West Christiania Lutheran Cemetery

New Market Township, Scott County, Minnesota



New Market Township, Scott County, Minnesota:  T113N-R21W, Section 13

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe. Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website.

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            West Christiania Lutheran Cemetery is located near the intersection of County Road 46 / Pillsbury Avenue and County Road 62 / 245th Street in rural Scott County.  The cemetery has regular maintenance and is in good shape. 


            This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2012.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2013



** no surname – together

?, Allard W.

?, Berit (Betsy) Ann

Alexon, Carl A.

Alexon, Henrietta

Alfson, Inger

Alfson, Theodore A.

Alfson, Thor

Anderson (?), Aasta

Anderson (?), Albert

Anderson (?), Annie

Anderson (?), Lena

Anderson, Alma

Anderson, Anne

Anderson, Anton

Anderson, Arnold

Anderson, Christ

Anderson, Clara

Anderson, Edwin

Anderson, Henry C.

Anderson, Henry C.

Anderson, Hilma W.

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, LaDonna M.

Anderson, Maynard

Anderson, Myra

Anderson, Oscar

Anderson, Ovando E.

Anderson, Paul son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Anderson

Anderson, Roy M.

Anderson, Ryan Lee

Anderson, Thea

Anderson, Thor

Anderson, William K.

Aronson (?), Leo

Aronson (?), Lillian

Aronson (?), Lillian

Aronson (?), Richard

Aronson (?), Sophie

Aronson (?), Verner

Aronson, Andrew

Aronson, Lena

Basil, Alice C.

Basil, Francis Maynard

Basil, George F.

Berens, Leroy

Berg, baby daughter of Halvor Berg

Berg, Halvor

Berg, Lana Elizabeth

Berg, Lydia S.

Bergstrom, Florence J.

Bergstrom, Joseph S.

Beske, Jeremy P.

Bosacker, Alma

Bosacker, Glenn

Clemens, Gladys

Cleveland, Edna A.

Cleveland, Eldon M.

Colin, Molly J.

Cook, Hunter Ryley

Cook, twins Mavryk P and Hudsyn T.R.

Dahl, Donald W.

Dahl, Mary L.

Decker, Charles P.

Decker, Marion B. (Samuelson)

Deer, Bridget Lynn

Deer, Harry ‘Buzz’

Deer, Harry F.

DeMaster, Ada H.

DeMaster, Kenneth B.

Dick, Rudy

Dunn, Angus E.

Dunn, Clara M.

Ellingbo, Ove O.

Ellingboe, Albert O.

Ellingboe, Anne

Ellingboe, Ole O.

Ellingboe, Olga B.

Ellingboe, Rose M.

Elvestad (?), Edwin C.

Elvestad (?), Glenn A.

Elvestad (?), Mildred A.

Elvestad, Dagny

Elvestad, Luella

Elvestad, Milton

Emmons, Ryan Lee

Enggren, Earl A.

Erickson, Charlotte C.

Erickson, Clara

Erickson, Marten

Erickson, Marvin C.

Erickson, Sarah

Erickson, Thomas

Estrem, Gary R.

Estrem, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gary

Eyrich, Donna

Forstrom, baby

Forstrom, I. Luella

Forstrom, J. Arthur

Foundley, Halvor O.

Foundley, Martha B.

Geibe, Charlene D.

Geibe, Karon L.

Geibe, Rolland D.

Gilbertson, Belle

Gilbertson, Carl L.

Gilbertson, Muriel I.

Gothard, Donald W.

Gothard, Donald Whiting

Hagen, Anton

Hagen, Elvira

Hagen, Harris O.

Halgrimson, Mervin R.

Halgrimson, Violet J.

Hall, Alma M.

Hall, Amelia

Hall, Arthur O.

Hall, baby

Hall, Dina

Hall, Dorothy P.

Hall, Evelyn G.

Hall, Francis D.

Hall, Gladys M.

Hall, Haagen

Hall, Lynn C.

Hall, Mavis C.

Hall, Mons

Hall, Oscar

Hall, Palmer W.

Hall, Ralph W.

