Saints Peter and Paul Catholic / St. Martin of Tours Cemetery

Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota



Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R24W, Section 6

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of East Raven Street and Enterprise Drive in the town of Belle Plaine.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.     


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Adam

?, Theresia

?, Elizabeth

Affolter, Rolland J.

Affolter, Susan

Affolter, Susan Soller

Albrecht (?), Dorathea

Albrecht (?), Theodora

Albrecht, Alfred

Albrecht, Alma M.

Albrecht, Angela

Albrecht, Christian

Albrecht, Christian L.

Albrecht, David B.

Albrecht, David B.

Albrecht, Dorothea

Albrecht, Elizabeth

Albrecht, Florence C.

Albrecht, Gary J.

Albrecht, Gerald F.

Albrecht, Harold A.

Albrecht, Joseph

Albrecht, Joseph

Albrecht, Joseph

Albrecht, Kate

Albrecht, Leo M.

Albrecht, Marie M.

Albrecht, Rose L.

Albrecht, Theadora

Albrecht, Theresa

Albrecht, Walter F.

Anderley, Elizabeth C.

Anderley, Lawrence B.

Arendt, Peter

Badtendorf, Jno.

Baker, Helen G.

Baker, Mary L.

Bales, Mathias

Bannon, Margaret

Barlage, Alice M.

Barlage, Edith M.

Barlage, Edith M.

Barlage, Henry J.

Barlage, Henry J.

Barlage, Thomas R.

Barten, Anna

Barten, baby Frank

Barten, Mary

Barten, Peter

Bauman, Adolph

Bauman, Elizabeth

Bauman, Theresa

Baumann, Gertrud

Becker (?), father

Becker (?), mother

Becker, Johann

Becker, John C.

Becker, Katharina

Becker, Katharine

Becker, Mary

Becker, Mary

Becker, Mathias

Becker, Peter

Becker, Peter E.

Becker, Peter L.

Beckers, Johann

Bendzick, Catherne

Bendzick, Frank

Bettendorf, Henry

Bigaouette, Donna M.

Bigaouette, Gerald J.

Blaha (?), father

Blaha (?), mother

Blaha, Alois

Blaha, Christian J.

Blaha, Edna M.

Blaha, Elizabeth

Blaha, Eva

Blaha, Francis L.

Blaha, Francis L.

Blaha, Franz

Blaha, Gerald J.

Blaha, Ida

Blaha, John

Blaha, Joseph M.

Blaha, Joseph M.

Blaha, Lawrence J.

Blaha, Leo J.

Blaha, Margareta

Blaha, Nicholas J.

Blaha, Nicolaus J.

Blaha, Victor J.

Blaha, Victor J.

Blau (?), Anna

Blau (?), John

Blau (?), Margaret

Blau (?), Peter

Blau, Anna

Blau, Augusta

Blau, Caspar

Blau, George J.

Blau, Mathias

Bohnen, Arthur

Bohnen, Katherine

Bohnen, Rpbert D.

Bohnen, Thomas

Bollinger, Adeline M.

Bollinger, Byron D.

Boor family

Boor, Philip

Boor, Theresa

Bovey, Peter

Bowler, Fannie

Bowler, George V.

Bowser, Thomas

Brackin, Hilda

Brandl, Frances

Brandl, Leo C.

Brandl, Michael

Bristol, Devota E. and infant son

Bristol, Edmund

Bristol, Edward

Bromaghim, Francis

Bromaghim, Irene T.

Bromaghim, Roger M.

Bromaghim, W. Elwin

Brombach, Annie C.

Bruna, Willie

Brunner, John

Buesgans, William

Buesgens, Alfred

Buesgens, Catherine M.

Buesgens, Crescence M.

Buesgens, Francis A.

Buesgens, George P.

Buesgens, Gertrude

Buesgens, Irene

Buesgens, James E.

Buesgens, Martha M.

Buesgens, Michael

Buesgens, Peter J.

Buesgens, Ruth A.

Busch, Edwin

Busch, Leo

Busch, Lucy

Busch, Philomena

Busch, Ray G.

Capaul, Martin

Casta, Leopold

Castell, Johann A.

Castell, Johann V.

Castell, Joseph A.

Castell, Louisa M.

Castell, Maria L.

Collins, Agnes M.

Collins, Patrick W.

Collins, Patrick W.

Deustermann, Anna

Deustermann, Lena

Deustermann, Maria

Deustermann, Melchior

Deustermann, Rudolph

Druke (?), Walter

Druke, Cecelia

Druke, father

Druke, Germain H.

