Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery / Fairlawn Cemetery

Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota



Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R24W, Section 6

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            The Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of Ash Street and Enterprise Drive in the town of Belle Plaine.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  There is no longer a church at the site.    


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Ann

?, Catherine

?, Rose

?, Peter

Albrecht, Frank J.

Albrecht, Ruth M.

Althoff, Benjamin N.

Anderley, Eugene Vernon

Anderley, Mildred I.

Anderley, Vernon W.

Anderley, Vernon W.

Anselm, Patrick

Arkins, M. Sharon

Arkins, Peter J.

Ashton, Lillian Rae

Athmann, J=Kenneth G.

Athmann, Kenneth G.

Bailey (?), James J.

Bailey (?), Mary A.

Bailey, Agnes Brown

Bailey, Dennis E.

Bailey, James L.

Bailey, Jay C.

Bailey, John

Bailey, Mary

Bailey, Mary E.

Bailey, Will


Baldwin, Elizabeth

Baldwin, James

Baldwin, Johanna

Baldwin, John

Baldwin, Mary

Baldwin, Thomas

Balk, Irene M.

Balk, Matthew

Balk, Wilbur J.

Balk, Wilbur J. “Jake”

Barrett, Edward

Barrett, Hanorah

Barrett, John

Barrett, Timothy

Barrett, Willie

Beinhorn, Clara

Beinhorn, Fred

Berney, ? Sullivan

Bigaouette, baby

Bigaouette, Howard M.

Bigaouette, Marie M.

Bigaouette, Raymond L.

Bigaouette, Raymond L.

Billings, Ellen Ehrenberg

Bills (?), Ellsworth

Bills (?), Stella

Bills (?), Walter

Birkholz, Joseph J.

Blaha, Lois

Blaha, Robert

Blake, Rose

Boltman (?), Henerietta

Boltman, Anna Marie

Bolz, Burton B.

Bolz, Grace M.

Boschert, Charles J.

Boschert, Mary E.

Boschert, Robert

Brandl, Ben A.

Brandl, Ruth

Bray, Howard H.

Bray, Lucy M.

Bristol, Myrtle

Brooks, Coley

Brooks, Sara Fogarty

Brown, Claude

Brown, Claude S.

Brown, Dorothy E.

Brown, Hanora

Brown, Joseph C.

Brown, Julia

Brown, Mary E.

Brown, Vincent

Buesgens, Helen L.

Buesgens, Sandra M.

Buesgens, Shawn

Buesgens, Shawn T.

Byrne, Mary

Cahill (?), John

Cahill (?), John

Cahill (?), Mary

Cahill (?), Maurice

Cahill (?), William

Callaghan, Augustus Cornelius

Callaghan, Cornelius

Callaghan, Elizabeth Agnes

Callaghan, James Eugene

Callaghan, Martha Catherine

Callaghan, Mary

Callaghan, Mary

Callahan (?), Bartholomew

Callahan (?), Honora

Callahan (?), Honora

Callahan (?), Michael

Callahan (?), Richard

Callahan, Alma M. (Murphy)

Callahan, Annetta

Callahan, Arthur

Callahan, Daniel

Callahan, Fannie

Callahan, James and Thomas

Callahan, James P.

Callahan, John P.

Callahan, Kathryn

Callahan, Regina M.

Callahan, Sarah

Callahan, Thomas

Callahan, Thomas P.

Campbell, William A.

Cannon, Bridget

Cannon, Catherine

Cannon, Elizabeth

Cannon, Mary Ellen

Cannon, Michael

Cannon, Pat

Cannon, Thomas

Cannon, Timothy

Carlin, Gerald

Carlin, Margaret

Carlin, Thomas F.

Carlin, William

Carlin, William H.

Carr (?), baby

Carr, Bridget

Carr, Catherine

Carr, Delia

Carr, Irene

Carr, James

Carr, John F.

Carr, Maria

Carr, Martha

Carr, Thomas

Carr, Vincent

Carroll, James

Casey (?), baby

Casey, Daniel

Casey, Earl

Casey, Ethyl M.

Casey, Helen

Casey, Patrick

Casserly, Bernard Ambrose

Chard, John

Chard, Margaret

Charkey, Thomas F.

Chaves, Amador

Chaves, LaVonne

Ciminski, Dan L.

Ciminski, Elinda M.

Ciminski, Hattie

Ciminski, James J.

Ciminski, Joseph

Claeys, Dorothy E.

Claeys, Richard C.


Clark (?), Catherine (?)

Clark (?), Francis

Clark (?), James

Clark, Bridget

Clark, Christi

Clark, Fanny

Clark, James

Clark, John

Clark, Mary

Clark, Rose

Coleman, Edward J.

Coleman, Joseph

Coleman, Mary M.

Colligan, Catherine

Colligan, Thomas

Collins, Edward

Collins, Edward

Collins, Hannorah

Collins, Hanora

Collins, Patrick

Conlon (?), Ellen A.

