Oakwood Cemetery

Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota



Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R25W, Section 1

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            Oakwood Cemetery is located near the intersection of Buffalo Street South and Prairie Street West in the town of Belle Plaine.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.     


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Louisa A.

?, mother

?, Willie


??rris, ?

?il, Ferdinand (?)

Adelmann, Leo R.

Adelmann, Leo R.

Affolter, Edward W.

Affolter, Emil

Affolter, Emma C.

Affolter, Jacob

Affolter, Wilhelmine

Ahrens (?), August H.

Ahrens (?), baby

Ahrens (?), Olga R.

Ahrens, Adeline L.

Ahrens, Alice

Ahrens, Anna

Ahrens, Caroline

Ahrens, Fred

Ahrens, Friedrich

Ahrens, John

Ahrens, John H.

Ahrens, Martha Moenke

Ahrens, Raymond A.

Ahrens, Raymond A.

Ahrens, Wilhelm F.J.

Ahrens, Wilmer L.

Aicher, Hazel Ward

Albrecht, baby girl

Albrecht, Maria

Allen, Arnold C.

Allen, Arnold C.

Allers, father

Allers, mata

Amyotte, William N.

Amyotte, William N.

Anderson, Ruth E.

Aronson, Alvera M. White Kittleson

Arzt, Christ A.

Arzt, Lenora F.

Ashauer, Faith A.

Aufderhar, Dale M.

Babcock, Markie

Bahr, Jerome

Barfknecht, Elmon H.

Barlage, Dorothy E.

Barlage, Harry W.

Barlage, Harry Warner

Barlage, Raymond L.

Bartels, baby

Bartels, Earl

Bartels, Earl W.

Bauer (?), Henry

Bauer (?), Louisa

Bauer, August

Bauer, C.W.

Bauer, Charles

Bauer, Christina

Bauer, H.F.

Bauer, H.F.

Bauer, Herman Paul

Bauer, Wilhelmine

Bauleke, Erma M.

Baumann, Adeline M.

Baumann, Donna Mae

Baumann, Flora B.

Baumann, Frank C.

Baumann, Frederick

Baumann, Harold C.

Baumann, Harold C.

Baumann, Marie

Baumann, Marie

Baumann, Rebecca A.

Baumann, Warren J.

Baumgard, Vernon V. “Dots”

Beguhl, Genevieve

Bengston, Katarena

Bengston, Sven

Bense, August

Bense, Hanna

Bergmann (?), Sylvester John

Bergmann, ?

Bergmann, Anna M.

Bergmann, Henry C.P.

Bessel (?), infant

Bessel (?), Violet

Bessel (?), Willie P.

Bessel, Ida M.

Bessel, Nora S.

Bessel, Paul W.

Bessel, Roy A.

Bessel, Virginia A.

Bessel, Warren F.

Bessel, William F.

Bieder (?), Christina

Bieder (?), Emil

Bieder (?), Fred J.

Bieder (?), Geo. Albert

Bieder (?), J. Theo

Bieder (?), Julia A.

Bieder, Barbara

Bieder, Frederic

Bieder, Rudolph

Bills, Elizabeth

Bills, Philander

Bills, Philander

Binder, Adolph

Binder, Gustav

Binder, Johanna

Binder, Louis

Bjerg, Chris

Bjerg, Christ

Bjerg, Erma

Blaha, John L.

Blanco, Raul

Bliss, Benjamin

Bliss, Esther

Bliss, Francis

Bliss, Mary

Bliss, Nancy J.

Bliss, W.H.

Blume, Alice E.

Blume, Ervin H.

Blume, Fred

Blume, Howard

Blume, Lester C.

Blume, Mary

Bohlman, Alvin J.

Bohlman, Gary L.

Borgardts, Betty

Borgardts, Lemoyine

Bossling, August

Bossling, Christian

Bossling, Sophie L.

Boston, Gertie

Bowler, Bertha W.A.

Bowler, Charles

Bowler, Edmund W.

Bowler, Frances F.

Bowler, Ida

Bowler, Samuel A.

Brandt, George C.

Brandt, Mary H. Mueller

Bratsch, Larry A.

Bratsch, Lenora M.

Bratsch, Marvin W.

Brenke, Anna C.

Brenke, Art. W.

Brenke, Dora I.

Brenke, Eva M.

Brenke, Fred

Brenke, Gilbert F.

Brenke, John E.

Brenke, Joseph H.

Brenke, Loretta C.

Brenke, Marion

Brenke, Walter A.

Brenke, William F.

Brinker, Calvin G.

Brinker, Jacob

Brinker, Samuel Newton

Bristol, Clyde E.

Bristol, Elsie L. (Lamb)

Bromaghim (?), Nettie C.

Bromaghim (?), Walter C.

Brown, Bessie Taylor

Buesgens, Sylvester

Buetow (?), Johanna

Buetow (?), Paul

Buetow (?), Wilhelmina

Buetow, Mathilda P.

Buetow, William H.

Burk, Hannah S. Sanberg

Burmeister, Christian

Burmeister, Henry

Burmeister, Sophia

Burns, Edward J.

Burns, Oneida I.

Busch (?), Emil H.

Busch (?), Henry H.

Busch (?), Martha A.

Busch, Alvin E.

Busch, Charlotte

Busch, Chatharina

Busch, Edward C.

Busch, Ernest

Busch, George

Busch, Henry

Busch, Johanna

Busch, June F.

Busch, Minnie

Busch, Myrtle

Busch, Wilhelmine

Busse, Dianne M.

Busse, Willard W.

Buszmann, Clarence E.

Buszmann, Emile

Buszmann, Emma S.

Buszmann, Erma H.

Buszmann, Ernst

Buszmann, George A.

Buzzmann, Anna Maria

Buzzmann, Ernst Henry

Callahan, Cecile L.

Callahan, E. Edward

Calvert, G.W.

Carlin, Mary A.

Carls, Christine

Carls, Fried H.

Carlson (?) Virginia C.

Carlson (?), Ernest T.

Carlson, Emil D.

Carlson, John W.

Carlson, John William

Carlson, Lillian C.

Carlson, Marlene

Carlson, Raymond E.

Carlson, Reno

Carlson, Robert D.

Carlson, Susan Marie

Carney, Johanna L.

Carney, John B.

Caron, Alvina Kulisheck

Cashman, Christine E.

Castor (?), Daisy

Castor (?), Martha C.

Castor (?), Norton

Castor (?), Sarah M.

Castor (?), Willis N.

Castor, Augustus

Castor, Dale Terry

Castor, Leon W.

Chadderdon (?), Chester

Chadderdon, Johnnie

Chadderdon, Jonathan

Chadderdon, Sophia

Chard, ?

Chard, Christina

Chard, Norman

Chatfield, Lucy A.

Chatfield, O.D.

Chatfield, Polly

Christenson, Carl A.

Christenson, Selma E.

Cole, Esther A.

Cottier – Greene, Mrs. E.M.

Dahlke – Schlicht, Lois M.

Dahlke, Arthur J.

Dahlke, Emma B.

Dahlke, Esther E.

Dahlke, Fred B.

Dahlke, Fred H.

Dahlke, Helmuth C.

