Czech National / New Prague Public Cemetery

New Prague, Scott County, Minnesota



New Prague, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R23W, Section 33

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The Czech National Cemetery is located west of downtown New Prague, along Highway 19 / Main Street West.  The cemetery has regular maintenance and is in good shape.           


Many of the burial monuments use Czech spellings in place of English. 


The Czech to English month translations are:


Leden / Ledna >> January

Unor >> February

Brezen >> March

Duben >> April

Kveten / Kvetna >> May

Cerven >> June

Cervenec >> July

Srpen >> August

Zari >> September

Rijen / Rijna >> October

Listopad >> November

Prozinec >> December


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Emelia (?) A.

Abreus, Manuel P.

Adamek, Alvin

Adamek, Eleanor


Anderson (?), Margaret

Anderson (?), Merlin

Anderson, Merlin K.

Anderson, Roger W.

Anderson, Violet A.

Baer, Danielle Grace

Baer, Drew Scott

Bates (?), Alice May

Bates (?), Bessie V.

Bates (?), Chester L.

Bazil, Joseph

Bazil, Mary

Bean, infant son

Bednar, Charles

Bee, Ann E.

Beinhorn, Erwin H.

Beinhorn, Gladys L.

Beinhorn, Keith

Beinhorn, Leola G.

Beinhorn, Wilhelm

Bell, Otis T.

Benes (?), Joseph

Benes, Bernadine L.

Benes, Emil

Benes, Ladimer F.

Benes, Marie

Benesh, Charles

Benesh, Emma M.

Benjamin, Barbara P.

Benjamin, William J.

Benson, Dale E.

Benson, Dale E.

Benson, Irene A.

Bezina, Katherine

Bilek (?), Frank T.

Bilek (?), Pauline

Bilek, Joseph J.

Bilek, Mary M.

Bohac, Edward and Agnes

Bohac, Josef

Bohnsack, Ann L.

Bohnsack, Bruce W.

Bohnsack, Ehler H.

Bohnsack, Henry

Brandt, Evelyn A.

Brandt, Fred A.

Brazda, John Frances


Breuer (?), Catherine

Breuer (?), Edward T.

Breuer (?), Felix H.

Breuer, Anna

Breuer, Charles F.

Breuer, Charles F.

Breuer, Dustin D.

Breuer, Joseph L.

Breuer, Lorraine A.

Breuer, Louis

Breuer, Marie

Brewster, Charles “Gene”

Brewster, Charles E.

Brewster, Lorraine “Mach”

Brezina, Nick

Bring, Ellen Herrmann

Bring, Harry Carlen

Brodina, John

Brodina, Mary

Brooks, Darlene L.

Brooks, Wendel D.

Bruzek, Andrew E.

Bruzek, Helen R.

Busta, Anna

Busta, Clarence E.

Busta, Clarence E.

Busta, Frank E.

Busta, Frank E.

Busta, Marcella M.

Busta, Thomas

Cap (?), Alice Jean

Cap (?), Emma

Cap (?), Joseph J.

Carter, Raymond W.

Cermak, Jan

Cermak, Marie

Cervenka, Anna K.

Cervenka, Edward J.

Cervenka, John

Cervenka, John A.

Cervenka, Ludvig

Cervenka, Mary

Cervenka, Thomas

Cervenka, Tomas

Chromy, Frank

Chromy, George

Chromy, Grace

Chromy, Helen D.

Chromy, Joseph

Chromy, Mary

Cihak, Jan

Cihlar, Jan

Claesson, Iffie L.

Claesson, Martha E.

Clemmer, “Hub”

Clemmer, Harold W.

Comer, Lenora ?

Cram, Joanne

Cuhel, Johanna G.

Cuhel, William J.

Dietz (?), George

Dietz (?), Mary

Dietz, Edward

Dietz, Emil L.

Dietz, Emilie

Dietz, Frank

Dietz, John N.

Dietz, Josephine A.

Dietz, Martha E.

