Highview Christiana Cemetery - ELCA

Eureka township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T113N - R20W, section 28

Christiana Lutheran Church web site: : www.christianialutheranchurch.org

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This rural cemetery is located about five miles south of Lakeville, Minnesota Along Highview Avenue / Dakota County Road 17 and the intersecting Dakota County Road 84. The cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The church at this location is Highview Christiania - ELCA.  The church is still in use.  The East Christiana Lutheran Cemetery is located across the road from this church and cemetery.

The burial stones show indications of patronymic naming patterns.

 The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Christiania Free Church (Highview) Cemetery, established 1865. 2 acres. Section 28, SW 1/4. Highway 84.

In "History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties", by Franklyn, written in 1910, he wrote: '... Christiana Church. This church, which is officially known as the Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran church in Christiana settlement, was formally organized 28 March 1860, although it had been in existence before that time. (page 640).'

This cemetery is one of two cemeteries located in what was at one time the Christiana settlement. In "History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties", by Franklyn, written in 1910, he wrote the following about the Christiana settlement: '...Christiana settlement is a flourishing community in Eureka township composed of Scandinavians.... The Christiana church belonged to the Augustana Synod, and was first built by Norwegians in the county. The Norwegian Synod also built a church and there are now two churches, the Norwegian Synod and the Lutheran Free Church. The Christiana settlement is located west of Farmington. In the county there has been until recently two post offices with Norwegian names, that of Christiana and Eidsvold. (page 640).'

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

John N. Abrehamson

Alf, child of Torbjorn & Margit Alfson

Aslak, child of Torbjorn & Margit Alfson

Sharon L. Alich

Rebekah Jean Almquuist

Joseph W. Anfinson

Olga M. Anfinson

Carl Anton

Carl Anton

Johannes Anton (?)

Karl Anton

Karl Anton

Anne Syverine Andersen

Adeline P. Anderson

Adolph Anderson

Andrew Anderson

Andrew (?) Anderson (?)

Arthur H. Anderson

Carl A. Anderson

Christian Anderson, nee Schjerva

Elmer Anderson

Evelyn E. Anderson

Gertrude M. Anderson

Guri Anderson, nee Eriksdatter

Ida Anderson

Ida Anderson

Johanna (?) Anderson

Joseph M. Anderson

Julius Anderson

Kittel Anderson

Maren Anderson

Olaus Anderson

Ole O. Anderson

Raymond C. Anderson

Arnold S. Arneson

Fred B. Arneson

Fred B. Arneson (?)

Harold B. Arneson (?)

Harold B. Arneson

Henry C. Arneson (?)

Henry C. Arneson (?)

Lillian H. Arneson (?)

Lillian H. Arneson

Susanne Arneson

only Augenson

Adella M. Barsness

Sophia Markuson Beam

Noel Edward Berg

Gida, daughter of Bernt & Berthe Bendson

John Blocker

Mrs. Maren P. Blocker

Mina Blocker

Petter P. Blocker

Gordon H. Blohm

Myrtle A. Blohm

Aino M. Borfleth

Leslie E. Bornfleth

Almer C. Borg

Aron J. Borg (?)

Arthur Borg

Elvira A. Borg

Emma W. Borg (?)

Juline Borg

Maria Amanda Borg

Margit Brevig

Ole Arthur Bumer

Ole L. Bumer

Nekolai L. Bummer

Carl A. Carlson

George H. Carlson

Inga M. Carlson

A. Luella Christensen

Adolph Christensen

Albert Christensen

Alice V. Christensen

baby boy Christensen

Carrie Christensen

Christ Christensen (?)

Clara Christensen

Dena Christensen

Dena Amelia Christensen (?)

Dennis Christensen

Ella M. Christensen

Emma Caroline Christensen

Hans Christensen

Harry I. Christensen

Hogan Christensen

John J. (?) Christensen

Joseph Christensen

Juditha L. Christensen

Lars Christensen

Louisa Christensen

Marie, wife of Hogan Christensen

Marie M. Christensen (?)

Marjorie Christensen

Monroe Christensen

Myrtle S. Christensen

Olaf L. Christensen

Oscar W. Christensen

Peter M. Christensen

Sonja M. Christensen (?)

Terrance J. Christensen

Walter L. Christensen (?)

Gilbert Christenson

Ida Christenson

Idan Christenson

Olaf A. Christenson

Orville G. Christenson

Maren Christenson

Martin Christenson

Halvor Christofersen

Maren Segellia Christoffersen

Gulbrand Christofferson

Gunder Christofferson

Louise Christofferson

Oline Christofferson

Alice M. Danielson

Pauline Brinda Danielson

Carolina, wife of Hans Davidson

baby Davidson (?)

Ernest C. Davidson

Hans Davidson

Orlen, son of A. Davidson

Carol Dian

Albert Dierking

Julia A. Dierking

Berdell H. Doub

Reynold Earl

Oscar Ellingboe

Veola Ellingboe

Aase Marie Elstad

Alben S. Elstad

Alice E. Elstad

Alma L. Elstad

Almer Elstad

Anna Elstad

Anna H. Elstad

Bill Elstad

Edna H. Elstad

Edward Elstad

Elvin Elstad

Ingebor Elstad

Kenneth L. Elstad (?)