Dahlke, Ida S.

Dahlke, Lois M.

Dahlke, Stanley E.

Dahn, Emma

Dahn, Herman

Dahn, Lydia

Dahn, Paul

Dahnke (?), Karl

Dahnke (?), Mary

Dallmann, Maria

Dallmann, Martha M.E.

Davidson, Ralph M.

Davis, Thomas

Davis, Thomas

Davis, Thomas S.

Dean (?), Neuton

Dean (?), Rebecca (?) J. (?)

Dean (?), Rhoda M. ?

Dieckmann, Bertha A.

Dieckmann, Ewald C.

Dieckmann, Frederick

Dieckmann, Helen L.

Dieckmann, Maria

Dieckmann, William F.

Diers (?), ?

Diers, Anna

Diers, Frank B.

Diers, Helene

Diers, John H.

Diers, Maria S.

Diers, Maria S.D.

Diers, Mathilda W. Arndt

Diers, Wille

Diers, William

Diers, William

Diers, William M.

Doheny, Patricia A.

Doheny, Walter R.

Doheny, Wayne R.

Domras, Leona

Domras, William

Dougal, Bertha

Dougal, Leeland

Dougal, Ollie

Douglass, Bertha E.

Doyle (?), Katherine

Doyle (?), Milo

Draeger (?), ?

Draeger (?), ?

Draeger, Emma M.

Drager, Arthur

Drager, Christina

Drager, Friedrich

Drill, Michael S.

Dubbe, Bertha

Dunn (?), Esther

Dunn (?), Maria

Dunn (?), Maria

Dunn, Jacob

Edberg, Burton LeRoy

Edberg, Carl Bruce

Edberg, Eldridge A.

Edberg, Mabel Irene

Ederburn, Henry P.

Ediger, Georgia M.

Ediger, Wayne

Ediger, Wayne

Eggert, Agnes K.

Eggert, Fred A.

Elder, Barbara C.

Elder, Garman

Ellis, Thomas C.

Enger (?), Karl (?) L.

Engfer, Albert

Engfer, Ernst B.

Engfer, Friederike

Engfer, Henrietta

Engfer, Mildred M.

Engfer, Reinhold

Engfer, Rosamunde K.

Engfer, Victor H.

Engfer, Victor H.

Enter, Gordon F.

Enter, Lola C.

Erickson, Elmer F.

Erickson, Mildred E.

Erickson, Sadie Krumrey

Ernst (?), Fredrick

Ernst, Bertha

Ernst, Charles L.

Ernst, Della V.

Ernst, Elmer J.

Ernst, Elsie M.

Ernst, Fredrick

Ernst, Jason Paul

Ernst, Lawrence

Ernst, Mary

Ernst, Sophia

Ernst, Vernon W.

Ernst, William F.

Ernsting, Adell

Ernsting, Christian

Eversole, Anna R.

Fabel, Sharon M.

Fahrenkamp, Gerald W.

Fahrenkamp, Gerald W.

Fairweather, Lillian C.

Fairweather, William A.

Farber, Dorothy S.

Farber, Leonard W.

Fearing, Dudley

Fearing, Russel

Fearing, Russell

Fearing, Sarah Reed

Fehlandt, Emma

Fehlandt, Hildegard E.

Fehlandt, Otto

Felepe, Larry L.

Felepe, Linda Marie

Fitzke, Gordon W.

Fitzke, Helen E.

Flitton, Harry

Franciscus (?), Sylvester J.

Frankland (?), Elizabeth

Frankland (?), Joseph

Frankland, Eleanor Laramy

Frankland, William

French, George W.

French, Lillie M.

Freter, Emil E.

Freter, Emil L.

Freter, Johanna T.

Freter, Lawrence

Freter, Verdell V.

Gabbert (?), August

Gabbert (?), Emma

Gabbert (?), Gottlieb E.

Gabbert (?), Wilhelmina

Gabbert (?), Wilhelmine

Gabbert, Ada E.

Gabbert, Gottlieb S.

Gammelgaard, Betty L.

Gammelgaard, Martin W.

Gebhardt, Alex E.

Gebhardt, Alex E.

Gebhardt, Charley

Gebhardt, Elsie M.

Gebhardt, Emilie

Gebhardt, Marvin J.

Geister, Anna

Geister, Richard

Gerdes (?), Anna

Gerdes (?), Clarence H.

Gerdes (?), Henry

Gerdes (?), Herman D.

Gerdes (?), Lawrence C.

Gerdes (?), Mary J.

Gerdes, Earl J.

Gerdes, Ella M.

Gerdes, Emil F.

Gerdes, Harriet E.

Gerdes, Karl W.

Gerdes, Leaona

Gerdes, Leland

Gerdes, Wilmer

Giesen, Jayne Asora

Gohlke (?), Esther W.

Gohlke (?), Ludwig J.

Gomoll, Franziska

Gomoll, Paul

Gomoll, Wilhelm

Gosewisch, Arvid W.

Gosewisch, John A.

Gosewisch, LaVerna B.

Gosewisch, Marie A.

Gosewisch, Robert A.

Gossen, Kristine M.

Goulet, Amanda F.

Goulet, Louis J.

Gragert, Chas.

Gragert, Emil

Gragert, Hentiette

Greenbush (?), William H.

Greenbush, Jerome

Greenbush, Louis

Greenbush, Sophia

Greene, Damaris A.

Gregory, Fred W.

Gruetzmacher (?), Carolina

Gruetzmacher (?), Herman

Gruetzmacher, Arthur

Gruetzmacher, Augusta

Gruetzmacher, Brian

Gruetzmacher, Erna

Gruetzmacher, Ervin H.

Gruetzmacher, Henry

Gruetzmacher, Leona E.

Gruetzmacher, Otto

Gruetzmacher, Wilhelm F.

Gruetzmacher, William

Gruetzmacher, Wilmer

Guentzel, Elsie A.

Gullickson, Marshall S.

Gutzmer, Jerry John

Gutzmer, Stanley Lloyd

Gutzmer, Tricia Lee

H., E.M.

Haas (?), Sonia (?) G.

Haas, ? son

Haas, Alvina A.

Haas, August L.

Haas, Augusta

Haas, Charles F.

Haas, Chris

Haas, Elise A.

Haas, Ella M.

Haas, Floyd F.

Haas, Fred J.

Haas, Fritz

Haas, Gertrude

Haas, Gust H.

Haas, Hannah

Haas, Helen M.

Haas, Herbert F.

Haas, Ida Gruetzmacher

Haas, John

Haas, John W.

Haas, Joseph

Haas, Julius

Haas, Laura

Haas, Louis

Haas, Minnie

Haas, Minnie

Haas, Minnie M.

Haas, Myrna I.

Haas, Myron H.

Haas, Wanda

Haas, William

Habeck, Beverly Ann

Habeck, Elmer F.

Habeck, Emelia

Habeck, Fred

Habeck, Fred W.

Habeck, Frederick (?)

Habeck, Herman F.

Habeck, Joseph

Habeck, Kara

Habeck, Rose

Habeck, Wilhelmenia

Habeck, William

Habeck, William

Habeck, William F.

Habegger, Rudolph

Habegger, Rudolph

Habegger, Rudolph

Habegger, Samuel H.