Dietz, Rose

Dietz, Sylvia

Dietz, William

Dill, Anthony

Dobes, Edward

Dobes, Rose

Dobes, Thomas

Dorn, Lawrence R.

Dorn, Lilliam R.

Drabek, Anne Pacolt

Drozda (?), James C.

Drozda (?), Marie

Drozda (?), Vaclav

Dusbabek, Anton

Dusbabek, Catherine

Dvoracek (?), Edward

Dvoracek (?), Mary

Dvoracek, Adeline J.

Dvoracek, Helen

Dvoracek, Jan

Dvoracek, John V.

Dvoracek, Joseph

Dvoracek, Katerina

Dvoracek, Lubmilla

Dvoracek, Mary

Dvoracek, Wencle

Dvorak (?), Anna

Dvorak (?), Anton

Dvorak, Anna Bertha

Dvorak, Anton J.

Dvorak, Anton J.

Dvorak, Ben E.

Dvorak, Edward

Dvorak, Emil

Dvorak, Emma

Dvorak, Fred

Dvorak, James F.

Dvorak, Joseph

Dvorak, Lydia M.

Dvorak, Marie

Dvorak, Roger J.

Dvorak, Sonja Linda

Dvorak, William R.

Eastman, Alice A.

Egan, Florence E.

Egan, Warren T.

Eilers, Charles C.

Eilers, William H.

Eisert (?), Emma

Ellis, Bertha

Ellis, Tod

Ellison, Duane C. ‘Charlie’

Enger, Violet M. Sykora

Erickson, Donald D. ‘Tex

Erickson, Donald David

Factor (?), Rose L.

Factor, Carl A.

Factor, Edward

Factor, Edward F.

Factor, Helen M.

Factor, Rose

Factor, Walter A.

Fahrenkamp (?), Elva A.

Fahrenkamp (?), Marlin H.

Fahrenkamp, Mary Jane

Faktor, Albert W.

Faktor, Jaroslav

Faktor, Katherine

Faktor, Vojtech

Ferris, Dori B.

Fischer, Mathias

Fjordbak, Norman “Lee”

Fjordbak, Norman E.

Frachaticy (?), ?

Frank, John

Frank, Rose

Franz, Ted W.

Fredrich, Marsha M.

Freitag, Jacob A.

Frolik, Frank

Frolik, Josef

Frolik, Joseph W.

Frolik, Katherine

Frolik, Marie

Frolik, Roy J.

Funda (?), Frances

Funda (?), Paul

Gab, Bernard

Gab, Edward

Gab, Mary

Gerbitz, Bessie L.

Gerbitz, Martin J.

Gerdes, Kenneth W.

Gerdes, Mabel L.

Gerdes, Roger Thoma

Gerdes, Willard H.

Geyer, Agnes A.

Geyer, Linda Joy

Geyer, Wallace W.

Gosewisch, Howard F.

Gosewisch, Kenneth J.

Gosewisch, Kenneth J.

Gravunder, Gottlieb

Gravunder, John

Grindeland, Ronald I.

Hajney, Antonia

Hajney, Joseph

Hajney, Joseph

Hajney, Joseph F.

Hajney, Mary M.

Hajney, Mary R.

Hamer, Fred J.

Hamer, John

Hamer, Joseph F.

Hamer, Rose

Hamer, William

Hammes, Kathryn Marie

Hammes, Laura Anne

Hanek, Bessie

Hanek, Charles J.

Hanek, Charles N.

Hanek, John

Hanek, Lillian M.

Hanek, Mamie

Hanek, Mary

Hanek, Mary A.

Hanek, Mary K.

Hanek, Robert F.

Hanek, William E.

Hauber, Joseph

Hauber, Paulina

Heckenlaible, Milbert J.

Hejny, Albert S.

Hejny, Mary J.

Henry, Robert R.

Herman (?), Roberta

Herman, Katherine

Herman, Rosalie

Herman, Wencel

Herrmann, Jerry

Herrmann, Mary

Hesson, Marie A.

