St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery

New Prague, Scott County, Minnesota



New Prague, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R23W, Section 34

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of Columbus Avenue North and 4th Street NE in New Prague.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape. 


            Many of the burial monuments use the Czech spellings in place of English.   


The Czech to English month translations are:


Leden >> January

Unor >> February

Brezen >> March

Duben >> April

Kveten / Kvetna >> May

Cerven >> June

Cervenec >> July

Srpen >> August

Zari >> September

Rijen >> October

Listopad >> November

Prozinec >> December


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



? (broken off Stone)

?, Anna M.

?, August W.

?, Cecilia

?, James D.

?, Mary

?, Mary R.

?, Wenceslaus

?, William J.

Ackermann, Willard B.

Adamek (?), Albert

Adamek, Anna

Adamek, John

Ambroz, Aaron E.

Ambroz, Albert J.

Ambroz, Alice

Ambroz, Delores E. Solhied

Ambroz, Emma A.

Ambroz, Eugene S.

Ambroz, Eugene S.

Ambroz, Frank J.

Ambroz, Joseph H.

Ambroz, Julia B.

Ambroz, Robert F.

Ambroz, Robert F.

Ament, Edward W.

Ament, Lena

Ardolf, Anna

Ardolf, Joseph E.

Ardolf, Joseph F.

Arnold, Frances

Arnold, Frank H.

Arnold, Josephine

Arp, Christine M.

Austin, Roger B.

Austin, Roger Bruce

Babic, Evelyn F.

Babic, Joseph P.

Bachinski, Amelia R.

Bachinski, Felix T.

Bachman, Herschel F.

Baland, Harold E.

Baland, Mary D.

Ballinger (?), Barbara

Ballinger (?), Ludmila

Ballinger (?), Marion

Ballinger (?), Mary

Ballinger (?), William M.

Ballinger, Andreas

Ballinger, Andrew

Ballinger, Bertha J.

Ballinger, George

Ballinger, Gilbert C.

Ballinger, Hedwig M.

Ballinger, Henry

Ballinger, Joseph

Ballinger, Julius

Ballinger, Ondrej

Barta (?), Albert F.

Barta, Albert T.

Barta, Anna M.

Barta, Ben A.

Barta, Frank A.

Barta, Frank A.

Barta, James F.

Barta, Jan

Barta, Johnny

Barta, Jozefa

Barta, Mary D.

Barta, Rose B.

Barta, Rose E.

Barten (?), Ronald

Barten, Agatha E.

Barten, Amalia A.

Barten, Genevieve A.

Barten, Jerome J.

Barten, John J.

Barten, John J.

Barten, Rudolph J.

Bartley, Adeline E. Mares

Bartusek (?), Agnes

Bartusek, Adeline

Bartusek, Anezka A.

Bartusek, Anna

Bartusek, Anna

Bartusek, Anna

Bartusek, Anna

Bartusek, Anna H.

Bartusek, Bessie A.

Bartusek, Charles C.

Bartusek, Frank A.

Bartusek, Frank J.

Bartusek, John J.

Bartusek, John W.

Bartusek, Katerina

Bartusek, Marcella M.

Bartusek, Mary

Bartusek, Mathias

Bartusek, Mathias

Bartusek, Milton Thomas

Bartusek, Myles F.

Bartusek, Tomas

Bartyzal (?), Albert

Bartyzal (?), Anna

Bartyzal, Albert A.

Bartyzal, Dale M.

Bartyzal, Edward A.

Bartyzal, Eletta J.

Bartyzal, Frank E.

Bartyzal, Regina F.

Bartyzal, Richard F.

Bartyzal, Robert A.

Bartyzal, Russ

Bartyzal, Russell J.

Basta, Frantiska

Basta, Josef

Basta, Josef J.

Basta, Mara A.

Basta, Marie A.

Bastir, Rosa

Bastyr (?), Ann J.

Bastyr (?), Anna R.

Bastyr (?), Clara Anna

Bastyr (?), Emilie

Bastyr (?), Frank H.

Bastyr (?), Frank J.

Bastyr (?), John V.

Bastyr (?), Joseph F.

Bastyr (?), Joseph R.

Bastyr, Anna

Bastyr, Anna

Bastyr, Anna B.

Bastyr, Darryl Robert

Bastyr, Estellene M.

Bastyr, Eugene T.

Bastyr, Jacob

Bastyr, Jakub

Bastyr, James J.

Bastyr, John F.

Bastyr, John J.

Bastyr, Josef

Bastyr, Joyce Ralph

Bastyr, Katerina

Bastyr, Katerina

Bastyr, Katherine A.

Bastyr, Marie

Bastyr, Mathias F.

Bastyr, Richard W.

Bastyr, Richard W.

Bastyr, Robert M.

Bastyr, Robert R.

Bastyr, Rosalie

Bastyr, Vojtech

Bastyr, Willie

Bates, Frank Charles

Bates, Thomas C.

Bazil, Frank

Bazil, Mary

Beattie, Ernest A.

Beattie, Helen A.

Beckius, Elsie M.

Beckius, Robert P.

Bednar – Vest, Anna

Bednar – Vest, James

Bednar – Vest, Jerry

Bednar – Vest, Philomena

Bednar, Agnes F.

Bednar, Albert

Bednar, Alice S.

Bednar, Delphine B.

Bednar, Edythe M.

Bednar, Emil F.

Bednar, Emil F.

Bednar, Frank A.

Bednar, Ida

Bednar, John A.

Bednar, Josef

Bednar, Marie

Bednar, Rose M.

Bednar, Wallace L.

Bednar, Wallace L.

Bell, Catherine M.

Bell, Thomas S.

Bendzick, Ervin J.

Bendzick, Ervin J.

Benedict, Edward E.

Benedict, Emma C.

Berge, Clifford J.

Berge, Helen

Bezecny, Anna

Bezecny, John

Bezecny, John

Bezecny, Mary

Bezecny, Susan

Bezecny, Susie

Bila, Alzbeta

Bilek (?), Anna

Bilek (?), John

Bilek (?), Katherine

Bilek (?), mother

Bilek, Anna

Bilek, Frank A.

Bilek, John J.

Bilek, Joseph G.

Bilek, Josephine M.

Bilek, Ronald J.

Bilek, Rose M.

Bilek, Stanley

Bilek, Vincent

Bily, Mary

Bisek (?), baby

Bisek (?), baby

Bisek (?), Mary

Bisek, Agnes N.

Bisek, Albina M.

Bisek, Anna

Bisek, Anna A.

Bisek, Anna M.

Bisek, Anton

Bisek, Antonia T.

Bisek, Barbara

Bisek, Bernard R.

Bisek, Catherine R.

Bisek, Dorothy C. Zika

Bisek, Edward A.

Bisek, Elsie J.

Bisek, Emil

Bisek, Evangeline L.

Bisek, Evelyn

Bisek, Frank J.

Bisek, Frank M.

Bisek, Frantisek

Bisek, Gilbert W.

Bisek, Gilbert W.

Bisek, Helen A.

Bisek, Jean Ann

Bisek, Jerry J.

Bisek, John F.

Bisek, Joseph

Bisek, Julius T.

Bisek, Lois J.

Bisek, Louis J.

Bisek, Marie

Bisek, Martin F.

Bisek, Mary

Bisek, Mary B.

Bisek, Richard J.

Bisek, Roman E.

Bisek, Rose

Bisek, Rose

Bisek, Stanley M.

Bisek, Stephania

Bisek, Steven F.

Bisek, Sylvia

Bisek, Thomas F.

Bisek, twin boys

Bisek, Wilfred

Bisek, William A.

Bisek, William C.

Blaha (?), Jakub

Blaha (?), Katerina

Blaha, Guy F.

Blaha, Mary F.

Blesener, Mary A.

Bohac children

Bohnsack, Erhard J.

Bohnsack, Luella M.

Borak (?), Frank

Borak (?), Frank J.

Borak (?), Mamie

Borak (?), Rose

Borak, Albert

Borak, Albina

Borak, Anna

Borak, Elizabeth

Borak, Esther V.

Borak, Frantisek

Borak, J. Edward

Borak, John O.

Borak, Josef

Borak, Joseph W.

Borak, Katherine

Borak, Lyl M.

Borak, Martin

Borak, Mayme T.

Borak, Vaclav

Borak, Vaclav

Borak, Vojtech

Borakova, Anezka

Borakova, Petronilla

Borkowski, Anna J.

Borkowski, Anne M.

Borkowski, Frank O.

Borkowski, Walter B.

Bradash, Francis Havel

Brezina, Anton

Brezina, George A.

Brezina, Henry J.

Brezina, Jan Bolinel

Brezina, mary

Brokl, Marie

Brokl, William

Brown, George R.

Brown, Rose J.

Brownlee, Katherine R. Welter

Broz, Marie

Broz, Mary

Broz, Rosalie

Broz, Wenceslaus

Bruaek, Katerina

Brunner, Evelyn D.

Brunner, George J.

Bruzek, Albina B.

Bruzek, Alice F.

Bruzek, Andrew

Bruzek, Ben

Bruzek, Benedict J.

Bruzek, Cyril J.

Bruzek, Daniel Robert

Bruzek, Eleanora

Bruzek, Elias

Bruzek, Elizabeth M.

Bruzek, Emma

Bruzek, Frank

Bruzek, Frank J.

Bruzek, Frantisek

Bruzek, Frantisek

Bruzek, Helen F.

Bruzek, Hilda Tempel

Bruzek, Jacob J.

Bruzek, James M.

Bruzek, John

Bruzek, John F.

Bruzek, John F.

Bruzek, John J.

Bruzek, Josef

Bruzek, Mary

Bruzek, Mary B.

Bruzek, Mary Holub

Bruzek, Mary J.

Bruzek, Prokop J.

Bruzek, Raymond T.

Bruzek, Raymond T.

Bruzek, Robert G.

Bruzek, Thomas M.

Bruzek, William J.

Bruzkova, Helenka

Brzezinski, Barbara

Buden, Jakob

Budic, F.V.

Budik, Albeta

Budik, Katerina

Budik, Vit

Budin, Anton

Budin, Rose

Budin, Rose

Budin, Tomas

Burda, Alois

Burda, Ludmilla

Burda, Ludmilla

Burton, Rose

Busch, Adeline A. Rybak

Busch, Alma

Busch, Ambrose H.

Busch, Ambrose H.

Busch, Angeline E.

Busch, Bernadine A.

Busch, Carolyn

Busch, Donald A.

Busch, Douglas E.

Busch, Elizabeth

Busch, Eugene H.

Busch, Florian H.

Busch, Francis H.

Busch, Francis H.

Busch, Francis P.

Busch, Isabel M.

Busch, Jason

Busch, Julia A.

Busch, Lando

Busch, Patricia E.

Busch, Peter N.

Busch, Regina M.

Busch, Werner A.

Busta, Jozef

Busta, Rose G.

Busta, William

Caine, Mary Eleanore

Cap, Dorothy

Cap, Stanley L.

Capp, Mary

Cecka (?), Anna K.

Cecka (?), Thomas G.

Cecka, baby boy

Cecka, Cyrie

Cecka, Elizabeth A.

Cecka, John

Cecka, John J.

Cecka, Josef

Cecka, Joseph F.

Cecka, Ludmilla M.

Cecka, M. Cyril

Cecka, Marie

Cecka, Mary

Cecka, Methodius C.

Cecka, Rose

Cecka, Thomas and Joseph

Ceplecha (?), Frank G.

Ceplecha (?), Mary E.

Ceplecha, John F.

Cervenka (?), Charles F.

Cervenka (?), Charles K.

Cervenka (?), Ruth Marie

Cervenka (?), Susan E.

Cervenka, Claudia

Cervenka, Frank

Cervenka, Helen J.

Cervenka, Myles

Chalupsky, Agnes E.

Chalupsky, Ann R.

Chalupsky, Charles A.

