boy Bung

Laverna M. Bung

Lyle E. Bung

David Waverly Burton

Forest W. Burton (?)

Lydia Gerrie Burton

Rachel G. Burton (?)

son of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Burton

Benjamin F. Cable

George S. Cable; 161 N.Y. Vol. Inf.

Ira L. Cable

James H. Cable

Nettie A. Cable

Telina M. Cable

Walter, son of G.S. and T.M. Cable (?) 

Clara Edna Cadwell

Claude E. Cadwell

Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Cadwell 

Audley R. Canfield

Clarence L. Canfield

Mary E. Canfield

Herman Carlson

Erin Westley Carroll

Harriet Staplin Carter, mother of Wm. and Wallace Staplin  born in Jefferson Co. NY

Anna E. Case

Zadie Nellie Case (?)

Zeph Case

Ziph A. Case

Audrey L. Chader

Dorothy D. Chader

Bernie E. Christenson

Walter G. Christenson

James S. Christie

Jane, wife of Lewis Christie

Overton E. Christie

Ralph S. Christie

Robert R. Christie

Florence Chrystal

John Chrystal

Mary Didpie, wife of John Chrystal

Harry J. Clark

Marguerite J. Church

Otis T. Church

Caroline Clay (?)

Earl C. Clay

Hamilton Clay (?)

Hamilton J. Clay

Harriet L. Clay

Inez Clay

Mack W. Clay

Martha G. Clay

Nellie A. Clay

Roger N. Clay

Wayne William Clay

Helen Clemens

Peter Clemens

Edith A. Clements

Eileen G. Clements

Joseph R. Clements

Josephine Clements

A.A. ? S. Cleveland

Andrew J. Cleveland

Herbert C. Clute

Philinda, wife of Horatio C. Colcord

Mary E., wife of L.A. Colson, daughter of Jacob W. Works 

Hulda Conley

George Fred Connell

Lottie I. Connell

Earl A. Cook

Forest H. Cook

George Cook (?)

Irene Rice Cook

John Jackson Cook

Laura I. Cook

Lena Cook (?)

Louisa Cook

Marion J. Cook

William Cook. Pvt Co F(?) 1st Minn Heavy Artillery

Marvin R. 'Butch' Cordes

Martha J. Coryell

George Coulter (?)

Ethel M. Cox

Raymond J. Cox

Mina Cowell (?)

Walter Cowell

Wm. Cowell

Mrs. Wm. Cowell

J.M.D. Craft , Co A 99 Ind Vol Inf

Louese M. Craft

Mattie M. Craft

Catharine F., wife of Rev. Ben. J. Crist

infant son Eddy Crist

A.C., wife of C.H. Crocker, daughter of J.W. Works 

Grace W. Crooks

John Crooks

Anna M. Curry

Charles W. Curry

Jane Barkuloo Curry

Rebecca E. Curry

Willis C. Curry

baby Curtis

Carrie Curtis

Evadine Curtis

Frank H. Curtis

Frank H. Curtis

George Curtis

Ralph Curtis

Karl O. Dahlager

Muriel E. Dahlager

Mary Daine

Kate Darling

Caroline K. Day

Edwin L. Day

George Day

Lee Day

Lucy Whittier Day

Grace Dekine (?)

Minnie B. Dekleine

Richard Dekleine

John Dekline (?)

Fred Carl DeMann

Mildred Bell DeMann

Charles Dement

Zella Dement

Hattie Demuth

Ella Deuth

George Deuth

George J. Deuth

Henry A. Deuth

Albert 'Al' Diesen

Dallas W. Diesen

Viola 'Vi' Diesen

Esther L. Dilley

Merrel D. Dilley

Henrietta C. Dodge

Inez McG. Dodge

Levi Parker Dodge

Myra W. Dodge

Ruth E. Dodge

W.M. Dodge

Warren M. Dodge

Fred H. Doehling

Leonard H. Doehling

Lillian L. Doehling

Mary C. Dome

Ellen R. Donaldson

J.M. Donaldson

Joseph Donaldson

Mary Montgomery (Donaldson)

Lance P. Doran

Grace I. Dowers

Marie Dubbels

Paul Dubbels

James Duff (?)

Nellie Duff (?)

Russell F. Duff (?) or Bisek (?)

John E. Duffey

John P. Duffey

Barbara J. Dugas

Clara Day Egle

Kenneth Duane Ellingson

Gertrude W. Elsner

Adone Empey

Alexander Empey

Alyn J. Empey

Calvin G. Empey

Clifford W. Empey

George A. Empey

Gretchen G. Empey

Mrs. George (Mae) Empey

Helen May Hall Empey

Irving Empey

Margaret Empey

May Empey

Merrill Empey

Steven Empey

Genevieve Engelman

Robin Engelman

Swan Engh

Christine Englert

Christine M. Englert

Louis H. Englert

Martha Ennis

Benjamin A. Erickson

Chester H. Erickson

Irene A. Erickson

Ora M. Erickson

Oscar W. Erickson

Patricia A. Erickson

Rose A. Erickson

Edward Esmay

Ellsworth L. Esmay

Hattie Esmay

Christian Etter

Evelyn A. Etter

Minnie Etter

Rudolph C. Etter

Alice Knowles Eustis

Gladys Everote

Peter Everote

G.W. Fager

Gracia M. Field

Rhoda S. Field

Ann Feiner

Charles A. Filkins

Alex Lee Fischer

Carri Jo Fischer, nee Sacks

George E. Fischer

Ephriam Fish

Hiram L., son of Ephraim and Meriba Fish 

Meriba, wife of Ephriam Fish

G.M. Fjetland

Nellie M. Fjetland

Mary Jane Fletcher

Wilbert J. Fletcher

Khalifa Bayyinah Flowers

baby Fluke

Della M., wife of LeRoy P. Fluke

Harry L. Fluke

LeRoy P. Fluke, Co C 27 Ohio Vol. Inf

Pearl L. Fluke

Albin N. Foss

Delta L. Foss

Nile C. Foss

Sharon L. Foss

Edwin Fredrickson

Helen Fredrickson

Harriet E. Freer

John W. Freer

Grace A. Froemming (?)