Habergger, Margaret

Hafemann, Harold H.

Hafemann, Robert

Hafemann, Viola M.

Hagerman, Clara I.

Hagerman, Donald N.

Hagerman, George F.

Hagerman, Jessie N.

Hahn, Arthur A.

Hahn, Lena

Hahn, Orison

Hahn, Orison G.

Hahn, Pauline

Halquist, Clifford

Halquist, Ethel

Haman, Welhelm

Hamann, William

Hanke, Fern R.

Hanke, Paul R.

Hanson, Julian

Hanson, Julian

Harms, Edwin F.

Harms, Enid

Harms, Laverne E.

Harms, Maynard

Harsh, James R.

Harsh, Margaret M.

Harsh, Russell G.

Hartmann, Connor J.

Hauer, Ewald

Hauer, Maria A.

Hauer, Math

Hauer, Math J.

Hawkins, Alb’t

Hawkinson, Clarence O.

Heidingsfelder, Alma

Heidingsfelder, John

Heidingsfelder, Maria U.

Hene, Harold G.

Hene, Kenneth A.

Hene, Olga E.

Henrikson, Carl C.

Herbst (?), Henry E.

Herbst (?), Martha M.

Herbst (?), Paul L.

Herder, Eda L.

Herder, Irma S.

Herder, Lilly Ann (Kvam)

Herder, Otto F.

Herrmann, George F.

Herrmann, Harold P.

Herrmann, Lydia K.

Herrmann, Marie O.

Herrmann, Renata M.

Herrmann, Virgil H.

Hert (?), Alva T.

Hert (?), Clara (?)

Hert (?), Francis E.

Hert (?), Jeanette

Hert (?), Johanna Augusta

Hert (?), John W.

Hert (?), Margaret C.

Hert (?), Thomas Reed

Hert, Billie A.

Hert, Guy W.

Hert, William B.

Hespenheide (?), Alta P.

Hespenheide (?), George L.

Hespenheide (?), Henry F.

Hespenheide (?), Ida M.

Hespenheide (?), Johanna

Hespenheide (?), John

Hespenheide (?), Luverne M.

Hespenheide (?), Roger G.

Hespenheide, Alwin

Hespenheide, Alwin V.

Hespenheide, Elvira

Hespenheide, Irma A.

Hespenheide, Neva F.

Hespenheide, Rudolph L.

Hespenheide, Wilbur H.

Hewitt, Ada

Hiles, Marvin

Hills, Emma A. (Davidson)

Hills, Walter W.

Hillstrom (?), Clyde W.

Hillstrom (?), Emma C.

Hillstrom, Charles F.

Hillstrom, Emma V.

Hillstrom, Emory C.

Hillstrom, Esther E.

Hillstrom, Lorenzo E.

Hillstrom, Martha W.

Hillstrom, Roger C.

Hillstrom, Vera E.

Hillstrom, Verner C.

Hinman, Huldah M.

Hix, Roy M.

Hix, Ruth M.

Hoefs, Louisa

Hoelz, Donald

Hofer, Barbara

Hofer, Barbara

Hofer, Jacob

Hofer, Jacob

Hofer, Margaret C.

Hoffer, Jacob

Holbrock, David

Holmquist, Eleanore

Holmquist, Oscar

Holste (?), Emelia H.

Holste (?), Frank H.

Holste (?), Henry H.

Holste, Arthur S.

Holste, Caroline

Holste, Elizabet M.

Holste, Emil

Holste, George A.

Holste, Gilbert

Holste, Gladys A.

Holste, Herman K.

Holste, Hermann

Holste, Ida C.

Holste, infant son

Holste, Johanna

Holste, John F.

Holste, Julius J.

Holste, Karoline

Holste, Louise

Holste, Lydia

Holste, Lydia H.

Holste, Maria

Holste, Mildred Z.

Holste, Mildred Z.

Holste, Pearl C.

Holste, Rose

Holste, Sophia

Holste, Sophia

Holste, Sophia

Holste, Victor W.

Holste, Walter A.

Holste, Wilhelm

Holste, Yuanita J.

Holste, Yuanita J.

Holsten, Jacob

Holsten, Katharina

Honebrink, Louis

Hoppe, Janine

Houska, Albert

Houska, Albert

Houska, Emma

Hrdlicka, Emil F.

Huffman, Ellen J.

Huffman, John H.

Huss, Susan Kay

Ince, Chad J.

Ingram, Sally

Ingran, James W.

Ische, Alvin

Ische, Bertha

Ische, Dorothy B.

Ische, Harvey C.

Ische, Louis

Ische, Nancy Lee

Ische, Raymond Aldoph

Ische, Robert “Charlie”

Jackson (?), baby

Jackson, ?

Jackson, Adel

Jackson, Adelia

Jackson, Edwin S.

Jackson, Ida M.

Jackson, James

Jackson, John

Jackson, Margaret

Jackson, Nancy W.

Jackson, Peter

Jackson, Simon

Jahnke, Marie (?) A.

Jahnke, P. Robert

Janke, Diane Wolpern

Johnson (?), Ada M.

Johnson (?), Albert E.

Johnson (?), Esther Lydia

Johnson (?), Eugene T.

Johnson (?), John H.

Johnson (?), Marie H.

Johnson (?), Theodore L.

Johnson, Anna

Johnson, Charles O.

Johnson, Donald L.

Johnson, Donald L.

Johnson, Dotty

Johnson, Ellis

Johnson, Florence Elizabeth

Johnson, Frank R.

Johnson, Jennie

Johnson, Mark Andrew

Johnson, Myrtle

Johnson, Sharon K.

Johnson, Viola L.

Jones, Loren L.

Jones, Loren L.

Just, Emmy

Kahle (?), Adella

Kahle (?), baby

Kahle (?), Christ

Kahle (?), father

Kahle (?), Henry

Kahle (?), Ida

Kahle (?), Johan

Kahle (?), Leonard

Kahle (?), Mary

Kahle (?), Mayme

Kahle (?), mother

Kahle (?), Selma

Kahle (?), Walter

Kahle, Alfred

Kahle, Ann L.

Kahle, Annie L.

Kahle, August

Kahle, August

Kahle, August F.

Kahle, Chas.

Kahle, Christian

Kahle, Clara A.S.

Kahle, Donald

Kahle, E.C.

Kahle, Ernest

Kahle, F.H.

Kahle, Frank A.

Kahle, George

Kahle, George

Kahle, Hannah

Kahle, Heinrich L.

Kahle, Henry

Kahle, Howard J.

Kahle, Ida A.

Kahle, Ida F.

Kahle, Katherine

Kahle, Larry L.

Kahle, Larry Lee

Kahle, Leonard

Kahle, Lina

Kahle, Louis

Kahle, Louis H.H.

Kahle, Louise

Kahle, Mabel

Kahle, Marian L.

Kahle, Mary

Kahle, Merrill G.

Kahle, Myrtle

Kahle, Roy

Kahle, Sophia

Kahle, Victor C.

Kahle, William H.

Kahle, Willie

Kanitz, Gottlieb

Kanitz, Johanna

Karnitz (?), Clara (?)

Karnitz (?), Emil (?)

