Church of St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery

New Market, Scott County, Minnesota



New Market, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R21W, Section 28

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the website.

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            The Church of St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery is located near the intersection of County Road 2 / Main Street / 260th Street East and Church Street in the town of New Market.  The original cemetery is circular in shape.  The newer portion of the cemetery is located in a flat area to the south of the original cemetery.  The cemeteries have regular maintenance and are in good shape.  The Church at the site has an active congregation. 


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



?, Mathias


?, John

?ichen, Martin ?

Alexon, Arthur T.

Alexon, Eldora J.

Alexon, Gertrude

Anderson, Maxwell John

Anderson, Ronald and Andrea

Backes, M. Josephine

Backes, Nicholas

Baltes, A. Maria Brost

Baltes, Anna

Baltes, Anna M.

Baltes, Anna Maria (Frings)

Baltes, Christoph

Baltes, Elizabeth

Baltes, Gertrude

Baltes, Hubert

Baltes, Hubert

Baltes, Hubert

Baltes, Hubert J.

Baltes, John J.

Baltes, John P.

Baltes, Joseph

Baltes, Katharina

Baltes, Marcellina M.

Baltes, Margaret J.

Baltes, Michael C.

Baltes, Peter

Baltes, Peter Joseph

Baltes, Theresia

Baltes, Veronica

Bares, Anna M.

Bares, Christoph

Bares, Johan

Behles, Elizabeth

Berres, John

Berres, Mary

Brahy, Anton N.

Breuer, Elizabeth

Breuer, Helena

Breuer, William

Brost, Louisa

Brost, Mathias

Brost, Nicolas

Brost, Veronica

Brown, Margaretha

Busch, Eugene J.

Busch, Marie M.

Carney, Gertrude Karp

Carpentier, Roger A.

Carpentier, Roger A.

Caspars (?), Mathus

Cervenka, Raymond D.

Chlan (?), Agnes

Chlan (?), Joseph F.

Chlan, Albert J.

Chlan, Albert P.

Chlan, Bernice

Chlan, Dorothy A.

Chlan, Joseph J.

Chlan, Joseph J.

Chlan, Joseph John

Chlan, Marcella J.

Cihak, Anna

Cihak, Joseph

Clemen, Clarence

Clemen, Elizabeth

Clemen, George H.

Clemen, Gustave J.

Clemen, John

Clemen, Margaret

Clemen, Mary A.

Degros, Anna K.

Degros, Anton

DeGross, Alois F.

DeGross, Anton

DeGross, Elizabeth

DeGross, Frank A.

DeGross, Margaret

DeGross, Margaret B.

DeGross, Mathias

DeGross, Nick

DeGross, Ralph M.

DeGross, Vincent

Deutsch (?), Francis M.

Deutsch (?), Henry S.

Deutsch (?), Mary A.

Deutsch, Clarence G.

Deutsch, Dolores S.

Deutsch, Genevieve

Deutsch, Mary G.

Deutsch, Roman M.

Devine, Allen Aloysius

Devine, Ann Mary

Devine, Michael Robert

Devine, Patricia Ann

DeVine, Robert P.

Dill (?), Peter J.

Dircks, Augusta

Dircks, Caroline

Dircks, Edna A.

Dircks, Frank

Dircks, Franziska (?)

Dircks, Herman

Dircks, Jacob J.

Dircks, James

Dircks, Johann ?

Dircks, John

Dircks, Louise

Dircks, Maria

Dircks, Peter J.

Dircks, Roman A.

Dircks, Theodol (?)

Dircks, William

Dirks, Anna Mary

Dirks, Anton

Dirks, Johann Peter

Dirks, Maria Katharina

Dondelinger, J.

Dondelinger, M.

Dorfmeister, John

Ehlenz, A.W.

Eischen, Elisabeth

Eischen, Johann P.

Eischen, Katharina

Eischen, Maria Otilia

Eischen, Martin

Eischen, Martin

Eischen, Mathias

Eischen, Nickolaus

Eischen, Susanna

Eischens (?), Adam

Eischens (?), Gerald

Eischens, Annie

Eischens, Anton

Eischens, Frances E.

Eischens, Helen

Eischens, Jacob

Eischens, John J.

Eischens, Joseph J.

Eischens, Katharina

Eischens, Leo M.

Eischens, Marie H.

Eischens, Peter

Eischesn (?), Anna

Englund, Louise K.