Harry B. Froemming (?)

Ellen Deuth Funari

Cynthia A. Gerald

Ginger Gerald

Esther L. Gerardy

Jean Gerardy

Alfred C. Gibbs

Edwin F. Gibbs

Fannie F. Gibbs

Florence Baby Gibbs

Annie Gilbertson

David Gilbertson

George Gilbertson

Patty Gilbertson

Ronald Gilbertson

Abigail (?) J. Giles (?)

David D. Giles

Eva M. Giles

Florence E. Giles

Florence O. Giles

Harry H. Giles

Henry D. Giles

Katherine Giles

Lenora L., wife of H.N. Giles

Mabel E. Giles

Mary E. Giles

Reginald E. Giles

'Father' and 'Mother' Gilkey

Oliver A. Gilkey


Blanche Meeker Gilman

Minnie J. Gilman

Mary E. Gleim

Frank Glewwe

Herman L. Glewwe

Luella Glewwe

Beth A. Godby

Lewis A. Godby

John H. Goerss

Lorraine M. Goerss

Ritie Underwood Goodsell

Ann M. Gordner

Clarence Gordner

Maria M. Gordner

Raymond S. Gordner

Stanley Gordner

Virginia Gordner

Harry F. Gould

Eugene E. Graham

Chester W. Graham

Clara Graham

R. Corinne Graham

Wallace Graham

Greta Mae Grant

Wallace S. Grant

Addie Greco

Viola Greco

Wm. J. Greco

Clarence L. Griebenow

C.R. Griebie

F.H. Griebie

Fred H. Griebie

Fred R. Griebie

Gladys Griebie

Grace Moor, wife of F.H. Griebie

Isabel Griebie

Louise, wife of H. Gross

Warren H. (?), son of Wm. and M.E. (?) Gross (?) 

Glenn S. Grove

Jessie M. Grove

Orville M. Gudim

Kendrick N. Guiteau

Angeline B. Haack

Jacob Haasnoot

Maria Haasnoot

Florence Haefs

Phil H. Haefs

Phil W. Haefs

Ellen Hagen

Harriet E. Hagen

Herman Hagen

Herman O. Hagen

Marvin L. Hagen

Hall - Syckes

Bertha A. Hall

Charles L. Hall

**Clinton Elliot Hall 15 May 1861 - 13 April 1933**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Jesse J. Hall

Marie Hall

**Nellie J. Sycks, 3 February 1866 - 26 February 1930, married Clinton Elliot Hall 4 May 1883**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Walter R. Hall

Jennie Hallanger

Thomas Hallanger

Elliott W. Halstead

Louis O. Halvorson

Lucille G. Halvorson

Annie Laurie, wife of John S. Hamaker

'Father' Hamann (?)

Frank Hamann (?)

Henry H. Hamann (?)

'Mother' Hamann (?)

Peter Hamann (?)

Salome M. Hamann (?)

William Hamann (?)

Ardell W. Hansen

Mary L. Hansen

Kenneth H. Hanson

Ruth K. Hanson

Frances D. Harmer

Jon Russell Harstad

Effie J. Hunter, wife of L.M. Harrington 

Maranda A. Harrington (?)

Mary Ann Seward, wife of David G. Harrington 

Mary Luedke Harrington

Nellie M. Harrington (?)

William Harrington (?)

Alice L. Harris

Deanne L. Harris

Emma (?) Harris, child of Orinda (?) and M. Harris 

Eugene Harris

Gladys A. Harris

Grace E. Harris (?)

H. Lee Harris

Hattie J., child of Orinda (?) H. and M. Harris 

Hilda Harris

J. Logan Harris

James M. Harris (?)

Monroe Harris, Co I 140th Ill. Volunter

Orinda Harris

Russell J. Harris

Violet R. Harter

Harriet Baker Haskell

Bessie Hauge

Alfred M. Haugh

Grace Haugh

Edna E. Hayden

Raymond L. Hayden

Charles I. Hayes

Mary J. Hayes

Albert E. Haynes

baby Haynes (?)

Nanna B. Haynes

Nellie J. (?), daughter of C.I. and M.J. Haynes 

C.B. Headley

Jennie V., wife of S.C. Headley

Margaret Hegstrom

Lynette Marie Heikes

Tim H. Heikes

Celina Grace Heikkila

Timothy Dean Heikkila

baby Henderson

Dorothy S. Henderson

Leonard 'Red' Henderson

Lulu E. Henderson

Elizabeth Henry

Frank E. Henry

Gerhard Henry

Leora D. Henry

Suzanne Renee Henry

Harry B. Hicks

Claudia Higgins

Margaret Higgins

Maria Higgins

William Higgins

Agnes Hill

Charles L. Hill

Gertrude E. Hill

Harold T. Hill

Irene I. Hill

John Hill

Milo L. Hill

Sherman W. Hill

Florence V. Hines

Herman Hinz

Meta Hinz

Avis G. Hoeppner

Cora M. Hoeppner

Otto C. Hoeppner

Werner F. Hoeppner

Anna M. Hoffman

Christian Hoffman

Clara C. Hoffman

Dietrich L. Hoffman (?)