Conlon (?), James R.

Conlon (?), Mary Ellen

Conlon, ?

Conlon, Daniel

Conlon, Dorothy J.

Conlon, H.B.

Conlon, James F.

Conlon, John

Conlon, Mary

Conlon, Mary

Connelly, Jeremiah

Connelly, Jeremiah

Connelly, John

Connelly, Louise

Connolly, Dennis G.

Connolly, John P.

Conroy, Elizabeth

Conroy, Thomas

Coyle, Clara Constance

Coyle, John C.

Coyle, Laurence

Coyle, Mable

Dahlberg, Aaron

Dalvin (?), Dennis T.

Daly (?), Joan R.

Daly (?), Michael James

Daly, M. James

Daly, Mary E.

Darling (?), Edw’d

Dean, Daniel William

Dean, James

Dean, James

Dean, James

Dean, Mary

Dean, Mary

Dean, Susan A.

Dean, Thomas

Dean, Thomas E.

DeLaere, Eileen

DeLaere, Scottie

Dempsey, Catharine

Dempsey, John

Dempsey, Katherine

Dempsey, Mary

Denzer, Daniel G.

Denzer, Dorothy

Denzer, Logan

Denzer, Logan H.

Devine (?), Charles

Devine (?), Emmett R.

Devine (?), father

Devine (?), Julia

Devine (?), Katherine

Devine (?), mother

Devine, babies

Devine, Dale F.

Devine, Ellen

Devine, James J.

Devine, Joyce M.

Devine, Lori Ann

Devine, Maggie

Devine, Margaret

Devine, Matthew

Devine, Robert

Devine, Warren D.

Devine, William

Devine, William

Diers, Betty J.

Diers, Cyrilla J.

Diers, James V.

Diers, James V.

Diers, Milan W.

Diers, Virgil F.

Doheny, George P.

Doheny, Stacy M.

Doheny, Vivian

Donahue, Cathrine

Donahue, Cornelius

Donahue, Daniel

Donovan (?), B.S. baby

Donovan (?), James

Donovan (?), Jennie

Donovan, Anne

Donovan, Bridget

Donovan, Frank

Donovan, John

Donovan, John L.

Donovan, John L.

Donovan, John R.

Donovan, Joseph T.

Donovan, Julia

Donovan, M.V.

Donovan, Margaret

Donovan, Margaret A.

Donovan, Patrick L.

Donovan, Patrick Leo

Donovan, Rose M.

Donovan, Theresa A.

Dooley, Frank

Dooley, M. Evelyn (Blaul)

Dooley, Mary E. Helin

Dow, Anna B.

Dow, Bernard M.

Dow, Katherine M.

Dow, William

Downey, Robert

Downey, Timothy (?)

Doyle, Maurice

Doyle, Rosa

Dressen, baby girl

Dressen, Connie

Dressen, Daniel J.

Dvorak, Teresa B.

Dyer (?), Anna I.

Dyer (?), John

Dyer (?), Nellie

Dyer (?), Patrick J.

Dyer (?), Susan

Dyer (?), Thomas

Dyer, Elen

Dyer, James

Dyer, Johanna

Dyer, John

Dyer, John A.

Dyer, Mary

Dyer, Mary A.

Dyer, Mary J.

Edberg, Dale

Ehrenberg, Paul C.

Ehrenberg, Rose

Eischens, Daniel Patrick

Eischens, Urban A.

Engfer, Leo J.

Engfer, Marcella J.

Eyrich, Loy C.

Eyrich, Loy C.

Fahey (?), Margaret

Fahey (?), Mary

Fahey (?), Mary J.

Fahey (?), Patrick F.

Fahey (?), Patrick F.

Fahey, Billy

Fahey, Catherine

Fahey, Dennis M.

Fahey, Dennis M.

Fahey, Emmett Michael

Fahey, Eugene J.

Fahey, Marie E.

Fahey, Mary

Fahey, Michael A.

Fahey, Michael A.

Fahey, Walter E.

Fahey, Walter E.

Fayhey (?), Owen E.

Fearing (?), Anna

Fearing (?), Edward

Fearing (?), father

Fearing (?), John

Fearing (?), mother

Fearing, David H.

Fitzgerald, Bart Thomas

Fitzgerald, Edward J.

Fitzgerald, Ellen A.

Fitzgerald, Hanora

Fitzgerald, Honora

Fitzgerald, James ?

Fitzgerald, John R.

Fitzgerald, Loretta R.

Fitzgerald, Mary

Fitzgerald, Paul J.

Fitzgerald, Thomas F.

Fitzgerald, William

Fitzgerald, William P.

Fitzgerald, Willie A. (?)

Fitzsimmons (?), Ann

Fitzsimmons (?), Mathew

Flanagan (?), John

Flanagan (?), Mary

Flanagan (?), Michael

Flanagan (?), mother

Flanagan, Edward

Flaschenriem, Faith

Flynn, Mary


Fogarty (?), Bridget

Fogarty, Andrew Thomas

Fogarty, Bertha J.

