St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery

Helena Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Helena Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R23W, Section 17

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of 248th Street West and St. Benedict Road in rural Scott County.  The cemetery has regular maintenance and is in good shape. 


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013




?, A. Mary

?, Amelia

?, Anna

?, Joseph

?, Caroline

?, Mathias

?, Nicholas

?, Sophia

Bauer, Benedict

Bauer, Elisabeth

Bauer, Jakob

Bauer, John

Bauer, Margaret

Bauer, Mathilda

Bauer, Sebastian

Beckius, Mary A.

Beckius, Michael J.

Buescher, Gerhard J.

Buescher, Mary

Busch (?), Anna

Busch (?), Elaine Mary

Busch (?), Lucille E.

Busch (?), Mary

Busch (?), Meinrad J.

Busch (?), Peter

Busch, A. Maria

Busch, Adelheid

Busch, Adeline S.

Busch, Alan J.

Busch, Andreas J.

Busch, Andrew P.

Busch, Arthur O.

Busch, baby

Busch, Bernard J.

Busch, Caroline

Busch, Christian

Busch, Elizabeth

Busch, Frances M.

Busch, Henry

Busch, Johann

Busch, John H.

Busch, Joseph

Busch, Lena

Busch, Margaret

Busch, Margaret L.

Busch, Margarete

Busch, Margaretha

Busch, Margaretha

Busch, Mary Elizabeth

Busch, Peter H.

Busch, Rudolph

Busch, Steven H.

Dagnault, Henry Joseph

Deusterman (?), Alois

Deusterman (?), Joseph

Deusterman (?), Margaret

Deusterman (?), Martha M.

Deusterman (?), Mary

Deusterman (?), Peter

Deustermann (?), Frances

Deustermann, Carolina

Deustermann, Dorothea

Deustermann, Franz

Deustermann, Hubert P.

Deustermann, Maria

Deustermann, Maria

Deustermann, Mathias

Deutsch (?), Anna

Deutsch (?), Cecelia

Deutsch (?), Frank

Deutsch (?), Henry A.

Deutsch (?), John

Deutsch (?), Joseph

Deutsch (?), Katherine

Deutsch (?), Marie C.

Deutsch (?), Neil

Deutsch, Anna

Deutsch, Anthony J.

Deutsch, Bernadette C.

Deutsch, Edwin A.

Deutsch, Joseph P.

Deutsch, Thomas J.

Deutsch, Thomas J.

Ebert, Lorraine

Edblom, Matthew R.

Eischens (?) Adeline

Eischens (?), Alfred J.

Eischens (?), Cecelia

Eischens (?), John

Eischens (?), John J.

Eischens (?), Marie

Eischens (?), Mary

Eischens, Adam

Eischens, Anna K.

Eischens, Anna M.

Eischens, Charles

Eischens, Debbie

Eischens, Harold M.

Eischens, Jakob

Eischens, Nickolaus

Eischens, Nicolaus

Eischens, Peter

Eischens, Rose B.

Eischens, Ruth

Eischens, Ruth

Eischens, Susanna

Erkens, Andrew

Erkens, Elizabeth

Fernholz, Margaret

Fromm (?), Joseph

Fromm (?), Katherine

Fromm, Karl

Fromm, Sophia

Fromm, Wilhelm

Gansen, Mary

Gansen, William

Gerardy, Agnes

Gerardy, Christof

Gerardy, Friedrich

Gerold (?), Celine C.

Gerold, Agatha

Gerold, Alex

Gerold, Egon

Gerold, Hedwig C.

Gerold, Mary

Hartman (?), Lawrence

Hartman (?), Margaret

Hartman, Alfred C.

Hartman, Catherine

Hartman, Dee C.

Hartman, Edward

Hartman, Edward Anton

Hartman, Marvin L.

Hartman, Valentine M.

Hartman, Veronica G.

Hartman, Virgil V.

Hartman, Werner V.

Hartmann, Antonius

Hartmann, Joseph A.

Hartmann, Joseph B.

Hartmann, Laurenthis V.

Hartmann, Margaretha

Hartmann, Maria

Hartmann, Rosalia

Hartmann, Susan

Hartmann, Susan A.

Hartmann, Valentine

Haus, Anton

Haus, Bertha

Haus, Dolores

Haus, Elisabeth

Haus, Johann

Haus, Johann

Haus, Johann

Haus, Maria A.

Haus, Michael

Haus, Peter

Haus, Susanna

Hinderscheit, Alice

Hinderscheit, baby

Hinderscheit, Vernon

Hoffman, Adelbert J.

Hoffman, Adelbert J.

Hoffmann (?), Leonard

Hoffmann (?), Mary

Hoffmann, Anna

Hoffmann, Edwin

Hoffmann, Lucy

Hoffmann, Lucy M.

Hoffmann, Margarethe

Hoffmann, Mary

Hoffmann, Meinrad

Hoffmann, Norbert

Holzer (?), Roman E.