Chalupsky, Edward

Chalupsky, Ella

Chalupsky, Frank J.

Chalupsky, Glenn F.

Chalupsky, Jan

Chalupsky, Josef V.

Chalupsky, Joseph F.

Chalupsky, Matej

Chalupsky, Rosalie

Chalupsky, Vaclav

Chlain, Thomas

Chlan (?), Frank

Chlan (?), Frank P.

Chlan (?), Hattie

Chlan (?), Joseph F.

Chlan (?), Katerina

Chlan (?), Marie R.

Chlan (?), Mary

Chlan (?), Melvin

Chlan (?), Rose M.

Chlan, Anna

Chlan, Frantisek

Chlan, Joseph

Chlan, Marie

Chlan, Rebecca

Chovitkova, Rozina

Chromy, Debra Ann

Chromy, Josef

Chromy, Josefina

Chromy, Joshua T.

Chromy, Katerina

Chromy, Ludmilla

Chromy, Mary R.

Chromy, Matej

Chromy, Patricia M.

Chromy, Stanley W.

Cihlar, Henry

Cihlar, Julia

Cihlar, Wilbert P.

Cihlar, Wilbert R.

Clancy, Jeffrey Mark

Clifford, Marie

Clifford, Thomas W.

Coudek, Albert

Coudek, Mary

Cowan, JoAnne C.

Czarny, Albert J.

Czarny, Rose M.

Daleiden (?), Mary J.

Daleiden (?), Nicholas H.

Daleiden, Agnes B.

Daleiden, Anna

Daleiden, Anne

Daleiden, Georg

Daleiden, Maria

Daleiden, William J.

Daleiden, William J.

Davenport, Anna

Deneffe, Harvey F.

Deneffe, Helen A.

Deutsch, Alice M.

Deutsch, Alois J.

Deutsch, Billy

Deutsch, Evelyn

Deutsch, Helen D.

Deutsch, Herbert J.

Deutsch, Herbert J.

Deutsch, John

Deutsch, Lucy M.

Deutsch, Marie

Deutsch, Mary

Deutsch, Michael

Deutsch, Norbert

Deutsch, Rita P.

Deutsch, Ronald M.

Deutsch, Stanley A.

Dietl, Antoinette

Dietl, John J.

Dietz (?), Kevin M.

Dietz, Bessie E.

Dietz, Eileen

Dietz, George J.

Dobes, Josef

Dobes, Marie

Dobihal (?), Catherine

Dobihal (?), Charles

Dobihal (?), Emma

Dobihal, Frank C.

Dobihal, John J.

Dobihal, Rose M.

Dobrovolny, Albert J.

Dobrovolny, Catherine

Dobrovolny, Frances

Doherty, Elmer M.

Doherty, Elmer M.

Dohmen, Albert

Dohmen, Anton J.

Dohmen, Christina

Dohmen, Dennis A.

Dohmen, Geraldine

Dohmen, Henry A.

Dohmen, Joseph R.

Dohmen, Julia

Dohmen, Richard N.

Dohmen, Richard N.

Dohmen, Robert H.

Dohmen, Robert H.

Dols, Grace Anna

Dols, Isidore C.

Dols, Tillie B.

Donner, Amanda Mary

Dorzinski, Anna S.

Dorzinski, John B.

Dragich, John R.

Dragich, Marjorie

Drobna, Marie

Duncan, Jeannie M.

Dunlop, Annette B.

Duwenhoegger, Samuel David

Dvoracek, Bessie

Dvoracek, Catharine

Dvoracek, Emma

Dvoracek, Margaret

Dvoracek, Raymond J.

Dvoracek, Thomas

Dvoracek, Wencel P.

Dvoracek, William G.

Dvorak (?), Adolph

Dvorak (?), Anna

Dvorak (?), Apollonia

Dvorak (?), Emma R.

Dvorak (?), Frank

Dvorak (?), Frank

Dvorak (?), Jan F.

Dvorak (?), Jan J.

Dvorak (?), John

Dvorak (?), Josephine

Dvorak (?), Katerina

Dvorak (?), Marie

Dvorak, Adolph

Dvorak, Albina

Dvorak, Alois

Dvorak, Alois P.

Dvorak, Anna

Dvorak, Antonia M.

Dvorak, Catherine

Dvorak, Emma

Dvorak, Frantisek

Dvorak, Joseph

Dvorak, Joseph J.

Dvorak, Lillian

Dvorak, Marie Ann

Dvorak, Mary

Dvorak, Mary F.

Dvorak, Matej

Dvorak, Paul E.

Dvorak, Peter

Dvorak, Peter J.

Dvorak, Rose

Dvorak, Sophia

Dvorak, Stephen J.

Dvorak, Steve J.

Dvorak, Vaclav

Dvorak, Wenceslaus

Dylla, Marie M.

Dylla, Peter J.

Eaton, Joan M.

Edberg, Robert Lee

Edel, Alvin J.

Edel, Alvin John

Endres, Adam

Endres, Hildaberth J.

Endres, Johanna

Enga, Catherine L. Remes

Enga, Michael A.

Enga, Phillip J.

Factor, Dennis M.

Factor, Josephine R.

Factor, Robert L.

Fairley, Marie J.

Fairley, Melville J.

Fanta, Alzbeta

Farnquist, Mason D.

Ferrazzo, Dominick J. “Mick”

Fichta, Antonin

Fichta, Frank

Fitzgerald, John M.

Fitzgerald, John Moonan

Fitzke, Alice M.

Fitzke, Ted A.

Flaherty, Lillian G.

Fleming, Martha Svoboda

Flicek (?), George F.

Flicek (?), Karel

Flicek, Albert A.

Flicek, Albert C.

Flicek, Anna

Flicek, Anna

Flicek, Anna

Flicek, Anna E.

Flicek, Anna M.

Flicek, Anna T.

Flicek, Catherine

Flicek, Charles F.

Flicek, Charles F.

Flicek, Charles J.

Flicek, Edith

Flicek, Edward J.

Flicek, Edward J.

Flicek, Elizabeth M.

Flicek, Emil W.

Flicek, Emily M.

Flicek, Emma G.

Flicek, Frank A.

Flicek, Frank A.

Flicek, Helen R.

Flicek, Jan

Flicek, Jerry

Flicek, John

Flicek, John C.

Flicek, John T.

Flicek, John T.

Flicek, Josefa

Flicek, Joseph

Flicek, Joseph F.

Flicek, Joseph J.

Flicek, Joseph J.

Flicek, Karel

Flicek, Leonard J.

Flicek, Leonard J.

Flicek, Louis J.

Flicek, Louise

Flicek, Marcella

Flicek, Marie

Flicek, Marie A.

Flicek, Mary

Flicek, Mary

Flicek, Mathias J.

Flicek, Mike

Flicek, Richard F.

Flicek, Richard F.

Flicek, Rosalie

Flicek, Rosalie

Flicek, Theresa E.

Flicek, Theresa M.

Flicek, Thomas E.

Flicek, Tomas

Flicek, Vaclav

Flicek, Vaclav

Flicek, Vojtech

Flicek, Wenceslaus

Flicek, William

Flynn, Donald

Flynn, Rita

Francis, Marie M.

Francis, Theodore E.

Franek (?), Josef J.

Franek (?), Josef W.

Franek (?), Mary

Franek (?), Terezie

Franek, Anna

Franek, Antonia

Franek, August

Franek, Cyril

Franek, Edward J.

Franek, Eleonora

Franek, Frank J.

Franek, James

Franek, Josef

Franek, Joseph B.

Franek, Leonard H.

Franek, Leonard H.

Franek, Raymond R.

Franek, Rose

Franek, Rose

Franek, Tillie A.

Frank, Agnes P.

Frank, Alois J.

Frank, Alois J.

Frank, Carolyn A.

Frank, George L.

Frank, Joseph

Frank, Lavone C.

Frank, Teresa L.

Frank, Violette Spirk


Franta, Mary

Frantesl, Anna

Frantesl, Anton F.

Frantesl, Marie

Frantesl, Mathew

Fribylova (?), ?

Fribylova (?), ?

Fribylova, Marie

Fried, Frank

Fried, Jan

Fried, Mary

Frocher, Francis

Frolik, Benjamin R.

Frolik, Elsie A.

Furst (?), Elizabeth

Furst (?), Nicholas

Furst, Fannie L.

Furst, John

Furst, Lucia

Furst, Mary A.

Furst, Michael

Gallagher, Marie Lukes

Gansen, Andrew

Gansen, Marie

Gast, Edwin F.

Gehlen, Jean

Gehlen, John C.

Gehlen, John C.

Geiger, Alvina M.

Geiger, Elmer H.

Gerlach, August

Gerlach, Catherine

Gilman, Margareth

Gilmore, Frank M.

Ginter, Anna

Ginter, Anthony F.

Ginter, Frank

Ginter, Gertrude

Ginter, Jerome

Ginter, Joseph

Ginter, Martin

Ginter, Mary B.

Ginter, Valeria

Glasbrenner, Anastasia

Glasbrenner, Ernest J.

Glynn – Minar, Anne

Glynn – Minar, Joseph S.

Glynn – Minar, Malcolm J.

Gralow, Loretta H.

Gralow, Vernon R.

Graupman, Jodi Sue

Grossman, Alma M.

Grossman, Peter

Grossman, Peter F.

Hadac (?), James M.

Hadac (?), Myles G.

Hadac (?), wife

Hadac, David

Hadac, Edward M.

Hadac, Emma P.

Hadac, Frank

Hadac, Frank C.

Hadac, George R.

Hadac, George R.

Hadac, James J.

Hadac, Jerry L.

Hadac, John

Hadac, Josef

Hadac, Joseph F.

Hadac, Joseph F.

Hadac, Leroy E.

Hadac, Marie

Hadac, Mark

Hadac, Mary

Hains, Frank

Hains, Mary

Hajcek, John

Hajcek, Marie

Hajek, Vaclav

Hajic, Alzbeta

Hajic, Katerina

Hajic, Marie

Hajic, Vaclav

Halik, babies

Halik, Frank H.

Halik, Lillian E.

Hall (?), Christina M.

Hall (?), Ludmilla Anna

Hall (?), Marietta

Hall(?), Charles A.

Hallet – Holroyd, Judith Marie Catherine

Hallet, Catherine A.

Hamer, Beatrice A.

Hamer, Dorothy P.

Hamer, John F.

Hamer, John J.

Hamr, Frantisek

Hamrova, Albeta


Hancuch, Frank

Hancuch, Helen M.

Hancuch, Joseph A.

Hancuch, Joseph W.

Hancuch, Mary

Hanek, Edward L.

Hanek, Theresa

Hanza, Arbo?

Hanza, Vojtech

Hanzal, Jakue

Hanzal, Josephine

Hanzal, Matej

Hanzal, Vojtech

Hanzal, W.T.

Hanzel, Anna

Hanzel, Anna

Hanzel, Barbora

Hanzel, Emma J.

Hanzel, Frank

Hanzel, Frank C.

Hanzel, Frantisek

Hanzel, George H.

Hanzel, Jan

Hanzel, Joella Anna

Hanzel, John

Hanzel, John C.

Hanzel, John D.

Hanzel, Josephine A.

Hanzel, Louis Martin

Hanzel, Marie

Hanzel, Mary

Hanzel, Mathias

Hanzel, Mayme M.

Hanzel, Petronilla

Hanzel, Rosalie

Hanzel, Ruzena

Hanzel, Sophie

Hanzel, Tomas

Hanzel, Wencil

Hanzel, Wilem

Hanzl, Karel

Hanzla, Tomase

Hartly, Sally Joan

Hartman, Carol F.

Hartmann, Joseph A.

Hartmann, Raymond J.

Hartmann, Salesia M.

Hartmann, Sylvia

Hartmann, Wallace

Hauer, Ottilia

Hauer, Peter A.

Haus, A. Bernard

Haus, Joseph B.

Haus, Marie J.