Emelia K. Hoffman (?)

George Hoffman, came to Dakota County

George W. Hoffman (?)

Glen C. Hoffman, buried in Liege, Belgium

Henrietta Hoffman

Lydia I. Hoffman (?)

Milton E. Hoffman

Susanna, wife of George Hoffman

Virgil G. Hoffman

Edward H. Holm

Verna A. Holm

Etta L. Holmes

Gabriel John Holmes (? - Closest Surname) 

Jamie LeRoy Holmes (? - Closest Surname) 

Marjorie D. Holmes (? - Closest Surname)

Mary Holmes (? - Closest Surname)

Nelson M. Holmes, Pvt Co F 7 Regt Minn Inf Civil War

Thomas W. Holmes

Roy L. Holt

Ethel A. Holten

Goodwin Holten

Elizabeth Holtgrave

John Holtgrave

Coral I. Homola

Addie B. Hosmer (?)

Alice M. Hosmer (?)

Amanda M., wife of Hobart N. Hosmer

Chester L. Hosmer (?)

Chester L. Hosmer

Ella B. Hosmer (?)

Emma J. Hosmer (?)

Eunice S. Hosmer (?)

Frank H. Hosmer (?)

Frank L. Hosmer (?)

Fred C. Hosmer (?)

Grace L. Hosmer (?)

Harriet A. Hosmer

Herbert W. Hosmer (?)

Hobart N. Hosmer, Co C Minn Vol Inf

Irving E. Hosmer (?)

Leavitt S. Hosmer (?)

Maynard R. Hosmer (?)

Lida, wife of J.E. Houston

Ernest S. Houts

Edgar Hurd

Margurete Hurd

Agnes L., daughter of H. and C. Huyck

Amanda Huyck

Clara Huyck

Harry Huyck

Randolph Huyck

Marion I. Peterson Hyland

Albert F. Ideker

Alma L. Ideker

Esther C. Idso

Florence Ingerson

Francis Ingerson

Johannes Ippell

baby boy, son of E.L. and C.G. Irving

'Father' Irving (?)

'Mother' Irving (?)

Albern Ista

Augusta W. Ista

Bertha Ista

Cora Ista

Edwin A. Ista

Fern E. Ista

George F. Ista

Herman Ista

Ethel Ives

Frank Ives

Fred C. Ives

Ira A. Ives

Jesse Ives Sr.

Jesse Ives Jr.

John Ives

Leona E. Ives

Levi Ives

Martha Amidon, wife of Jesse Ives

Millie J. Ives

Richard Ives

Clara Jacobs

Peter Jacobs

Jarrett Willis Jacobson

Joel Lloyd Jacobson, son of Leroy and Jane 

Mrs. D.C. Jay

S. Jenkins

S. Jenkins

Christen Jensen

Clara Jensen

Dorothy E. Jensen

Elizabeth Jensen

Erna B. Jensen

Frieda S. Jensen

George J. Jensen

Harland O. Jensen

Harriet Jensen

Ida S. Jensen

J. Theodore Jensen

Jens S. Jensen

Jess H. Jensen

John E. Jensen

Kamella Jensen

Lars P. Jensen

Lorena R. Jensen

Martha A. Jensen

Merle T. Jensen

Nels C. Jensen

Sharon M. Jensen

William F. Jensen

Alice C. Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Andrew A. Johnson

David Johnson

Elosina C. Johnson

George (Ernie) Johnson

George E. Johnson

George Ernest Johnson

Harold Johnson

Helen A. Johnson

infant boy Johnson

J.A. Elmer Johnson

Lillie J. Johnson

Louis R. Johnson

Roger J. Johnson

Wendell G. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

William, son of H.T. and H.L. Johnson 

Arnold K. Jones

Edna H. Jones

Joe Jones

Joe Paul Jones

John Scott Jones

Marie Jorgensen

Morris Jorgensen

Otto Jorgensen

Mary A. Josephson

Lucy Maria, wife of Roswell Judson

Roswell Judson

Stella M. Judson

Gordon H. Kath

Kyle M. Kath

Benoni C. Kelley

Mary P. Kelley

Carrie E. Kenney (?)

Martin W. Kenney (?)

Esther Kent (?)

Lawrence Klingberg

Mathilda Klingberg

Elbert (Al) Kindseth

Theodora (Mikie) Kindseth

Marie Averill King

Roldon F. Kingman

George M. Kingrey

Grace W. Kingrey

Ula M. Kissel

Gladys V. Klahr

Annie Klatt

E.C. Klatt

Esther L. Klatt

Harlow H. Klatt

Mabel M. Klatt

baby boy Klaus

E. Beryl Klaus

George Henry Klaus

Henry P. Klaus

Ida M. Klaus

Lloyd R. Klaus

Maud P. Klaus

Phillip W. Klaus

Theresa E. Klaus

Wilhelmina Kloepping Klaus

F. Kloepping

Johanna Kloepping

Ethel M. Klotzbeacher

Jake R. Klotzbeacher

Sarah Knight, daughter of K. and A.M. Record 

Harry L. Knowles

Jane Marie Knowles

Joseph Knowles

Winslow L. Knowles

Amelia M. Knoblauch (?)

