St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery

city of Vermillion, Vermillion township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T114N-R18W, section 22

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located within the town of Vermillion, Minnesota. There is a large statue area in this cemetery. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: St. John's Catholic Cemetery. Started in 1882. About 3 acres. Located NW 1/4 of Section 22. 190th St. E.

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Wilhelm Bartels

Helen Bastien

Stanley Bastien

Anton C. Bauer

Carl P. Bauer

Clara Bauer

Dorothy M. Bauer

Eva Bauer

Helen B. Bauer

Jacob Bauer

Louis L. Bauer

Bernard Becker

Clara M. Becker

Elisabeth Becker

George Becker

George J. Becker

Larry Joseph, son of Mr. & Mrs. Laverne Becker 

Gottfried Beissel

Joseph J. Beissel

Katherine Beissel

Linda Annette, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Donald Beissel

Louis Beissel

Mary Beissel

Johann Beying

Susanna Beying

Joseph Birk

Marie G. Birk

William Birk

Stephen T. Braun

Elisabeth B. Kiemen, wife of John Breuer 

John Breuer

John L. Breuer

Magdalena Breuer

Sybilla Breuer

Anna E. Brochman

Appolonia Brochman (?)

Catherine Brochman (?)

Goerge J. Brochman

Jerome N. Brochman

John Brochman

John P. Brochman (?)

Kathrine Brochman

Marie R. Brochman

Marvin J. Brochman

Mathilda Brochman

Myron P. Brochman

Nicholas J. Brochman

Elisabeth Brochmann, born in Diekirch Grossh.,  Luxemburg

Johann Brochmann, born in Diekirch Grossn., Luxemburg

Peter Johann, son of J. P. & K. Brochmann 

Doris Jean Brown

Margaret Brown

Philip Brown

Theodore Brown

Anna M. Brummel

Joseph J. Brummel

M. Catherine Cauchy

Peter S. Cauchy

Anthony Chandler

baby Chandler (?)

Clara A. Chandler

Dorothy Chandler

Nicholas Chandler

Raymond J. Chandler

William Chandler

Elizabeth Cysiewski

Martha A. Cysiewski

Peter H. Cysiewski

Thomas A. Cysiewski

Viola Kieffer Dawson

Agnes Deutsch

Edward Deutsch

Elvira M. Doffing (?)

Irmina M. Doffing (?)

Maria Doffing (?)

Mathias Doffing (?)

Anna S. Dreis

Anthony H. Dreis

Barbara C. Dreis (?)

Daniel P. Dreis

Donald J. Dreis

Francis J. Dreis

Franz Dreis, born in Suren, Luxemburg ( other German words which include the name Marla Brochman ?)

Henry F. Dreis

Iva M. Dreis

Jacob Dreis

John P. Dreis

Katharina Dreis

Leona J. Dreis

Margaret Dreis

Patricia M. Dreis

Anna Drewicke

Lawrence Drewicke

Lawrence Drewicke

Lorenz B. Drewicke

Lucy M. A. Drewicke

Johann B. Einsweiler

Joseph Einsweiler

Nickolaus Einsweiler

Barbara Fautsch

Nickolaus Fautsch

Catherine Feyen (?)

Eltina M. Feyen (?)

Leonellus R. Feyen (?)

Nicholaus Feyen (?)

Rosalia Feyen (?)

William N. Feyen

Anton Ficker

Elizabeth Ficker

Catherine Fox (?)

Henry C. Fox

Joseoh E. Fox

Nicholas Fox (?)

Arvie F. 'Bud' Frandrup

Charles B. Frandrup

daughter of Art Frandrup

Dorothy J. Frandrup

Fred J. Frandrup

Joseph, son of Arvie Frandrup

Veronica Frandrup

Josephine Leuf, wife of Domminique Frantz

Johann Frey

Katharina, wife of Johann Frey

Kathleen A. Frey

Margaret Frey

Margaretha Kasel, wife of M. W. Frey 

Mathias E. Frey

Mathias W. Frey

Cyrilla V. Friese

Reuben C. Friese

Elizabeth Fritscher

Helmuth Fritscher

Regina Fritscher

Apollonia Fuchs (?)

Catherine Fuchs

Elizabeth Fuchs (?)

