Lutheran Home Association / Home of the Age Cemetery

Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota



Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R25W, Section 1

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The Lutheran Home Association Cemetery is located along West South Street in the town of Belle Plaine.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.   


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



Ahrens, Heinrich

Arneson, Thelma

Behm, Fritz

Bertram, Friedrich

Bodamer, Carl

Boehner, Jacob

Boessling, Henry

Borgwadt, F. August

Brandenburg, Albert J.

Buesgens, Patrick

Bungert, Christine

Bushkat, Carl

Butzin, Carl

Butzin, Pauline

Cabellero, Merita Solanoy

Carstensen, Peter

Covert, Anna

Davis, Robert L.

Dietzel, Louis

Evers, Raymond K.

Falk, B.C.

Frant, August

Frisholz, John

Fritz, John C.

Genske, Carl

Grabowitz, August

Hackl, Joseph F.

Hardel, Paul

Hedtke, Henrietta

Heuer, Fritz

Hoffmann, Wilhelm

Iselia, Christina

Jaeckles, Franciscus

Jarvis, Paul G.

Kempf, Catharina

Kohlmeier, John

Lambrecht, Henrietta

Lange, Herman

Lindhorst, Fred

Manthe, Paul E.

Meyer, Benjamin

Meyer, Bertha

Moldenhauer, Augusta

Morton, Nels

Most, Michael

Mueller, Julius

Nenn, Henry

Neumann, Wilhelmine

Oestreich, Mrs. Wm.

Pirius, Friedrich

Pries, Robert F.

Reemer, Martha

Reese, Johann

Rusch, Carl

Schauer, David

Schlicht, Loretta M.

Schliekaw, William

Schrader, Gustav

Schultz, August J.

Schulz, Betty

Schulz, Maria

Seibold, John G.

Siewert, Ludwig

Snyder, Betty

Stachovich, Donald

Stiehm, Charles

Stiehm, Theresa

Stork, August K.

Tepe, August

Thiele, Lydia

Thieling, Louis

Ullmann, Emilie

Ullmann, Frieder

Venske, Ed

Weber, Henry F.

Weiss, Caspar

Wellendorf, Louisa

Wendt, John Jacob

Wilm, ?

Wilm, Karolina

Wittenberg, Fritz

Woehlke, Christian

Wolf, Moritz

Wolfert, George

Wuornos, Ruth

Zamzow, Anna

Zempel, K.

Zimmerman, Gus

Zuhlsdorf, August

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