Frank A. Knoblauch

Susanna L. Knoblauch

Karl Koch

Gertrude Kopeske

Martin Korsman

Martin J. Korsman

Glenn T. Kraft

John G. Kraft

Katherine B. Kraft

Mary A. Kral (?)

Robert H. Kral (?)

James Alan Krech

Frank H. Kregel

Frank H. Kregel

Rachel A. Kregel

Schuyler H. Kregel (?)

Jens Kristian (Topp ?)

Elsie I. Krubsack

Ernest J. Krubsack

Emanuel Kuchera

Ethel Kuchera

Marvin N. Kuchera (?)

Scott Anthony Kuchera (?), son of Roger and Jeanne

Verna E. Kuchera

Jeffrey Gene, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kuhlman 

August Kulstad (?)

Henrietta D. Kulstad

Stella M. Kulstad (?)

Frances E. Lagerquist

Gordon E. Lagerquist

Charles A. Lanner

Mathilda C. Lanner

John W. Lansing

David Lapham

Adeline I. Larsen

Albert J. Larsen

Augusta K. Larsen

Edna M. Larsen

Hans Marcus Larsen

Lewis C. Larsen

Martin O. Larsen

Nancy Larsen

Signe Larsen

Caroline M. Larson (?)

Clifford G. Larson (?)

Earl L. Larson

Elmer A. Larson

baby Esther Larson (?)

Esther E. Larson

James R. Larson

Joe Larson

Hansena Larson

Hattie J. Larson

Lee Larson

Louis N. Larson

Myrtle L. Larson (?)

Otto W. Larson

Pearl E. Larson (?)

Barbara Mae Lawler

Alice D. Lawrence (?)

Bela M. Lawrence (?)

Bela Malcom Lawrence (?)

Laura E.H. Lawrence (?)

Mark D. Lawrence (?)

Ruth A. Lawrence (?)

Caroline Legare

Clifford Legare

Myrtle I. Lehr

William Lehr

Florence Myrtle Watson Lenmark, wife of 63 years to Ivar Lenmark 

Arthur A. Leroy

Henry Leroy

Louise Leroy

Lucille J. Leroy

Charles Sumner Lewis

Violet Chapel Lewis, wife of Charles S.

Arne Lien

Theresa Lien

Lotta Frances Tucker Lightwood

Walter P. Lilly

Vernon Larry Lindberg

Bernard A. Lindblad

Alan Lindgren

Bert Lintner (?)

Beatrice E. Lintner

Harriet M., wife of T.H. Lintner

Harriott M. Lintner

Theodore H. Lintner

William M. Lintner

Andrew Lipe

George Lister

Mary Ann, wife of George Lister

Sharon A. Livingood

Albert Lomas

Lois (Lolly) Lomas

Martha Lomas

Charlie A. Lord

Mamie E. Lord

Marjorie J. Lorenzen

Paul C. Lorenzen

Bert Louk

Hilda J. Lovegren

Christoph H. Luebke

Lydia C. Luebke

Carl Luedke (?)

Dorothy Luedke

Earl C. Luedke

Ethel V. Luedke (?)

Hazel E. Luedke

Mathilda Luedke (?)

Raymond Luedke

Robert Luedke (?)

Wilhelmine Luedke

Arlene L. Lund

Esther M. Lundgren

Eugene H. Lundgren

Henry Lundgren

Jean Ann Lundgren

Maxine G. Malley

George D. Mandell

Sarah L. Mandell

Sophie L. Manke

Walter F. Manke

Eliza Haskell Manton

John S. Manton

Earl R. Mapes

Harriet E. Marcell

Vernard K. Marcell

Lala J. Martin

Lewis P. Martin

Porter Martin

Richard A. Martin

Sarah A. Martin

Florence Mattson

Harold Mattson

Jesse A. McAlister

Pheobe L. McAlister

Jane L. McBride

Artie, son of Rev. A. and Mrs. McCausland

Clara B. McClintock

Jessie O. McClintock

Russell M. McClintock

Alice B. McCluskey

Allan W. McCluskey

Asa G. McCluskey

Esther McCluskey

Ettie McCluskey (?)

G.W. McCluskey

Hannah McCluskey

Hannah Bailey McCluskey

Kenneth McCluskey (?)

Raymon McCluskey

Rose McCluskey

Wm. T. McCluskey

Clara McConaghie

Mary McConaghie

Maurice McConaghie

Ross T. McConaghie

Anna McConnahey

Fern Gavin McDaniel

Samuel P. McDaniel

Vyrl J. (Mac) McDermott

F. Belle McDonald

William J. McDonald

Frances O. McGeough

Iona M. McGeough

James McGuiggan

Earl N. McKay (?)

Elza L. McKay (?)

John W. McKay

Robert C. McKay

Doris L. McKee

Florence McKenna

Hannah D. McKenna

James McKenna

John McKenna

Laurie McKeon

Marilyn McKeon

Martha H. McKinnon

Alanson B. McKown

Susan H. McKown

Etta M. McNamara

Emma H. McNew

Mert F. McNew

Frank J. Mead

Mary Rowley Mead

G.N. Meeker

May Shaw Meeker

Merrill C. Meeker

Duane J. Meine

Nellie S. Mondonsa (?)

