St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery

Cedar Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota



Cedar Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R22W, Section 18

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            The St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of Old Highway 13 and 245th Street East in rural Scott County.  The cemetery has regular maintenance and is in good shape.  The Church at the site has an active congregation.


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



Baron, Hannah

Barsness, John Harold

Barta, Luann Laura (Benes)

Bastyr, Edward F.

Bastyr, Marlene P.

Becker, Susan

Benes (?), Anna E.

Benes (?), Ladimir F.

Benes (?), Lyle Joseph

Benes (?), Winnifred C.

Bily, Anna

Bily, Barbara J.

Bily, Frank

Bily, Frank J.

Bily, Ludmela

Born, Anna

Born, Hubert

Bradshaw, Robert

Brown, Thomas

Campion, Anna

Campion, Anna

Campion, Catherine

Campion, D.L.

Campion, Daniel

Campion, Daniel F.

Campion, Edward

Campion, Ellen

Campion, Frank Vincent

Campion, Jane W.

Campion, Johanna

Campion, John

Campion, Lott

Campion, Mary

Campion, Mary

Campion, Mary

Campion, Richard

Campion, Wm. R.

Carroll, Jeremiah

Carroll, John

Carroll, Julia

Carroll, Michael P.

Cavanagh, Bridget

Cavanagh, David

Cavanagh, David

Cavanagh, Margareth

Cavanagh, Michael

Cavanaugh (?), Margaret

Cavanaugh, Andrew

Cavanaugh, Elizabeth

Cavanaugh, Jerome A.

Cavanaugh, Lorraine

Cavanaugh, Lorraine

Cavanaugh, Patrick H.

Cavanaugh, Patrick J.

Cavanaugh, Rosemary

Cavanaugh, Theresa P.

Cervenka, Daniel T. “Red”

Cervenka, Helen M.

Cervenka, Robert T.

Cervenka, Robert T.

Cervenka, Theodore B.

Cihlar (?), Emily

Cihlar, Elizabeth

Cihlar, John A.

Cihlar, John F.

Cihlar, Mildred E.

Cihlar, Peter F.

Cihlar, Peter P.

Clear, Michael

Connors, Anna

Connors, Anna Irene

Connors, David

Connors, Edward W.

Connors, Ellen

Connors, Jeremiah

Connors, John

Connors, Julia McCue

Connors, Thomas

Cullen, Angela B.

Cummings (?), Anna

Cummings (?), Jeremiah

Cummings, Joseph M.

Cummings, Mary E.

Cummings, Thomas F.

Dalle, Gertrude

Dandurand, John A.

DeGross, Aloysious

DeGross, Ronald L.

Donnelly (?), baby

Donnelly (?), Margaret A.

Donnelly (?), Mathew

Donnelly (?), Mattie J.

Donnelly, Agnes

Donnelly, David J.

Donnelly, Mary

Donnelly, Mary J.

Donnelly, Matthew

Donnelly, Michael J.

Donnelly, Patrick

Donnelly, T. Phillip

Efta, Caroline T.

Efta, Herbert J.

Efta, Joseph J.

Eischens, Caroline

Eischens, Martin E.

Farrell, Edward

Farrell, Frank E.

Farrell, John W.

Farrell, Margaret

Fitzgerald, Florence K.

Fitzgerald, Henry F.

Fitzpatrick, Mary A.

Flynn, Bridget

Flynn, Michael

Flynn, Michael

Franek, Frances

Franek, Frank F.

Franek, Thomas J.

Garry, James

Garry, John M.

Garry, John M.

Garry, Sabina

Giesen, Ermin J.

Giesen, Esther M.

Grady, Mary

Grady, Michael

Hari, Margaret

Hart (?), Patrick J.

Hart, Catherine

Hart, John

Hart, Mary

Hart, Mayme E.

Hart, Michael F.

Hart, Michael F.

Hart, P.J.

Hart, Patrick H.

Hart, Susan

Hart, Thomas

Hart, Thomas

Hart, Thomas F.

Hasselo (?), John F.

Hasselo, Mal

Herdlick, Mary Kiley

Hickey (?), Michael

Hickey (?), Theresa

Hickey, Johannah (?)

Hickey, John

Hickey, Sarah

Hickey, Thomas

Hickey, Thomas Joseph

Holleran, John J.

Hurley, Edward J.

Hurley, Francis J.

Hurley, Francis J.

Hurley, Margaret

Hurley, Margaret Ryan

Hurley, Patrick

Hyland, Bridget

Hyland, Patrick

Jacques, Ann M.

Jacques, John L.

Johnston, Eliza

Johnston, Hugh

Johnston, Hugh F.

Johnston, James P.J.

Johnston, Mary

Johnston, Mary

Kadrlik, Ben E.

Kadrlik, Mary Jane

Keany, Brian

Kerkow, Mary

Kiley, Catharine

Kiley, Hannah

Kiley, Patrick

Koehler, Eileen Efta

Kohn, Regina

Kohn, Walter

Liemandt, Karen E. (Ryan)

Long, Martin

Long, Mary A.