Druke, Laura R.

Druke, Marcella M.

Druke, Roslyn T.

Dvorak, Audrey

Dvorak, Frank Louis

Dvorak, Helen M.

Effertz, Catherine M.

Effertz, Edna M.

Effertz, Julius S.

Effertz, Ronald J.

Ellis, Helen

Ellis, Walter J.

Engfer, Anna

Engfer, Elizabeth A.

Engfer, Emil

Engfer, Kathryn F.

Engfer, Marie A.

Engfer, Marie R.

Engfer, Rolland R.

Engfer, Rose

Esch, George

Esch, Katherine H.

Evans, LeRoy E.

Evans, Mildred M.

Ewert, Arthur W.

Ewert, Arthur William

Feider, Anna

Feider, Gertrude

Feider, John

Feider, Karl

Feider, Leo Peter

Feider, Nicholes

Fideldy, Joseph H.

Fideldy, Margaret

Fisher, John C.

Fisher, Lucille

Frank, Charles J.

Frank, Frank

Frank, Frank

Frank, Hanna C.

Frank, John S.

Frank, Johnie

Frank, Mary

Frank, Mathilda

Frank, Nicholas J.

Franzen, Maria

Franzen, Mathias

Franzen, Mathias

Fugatt, Irene M.

Fugatt, Lloyd V.

Fuller, Marie H.

Gates, Margaret

Gates, Mary Ann

Gatz, Geraldine

Gatz, Theresa

Gatz, Walter

Gerardy, Angela

Gerardy, Odelia

Goettl, Curil C.

Goettl, Cyril C.

Goettl, Larraine U.

Goettl, Michael C.

Grausam, Mary

Grausam, Sebastian

Gregory, Alvina C.

Gregory, Henry P.

Gregory, Mary M.

Gribowski, Anna M.

Grosser (?), father

Grosser (?), mother

Grosser, Augusta

Grosser, Cora M.

Grosser, Florian H.

Grosser, Franz

Grosser, mother

Grosser, Raymond N.

Grosser, Rose C.

Grovum, Genevieve K.

Grovum, Oliver L.

Guenther (?), Elizabeth

Guenther, Katharina

Gunther, B.

Gunther, Maria M.

Haefner, Joanne M.

Haeg, Margaret Feider

Hahn, Barbara

Hahn, Joseph P.

Hahn, Mathias

Hahn, Peter

Hahn, Sophia

Halloran, Grace M.

Halloran, John P.

Hally, Dorothy M.

Hally, Joyce K.

Hally, Katherine

Hally, Katy

Hally, Maria M.

Hally, Mathias

Hally, Mathias

Hally, Matt F.

Halquist (?), Theresa Mary

Halquist, Gilbert

Halquist, Margaret

Hamilton (?), Bertha C.

Hauer, Donald B.

Hauer, Donald Burt

Hauer, Evelyn G.

Hauer, Isabel

Healy, Charles E.

Healy, Kenneth

Healy, Raymond C.

Healy, Veronica

Henn, Anna Dora

Henn, Ernst H.

Hennen, Cecelia M.

Hennen, Gerald J.

Hennen, Lawrence J.

Hennen, Rosalia O.

Hennen, Verdon L.

Hennen, Verdon Leo

Henry, baby

Hense, Henrietta

Hense, Henry

Hense, Josephine

Hentges, Christoph

Herrmann, Louis G.

Herrmann, Louis G.

Hoeltgen, Elizabeth A.

Hoelz, George H. “Dooley”

Hoelz, Homer H.

Hoelz, Irene G.

Hoelz, Mary Alice “Marie”

Hoffmann, Frank L.

Hoffmann, Johann G.

Hoffmann, Joseph P.

Hoffmann, Louise

Hottinger, Dennis C.

Hottinger, Dennis C.

Hottinger, Kenneth

Hrdlicka, Catherine M.

Huber, Eunice L. “Pat”

Huber, Frank A.

Huber, Leona E. (Schmidt)

Huber, Margaret J.

Huber, Mark J.

Huber, Mark J.

Hultin, Adelaide M.

Imhoff, Nickolaus

Jansen, Heinrich

Jeurissen, Joseph H.

Jeurissen, Viola G.

Jiracek, Gus H.

Jiracek, Joseph H.

Jiracek, Margaret

Johnson, Alvina C.

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, Arthur L.

Johnson, Carl A.

Johnson, Mildred

Johnson, Roger A.

