East Christiana Lutheran Cemetery

Eureka township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T113N - R20W, section 29

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This cemetery is located about five miles south of Lakeville, Minnesota along Dakota County Road 84 near the intersection of Highview Avenue / Dakota County Road 17. The cemetery has regular care and in good shape. The cemetery is on a slight hill and in the center of the cemetery there are very few remaining burial monuments. The few that remain are laying flat, at ground level and are in poor shape. Most are cracked and difficult to read. The rest of the cemetery is in good shape. There is no longer a church near this cemetery.  The Highview Christiana Church and Cemetery are located across the road from this cemetery.

The sign states: 'Christiana Lutheran Church 1857-1950.' A second sign states: 'Christiania Lutheran Church 1857-1957. ... In 1856, eight Norwegian immigrant families settled in this community. Later named Christiania. Others followed and in 1857 a congregation was organized. These pioneers built their first church on this site in 1867. This building was dismantled and rebuilt as the West Christiania Church in 1893. At which time a larger church was built here that was destroyed by fire in 1957. A new church to serve as a single unit of worship was dedicated at Eidswold in 1960.' This united church may be located two or three miles west of this location, at the corner of Dakota county road 84 and Highway 46, just inside Scott county.

This cemetery is one of two cemeteries located in what was at one time the Christiana settlement. In "History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties", by Franklyn, written in 1910, he wrote the following about the Christiana settlement: '...Christiana settlement is a flourishing community in Eureka township composed of Scandinavians.... The Christiana church belonged to the Augustana Synod, and was first built by Norwegians in the county. The Norwegian Synod also built a church and there are now two churches, the Norwegian Synod and the Lutheran Free Church. The Christiana settlement is located west of Farmington. In the county there has been until recently two post offices with Norwegian names, that of Christiana and Eidsvold. (page 640).'

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation list this cemetery as: East Christiana Evangelical Cemetery, established 1866. 3 acres. Located Section 29, SE 1/4 . The 1896 plat map of Dakota county lists this as Norwegian Anglica Lutheran Church and cemetery.

In "History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties", by Franklyn, written in 1910, he wrote: ... Norwegian Synod. Professor Larson, of Decorah, Iowa made a missionary trip to the Norwegian settlement in Eureka in 1857 and effected a partial organization of a church and society which took the name of Christiana Synod Church. Regular ministerial work was begun in 1859 ... A church was erected in 1867 near the east line of section 29, on the south side of the main highway. A minister's house was built in 1879. The church purchased many years ago a farm of eighty acres (page 643).

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Aslak Aartveit

Engjer Aartveit

Olia Albertson (?)

Alexander Alexon (?)

Emma, wife of John Alexon

Jennie Alexon

Juliana Alexon

Martin Alexon

Rachel Alexon

Aslak Alfson

Margit Alfson, born Rismyr

Orlando M. Alfson

Sigurd M. Alfson

Sina Alfson

Tarbjorn Alfson

Charles W. Alme

Hannah S. Alme

John Alme

Joseph O. Amundson

Julius A. Andersen

Albert Anderson

Anna Miller Anderson

Anna Swedin Anderson

Charles F. Anderson

Christena Anderson

Gustav Anderson

Joseph Anderson

Julius A. Anderson

Leo C. Anderson

Martin K. Anderson

Ole Anderson

Anfin Anfinson

Anna Anfinson

Gustave H. Austinson

Elmer A. Blocker

Gene Blocker

Melvin N. Borgen

Earl A. Carlson

John M. Chalmers

Jurdys T. Chalmers

Agnes E. Christensen (?)

Chris S. Christensen (?)

Ole Christianson

Elling Christopherson

Else K. Christopherson

Gunild M. Christopherson

Eileen Moore Clubb

Annie Dahl (?)

Annie Dahl

Carl Dahl (?)

Carl Dahl

Eugene E. Day

Rose A. Day

John A. Eckdahl

Lizzie Elstad

Reuben O. Elstad

Stella May Empey

Lester V. Erickson

Annie Evenson

Aslak Evenson

Ole Evenson

Anders G. Euren

Anne T. Euren

Gulbrand T. Euren

Albert L. Fanno

Carl Fanno (?)

'Father' Fanno (?)

Henry O. Fanno

Ida Fanno (?)

Minnie Fanno (?)

'Mother' Fanno (?)

Nels Fanno (?)

Ida Lena Forstrom

Louise K. Fugle (?)

Minnie L. Fugle (?)

Mons A. Fugle (?)

Myrtle L. Fugle (?)

