Bell Wood Cemetery

Marshan Township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N - R17W, section 22

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in fair shape. There are several clusters of lilacs within this cemetery and it looks as though the lilacs were planted around bases of the trees that marked the burial rows. In a couple other places the lilacs were planted near burial monuments and have now surrounded the burial monuments. My understanding is that this cemetery belonged to a Catholic mission church, which was part of Guardian Angels Catholic Church in Hastings, Minnesota. The mission church was closed around 1900 and the cemetery was closed at the same time. There were very few burials after the church was closed.

In ‘History of Dakota County and the City of Hastings, ...’ By Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he wrote ... ‘Bellwood, on the east half of the north-east quarter and the east half of the south-quarter of section 28, was surveyed and platted, ... The Bellwood Catholic Church was built on land donated by the townsite company. The site, for want of encouragement, soon was abandoned.’ ... ‘ The Collins brothers donated the land occupied by the Bellwood cemetery to Bishop T.L. Grace of St. Paul, for the use of Bellwood Catholic church as a cemetery. ... It contains five acres in the north-west quarter of section 22, ... There are now in the enclosure, four hundred and forty-five grave. The first one was that of Stephen Collins.’ (page 424).

The Dakota County Cemetery Compilation lists this cemetery as: Bellwood Cemetery. Guardian Angels Catholic Church. Opened 9 May 1862. Platted July 1874. 5 Acres. Located NW 1/4 of Section 22. Highway 61 and 190th Street East.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during May of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

John Ahern

Albert Arper

Francis Z. Arper

Margaret E. Arper

Mary E. Arper

Mary J. Arper

Mary Jane, daughter of F.Z. & Mary Arper, native of Trov (?) N.Y.

Sarah E. Arper

Catherine, wife of Michael Atkinson, native of Parish of Forgney, County Westmeath, Ireland

Michael Atkinson, born in Cloncullon, Parish Ballymore, County Westmeath, Ireland

H.G. Bailly, Co D 5th Minn. Inf.

Henry G. Bailly, 1st Lt. Co D 5 Minn. Inf., Civil War

Edward Belamore (?)

Mary Belamore (?), wife of Edward

Leo Caneff

Thomas Caneff

James Carroll, his wife Kate and their children John & James

Mary Carroll, native of County Limerick, Ireland

Bridget Casserly

Rudolph, son of J. & F. Chiquet

Bridget, wife of Malaghy Collins, native of Kilkerrin, County Galway, Ireland

Malaghy (?) Collins

Peter Collins, native of Kilkerrin, County Galway, Ireland

Peter S., son of Malaghy & Ellen Collins

Stephen Collins, native of Kilkerrin, County Galway, Ireland

Bridget, daughter of Thos. & Rose Connelly

Martin Connelley, native of the county of Roscomon (?), Ireland

Catherine, daughter of P.A. & Y.I. Conard

Ann Dean

Ellen M. Dean

Eugene Dean, born in Castle Gregory, County Kerry, Ireland

Mary Ann Dean

William, son of E. & M. Delamore

Ellen, wife of Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney, of the Parish of Bournia, County of Tipperary, Ireland

Bridget Dordan

John Dorigan

Daniel Driscoll

Daniel Driscoll

Ellen Driscoll

James Driscoll

Jane Driscoll

Michael Duffy

Margaret Dunn

Patrick Dunn

George H., son of J. & M. Fagan

Bridget Fagen, daughter of M. & C. Fagen

John, child of M. & C. Fagen

Mary Fagen, daughter of M. & C. Fagen

Thomas, child of M. & C. Fagen

Louis Faivre

Ann, daughter of Patrick & Bridget Fegen

Bridget Fegen, wife of Patrick

?ames Flahavan, native of Parish of Fo?, County Waterford (?)

Mary Flahavan (?)

Thomas F. Flynn, native of Canada (?)

Robert, son of M.P. & M. Goulson (?)

Bridget, wife of John Gready (?)

James Higgins, son of Patrick & Anna Higgens

Patrick Higgins, son of Patrick & Anna Higgens

Daniel Holland

James Holland

Mary, wife of J. Hurley

Peter Hurley

Ann McGrath, wife of John Judge

Bernard Judge

Bernard Judge

Eliza, ? of J. & A. Judge

James, son of J. & A. Judge

Jane Holland, wife of M. Judge

John Judge

John Judge

Margaret Judge

Michael, son of J. & A. Judge

Michael J. Judge

Thomas I. Judge

Bridget Kane, native of County Galway, Ireland

George Kane

John Kane

William Kane

Susan Ryan Kelly, wife of Daniel Ryan

Rosanna Keetley, wife of James

Bridget, wife of John Lennon

John Lennon

Owen Lennon

Patrick Lennon

John T. Maher (?)

Maria Maher (?)

Mary B. Maher (?)

Thomas Maher (?)

Timothy Maher

Timothy J. Maher

Cornelius Mahoney, born in County Kerry (?), Ireland

Anastacia Maroney

Mary Lamy, wife of Thomas Maroney

Thomas Maroney

Barney McGrath

Mary, wife of Barney McGrath

Nicholas & Mary McGree

Bridget McKenna, native of County Wieklow (?), Ireland

Ellen McKenna, daughter of Thomas & Julia

John McLaughlin (?)

Daniel Molamphy, native of Tipperary, Ireland

Thomas Morgan

Jane, child of Michael & Mary Mullany

Mary, child of Michael & Mary Mullany

Patrick (?) Murtgh (?), native of County Longford, of Parish of Rectine (?), Ireland

Catherine, wife of John O’Brien

John O’Brien

John O’Brien

Mary O’Brien

Thomas O’Brien

Timothy O’Brien

Mary O’Connor

John, son of Matt Orourke

?tin O’Shaughn?

J. Oshaughness?

Michael, son of ? & ? Oshaughness?

Mary D., wife of Hugh Padden

Mary, ? of Hugh Patton

John Redigan

Catharine Holly, widow of Dennis Ryan, native of Ros? Green, County Tipperary, Ireland

Daniel Ryan

‘Father’ Ryan (?)

John Ryan

Mary Ryan, mother of Mary Caneff

‘Mother’ Ryan (?)

Thomas M. Ryan (?)

Michael Scanlan, wife of Bridget, native of County Galway, Ireland

Daniel, son of D. & H. Sullivan

James, son of D. & H. Sullivan

Johnie, son of D. & H. Sullivan

Mary, daughter of D. & H. Sullivan (?)

Charles Editor (?) Thorne (?)

Delia B. Thorne (?)

Emmet Thorne (?)

George Thorne (?)

Joseph Thorne (?)

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