St. Agatha's Catholic Cemetery

Vermillion township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T114N-R18W, section 8

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located about one mile southeast of Coates, Minnesota, along 170th street east. Most of the burials are located in the northeast quarter, with a few burials in the southwest quarter. At the time I visited this cemetery there was no visible sign stating the name of the cemetery. Other sources listed the cemetery as St. Agatha's Catholic Cemetery. There is no longer a church at this location. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: St. Agatha's Catholic Cemetery. Surveyed in 1875. One and one half acres. Located NW 1/4 of Section 8. 170th St. E. West of Highway 52.

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Mary Adam

Henry Backes

Mary Backes

Bridget Bennett (?)

Edward Bennett

Ellen Bennett

James Bennett (?)

James Bennett, Native of County Arma, Ireland

Mary Ann, wife of Edward Bennett

Maurice Bennett (?)

Peter Bennett

Peter P. Bennett

Sarah Bennett

'Father' Birk (?)

Marie Birk (?)

'Mother' Birk (?)

Rose E. Blackwell

Catherine F. Callaghan (?)

Ellen E. Callaghan (?)

Mary, wife of Wm. Callaghan, Native of County Limerick, Ireland 

Mary Callaghan (?)

Nora A. Callaghan (?)

Patrick H. Callaghan (?)

William Callaghan (?)

William E. Callaghan (?)

Elmer F. Callahan (?)

Frank V. Callahan (?)

Jennie L. Callahan (?)

Elizabeth C. Casey (?)

Mary A. Clark

Elizabeth E. Condon (?)

Elizabeth E. Condon

Ellen Condon

James A. Condon

John F. Condon

Margaret Condon

Margaret Russell, wife of Michael Condon

Mary C. Condon

Michael Condon

Michael Condon

Michael Condon, born in County Limerick, Ireland 

Michale J. Condon

Victoria Condon

William Condon

Patrick Crimmin

Ralph deDominces

Tony deDominces

Anna Fahey Donaldson

Ann Dordon

Ann Case, wife of Frank Dordan

Frank Dordan

John A. Dordan

John M. Dunlavy, Native of County Sligo, Ireland 

Annie Evans

Anna Fahey (?)

Arthur Fahey (?)

baby Fahey

Dennis Fahey

Edward P. Fahey

John Joseph Fahey

John L. Fahey

Margaret Fahey

Mary Fahey (?)

Patrick Fahey

Patrick J. Fahey

Rose C. Fahey

Sarah Fahey

Thomas E. Fahey

Leona M. Fennell

William J. Fennell

E. Marie Maloney Fisher

Austin Gillespie, Native of County Sligo, Ireland

Austin M. Gillespie (?)

baby Gillespie (?)

Catherine Gillespie

Ellen F. Gillespie (?)

Esther A. Gillespie

Frances Gillespie (?)

John H. Gillespie

John T. Gillespie

Joseph A. Gillespie (?)

Joseph E. Gillespie

baby Mary Gillespie (?)

Mary Gillespie, Native of County Sligo, Ireland

Clarence E. Herrley

Patricia M. Herrley

Chris Horsch

Delores Horsch

Wilhelmz Johnson

George P. King

Gertrude King

James King

Capt. John King

Maria King

Mary King

Thomas King, Native of County Queens, Ireland 

Mrs. Thomas King

William King

Winifred King

Catherine, wife of Martin Knaresbora 

Martin Knaresboro, Native of County Kilkenny, Ireland 

Barbara, wife of Edward Moore

Catherine Moore (?)

Edward Moore

Edward J. Moore

Grace Moore (?)

Hannah Moore (?)

Johanna, wife of Michael Moore, born in County Limerick, Ireland 

Johanna Moore

baby John Moore (?)

Mary C. Moore

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Michael P. Moore

Richard Moore (?)

Thomas Moore

William Moore (?)

William F. Moore

Margaret Murnane

Michael Murnane

Catherine O'Neil, wife of J. E. Murphy

J. E. Murphy

Mary (?) Murphy

Michael Paul Neisen

Clarence Niesen

Henry Niesen

John C. Niesen (?)

Marie C. Niesen (?)

Rebecca O'Leary (?)

Thomas O'Leary, born in County Limerick, Ireland

Thomas O'Leary (?)

Thomas O'Leary

Teresa Osman

Catherine Pilcher

Catherine M. Pilcher

Francis Pilcher

Joseph Pilcher

Annie Mary Raway

Clara C. Raway

George W. Raway

Henry Raway

J. H. J. Raway

John H. J. Raway

Joseph Raway

Leonard J. Raway

Mary K. Raway

Catherine Rice

James Rice

John Rice (?)

Joseph C. Rice

Katherine, wife of Peter Rice

Michael Rice (?)

Peter Rice

Thomas Rice

Helen E. Ries

Joe L. Ries

Louis Lawrence Ryan

Albert Schaffer

Frances Schaffer

Thomas W. Schaffer

Domonic L. Schmitz

Susanna Schmitz

Kathryn M. Sieben

William Sieben

Corp'l Absalon (?) Smith, Co. F Hatch's (?) Minnesota Cav.

Harvey J. Swoboda

Harvey J. Swoboda

Msgr. Vincent (Father Art)

A. M. Wayman, Co. C 1st. Minnesota Batt'n Inf.

Edmund J. Wayman

Johanna Wayman

Mary E. Waymand

John 'Jack' Welsh

John V. Welsh

Mary B. Wilson

William R. Wilson

William R. Wilson

Alfons A. Yzermans

Catherine F. Yzermans

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