Joiko, Anna

Kahle, Lena M.

Karg, Kristine A.

Karlberg, Patty

Kartes, Johann

Kartes, Margaretha

Katzer, Anna

Katzer, Frank

Katzer, Joseph

Kechely, Betty M.

Kechely, Clive M.

Kelleher, Agnes

Keller (?), Anastasia

Keller, Leander

Keller, Samuel

Ketzer, baby

Ketzer, Joseph

Ketzer, Klara

Kirchoff, Albert

Kirchoff, Barbara

Kirchoff, Peter

Klehr, Felix V.

Klehr, Nicholas W.

Klehr, Stephen D.

Klein, Eleanore D.

Kling, Helena Bettendorf

Klinkhammer, Bertah D.

Knepper, Angela

Knoben (?), Minnie T.

Knoben, John A.

Kobreek, Wallace G.

Koenig, Carol M.

Koenig, John

Koenig, Theresa

Kornder, Eugene

Kosnapfel, A.F.

Kosnappel, Magdalena

Krekelberg, Bridget

Krekelberg, Chris H.

Krekelberg, Frank H.

Krekelberg, Gladys

Krekelberg, Henry

Krekelberg, Jacob

Krekelberg, L. Tony

Krekelberg, Louisa

Krekelberg, Margaret

Krekelberg, Tony

Krenz, Jacob

Krenz, Martin

Kreutzer, Mary

Kreutzer, Mary

Kreutzer, Matthew

Kreutzer, Matthew

Kuehn (?), Anna W.

Kuehn (?), John F.

Kuehn (?), Sylvester J.

Langenfeld, Frances

Langguth (?), Edward

Langguth (?), Mary

Langguth, Herbert

Lawrence, C. Marie

Lawrence, Frank L.

Lawrence, Frank L.

Lawrence, James J.

Lawrence, John F.

Lawrence, M. Agnes

Lawrence, M. Agnes

Lawrence, Vincent L.

Leonard, Edward

Leonard, Ellen

Leuwer, Clarence M.

Leuwer, John J.

Leuwer, Joseph

Leuwer, Mary K.

Lindorff, Albert

Lindorff, Albert J.

Lindorff, James Edward

Lindorff, Mary

Little, Todd A.

Lorenzen, Walter J.

Lynch, Francis “Terry”

Lynch, Frank R.

Lynch, Marie M.

Mabee, James H.

Mabee, James H.

Massong, Mary

McCormick, Margaret M.

McCurdy, Mildred

Meierbachtol, Corinne

Meierbachtol, Maxine

Meierbachtol, Otis

Meierbachtol, Ronald

Meierbachtol, Ronald J.

Meisinger – Duffy, Mary E.

Meisinger, Edward F.

Meisinger, John

Meisinger, Joseph

Meisinger, Mary

Melchior (?), baby

Melchior (?), Grace Anna

Melchior (?), Peter

Melchior (?), Sophia

Melchior, Amanda

Melchior, Bernard

Melchior, Clara

Melchior, Edward J.

Melchior, Ellie

Melchior, Francis

Melchior, John

Melchior, Joseph S.

Melchior, Mark S.

Melchior, Mark S.

Melchior, Mayme

Melchior, Peter

Mendlik, George

Mendlik, Naomi

Metzdorf, Katie

Meyer, Anna

Meyer, Bernard E.

Meyer, Catherine

Meyer, Eugene C.

Meyer, Frank C.

Meyer, Jakob

Meyer, John

Meyer, John H.

Meyer, Math

Meyer, Mathew

Meyer, Maxine G.

Meyer, Neoma “Shorty”

Meyer, Pauline

Meyer, Raymond

Meyer, Rose

Meyer, Violet M.

Meyer, Walter F.

Meyer, William Francis

Michel, Cecilia E.

Michel, John M.

Mitchell, Gloria M.

Mitchell, John T.

Mitchell, John T.

Mohrbacher, Frances

Mohrbacher, Joseph

Mohrbacher, Joseph A.

Mohrbacher, Magdalena

Moisan, Anna C.

Moisan, Oscar P.


Mossong, Mary

Mossong, Matthew

Mossong, Theodore

Neil, Florence A.

Neisen, Catherine

Neisen, Magdalena

Neisen, Martin

Neisen, Mathias

Nelson, Marceline B.

Neubeiser, Anna R.

Neubeiser, F. Joseph

Neubeiser, Joseph

Neubeiser, Leo B.

Neubeiser, Nicholas

Neubeiser, Sophia

Neus???, Nicholaus (?)