Hesson, Robert K.

Hesson, Robert K.

Heutmaker, Robin J.

Holicky, Henry

Holicky, Jacob

Holicky, John

Holicky, Mary

Honza, Elizabeth

Honza, Frank

Honza, Joseph E.

Honza, Lubmilla M.

Honza, Mary

Houfek, John F.

Hruby, Albina

Hruby, Charles T.

Hruby, Ella

Hruby, George J.

Jacobson, Gail H.

Jacobson, John W.

Janda, Harvey F.

Janda, Harvey F.

Janda, Lillian B.

Janovsky (?), Albina

Janovsky (?), Anna

Janovsky (?), Emil

Janovsky (?), Frank

Janovsky (?), George

Janovsky (?), Wencel

Janovsky (?), Wencle

Janovsky, George

Janovsky, Martin

Janovsky, Mary

Janovsky, Rose K.

Jelinek, Adolph J.

Jelinek, Alma M.

Jelinek, Anna

Jelinek, Arthur J.

Jelinek, Clara M.

Jelinek, Emil E.

Jelinek, Frances H.

Jelinek, Joseph

Jelinek, Katerina

Jelinek, Louis J.

Jelinek, Matej

Jensen, Clay Ll

Jensen, Ruth

Jensen, Vernon

Jilek, Edward

Jilek, Elizabeth J. “Betty”

Jilek, Millie V.

Johnson, Dale E.

Johnson, Thomas M.

Johnson,. Jesse W.

Kabes, Roman J.

Kaiser, Jacoline

Kalvas, Albert

Kalvas, Rose


Kamis, Adolph

Kamis, Josephine

Kardas, Anna

Kasparek (?), Frank

Kasparek (?), Lillian

Kasparek (?), Rose

Kasparek (?), Tom W.

Kasparek, Alosie

Kasparek, Casper

Kasparek, Marie

Kasparek, Thomas

Kasparek, Tomas

Kes, Edward J.

Kes, Helen

Kikavy (?), Edgard


Klimes, ?

Klimes, Adeline

Klimes, Anna

Klimes, Emma

Klimes, Francis

Klimes, John

Klimes, Vaclav

Klimes, Wencel J.

Klimsova, Katerina

Kocina, Catherine

Kocina, Frank J.

Kocina, James F.

Kocina, Joseph W.

Kocina, Mary

Kodadek (?), Catherine

Kodadek (?), James T.

Kodadek, Bessie D.

Kodadek, John

Kodadek, Josephine

Kodadek, Robert

Kodadek, Robert C.

Kohout, Vaclav

Koktavy, Charlie

Koktavy, Frank

Koktavy, Ludy

Koktavy, Mary

Komarek, Anna R.

Komarek, Barbora

Komarek, Jacob W.

Komarek, Mary S.

Komarek, Vaclav

Kopet, Emily M.

Korbel, Rudy

Kouba, Jan

Krava (?), Frank

Krava (?), Mary

Krava, Frank R.

Krava, Rose A.

Krenick, Franz

Krenik (?), Emma

Krenik (?), George

Krenik (?), John E.

Krenik, Anna

Krenik, Frank

Krenik, John R.

Krenik, Mary

Krenik, Matej

Krenik, Mike

Krenik, Otilia

Krenik, Vencel

Kriha, Jan

Kriha, Marie

Kritta (?), Joseph

Kritta (?), Rose

Kritta (?), William

Krocak (?), John

Krocak, Alma A.

Krocak, Emma

Krocak, Lumir T.

Krocak, Melvin

Krocak, Milo V.

Krohmer, Francis O.

Krohmer, Francis O.

Krtezius (?), Rudolf G. (?)

Kubik, Frances

Kubik, Frank

Kubik, Irene

Kubik, Ronnie

Kubik, William

Kubik, William J.

Kukacka, Jeff C.

Kulik, William

Lanes (?), Carl H.