Havel, Francis

Havlicek, Albert

Havlicek, Angela Barta

Havlicek, Anna L.

Havlicek, Anna M.

Havlicek, Frank J.

Havlicek, John F.

Havlicek, John F.

Havlicek, Marie

Havlicek, Rose

Havlicek, Vaclav

Heiertz, Mary E.

Heinen, Agnes

Heinen, August

Heinen, Frieda

Heinen, Henry H.

Heinen, Mary

Heinen, Mary Jean

Heinen, Patricia R.

Heinen, Philip Lee

Heinen, William L.

Heiny, John

Heiny, Josef S.

Heiny, Marie

Hejny, Anna

Hejny, Joseph

Hejny, Joseph F.

Hejny, Julia

Henderscheit, Paul V.

Hennes, Cyril J.

Hennes, Mary Therese

Herrmann, Bernard

Herrmann, Mary Billy

Hertaus (?), baby

Hertaus (?), Elizabeth M.

Hertaus (?), Frank

Hertaus, Albert

Hertaus, Alvin W.

Hertaus, Alvin W.

Hertaus, Debra Ann

Hertaus, Elizabeth A.

Hertaus, Frank

Hertaus, Frank R.

Hertaus, Kate Rose

Hertaus, Katie Rose

Hertaus, Lisa A.

Hertaus, Marie

Hertaus, Mary

Hertaus, Matej

Hertaus, Matej

Hertaus, Melvin R.

Hertaus, Raymond

Hertaus, Riley

Hertaus, Rose

Hertaus, Sandra M.

Hertaus, Sandra Marie

Hertaus, William F.

Hertaus, William J.

Hilgers, Mathilda

Hilgers, Theo F.

Hilgers, Walter T.

Hinderscheid, Joyce M.

Hinderscheit, Cecelia

Hinderscheit, Clarence F.

Hinderscheit, Hubert

Hinderscheit, Kenneth J.

Hinderscheit, Kevin

Hinze, Roberta A.

Hlavac, Anna

Hlinka, Anna

Hlinka, Anna

Hlinka, Frank

Hlinka, Joseph

Hlinka, Mary

Hlinka, Tomas

Hlinka, Tomas (?)

Hoffer (?), Robert

Hoffer, Anna C.

Hoffer, John S.

Holec, Alois

Holec, Frank

Holec, Henry R.

Holec, John

Holec, John F.

Holec, Joseph George

Holec, Lucille M.

Holec, Marie

Holec, Teresia

Holub (?), Anna

Holub (?), Jacob J.

Holub, Eddy

Holub, Edward J.

Holub, Emil J.

Holub, Florence E.

Holub, George E.

Holub, Ludmilla

Holub, Marie

Holub, Rose

Holub, Sophia M.

Holub, William J.

Honza, James W.

Honza, Mary

Honza, Mary

Honza, Vaclav

Horak, baby boy

Horak, Frantisek

Horak, Josefa

Horak, Rose A.

Horejsi (?), Charles J.

Horejsi (?), father

Horejsi (?), Katherine

Horejsi (?), mother

Horejsi, Frank J.

Horejsi, George F.

Horejsi, Matej

Horejsi, Sophie J.

Houdek, Josef

Houska, Anna I.

Houska, Anthonie

Houska, Frank

Houska, James

Houska, William E.

Hovork, John H.

Hovorka (?), Catherine

Hovorka (?), George A.

Hovorka (?), Thomas

Hovorka, Agnes

Hovorka, Augustin J.

Hovorka, Charles E.

Hovorka, Francis J.

Hovorka, Joseph F.

Hovorka, Joseph Francis

Hovorka, Tomas

Hovorkova, Anna

Hrabe, Albert J.

Hrabe, Albert J.

Hrabe, Edwin

Hrabe, Joseph J.

Hrabe, Josephine

Hrabe, Mary

Hruby (?), Adolph R.

Hruby (?), Frank

Hruby (?), Petronilla

Hruby (?), Susan

Hruby, Bernice R.

Hruby, Leonard A.

Hruska, Alzbeta

Hruska, Jan

Hruska, Jan

Huff, Frances

Ilg, John F. “Jack”

Ilg, John Francis

Ince, Margaret E.

Ince, Peter G.

Jacobson, Theodore L.

Jamnik, Joseph J.

Janda, Charles J.

Janda, Martin A.

Janovsky, Raymond A.

Janovsky, Raymond A.

Janovsky, Raymond T.

Janovsky, Rozallie

Janovsky, Tillie M.

Janovsky, Vojtech

Janovsky, William B.

Jansa, Aluis

Jansa, Anna H.

Jansa, Frantisek

Jansa, Frantiska

Jansa, Joseph G.

Jansa, Josephine A.

Janu (?), Antoinette D.

Janu (?), Frances

Janu (?), Karolina

Janu (?), Rose

Janu (?), Vaclav

Jares, Jan

Jasan, Anna M.

Jasan, John A.

Jason, John F.

Jason, John F.

Javurek, Jan

Javurek, Josefa

Javurek, Joseph J.

Javurek, Julie E.

Javurek, Katerina

Javurek, mary

Javurek, Ruth M.

Javurek, Stanley J.

Javurek, Stephen T.

Javurek, Stephen T.

Jedlicka, Charles J.

Jelinek (?), Jan

Jelinek (?), Katerina

Jelinek (?), Marie

Jelinek (?), Matka

Jelinek (?), Otec

Jelinek (?), Tomas

Jelinek, Albert

Jelinek, Albert J.

Jelinek, Albina

Jelinek, Alex F.

Jelinek, Anna

Jelinek, Dolores

Jelinek, Elsie A.

Jelinek, Emma

Jelinek, Filomina

Jelinek, Frank (?)

Jelinek, Frank A.

Jelinek, Frantisek

Jelinek, Frantisek

Jelinek, Fred J.

Jelinek, Jakub

Jelinek, Jan

Jelinek, Josefina

Jelinek, Julia

Jelinek, Katerina

Jelinek, Katerina

Jelinek, Margaret

Jelinek, Marie

Jelinek, Mary

Jelinek, Richard F. “Jeff”

Jelinek, Thomas

Jelinek, Willard

Jilek, Clara

Jilek, Emil

Jilek, Frank J.

Jilek, Raymond

Jilek, Rose

Jin?ra (?), Alb’t

Jindra, Anna

Jindra, George F.

Jindra, George F.

Jindra, George R.

Jindra, George T.

Jindra, Marian J.

Jiracek, Frank

Jiracek, Jan

Jiracek, John

Jiracek, Josef

Jiracek, Marie

Jiracek, Rosalia

Jiracek, Rozalie

Jiracek, Wenceslaus J.

Jirak, Frank

Jirak, Marie

Jirak, Stacy L.

Jirek, Emil

Jirek, Helen M.

Jirik, Cecelia M.

Jirik, Francis J.

Jirik, Francis J.

Jirik, Frank L.

Jirik, Frank L.

Jirik, John

Jirik, John A.

Jirik, Josephine J.

Jirik, Rose B.

Jirik, William J.

Joach (?), Anna

Joach (?), John

Joach (?), John

Joach (?), Johnny

Joach (?), Ludmilla

Joach (?), Rosie

Joach (?), Theresia

Joach (?), Theresia

Johnson, Berenice Mary

Johnson, Catherine R.

Johnson, Floyd

Johnson, Thomas

Jonckowski, George P.

Jostock, Gerald M.

Juni, Anne S.

Juni, Howard A.

Juni, Howard A.

Juris, Robert G.

Juris, Robert G.

Juris, Rosemary A. Maxa

Juvarek, Anezka

Juvarek, Matej

Kabes, Albina

Kabes, Anna

Kabes, Edward J.

Kabes, Emma

Kabes, George

Kabes, John C.

Kabes, Martin

Kabes, Matej

Kabes, Myles F.

Kabes, Raymond F.

Kabes, Richard M.

Kabes, William G.

Kaderlik (?), Joseph

Kaderlik (?), Mary

Kadlec, Anna

Kadlec, Barta

Kadrlik, Anna

Kadrlik, Anna

Kadrlik, Charles J.

Kadrlik, Gene R.

Kadrlik, Germaine M.

Kadrlik, Hedwig A.

Kadrlik, John W.

Kadrlik, Julia B.

Kadrlik, William J.

Kafka, Robert W.

Kahle, Marie

Kainz, Josefa Horak

Kajer (?), Mary

Kajer (?), Teofil

Kajer, Bessie A.

Kajer, Daniel M.

Kajer, Elsa S.

Kajer, George

Kajer, George

Kajer, James

Kajer, James

Kajer, Margaret

Kajer, Mary

Kajer, Mary T.

Kajer, Matej

Kajer, Otto G.

Kajer, Ronald G.

Kajer, Ronald G.

Kajer, Rose

Kajer, Stanley A.

Kajer, Theofil M.

Kajer, Vaclav

Kajerova, Marie

Kalal, Agnes A.

Kalal, Albert

Kalal, Anna B.

Kalal, Catherine

Kalal, John F.

Kalal, Josefina

Kalal, Mary Jane Steck

Kalal, Matej

Kalal, Mathias J.

Kalal, Vojtech

Kalina, Magdalena Flicek

Kallal, Jane

Kallal, Ray “Kelly”

Kallal, Raymond L.

Kamis, Anna

Kamis, Steve

Kamish, Catherine

Kamish, Rudolph P.

Kanka, Joseph

Kanka, Marie

Karp, Cacilia S.

Karp, Nickolaus

Kartak, George W.

Kartak, George W.

Kartak, Ruth Ann

Kartak, William S.

Kasal, Anna

Kasal, Frank

Kasal, Frantisek

Kasal, Joe F.

Kasal, John

Kasal, Regina A.

Kasal, Rosella

Kasal, Vaclav

Kasanda, Anna

Kasanda, Matej

Kasparek (?), Emma

Kasparek (?), George A.

Kasparek, Josephine

Kasparek, William

Katery (?), Josefa A.

Kehr, Cornelius

Kehr, George

Kehr, Johanna

Kehr, Maria

Kehr, Raymond N.

Kes, Aurelia M.

Kes, George J.

Kes, Joseph

Kes, Joseph C.

Kes, Mary

Kes, Mary L.

Kes, Thomas

Khout, Anna M.

Klaseus (?), Hunter Russell

Klima, Josef

Klima, Marie

Klouda, Tomas

Kocina, Alois C.

Kocina, Anna

Kocina, Barbora

Kocina, Helen C.

Kocina, James M.

Kocina, James R.

Kocina, James R.

Kocina, John

Kocina, John

Kocina, Josef

Kocina, Josef

Kocina, Mary A.

Kocina, Vaclav

Kodadek (?), Marie

Kodadek (?), Rozelia

Kodadek, Jan

Kodadek, Katerina

Koehnen, Earl C.

Koehnen, Earl C.

Koenig, Paul F.

Koenig, Paul Frank

Koenig, Rose

Koenig, William

Kohn, Felix C.

Kohout, Alfred F. “Eppie”

Kohout, Barbara A.

Kohout, Edward B.

Kohout, Edward J.

Kohout, Ella C.

Kohout, Evelyn A.

Kohout, Frank J.

Kohout, James

Kohout, John J.

Kohout, Katherine

Kohout, Martin J.


Kohoutek, Anna

Kohoutek, Elizabeth

Kohoutek, Frank

Kohoutek, Jason Matthew

Kohoutek, Jeffery

Kohoutek, Michael and Melissa

Kokes, Frantisek

Kokes, Josef

Kokes, Marie

Koktavy, Alyce McGuire

Koktavy, Celia R.

Koktavy, Geraldine M.

Koktavy, Joseph W.

Koktavy, Thomas G.

Koktavy, Thomas G.

Kolar, Eva

Kolar, Frantisek

Kolar, Frantisek

Kolars, Barbara

Kolars, Felix K.

Kolodziejske, Adeline G.

Kolodziejski, Andrew J.