Englund, Mary

Erickson, Gordon F.

Fischer, Elizabeth

Fischer, Father

Fischer, George

Fischer, Margaret

Fischer, Maria

Fischer, Marie J.

Fischer, Mother

Fischer, Peter J.

Fischer, William

Friedges (?), John P.

Friedges (?), Jory Michael

Friedges (?), Mary A.

Friedges, ? (name buried)

Friedges, Catherine

Friedges, Catherine

Friedges, Elisabeth

Friedges, Elisabeth Arendt

Friedges, Elizabeth M.

Friedges, Elizabetha

Friedges, Elmer M.

Friedges, Henry

Friedges, Jeanne A.

Friedges, Johann

Friedges, Joseph R.

Friedges, Leonard

Friedges, Lucina M.

Friedges, May L.

Friedges, Michael J.

Friedges, Nicholas

Friedges, Susan

Giersdorf, Father

Giersdorf, Mother

Goblirsch, John Paul

Haley, Mildred C.

Haley, Thomas A.

Hanson, Donald J.

Hanson, Donald O.

Hanson, Marlene O.

Hanson, Tara Lynn

Hartmann (?), Anna M. (and baby)

Hartmann (?), Anton M.

Hartmann (?), Mary

Hartmann (?), Mary and John

Hartmann, Appollonia

Hartmann, Aurelia M.

Hartmann, Floyd A.

Hartmann, Glen Joseph

Hartmann, Linus A.

Hartmann, Walter

Hartwig, Alois

Hartwig, Eliesabeth

Hartwig, Emma

Hauer, Amelia

Hauer, Elizabeth

Hauer, Margaretha

Hauer, Mary A.

Hauer, Mary Mathilde

Hauer, Nicholas A.

Hauer, Peter

Hennen, Michael

Herber, ?

Herber, Anton

Herber, Anton

Herber, Elizabeth

Herber, George

Herber, Joseph

Herber, Mary

Herber, Michael

Herber, Nicholas

Herber, Peter

Herber, Vernie A.

Hoff (?), Margaretha

Hoff (?), Nicolaus

Hoff, Maria

Hoffelt, Peter

Jandt (?), Angeline

Jandt, Danny J.

Jandt, Frances J.

Jandt, Richard D.

Jandt, Richard M.

Jandt, Roger P.

Jandt, Sharla J.

Jandt, Teddy R.

Jandt, Wanda P. (Parker)

Johnston, Francis Raymond

Kalal, Albert

Kalal, Beatrice

Kalal, William A.

Karp, Anna

Karp, Magdalena

Karp, Margaret

Karp, Peter

Karp, Rosa

Karp, Susanna

Kaufenberg, Arthur J.

Kaufenberg, baby boy

Kaufenberg, Elmer

Kaufenberg, Father

Kaufenberg, Helen E.

Kaufenberg, Joan M.

Kaufenberg, Josephine C.

Kaufenberg, Margaret

Kaufenberg, Math J.

Kaufenberg, Michael

Kaufenberg, Mother

Kaufenberg, Ralph R.

Kehrer (?), Cecelia R.

Kehrer (?), John F.

Klein, Susanna

Kloeckner (?), ?

Kloeckner (?), Anthony

Kloeckner (?), John

Kloeckner (?), Susana (?)

Kloeckner, Christina

Kloeckner, Hubert

Kloeckner, Katharina

Kloeckner, Maria K.

Kloeckner, Mathias

Koch, Mary L.

Koppen, Elizabeth

Koppen, Frank X.

Koppen, Sebastian

Koppen, Susanna

Korman, Mary Therese

Kraft, ?

Kraft, Elizabeth

Kraft, Nicholas

Krauth, Lena Oberst

Kremer, Anna J.

Kremer, David J.

Kremer, Donald A.

Kremer, Elizabeth

Kremer, George R.

Kremer, Helen A.

Kremer, Helen M.

Kremer, John P.

Kremer, Joseph M.

Kremer, Mary

Kremer, Mary

Kremer, Myrtle (?) H.

Kremer, Susan

Laber, Timothy Michael

Langer, Catherine

Langer, Rudolph

LaTour, Jerome G.

Lieven, Anna

Lieven, Joseph

Lonning, Amanda E.

Mahowald (?), Anna F.

Mahowald (?), Gebhard

Mahowald (?), John B.