Holzer, Rose

Holzer, Theo

Holzer, Theresa

Holzer, Thomas

Holzer, Thomas

Hoofhower (?), father

Hoohower (?), John

Huk (?), Johann

Johannes, Donna

Johannes, Donna Mae

Johannes, Ludwina

Karl, Anna

Karl, Conrad

Koelzer, Gertrud

Koelzer, Heinrich

Koelzer, Jakob

Koelzer, Johann

Koelzer, Maria

Koelzer, Mary

Koelzer, Meinrad

Kollei, Margaretha

Kollel, Karl

Konig, Johann

Konig, Wilhelm

Kootz, Elisabeth

Kootz, Nicolaus

Kraemer, Anna Scheffler

Kraemer, John P.

Kraemer, Katharina

Kraemer, Peter

Krautkremer, Andrew J.

Krautkremer, Christina

Krautkremer, Leonette E.

Krautkremer, Nick

Krick, Frank

Krick, Luisa (?)

Kurth, Elisabeth

Kurth, Heinrich

Lambrecht (?), Joseph

Lambrecht (?), Sophia

Lambrecht, Allen

Lambrecht, Anton

Lambrecht, baby girl

Lambrecht, Donald A.

Lambrecht, Donald A.

Lambrecht, Helen

Lambrecht, infant son

Landenberger, Catharine

Landenberger, Frances

Landenberger, Mary

Lehr, Alphons

Lochen, Mary Catherine

Lochen, Susan

Lochen, William

Lucas, Viola A.

Mayer, Benedict

Mayer, Catharina

Mayer, Elisabeth

Mayer, Emma

Mayer, Henry

Mayer, Jakob

Meisinger, Johann

Messinger, Theresia

Miles, Jeffry Martin

Miller (?), Clara

Miller (?), Edward

Miller (?), Genevieve

Nagel, John W.

Nelson, Berneva

Nelson, Berneva

Peters, ?

Peters, Anna

Peters, John

Peters, Lawrence M.

Peters, Margaret D.

Peters, Margaretha

Peters, Nickolaus

Peters, Theresia

Peters, Wilfred W.

Pint, Alma M.

Pint, Johann

Pint, Joseph J.

Pint, Nicholas

Pitsch, Michael

Pulkrabek, Ralph J.

Pulkrabek, Ralph John Joseph

Rader, Mathias

Scheffler, Alex

Scheffler, Anton

Scheffler, August C.

Scheffler, Barbara P.

Scheffler, Clarence R.

Scheffler, Joseph

Scheffler, Louisa

Scheffler, William

Schmitz, Albert P.

Schmitz, Anna

Schmitz, Anna

Schmitz, Carl

Schmitz, Casimir

Schmitz, Felix

Schmitz, Franziskus J.

Schmitz, Gertrud

Schmitz, Herbert M.

Schmitz, Johann

Schmitz, Johann

Schmitz, Joseph

Schmitz, Joseph J.

Schmitz, Katharina (?)

Schmitz, Mary

Schmitz, Mathias

Schmitz, Mathias

Schmitz, Michael

Schmitz, Richard M.

Schmitz, Richard M.

Schmitz, Roman G.

Schmitz, Sophia

Schmitz, Susanna

Schmitz, Therese C.

Schmitz, Wilhelm

Schnepper, Anna

Schoenecker, Sophie

Schommer, Clara Hartman

Schommer, Math

Schommer, Nicholas

Schommer, Rosa

Seifert (?), Albert

Seifert (?), Catherine

Seifert (?), John

Seifert (?), Rosalia

Seifert, Eleonora M.

Seifert, Wilhelm O.

Shaffler (?), ?

Shaffler, Joseph

Siegfried, Elisabetha

Siegfried, Martin ??

Solheid, Eugene

Steckebruch, Emma

Steckebruch, Joseph

Steinhoff, baby

Steinhoff, Elizabeth

Steinhoff, Norbert E.

Steinhoff, T. Ewald

Steinhoff, Theodor

Steinhoff, Theresia

Tesarek, Frank D.

Tholkes, Margaret

Vornbrock, Wilhelmina

Wagner, Georg

Weber, Eva

Weber, Leonardus

Weber, Maria

Weber, Mathias

Weller, Christina

Weller, John

Wermerskirchen, Apollonia J.

Wermerskirchen, Cornelius E.

Wermerskirchen, M. Paulina

Wermerskirchen, Mathias

Wermerskirchen, Odilia

Wiedmann, Anton

Wiedmann, John

Wiedmann, Joseph

Wiedmann, Katharina

Wolf, Anna

Wolf, Edward

Wolf, Hildegard

Wolf, John

Wolf, Maria

Wolf, Maria

Wolf, Mathias

Wolf, Michael

Wolf, Raymond

Wolf, Raymond

Wolf, Sophie

Zaun (?), Anna K.

Zaun (?), Elizabeth

Zaun (?), Elizabeth

Zaun (?), Gustave

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