Komarek, Bessie

Komarek, Edward W.

Komarek, Eugene E.

Komarek, Joseph

Komarek, Mary J.

Konicek, Catherine

Konicek, George


Korbel (?), John M.

Korbel (?), Milo

Korbel (?), Rose

Korbel, Anna

Korbel, Daniel

Korbel, Edward J.

Korbel, Emma

Korbel, Frank M.

Korbel, Glenn

Korbel, Jakub

Korbel, James J.

Korbel, Margaret Rech

Korbel, Marie

Korbel, Mary

Korbel, Mary

Korbel, Mary

Korbel, Mathias

Korbel, Mayme T.

Korbel, Milo E.

Korbel, Milo E.

Korbel, Richard

Korbel, Theresa M.

Korbel, Wencel M.

Korhnen, Frances H.

Koschel, Helen

Koschel, Jacob A.

Kotek, Anna

Kotek, Deloris E.

Kotek, Francis W.

Kotek, Johana

Kotek, John L.

Kotek, Josef

Kotek, Joseph

Kotnour, Rose

Kotrich (?), Anna

Kotrich (?), Wenceslaus

Kovarik (?), Anna

Kovarik (?), Anna

Kovarik (?), Bobbie

Kovarik (?), Frank

Kovarik (?), Jack

Kovarik (?), Mary

Kovarik (?), Mathias

Kovarik, Alzbeta

Kovarik, Anna

Kovarik, Anna J.

Kovarik, Anne M.

Kovarik, Cecilie L.

Kovarik, Darlene A.

Kovarik, Dorothy

Kovarik, Emily

Kovarik, George W.

Kovarik, Jan J.

Kovarik, John J.

Kovarik, Josephine

Kovarik, Marie

Kovarik, Matej

Kovarik, Rosalie

Kovarik, Sylvia M.

Kozlova, Rosalie

Kozojed, Eleanora

Kozojed, John

Kral, Albina

Kral, Anna

Kral, Anna

Kral, Elizabeth

Kral, Frank

Kral, Frank W.

Kral, Frantisek

Kral, John

Kral, Joseph W.

Kral, Marie

Kral, Marie

Kratochvil, Anna

Kratochvil, Gene M.

Kratochvil, Jan

Kratochvil, John

Kratochvil, Mary Ann

Kratochvil, Richard J.

Kratochvil, Richard J.

Kratochvil, Wenceslaus J.

Kratochvil, Wenceslaus J.

Kraus, Charles F.

Kraus, Evelyn M.

Krautkremer, Vic. J.

Krava, Adeline J.

Krava, Clarence

Krava, Clarence

Kreink, Donald William

Krejce (?), Joseph

Krejce (?), Josephine

Krejce, Grace

Krejce, Herman

Krejce, James

Krejce, Joseph T.

Krejci, Anna M.

Krejci, James

Krenik (?), Albert

Krenik (?), Anastasia

Krenik, Anna

Krenik, Anthony W.

Krenik, Barbora

Krenik, Donald W.

Krenik, Jakub

Krenik, Jerry E.

Krenik, Mary C.

Krenik, William E.

Krenikove, Marie

Kriha, John J.

Kriha, Leonard

Kriha, Leonard F.

Kriha, Ludmilla

Kriha, Mary Lou

Kriha, Thomas J.

Kritta, Benjamin

Kritta, Marie

Kritta, Mary

Kriz, Catherine H.

Kriz, Celia Rose

Kriz, Frank C.

Kriz, George

Kriz, Marie

Kriz, Terezie

Kriz, Vaclav

Krohn, Merlin H.

Krohn, Merlin H.

Kubat, Jan

Kubat, Josefa

Kubes (?), Anna J.

Kubes (?), Anne A.

Kubes (?), Carol Ann

Kubes (?), Charles W.

Kubes (?), Emile R.

Kubes (?), Emma

Kubes (?), John F.

Kubes (?), Rose

Kubes (?), Thomas W.

Kubes, Albert G.

Kubes, Albert G.

Kubes, Albert S.

Kubes, Anna

Kubes, Anna

Kubes, Anna

Kubes, Anna

Kubes, Anna M.

Kubes, Arnold B.

Kubes, Arthur A.

Kubes, Catherine

Kubes, Ceilia

Kubes, David A.

Kubes, David A.

Kubes, Edward E.

Kubes, Edward E.

Kubes, Elizabeth

Kubes, Emil D.

Kubes, Emil J.

Kubes, Emma

Kubes, Emma R.

Kubes, Frank

Kubes, Frank A.

Kubes, Frank J.

Kubes, Frank William

Kubes, Helen V.

Kubes, John

Kubes, John F.

Kubes, Josef

Kubes, Joseph A.

Kubes, Julia

Kubes, Kathleen Ann

Kubes, Leonard W.

Kubes, Leonard W.

Kubes, Marie

Kubes, Marie C.

Kubes, Mathias M.

Kubes, Miles M.

Kubes, Odona C.

Kubes, Robert R.

Kubes, Robert Steven

Kubes, Rosalie

Kubes, Rose

Kubes, Tomas

Kubes, Tomas

Kubes, Vaclav

Kubes, Vaclav

Kubes, Wencel J.

Kucera (?), Emilie

Kucera (?), Katherine

Kucera (?), Mathias

Kucera (?), Petronila

Kucera (?), Wenceslasu

Kucera, Charles R.

Kucera, Jan

Kucera, Katerina

Kucera, Kathryn P.

Kucera, Kristin

Kucera, Lewis (Joe) T.

Kucera, Myles R.

Kucera, Steve A.

Kukacka, Raymond G.

Kus, Marie

Kus, Matej

Kuzelka, Anna A.

Kuzelka, Christina

Kuzelka, Emilie

Kuzelka, Francis J.

Kuzelka, Frank J.

Kuzelka, George C.

Kuzelka, George F.

Kuzelka, Harold J.

Kuzelka, John

Kuzelka, John

Kuzelka, Joseph

Kuzelka, Joseph

Kuzelka, Loretta J.

Kuzelka, Mary

Laban, Edward V.

Laban, Kevin L.

Laban, Marguerite M.

Lalla, Josef

Lambrecht, Albert M.

Lambrecht, Clarence H.

Lambrecht, Elizabeth

Lambrecht, Elmer

Lambrecht, Harold H.

Lambrecht, Irene S.

Lambrecht, Irwin Carl

Lambrecht, Joseph J.

Lambrecht, Joseph W.

Lambrecht, Mary Ann

Lambrecht, Randolph E.

Lambrecht, William

Landenberger, Eva

Landenberger, J.

Langer, Francis L.

Lapic, Alois J.

Lapic, Ida M.

Lapic, Leonard A.

Lapic, Leonard A.

Lapic, Richard R.

Larson, Carl G.

Larson, John “Skip”

Larson, Julia

Larson, Robert Hill

Layne, George E.

Layne, George E.

Layne, Rose L.

Lenz, Arthur M.

Lexa, James

Lexa, Rose

Lexa, Wencel

Liegl, Ernest

Liegl, Marie E.

Lindberg, Nancy

Linn, Anna

Linn, Diana

Linn, Elizabeth M.

Linn, Gerhard J.

Linn, Phillip

Linn, William P.

Linquist, Jane E. (Kamish)

Lipinski, Cecelia M.

Lipold, Emma P.

Lipold, Frank A.

Lipold, John M.

Lipold, Thomas J.

Loula, Hedy

Loula, Marty

Love, Dorene M. Pexa

Ludwig, Lorraine M. Jelinek

Lukes, Anne

Lukes, Frank C.

Lukes, Frank E.

Lukes, Frank J.

Lukes, John A.

Lukes, Josef

Lukes, Joseph

Lukes, Katerina

Lukes, Mary

Lukes, Mary

Lukes, Petronella

Lukes, Rose

Lukes, Rose M.

Lukkes, Donald

Luksik, Josef

Luksik, Marie

Luksova, Marie

Luksove, Anne

Lundeen, Petronella Lipold

Lundvall, Carl Donovan

Lundvall, Cynthia K.

Mach (?), Emma

Mach (?), Jacob

Mach (?), Jacob W.

Mach (?), Mary

Mach (?), Mayme C.

Mach, Adeline B.

Mach, Albert

Mach, Charles W.

Mach, Gilbert

Mach, Gustie

Mach, Hildegard M.

Mach, James J.

Mach, John F.

Mach, Joseph

Mach, Joseph E.

Mach, Josephine

Mach, L. Arlene (Wood)

Mach, Lawrence R.

Mach, Marie C.

Mach, Mary

Mach, Robert J.

Mack, Anna H.

Mack, Jan

Mack, John J.

Mack, Marie

Mack, Mayme R.

Mack, Victoria

Mader (?), Anna

Mader (?), John

Mader, Anna M.

Mader, Anny

Mader, Barbara M. Schommer

Mader, John A.

Mader, John Andrew

Madera, Barbara

Madera, Frantisek J.

Madera, Joseph

Madera, Mary C.

Maertz (?), Alois

Maertz (?), father

Maertz (?), John

Maertz (?), mother

Maertz (?), mother Nigrin

Maertz (?), Rose

Maertz (?), William

Maertz (?),father Nigrin

Maertz, Bertha A.

Maertz, Catherine A.

Maertz, Eleanore

Maertz, Frank J.

Maertz, Frankie

Maertz, Joseph

Maertz, Mary A.

Maertz, Richard W.

Mahowald, Alois

Mahowald, Ella E.

Mahowald, John Mathew

Mahowald, LeRoy R.

Mahowald, Leroy R.

Mahowald, Ludmilla

Mahowald, Mathew J.

Mahowald, Raymond N.

Malecha, Carmen M.

Malecha, Terrance

Mallaney, Margaret G.

Mamer, Alyce R.

Mamer, Anna

Mamer, Anna

Mamer, Antonia

Mamer, Catherine

Mamer, Henry

Mamer, Johann Peter

Mamer, John

Mamer, Josephine M.

Mamer, Leo M.

Mamer, Maria Anna

Mamer, Michael L.

Mamer, Peter

Mamer, Sophia

Mankowski, Matthew J.

Marek, Esteline A.

Marek, Florencie

Marek, Frank A.

Marek, George J.

Marek, Joseph G.

Marek, mary T.

Marek, Rose G.

Mares, Delores

Mares, Emma

Mares, Evald A.

Mares, Evald A.

Mares, Frank J.

Mares, John

Mares, Josef

Mares, Joseph V.

Mares, Katerina

Mares, Marie

Mares, Mary

Mares, Theophil G.

Markham, Lloyd E.

Markham, Lloyd E.

Martinek, Albert and Barbara

Maruna, Katherine

Maruna, Veronica

Maruska, Anna

Maruska, baby

Maruska, baby boy

Maruska, Catherine

Maruska, Eduard

Maruska, Edward J.

Maruska, Emma

Maruska, Frank

Maruska, Frank

Maruska, Frank J.

Maruska, John

Maruska, John

Maruska, John

Maruska, Marie

Maruska, Marie

Maruska, Martin

Maruska, Mary

Maruska, Mary A.

Maruska, Rose

Maruska, Thomas F.

Maruska, Thomas V.

Maruskova, Marie

Marxen, Andrew F.


Matyas, Edward J.

Matyas, Emma

Matyas, Frank J.

Matyas, Georg J.

Matyas, John

Matyas, Josef K.

Matyas, Katerina

Matyas, Katherine

Matyas, Martha D.

Matyas, Sadie

Maus, Helen S.

Maus, Sylvester A.

Maxa (?), Jacob J.

Maxa (?), Petronella

Maxa, Anna

Maxa, Anna C.

Maxa, Audree A. Sullivan

Maxa, Emily M.

Maxa, Jacob A.

Maxa, Jacob W.

Maxa, Jacob W.

Maxa, James A.

Maxa, Joseph

Maxa, Mary

Maxa, Otillia M.