John J. Fuchs

Math N. Fuchs

Peter J. Fuchs

Philip Fuchs (?)

William Fuchs (?)

Josephine P. Fusenig

Justine F. Fusenig

Nicholas J. Fusenig

Nichols J. Fusenig

Alois M. Gergen

Anna Gergen, nee Wallerius

Anna K. Wallerius, wife of Jacob J. Gergen, and mother of Edmund, Johann, and Alois

Brian Michael Gergen

Edward J. Gergen

Jacob J. Gergen

Jacobus Gergen

Joan M. Gergen

John Peter Gergen

Julius N. Gergen

Mary E. Gergen

Mary K. Gergen

Michael F. Gergen

Victoria Lorentz - Gergen , nee Seffern

Mary Giefer (?)

Peter Giefer, son of Mary & Wilhelm Giefer 

William Giefer (?)

Aloys J. Girgen

Anna Girgen (?)

Catherine A. Girgen

Christina Girgen (?)

Johann Girgen

Louis John Girgen (?)

Margaretha Girgen

Peter Joseph Girgen (?)

Rosa Girgen

Ruth M. Girgen

Elizabeth Gitzen (?)

John Peter Gitzen (?)

Andrew C. Gross

Andrew P. Gross

Michael Grughten

Nicholas Haas

Angela Y. Halfern

Leonard J. Halfen

Peter John Harrington

Magdalena Heinen, nee Kerst, born in Muringen (?), Preussen 

Mary Heinen

Nicholas Heinen

Nicolaus Heinen, born in Huningen (?), Preussen 

Bertha Held

Christopher Held

Peter Held

Peter Held

Susanna Held

John Henkes

Lina Henkes

Appalonia Herschbach (?)

Marie Herschbach

Gertrude Hilger, nee Langenfeld

Adele M. Holzemer

Adelheid M. Holzemer (?)

Aloys Holzemer (?)

Ambrose C. Holzemer (?)

Anna Holzemer

Anna Holzemer

Anne K. Holzemer

August V. Holzemer (?)

Clemence Holzemer

Conrad Holzemer

Conrad Holzemer

Conrad Holzemer

Conrad F. Holzemer

Eleanor R. Holzemer

Gertrude Holzemer (?)

David R. Holzemer

Helen H. Holzemer (?)

Helena Holzemer

Henrietta Holzemer

Johann Holzemer

John M. Holzemer (?)

Josephine Holzimer

Katherina Holzemer (?)

Katherine Holzemer (?)

Mathias Holzemer

Mathias M. Holzemer (?)

Michael Holzemer

Michael Holzemer (?)

Monica Holzemer (?)

Peter Holzemer

Peter Holzemer

Richard J. Holzemer

Richard J. Holzemer

Suzanna Holzemer

Theodore C. Holzemer (?)

Vincent F. Holzemer

Anna M. Holzmer (?)

John P. Holzmer (?)

Jacob Horn

Johanna Horsch

John F. Horsch

John P. Horsch (?)

Katherine Horsch (?)

Mary G. Horsch

Ray F. Horsch

Frank Hubley

Gary J. Hudak

Eugene S. Isenmann Jr.

son Jelinek

mother Jelnik

William W. Jacobson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Reverent Antony Kaesen

Frank Karnick

Lois V. Karnick

Anna C. Kasel

Anthony J. Kasel

Christ A. Kasel

Christoper Kasel (?)

Dora K. Kasel

Elizabeth Kasel

Frank D. Kasel

Hildegard E. Kasel

Jacob Kasel

John Kasel (?)

John L. Kasel

John R. Kasel

John W. Kasel

Joseph G. Kasel

Katherine Kasel (?)

Katherine Kasel

Leona Kasel

Margaret Kasel

Margaret Kasel

Marie Kasel

Mary J. Kasel (?)

Math A. Kasel

Mike M. Kasel

Peter C., son of Christopher & Katherine Kasel 

Theodore Kasel

Veronica Kasel

Nick Kaufman

Emma K. Kaufmann (?)

Johann Kaufmann

Maria Berens, wife of Johann Kaufmann 

Peter H. Kaufmann (?)

Grace Kelly

William F. Kelly

Catherine Kerst (?)

Hubert Kerst (?)

Mary Kerst (?)