Gilbert Gilbertson

Clifford R. Groves

John Michael Groves

Joel W. Haglund

Lois I. Haglund

Halbert M. Haldorsen

Hulda Malvene Haldorsen

Martin Halbert Haldorsen

?, daughter of Ole & Anne Haldorson

Andrew Haldorson

Anne Haldorson

Halver Haldorson

Kjersti Haldorson

Mrs. Mary Haldorson

Mathilda Haldorson

Ole Haldorson

Aagaat Hammer

Albert Hammer

Alma Paulina Hammer

Edwin Oliver Hammer

Margaret M. Hammer

Paul Hammer

Carl C. Haug

Dina Haug

Marget Heiby

Ambjor Hougestol

Anund Hougestol

Ole A. Hougestol

Christen Hoffard

Ingborg Hoffard, child of Mr. & Mrs. Holland 

Alma Holt

Gertrude Holt

J. Oliver Holt

Louis Holt

Mabel Holt

Martin Holt

Nels Holt

Olianna Holt

Vivian Holt

Earl G. Hovland

Ellen M. Hovland

Andreas Husevold

Johann Quammen, wife of (?) Andreas (?) Husevold (?)

Swain Anderson Husevold

Bert (?) Johan son of Bjorn & Ingeborg Anundsen (?) Iamsgaard 

Guy Iverson

Tillie Iverson

Anund Jamesgaard

Christe Jamesgaard

Andreas Jensen

Karen O. B. (?) Jensen

Clarence Johnson (?)

D.J. Johnson

Ernst Johnson (?)

Florence E. Johnson

Ingeborg Johnson (?)

Johannes L. Johnson

John Michael Johnson

Lillian Johnson

Ludvick Johnson (?)

Marthine Johnson

Mary Dolores Johnson

Maurice Johnson

Paul R. Johnson

Peter C. Johnson (?)

Rupert Johnson (?)

Wilhelmz Johnson

Petra Helena Joli, born Listad in Norge

Jorgen Jorgenson (?)

Lawrence Jorgenson (?)

Mary Jorgenson (?)

Rev. A.T. Juvland

Agnes M. Kalheim (?)

Elizabeth Kalheim

Julianna Kalheim

Mildred S. Kalheim (?)

Nora Kalheim

Ole M. Kalheim

Agnes T. Kimber (?)

Fred J. Kimber (?)

Vern W. Kimber

Verna Mae Kimber

Albert Kokkin (?)

Anna Juline Kokkin (?)

Bennie Kokkin (?)

Bertha Marie Kokkin (?)

Ida Bertine Kokkin (?)

John Kokkin (?)

Maria Kokkin (?)

Lars Larson

Marie O. Larson

Martin O. Larson

Thelma K. Larson

Ellend Syverson Lee

Julian Severson Lee

?, daughter of Halvor D. & Karen Leine

Carlton Edgar Leine

Emma S. Leine

Ole Gorbjornse Leine

Oscar T. Leine

?gon (?) , child of O. & A. Lekne (?) 

Anne (?), child of O. & A. Lekne (?)

Olaus, child of O. & A. Lekne (?)

Metta, daughter of Ellend & Gunnild Siverson Lie 

Anna R. Lillemo (?)

Lena P. Lillemo (?)

Oscar T. Lillemo (?)

Theodore N. Lillemo (?)

Elmo M. Lindberg

Hazel Lindham

Anton F. Lindhart

Sena C. Lindhart

Johan O. Lo

Marie Lo

Olof Peterson Lo

Andrew Loe

Anton Loe

Birget G. Loe

Gulbrand Loe

Hilda M. Loe

Iver Loe

Julia M. Loe

Theodore Loe

Tone Loe

Minnie Louise (not sure if this is a surname) 

Helmer Markisen

Ida L. Markisen

Dorothy A. Martin

Harold E. Martin

Albert C. Mattson

Clayton Mattson 1916-1989

Marion Mattson

Christ A. Mayer

Adolph J. Meyer

Clara Marie Meyer

Gilbert Michael

Viola Michael

Etta Miller

Hugo Miller

Ingar Berg Miller

Magnus Miller

Maria Miller

Oscar Miller

Pearl Miller

Pearl's baby Miller (?)

Raymond Miller

John J. Mo

Signe Olsdtie Mo

Anna M. (Snesrud) Mohn

Florence Luella Mohn

Fredricka Mohn (?)

Lauris Mohn (?)

Martin C. Mohn

Violet Mohn (?)

John J. Moscow

Johannes Moskau

Serina J. Muskau

John J. Muskaw

Karen Muskaw

Andreas Nelson

Mary Nelson

Sever Nelson

Nicolai A. Nielson

Ingebor Nilson

Andreas O. Olberg (?)

Charlotte Olberg (?)

Halbert Osckar, son of Ole & Anne

Anna Olsdater  -with Johannes L. Johnson

Martha Olsdtr (Olson ?)