Maxa, Terezie

Maxova, Anna

Mayer, Catherine

Mayer, Christian

Mayer, Leonard H.

Mayer, William

Mayerhofer, Mathilda

Mayerhofer, Nicholas

McGaughey, Emily C.

McGaughey, Louise D.

McKenny, Frank J.

McKenny, John F.

McKenny, Marie A.

McMahon, William H.

McPike, Otillia M. Nickolay

Mechura, Josef

Meger, John D.

Meger, Veronica

Meska, Marie

Meskan (?), Edith R.

Meskan (?), Edward H.

Meskan, Agnes M.

Meskan, Albina A.

Meskan, Anna

Meskan, Antoinette M.

Meskan, Benjamin J.

Meskan, Frank J.

Meskan, Frantisek T.

Meskan, James Edward

Meskan, Jan

Meskan, Katerina

Meskan, Stanley J.

Meskan, Vit

Michael, Jim A.

Michael, Lucille A.

Mickus (?), Anna R.

Mickus (?), George H.

Mickus (?), Heribert J.

Mickus (?), Mary

Mickus (?), Warner B.

Mickus, Amalia

Mickus, Clement

Mickus, Florence C.

Mickus, Harold A.

Mickus, Joseph C.

Mickus, Karl

Mickus, Leroy J.

Mickus, Luverne

Mickus, Theresa

Mikiska, George

Mikiska, George

Mikiska, Helen A.

Mikolasek (?), Edward J.

Mikolasek (?), John

Mikolasek (?), Mother

Mikolasek, Eleanor

Mikolasek, Frank

Mikolasek, John F.

Mikolasek, Joseph B.

Mikolasek, Marie A.

Mikolasek, Thomas M.

Mikolasek, Thomas M.

Miller, Ernest E.

Miller, Frances M.

Miller, Frank

Minar (?), Antonie

Minar (?), John

Minar (?), Josef

Minar, Emma M.

Minar, Emma M.

Minar, George S.

Minar, Jaroslav B.

Minar, Jean A.

Minar, Jerry F.

Minar, Josef

Minar, Joseph

Minar, Lorraine

Minar, Mary

Minar, Val J.

Minar, William

Minars (?), Anna

Minars (?), Frank

Minars (?), Katerina

Minars (?), Katherine

Minars (?), William

Minars, baby

Minars, Joseph

Mingus, Alyce

Moore, Merlin

Moore, Robert J.

Moran, Amab

Moran, Amab F.

Moran, Emma A.

Moran, Emma K.

Moran, Frank J.

Moran, Joseph A.

Moran, Sharon R.

Moran, Theres

Moran, Theresa M.

Morgan, Elsie S.

Morgan, Robert J.

Morris, Lois

Mracek (?), Mary and Anne

Mracek, Anna

Mracek, Emma

Mracek, Jakub

Mracek, Jakub

Mrachek (?), Gertrude J.

Mrachek (?), John J.

Mrachek, John

Mrachek, John

Mrackova, Marie

Mueller, George H.

Mueller, Margaret

Murphy, Mayme

Murphy, Thomas M.

Murray, Florence M.

Murray, Thomas R.

Musil (?), Loretta E.

Musil, Adeline (Kamish)

Musil, Anna

Musil, George M.

Musil, Josef F.

Musil, Joseph B.

Musil, Leonard G.

Musil, Margaret M.

Musil, Marie

Musil, Mary B.

Musil, Michael

Nachbar, Mary

Nachbar, Mathias C.

Nadeau, George S.

Nadeau, Josephine K.

Nelson, Clyde C.

Nerud, Anna

Nerud, Elizabeth

Nerud, Jakub

Nerud, Josef

Neubauer (?), Andrew

Neubauer (?), Mae C.

Neubauer (?), Mary

Neubauer, Anna R.

Neubauer, James M.

Neubauer, Marie J.

Neubauer, William J.

Neubauer, William J.

Nickilay, John F.

Nickolay (?), Agnes B.

Nickolay (?), Peter J.

Nickolay, Agnes

Nickolay, Anezka

Nickolay, Anna

Nickolay, Barbara N,

Nickolay, Bessie

Nickolay, Catherine

Nickolay, Donald

Nickolay, Frank

Nickolay, John

Nickolay, John H.

Nickolay, Lena

Nickolay, Lorraine L.

Nickolay, Lorraine M.

Nickolay, Ludmilla

Nickolay, Maria

Nickolay, Maria

Nickolay, Marie T.

Nickolay, Mary

Nickolay, Mary L.

Nickolay, Math. G.

Nickolay, Mathias W.

Nickolay, Michael

Nickolay, Michael

Nickolay, Michael P.

Nickolay, Raymond M.

Nickolay, Richard

Nickolay, Richard J.

Nickolay, Sylvia M.

Nickolay, Walter W.

Nickolay, William

Nosek, Alzbeta

Nosek, Matej

Novak, Alois A.

Novak, Angeline

Novak, Anna

Novak, Anna

Novak, Ben J.

Novak, Catherine Vopatek

Novak, Christina

Novak, Cyril R.

Novak, Elsie

Novak, Emil

Novak, Emma B.

Novak, Emma M.

Novak, Eugene E.

Novak, Frank W.

Novak, Frantisik

Novak, George

Novak, James J.

Novak, John F.

Novak, John F.

Novak, Joseph

Novak, Joseph J.

Novak, Josephine

Novak, Julia C.

Novak, Mary

Novak, Matous

Novak, Rose

Novak, Stanley J.

Novak, T. Thomas

Novak, Teresia

Novak, Tomas

Novak, Tomas

Novak, William J.

Novakova, Marie

Novotny (?), Frank A.

Novotny (?), Rozalie

Novotny (?), Wenceslaus

Novotny, Albert

Novotny, Alois J.

Novotny, Anna

Novotny, Anna

Novotny, Anna J.

Novotny, baby girl

Novotny, Benjamin V.

Novotny, Catherine

Novotny, Dorothy

Novotny, Edward A.

Novotny, Emily A.

Novotny, Eric J.

Novotny, Francis E.

Novotny, Frank

Novotny, Frank M.

Novotny, Frank W.

Novotny, George A.

Novotny, Gladys J.

Novotny, James F.

Novotny, Jan

Novotny, John A.

Novotny, John J.

Novotny, Josef

Novotny, Joseph A.

Novotny, Joseph G.

Novotny, Julia M.

Novotny, Katerina

Novotny, Lillian J.

Novotny, Louis J.

Novotny, Margaret M.

Novotny, Marie

Novotny, Marie

Novotny, Martin A.

Novotny, Martin F.

Novotny, Martin J.

Novotny, Martin M.

Novotny, Martin T.

Novotny, Mary

Novotny, Mary

Novotny, Mary

Novotny, Mary

Novotny, Mary A.

Novotny, Mary P.

Novotny, Mary S.

Novotny, Rodney

Novotny, Wenceslaus F.

Novotny, William A.

Nytes, Leander F.

Nytes, Leander Frank

Nytes, Rosemarie B.

O’Brien, Matherine Marie

O’Brien, Timothy J.

O’Connell, Margaret

O’Connell, Robert

O’Neill, Robert O.

O’Neill, Vernon C.

O’Shee, Helen M.

Obadal, Frances

Obadal, Frank

Odentha, Leo N.

Odenthal, Leo Nicholas

Ogard, Margaret J.

Oniskin, John F.

Oniskin, John Francis

Orr, William J.

Ourada, Anna

Ourada, James A.

Ourada, Jan P.

Ourada, John P.

Palecek, Josef

Palecek, Mary

Palma, Edward E.

Palma, Edward F.

Palma, Jan

Palma, Mayme M.

Palma, Rose B.

Palma, Terezie

Palma, Thomas J.

Panek, Agnes

Panek, Frank

Panek, Jan

Panek, Josef

Panek, Maime

Panek, Marie

Panek, Thomas

Panek, Vaclav J.

Parkos, Albert

Parkos, E. Louise

Parkos, Frank T.

Parkos, Frantisek

Parkos, Frantiska

Parkos, George F.

Parkos, Jacob

Parkos, Marie

Parkos, Marion F.

Parkos, Mary B.

Pasek (?), Elsie A.

Pasek (?), Mary

Pasek, Alice M.

Pasek, Cathie Marie

Pasek, James

Pattie, Mayme Dvorak

Paul, Danny

Pauly, Alois J.

Pauly, Anna M.

Pauly, Clara C.

Pauly, Edwin J.

Pauly, Edwin J.

Pauly, Ludwina S.

Pauly, Michael B.

Pavek, Albert J.

Pavek, Alice M.

Pavek, Anastasia

Pavek, Anna C. (Trnka)

Pavek, Bohumil “Bob”

Pavek, Carolyn S.

Pavek, Edward

Pavek, Frank

Pavek, Frank A.

Pavek, Frank W.

Pavek, Frantisek

Pavek, Helen J.

Pavek, John W.

Pavek, Josef M.

Pavek, Joseph A.

Pavek, Josephine

Pavek, Ludmilla

Pavek, Marie

Pavek, Marie

Pavek, Martin

Pavek, Martin E.

Pavek, Martin J.

Pavek, Mary

Pavek, Mary

Pavek, Mary

Pavek, Mathilda

Pavek, Peter

Pavek, Ruzenka

Pavek, Vaclav

Pavek, William

Pavlicek (?), Math J.

Pavlicek (?), Rose

Pavlicek, Jan

Pavlickova, Katerina

Pavlosky, Albert

Pavlosky, Anna

Payer, Anna

Pecholt, Adeline L.

Pecholt, Daniel A.

Pecholt, Emil F.

Pecholt, Emil F.

Pecholt, George J.

Pecholt, Joseph

Pecholt, Josephine

Pecholt, Josephine Peroutka

Pecholt, Karen

Pelant (?), Dorothy A.

Pelant (?), Edward J.

Pelant, Frantisek

Pelant, John

Pelant, Marie

Pelant, Mary

Pelant, Rosalie

Pelant, Vojtech

Penners, Anna

Penners, Fridrich

Peroutka, Bessie

Peroutka, Francis J.

Peroutka, Joseph

Peroutka, Joseph A.

Peroutka, Josephine

Peroutka, Matej

Peroutka, Wenceslaus J.

Peroutka, Wenceslaus J.

Pesek, Catherine

Pesek, Clarence F.

Pesek, Elsie M.

Pesek, Frantisek

Pesek, Frantisek

Pesek, George F.

Pesek, John

Pesek, Josef

Pesek, Joseph E.

Pesek, Terezie

Peshek, Faye

Peshek, John S.

Pesta, John R. “Jack”

Peterka, Mary R.

Peterka, William C.

Peterson, Carl G.

Peterson, Mary A.

Petricka (?), Anna M.

Petricka (?), Bessie

Petricka (?), Jerry F.

Petricka (?), John W.

Pexa, Albert A.

Pexa, Albert F.

Pexa, Barbara A.

Pexa, Benjamin

Pexa, Bessie K.

Pexa, Bohumil

Pexa, Daniel J.

Pexa, Donald J.

Pexa, Donald J.

Pexa, Edward

Pexa, Elizabeth

Pexa, Evelyn

Pexa, Francis A.

Pexa, Frank J.

Pexa, Helen M.

Pexa, Joseph

Pexa, Joseph F.

Pexa, Lillian C.

Pexa, Lucille E.

Pexa, Marie

Pexa, Marie

Pexa, Mark J.

Pexa, Mary

Pexa, Mary A.

Pexa, Mary J.

Pexa, Matous

Pexa, Mayme M.

Pexa, Norman F.

Pexa, Robert R.

Pexa, Rosalie

Pexa, Rose

Pexa, Tomas

Pexa, Vaclav

Pexa, Veronika

Pexa, William E.

Pexa, William F.

Philipp, Anton

Philipp, Anton

Philipp, Clara Yackly

Picha (?), LaMoyne

Picha (?), Mary M.

Picha (?), Wenceslaus W.