Mary Kerst

Michael Kerst

Nikolas Kerst

Aloysius L. Kiefer

Katherine Kiefer (?)

Katherine Kiefer

Marcus Kiefer

Wilhelm J. Kiefer

Ambrose G. Kieffer

Anna Kieffer

Catherine A. Kieffer

George Kieffer

Joseph W. Kieffer

Juliana L. Kieffer

Mary D. Kieffer

Anna M. Kiemen

Anna M. Kiemen

Nicholas Kiemen

Peter J. Kiemen

Barbara, child of Peter & Barbara Kirchens 

Joseph, child of Peter & Barbara Kirchens

Maria, child of Peter & Barbara Kirchens 

Mark J. Kirchner

John M. Kirpach

Margaret M. Kirpach

Elizabeth Klein

John P. Klein

Anna M. Kleve - Boettcher (?)

Henry Kleve

Joseph A. Kleve

Julia Kleve

Ben Klotz

Cristy Klotz

Elizabeth Klotz

Katharina Klotz

Lena Klotz

Leo Klotz

Leo, son of Peter & Lena Klotz

Maria K. Klotz

Nikolaus Klotz

Nikolaus R. Klotz

Peter Klotz

John J. Kostka

Marie G. Kostka, nee Ries

Robert, son of John & Marie Kostka

Gilles Krausen, born in Frisingen Kanton. Esch an der Alzett  Grossnerzogthum, Luxemburg

Peter Krausen, born in Zu Frisingen Kanton Esch, an der Alzett Grossherzogthum, Luxemburg

A. Magdalens Kummer (?)

Aurelie Kummer (?)

Helen M. Kummer

Jacob Kummer (?)

Jacob C. Kummer (?)

Josephine Kummer (?)

Martin G. Kummer

Theresa Kummer (?)

Aaron Langenfeld

Adam Langenfeld (?)

Angela Langenfeld (?)

Anna M. Langenfeld

August F. Langenfeld

Augustin Langenfeld

Elisabeth Langenfeld

Frank J. Langenfeld

Robert Langenfeld

Carleton Leaman

Carlton T. Leaman

Julie Leaman, nee Kieffer

Randy Annette Lees

Catherine Leifeld

Elizabeth Leifeld

Emma M. Leifeld

F. J. Leifeld

Frank H. Leifeld

Henry P. Leifeld

Joseph Leifeld

Louis Leifeld

Louisa Leifeld

Margaret E. Leifeld

Mary M. Leifeld

Nick Leifeld

William H. Leifeld

Jacob Leuf

Josephine Pohl, wife of Jacob Leuf

Anna Loesch, born Kummer

Bertha C. Loesch (?)

'Father' Loesch (?)

George Loesch

Harold H. Loesch

John N. Loesch (?)

John W. Loesch

Joseph Loesch

Joseph Loesch

'Mother' Loesch (?)

Eugenia Lorentz

Anthony Lucking

Barbara Lucking

Anschela Ludewig

Michael Ludewig

Anna K. Mamer

Dorothea Katherine Mamer

George H. Mamer

Jacob P. Mamer

Karl Marschal, born in Diekirch Groszherzogthum,  Luxemburg

Margaretha, born Huble, wife of Karl Marschal, in Marshenk (?), Luxemburg

Adeline Marschall

Anna Marschall

Anna Marschall

Anna Marschall (?)

Anna M. Marschall

Anton Marschall, born in Diekirch Grossherzogthum, Luxemburg 

Anton Marschall

Anton G. Marschall

Charles Marschall

Charles Marschall (?)

Charles N. Marschall (?)

Frances C. Marschall

Frances C. Marschall, nee Kasel

George K. Marschall

George P. Marschall

Heinrich R. Marschall

Heinrich R. Marschall

Jos. P. Marschall

Joseph A. Marschall

Joseph Peter Marschall

Katharina Marschall, born Kasel

Magdalena Marschall

Margaret Marschall

Margaret Rosalia Marschall (?)

Maria A. Marschall

Maria M. Marschall

Mary Marschall

Mary Marschall

Peter Marschall

Peter Marschall

Lawrence A. Marshall

Maria A. Klotz, wife of Heinrich Marshall

Marjorie Marshall

Mary Marshall (?)

Mary Magdalen Marshall (?)

Mathias Marshall (?)