Karnitz (?), Erwin L.

Karnitz (?), Hilma M.

Karnitz (?), Yvonne

Karnitz, ?

Karnitz, Alfret (?)

Karnitz, Anna

Karnitz, Anna C.

Karnitz, Anna M.

Karnitz, Armin W.

Karnitz, Esther

Karnitz, Frank F.

Karnitz, Fred

Karnitz, Malinda

Karnitz, Myrtie E.

Karnitz, Otto J.

Karnitz, Susan L.

Karnitz, Waldo W.

Karnitz, Wilmer

Kelm, Eva

Kelsey, Joanne C.

Kelsey, Mark S.

Keohanie, Donna N.

Kerkow, Erwin R.

Kerkow, Gerhardt

Kerkow, Hilda

Kerkow, Ida

Kerkow, Ludina L.

Kerkow, William

Kessler, Albertine

Kessler, August J.

Kessler, C.K.D.

Kessler, Hulda D.

Kessler, William

Keup, August

Keup, Friedrich

Keup, Ida M.

Keup, Maria (?)

Keup, Pauline

Kiewel, Robert B.

Klatt, Rosa

Kliefoth (?), mother

Kliefoth, Henry J.

Kliefoth, John F. “Jackie”

Kliefoth, John W.

Kliefoth, Louise Ann

Kliefoth, Ruth A.

Kloos, Arthur

Kloos, Louise

Knish, Annaliese

Knish, Lori D.

Koepp, Ann M.

Koepp, Anna C.

Koepp, Arthur P.

Koepp, Clarence

Koepp, Edward A.

Koepp, Erna D.

Koepp, Fred L.

Koepp, Frederick

Koepp, Hailey Marie

Koepp, Helen E.

Koepp, Louis H.

Koepp, Louis L.

Koepp, Louise

Koepp, Lydia

Koepp, Martha

Koepp, Mary S.

Koepp, Norman

Koepp, Ottilia

Koepp, Paul F.

Koepp, Robert A.

Koepp, Rodney A.

Koepp, Rosella F.

Koepp, Sheila May

Koepp, Susan Kay

Koepp, Walter H.

Koepp, William

Koniarski, Elfriede

Koniarski, Gustav

Koniarski, Leona A.

Kowalsky, Emma M.

Krantz, Henry

Krantz, Ida

Kraustermeier, Clarence E.

Kraustermeier, Louise K.

Krick, Bradley J.

Krieger (?), Charlie

Krieger, George A.D.

Kroening, Emory

Kroening, Ferdinand

Kroening, Marella

Kroening, Mathilda

Kroening, Paul R.

Kroening, Paul R.

Kroening, Ulrika

Krohn, Emma

Krohn, Norbert

Krohn, William

Krueger (?), Maria

Krueger (?), William

Krueger, Adela H.

Krueger, Arthur J.

Krueger, Charles J.

Krueger, Christina

Krueger, Chrostoph

Krueger, Emma E.

Krueger, Emma H.

Krueger, Fred H.

Krueger, Herman

Krueger, Johanna

Krueger, John C.

Krueger, John W.

Krueger, Laura O.

Kruger, ?

Kruger, Anna S.

Krumrey, Anna

Krumrey, August

Krumrey, Emma

Krumrey, Grace I.

Krumrey, Henry

Krumrey, Wesley A.

Kruschke (?), Adolph E.

Kruschke (?), Ellsworth

Kruschke (?), Frank

Kruschke (?), Grace E.

Kruschke (?), Helma

Kruschke (?), Mary

Kruschke, Armin R.

Kruschke, Armin R.

Kruschke, Emil C.

Kruschke, Erna M.

Kruschke, Maxine M.

Kruschke, Robert E.

Kulisheck, Adolph F.

Kulisheck, Adolph F.

Kulisheck, Alvina

Kulisheck, Anna

Kulisheck, Joseph

Kulisheck, Josephine

Kulisheck, Leona

Kulisheck, Mollie

Kulisheck, Myrtle A.

Kulisheck, William

Kulisheck, Wm. F.

Kyes, Linda L.

Kyes, Michael T.

Laabs (?), Johanna P.

Laabs (?), Leonard Lyle

Laabs (?), William H.

Laabs (?), Willie H.

Laabs (?), Wilma O.

Laabs, Albert

Laabs, Albert J.

Laabs, Alfred H.

Laabs, Alvina G.

Laabs, Andrew

Laabs, Anna J.

Laabs, Anton G.

Laabs, Arthur A.

Laabs, Brian

Laabs, Daniel A.

Laabs, Donald D.

Laabs, Elna B.

Laabs, Emil A.

Laabs, Emma M.

Laabs, Gerhard H.

Laabs, Henry F.

Laabs, Lila A.

Laabs, Mabel M.

Laabs, Maria S.

Laabs, Paulina L.

Laabs, Ryan Michael

Labbs (?), infant


Langguth (?), George

Langguth (?), Gotleib

Langleh, Dietrich

Langleh, Fredericke L.

Larson, Mathew Allen

Latzke (?), Dorothea

Latzke (?), Frances L.

Latzke (?), Johan I.

Latzke (?), John C.

Latzke, Albert G.

Latzke, Alvina J.

Latzke, Alvina O.

Latzke, Anna E.

Latzke, Anton

Latzke, Charles F.

Latzke, Dora A.

Latzke, Emil O.

Latzke, Emma

Latzke, Frank H.

Latzke, Fred

Latzke, Fred A.

Latzke, George E.

Latzke, Gustave H.

Latzke, Ida

Latzke, Ida F.W.

Latzke, John M.

Latzke, Lena E.

Latzke, Ludwig A.

Latzke, Mary M.

Latzke, Ottilie E.

Latzke, Reinhold J.W.

Latzke, Roger F.

Latzke, Sharon

Latzke, Willie F.

Latzke, Wm. F.

Laughlin, Laura M.

Leder, Sophia

Leese (?), Helen Irene

Leise, Helen

Leise, Walter

Lenzen, Raymond

Lenzen, Raymond J.

Leverenz, Dorothea J.F.

Leverenz, Wilhelm E.L.

Lewis, High J.

Lewis, Julia M.

Lindemeier, Arlene L.

Lindemeier, Lloyd W.

Lindemeier, Louis E.

Lindquist, Martin G.

Lindquist, Teona A.

Lockrem, Alyce H.

Lockrem, Noble G.

Loewe, Ida

Lorenzen, Henry J.

Lueck, John

Lueck, Louisa C.

Lundberg (?), Albert

Lundberg, Carrie

Lundberg, John A.

Lundquist, Gertrude E.

Lundquist, Theodore G.

Lyles, Bonnie C.

Madlo, Clara L.

Madlo, Dale J.

Madlo, Joseph

Maltz, Clara

Maltz, Elda

Maltz, Gustof

Maltz, Minnie

Malz, Arnold C.

Malz, baby

Malz, Caroline

Malz, Edna L.

Malz, Edward

Malz, Edward A.

Malz, Edward E.

Malz, Elizabeth

Malz, Elsie E.

Malz, Emeline J.

Malz, Ewald H.

Malz, Gladys

Malz, Henry

Malz, Ida A.