Hammer (?), Carl

Hammer (?), Margret

Hammer (?), Peter

Hammer (?), Severt

Hammer, Christ

Hammer, Mabel T.

Hammer, Raymond C.

Hammer, Raymond C.

Hammer, Stella

Hammer, William

Hanson (?), Anna Lasina

Hanson (?), Hans Lauris

Hanson (?), Henry E.

Hanson (?), Odella S.

Hanson (?), Sophia B.

Hanson, Anton

Hanson, Anton M.

Hanson, Anton Martin

Hanson, Clara

Hanson, Eda M.

Hanson, Eva

Hanson, George O.

Hanson, Inga O.

Hanson, Julia

Hanson, Martha

Hanson, Martin P.

Hanson, Ole

Hanson, Oliver

Hanson, Theodor

Hanson, Tracy Allen

Hanson, Walter A.

Henry (?), baby

Henry (?), Martin

Henry (?), Mary A.

Henry, Andrew C.

Henry, Astrid J.

Henry, baby

Henry, Charles L.

Henry, Charles Leon

Henry, Christine

Henry, Christopher

Henry, Clara

Henry, Clarence Melvin

Henry, Delmer

Henry, Earl Sylvester

Henry, Edmund T.

Henry, Gustav A.

Henry, Herman W.

Henry, Hulda L.

Henry, Lars Christian

Henry, Leonie

Henry, Maria

Henry, Marie H.

Henry, Martha

Henry, Maurice C.

Henry, Maurice R.

Henry, Minnie O.

Henry, Ray

Henry, Robert

Henry, Ruby

Henry, Ruby

Henry, Tina E.

Henry, Vernon O.

Henry, Wallace M.

Hole (?), Louis

Hole, Ingebor Hans Dt,

Hole, Lars Olsen

Hulberg, Marie

Hulberg, Ole K.

Jacobs, Marian L.

Jacobs, Ray W.

Jensen, Adeline

Jensen, Axel

Johnson, David E.

Johnson, Delores L.

Johnson, Doris M.

Johnson, Francis

Johnson, Hugo R.

Johnson, Ida M.

Johnson, Jeffrey L.

Johnson, Luella J.

Johnson, Lyle E.

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Natasha Iszler

Johnson, Steven C.

Johnson, Tollef L.

Kaalen (?), Gunda

Kaufmann, Lois D. (Henry)

Knutsen, Geneva E. (Jacobs)

Komorouski, Alice B.

Komorouski, Dennis J.

Kvaalen, Hartwig

Kvaalen, Iver O.

Langner, Katie

Larson – Oleson, Margaret A.

Larson (?), Anne

Larson (?), Father

Larson (?), Mother

Larson (?), Ole

Larson (?), Oscar

Larson, Adeline I.

Larson, Anne

Larson, Ellen

Larson, Ervin

Larson, Hans

Larson, Irvin

Larson, Joseph

Larson, Louie O.

Larson, Louie S.

Larson, Luella

Larson, Mons

Larson, Morris L.

Larson, Peter

Larson, Selma C.

Laschinger, Thomas R.

Lau, Clara L.

Lau, Floyd M.

Lien, Kyle Thorsten

Lien, Margaret J.

Lien, Thorsten M.

Lien, Thorsten Melvin

Linderholm, Gordon J.

Linderholm, Ruby O. (Ellingboe)

Lindquist, John E.

Lugo, Marlena Jean

Lundeen, Janis E.

Lundeen, Scott

Lundeen, Wallace E.

Madson, Agnes H.

Madson, baby son of Arnold Madson

Madson, Harold

Madson, Ida

Madson, Marvin C.

Madson, Marvin C.

Magnuson, Shelby Marie

Markison twins, Myrtle & Harriet

Markison, Helmer R.

Markison, Marie A.

Markison, Milton H.

Markison, Selma

Markuson (?), Christopher

Markuson (?), Thea M.

Markuson, Rachel

McGovern, Benjamin C.

Miller (?), Allan Freeman

Miller (?), Anne O.