Fogarty, Betty

Fogarty, Bridget

Fogarty, Edna M.

Fogarty, Elizabeth Brown

Fogarty, J. Newell

Fogarty, John

Fogarty, John E.

Fogarty, Joseph

Fogarty, Joseph M.

Fogarty, Kathleen

Fogarty, Leo E.

Fogarty, Mary Ann

Fogarty, Mary E.

Fogarty, Mary E.

Fogarty, Michael J.

Fogarty, Michael J.

Fogarty, Michael T.

Fogarty, Patrick J.

Fogarty, Patrick J.

Fogarty, Patrick M.

Foley, Bridget

Foley, Daniel

Foley, John

Foley, Julia A.

Foley, Michael E.

Foley, P.G.

Gaffany, James

Gaffany, Mary

Gaffney (?), Catherine

Gaffney (?), Emily C.

Gaffney (?), Iva

Gaffney (?), Maurice

Gaffney (?), Patrick A.

Gaffney (?), William A.

Gaffney, James

Gaffney, James F.

Gaffney, Raymond

Galvin (?), Margaret

Galvin (?), Mary

Galvin (?), Michael A.

Galvin (?), Timothy

Galvin, Margaret S.

Galvin, Mary A.

Galvin, Mary L.

Galvin, Michael A.

Gannon (?), Agnes B.

Gannon (?), Christopher

Gannon (?), Mary Ellen

Gannon (?), Sarah

Gannon, Christopher

Gannon, Johanna

Gannon, John L.

Gannon, John L.

Gannon, Katherine

Gannon, Lauretta

Gannon, Lawrence

Gannon, Mary

Gannon, Mary E.

Gannon, Mary E.

Gannon, Patrick

Gates, Edward Henry

Gates, Mich’l

Gau, Frank J.

Geehan (?), Ann

Geehan (?), Catherine

Geehan (?), Mary

Geehan, Alice

Geehan, Edward P.

Geehan, Patrick

Geehan, Sarah T.

Giffort, Hattie

Glisczinski (?), Monica E.

Glynn (?), baby

Glynn (?), John

Glynn (?), John C.

Glynn (?), Joseph J.

Glynn (?), Patrick

Glynn (?), Susan

Glynn, Appoline

Glynn, Bridget

Glynn, Thomas

Glynn, Thomas

Goff, Anthony

Goff, Margaret

Goggins (?), Juil Mary

Goggins (?), Juil Riley

Goggins (?), Thomas F.

Golden, Mary A.

Golden, Michael J.

Gothmann, Mary Sharkey

Gregory, Mary L.

Griffen, Elisebeth

Griffin (?), John

Griffin (?), Thomas

Griffin (?), William

Griffin, Bridget

Griffin, Catherine

Griffin, James

Griffin, Jeremiah

Griffin, Johanna

Griffin, Michael

Griffin, Nicholas

Griffin, Patrick

Gustafson, Frank W.

Gustafson, Helen M.

Hagerty (?), Agnes

Hagerty (?), baby

Hagerty (?), Josephine

Hagerty (?), Maggie

Hagerty (?), Mary

Hagerty (?), Patrick

Hagerty, Rose Ann

Hagerty, Walter

Haley, Rose

Hallinan (?), Daniel

Hallinan (?), Johanna

Hallinan, D.N.

Hallinan, Mary

Hallinan, P.D.

Hanlon (?), Bridget

Hanlon (?), Catherine

Hanlon (?), Daniel

Hanlon (?), Maurice

Hanlon, Anastasia

Hanlon, Daniel A.

Hanlon, Jerry L.

Hanlon, Jerry Leo

Hanlon, Margaret F.

Hanlon, Mary B. (David)

Hart, Bridget

Hart, Margaret D.

Hart, Mary

Hart, Mary Kane

Hart, Patrick

Hart, Phillip

Hartmann, Michael J.

Haugh, Blanche E.

Haugh, Michael J.

Hawley, Judith (Bigaouette)

Hayes (?), Betty Ann

Hayes (?), Dennis J.

Hayes (?), Emma Ann

Hayes (?), Eugene H.

Hayes, Harriet

Hayes, Mary E.

Heatherston, Mary Lawrence

Heibel, Dallas J.

Heibel, Darrell

Heibel, Mary E.

Heibel, Ray H.

Hennessy, Patrick

Henry, Mary

Henry, Peter

Henry, Peter and Mary

Herbert, Alice M.

Herbert, baby

Herbert, Celestine

Herbert, James M.

Herbert, John C.

Herbert, John W.

Hessian (?), Dennis

Hessian (?), Julia

Hessian (?), Mary

Hessian (?), Patrick

Hessian, Arthur

Hessian, Arthur John

Hessian, Emmett

Hessian, Georgia Ann

Hessian, Mabel C.

Hessian, Margaret

Hessian, Oleta

Hessian, Patrick John

Hessian, Stanley P.