Malz, Laverne

Malz, Louis A.

Malz, Luverne A.

Malz, Peter Lee

Malz, Raymond C.

Malz, Shirley A.

Malz, Theodore

Malz, Wilmer E.

Manley, Nancy A.

Manska, Lydia Diers

Marks, Clarence (?)

Marks, Martha

Martin, Evelyn

Martin, Orville E.

Marx, Irene M.

Mason, Elwood

Mason, Mildred

Mattice, John J.

McClintock, Hammon

McConnell (?), David S.

McConnell, ?

McConnell, A.G.

McConnell, Alexander G.

McConnell, Elizabeth Clark

McConnell, Janet Strathern

McConnell, Janet Strathern (?)

McConnell, John L.

McConnell, Julia E.

McConnell, Leslie

McFarland, Charlie H.

McFarland, Lemira A.

McKnight, Jame

McKnight, Mary

McNelly, Geo. B.

McNelly, George B.

McNelly, Jas. R.

Meierbachtol (?), Cora W.

Meierbachtol (?), Ernst

Meierbachtol (?), Ernst

Meierbachtol (?), Mary

Meierbachtol, ?

Meierbachtol, ? Mae

Meierbachtol, Frieda M.

Meierbachtol, Glenn D.

Meierbachtol, Howard A.

Meierbachtol, Howard A.

Melcher, Elford H.

Melcher, Emil F.

Menzel (?), Ida S.

Menzel (?), Paul H.

Metzner, Clara A.

Meyer, Earl M.

Meyer, Earl M.

Meyer, J.M.

Miller, Dorothy G.

Miller, George

Miller, George C.

Miller, Gertrude

Miller, Gustav

Miller, Johan M.

Miller, Olive E.

Miller, Raymond

Minell?, James

Moen (?), Steven Kent

Moenke (?), Bertha

Moenke (?), Fred W.

Moenke, Alvin A.

Moenke, Elmer F.

Moey, Fred

Moldenhauer, Andrew N.

Moldenhauer, Darlene E.

Moldenhauer, Fredrick T.

Moldenhauer, Sandra Lee

Moody, Edward A.

Moody, Edward A.

Moody, Frances V.

Moore, Annie L.

Moore, Ida C.

Moore, John T.

Moore, Linda A. (Noll)

Moore, Lucinda

Moore, Sarah

Moore, Sarah K.

Moore, Sidney C.

Moore, William

Moore, William G.

Moore, Wm. E.

Morris, Bud M.

Morris, Bud Marion

Morris, Lucille A.

Morris, Therese L.

Morris, Willard I.

Muehlenhardt, Adela M.

Muehlenhardt, Alfred J.

Muehlenhardt, Conrad

Muehlenhardt, Fred

Muehlenhardt, Ida

Muehlenhardt, Jerry L.

Mueller (?), ?ulia

Mueller (?), Fred

Mueller (?), Henrreta

Mueller (?), Henry

Mueller (?), Mathilda

Mueller, Alvin C.

Mueller, Alvin C.

Mueller, Amour F.

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, August J.

Mueller, baby

Mueller, Clarence F.

Mueller, Darrell

Mueller, Earl R.

Mueller, Edmund H.

Mueller, Elenore L.

Mueller, Elisabeth

Mueller, Elsie A.

Mueller, Elsie E.

Mueller, Emil A.

Mueller, Emma

Mueller, Ernst

Mueller, Fred A.

Mueller, Fred C.

Mueller, Friedrich

Mueller, Harry

Mueller, Helen M.

Mueller, Henry

Mueller, Ida F.

Mueller, Ida P.

Mueller, Kenneth E.

Mueller, Laurel A.

Mueller, Lawrence

Mueller, Lee E.

Mueller, Leland E.

Mueller, Louis A.

Mueller, Marie

Mueller, Raymond

Mueller, Robert R.

Mueller, Roger C.

Mueller, Sophia

Mueller, Wilhelmine

Mueller, Wilhelmine

Mueller, William L.

Murray, Hattie

Myers, Ray

Nagel, Bernice A.

Nagel, David A.

Nagel, Fred F.

Nagel, Fredrich

Nagel, Gertrude J.

Nagel, John M.

Nagel, Louis

Nagel, Louis A.

Nagel, Louisa

Nagel, Wilhelmina

Nagel, William H.

Ndeng, Fernande Mae Ondoua

Nelson, Richard

Nemitz, Harold E.

Nemitz, Loris L.

Neumann, Alma

Neumann, Anna

Neumann, Arthur

Neumann, August

Neumann, K. Herman

Neumann, Neesa

Nitz, Gustave

Nitz, Henry A.

Nitz, Herman John

Nitz, Louis T.

Nitz, Pauline D.

Noll, Arvilla

Noll, Clarence

Nolte, Shawn Curtis

Novotny, Frank W.

Novotny, Frank W.

Nowak, Diann M.

Nyblom, Lloyd O.

Nyblom, Shirley Mavis

Nyblom, Virginia

Oachs, Lena Kerkow

Obitz, Mr. Fred

Obitz, Mrs. Fred

Odemwald, Henry G.

Odemwald, John

Odenwald, ?

Odenwald, Henry (?)

Odenwald, Jalone (?)

Odenwald, John

Oelfke, Anna

Oelfke, Herman

Oestreich, Grechen C.

Oestreich, Maurice O.

Oestreich, Mori Dean

Ohm (?), Elizabeth

Ohm (?), Elizabeth J.

Ohm (?), Ernest

Ohm, Gerald

Oldenburg (?), Evelyn

Oldenburg, Alvin

Oldenburg, Arnold

Oldenburg, C.W.

Oldenburg, Franz George

Oldenburg, Lauretta

Oldenburg, Lena

Oldenburg, Minnie

Oldenburg, Wesley

Olson, ?

Olson, Alyce L.

Olson, Anna Cathrina

Olson, Chester J.

Olson, John

Opperman, Albert

Ortloff, Florence

Ortloff, Gary

Ortloff, Raymond

Osterkamp, Josh W.

Otto (?), Adolph

Otto (?), August E.

Otto (?), baby

Otto (?), Clara M.

Otto (?), Emil W.

Otto (?), Emilie

Otto (?), Henry

Otto (?), Mayme E.

Otto, Albert

Otto, Alfred

Otto, Alfred E.

Otto, Anna

Otto, Anna R.

Otto, Arthur “Sully”

Otto, Arthur W.

Otto, Clarence R.

Otto, Earl H.

Otto, Earl H.

Otto, Edith

Otto, Edward

Otto, Emma H.

Otto, Ervin A.

Otto, Florence

Otto, Florence L.

Otto, Frank J.

Otto, Fred

Otto, Freddy

Otto, Frieda

Otto, Harold

Otto, Harry E.

Otto, Hattie

Otto, Hazel

Otto, Herbert

Otto, Ivan

Otto, John A.

Otto, Julia

Otto, Julius

Otto, Louis C.

Otto, Louis Garhard

Otto, Margaret M.

Otto, Marie

Otto, Marie E.

Otto, Mary A.

Otto, Melvin E.

Otto, Merrill

Otto, Paulina

Otto, Raymond E.

Otto, Velma A.