Mahowald (?), Margaret

Mahowald (?), Sylvester J.

Mahowald (?), Thomas R.

Mahowald, Aelred

Mahowald, Agnes

Mahowald, Anna M.

Mahowald, Anton J.

Mahowald, Antonetta

Mahowald, Beatrice

Mahowald, Frank

Mahowald, Franz

Mahowald, Franz

Mahowald, Fred B.

Mahowald, George J.

Mahowald, Gertrude

Mahowald, Helen

Mahowald, Hubert J.

Mahowald, Isabel

Mahowald, Jacob

Mahowald, Johann

Mahowald, John L.

Mahowald, Joseph M.

Mahowald, Katharina

Mahowald, Katharina

Mahowald, Lawrence N.

Mahowald, Leo

Mahowald, Leon W.

Mahowald, Loretta V.

Mahowald, Lucille

Mahowald, Margaret

Mahowald, Margaretha

Mahowald, Maria

Mahowald, Martin

Mahowald, Mathias

Mahowald, Mathias

Mahowald, Mathias J.

Mahowald, Matilda

Mahowald, Matthias P.

Mahowald, Merle C. (Sullivan)

Mahowald, Michael

Mahowald, Nicholas P.

Mahowald, Nickolaus

Mahowald, Peter R.

Mahowald, Roselyn

Mahowald, Susan

Mahowald, Susanna

Mahowald, Susanna V.

Mahowald, Theodore

Mahowald, Theresa A.

Mahowald, Veronica

Mahowald, Wilhelm

Maies, Mary R.

Mamer, James M.

Mamer, Mathias

Markert, Anna M.

Markert, Ignaz

Markert, Joseph

Markert, Karl A.

Mayerhofer, Andreas

Mayerhofer, Anton S.

Mayerhofer, Benedict

Mayerhofer, Helena

Mayerhofer, Hilaria

Mayerhofer, John A.

Mayerhofer, Mathilda G.

Meger, Theresa A.

Meyer, Margaretha

Meyers, Nicolaus

Michel, Bernice G.

Michel, Francis T.

Michel, Francis T.

Mildred S. Erickson

Misslin, Anton

Misslin, Maria

Moe – Borgen, Ruth A.

Moes, Anna

Moes, Dominick

Moes, John

Moes, Katharina

Moes, Katherina

Moes, Michael

Moes, Peter

Molitor, Jeremy J.

Mueller, Anna

Mueller, Christ

Mueller, Elisabeth

Mueller, Hubert

Mueller, Johann P.

Mueller, Nickolaus

Mueller, Susan

Muer, John B.

Muer, Marie A.

Oberst, Nicholous

Oberst, Willie

Oioci, Alexander M.

Ongond, Sam Asmani

Pasek, Charles and Arlene

Pass, John

Pauly, Elizabeth

Pauly, John

Pauly, Joseph L.

Pauly, Mary

Pauly, William J.

Petz, Jacob

Pisbach, Frank

Pisbach, Gertrude

Pisbach, Joseph

Poepl (?), Elizabeth

Poepl (?), Martin

Poepl, Catherine

Pollaart, Bejatrix

Pollaart, Cornelius H.

Pollaart, Hubert

Pollart, Mary

Pollart, Michael

Pudil, Mary

Radermacher, Anton

Radermacher, Barbara

Radermacher, Catherine

Radermacher, Frank P.

Radermacher, George

Radermacher, Gertrude

Radermacher, Henry

Radermacher, Jacob

Radermacher, John

Radermacher, John

Radermacher, Julia K.

Radermacher, Julius M.

Radermacher, Kate

Radermacher, Leander

Radermacher, Leander P.

Radermacher, Marge

Radermacher, Mary

Radermacher, Peter J.

Radermacher, Wilmar

Rasmussen, Axel V.

Rasmussen, Eileen T.

Ricker, Joshua and Ashlee

Ries, Anton

Ries, Benjamin J.

Ries, Benjamin J.

Ries, Bernard

Ries, Elizabeth

Ries, Gregory J.

Ries, Heinrich

Ries, Helen Marie

Ries, Henry

Ries, J.N.

Ries, Katharina

Ries, Lois M.

Ries, Mary

Ries, Nicholas

Ries, Nicholas

Ries, Nicholas J.

Ries, Nicolaus

Ries, Theresia

Ring (?), Joseph

Ring (?), Marie E.

Ring (?), Mary K.