Hessian, Urban D.

Jacobs, Catherine

Johnson, Lynda Jean Fogarty

Johnson, Mildred

Kane (?), Emeline

Kane (?), Joseph

Kane (?), Mary Ellen

Kane, Daniel

Kane, Edward M.

Kane, Elisa

Kane, Honora

Kane, J. Russell

Kane, James

Kane, John T.

Kane, Michael

Kane, Nellie M.

Kane, Nora

Kane, Patrick

Kane, Patrick T.

Karnitz, Dolores

Karnitz, Victor

Katz, Grace M.

Katz, Harold S.

Katzer, Arnold

Keating, Joan M.

Kelleher (?), Martin

Kelley, Elizabeth

Kelley, Howard

Kelley, James P.

Kelly (?), Abigail

Kelly (?), James

Kelly (?), James V.

Kelly (?), Johanna

Kelly (?), John

Kelly (?), Mary

Kelly (?), Rose M.

Kelly, Alicia

Kelly, Bernard

Kelly, Bernard F.

Kelly, Catherine E.

Kelly, Ellen

Kelly, Mary

Kemper, Mary J.

Kemper, William

Kendall, ?

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, Margaret

Kennedy, Mary A.

Kennedy, Thomas C.

Kennedy, Thos.

Kenny (?), Gladys

Kenny, Lenora F.

Kerwick, Bridget

Kerwick, Johanna

Kerwick, Thomas

Kerwick, Walter

Keup, Fred J.

Keup, Irene M.

Keup, Paul

Kilduff, J. Frank

Kilduff, James

Kilduff, James

Kilduff, Rose

Kilduff, Teresa

Kilouff (?), Clement F.

Kilouff (?), Rose M.

Kilouff, John F.

Kilouff, Mary A.

Kirchoff (?), Joseph

Kirchoff (?), Thomas

Kirchoff, Bernard

Kirchoff, Katherine

Kirchoff, LaVonne June

Kirchoff, Paul D.

Kliefoth, Bridget M.

Kliefoth, Fred W.

Kliefoth, Fred W.

Klinkhammer (?), Adolph C.

Klinkhammer (?), Mary E.

Klinkhammer (?), P. Rudolph

Koralesky, Mary E.

Kucera, Patricia A.

Kucera, Thomas J.

Kucera, Thomas J.

Lange, Elaine F.

Lange, Nicole R.

LaQua, Mary

LaQua, Melvin

Larkin, John

Larkin, Margaret

LaTour, Cory James

LaTour, Elrene F.

Lawrence (?), Joseph

Lawrence (?), Mathias M.

Lawrence (?), Walter S.

Lawrence, Sarah Alice

Lehman, Gerald D.

Lehman, Rose M.

Lehmann, Aubrey F. (Dubb)

Lehmann, Helen M.


Lewis, Adeline Glynn

Linnen (?), father

Linnen (?), mother

Linnen, Katie C.

Logelin, Ellen

Logelin, Fred

Lucy (?), Daniel

Lucy (?), Daniel

Lucy (?), Eugene

Lucy (?), Mary

Lucy (?), Mary

Lucy (?), Nellie

Lucy (?), Raymond

Lucy (?), Stasia

Lucy (?), Thomas

Lucy, Billy

Lucy, Cornelious P.

Lucy, Deborah M.

Lucy, Hannah

Lucy, John Edward

Lucy, Magdalen M.

Lucy, Margaret

Lucy, Timothy

Lucy, Timothy

Lucy, William

Lucy, William R.

Lunsford, Patricia Ann Callahan

Lynch, baby

Lynch, Catherine

Lynch, Dan

Lynch, Ethel K.

Lynch, Ilene R.

Lynch, Leander H.

Lynch, Mary Ann

Lynch, Nora Ryan

Lynch, Patrick

Lynch, Patrick

Lynch, Phillip A.

Lynch, Richard Patrick

Lynch, Rose Carroll

Lynch, Thomas

Lynch, Thomas H.

Lynch, William Thomas

M’Peary, Catherina

Madden, Earl

Madden, Harold J.

Madden, Irene

Madden, Joseph E.

Madden, Marie M.

Mager, Sylvester

Mager, Sylvester J.

Mahoney (?) or Riley (?), Elizabeth

Mahoney (?), Anastasia

Mahoney (?), Daniel

Mahoney (?), Dennis

Mahoney (?), father

Mahoney (?), Johanna

Mahoney (?), John

Mahoney (?), Kane

Mahoney (?), Lillian

Mahoney (?), Mary

Mahoney (?), mother

Mahoney, Agatha

Mahoney, Ann C.

Mahoney, Annie

Mahoney, Blanche

Mahoney, Clem J.

Mahoney, Cornelius

Mahoney, Genevieve C.

Mahoney, John

Mahoney, Margaret

Mahoney, Mary Ann

Mahoney, Mary Lauretta

Mahoney, Peter R.