Nicholas Marshall

Peter Marshall

George J. May (?)

Lillian A. May (?)

Mary May (?)

Merle McClintock

Rose McClintock

Anna M. Meyers

baby boy, son of Mr & Mrs. George A. Meyers

Herman J. Meyers

Judy Ann, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George A. Meyers

Mary, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George A. Meyers

Nicholas Mollers

Josephine Mueller (?)

Michael Mueller (?)

Mark Donavon Murphy

Karen M. Murray, wife of Kenneth W. -  daughter of Frank & Loretta Frandrup

Alfred H. Neuman

Mary Rollinger Niederprim

'Mother' Niederprim (?)

Catherina Niesen

Christ Niesen

Katherine Niesen

Victor Pennell

Barbara F. Perlick

P. H. Philipp

Clara Pohl

Ernest Pohl

Joseph R. Pohl

Lucille Pohl

Josephine Raway

Peter J. Raway

Aloys J. Reiter (?)

Henry John Reiter

John Reiter (?)

John H. Reiter

Katherine Reiter (?)

Margaret A. Reiter (?)

Martha E. Reiter

Nicholas Reiter

Catherine Reuter (?)

John J. Reuter (?)

John P. Reuter (?)

Mary Reuter (?)

Michael A. Reuter

Thersa R. Reuter

Adelheide Ries

Catharina Odelia Ries

Christian J. Ries

Eleanor E. Ries

Gregor Ries

John A. Ries

Lenora M. Ries

Mary Theresa Ries

Nicholas Ries

Robert A. Ries

Rose Scholastica Ries

Theresa Ries

J. August Rollinger

John Rollinger

John Rollinger

Katharina Rollinger

Maria, wife of Johann Rollinger, born in Medernach Grossherzogthum, Luxemburg

Albert Rother (?)

Albert Rother

Andrew V. Rother

Anna Rother

Caecilia Rother

Caroline, daughter of H. & C. Rother

Caroline Luef Rother

Catherine Rother

Deloris T. Rother

Emma C. Rother

Ermelinda Rother

Henry Rother

Henry J. Rother

Johanna Rother (?)

John J. Rother

Katharina Rother (?)

Lawrence G. Rother

Lawrence George Rother

Leonida Rother

Leroy G. Rother

Mary E. Rother

Nicholas Rother

Rose M. Rother

Victoria, daughter of H. & C. Rother

Vincent Rother (?)

Vincent E. Rother

Vincent H. Rother

Vincent J. Rother

Phillip Saduske

Dennis Michael Sandkamp, son of Leo & Rita 

Thomas Alan, son of Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Sandkamp 

Anna M. Schaal

Alfred W. Schanno

Antony Schanno

Catherine Schanno

Christine F. Schanno

Clarence C. Schanno (?)

Eduard Schanno

Ida J. Schanno

Irene H. Schanno

Jacob Schanno

Jacob P. Schanno

Katherine (?) Schanno (?)

Leo J. Schanno

Maria G. Schanno

Nicholas Schanno (?)

Susan B. Schanno (?)

Susan M. Schanno

William Schanno

Marion M. Schletty

William J. Schletty

Math Schlosser

Gertrude Langenfeld Schmitz

Agatha Schwartz

Cecilia M. Schwartz

Othmar N. Schwartz

Peter Schwartz

Lorraine R. Scully

Sylvester J. Scully

Anna M. Nahl, wife of Franz Seffern, born in Schonecke, Deutschland 

Franz Seffern, born in Hastings, Minnesota 

Franziskus Seffern, born in Rhein Provinz, Deutschland 

Amanda K. Severance

Rose C. Sherf

Helen Sieben, nee Letendre

Norbert Sieben

baby Siebenaler

Bernard W. Siebenaler

Emma M. Siebenaler

Evelyn A. Siebenaler

Joseph L. Siebenaler

Louise C. Siebenaler

Mary F. Siebenaler

Mathias L. Siebenaler

Sharon A. Siebenaler

William J. Siebenaler

William J. Siebenaler

Margaretha Simmer (Niesen family ?)

John J. Stelter

Paschel A. Stelter

Rose K. Stelter

Linda Rosanne, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Corwin G. Staus 

Ambrose B. Stoffel

Anna Stoffel, born Wagner

Annie L. Stoffel

Antony M. Stoffel

Bernard A. Stoffel

Cecelia A. Stoffel

Elisabeth Stoffel

Elizabeth Stoffel (?)