Ring, Anton

Ring, Benjamin J.

Ring, Benjamin J.

Ring, Christina

Ring, Clara

Ring, Ferdinand J.

Ring, Frank Peter

Ring, John J.

Ring, John J.

Ring, John P.

Ring, Marie A.

Ring, Mary Katherine

Ring, Mathias J.

Ring, Ronald

Ring, Sophie E.

Ring, Susan

Roehl, Elizabeth E.

Roehl, Eva M.

Roehl, Hubert

Roehl, Jeannette

Roehl, Loretta E.

Roehl, Ma???

Roehl, Maria M.

Roehl, Nicholas

Roehl, Peter J.

Roehl, Petronella

Rosem, Rosa E.

Rosen, Anna ?

Rosen, Georg

Rosen, Helen

Rosen, Johann

Rosen, Katharina

Rosen, Maria

Rosen, Michael

Rosen, Sussana

Rosen, Theodor

Sauber (?), Mary Ann

Sauber, Magdalena

Saurer, ?

Sauser, Anna Kath.

Sauser, Franziscus

Sauser, Mathias

Sauser, Peter

Sauser, Susann

Schaak, Darla Mae

Schaak, George A.

Schaak, Selma A.

Schmit, Christina

Schmitt, Georg W.

Schmitz, Anna

Schmitz, Antoinette M.

Schmitz, Catherine

Schmitz, Charles B.

Schmitz, Donald V.

Schmitz, Elizabeth

Schmitz, Ewald

Schmitz, Frank B.

Schmitz, Gregory S.

Schmitz, Herbert A.

Schmitz, Josephine C.

Schmitz, Lucille C.

Schmitz, Mathilda

Schmitz, Nickolaus

Schneider (?), Annie

Schneider (?), Gazina

Schneider (?), Mary

Schneider (?), Peter

Schneider (?), Rose

Schneider (?), William

Schneider (?), Willie

Schneider, Andreas

Schneider, Catherine

Schneider, Frank A.

Schneider, Gazina

Schneider, John

Schneider, Katharina Sauser

Schneider, Maria

Schneider, Michael

Schneider, Nicholas

Schneider, Susanna

Schoenecker, Benno J.

Scluzacek (?), Agnes H.

Seibert, Adam

Seibert, Katarina

Seibert, Katharina

Seibert, Maria

Seuer, Gerald J.

Seurer (?), Leo L.

Seurer (?), Mary W.

Seurer, ?

Seurer, Alphonce

Seurer, Anna Mae

Seurer, Arthur P.

Seurer, Catherine

Seurer, Catherine A.

Seurer, Frances K.

Seurer, Gregory Dean

Seurer, Gurtrude L.

Seurer, Helena

Seurer, Henry

Seurer, John

Seurer, Joseph J.

Seurer, Julius H.

Seurer, Laura G.

Seurer, Leonard

Seurer, Mary

Seurer, Mathias

Seurer, Mathias

Seurer, Nicholas

Seurer, Norbert J.

Seurer, Peter

Seurer, Peter J.

Seurer, Susan

Seurer, Susanna

Seurer, Verna M.

Seurer, Vernon

Seurer, Vernon John

Seurer, Veronica

Seurer, Veronica

Seutsch, Clarence G.

Shea, Clement A.

Shea, Harold

Shea, Hilda G.

Shea, Leo M.

Shea, Melvin M.

Silverness, Holly Jean

Simon, Anna

Simon, Bernice C.

Simon, Eleanor K.

Simon, Evelyn V.

Simon, Ferdinand J.

Simon, George J.

Simon, Joseph A.

Simon, Marie Ann

Simon, Math

Simon, Ralph P.

Simon, Richard J.

Sinclair, Gerald G.

Skluzavek (?), Frank W.

Smith, Agnes Ann

Stanke, Edward F.

Stanke, Kevin R.

Steffes, Theresa

Steimel, Johann

Steinmetz, Ambrose J.

Steinmetz, Anna

Steinmetz, Anton

Steinmetz, Catherine

Steinmetz, Cecelia R.

Steinmetz, Jacob

Steinmetz, Jacob

Steinmetz, Joseph

Steinmetz, Margaretha

Steinmetz, Math

Steinmetz, Silverius P.

Steinmetz, Silverius P.

Steinmetz, William J.

Stepka, Avis C.

Stepka, Thomas J.