Mahoney, Peter R.

Mahoney, Stephen

Mahoney, Sylvester

Maloney (?), Gerald R.

Maloney (?), Hannah

Mangan, Daniel

Mangan, Elizabeth M.

Mangan, Lizzie

Mangan, Thomas

Mangan, Willie

Margott (?), ? B.

Margott (?), William

Martin, Virginia Schommer

Maus, Anna

Maus, Bertha

Maus, Elizabeth

Maus, Evelyn

Maus, Marie

McCarthy, Ellen

McCarthy, Honorah

McCarthy, Jerry A.

McCarthy, John

McCarthy, John

McCarthy, Kate

McCarthy, Katherine

McCarthy, Katie

McCarthy, Margret

McCauley, Mary J.

McCormick, Alice E.

McCormick, Edward C.

McCormick, Edward C.

McCormick, John E.

McCormick, John E.

McCormick, Larry L.

McCormick, Larry L.

McCormick, Mary J.

McCormick, Mary Jean

McCormick, Mary R.

McCue (?), mother

McCue, Anastasia

McCue, baby

McCue, Cora Mary

McCue, Ellen

McCue, Frank

McCue, Gary Francis

McCue, Helen R.

McCue, James F.

McCue, John

McCue, John

McCue, Katherine F.

McCue, M. Emmett

McCue, Margaret

McCue, Mary

McCue, Mary

McCue, Mary

McCue, Michael

McCue, Michael

McCue, Michael J.

McDevitt (?), Alice

McDevitt (?), Edward

McDevitt (?), father

McDevitt (?), Kathryn

McDevitt (?), mother

McDevitt (?), Peter – Mark

McDevitt, Annie

McDevitt, Bridget

McDevitt, Cornelius

McDevitt, Edgar

McDevitt, Eileen

McDevitt, Ellen

McDevitt, Ellen

McDevitt, J. Maude

McDevitt, James F.

McDevitt, Jennie

McDevitt, John

McDevitt, Leo J.

McDevitt, Mark

McDevitt, Michael

McDevitt, Rose

McDevitt, Tommy

McDonald, Eugen F.

McDonald, Kathryn L.

McDonough, James E.

McGlinn, Thomas

McGookin, Isabella

McKenna (?), Dennis

McKenna (?), Johanna

McKenna (?), Mary

McKenna, Bridget M.

McKenna, Catherine

McKenna, Daniel D.

McKenna, Denis

McKenna, Dennis E.

McKenna, Edward C.

McKenna, James William

McKenna, Johanna

McKenna, Mary

McKenna, mary

McKenna, Mary C.

McKenna, Mary Cecelia

McKenna, Maurice

McKenna, Michael J.

McKenna, Patrick

McKenna, Peter

McKenna, Thomas J.

McMahon, Bridget

McMahon, Michael

McPartlan, Bernard N.

McPartlan, Jane B.

McPartlan, Joseph B.

McPartlan, Nora

McPartlan, Phillip

McRaith, John “Jack” Vincent

McRaith, John V.

McRaith, Joseph G.

McRaith, Joseph G.

McRaith, Mary A.

Meade, A??

Meade, Agnes

Meade, Jane

Meade, John

Meade, John

Meade, Mary

Meade, Thomas

Mechtel, John B.

Mechtel, Mary

Mechtel, Mary C.

Mellet, Johanna

Mellet, Martin

Meyer, Earl John

Miller, Gerald C.

Miller, Gerald C.

Miller, Mary J.

Minogue, Thomas

Minton, T. Emmett

Minton, T. Emmett

Moran, Fannie

Moran, Michael

Moriarty (?), Catherine

Moriarty (?), John

Moriarty (?), M. Mary

Moriarty, Anna

Moriarty, Annie Weldon

Moriarty, Anthony John

Moriarty, Barbara

Moriarty, Bridget

Moriarty, Catherine

Moriarty, Catherine

Moriarty, Catherine

Moriarty, Edward

Moriarty, Edward C.

Moriarty, Edward J.

Moriarty, Elizabeth

Moriarty, Evelyn M.

Moriarty, George A.

Moriarty, James

Moriarty, James A.

Moriarty, James J.

Moriarty, Jerome E.

Moriarty, Jno.

Moriarty, Johanna

Moriarty, Johanna

Moriarty, John E.

Moriarty, John E.

Moriarty, John M.

Moriarty, John P.

Moriarty, Loretta F.

Moriarty, Mark T.

Moriarty, Mary

Moriarty, Mary A.

Moriarty, Maurice D.

Moriarty, Maurice E.

Moriarty, Michael

Moriarty, Michael C.

Moriarty, Patrick

Moriarty, Ruby L.

Moriarty, Stephen D.

Moriarty, Thomas

Morrisette, Rose

Morrison (?), Elizabeth

Morrison (?), John C.

Morrison, Cora Ellen

Morrison, Edward

Morrison, Francis Martin

Morrison, Martin

Mulcahy, John Leo

Murphy (?), Dennis D.