Otto, Vernon

Otto, Viola

Otto, Wilhelmine

Otto, William

Palmer, Helen V.

Palmer, Jennings L. (Vern)

Panning, Albert

Panning, Mary

Panning, Myra

Panning, Raymond

Pashley, J.S.

Pautsch, Adelhaid

Pautsch, Adelheid

Pautsch, Ferdinand E.

Pautsch, Friedrich C.

Pautsch, Helena

Pautsch, Helmuth S.

Pautsch, Hilda

Pautsch, Lloyd

Pearson, Andrew

Pearson, Clarence

Pearson, Nellie

Pearson, Roberta

Pearson, Timothy Paul

Peller (?), Vivian

Peller, Emil C.

Peller, Olga L.

Peltz, Ferdinand

Peltz, George A.

Peltz, Ida A.

Peltz, Lloyd E.

Peltz, Lucille M.

Peltz, Minnie

Perkins, Amanda M.

Peterfeldt, Christopher

Peters, Harvey C.

Peters, Rudolph

Petersdorf, Friedrich

Petersdorf, Herman

Petersdorf, Wilhemine

Peterson, Bertha M.

Peterson, Denell L. (Del)

Peterson, John

Petter (?), Clarence F.

Petter (?), Elda A.

Pierson, August

Planting, Margaret E. “Peggy”

Planting, Wayne C.

Plantz, Harry E.

Plantz, Lorraine Y. 

Plantz, Marlyn L.

Plantz, Minnie O.

Plantz, Richard David

Pleniger, Albert T.

Pleniger, Leonora

Ploetz, Edwin A.

Ploetz, Grace V.

Plonto, Gaylon

Quaas, Carol A.

Quaas, Gerald O.

Quast, Alma J.

Quast, Raymond E.

Radanke, Anna

Radanke, Auguste

Raddatz, Abigail B.

Raddatz, Curtis E.

Raddatz, Violet C.

Rannow, Henry Allen

Rebers, Louis

Rebers, Marcella

Rebers, Russell A.

Reinke, Helmuth C.

Reinke, Herbert L.

Reinke, Loretta A.

Reinke, Marcella M.

Reinke, Mary S.

Reinke, William C.

Reish, Leonard

Reish, Sadie

Rice, Hilda Buszmann

Rickaby, Jodi L.

Ridd, Arthur W.

Ridd, Charles T.

Ridd, Johanna

Ridd, Roger W.

Robinson, Edna L.

Rolfe, Albert J.

Rolfe, Gladys M.

Rosaria, Samuel

Rucks, Elizabeth M.

Rucks, Oliver E.

Rucks, Oliver E.

Ruehling (?), Caroline M.

Ruehling (?), Debra Lynn

Ruehling (?), Harvey A.

Ruehling (?), Henry A.

Ruehling (?), Howard P.

Ruehling (?), Ida

Ruehling (?), Minnie

Ruehling (?), Paul

Ruehling, Andrew R.

Ruehling, Anna A.

Ruehling, Charles L.

Ruehling, Clarence H.

Ruehling, Dolores C.

Ruehling, Earl H.

Ruehling, Edgar H.

Ruehling, Glenn A.

Ruehling, Herbert C.

Ruehling, Irene M.

Ruehling, Magdalena

Ruehling, Marian M.

Ruehling, Orrin P.

Ruehling, Orville P.

Ruehling, Orville P.

Ruehling, Verna L.

Ruehling, Willie

Rusch, Emil H.

Rusch, Florence J.

Ruschke, Emil

Ruschke, Herman

Ruschke, Lydia

Ruschke, Minnie

Salesbury, Chas.

Sanberg, John

Sanberg, Richard Clark

Sanberg, Sarah C.

Sass, Anna M.

Sass, Donald

Sass, Edward J.

Sass, Robert V.

Sass, Ronald

Schaaf, Bruce E.

Schense (?), Frances

Schlagel, Karl

Schlingman, Louise A.

Schlingmann (?), Amalie

Schlingmann (?), father

Schlingmann, Ernest J.

Schlingmann, Fernie A.

Schlueter, Clara

Schlueter, Reinhard F.

Schmeckpeper, Charlie A.

Schmeckpeper, James W.

Schmidt (?), August (?)

Schmidt (?), baby

Schmidt (?), Emma

Schmidt (?), Emma (?)

Schmidt (?), Frederich

Schmidt, Alfred J.

Schmidt, Alvin H.

Schmidt, Alvina J.

Schmidt, Amanda

Schmidt, Arthur O.

Schmidt, Audrey

Schmidt, Augusta D.

Schmidt, Bejamine

Schmidt, Bradley J.

Schmidt, Charley (?)

Schmidt, Christine

Schmidt, Clara A.

Schmidt, Donald A.

Schmidt, Dorothy E.

Schmidt, Earl H.

Schmidt, Edward E.

Schmidt, Elizabeth

Schmidt, Elizabeth A.

Schmidt, Ella E.

Schmidt, Emil J.

Schmidt, Emma O.

Schmidt, Esther

Schmidt, Ethel H.

Schmidt, Evelyn E.

Schmidt, Florence L.

Schmidt, Frank C.

Schmidt, Frank J.

Schmidt, Fred W.

Schmidt, Frieda A.

Schmidt, Frieda E.

Schmidt, Geraldine V.

Schmidt, Gustave H.

Schmidt, Henry L.

Schmidt, Herman

Schmidt, Ida

Schmidt, infant

Schmidt, Irene E.

Schmidt, John C.

Schmidt, Leland C.

Schmidt, Lloyd G.

Schmidt, Lois

Schmidt, Lorraine

Schmidt, Magdalena

Schmidt, Mark Lyle

Schmidt, Martin W.

Schmidt, Marvin P.

Schmidt, Marvin P.

Schmidt, Mary S.

Schmidt, Otto A.

Schmidt, Paulina

Schmidt, Pearl A.

Schmidt, Verona

Schmidt, Wesley A.

Schmidt, Wilhelmiene

Schmidt, William F.

Schmidt, William J.

Schmidt, Wilme A.

Schmitt, Evelyn

Schmitt, Herbert (Smitty)

Schmoll, Carol H.

Schnobrich, Freida M.

Schnobrich, William J.

Schoell, Elizabeth

Schoell, George

Schoell, George

Schoell, Louise

Schoell, William F.

Schomburg (?), Bertha E.

Schomburg (?), Henry H.

Schomburg, Agnes

Schomburg, Herbert W.

Schomburg, Herman

Schouviller, Augusta

Schroeder, August W.

Schroeder, Caroline

Schroeder, Ella L.

Schroeder, Heinrich

Schroeder, Julia K.

Schroeder, Lorenz E.

Schroeder, Wilhelm F.

Schuette, Betty Ann

Schuette, Craig Randal

Schuette, Lena

Schuette, Palmer

Schuette, Willmar W.

Schuldt, Blanche E.

Schuldt, Emma O.

Schuldt, Fred

Schuldt, Frieda

Schuldt, Henry M.

Schuldt, Herman L.

Schuldt, Katie A.

Schuldt, Walter H.

Schultz (?), Adolph

Schultz (?), Augusta

Schultz (?), David

Schultz (?), Erba

Schultz (?), Florence

Schultz (?), George W.