Lapic, Frank

Lapic, Grace Ann

Lapic, Mary

Linn, Sylvester J.

Lukes, Bradley Allen

Lunak, Anna

Lunak, Joseph

Lunak, Joseph F.

Lunder, Lyle E.

Mach, Anna

Mach, Emil B.

Mach, Frank B.

Mach, Frank B.

Mach, Iva L.

Mach, James

Mach, James B.

Mach, James B.

Machacek (?), Anna

Machacek (?), Mike

Machacek, Antoinette

Machacek, Elsner

Machacek, George J.

Machacek, George J.

Machacek, Lois B.

Machacek, Robert Elsner

Maertz, George W.

Maertz, Gustie

Magnussen, Joel D.

Malz, Julie K.

Marek, Clarence T.

Marek, Emma

Marek, Emma L.

Marek, Fred G.

Marek, Ludmilla

Marek, Mary

Marek, Thomas

Marek, Thomas W.

Mares (?), Katerina

Mares (?), Tomas

Mares, Anton

Mares, Helen Ann Heckenlaible

Mares, Maria

Mares, Tomas

Mayer, Caroline M.

Mayer, Christuph

Melounek, Anna

Melounek, Francis J.

Melounek, Joseph

Melounek, Marie

Melounek, Mildred A.

Meyers, Jackson B.

Meyers, Jeanette E.

Michaelis, Anna Mary

Mikiska, Bartos

Mikiska, Frantisek

Mikiska, Johanna M.

Mikiska, John

Mikiska, Mary

Mikista, Frantisc (?)

Mikyska, Frank

Mikyska, Johanna

Mikyska, Stella

Mikyska, Vaclav

Milinkovich, Harriet A.

Milinkovich, Nancy

Milinkovich, Peter M.

Miller, Hanna Weidorf

Miller, Laverne E.

Miller, Laverne E.

Miller, Wallace William

Miroslav, Emil

Mojha, Marie

Morgan, Martha M.

Morgan, Robert

Mowrey, Eldon L.

Mracek, Rose

Nelson, Helen E.

Nelson, Robert T.

Nemec, Angeline

Nemec, Joseph F.

Nordby, John Edward

Nordby, Laurie Anne

Novak, Edward E.

Novak, Edward P.

Novak, Elsie Jensen

Novak, Mary

Novotny, ?

Novotny, Marie

Novotny, Mary

Novotny, Wencel J.

Odenthal, Alfred J.

Olson, Gertrude E.

Olson, Oliver A.

Orr, infant son

Pacolt, Katerina

Pacolt, Ladislav

Pacolt, Vaclav Ottokar

Pany, Anna T.

Pany, Joseph

Pany, Josephine A.

Papenbrock, Josephine

Parker, Anthony D.

Parker, Lana M.

Parron, Maybelle

Patnode, Edward A.

Patterson, John L.

Pavlicek (?), Anton

Pavlicek (?), Antonia

Penniston, Luke Philipp

Petricka, Cecelia

Petricka, George

Petricka, Jan

Petricka, Josof

Petricka, Marie

Petricka, Marie

Petricki, Eva

Petterson, John L.

Pexa, Antonia

Pexa, John


Picha, Albina

Picha, Anna C.

Picha, Anneva Rene

Picha, Daniel L.

Picha, Hortense C.

Picha, John L.

Picha, Leonard J.

Picha, Myron W.

Picha, Myron William

Picha, Rose M.

Picha, Vera A.

Picha, William F.

Piemeisl, John

Pikal, Emma

Pikal, Frank

Pikal, Jakub

Pikal, Jakub

Pikal, James J.

Pikal, Jan

Pikal, Maria

Pikal, Marie

Pikal, Mary

Pikal, Wencel

Piroch, Antonia

Piroch, Jan Pavel

Polansky, Joseph

Polansky, Mary

Posel (?), ?

Posel (?), Eduard Josef

Posel, Anna

Posel, Marie

Posel, Peter P.