Long, Patrick

Low, Elizabeth

Low, Elizabeth

Lowe, Catherine

Markinan (?), Johannah

McConnell, Michael B.

McConnell, Victoria A.

McFadden, Bernard

McFadden, Daniel

McFadden, Edward

McFadden, Mary

McFadden, Nellie

McFadden, Patrick

McFadden, Rose

McFadden, William

Morgan, Mary (?)

Murphy, Edward

Murphy, James

Murphy, Johanna

Murphy, Timothy

Murphy, Timothy

Murphy, William

Nash, Andrew

Nash, Bridget

Nash, Ellen

Nash, Esther

Nash, James M.

Nash, John

Nash, John

Nash, Maria

Nash, Martin E.

Nash, Mary

Nash, Mathew W.

Nash, Michael

Nash, Michael F.

Nash, Terrence A.

Nash, William

Nelson, Robert E.

O’Connor, Anne Blake

O’Connor, Bridget A.

O’Connor, Cornelius

O’Connor, James B.

O’Connor, John E.

O’Connor, Maurice

O’Donnell, Alice

O’Donnell, Catherine

O’Donnell, Catherine

O’Donnell, Catherine

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, Thomas

O’Donnell, Thomas

O’Hern, Eileen

O’Hern, John H.

O’Hern, Laurence

O’Hern, Mrs. John

O’Keefe, Daniel

O’Keefe, Margaret A.

O’Keefe, Rosella A.

O’Keefe, T. Raymond

O’Neil, Katherine

O’Neil, Michael C.

O’Shaughnessy, Mary M. Casey

O’Shaughnessy, Patrick

Paul, Harriet Garces

Pavek, Marie

Pavek, Thomas P.

Petricka, Mary Lee

Petricka, Nancy Lee

Pexa, Bessie

Pexa, Emil E.

Pexa, Frank J.

Pexa, George F.

Pexa, Julia I.

Pexa, Kenneth J.

Pexa, Sophie R.

Pexa, Terrance

Pexa, Wencel J.

Phelan, John P.

Phelan, Martin

Phelan, Michael

Pranke, Martin

Pranke, Mary

Pranke, Nicholas

Pranke, Viola

Pranke, Vivian

Puncochar (?), Patrick J.

Puncochar (?), Peggy E.

Puncochar (?), Richard E.

Puncochar, Richard J.

Quain, Dennis A.

Quain, Eileen C.

Quill (?), Ellen

Quill (?), Father

Quill (?), Margaret

Quill (?), Richard

Quill (?), Thomas

Quill, Mary

Quill, Thomas

Quinn (?), Catherine

Quinn (?), Joseph B.

Quinn (?), William

Quinn, Mary Jane Gordon

Quinn, Mary Jane McKenna

Quinn, William James

Raser, Dorothy J.

Raser, Nicholas T.

Redding, John

Redding, John C.

Redding, John C.

Redding, Margaret

Redding, Mary C.

Redding, Mary C.

Ryan, baby

Ryan, Ella

Ryan, John

Ryan, John D.

Ryan, John L.

Ryan, John R.

Ryan, Julia

Ryan, Madonna

Ryan, Margaret E.

Ryan, Mary

Ryan, Patricia

Ryan, Roland J.

Ryan, Rosemary

Ryan, T. Frank

Sandey, Anna M.

Sandey, Jon Karl

Scheffler, Monica J.

Schmitt, Edward P.

Schmitt, Harold P.

Schmitt, Harold Paul

Schoenbauer, John L.

Schoenbauer, Mollie R.

Seaver, Joann

Senkyr, Charles

Senkyr, Frantiska

Shankyr, Jake

Shannahan, Richard

Stepka, Barbara P.

Stepka, George F.

Stepka, John F.

Stepka, Rita M. (Tupy)

Stepka, Steven R.

Stevens, Martin

Stevens, Susan

Sticha, Bohumil H.

Sticha, Elizabeth A.

Sticha, John Jeffrey

Svobodny, Mary Quinn

Sweeney, Bridget

Sweeney, Ellen

Sweeney, John

Sweeney, Margaret Louisa

Timmons (?), ?

Timmons, Elizabeth

Timmons, Martin

Timmons, Martin T.

Timmons, William Patrick

Tisdale, Wm.

Vaughan, Charles

Vaughan, Edward

Vaughan, Elizabeth V.

Vaughan, Joseph C.

Vaughan, Mary

Vaughen, Mary

Vogt, Philip

Walsh, Andrew

Walsh, Andrew

Walsh, Bridget

Walsh, Ed

Walsh, Mary

Walsh, Thomas

Webb, John

Webb, Margaret

Whalen, ?

Yearneau, Fred W.

Yearneau, Frederick W.

Zaun, Clara L.

Zaun, Edward W.

Zaun, George F.

Zaun, Mathilda C.

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