Schultz (?), Gertrude H.

Schultz (?), Harry H.

Schultz (?), Herman J.

Schultz (?), infant twin daughter

Schultz (?), Jessie C.

Schultz (?), Lilly F.

Schultz (?), Minnie

Schultz (?), Otto F.

Schultz (?), Ronald R.

Schultz (?), William A.

Schultz, Agnes A.

Schultz, Albert

Schultz, Andrew F.

Schultz, Anton H.

Schultz, Augusta

Schultz, Benjamin E.

Schultz, C. Lena

Schultz, Charles F.

Schultz, Charles M.

Schultz, Christian L.A.

Schultz, Dale L.

Schultz, Edward A.

Schultz, Ellsworth L.

Schultz, Emil E.

Schultz, Emil G.

Schultz, Emma W.

Schultz, Esther

Schultz, Esther R.

Schultz, Ewald G.

Schultz, Frieda H.E.

Schultz, Friedaricka

Schultz, Gustav

Schultz, Gustave J.

Schultz, Harvey J.

Schultz, Helen

Schultz, Henry A.

Schultz, Howard A.

Schultz, Ida

Schultz, infant twins

Schultz, Johana

Schultz, John C.T.

Schultz, LaVern

Schultz, Lena A.

Schultz, Lena W.

Schultz, Leslie A.

Schultz, Lillian A.

Schultz, Lilly E.

Schultz, Lilly E.

Schultz, Louis

Schultz, Louis F.

Schultz, Louis H.W.

Schultz, Louis W.

Schultz, Lydia S.

Schultz, Maria

Schultz, Mary E.

Schultz, Mildred M.

Schultz, Otto F.

Schultz, Paul D.

Schultz, Pauline L.

Schultz, Rosa

Schultz, Ruben L.

Schultz, Sophia

Schultz, Sylvia H.

Schultz, Velma

Schultz, Vernon A.

Schultz, Victor

Schultz, Walter A.

Schultz, Wilhelm J.

Schultz, Wilhelmine

Schultz, William

Schumann, Laura A.

Schumann, Ross L.

Schwartz, Julia Christn

Seaver, Craig A.

Seaver, Ivan W.

Seaver, Ivan W.

Seaver, Lloyd Kenneth

Seaver, Margaret A.

Seaver, Marvel M.

Seiler, Katherine

Sellnow (?), Anna

Sellnow (?), Frank

Sellnow, Benjamin

Sellnow, Caroline M.

Sellnow, Clarence

Sellnow, Dale W.

Sellnow, Margaret

Sellnow, Martin

Sellnow, Murrell W.

Sellnow, Pearl E.

Sellnow, Ruby

Sellnow, Wilhelmine

Sellnow, William

Seutter, Esther A.

Seutter, Gilbert H.

Seutter, Virgil John

Sielaff (?), Anna M.

Sielaff (?), Carl

Sielaff (?), Fredrick

Sielaff (?), Minna

Siemon, Alma W.

Siemon, Charles

Siemon, Dora A.

Siemon, Doratha

Siemon, Effie M.

Siemon, Emma

Siemon, Flora M.

Siemon, Frank

Siemon, Karl

Siemon, Viola

Siemon, Walter L.

Siemon, William B.

Simcox, Clara C.

Simcox, H. Wesley

Simcox, Harvey H.

Simcox, Henderson

Simcox, Jane

Simcox, Marshall

Simcox, Mary H.

Simcox, Nathan

Simcox, Nathan

Simcox, Susan

Slack, Emma A.

Slack, James A.

Sly, Charles L.

Sly, Eleanor Ann

Smith, George H.

Smith, Gladys M.

Smith, Orlin W.

Smith, Raymond L.

Snyder, Anna L.

Snyder, Gary C.

Snyder, Phyllis E.

Sorensen, Frances G.

Sorensen, Neal C.

Sorvik, Genevieve

Spielman, Donald

Spielman, Donald H.

Splettstoser, Albert

Splettstoser, Louise

Sprague, David

Sprague, Naomi ?

Sroga (?), Brent M.

Steen, Fukiko

Steffen, Clarice E.

Steffen, William J.

Steinborn (?), Victor H.

Steinborn (?), Walter F.

Steinborn, Diana

Steinborn, Donald Howard

Steinborn, Dorothy May

Steinborn, Duane Glenn

Steinborn, Glen A.

Steinborn, Gordon O.

Steinborn, Irene A.

Stender, Janet A. Schuette

Stender, Paula K.

Steward, Daniel

Stier (?), Edna

Stier (?), Ervin

Stier, Alma E.

Stier, Alma M.

Stier, Alvin A.

Stier, Anna

Stier, Arnold

Stier, Arthur J.

Stier, August F.

Stier, August Johan

Stier, Augusta T.L.

Stier, Charles

Stier, Clara

Stier, David E.

Stier, Donald

Stier, Donald George

Stier, Edna C.

Stier, Edwin A.

Stier, Emma

Stier, Emma F.

Stier, Emma M.

Stier, Ernst

Stier, Erwin A.

Stier, Fred H.

Stier, George E.

Stier, Hilda

Stier, Hilda K.

Stier, Ida E.

Stier, Jerry

Stier, John F.

Stier, Julius R.

Stier, Kevin L.

Stier, Louis

Stier, Lyle E.

Stier, Marie A.

Stier, Marie L.

Stier, Marvel

Stier, Marvella G.

Stier, Minnie

Stier, Ottilia A.

Stier, Otto H.

Stier, Ruth F.

Stier, Sada C.V.

Stier, Viola R.

Stier, Walter J.

Stier, Wanda

Stier, Willard

Stier, William A.

Stone, Clara Theodora

Stoppelman, Emma A.

Stoppelman, Marie

Stoppelmann (?), Emma C.

Stoppelmann (?), Fred E.

Stoppelmann (?), Irene C.

Stoppelmann (?), Marian I.

Stoppelmann (?), William J.

Stoppelmann, Alice

Stoppelmann, Anna M.

Stoppelmann, Carl

Stoppelmann, Emma H.

Stoppelmann, Frank

Stoppelmann, Herbert W.

Stoppelmann, Walter H.

Stradcutter, Annabelle

Stradcutter, baby

Stradcutter, Joseph

Stradcutter, Martha

Stradcutter, Robert

Stradcutter, Robert W.

Stratton, Anna M.

Stringer, James Raymond

Stromwell (?), Harold W.

Stromwell (?), Lorraine M.

Strube, Edward L.

Strube, Phyliss D.

Strube, Ruth E.

Stubbenberg, Ludwig H.

Stubbenberg, Sophia

Stubenberg, August F.

Stubenberg, Frieda M.

Stuewe, Harold

Svec, Edward

Svec, Jerry F.

Taylor (?) Lester

Taylor (?), Allen

Taylor (?), Anna

Taylor (?), Leland N.

Taylor (?), Lurietta

Taylor (?), Ruth M.

Taylor (?), Sylvan I.

Taylor, baby girl

Taylor, Duane M.

Taylor, Gail S.

Taylor, George A.

Taylor, Leslie M.

Taylor, Margareta

Taylor, Mayme

Taylor, Robert A.