Nichols, Thresa

O’Connor, Elizabeth

O’Connor, Mike

O’Day, Edward D.

O’Day, Gladys G.

Oelfke, Adeline

Oelfke, Lawrence

Orr, Marion Fideldy

Ott, Joseph H.

Parizek, Mary

Passman (?), Anna

Passman (?), Hubert M.

Passman (?), Joseph

Passman (?), Victor W.

Passman, Margaret

Pauly, Alfred G.

Pauly, Cecilia M.

Perry (?), Ellen M.

Perry (?), John H.

Perry (?), Sheldon H.

Perry (?), Virginia

Petsch (?), Joseph

Petsch (?), Joseph

Petsch (?), Louise

Pint, Franz

Pint, Herman J.

Pint, Jakob

Pint, Lucia

Pint, Margaretha

Pint, Philip

Pint, Rosalia M.

Pitheon, Joe

Pitheon, Rose

Quast, Lucy R.

Quatman, Anna

Quatman, Benjamin

Radde, Clarence

Radde, Theresa

Rasmussen, Geraldine

Reed, Beau Christian

Reed, Ernest A.

Reed, Ernest Arnold

Reichor, Elisabeth

Renneberg, Clara M.

Renneberg, John F.

Reuter, Mary

Rihl, Christian F.

Rihl, Frank

Rihl, Gratia M.

Rihl, Margaret

Roller (?), Melkcas

Roller, Heinrich

Roufs, Beverly A.

Roufs, Raymond P.

Roufs, Richard James

Roufs, Theresa L.

Schaff, Catherine

Schaff, Valthine

Schanus, Christine M.

Schanus, John P.

Schilz (?), Elizabeth

Schilz (?), John

Schilz, C. William

Schilz, Christ

Schilz, Dolores H.

Schilz, Frank T.

Schilz, Gertrude C.

Schilz, John

Schilz, Joseph J.

Schilz, Lucy

Schilz, Marie F.

Schilz, Mary

Schilz, Mary Ann

Schlingmann, Jerome S.

Schlingmann, Robert P.

Schmid, Carol A.

Schmid, Elizabeth A.

Schmid, Jacob L.

Schmid, Malinda A.

Schmidt (?), Thomas W.

Schmidt, Arthur H.

Schmidt, Derrick Thomas

Schmidt, Erwin R.

Schmidt, Erwin R.

Schmidt, Franz

Schmidt, Harriet M.

Schmidt, Harriet M.

Schmidt, Joseph

Schmidt, Joseph F.

Schmidt, Joseph F.

Schmidt, Katherine W.

Schmidt, Louise J.

Schmidt, Maria

Schmidt, Mary

Schmidt, Otto B.

Schmidt, Otto B.

Schmidt, Veronica Trimbo

Schmitt (?), Bertha

Schmitt (?), Christian

Schmitt (?), Martin

Schmitt, Albert

Schmitt, Alice L.

Schmitt, Angela

Schmitt, Ann B.

Schmitt, Anna

Schmitt, Anna

Schmitt, Anna C.

Schmitt, Catherine

Schmitt, Christian

Schmitt, Christian H.

Schmitt, Christian L.

Schmitt, Earl

Schmitt, Florence S.

Schmitt, Frank

Schmitt, Gary L.

Schmitt, Geneva M.

Schmitt, Genevieve R.

Schmitt, H.

Schmitt, Helen E.

Schmitt, Jacob

Schmitt, Jacob L.

Schmitt, John

Schmitt, Joseph E.

Schmitt, Katie

Schmitt, Lawrence J.

Schmitt, Lorraine

Schmitt, Marcella

Schmitt, Margareth

Schmitt, Maria A.

Schmitt, Mary

Schmitt, Mary Lou

Schmitt, Maude E.

Schmitt, Nicholas

Schmitt, Peter

Schmitz (?), Anna Katharina

Schmitz (?), Anna Mary

Schmitz, Anthony

Schneider, Donald E.

Schoell, John A.

Schoell, Mary A.

Schommer, Elizabeth

Schommer, John

Schommer, June C.

Schommer, Mildred

Schramm, Margaret L.

Schramm, Nicholas F.

Schramm, Nicholas Fred

Schuman, Aloysius

Schuman, Arnold

Schuman, Frances R.

Schuman, Frank

Schuman, John A.

Schuman, Katherine

Schuman, Walter

Schumann, Clara C.

Schumann, Joseph

Schumann, Margaret

Schweigert (?), Mary V.