Murphy (?), Joseph

Murphy (?), Margaret

Murphy (?), Mary

Murphy, ?inne??

Murphy, Daniel (?)

Murphy, Daniel P.

Murphy, Dorothy

Murphy, Emmett J.

Murphy, Hattie

Murphy, John D.

Murphy, John H.

Murphy, John M.

Murphy, John P.

Murphy, Kevin J.

Murphy, Lorraine M.

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Mark D.

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Patrick

Murphy, Stephen

Murphy, Timothy

Murr, Chris Moriarty

Neisen, Bert

Newell (?), Ann E.

Newell (?), Ann Marie

Newell (?), baby Tatum

Newell (?), Michael

Newell, Ann Maria

Newell, Bridget

Newell, Deborah Kay

Newell, Elizabeth

Newell, Eugen “Mike” Michael

Newell, John F.

Newell, Michael

Newell, Michael James

Newell, Patrick Brian

O,Connor, Sally

O,Connor, William

O’Brien (?), Eugene F.

O’Brien (?), Kathryn

O’Brien (?), Mary

O’Brien (?), Mary Kathryn

O’Brien (?), Patrick Richard

O’Brien, Ambrose

O’Brien, Bridget

O’Brien, Bridget

O’Brien, Catherine

O’Brien, Cornelius

O’Brien, Eugene F.

O’Brien, Eugene T.

O’Brien, Finton

O’Brien, Grace C.

O’Brien, Hanora

O’Brien, Helen Vivian

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, Johanna

O’Brien, John E.

O’Brien, Julia

O’Brien, Lloyd F.

O’Brien, Mae

O’Brien, Marilyn C.

O’Brien, Mary A.

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Brien, Mary Therese

O’Brien, Michael

O’Brien, Pat L.

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, Richard F.

O’Brien, William

O’Brien, William

O’Brien, William E.

O’Brien, Wm. J.

O’Brine, Bridget

O’Brine, Mary E.

O’Callahan, Cornelius

O’Callahan, Mary

O’Connell, Gertrude

O’Connell, John

O’Connell, Raymond

O’Connor (?), Edward R.

O’Connor (?), Ellen

O’Connor (?), Grace H.

O’Connor (?), Helen

O’Connor (?), Jerry

O’Connor (?), John

O’Connor (?), John P.

O’Connor (?), Julia

O’Connor (?), Martin

O’Connor (?), Thomas

O’Connor (?), William F.

O’Connor, Ann

O’Connor, Bartholomew

O’Connor, Dennis

O’Connor, Ellen

O’Connor, Ellen R.

O’Connor, Helen L.

O’Connor, J. Russel

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Louise

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Mary A.

O’Connor, Mary A.

O’Connor, Michael

O’Connor, Michael

O’Connor, Michael J.

O’Connor, Michael Joseph

O’Connor, Patrick J.

O’Connor, Richard

O’Connor, Stephen

O’Connor, Steve

O’Connor, Timothy

O’Day, Bridget

O’Day, Dennis

O’Day, Elizabeth

O’Day, John

O’Day, Laurence W.

O’Day, Margret E.

O’Day, Mary M.

O’Day, Thomas

O’Donovan, James M.

O’Fallon, Honoria

O’Leary (?), James

O’Leary (?), Mary

O’Leary (?), Mary (?)

O’Leary (?), Patrick

O’Leary (?), Patrick

O’Leary (?), Raymond

O’Leary, Anastasia

O’Leary, Bridget

O’Leary, Bridget

O’Leary, Catherine

O’Leary, Dan

O’Leary, Daniel

O’Leary, Donald P.

O’Leary, Helen

O’Leary, Helen P.

O’Leary, J. Irving

O’Leary, John A.

O’Leary, John L.

O’Neill (?), Martha

O’Neill (?), Rose

O’Neill, Agnes

O’Neill, Anne P.

O’Neill, baby John

O’Neill, Bernie

O’Neill, Caroline A.

O’Neill, Catherine

O’Neill, Catherine

O’Neill, Dennis F.

O’Neill, Emmett

O’Neill, father

O’Neill, Hanorah

O’Neill, Helen C.

O’Neill, James

O’Neill, James

O’Neill, Johanah

O’Neill, John

O’Neill, John F.

O’Neill, Kathryn

O’Neill, Katie

O’Neill, M. Joseph

O’Neill, Martha I.

O’Neill, Mary

O’Neill, Mary

O’Neill, Michael

O’Neill, Michael

O’Neill, Michael

O’Neill, Michael C.

O’Neill, mother

O’Neill, Nellie

O’Neill, Owen

O’Neill, Thomas

O’Neill, Timothy

O’Neill, William

Oglesby, Thomas J.

Oglesby, Thomas J.

Oscarson, Lloyd O.

Oscarson, Regina R.

Oster, Emma P.

Oster, Frank A.

Oster, Fred J.