Stork, Annie

Stork, John

Stork, Katie

Stork, Mary

Streefland, James J.

Streefland, James Joseph

Svoboda, Rose K.

Svoboda, William

Tempel, Johann

Thalhuber, Hildegard A.

Thalhuber, William J.

Thelen, Cyril J.

Thelen, Cyril John

Thelen, Danial J.

Thelen, John

Thelen, Joseph

Thelen, Katherine

Tholen, Catherine

Tholen, Heinrich H.

Thom??, John

Thomas, Alvina

Thomas, Cecilia H.

Thomas, Charles H.

Thomas, Frank J.

Thomas, Josephine

Thomas, Katharina

Thomas, Leroy A.

Thomas, Margaret

Thomas, Maria

Thomas, Nicholas

Thomas, Nicholas J.

Thomas, Peter J.

Thomas, Roman (?) H.

Thomas, Rosa R.

Thomas, Susan

Thomas, Teresa

Thomas, Theodor

Thomas, Wilfred J. “Bud”

Tillges (?), John J.

Tillges (?), Margaret M.

Tillges, John

Tillges, Katherine

Tillges, Lawrence N.

Timmons, Ethel E.

Tonsager, Martha

Tritz (?), Nicholas

Tritz, Florence M.

Tritz, Fred M.

Tritz, Lena

Tuma, Mary Jean F.

Tupy, David and Denise

Vogel, Arnold

Vogel, Arnold

Vogel, Elizabeth

Vogel, Herbert

vonKaufenberg, Hubert

Wagner (?), Kenneth J.

Wagner, Albert S.

Wagner, Alfred

Wagner, Anna M.

Wagner, Annie

Wagner, Antoinette E.

Wagner, Anton J.

Wagner, Bridget C.

Wagner, Conrad E.

Wagner, Edward H.

Wagner, Elizabeth

Wagner, Emmet H.

Wagner, Evelyn M.

Wagner, Frank N.

Wagner, Helen M.

Wagner, Johann

Wagner, Joseph A.

Wagner, Joseph N.

Wagner, Joseph V.

Wagner, Julia

Wagner, Leo J.

Wagner, Lois M.

Wagner, Mathias

Wagner, Michael J.

Wagner, Michael J.

Wagner, Nicholas

Wagner, Peter

Wagner, Peter J.

Wagner, Regina

Wagner, Richard J.

Wagner, Rita C.

Wagner, Rose

Wagner, Susan K.

Wagner, Susanna

Wagner, Sydney Marie

Wagner, Sylvester P.

Wagner, Victor A.

Wagner, Victoria L.

Welter (?), Joseph H.

Welter (?), Josephin L.

Welter (?), Peter J.

Welter, Lawrence C.

Welter, Lawrence Carl

Welter, Minnie G.

Wilhelm, Esther

Wilhelm, Jerome

Wilhelm, Katherine

Wilhelm, Paul

Wilhelm, Victor ?

Wit?, Louise

Wroblewski, Marie Kraft

Young, Maria

Young, Michael

Zweber (?), Herman B.

Zweber (?), Michael

Zweber (?), Valentine

Zweber, Alois

Zweber, Anna

Zweber, baby boy

Zweber, Bernice

Zweber, Cecilia Mary

Zweber, Clement J.

Zweber, Cornelius

Zweber, Cornelius

Zweber, Corrine L.

Zweber, Elenora O.

Zweber, Elizabeth

Zweber, Emmery H.

Zweber, Emmery H.

Zweber, Ermina E.

Zweber, Evelyn

Zweber, Florian P.

Zweber, Frances E.

Zweber, Frank J.

Zweber, Helen M.

Zweber, Henry

Zweber, Henry F.

Zweber, Hilda

Zweber, John

Zweber, John

Zweber, John P.

Zweber, John W.

Zweber, Josephine Helena

Zweber, Julia K.

Zweber, Katharen

Zweber, Lucille M.

Zweber, Lyle A.

Zweber, Mary

Zweber, Mary

Zweber, Mary H.

Zweber, Medard F.

Zweber, Medardus

Zweber, Melvin P.

Zweber, Michael

Zweber, Myrtle

Zweber, Peter

Zweber, Peter V.

Zweber, Ralph H.

Zweber, Rita M.

Zweber, Rose

Zweber, Silverius J.

Zweber, Valentin

Zweber, Valentin

Zweber, Virgil J.

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