Miller (?), Arthur Freeman

Miller (?), Clara Mathilde

Miller (?), Minnie Otelie

Miller (?), Otto Norman

Miller (?), Soren O.

Nelson, Ole

Nelson, Sarah

Nordvik, Anna C.

Nordvik, infant daughter of Martin and Anna

Nordvik, Martin N.

Oleson, Norman E.

Olson, Arthur F.

Olson, Catherine

Olson, Claudia E.

Olson, Gilbert

Olson, Herman Clarence

Olson, Julius

Olson, Minnie

Olson, Oscar W.

Olson, Sanndy A.

Olson, Timothy Scott

Olson, Tolef H.

Olson, William A.

Parish, Russell Kermet

Parson, Aron

Pederson, Anders

Peterson, Adolph

Peterson, Anna

Quinnell, Eugene D.

Quinnell, Glenn D.

Ripley, Lois C.

Ripley, Raymond L.

Rogne, Knut??

Rucker, Leila M.

Schartz, Arthur J.

Schartz, Ruth F.

Senstad, Ann C.

Senstad, Douglas D.

Senstad, Kalmer

Senstad, O. Norman

Senstad, Olaf T.

Senstad, Stella M.

Stenerson (?), Henry

Stenerson (?), Stener

Stenerson, Alma C.

Stenerson, Leif H.

Stenerson, Liv A.

Storlie (?), Joseph

Storlie (?), Mary A.

Storlie (?), W. Oren

Storlie, Albert Olson

Storlie, Amanda Olson

Storlie, Edman

Storlie, Ella

Storlie, Halvor Olson

Storlie, Henry M.

Storlie, Herman M.

Storlie, Lester N.

Storlie, Louise

Storlie, Mabel J.

Storlie, Maynard W.

Storlie, Maynard W.

Storlie, Mildred V.

Storlie, Nels

Storlie, Ole Olson

Storlie, Ruth Ann

Storlie, Sarah Olson

Storlie, Selma M. Olson

Storlie, Severt

Storlie, Verna M.

Swedin, Victor W.

Taylor, Eunice Lillie

Taylor, infant son of Dick and Eunice Taylor

Thompson (?), Andrew

Thompson (?), Anna

Thompson (?), Edna Clarice

Thompson (?), Elmer

Thompson (?), Erick

Thompson (?), Julia

Thompson (?), Lillie

Thompson (?), Marie C.

Thompson (?), Merville

Thompson (?), Myrtle

Thompson, Ellen

Thompson, Elmer L.

Thompson, Florence J.

Thompson, George E.

Thompson, Gregory M.

Thompson, Ingebor

Thompson, LeRoy M.

Thompson, Louis

Thompson, Merlin L.

Thompson, Walmer H.

Thorp, Charles M.

Thorp, Marte

Thorp, O.M.

Thweatt, Gloria Hall

Thweatt, William H.

Tonsager triplets

Tonsager, Alice

Tonsager, Bernice E.

Tonsager, Clyde S.

Tonsager, Floyd M.

Tonsager, Francis A.

Tonsager, Genora J.

Tonsager, George

Tonsager, Guy E.

Tonsager, Hazel E.

Tonsager, Lester G.

Tonsager, Mary

Tonsager, Norma J.

Tonsager, Oscar

Tonsager, Robert L.

Tonsager, Sidney B.

Tonsager, Thea

Tonsager, Virgil L.

Tonsager, Virgil L.

Tonsager, William P.

Torseth, Alfred

Torseth, Helen A.

Tupa, James J.

Vick, Ruth I.

Vick, Sandra Lee

Vick, Selmer E.

Vinge, Myrtle L.

Vinge, Olivia

Vinge, Orlandor L.

Vinje, Ole Kittelson

Vinje, Tilda

Vogler, Jennie

Wahl, Alice H.

Wahl, Anna L.

Wahl, Hans

Wahl, Inger

Wahl, Ole

Wahl, Oscar H.

Wahl, Ruth

Wahl, Walter

Watterson, Jacob Melton

Weier, Bryce Andrew son of Tim and Lynn

Weier, Timothy John

Williams, Gertrude

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