Robert R. Mendonsa (?)

Myrtie A. Merrill, child of L.F. and M.A. Merrill 

Percy L. Merrill, child of L.F. and M.A. Merrill 

Ronald L. Merrill, child L.F. and M.A. Merrill 

Alby Merritt

Ethel Merritt

Dietrich C. Michel (?)

Dora J. Michel (?)

Gertrud L. Michel

Hazel Mick

Maynard Mick

Augusta Miller

B.F. Miller

F.J. Miller

Flossie Miller

Fred Paul Miller (?)

Kristian Miller (Topp ?)

Martha J., wife of B.F. Miller

Spencer T. Miller

Doreen Mary Mills

Joyce E. Mills

Stephen C. Mills

Diane L. Milstead, nee Heise

Paul Mitchell

Susie Mitchell

Myron H. Mohn

Albert H. Moll

David Edmund Mongeau

Emma C. Mongeau

Zepheire G. Mongeau

Anna Montgomery

Mary Montgomery (Donaldson)

Melvin Montgomery

Otis Montgomery

Russell Montgomery

Harriet S., daughter of J.W. and M.L. Moore 

Mary Elizabeth Moore

Mary D. Morgan

Clifford D. Morrisson

Delbert G. Morse

Irvin A. Morse

Mary E. Morse

Ruth L. Morse

Max Motley

Anton Motzko

Bessie Motzko

Betty J. Murphy

Emaline Murray

Darwin W. Muzzy

Ida V. Myers

James W. Myers

Catherine H. Nason

Christena, daughter of G. and M.A. Lister, wife of Pembroke Nason 

Florence S., daughter of Pembroke and Christena Nason 

Frederick Morley, son of L. and M. Nason 

George L. Nason

Lemuel Nason

Martha Ferguson, wife of L. Nason 

Pembroke Nason

Pembroke Somerset, son of L. and M. Nason

Alice U. Nelson

Andrew G. Nelson (?)

Annie M. Nelson

Carl J.F. Nelson (?)

Charles Nelson (?)

Christ Nelson

Craig A. Nelson

David A. Nelson

George L. Nelson

Helma J. Nelson (?)

Leslie N. Nelson

Nancy Nelson (?)

Peter Nelson

Raymond F. Nelson

Robert Nelson

Roberta C. Nelson

William L. Nelson

Travis Raymond Newman

H. Louise Warweg Nichols

Medith D. Nicholson

William 'Billy' Nixon - Co A 1st Minn Vol Infty. Born in Liverpool, England (This Monument Stone has a copper / brass plate that tells more about his military history)

Marion E. Nogle

Selma Nordberg

Emma M. Nordling

Franklin P. Norris

Geo. A. Norris

Lizzie A., wife of W.H. Norris

Mary A., wife of C.F. Norris

Theoline Norris

Adella M. Norton

Alfred C. Norton

Arthur P. Norton

Emery W. Norton

Helen Norton (?)

Jane Norton

Octavia M. Norton

Pearl Norton

Ralph Norton

Ramsom Norton

Edith Clements O'Brien

Della M. Olson

Helen I. Olson

Herman G. Olson

Leonard M. Olson

Leonard Martin Olson

Mary Olson

Norman C. Olson

Ole Olson

William A. Olson

Lilliam M. Ristow O'Malley

Chester Orndorff

Viola Orndorff

only Ostrom

Brent Duane, son of Duane and Marjorie Ott

Beret Anna Otterstad

Douglas Otte

Charles C. Otto

Viola Otto

LeRoy Vernon Page

Marie R. Page

Michael J. Page

Betty M. Partington

Donald A. Partington (?)

Edward G. Partington (?)

Helen M. Partington

Mary Lomas Partington

Myrtle M. Partington (?)

Robert G. Partington (?)

William G. Partington (?)

William S. Partington

'Father' Partlow (?)

'Mother' Partlow (?)

Jessie Griebie Paulette

Robert Justice Paulette

Eddie E. Payne

Floyd E. Payne

Gerald Payne

Jennie A. Payne

Mary L. Payne

Andrew Pelach

Andrew Pelach

Anna Pelach

baby Pelach

Ione Pelach

John Pelach

Ruth Pelach

A. Susan Penwell

Charles A. Penwell

Clarence J. Penwell

Harry Penwell

Ida C. Penwell

James Penwell

Lorley R. Perra

baby Perry

James A. Perry

Myrtle A. Perry

Edward Peters

Elizabeth A. Peters

Mildred P. Peters

Richard Peters

Sarah E. Peters

William D. Peters

Alice M. Petersen

Reuben P. Petersen

Godfrey Peterson

Naomi A. Peterson

Wesley Peterson

Gordon Pfahning

Gordon L. Pfahning

baby boy Phillips

Dorothy McGuiggan Phillips

Elizabeth E. Phillips

Frank W. Phillips

Mabel J. Phillips

Theodore L. Phillips

Anna S. Pietsch

August F. Pietsch

Gustave W. Pietsch (?)

Ida H. Pietsch (?)

Louis F. Pietsch

Russell G. Pietsch

Theresa C. Pietsch

Mary Jane Pilcher, wife of J.E. Pilcher

Adin K. Pitcher (?)

Alice L. Pitcher (?)

David S. Pitcher (?)

Dwight D. Pitcher (?)

Lucy F. Pitcher (?)