** Anna Olson 1855 – 1950**  This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Anton Olson

Beatrice H. Olson

Clara Olson

Ellen Olson

Haldor Olson

Jean Olson

Johanna Olson

Lawrence Olson

Lewis O. Olson

Lisabeth Olson

Ole R. Olson

Robert Olson

Guro Ostenson

Halvor Ostenson

Adolph Ostlie

Dorothy A. Ostlie

Harold H. Ostlie

James H. Ostlie

Lena M. Ostlie

Mabel Ostlie

Mardell Ostlie

Philip J. Ostlie

Russell Ostlie

Knudt K. Ousby

? Holdensdater (?) Ousbye (?)

Bernt K. Ousbye

Johannah Ousbye

Knute K. Ousbye

only Paulson

Anna Paulson

Oline Paulson

Walter S. Paulson

Evelyn Petersen

Henry G. Petersen

Lavonne Petersen

Lavonne Petersen

Maurice Petersen

Sylvia M. Petersen

Astrid G. Peterson

Glenn E. Peterson

Julia Lo Peterson

Morris C. Peterson

Palmer Peterson

Rose A. Peterson

Clara M. Quammen (?)

Ingeborg L. Quammen (?)

Nils A. Quammen

Mrs. N.A. Quammen

Esther V. Roland

Leonard D. Roland

Leonard L. Roland

Leonard O. Roland

Mabel Roland

Margit Roland

Ole O. Roland

Adeline E. Rouland

Agnethe Rouland

Olous O. Rouland

Emma Rozelle

Carrie Evenson, wife of P.H. Rue

P.H. Rue

Juline Ruh

Rudolph Ruh

Britna M. Sampson

Peder Samson

Andrew Sanderson

baby Sanderson

Belle Sanderson

'Mother' Sanderson

Ralph L. Sanderson

Simon Sanderson

James Loren Schrepel

Loren C. Schrepel

Anna Olson Seren

Anna Gilbertson Severson

Caroline Shirley

Clarence Gilman Shirley

Oscar Shirley

Eleanor A. Silverness

Sever E. Siverson

Agnetha Skille

Albert H. Skille

Hildore H. Skille

? Johanna S. Skjerdal

Lars Larson Skjerdal

Mayme A. Sleette

Albert O. Slette

Christian O. Slette

Laura E. Slette

Louis O. Slette

Martha S. Slette

Martin J. Slette

Christiana Sorenson

Mary Sorenson

Dena Stephens

Clarences Sthordahl

Thorsten Thorstenson Sthordahl

Ole O. Storli

Anne Storlie

Bernice Storlie

Chester H. Storlie

Helen L. Storlie

Olaf Storlie

Ole Storlie

Marget O. Storlie

Roy O. Storlie

Albertine Strand (?)

Alice Strand (?)

Andrew Strand (?)

Harold Strand

Mildred Strand (?)

Segre Amundson Stuhoug

Ole Svenson

Albert Swedin

Anna D. Swedin

Jesse Albert Swedin

Leonard P. Swedin

Pete Swedin

Shirley Swedin

Sven Swenson

Arne T. Telle

Andrew Thompson

Barbro Thompson

Edward Thompson (?)

infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Ingmer Thompson

Inga Thompson

Ingmer Thompson

Knute A. Thompson

Laura Thompson (?)

Laura Thompson

Norman E. Thompson

Peter Thompson, 2nd Minnesota Battery Light Artillery

Randi Thompson

Randi Thompson

Thilda M. Thompson (?)

Thomas Thompson

Walter Thompson

Anton Thorson

Mary Thorson

'Father' Torbenson (?)

Johnny Torbenson (?)

'Mother' Torbenson (?)

Sherman Torbenson (?)

Anund Torgerson

Ole Torgerson

Sigri Torgerson

Knut, child of T. & A. Torgeson

Svend, child of T. & A. Torgeson

Anton Tollefson

Hage Tveito Tollefson

Osmund Tveito Tollefson

Bjorn Asmundsen Tveito

Anund Knudsen Vesaas

Olaf A. Vesaas

Knute A. Vessos

Alvin L. Vick

Evelyn M. Vick

Lyder B. Vick

Andrew H. Weiby

Hans Weiby

Johan Weiby

Maren Weiby

Pauline Weiby

Agnes Cornelia Wessos (?)

Christopher Wessos (?)

Clara Olga Wessos (?)

Halvor A. Wessos (?)

Henry Newell Wessos (?)

Nettie Wessos (?)

Tina Etta Wessos (?)

Emma M. Wick

Victor C. Wick

I was not able to determine a surname for the following.

?vra ? of ?or 23 January 1817 - September 1869  -broken stone and hard to read

Ingeborg March 1869 - April 1896 -broken stone and hard to read

Gunnil O., 5 March 1867 - 2 March 1879  -broken stone and hard to read

Anon (rest buried ), son of Tog (?) Tar (?) 18?? - 16 October ??  -stone broken, buried, and hard to read

? 21 May 1870 - ?9 July 1879

Herbert 1905-1939

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