Oster, Oliver

Otto, Lester J.

Otto, Rosella H.

Parent, Mary

Pasano, Katherine

Pendy (?), ?

Pendy (?), ?

Pendy (?), ?

Pendy (?), ?

Pendy (?), Leo I.

Pendy (?), Maurice

Pendy (?), Raymond M.

Pendy, Gerald

Pendy, James H.

Pendy, Johanna

Pendy, John F.

Pendy, Mary A.

Pendy, Maurice A.

Pendy, Michael F.

Pendy, Michael Joseph

Pendy, Nellie

Pendy, Richard E.

Peterka, Alvin E.

Peterka, Delores A.

Peterson, Elmer J.

Peterson, Eugene J.

Peterson, Margaret M.

Piceon, Louis

Piche, Mary E.

Piche, Richard T.

Piche, Thomas E.

Piche, Thomas E.

Pitheon, Charles and Mary

Pitheon, Louis

Pitheon, Mary

Plantz, Marlene Mahoney

Plonske, Elaine

Plonske, Isidore

Predergast, Bridget Loretta

Predergast, Michael S.

Prendergast, Nellie C.

Prendergast, Patrick F.


Pudlitzke, Beatrice

Pudlitzke, Dale

Pudlitzke, Dale R.

Quinn, Thos.

Rasmussen, Kathleen V.

Reak, Charles W.

Reak, Charles W.

Reak, Elizabeth

Reak, Hanna

Reak, Michael

Reak, Thomas F.

Redman, Kathleen M.

Redman, Melvin F.

Redman, Melvin F.

Reinke, Mary “Carmie” Carmelita

Rendle, Elizabeth G.

Rendle, James J.

Rendle, Lorine M.

Rendle, Thomas H.

Renne, Delores H.

Renne, John A.

Renne, Martin

Renne, Minnie

Revier, Fred H.

Revier, Johanna G.

Riley, Catherine

Riley, Catherine Sherlock

Riley, Hannorah

Riley, John

Riley, John Joseph

Riley, Mary Ann

Riley, Math L.

Riley, Matt L.

Riley, Matt Leo

Riley, Nora C.

Riley, Raphael P.

Riley, Teresa

Riley, Thomas T.

Robinson, Horace A.

Robinson, Rachel M.

Rogers, Mary

Ronayne, Gertrude M.

Ronayne, Patrick B.

Russell, Catherine

Russell, Mary


Savage, Ann

Savage, Annie C.

Savage, Barth

Savage, Bartholomew

Savage, Bernard L.

Savage, Catherine A.

Savage, David “Tiny”

Savage, Edward

Savage, Emma S.

Savage, James C.

Savage, James F.

Savage, Josephine

Savage, Kenneth R.

Savage, Margaret

Savage, Marion K.

Savage, Marlin L.

Savage, Maurice R.

Savage, Pat T.

Savage, Robert M.

Savage, Thomas

Savage, Thomas E.

Savage, twins

Savage, William

Schipreth (?), Francis

Schipreth (?), Frank

Schipreth (?), Mary

Schommer, Albert

Schramm, Nick

Schultz (?), Catherine

Schultz, Charles F.

Schultz, Ella E.

Schumacher, Emily Jean

Scully, Judy M.

Scully, Leo J.

Scully, Leo J.

Scully, Lucille

Seifert, Genevieve M.

Seifert, Loyal H.

Sevigny, Lauretta

Sevigny, Wilfred

Sexton, Mary L.

Sexton, Maurice

Sharkey (?), 2 babies

Sharkey (?), Agnes

Sharkey (?), Alice

Sharkey (?), John

Sharkey (?), Mary G.

Sharkey (?), Nora

Sharkey (?), Thomas

Sharkey (?), Thomas J.

Sharkey, Bridget

Sharkey, Bridget A.

Sharkey, Catherine

Sharkey, Catherine

Sharkey, Frank

Sharkey, John

Sharkey, Julia

Sharkey, Margaret

Sharkey, Michael

Sharkey, Michael John

Sharkey, William

Sharkey, William

Shaughnessy, Catherine

Shaughnessy, Homer

Sisterman, John P.

Sisterman, Mary B.

Smith, David P.

Smith, Kenneth

Smith, Mary

Smith, Ursula

Snyder, Cecilia A.

Snyder, Charles S.

Spellacy (?), Anna

Spellacy (?), Charles

Spellacy, Bernard C.

Spellacy, Helen

Spellacy, Jarred P.

Spellacy, John “Spanky”

Spellacy, Sylvester

St. Peter, Benjamin

St. Peter, Victoria

Stans, Leo William

Stearns, Bridget

Stearns, Peter

Stratton (?), Ada

Stratton (?), Arthur

Stratton (?), Emilie

Stratton (?), James

Stratton (?), Joseph

Stratton (?), Mabel

Stratton (?), Margaret E.

Stratton (?), William

Stratton, Sarah

Stratton, Victor

Sullivan (?), Daniel J.