Barbara Jean Pontliana, nee Wescott

Esther C. Prebish

James E. Price

Randy Priem

Milford W. Pulja

Clarence Quie

Linda B. Quie

Sylvia Quie

Myra E. Quinnell

Oliver E. Quinnell

Laura E. Randall

Roscoe D. Randall

Roscoe D. Randall

James Rankin

James Rankin

Margaret Rankin

Mary Rankin

Mary, wife of Robert Rankin

Mary J. Rankin

Robert Rankin

Robert Rankin

Isaac L. Rarick

Nettie V. Rarick

Dora J. Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen

Rasmus Rasmussen

Katherine B. Rech

William Rech

Wilma K. Rech

Adelia M. Record

Elizabeth S. Record

George H. Record

Knight Record

Mildred S. Record

Alexander Records (?)

Alice Records (?)

Edythe Records (?)

Florence A. Records (?)

Gerald C. Regan

Otto R., son of R and C. Rehmenklau

Martin W. Reinke

baby boy Reisinger

Ellen E. Reisinger

Glen Reisinger

Maggie Reisinger

Ralph W. Reisinger

Harold Rice

Nancy E. Richards

Albra Ricker

Edward H. Ricker

Esther E. Ricker (?)

Katherine S. Ricker (?)

Walter S. Ricker (?)

Mary E. Ristow

Wilbur Ristow

William Ristow

William A. Ristow

Lea Robaur

Cliff Roberts

Vera Roberts

Carol J. Robertson

Ernest M. Robertson

Violet Robertson

Ethel Roche

Harold Roche

John W. Roche

Mary L. Roche

Robert F. Rodger

Charles L. Rodgers

Elizabeth M. Rodgers

Frances W. Rodgers

James Rodgers

James Rodgers

Nancy B. Rodgers

Walter S. Rodgers

baby Rolfing

Mary M. Rolfing

Ralph Rolfing

Ruth Rolfing

Wellington Rolfing

Augusta Roots

George Roots

Wm. Roots

Joyce Roschen

Kenneth Roschen

Kenneth E. Roschen

Pearl Rosenwald

Grace Roshon (Wallace ?)

Glenn N. Rowell

Lloyd G. Rowell

Nettie E. Rowell

Abigail W., wife of N.B. Rowley

Nelson B. Rowley

Melody Anne Rud

Harold Wayne Rushton

Dorothy Sachs

Gerald Sachs

Jennie (?), wife of J.S. Sachs (?)

John Sachs

Lawrence O. Sahagian

Alila St. John

D. Elizabeth St. John

Ednard E. St. John (?)

G. Lloyd St. John

Gloria St. John

Lloyd A. St. John

Margaret St. John

Mathilda S. St. John

William R. St. John

Genevieve B. Sandberg

Adeline, wife of I.R. Sanderson

I.R. Sanderson

James Richard Sanford

Luverne Jane Sanford

Clarence Sather

Karine J. Sather

Jack D. Satriano

Ben Saures (?)

baby Schaar

Allan A. Schauer

Bernie A. Schauer

Roger A. Schauer

Levi E. Schertz (?)

Maggie Schertz (?)

August Schindeldecker

Mary Schindeldecker

Anna T. Schjeldahl

Mildred H. Schjeldahl

Ole C. Schjeldahl

Ernest John Schmidtke

Sandra June Schmidtke

Angelic Marie Schnell

Eleanor Marie Schonning (?)

Kenneth David Schonning (?)

Palmer Herbert Schonning (?)

Ora Esther Schonning (?)

Agnes G. Schuler

Jacob Schuler

Josephine K. Schuler

William M. Schuler

Alyce M. Schulz

Clarence E. Schulz

Dorothy Marie Schulz

Edward G.F. Schulz (?)

Mary K. Schulz (?)

Mildred Schulz (?)

Milton Schulz (?)

Roland F. (Sonny) Schulz

Erwin W. Schutt

Roger R. Schutt

Verna M. Schutt

Agnes Seals

George Seals

Jeannette M. Seals

Nancy Seeley

Nathan Seeley

Axel J. Sejrup

Dennis E. Sejrup

Marie Sejrup

Edward E. Selk (?)

Elizabeth Selk (?)

'Father' Selk (?)

Idella M. Selk (?)

Jimmy, son of I. (?) and E. Selk

'Mother' Selk (?)

George Senrick

Lydia Senrick

Charlotte Sprute Severson

Monroe Hartley Severson

J.I. Seward

Sally Shadrick

Caroline E., wife of P.L. Share

Elizabeth, daughter of P.L. and C.E. Share

Mary, daughter of P.L. and C.E. Share

Earl S. Shellenbarger

Grace M. Shellenbarger

Roy G. Shelton Jr.

Roland C. Shirley

Ruth E. Shirley

George H. Siebold (?)

John George Siebold

Lena Siebold (?)

Lillian M. Siebold

Phyllis Siebold (?)

Caroline W. Sieckert (?)

Frederick W. Sieckert (?)

Lloyd Sieckert

Mary M. Sieckert

Annie M., wife of John F. Sikora

Donald W. Skallerud

Catherine Slack

Carrie M., daughter of N.E. and M.S. Slack

George Slack

N. Ezra Slack

Robert Slack

Eleanor S. Slater, wife of Robinson

Adelbert Charles Smith (?)

Anna L. Smith (?)

C.H. Smith

Caleb Smith

Dana Elizabeth Smith (?)

