Hastings State Hospital/Asylum Cemetery - Hastings, Minnesota

Marshan Township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T114N - R17W, section 2

This Cemetery is located in the far southeast corner of the old Hastings State Hospital property. It can be difficult to access. I believe much of the surrounding property is now part of the 'Hastings Wildlife Management Area.' The 'road' we traveled on to get to the site went through a farm field and down an old soft field road with two foot deep ruts.

There was no sign identifying the site as a cemetery at the time of our visit. There was only one burial monument in the entire cemetery. This was for 'Fred Mass 1875-1949'.

In a Hastings Area Tourism Bureau publication titled 'Hastings Heritage Map,' there was a brief reference to the Hastings State Hospital. It read: 'The 1900 hospital included large brick buildings housing up to 900 patients. It was known as the Insane Asylum. On the complex's 460 acre farm patients produced garden and dairy products for the hospital. In 1979, it became the Minnesota Veterans Home.'

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: Hastings State Hospital Cemetery. Old section: 1st burial 16 July 1901. Last burial 17 September 1944. 671 graves. Graves face east. New Section: North side of old section. First burial 7 October 1944. Last burial 28 December 1964. 230 graves. Graves face north. (total 901 graves in cemetery). Located SE corner of NW of Section 2. (Abandoned).

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