Posel, Vaclav

Poucher, Allan J.

Profant, Math

Proshek (?), Anton J.

Proshek (?), Barbara C.

Proshek (?), Johanna

Proshek (?), John

Proshek (?), Lubmilla

Proshek (?), Rose

Proshek, Anne A.

Proshek, George D.

Proshek, George D.

Proshek, George F.

Proshek, Irene E.

Proshek, Mary J.

Proshek, Rose M.

Proshek, Stanley R.

Provaznik, Emily

Provaznik, Frank

Provaznik, Mary

Puffer, Christopher

Rachac, Edward D.

Rachac, Edward D.

Rachac, Lucie J.

Roehl, Joshua Benjamin

Roepke, Clarence C.

Roepke, Frances C.

Ruehling, August C.

Ruehling, Dave

Ruehling, David C.

Ruhling, Andreas

Ruhling, Friederika

Russell, Clara M.

Rybnicek, Anna

Rybnicek, Henry

Schlauderaff, Andrew

Schlauderaff, Mary

Schlauderaff, Richard

Schlauderaff, Theresa

Schneider, Frank B.

Schneider, Frank B.

Schneider, Viola E.

Segna, Anna L.

Segna, Caroline L.

Segna, Lloyd R.

Segna, Lloyd R.

Segna, Max A.

Sery, Anna

Sery, Anna E.

Sery, Fred C.

Sery, Jan

Sery, John

Shambour, Frank L.

Shambour, Frank W.

Shambour, Mary C.

Shambour, Olga M.

Shankey, Frank

Shankey, Sophie

Shetka, Anna

Shetka, Edward E.

Shetka, Edward E.

Shetka, Joseph

Shetka, Marion M.

Shima, John A.

Shima, Ronald J.

Shima, Susan M.

Sicha, Frank

Simek, Marie

Simota, Alzbeta

Simota, Anna A.

Simota, Frank L.

Simota, Frantisek

Simota, Rosa

Sindelar, Marcella

Sindelar, Stanley

Sindelir, Josef J.

Sindelir, Marie

Sipiera, Michael

Sipiera, Stanley

Sipiera, Victoria

Sipiera, Walter J.

Sirek, James S.

Sirovatka, Catherine

Sirovatka, Joseph

Slavicek (?), Anna

Slavicek, Josefka

Slavik, Charles

Slavik, Mary

Slavisek (?), Joseph

Smith, Cecil E.

Sorensen, Anastasia

Sorensen, Nels

Soukup, Emma A.

Soukup, Joseph

Soukup, Margie S.

Spaulding, Anna K.

Stastny, Josef

Stastny, Katerina

Stehlik, Joseph W.

Stehlik, Theresa M.

Stepan, Katerina (?)


Sticha, Frank

Sticha, Mary M.

Sticha, Rose

Stresnak, Arthur K.

Stresnak, Bessie

Stresnak, Joseph R.

Stresnak, Margaret R.

Stresnak, Saundra

Suchomel, Frantisek

Suchomel, Katerina

Suchomelova, Katerina

Sykora, Archie E.

Sykora, Archie Earl

Sykora, Gordon A.

Sykora, Helen C.

Sykora, Mary

Sykora, William

Taylor, Christina G.

Taylor, Frank J.

Taylor, Jean E.

Taylor, Merton G.

Teply (?), Anna

Teply (?), Frank

Teply (?), James

Teply (?), John W.

Teply (?), Mary

Teply, Anna

Teply, Archie J.

Teply, Frank

Teply, Frantisek

Teply, John F.

Teply, Josef

Teply, Joseph

Teply, Mary

Teply, Myrtle H.

Teply, William E.

Thomsen, Edith M.

Thomsen, Thomas P.

Tiedt, Lowell D.

Tikalsky (?), Aloise M.

Tikalsky (?), Louise E.

Tikalsky (?), Mary J.

Tikalsky (?), Mathias J.