Taylor, Robert Allen

Taylor, Ruby A.

Taylor, Shirley A.

Telge, Henry

Telge, Margaret

Telthorster, Henry

Telthorster, Sophie

Templin, LaVonne J.

Tesch (?), Elizabeth

Tesch (?), Engelin

Tesch (?), Herman

Tesch (?), Minnie

Tesch (?), Wilhelm ?

Tesch (?), William

Tesch, Albert E.

Tesch, Arnold

Tesch, August J.

Tesch, August J.

Tesch, Augusttena

Tesch, Carl

Tesch, Erna M.

Tesch, Fred Wm.

Tesch, Georg Ernst Ludivig

Tesch, Heinrich W.

Tesch, Henry C.

Tesch, Johann

Tesch, John E.

Tesch, John Erenst

Tesch, Karl A.

Tesch, Karoline Maria

Tesch, Karoline Maria Sophia

Tesch, Laura M.

Tesch, Lawrence

Tesch, Lawrence H.

Tesch, Malinda

Tesch, Marjorie

Tesch, Minnie

Tesch, Reuben

Tesch, William F.

Teschendorf, Augusta M.

Teschendorf, Daniel A.

Teschendorf, John H.

Teschendorf, Mary M.

Teschendorf, Raymond J.

Thill, Ida

Thomason, Evelyn D.

Thomason, Robert H.

Thomson, Elizabeth

Thomson, John

Thomson, William H.

Tiede, Harold G.

Tiede, Helen J.

Tiegs (?), Minnie

Tiegs, Charles W.

Tiegs, Charlie

Tiegs, Evelyn O.

Tiegs, Henry A.

Tiegs, Margaret A.

Tiegs, Vernon K.

Tillquist, Elverna E.

Tillquist, Fred M.

Tillquist, Thelma C.

Tolzmann, Anna

Tolzmann, Anna

Tolzmann, August

Tolzmann, Bertha

Tordsen Minnie

Tordsen, Eldora

Tordsen, John

Trimbo (?), Adela

Trimbo (?), Andrew J.

Trimbo (?), Bertha

Trimbo (?), Leo G.

Trimbo, Arthur F.

Trimbo, Charles A.

Trimbo, Charles A.

Trimbo, Connie M.

Trimbo, Francis J.

Trimbo, George

Trimbo, Mathilda

Trimbo, Ruth Ann

Trost, Albert

Trost, Anna

Trost, Carl F.

Trost, Carolina

Trost, Fred

Trost, Jeffrey S.

Trost, Violet

Tuckey, John

Tupy, Nicholas D.

Venske, Helen A.

Venske, Theodore B.

Venske, Thoedore B.

Vinkemeier, Elwin

Voigt (?) Johanna

Voigt (?), August C.

Voigt (?), Fred

Voigt (?), Mathilda E.

Voigt, August W.

Volek, Robert E.

VonHeyderstaedt, August

VonHeyderstaedt, Christina

VonHeyderstaedt, Julius

Voss, Carl

Voss, Florence

Voss, Genevieve Marie

Voss, Lori Ann

Voss, Marvin Jerald

Voss, Ronald C.

Walton, Stanley

Ward (?), Edward R.

Ward (?), Francis

Ward, Clara A.

Ward, Ella M.

Ward, Harvey

Ward, Hattie R.

Ward, Irma R.

Ward, James

Ward, Jane

Ward, Lavina C.

Ward, Raymond M.

Ward, Robert M.

Ward, Samuel

Ward, Winnifred Y.

Warner, Emma L.

Warner, Lois M.

Warner, Ralph P.

Warner, Ralph P.

Weber, Jennifer

Weiss (?), Fredrick

Weiss (?), Raymond

Weiss, Hartw?

Weiss, Wilhelmine

Wellendorf, Elisabeth

Wellendorf, John

Wellendorf, Louisa

Wellendorf, Pauline

Wellendorf, Wilhelmina

Westlund, Duane Merle

Westphal, baby boy

Westphal, baby girl

Westphal, Bertha

Westphal, David A.

Westphal, Erwin J.

Westphal, Erwin J.

Westphal, Harold W.

Westphal, John

Westphal, John F.

Westphal, Minnie M.

Westphal, Nancy L.

Westphal, Orville W.

Westphal, Phyllis E.

Westphal, William J.

Whan, Catharine

Whan, Catharine

Whan, William

White (?), Leslie D.

White, Carol L.

White, Edwin A.

White, Lillian A.

White, Lloyd Alton

Whllpern, son

Wieberg, Carie

Wiechman, Gustav

Wiese, Harold C.

Will, August

Will, Ida

Winterfeldt, Anna W.

Winterfeldt, John H.

Winterfeldt, LaVerna L.

Woelpern, Anna

Woelpern, Charles

Woestehoff (?), Darrel Jay

Woestehoff (?), Debra

Woestehoff, Alfred O.

Woestehoff, David E.

Woestehoff, Douglass Lee

Woestehoff, Rosa C.

Wolf (?), Carolina

Wolf (?), Ida

Wolf (?), Joachim

Wolf, Anna

Wolf, Arnold L.

Wolf, Arthur

Wolf, Carl

Wolf, Cordelia A.

Wolf, Eda

Wolf, Elmer C.

Wolf, John

Wolf, John A.

Wolf, Lena L.

Wolf, Lillian

Wolf, Malinda L.

Wolf, Theodore

Wolf, Wilhelmmine

Wolfram (?), Albin

Wolfram (?), Barbara

Wolfram, Beatrice H.

Wolfram, Frederick A.

Wolpern (?), John C.

Wolpern (?), Katherine (?)

Wolpern (?), Mary

Wolpern, Allan L.

Wolpern, Alvin H.

Wolpern, Anna

Wolpern, Anna

Wolpern, Elaine A.

Wolpern, Elsie E.

Wolpern, Emil F.

Wolpern, Emil F.

Wolpern, Fannie S.

Wolpern, Frank

Wolpern, Gary J.

Wolpern, Gustav W.

Wolpern, Harold F.

Wolpern, Helen F.

Wolpern, Henry

Wolpern, Henry

Wolpern, Jeanette M.

Wolpern, Johann

Wolpern, Leslie J.

Wolpern, Marcella L.

Wolpern, Margaretha

Wolpern, Marvin

Wolpern, Raymond W.

Wolpern, Roland R.

Wolpern, Vivian M.

Wolpern, Walter C.

Wolter (?), Henry E.

Wolter (?), Ruth E.

Wolter, Tammy Lynn

Woods, Charlotte

Woods, Lillian

Woods, Louisa

Woods, Robert H.

Woods, Robert H.

Woods, Walter

Woods, William

Yahnke, Anna

Yahnke, Herman

Young, And. J.

Young, Edward

Young, Elaine

Young, Olga

Zabel, Melvin H.

Zabel, Selma M.

Zellman, Laura M.

Zellman, Marvin J.

Zellman, Tanya Elizabeth (Ingles)

Zellmann, Albert A.

Zellmann, Ella D.

Zellmann, Marian E.

Zellmann, Paulina M.

Zellmann, Ralph W.

Zellmann, Ralph W.

Zellmann, Richard E.

Zellmann, Walter H.

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