Picha, Eleanor D.

Picha, Harold S.

Picha, Helen A.

Picha, Jan

Picha, John J.

Picha, Joseph F.

Picha, Mary M.

Picha, Rosalie

Picha, Tomas

Picha, Tomas

Picka, Virginia V. Hartman

Pierzina, Floyd F.

Pierzina, Linda L.

Piesinger, Barbara K.

Piesinger, Bernard

Piesinger, Katherine

Piesinger, Marie

Piesinger, Marie Anna

Piesinger, Rose A.

Pikal, John J.

Pikal, Winifred B.

Pint, Betty A.

Pint, Catherine H.

Pint, Edmund M.

Pint, John

Pint, Lavina E.

Pint, Leo M.

Pint, Math F.

Pint, Rainer J.

Pint, Regina S.

Pint, Sylvia

Pivec, Frank J.

Pivec, Frantisek

Pivec, Mary A.

Pivec, Veronika

Plakinger, Anton Ray

Podany, Margaret

Polack, Francis

Polack, John

Polack, Mary

Polasek, Robert A.

Pomije (?), Frank J.

Pomije (?), Mary

Pomije, Anna

Pomije, Antonette

Pomije, Benjamin Anton

Pomije, Bessie C.

Pomije, David A.

Pomije, Elizabeth E.

Pomije, Emilie E.

Pomije, Emily M.

Pomije, Emma E.

Pomije, Eva K.

Pomije, Frances

Pomije, Frank

Pomije, Frank

Pomije, Frank C.

Pomije, Genevieve

Pomije, George H.

Pomije, Harriet

Pomije, Henry D.

Pomije, John C.

Pomije, Josef

Pomije, Joseph F.

Pomije, Katherine

Pomije, Louis

Pomije, Louis W.

Pomije, Marie

Pomije, Mary A.

Pomije, Mary A.

Pomije, Mary Ann

Pomije, Mary O.C.

Pomije, Matej

Pomije, Mathias J.

Pomije, Melvin W.

Pomije, Michael M.

Pomije, Millie A.

Pomije, Ralph B.

Pomije, Ralph Benjamin

Pomije, Rose M.

Pomije, Theofila

Pomije, Wenceslaus

Pomije, William H.

Popelka, Cyril M.

Posavad, Frank

Posavad, Mary

Prchal, Frank

Prchal, Marie

Prchal, Mary

Preslicka (?), Edward

Preslicka (?), Matka

Preslicka, Anna I.

Preslicka, Emma

Preslicka, Frank J.

Preslicka, Frank W.

Preslicka, Jean Marie

Preslicka, Joseph

Preslicka, Joseph F.

Preslicka, Mary

Preslicka, Mary

Preslicka, Otec

Preston, Marilyn C. Edstrom

Preston, Thomas C.

Preston, Thomas G.

Prochaska, Dolores T.

Prochaska, Richard A.

Prokes (?), Albert

Prokes (?), Marie

Prokes (?), Mary

Prokes (?), Mother

Prokes, Adeline N.

Prokes, Ben R.

Prokes, Donald W.

Prokes, Edna

Prokes, Elsie

Prokes, Emil E.

Prokes, Emil Edward

Prokes, Eva

Prokes, Frantisek

Prokes, George

Prokes, Helen

Prokes, James

Prokes, John

Prokes, Joseph

Prokes, Marie R.

Prokes, Martin W.

Prokes, Mary

Prokes, Mary C.

Prokes, Matej

Prokes, Mathew

Prokes, Rose

Prokes, Wencel

Prokes, William

Proshek (?), Alice E.

Proshek (?), Anna

Proshek (?), Helen M.

Proshek (?), Johnnie

Proshek (?), Mary

Proshek, Anton

Proshek, Catherine

Proshek, Ottilia

Pumper, Agnes

Pumper, John

Pumper, Marie

Pumper, Rose

Pumper, Stanley

Pumper, Stanley J.

Pumper, Vojtech

Pumpr, Vaclav

Puncochar, Aloisie

Puncochar, Anna

Puncochar, Edwin C.

Puncochar, Francis A.

Puncochar, John W.

Puncochar, Joseph F.

Puncochar, Leonard J.

Puncochar, Mary

Puncochar, Mary C.

Puncochar, Pamatnik (?)

Puncochar, Vaclav

Rachac (?), Father

Rachac (?), Ludmilla

Rachac (?), Mary

Rachac (?), Mother

Rachac, Jan

Rachac, Julia C.

Rachac, Ludmilla

Rachac, Marii

Rachac, Mary Bruzek

Rachac, William F.

Rachac, William F.

Rademacher, Patricia L.

Radosta, Frantisek

Rathmanner, Florence M.

Rathmanner, Martin A.

Rech (?), Emma

Rech (?), Peter

Rech, Catherine

Rech, Harold H.

Rech, John N.

Rech, Leonard

Rech, Mary

Rech, Patricia L.

Rehor (?), Josephine A.

Rehor (?), Thomas S.

Rehor, Albert

Rehor, Albina

Rehor, Blanche E. Kubesh

Rehor, Frank J.

Rehor, John F.

Rehor, John F.

Rehor, Joseph W.

Rehor, Katherine

Rehor, Roger F.

Rein, Susanna

Rein, William

Reinelt, Tracy Joach

Reintjes, Julius

Rejlek, Frantisek

Rejlek, Veronika

Remes (?), Leonard

Remes (?), Lorraine M.

Remes, Anna

Remes, Anna

Remes, Catherine H. Armstrong

Remes, Emil F.

Remes, Frank

Remes, Frantisek

Remes, Jacob Henry

Remes, James J.

Remes, James Joseph

Remes, Karlicel

Remes, Matej

Remes, Sophia

Renc, Marie

Renc, Martin

Renner, Fred E.

Renner, Mary W.

Reyleck, Benedict Francis

Reyleck, Frank J.

Reyleck, Grace P. L.

Rezabek, Marie

Rezabek, Mary

Rihova, Marie

Rocen, Frank

Rocen, Mary

Romer, Leopold

Rorke, Louis M.

Rosendahl, Charles F.

Rosendahl, David

Rosendahl, Dolores A.

Rosival, Anna M.

Rosival, Edward

Rosival, Joseph F.

Ross, Eleanore L. (Pomije)

Roth (?), Mary Schoenbauer

Roth or Schoenbauer (?), Joseph

Roth or Schoenbauer (?), Thomas

Roth, Anna

Rud, Rodney L.

Rukavian, Celestine

Rukavina, Sam

Ruter, Claus R.

Ruter, Laverne F.

Ruzicka, Anna

Ruzicka, Anna

Ruzicka, Anton

Ruzicka, Frank J.

Ruzicka, Judy C.

Ryan, E.A.

Ryan, Ida Heinen

Ryan, Robert F.

Rybak (?), Emma

Rybak (?), Joseph

Rybak (?), Joseph W.

Rybak (?), Margaret M.

Rybak (?), Martin J.

Rybak (?), Mary

Rybak (?), Mike

Rybak, Albert A.

Rybak, Albert J.

Rybak, Anna

Rybak, Clara F.

Rybak, Edward

Rybak, Elizabeth M.

Rybak, George J.

Rybak, John

Rybak, Lawrence P.

Rybak, Margaret M.

Rybak, Marie L.

Rybak, Mark

Rybak, Martin J.

Rybak, Mary E.

Rybak, Mary Stepan

Rybak, Matej

Rybak, Mathias F.

Rybak, Matthew

Rybak, Pauline A.

Rybak, Pauline R.

Rybak, Ray

Rybak, Thomas F.

Rybak, Thomas R.

Rybak, Walter A.

Rybak, William

Rybakova, Anna

Rybakovi, Jan

Rybakovi, Marie

Rynda (?), Alice

Rynda, Adelaide Maruska

Rynda, Agnes

Rynda, Albert J.

Rynda, Armella Holzer

Rynda, Charles

Rynda, Edwin Frank

Rynda, John

Rynda, Lillian M.

Rynda, Lionel A.

Rynda, Patricia Jamieson

Rynda, Ralph A.

Rynda, Ralph A.

Rynda, Robert L.

Rynda, Robert L.

Rynda, Rose

Sachs, Adolph G.

Sachs, Anna B.

Samoaur, Anna

Sampour, Stanley

Sampour, Stanley J.

Santrucek, Elizabeth

Saukup, Karlicer

Savage, Earl L.

Savage, Marcella

Scaramuzza, Josephine

Sch??, Katherine

Schaack, Friedrich

Schaack, Georg

Schaack, Mary

Schaack, Theodor

Schanus, ?

Schanus, ?

Schanus, Clifford G.

Schanus, Daniel J.

Schanus, Donald J.

Schanus, Dorothy M.

Schanus, Edward G.

Schanus, Edward J.

Schanus, Edward P.

Schanus, Elizabeth

Schanus, Louis

Schanus, Lucy C.

Schanus, Margaret

Schanus, Mary Ann

Schanus, Peter L.

Schanus, Peter P.

Schanus, Richard

Schanus, Richard A. “Butch”

Schanus, Rosemary

Schiprett, Mary E.

Schiprett, Milo J.

Schiprett, Milo J.

Schiprett, Sharon Elizabeth

Schlauderaff, Delphine G.

Schlauderaff, Engelbert A.

Schlauderaff, LaRayne G.

Schlauderaff, Richard

Schlauderaff, Susan T.

Schlauderaff, William C.

Schmid, Eugene C.

Schmid, Jeffrey Gerard

Schmidt, Edward L.

Schmidt, Regina A.

Schmitz, Anna M.

Schmitz, Erwin A.

Schmitz, Jerome N.

Schmitz, Jerome N.

Schmitz, Leroy N.

Schmitz, Leroy N.

Schmitz, Marie F.

Schmitz, Milo J.

Schmitz, Peter L.

Schmitz, Ralph J.

Schmitz, Sigmund

Schmitz, Verena A.

Schneider, Marie E.

Schneider, William H.

Schoenbauer (?), Adeline A.

Schoenbauer (?), Francis G.

Schoenbauer (?), Frank J.

Schoenbauer (?), Frank J.

Schoenbauer (?), Katherine

Schoenbauer (?), Lucille I.

Schoenbauer (?), Ludmilla

Schoenbauer (?), Mary

Schoenbauer (?), Rose

Schoenbauer (?), Rose A.

Schoenbauer (?), Thomas M.

Schoenbauer (?), Wenceslaus


Schoenbauer, Alfred

Schoenbauer, Alfred S.

Schoenbauer, Anna

Schoenbauer, Catherine

Schoenbauer, Christina

Schoenbauer, Clarence J.

Schoenbauer, Clemence J.

Schoenbauer, Connie Jo

Schoenbauer, Edward J.

Schoenbauer, Elizabeth A.

Schoenbauer, Emanuel T.

Schoenbauer, Eugene N.

Schoenbauer, Frank J.

Schoenbauer, George J.

Schoenbauer, Helen A.

Schoenbauer, Helen B.

Schoenbauer, Jan

Schoenbauer, John F.

Schoenbauer, John V.

Schoenbauer, Josef

Schoenbauer, Joseph

Schoenbauer, Joseph B.

Schoenbauer, Joseph F.

Schoenbauer, Joseph J.

Schoenbauer, Joseph L.

Schoenbauer, Joseph R.

Schoenbauer, Julia

Schoenbauer, Julia R.

Schoenbauer, Lillian M.

Schoenbauer, Ludmilla R.

Schoenbauer, Martha A.

Schoenbauer, Mary

Schoenbauer, Mary Ann

Schoenbauer, Philip F.

Schoenbauer, Richard F.

Schoenbauer, Richard J.

Schoenbauer, Rosalia

Schoenbauer, Rose

Schoenbauer, Tomas

Schoenbauer, Walburga

Schoenbauer, Wencel J.

Schoenbauer, William

Schoenbauer, William E.

Schoenberger, Charles

Schoenberger, Julia

Schoenecker, Adeline M.