Kenneth L. Elstad

Leif H. Elstad

Ludwig O. Elstad

Maren Christine Elstad (?)

Marget Elstad

Martin Elstad

Murel W. Elstad

Olaf H. Elstad

Ole L. Elstad

Olivia J. Elstad

Otto E. Elstad

Owen G. Elstad

Roy A. Elstad

Thyra M. Elstad

Anton Elvestad

Hans martin Elvestad

Mina Elvestad

Carl A. Engelke

Genevieve Engelke

Charley J. Erickson (?)

Phillip Erickson (?)

Ragnild Erickson (?)

Corrine J. Flaherty

John Forss

Betsy E. Forstrom

Edward S. Forstrom

Edward S. Forstrom

Ole Forstrom

Thomas Forstrom

Emelia Frederickson

Ida M. Frederickson

Margaret K. Frederickson

Martin Frederickson

Nels L. Frederickson

Ralph Loyal Frederickson

William Frederickson

Albert Fredrickson

Alfred Fredrickson

Axel Fredrickson

baby of William & Margaret Fredrickson

Carrie Fredrickson

Clara Fredrickson

Dorothy J. Fredrickson

Edwin Fredrickson

Eleanor J. Fredrickson

'Father' Fredrickson

Fred E. Fredrickson

Gary G. Fredrickson

Herman E. Fredrickson

Ida Fredrickson

Jens Fredrickson

Joseph Fredrickson

M. Elizabeth Fredrickson

Minnie A. Fredrickson

Myrtle Fredrickson

Nels Fredrickson

Oscar E. Fredrickson

Otto Fredrickson

Russell A. Fredrickson

Soren Fredrickson

Vionnette M. Fredrickson

Debra May Gerardy

Alma C. Gilbertson

Julia Gilbertson

Laura Gilbertson

Lavina Gilbertson

Lewis Gilbertson

Walter Gilbertson

Kelly May, infant daughter of Keith & Kim Gilmore

Cynthia Wester Goodman

Conrad Grabe

Ellen Grabe

Elden Greger

Judith M. Greger

Laura Gulbrandsen

Anne Gunderson (?)

Emil Gunderson (?)

Olaf J. Gunderson

Paul J. Gunderson

Heidi Soberg Guerand (?)

Olaf W. Hallerud

Amy E. Halling

Melford A. Halling

Olaus O. Halling

Sophia Halling

Gilbert Halvorsen

Regine Halvorsen

John Halvorson

Clara Hansen

Emma L. Hansen

Evelyn Hansen

Ana Sofie Hauge, born Tolstrup

Nels Hendricksen

Albert Hendriskson

Lovisa Hendrickson

Marthe Henriksen, born Davidson

Theodora Hermandsen

Anne Maria Hermanson

Ole Hermanson

James A. Heuton

Kurt Thomas Hlady

Lorensie Hoffard

Charles Hottran

Ida Hottran

Anton ? Hulberg

Charles Hulberg

Clarence Elmer Hulberg

Effie Selma Hulberg

Ida M. Hulberg

Martha Hulberg

Iver Iverson

Julia Iverson

Ole Iverson

Olia Iverson

Albert Johnson

Amanda Johnson

Anton Johnson

Bertha Marie, wife of R.L. Johnson

C. Emil Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Clarence O. Johnson (?)

E. Louise Johnson

Edan L. Johnson (?)

Gerhard J. Johnson (?)

Halvor L. Johnson (?)

Harry F. Johnson

Helmer Emil Johnson

Ida O. Johnson

Ingebor Johnson

Ingor Johnson (?)

Jane L. Johnson (?)

John A. Johnson

John A. Johnson

John L. Johnson

John L. Johnson (?)

Josef Johnson

Joseph Johnson (?)

Knute L. Johnson (?)

Lars Johnson

Lizzie Peterson, wife of John Johnson

Lloyd R. Johnson

Ludwig T. Johnson (?)

Luella Johnson

Luella Johnson (?)

Margit Johnson (?)

Nedvin Johnson (?)

Ole L. Johnson

Ole L. Johnson

Oley Johnson

Rolley L. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Allack Juvland

Aslak Juvland

Aslaug Juvland

baby boy Juvland

Carl Juvland (?)

Dorthia Juvland

Julia Juvland (?)

Linda Juvland

Loyal C. Juvland (?)

Marie E. Juvland (?)

Torger Juvland

Anne C. Kapaasen

Anne Marie Kapaasen

Carl Kapaasen

Olava Kapaasen

Ingeborg Kaposen

John O. Kaposen

Ole Kaposen

Juline R. Kilen

Ambjor Knudtson, daughter of Juel & Inga Knudtson 

Mrs. Inga Knudtson, born Tideman Skrovigen 

Knudt Juel Knudtson

Caroline 'Kari' Knudsen

Elias Knutsen

Genevieve L. Knutsen

Hazel T. Knutsen

Mathilda Knutsen

Melford O. Knutsen

Caroline E. Knutson

Charles J. Knutson

Milton S. Knutson

Anna S. Kopperud

Emil G. Kopperud

Juel Knudtson Kvale

Andrew Larson

Carl S., son of S. & C. Larson

Gunild Larson

Ingeborg Larson (?)