Duard Smith

Edna M. Smith

Eleanor Smith

Ellen E. Smith

Elsie J. Smith

Henry J., son of C.H. and Nancy S. Smith 

Jennie, wife of D.C. Smith

Martha D., wife of Caleb Smith

Maryann Moriarity Smith

Milford Lee Smith

Nancy S. Smith

Okley J. Smith

Retha Smith

Richard Gordon Smith (?)

Russell Thomas Smith

Sylvester Smith

Carrie E. Snyder

Francis G. Snyder

Hazel Smith Snyder

Roscoe F. Snyder

William E. Snyder

C. Oscar Soderlund

Carl Oscar Soderlund

Charles W. Sorn (?)

Christiana Sorn

Julia O. Sorn (?)

William Sorn

Allen F. Spangenberg

LuWana B. Spangenberg

Mary A. Spangenberg

Viola C. Spangenberg

Elizabeth B. Sparks

Caroline Knowles Spaulding

Herbert G. (?) Spearin

Julia B. Spearin (?)

Simon B. (?) Spearin

Charles C. Spottswood

Charles P. Spottswood

Nancy J. Spottswood

William C. Spottswood

Amelia, daughter of August H. and Anna C. Sprute 

Anna Charlotte Sprute, nee Beins, wife of August H. Sprute

August H. Sprute, son of Fredrick and Sophia Sprute 

baby Sprute

Caroline L. Sprute

Eddie Sprute (?)

Emil E.L. Sprute

Ernest W. Sprute

'Father' Sprute (?)

Fred Sprute, son of Fredrick and Sophia Sprute 

Fredrick A., son of A.H. and Anna C. Sprute

Freidrich Sprute

Helen A. Sprute

infants of A.H. and Anna C. Sprute

'Mother' Sprute (?)

Sophia Sprute

Ruby P. Staats

William P. Staats

Glenyce M. Stahnke

Leslie W. Stahnke

Alfred G. Stapf

Alfred G. Stapf

Lewis J. Stapf

Lillian D. Stapf

Merrill L. Stapf

Ruth M. Stapf

Stella C. Johnson Stapf

Harriet Staplin Carter, mother of Wm. and Wallace Staplin born in Jefferson Co. NY

Wallace Staplin, born at Niagara Falls, NY

Benora Staupe

Helmer Staupe

Marcia Kay Staupe

Gene R. (Spec) Steadman

John Steefes

Mary E. Steefes

Ada L. Steele

Bertha Jensen Steele

James Steele

James E. Steele

Margie Steele

Myra E. Steel

Percy Steele

Shane R. Steeves

Dora N. Stelle

Georg W. Stelle

Clarence Stempfley

John C. Stempfley

John J. Stempfley

Rose A. Stempfley

William Stewart

John L. Stofer

Lillian R. Strand

Roy B. Strand

Lauren M. Summers

Clara D. Swanson

Ellen C. Swanson

Fred W. Swanson

Garfield V. Swanson

Merl F. Swanson

Willameta T. Swanson, nee Burritt

Albert Sweet, born in Wells (?), Minn (?)

**George W. Sycks  13 March 1837 - 16 September 1902**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**Nancy Ann Whipps, 25 September 1848 - 26 March 1930, married George W. Sycks 14 May 1865.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Alonzo R. Taft

baby girl Taft

Earle B. Taft

Glenn D. Taft

Irene H. Taft

Isabella C. Taft

Jessie E. Taft

James F. Tapp

Mary D. Tapp

Gray Edwin Tate

Lance D. Tharaldson

Maureen Thill

Alva C. Thomas

Ardee C. Thomas

Bertha Thomas

Calvin L. Thomas

Catherine A. Thomas

Ella G. Thomas

Ellen N. Thomas

Everett A. Thomas

Fred A. Thomas

Virgil V. Thomas

Emma B. Thompson

Harley G. Thornton

Mildred I. Thornton (?)

W.W. Tibbetts

Frieda F. Tillges

Nick Tillges

Harvey Tingley

Ida A. Tingley

Robert H. Tingley

Cornelius Tipler

Mary Ann, wife of Cornelius Tipler

baby girl Tonsager

Palmer Tonsager

Velma Tonsager

Amanda B. Topp (?)

baby Topp

Dennis Topp (?)

Idella Topp (?)

Jens Kristian Topp (?)

Kristian Miller Topp (?)

Morris Topp (?)

Pearl Traux

J.K. Troll

Gordon Trout

Gordon S. Trout

Harriet Trout

Louise Trout

Sandra Trout

Frank W. Tubb

Geraldine B. Tubb

Hazel K. Tucker

Robert J. Tucker

William H. Tucker

John Turnquist

Melvin Turnquist

Millie Turnquist

Karl Tutewohl

Victor Tymoshuk

Chris Uhl - Christiane Hannelore (born) in Germany  - daughter of Nikolaus and Irmgard Uhl

Irmgard Uhl - Irmgard Minna Junghanis  in Germany 

Alfred Spreckley Underwood

Blanche Wilmot Underwood

D. Underwood

D. Francis Underwood

Ernest W. Underwood

Hannah Underwood

Maria, wife of D. (?) Underwood

Ruth Ada Underwood

Sarah Underwood (?)

Spreckley Underwood

Susan, wife of F. (?) Underwood

Ida Vall

Floyd F. Vanderford

Alfred W. Vanderlick

Margery H. Vanderlick

Amanda VanGuilder

Earl H. VanGuilder

George L. VanGuilder Sr.