Schoenecker, Clayton H.

Schoenecker, Helen M. Cecka

Schoenecker, Henry N.

Schoenecker, Hildegard

Schoenecker, John J.

Schreiner (?), Michael

Schreiner (?), Philomena

Schreiner, Norbert H.

Schultz, Phyllis K. Hoffbeck

Schultz, Scott A.

Schwalier, Anna

Schwalier, John

Scott, Randall

Sebeck, Anna

Sebeck, Frank H.

Sebeck, George

Sebek, Henry

Sebek, Mary

Seda, Charles

Seda, Jakub

Seda, Marie

Seda, Mary

Seda, Mary

Seema, Paul S.

Sembauer, Francis

Sembauer, Mary

Sembauer, Mathias

Sembaur, Marie

Sembaur, Vaclav

Sempaur, Albert

Sempaur, Anna

Sempaur, Anna

Sempaur, Catherine

Sempaur, John M.

Sempaur, Joseph

Sempaur, Katerina

Sempaur, Mary

Sempaur, Vojtech

Senkyr, Elizabeth

Senkyr, George J.

Senkyr, Joseph

Sensibaugh, Bessie A.

Sensibaugh, Gerald W.

Seurer, Antoinette M.

Seurer, Dorothy M.

Seurer, Mary Lou

Seurer, Ralph P.

Seurer, Roman J.

Seurer, Roman J.

Shambour (?), Frank

Shambour (?), Mary

Shambour (?), Stella

Shambour, Agnes

Shambour, Anna E.

Shambour, Frank

Shambour, Joseph G.

Shambour, Maxine C.

Shambour, Rose A.

Shambour, William A.

Shankey, Barbara A.

Shankyr, Agnes J.

Shankyr, Michael J.

Shankyr, Mike

Shaughnessy, Richard L.

Shaughnessy, Rose Ann

Shaur, Frances

Shaur, Joseph

Sheehan, Alice A.

Sheehan, Claire

Sheehan, Georg F.

Sheehan, Leo M.

Sheehan, Sally A.

Shimek (?), William J.

Shimek, Anna

Shimek, Charles J.

Shimek, Jos F.

Shimek, Marie

Shimon, Jan

Shimota, Amy Lynn

Shimota, James F.

Shimota, John W.

Shimota, Ludmilla A.

Shimota, Mary

Shimoto, Celia M.

Shimoto, William V.

Shonka, Alice J.

Shonka, Anna K.

Shonka, Douglas A.

Shonka, Douglas A.

Shonka, John H.

Shonka, John J.

Shonka, Mary

Shuster, Ernest

Shuster, Martin Jacob

Siegmund, Eva K.

Siegmund, Frank L.

Siemon, Arthur W.

Siemon, Eleanor E.

Sima, Anton

Sima, Katie

Simek, Albert

Simek, Alzbeta

Simek, Alzbeta

Simek, Angela M.

Simek, Anna

Simek, Anna

Simek, Bernard J.

Simek, Dorothy A.

Simek, Edward E.

Simek, Frantisek

Simek, Gladys A.

Simek, Helen M.

Simek, Jan

Simek, John B.

Simek, John M.

Simek, Joseph

Simek, Joseph W.

Simek, Katerina

Simek, Lawrence A.

Simek, Ludmilla M.

Simek, Margaret

Simek, Math

Simek, Sabina

Simek, Sophia P.

Simmer, Cecelia

Simmer, Elizabeth

Simmer, Michael J.

Simmer, Olive H.

Simmer, Peter

Simmer, Thomas M.

Simmer, Thomas M.

Simon, Albert B

Simon, Albert B.

Simon, Angela C.

Simon, Angela K.

Simon, Angie

Simon, Anna M.

Simon, Charles J.

Simon, Charles R.

Simon, Donald F.

Simon, Edward A.

Simon, Edward J.

Simon, Eileen E.

Simon, George

Simon, Henry A.

Simon, James E.

Simon, Jan

Simon, John M.

Simon, John M.

Simon, John W.

Simon, Marc J.

Simon, Marie

Simon, Philip M.

Simon, Robert H.

Simon, Rose A.

Simon, Rose A.

Simon, Stanley F.

Simon, Wayne

Simota, Anna

Simota, Anna

Simota, Anna

Simota, Bernice T.

Simota, Edward E.

Simota, Edward J.

Simota, Elizabeth

Simota, Elsie A.

Simota, Frank G.

Simota, Frank J.

Simota, George F.

Simota, Grace D.

Simota, John W.

Simota, Josef

Simota, Josef

Simota, Mary

Simota, Rose K.

Simota, Theresa

Simota, Thomas F.

Simotova, Veronika

Sindelar, Adeline M.

Sindelar, James J.

Sindelar, Jimmie

Sindelar, Rose

Sindelar, Russell J.

Sindelar, Vaclav

Singer, Catherine F.

Singer, Frank M.

Sirek (?), Frantisek Jakub

Sirek (?), Mary M.

Sirek, Andrew G.

Sirek, Anna

Sirek, Anna

Sirek, Emily

Sirek, Frank

Sirek, Jan F.

Sirek, Joseph J.

Sirek, Kat.

Sirek, Mary E.

Sirek, Millie G. Moore

Sirek, Milton J.

Sirek, Sentina A.

Sirek, Step.

Sirek, Stephen S.

Sirek, Vacl.

Siskoff, Alexander

Siskoff, George

Siskoff, Gustave R.

Siskoff, Gustave R.

Siskoff, Madelon M.

Siskoff, Mary A.

Sister M. Barbarina

Sister M. Charitas

Sister M. Gottfrieda

Sister M. Wenceslaus

Skluzacek, ?

Skluzacek, Albert J.

Skluzacek, Albert J.

Skluzacek, Alzbeta

Skluzacek, Andrew B.

Skluzacek, Anezka

Skluzacek, Anna

Skluzacek, Anna

Skluzacek, Christine

Skluzacek, Edward E.

Skluzacek, Elizabeth

Skluzacek, Frank J.

Skluzacek, Frantiska

Skluzacek, Jacqueline

Skluzacek, Jakub

Skluzacek, Jan

Skluzacek, Jan

Skluzacek, John

Skluzacek, Josef

Skluzacek, Josef W.

Skluzacek, Josephine A.

Skluzacek, Kacey Marie

Skluzacek, Katerina

Skluzacek, Ludmila

Skluzacek, Marie

Skluzacek, Marie

Skluzacek, Mary F.

Skluzacek, Myles W.

Skluzacek, Theolog (?)

Skluzacek, Tyler J.

Skluzacek, Vaclav

Skluzacek, Valentin M.

Skluzacek, William J.

Skok, Albert J.

Skok, Florence M.

Skok, Joseph W.

Skok, Mary E.

Skok, Matej

Sladek, Anton M.

Sladek, Marcella

Sladek, Richard W.

Slavik, Alfred Frank

Slavik, Beatrice B.

Slavik, Catherine R.

Slavik, Jeffrey M.

Slavik, Ralph C.

Slavik, Raymond J.

Slavik, Raymond Joseph

Slavik, Stanley J.

Slavik, Stanley James

Slawick, Catherine

Slawick, Catherine

Slawick, Maria

Slawick, Maria

Slawick, Vincenc

Slawick, Vincent

Slawick, Vincent

Slawick, Vincent

Sleva, David Michael

Slinkard, Odelia M.

Slinkard, Wayland A.

Smisek, Anna L.

Smisek, Frank

Smisek, Frank

Smisek, Janice M. (Kubes)

Smisek, Joseph M.

Smisek, Joseph T.

Smisek, Joseph T.

Smisek, Marie

Smishek, Ann M.

Smiskova, ?

Smith, Darby K.

Snyder, Leon J.

Snyder, Leon J.

Sokolik, Jan

Sokolik, Marie

Solheid, Adeline

Solheid, Barbara

Solheid, Cecelia A.

Solheid, Harold J.

Solheid, Harold J.

Solheid, John C.

Solheid, John Carl

Solheid, Joseph

Solheid, Mary

Solheid, Mary A.

Solheid, Michael M.

Soukup, Anna

Soukup, Anton

Soukup, Emily K.A.

Soukup, Frank J.

Soukup, Joseph A.

Soukup, Katherine R.

Soulek, Clarence E.

Soulek, Robert J.

Stang, Adeline C.

Stang, Gilbert H.

Stang, Gilbert H.

Stary, Jan

Stary, Katerina

Stasny, E. June

Stasny, Frank J.

Stasny, Thomas J.

Stech, John J.

Stech, Teresa

Stehlik, Jan

Stehlikova, Anna

Steiner, Louis A.

Steiner, M. Elmer

Steiner, Mary B.

Steinhoff, Erwin J.

Stepka, Jody Sticha

Stepka, Joseph

Stepka, Ruth F.

Stepka, Sophie

Sticha, Adeline I.

Sticha, Alzbeta

Sticha, Anna

Sticha, Anna A.

Sticha, Anton

Sticha, August F.

Sticha, baby

Sticha, Charles F.

Sticha, Dorothy J.

Sticha, Eddie R.

Sticha, Edward E.

Sticha, Edward J.

Sticha, Edward J.

Sticha, Elizabeth

Sticha, Elizabeth

Sticha, Emilie

Sticha, Emma J.

Sticha, Evelyn M.

Sticha, Frank J.

Sticha, Frank W.

Sticha, George J.

Sticha, Helen T.

Sticha, Henrietta A.

Sticha, Jan

Sticha, John F.

Sticha, John J.

Sticha, John W.

Sticha, Josef

Sticha, Joseph A.

Sticha, Joseph F.

Sticha, Josephine

Sticha, Lillian A.

Sticha, Marie

Sticha, Mation A.

Sticha, Randal J.

Sticha, Robert J.

Sticha, Rosalie

Sticha, Rose Ann

Sticha, Rose M.

Sticha, Stanley G.

Sticha, William R.

Stopski, Albert M.

Strubin (?), Barbara

Strubin (?), Charles

Studeny, Alois

Studeny, Josef

Studeny, Joseph

Studnicka, Elmer F.

Studnicka, Helen B.

Suchomel, John

Suchomel, Joseph W.

Suchomel, Rosalie S.

Suel (?), Eleanor N.

Suel (?), Leonard

Suel, Arthur J.

Suel, Eleanor Remes

Suel, James Leonard

Sullivan, Ludmilla Remes

Sullivan, Lynda

Sullivan, Raymond

Svihel, Leslie E.

Svihel, Ruth M.

Svoboda (?), Ida C.

Svoboda (?), John A.

Svoboda, Albert J.

Svoboda, Albina

Svoboda, Albina B.

Svoboda, Alvin J.

Svoboda, Alzbeta

Svoboda, Anna

Svoboda, Catherine

Svoboda, Charles

Svoboda, Christina

Svoboda, Dora C.

Svoboda, Edward

Svoboda, Edwin E.

Svoboda, Elsie E.

Svoboda, Emil J.

Svoboda, Francis T.

Svoboda, Frank

Svoboda, Frantisek

Svoboda, Jakub

Svoboda, Jan

Svoboda, Jan A.

Svoboda, Jan F.

Svoboda, Jerome J.

Svoboda, Jerome John

Svoboda, John F.

Svoboda, John J.

Svoboda, John T.

Svoboda, Joseph

Svoboda, Julie B.

Svoboda, Katerina

Svoboda, Kathrina

Svoboda, Leroy M.

Svoboda, LeRoy M.

Svoboda, Lloyd J.

Svoboda, Lloyd J.

Svoboda, Marie

Svoboda, Mark

Svoboda, Martha M.

Svoboda, Mary L.

Svoboda, Ralph J.

Svoboda, Ruth E.

Svoboda, William J.

Svobodny, Alvina

Svobodny, Anna

Svobodny, Helen E.

Svobodny, Katerina

Svobodny, Louis

Svobodny, Mary

Svobodny, Robert

Svobodny, Stanley

Svobodny, Thomas J.