Sullivan (?), Daniel W.

Sullivan (?), Dennis L.

Sullivan (?), Dennis T.

Sullivan (?), Ellen

Sullivan (?), J. Francis

Sullivan (?), Jeremiah C.

Sullivan (?), Margaret

Sullivan (?), Margaret E.

Sullivan (?), Mary A.

Sullivan (?), Mary J.

Sullivan (?), mother

Sullivan (?), mother

Sullivan (?), Nora

Sullivan (?), Nora A.

Sullivan (?), Patrick

Sullivan, ?

Sullivan, ?

Sullivan, Catharine

Sullivan, Catherine M.

Sullivan, Corneilius

Sullivan, D.I.

Sullivan, Daniel F.

Sullivan, Dannie

Sullivan, Dennis

Sullivan, Dennis L.

Sullivan, Dennis P.

Sullivan, Elizabeth

Sullivan, Ellen

Sullivan, Eugene

Sullivan, Frances O’Connor

Sullivan, Gerald J.

Sullivan, J.L.

Sullivan, James

Sullivan, Jane

Sullivan, Jeremiah

Sullivan, John

Sullivan, John F.

Sullivan, John Leo

Sullivan, John V.

Sullivan, Leo J.

Sullivan, Mary

Sullivan, Mary L.

Sullivan, Nora

Sullivan, Nora

Sullivan, Patrick

Sullivan, Sarah

Sullivan, T.

Sullivan, Timothy

Syghrue, Mary

Terrell, Frances

Terrio, Jerry M.

Terrio, John F.

Terrio, Mary Ellen

Terrio, Michael F.

Terry, Ellen

Terry, Hanorah

Thill, Nick C.

Thill, Thomas

Tobin, Veronica J.

Tobin, Walter A.

Townsend (?), Daniel Charles

Townsend (?), Grace

Townsend (?), Joseph E.

Townsend (?), Josephine

Townsend (?), Josephine

Townsend (?), Julia

Townsend (?), Mary Harriet

Townsend (?), Mary J.

Townsend (?), Pearl

Traynor, Francis Leo

Traynor, Mary

Trimbo, Elizabeth C.

Trimbo, henry B.

Trimbo, Hilary L.

Trimbo, Linus M.

Vaughan, Daniel

Vaughan, Richard

Voigt, Bernice M.

Walfoort (?), Glenn D.

Walfoort (?), Katherine

Walfoort, Julijana S.

Walfoort, Katherine

Walfoort, William O.

Walsh, Kathleen M.

Walsh, Maurice H.

Weierke, David A.

Welch, Genevieve E.

Weldon (?), Cyril R.

Weldon (?), Grace

Weldon (?), Harold P.

Weldon (?), Mary M.

Weldon (?), Patrick R.

Weldon (?), Peter P.

Weldon, Agnes B.

Weldon, Agnes C.

Weldon, Alice

Weldon, Ann

Weldon, Bridget C.

Weldon, Catherine

Weldon, Chris

Weldon, Chris

Weldon, Clarence M.

Weldon, Colleen M.

Weldon, Cornelia A.

Weldon, Cornelius E.

Weldon, Donald T.

Weldon, Donald T.

Weldon, Gertrude P. Schichta

Weldon, Gladys V.

Weldon, Hannah

Weldon, Helen

Weldon, James

Weldon, James K.

Weldon, James K.

Weldon, Jeanette

Weldon, John W.

Weldon, John W.

Weldon, Joseph E.

Weldon, Kathryn “Kay”

Weldon, Mardee

Weldon, Mary

Weldon, Mary E.

Weldon, Mathew C.

Weldon, Matthew L.

Weldon, Pat

Weldon, Patrick W.

Weldon, Patty Lynn

Weldon, Peter E.

Weldon, Peter J.

Weldon, Robert T.

Weldon, Terry

Weldon, Thomas

Weldon, William

Weldon, William

Weldon, William E.

Weldon, William F.

Werrick, Frank J.

Werrick, J. Paul

Werrick, Josephine

Werrick, Julia A.

Whalan, Annie

Whalan, John

Whalen, Michael

Whelan, Mary A.

Whelan, Robert J.

Wherley, George

Wherley, Kathryn

Wherley, William

White, Catherine M.

White, James B.

Whitlock, Alice Bartel

Whitlock, Emeline C.

Whitlock, Frank Jay

Whitlock, Olive

Whitlock, William Abel

Willson, C. Alice

Willson, Warren M.

Wilson (?), D.W.

Wilson (?), Gertrude

Wilson (?), James

Wilson (?), Susan H.

Wilson, James H.

Wilson, James H.

Wilson, Mae H.

Wilson, Thomas E.

Working, Andrew C.

Working, Sarah Jane

Zaun, Alice S.

Zaun, Edward W.

Zaun, William M.

Zeney, Mary Ruth

Zurn (?), Kurt

Zurn, Geraldine M.

Zurn, Walter A.

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