Florence R. Stoffel

Gerald Stoffel (?)

Hillary Stoffel

Irene L. Stoffel

Jacob A. Stoffel

Johann Stoffel

Johann N. Stoffel

John Joseph Stoffel (?)

Katharina Stoffel

Leona M. Stoffel (?)

Marcus Stoffel

Margaret Stoffel (?)

Maria Stoffel

Maria (?) A. Stoffel

Marie Stoffel

Marie A. Stoffel

Mary Stoffel

Mechtilda Stoffel (?)

Michael Stoffel

Peter Stoffel

Peter Stoffel (?)

Peter N. Stoffel (?)

Peter R. Stoffel

Raphael Stoffel

Raymond P. Stoffel

Raymond P. Stoffel Jr.

Raymond P. Stoffel

William A. Stoffel

Clara Studenmaier

Bertha Therres

Johann Therres

Johann Therres

Joseph Therres

Joseph C. Therres

Lena Therres

Magdalena Therres

Maria Therres

Maria Therres

Marie E. Therres

Marie P. Therres, born in Junker ? Rhein Provense Trier (?) 

Peter Therres

Anton Thurmes (?)

Ferdinand M. Thurmes (?)

Helen M. Thurmes (?)

Magdalena Thurmes (?)

Nicholas Thurmes (?)

Susan Thurmes (?)

Lori Ann Tix

Emmett P. Traynor

Shirley B. Traynor

Catherine C. Tutewohl

Dorothy F. Tutewohl

Dorothy T. Tutewohl

Edward L. Tutewohl

Lorie Tutewohl

Mary Tutewohl

Thomas F. Tutewohl

Vincent H. Tutewohl

Alfred J. Wagner

Aloys Wagner

Anna Maria Wagner

Bernard A. Wagner

Christopher Wagner

Domnic Nicholas Wagner

Emma Mary Wagner

'Father' Wagner (?)

Frances Wagner

Helena Christina Wagner

Johanna Josephine Wagner, nee Leuf 

Joseph Anton Wagner

Joseph N. Wagner

Lily M. Wagner

Margaretha Wagner

Mary Anne Wagner

Michael Wagner

'Mother' Wagner (?)

Nicholas Wagner, born in Hostert Grossh. Luxemburg 

Othmar Wagner

Susan Wagner

Theresa M. Wagner

?? Wallering (?)

?? Wallering (?)

George P. Weiland (?)

John Weiland (?)

John P. Weiland

Mary Weiland (?)

Anthony Werner

Beverly Werner

Catherine Werner (?)

Christ Werner

Josephine Werner (?)

John N. Werner

John W. Werner

Justina Werner (?)

Mary A. Werner

Mary A. Werner

Mary K. Werner

Nicholas Werner (?)

Nicholas G. Werner

Nikolaus Werner

Rose Werner

Stacy Leigh Werner

William Werner (?)

Al Wiederhold

Frank Wiederhold

John Wiederhold (?)

Joseph Wiederhold

Joseph C., son of Johann & Theresia Wiederhold 

Louise, daughter of Joseph & Margaretha Wiederhold 

Magdalen Wiederhold

Margaretha Meisch, wife of Joseph Wiederhold 

Theresa Wiederhold (?)

Nora M. Wise

Eugene H. Wollmering

Henry Wollmering (?)

Henry Wollmering

Henry F. Wollmering

Henry J. Wollmering

John Wollmering

John Wollmering

Joseph A. Wollmering (?)

Joseph C. Wollmering

Margaretha Wollmering (?)

Peter Wollmering

Ramona M., daughter of Peter & Theresa Wollmering

Rose C. Wollmering

Susan Wollmering

Theresa Wollmering

Veronica Wollmering

Anna Zeien

Joseph Zeien

Wilhelm Zeien

William Zeien

William N. Zeien

The following were unreadable or I could not get a surname

Elizabeth  - no surname - with Math Schlosser

Joseph  - no surname - with Math Schlosser

Peter  - no surname - with Math Schlosser

6 September 1890 (?) - ? April 1892 (?) can't read name - very hard to read

?? 1892 - ? October 1893 can't read name - very hard to read

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