Lillian VanGuilder

Ray I. VanGuilder

Edna VanValkenburg (Closest Surname ?)

Gerald VanValkenburg (Closest Surname ?)

Luella VanValkenburg (?)

Warren A. VanValkenburg (Closest Surname ?)

Wynne VanValkenburg (?)

Della Varey

Edwin J. Varey

James Varey

Francis Vaughn

Mary E., wife of Francis Vaughn

Harrington Verna

George L. Vieths

Olga M. Vieths

Florence I. Vincent

Kenneth E. Vincent

David J. Volden (?)

Albert J. Wachter

Carl H. Wachter

Deborah Ann Wachter - Johnson

Esther K. Wachter

Hazel O. Wachter

Roberta C. Walsh

Thomas G. Walsh

Bernice Lorraine Wanha

? (buried) Warner

Elizabeth Warner

Jos. A. Warner - no dates - Co C 52 Mass. Inf

Alma S. Warweg

Caroline J. Warweg (?)

Claire M. Warweg

Clara Warweg

Edna E. Warweg

Edna E. Warweg, nee Larson, born in Marine MN on St Croix

Fred P. Warweg

Geo H. Warweg

Henry G. Warweg

Louis P. Warweg (?)

Louis P. Warweg

Louis Phillip Warweg

Louise J. Warweg

Mary F. Warweg

Phillip H. Warweg

Frank Watson

Hatty Watson

Jennie Watson

Mary Watson

Rinnie Belle, daughter of F.M. and J. Watson

Wm. H. Watson

Donna M. Weflen

Palmer M. Weflen

Palmer Marvin Weflen

Lori Ann Wegner

Emily E. Weierke

Paul C. Weierke

Rose Tibbetts Weimern

Mary Ruth Moore Welch

Ariel Wellman

Lucy Wellman

Addie C. Wells

Artie, child of Geo. and Flora Wells

baby girl, child of Geo. and Flora Wells

baby son of Clifford and Addie Wells

Clifford I. Wells

Flora Daine Wells

George W. Wells, Co F 5th NY Calvalry

Willie Wells, child of Geo. and Flora Wells 

baby girl Wenthold

Amanda H. Wescott

Frank H. Wescott

James Wescott

Jane E. Cockbain, wife of W.H. Wescott 

Lucille Wescott

Mary A. Wescott

Ora A. Wescott

Walter G. Wescott

Wells H. Wescott

Wells J. Wescott

Donna L. Westenberg

Blanche M. Wetterlin

Carrie Wetterlin

Charles Wetterlin

Frank O. Wetterlin

Junior T. Wetterlin

Mable Wetterlin (?)

Mildred F. Wetterlin

Lois Ann Wetterlund

Windy Wetterlund

Winnifred Wheeler

John White

Addie B. Whittier

Albert Whittier

Albert A. Whittier

Asa M.P. Whittier

Bernice Whittier

Charles B. Whittier

Donald B. Whittier

Edith V. Whittier

Ella L. Whittier

Emily M. Whittier, wife of Asa M.P. Whittier 

Emma Jane Whittier

Frank A. Whittier

George Henry Whittier, Co I 2nd Minn Calvalry

infant son of M. and S.C. Whittier

L. Grace Whittier

Lettice, wife of Giebord (?) Whittier (?)

Lloyd A. Whittier

Lucy A., wife of Albert Whittier

M.G. (Mid) Whittier

Margaret Whittier, nee Cameron

Marguerite E. Whittier

Myra Bell, child of M. and S.C. Whittier 

Myra H. Whittier

Polly, wife of E.P. Whittier

Richard Whittier

Sophia C., wife of M. Whittier

Walter F. Whittier

Gustave A. Wiechman

Angeline Wille

Anna E. Wille

Charles A. Wille

Fred W. Wille (?)

Henry A. Wille

Henry G. Wille

Linda M. Wille (?)

Verney R. Wille

Marc A. Williams

Charles Whitcher

Helen M. Witcher

Sarah Witcher

Sylvester C. Witcher

Virginia M. Wolke

Vivian M. Wolke

Budette Z. Wood

Olive M. Wood

Frankie, daughter of M.E. and P. Woodard 

baby Woodruff

Franklin J. Woodruff, Corporal Co C Bracketts Battalion MN Cavalry

George W. Woodruff

Mary L. Woodruff

'Mother' Woodruff

Hannah R., daughter of J.W. Works

James W. Works

Jacob W. Works

Mary H., wife of J.W. Works

Frank S. Wright

Helen W. Wright, died (?)

John Wright, died (?)

Lucy M., wife of John Wright

Mildred Eunice, daughter of J. and L.M. Wright

Nancy J. Wright

Ora May Wright

Lena L. Yennie

Amy F. Young

Amy F. Young

Harvey Young

Pamela Young

Ward D. Young

Ward D. Young

Arvid E. Youngkrantz

Mary Ann A. Youngkrantz, nee Wescott

Mildred Zellmer

Roy Zellmer Sr.

Frank Zitzke

I was not able to determine surnames for the following:

Percy L. , son of ? and E.H.

??ing (probably Irving ?) - hard to read - stone on side and partially buried

3 person stone between Penwell and Smith - stone very worn

?? age 55 years 16 days - rest of stone broken off - between Sweet and Haugh

Earl ?, died ? 1872 (?) - difficult to read

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