Schweigert, Maria A.

Seiberlich, Agnes

Seiberlich, John M.

Seiberlich, Julius

Seiberlich, Lawrence A.

Seiberlich, Walter

Shaughnessy, Leo W.

Shaughnessy, Leo W.

Shaughnessy, Lori Ann

Siegfried, Anna

Siegfried, Maria

Siegfried, Mathias

Siegfried, Nickolas

Sisterman, Henry H.

Sisterman, William

Sistermans, Anna M.

Sistermans, Heinrich H.

Sistermans, Maria G.

Sistermans, Maria M.

Smith, Veronica M.

Solheid, LeRoy P.

Solheid, LeRoy P.

Soller, An??

Soller, Anna

Soller, Anna G.

Soller, Anthony F.

Soller, Bert P.

Soller, Cathrine

Soller, Christina

Soller, Edwin M.

Soller, Frank

Soller, Herbert

Soller, Jacob

Soller, John

Soller, John

Soller, Joseph

Soller, Kari Louise

Soller, Katharina

Soller, Mary

Soller, Math

Soller, Mathias

Soller, Myrtle

Soller, Roger J.

Spandel (?), Anna

Spandel (?), Emil

Spandel (?), Estella

Spandel (?), Joseph

Spandel (?), Joseph

Spandel (?), Mary

Stewart, Donald

Stienessen, Donald L.

Stienessen, Donald L.

Stierens, Thomas

Stradcutter, A.G. Tony

Stradcutter, Anna

Stradcutter, Anna

Stradcutter, B.

Stradcutter, Bernard

Stradcutter, Bernard

Stradcutter, Bernard

Stradcutter, Catherine

Stradcutter, Catherine

Stradcutter, Elizabeth

Stradcutter, Elizabeth

Stradcutter, Frank

Stradcutter, Henry

Stradcutter, John

Stradcutter, John G.

Stradcutter, Joseph

Stradcutter, Mary

Stratton (?), George

Stratton (?), Helen

Stratton, George F.

Sullivan, Adeline Meierbachtol

Thiel (?), ?

Thiel, Mary

Thiel, Peter L.

Tholkes, Agatha

Thomason, Gordon K.

Thomason, Leon D.

Thomason, Susan

Thomason, Theophius

Till, Christoph J.

Till, Constantin

Till, Eva

Tolzman, Anna

Tolzman, Fred R.

Tolzman, Louis

Tonsager, Virgil

Traxler, Cletus N.

Trimbo (?), Ben L.

Trimbo, Donald

Trimbo, Mary

Tritz (?), Mathilda

Tritz (?), Rosella R.

Tritz (?), William

Tritz, Elizabeth

Tritz, Frank

Tritz, Gertrude

Tritz, Henry

Tritz, Joseph

Tritz, Raymond C.

Tritz, Raymond C.

Tritz, Rita V.

Tritz, Rita V.

Vancore, Francis

Vancore, Frank

Vancore, Joseph

Vancore, Theresa

Vancore, Willie

Wagener, father

Wagener, Frank

Wagener, George R.

Wagener, Jacob

Wagener, John F.

Wagener, Kelly Jean

Wagener, Louise

Wagener, Mary

Wagener, mother

Wagener, Phillip L.

Wagener, twin boys

Wagener, Virginia A.

Wagner (?), Jacob

Wagner (?), Margaret

Wagner, Anna

Wagner, Anton

Wagner, Frank

Wagner, J. Germain

Wagner, Jerry A.

Wagner, Joseph G.

Wagner, Therese

Walerius (?), father

Walerius (?), mother

Walerius (?), mother

Walerius (?), Stella

Walerius, Adolph

Walerius, Agnes

Walerius, Dorothy

Walerius, Johnnie

Walerius, Scott

Walerius, William

Weibeler (?), Anna Mary

Weibeler (?), John

Weibeler (?), Katharina

Weibeler (?), Katherine

Weibeler (?), William H.

Weibeler, Anna M.

Weibeler, Elisabeth

Weibeler, Frank

Weibeler, Gerhard H.

Weibeler, Johann Hubert

Weibeler, Joseph N.

Weibeler, Lucy

Weibeler, Mary A.

Weibeler, Peter H.

Weibeler, William E.

Widmer, Elizabeth

Widmer, Joseph

Widmer, Mary C.

Witt, Clarine Ann

Witt, Edgar M.

Witt, Edgar M.

Witt, Walter P.

Wolf, Larry K.

Zaun, Anton

Zaun, Joseph

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