Svobodny, Toma

Svobodny, Vaclav

Svobodny, William S.

Svobody, Alezka

Sweeney, Dorothy A.

Sykora, Frank W.

Sykora, Helen Jane

Sykora, Lorraine C. Lukes

Sykora, Mary E.

Tajchman, Bernice M.

Taylor, Kathryn Suel

Taylor, Marie

Terwedo, Albert “Dick”

Terwedo, Albert C.

Tesar (?), Albert

Tesar (?), Albeta

Tesar (?), Emilie C.

Thomas, Helen Kes

Tikalsky, Adeline

Tikalsky, Benjamin

Tikalsky, Bessie

Tikalsky, Daniel

Tikalsky, Daniel J.

Tikalsky, Eileen K.

Tikalsky, Eugene

Tikalsky, Eva

Tikalsky, Frank

Tikalsky, Frank F.

Tikalsky, Harry F.

Tikalsky, Henry

Tikalsky, Henry

Tikalsky, James

Tikalsky, Jan

Tikalsky, Jiri

Tikalsky, John

Tikalsky, Joseph

Tikalsky, Lorraine E.

Tikalsky, Ludmilla

Tikalsky, Marie

Tikalsky, Marie

Tikalsky, Mayme D.

Tikalsky, Randy L.

Tikalsky, Rose

Tikalsky, Teresa

Tikalsky, William J.

Timmons, Patrick M.

Timmons, Sylvia R.

Timmons, William R.

Timmons, William R.

Tix, Anna Susan

Tix, Maximilian

Topic, Albert V.

Topic, Barbora

Topic, Edwin F.

Topic, Elanor N.

Topic, Frances

Topic, Frank

Topic, Frank A.

Topic, Frank T.

Topic, Fred

Topic, Jan

Topic, Jarmila

Topic, John

Topic, Marie

Topic, Mary

Topic, Matej

Topic, Matthew Martin

Topic, William

Topka, Barbora

Topka, Elsie Mae

Topka, Frank J.

Topka, Helen M.

Topka, Jos. T.

Topka, Margaret F.

Topka, Marie

Topka, Mary E.

Topka, Tomas

Topka, William J.

Trcka, Angeline

Trcka, Benjamin F.

Trenda, Ann A.

Trenda, Emma A.

Trenda, George T.

Trenda, John H.

Trnka, Catherine

Trnka, Catherine M.

Trnka, Emma

Trnka, Jerry J.

Trnka, Katerina

Trnka, Kateriny

Trnka, Matej

Trnka, Rosalie

Trnka, Thomas

Trnka, Thomas M.

Trnka, Vojtech

Trynka and Pavek

Tuhacek, Josef

Tuhacek, Marie

Tuma, Albert F.

Tuma, Albert J.

Tuma, Anna

Tuma, Anna

Tuma, Anna

Tuma, Bessie E.

Tuma, Edward J.

Tuma, Elmer L.

Tuma, Frank A.

Tuma, Frank George

Tuma, Frank J.

Tuma, George F.

Tuma, Hildegarde I.

Tuma, John

Tuma, John Edward

Tuma, John T.

Tuma, John W.

Tuma, Lawrence A.

Tuma, Lucille

Tuma, Lucille M.

Tuma, Ludmilla J.

Tuma, Rudolph John

Tuma, Rudy J.

Tuma, Scott F.

Tuma, Theresa M.

Tuma, Vaclav

Tuma, Veronica F.

Tuma, Vilemer (?)

Tupa, Anna

Tupa, Marie

Tupy (?), Benjamin F.

Tupy (?), Christine

Tupy (?), Christine

Tupy (?), Emilia A.

Tupy (?), George A.

Tupy (?), Helen R.

Tupy (?), Joseph

Tupy, Adeline A.

Tupy, Alice S.

Tupy, Anna

Tupy, Anna

Tupy, Anna

Tupy, Cecilia

Tupy, Daniel J.

Tupy, Edward

Tupy, Elizabeth

Tupy, Elmer E.

Tupy, Emma

Tupy, Emma

Tupy, Emma

Tupy, Frances

Tupy, Frank W.

Tupy, Frantisek W.

Tupy, Gertrude

Tupy, Helen C.

Tupy, Jakub

Tupy, Jan F.

Tupy, John

Tupy, John B.

Tupy, John M.

Tupy, John W.

Tupy, Jos. B.

Tupy, Joseph

Tupy, Joseph H.

Tupy, Joseph L.

Tupy, Joseph R.

Tupy, Joseph S.

Tupy, Julia

Tupy, Julia A.

Tupy, Leonard

Tupy, Leonard M.

Tupy, Marie

Tupy, Martha A.

Tupy, Mary

Tupy, Mary

Tupy, Mary C.

Tupy, Mayme

Tupy, Mayme E.

Tupy, Otillia

Tupy, Rosalie

Tupy, Rose C.

Tupy, Rosie

Tupy, Sylvia E.

Tupy, Theophil J.

Tupy, Tomas

Tupy, Valentine

Tupy, Vojtech

Tupy, Wencel

Tupy, William B.

Tupy, William B.

Tupy, William F.

Tupy, William R.

Turek, Ben R.

Turek, Earl J.

Turek, Frank

Turek, Josef

Turek, Josef

Turek, Joseph J.

Turek, Joseph W.

Turek, Katerina

Turek, Marcella H.

Turek, Mary

Turek, Mary

Turek, Raymond

Turek, Rose V.

Turek, Winifred B.

Tyra, Alice Rose

Tyra, Joseph

Tyra, Joseph W.

Tyra, Mary

Tyra, Rose A.

Uhlir, John

Uhlir, Mary

Uhlir, Matej

Unger, Albert F.

Unger, Barbora

Unger, Frank L.

Unger, Mary A.

Unger, Vaclav

Valek (?), Marjorie

Valek, Adela

Valek, Agnes M.

Valek, Anna T.

Valek, Charles F.

Valek, Helen

Valek, Jan

Valek, Jiri

Valek, Katerina

Valek, Mary Hanzel

Valek, Math

Valek, Mayme

Valek, Melvin

Valek, Thomas E.

Vales, Anna

Vales, Emma J.

Vales, Frantisek

Vales, Joseph F.

Vanackova, Marie

Vanasek, Anna R.

Vanasek, Charles F.

Vanasek, Elsie M.

Vanasek, Richard J.

Vanasek, Richard J.

VanCura (?), Bessie A.

VanCura (?), Thomas W.

VanCura, Raymond T.

VanCura, William R.

Vasko, Emil

Vasko, Helen

Vasko, Joseph

Vasko, Mary

Vavra, Francis C.

Vavra, Francis C.

Vavra, John

Vavra, Katherine

Vavra, Shirley A.

Veneziano, Joseph B.

Veneziano, Joseph B.

Verhoeven, Nicki Marie

Vesela, Marie

Veselej, Jakub

Vesely, Agnes

Vesely, Agnes

Vesely, Eleonora

Vesely, Frank

Vesely, James

Vesely, Mary

Vest, Anna E.

Viktor, Marie

Vlach, Antoinette

Vlach, James J.

Vogel, Michael C.

Vohnoutka, Albeta

Vohnoutka, Bessie

Vohnoutka, Frank

Vohnoutka, Frank

Vohnoutka, John

Vohnoutka, Mary

Vojta, Marie

Vollmar, Lavonne A. “Bonnie”

Vollmar, Warren A.

Vollmar, Warren W. “Doc”

VonBank, Clara T.

Vonbank, Dale D.

VonBank, Isidore H.

VonBank, James J.

Vondra, Jakub

Vondrasek, John

Vondrasek, Mary

Vondrasek, Mary

Vopatek (?), Mary A.

Vopatek (?), Stephen A.

Vopatek, Catherine M.

Vopatek, Emil

Vopatek, Frank J.

Vopatek, Josephine

Vopatek, Katerina

Vopatek, Matej

Vopatek, Matthias

Vopatek, Rosy and Mile

Voracek, John N.

Voracek, Mary M.

Vorakova, Josefka

Vosejpka, Vaclav

Votypka, Peter P.

Vrtis, Petronella

Vrtis, Vojtech

Wacek (?), Eleanor J.

Wacek (?), John F.

Wacek, Jan

Wacek, Marie

Wacker, Anna

Wacker, William

Wagner, Elizabeth T.

Walerius, Anna

Walerius, Bruce T.

Walerius, Edmund H.

Walerius, Hubert

Walerius, Ludmilla M.

Walerius, Mary G.

Walerius, Michael

Walsh, John W.

Wann, Eugene C.

Weber, Sophia Suchomel

Weides (?), Anna

Weides (?), Nicholas

Weides, Jakob

Weides, Magdalena

Weides, Nicholas

Weiers, Robert L.

Welter, Clarence J.

Welter, Ida H.

Wermerskirchen, Maria

Werner, Agnes C.

Werner, Gary D.

Werner, Philip

White, Christine Heiertz

White, David M.

Winterfeldt, Leroy

Wintherfeld, Theodore

Witt, Alissa M.

Witt, Bertha A.

Witt, Cletus C.

Witt, Dennis G.

Witt, Fred J.

Witt, John W.

Witt, John W.

Witt, Martin J.

Witt, Werner J.

Witt, Werner J.

Wixon, May A.

Wolf, Kayla

Wolf, Leo A.

Wolf, Ludwig M.

Wondra, Martha

Wondra, William

Wood, Arlie A.

Wood, Arlie A.

Wood, Laura M.

Wrabek, Adeline P.

Wrabek, Anna

Wrabek, Charles

Wrabek, Elizabeth

Wrabek, Josef

Wrabek, Josephine

Wrabek, L.C.

Wrabek, Matej

Wrabek, Roman R.

Wright, Nathan John

Yackley, James P.

Yackley, Janice M (Bakken)

Yackley, Loretta

Yackley, Peter

Yackley, Ruth

Yackly (?), Angela

Yackly (?), Catherine

Yackly (?), Emma Susan

Yackly (?), Fred

Yackly (?), Louise

Yackly (?), Mary

Yackly (?), Rose

Yackly, Anna

Yackly, Catherine

Yackly, Cornelius J.

Yackly, Edmund W.

Yackly, Edward M.

Yackly, Elisabeth

Yackly, Emma S.

Yackly, Gertrude M.

Yackly, Johanna

Yackly, John A.

Yackly, John J.

Yackly, Leonard N.

Yackly, Leonard N.

Yackly, Louise R.

Yackly, Mary

Yackly, Mathias

Yackly, Mathias

Yackly, Rose E.

Yackly, Wendelin

Yackly, Wilfried

Zak, Matej

Zaun, Alfred H.

Zaun, Delphine H.

Zelenka, Alois F.

Zelenka, Alois M.

Zelenka, Anna

Zelenka, Anna K.

Zelenka, Frank J.

Zelenka, Frantisek

Zelenka, George J.

Zelenka, Helen A.

Zelenka, Marie

Zelenka, Robert G.

Ziehl, Erich A.

Zika, James M.

Zika, Rose B. (?)

Zika, Rose M.

Zita, Anna

Zita, Frantisek

Zizka, Anna

Zvanovec (?), Emma

Zvanovec (?), Thomas

Zvanovec, Bradley J.

Zvanovec, Clarence

Zvanovec, Frank A.

Zvanovec, Frank W.

Zvanovec, George

Zvanovec, George E.

Zvanovec, George E.

Zvanovec, John

Zvanovec, Josef

Zvanovec, Julia

Zvanovec, Julia M.

Zvanovec, Julia R.

Zvanovec, Kristina

Zvanovec, Mary Ann

Zvanovec, Matej

Zvanovec, Michael

Zvanovec, Rose

Zvanovec, Rose

Zvanovec, Teresie

Zvanovec, Thomas

Zvanovec, Wenceslaus

Zvanovek, Julius J.

Zvanovek, Rose L.

Zweber, Kristy Kay

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