Tikalsky, John

Tikalsky, Mary

Tikalsky, William T.

Tobin, Caroline

Tobin, Fred H.

Toczek, Jean Novak

Topic, James

Topinka, Josef

Tuma (?), Albert J.

Tuma (?), Anna A.

Tuma (?), Martin

Tuma (?), Mary

Tuma (?), William

Tuma, Caroline M.

Tuma, Ethel E.

Tuma, Frank J.

Tuma, Frank M.

Tuma, Frantisek

Tuma, James M.

Tuma, John M.

Tuma, Marie

Tuma, Mary

Tuma, Mathilda

Tuma, Robert A.

Tuma, Robert J.

Tuma, Rose

Tuma, Rose

Tuma, Thomas

Tuma, Valdeen M.

Tupy, Richard L.

Tupy, Richard L.

Tupy, Shirley A.

Turek, Frank

Turek, Frantisek

Uglum, Adeline G.

Uglum, Walter M.

Uglum, Walter M.

Uhlir, Barbara

Uhlir, John J.

Uhlir, Mamie

Uhlir, Ruth M.

Uhlir, Ruth Mary

Uhlir, William

Vanacek, John F.

Vanasek (?), Milena M.

Vanasek, Ameil E.

Vanasek, Anna M.

Vanasek, Benjamin S.

Vanasek, Charles R.

Vanasek, Charles Robert “Tico”

Vanasek, Donald

Vanasek, Donald J.

Vanasek, Donald T.

Vanasek, Donald Thomas “DT”

Vanasek, Edward J.

Vanasek, Ella G.

Vanasek, Evelyne L.

Vanasek, Frank S.

Vanasek, Frant

Vanasek, Henry

Vanasek, Jennie A.

Vanasek, Karolina

Vanasek, Ladimer J.

Vanasek, Robert E.

Vanasek, Robert E.

Vanasek, Rosalie

Vanasek, Rozalie

Vavra, Frank

Vavra, Rose

Vinger, Arlyle L.

Vinger, Jerome W.

Vinger, Malcolm T.

Vita, Frantisek

Vita, Jan

Vita, Katerina

Vita, Marie

Vita, Ralph

Vochoska, Edward J.

Vochoska, James

Vochoska, Lucille

Vochoska, Martin

Vochoska, Mary

Vochoska, Mathias

Vochoska, Robert

Vohnoutka, Emma

Vohnoutka, John F.

Vohnoutka, Josephine M.

Vohnoutka, Roman

Voita, Anna

Voita, Nicholas J.

Vojta, Emma

Vojta, Frank J.

Vojta, Jan

Vojta, Jan

Vondra (?), Jan (?)

Vondra, Jacob

Vondra, James

Vondra, Johanna

Vondra, John

Vondra, Josef

Vondra, Josef

Vondra, Marie Zena

Vondrak, Rose A.

Vondrka, Anna

Vondrka, Josef

Vonoff, Christ V.

Wagner, Anna

Wagner, Frank

Wagner, Frank J.

Wagner, Margaret L.

Wagner, Mary

Washta, Mary

Wiedman, Alois

Wiedman, Lydia

Wieland, Earl J.

Wieland, Eleanor

Wieland, John H.

Wrabek, Eva

Wrabek, Francis

Wrabek, Frank M.

Wrabek, Jozefa

Wrabek, Leopold

Wrabek, Wm. W.

Zak, Mary

Zak, Mathias

Zikan, Joseph

Zikan, Joseph

Zikan, Joseph P.

Zikan, Josephine

Ziska (?), Frank

Ziska (?), Frank

Ziska (?), Mayme

Ziska, Frank J.

Zizka, Frank

Zizka, Mary

Zvanovec (?), Joe E.

Zvanovec (?), Tracy

Zvanovec, Anna

Zvanovec, Anna

Zvanovec, Frank

Zvanovec, John

Zvanovec, Joseph

Zvanovec, Josephine

Zvanovec, Theresa

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