John Ed. Larson

John O. Larson

Laura C. Larson

Sigur Larson

Lars Leidal

Agnes I. Leidner

Carl G. Leidner Sr.

Katherine A. Leidner

Marie Leidner

Otto E. Leidner

Sylvina Sundal Leske

Carl T. Lillemo

Hanna T. Lillemo

Ida T. Lillemo

Tilda T. Lillemo

Daniel M. Lucy

Charles A. Lundgren

Amelia M. McDonald

David Roy Madson

Nathaniel Madson, son of Renee & David

Renee B. Madson, wife of David

Albert Markisen

Christen Markisen

Carl Markuson

Chris Markuson

Hogan I. Markuson

Ingebor Markuson (?)

Isabel Markuson (?)

Martin A. Markuson

Martin C. Markuson (?)

Mary A. Markuson

Ragna Markuson

Ruth Martin

Hans C. Mattson

Alice Miller

William Miller

Augusta Mohn

Ella Mohn

Gladys E. Mohn

Hannah O. Mohn

Lars Mohn

Olaf Mohn

Ole Mohn

Olina Mohn

Oscar B. Mohn

Wallace R. Mohn

Hanna Moller

Mons Moller

David Gene Myers

Helga A. Nelsen

Helga A. Nelsen

Hilmar N. Nelsen

Nels N. Nelsen

Palmer H. Nelsen

Peter C. Nelsen

Petter C. Nelsen

Anton, son of H. & C. Nelson

Hans Nelson

Anton Nygaard

Edward, child of T. & R. Oleson

Marett (?), child of T. & R. Oleson

Anton, child of K. (?) & ? Gustave (?) Olsen

Bertha, child of K. (?) & ? Gustave (?) Olsen (?)

Pastor Nils Olsen

Sarah Olsen

Sybal, child of K. (?) & ? Gustave (?) Olsen (?)

Albert C. Olson

Alfred Walter Olson

Anna C. Olson

Berte C. Olson

Clara A. Olson

Clara Mabel Olson (?), child of Mr. & Mrs. Warren I. Olson 

Elizabeth Olson

Ellen Olson (?)

Emma S. Olson (Halling ?)

Gerhard E. Olson

Gilman Olson

Hans C. Olson

Helga Olson, born Juvland

Ida Duella Olson (?)

Johan David Olson

Joseph Olson (?)

Lota (?) Stella (?) Olson (?), child of Mr. & Mrs. Warren I. Olson 

Louis R. Olson

Maria Olson

Martin Olson

Ole Olson

Oscar J. Olson

Peder E. Olson (Halling ?)

Raghnild Kathrine Olson

Sadie E. Olson

Steen Olson

W.I. Olson

Warren Levi Olson

Ingeborg T. Omnen

Carl T. Omnes

Clara T. Omnes

Halvor T. Omnes

Kari T. Omnes

Hans T. Omnes

Emma Osmundson

Helen Borg Oswaldson

Joahnnes Oswaldson

John Oswaldson

John J. Oswaldson

Knudt Oswaldson

Liv Oswaldson

Mary Oswaldson

Oswald Oswaldson

Tosten Knudsen Ovale

Olaf C. Overby

Rev. Ludvig Pedersen

Maria A. Pedersen

Anna, child of Nickolai & Olava Pederson 

Carl Pederson (?)

Eline Pederson

Jens Pederson

Lina Pederson (?)

Lydia P., child of Nickolai & Oliva Pederson 

Nickoli Pederson

Olave Pederson

Dewey V. Petersen

Edna C. Petersen

Annie Peterson

Arden L. Peterson

Christ Peterson

Christina Peterson

Eddie Peterson

Oscar Peterson

Peter J. Peterson

Raymond L. Peterson

Sophia Peterson

Thilda J. Peterson

Patrick Todd Poulton

Martin Qualey (?)

R.K. Qualey

Dolores M. 'Dody' Quinnell (?)

Leif N. Quinnell

Leroy S. Quinnell (?)

Marjorie O. Quinnell

Robert Wayne Quinnell

Richard L. Quinnell

Ruth A. Quinnell

Ane Kjerstine Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen

Soren Rasmussen

Anna H. Roscoe, born in Danmark

Hans P. Roscoe, born in Danmark

Martin Roscoe

Delbert R. Rose

Joan Harriet Rose

Mary T. Rose

Clara Roseland

Emma Roseland

Engel Roseland

Knute Roseland

Adolph B. Rue

Adolph J. Rue

Cornelia Ruh

Edwin P. Ruh

Ida C. Forstrom, wife of Edwin P. Ruh

Marith Ruh

Ole Ruh

Annie L. Sandness (?)

Clara Johnson Sandness

Joseph C. Sandness (?)

Donald Winston Schonning

Milton N. Schonning

Rose F. Schonning

Knut Sekse

Oscar C. Sharwold

Dora Sherwold

Gertrude Sherwold

Hannah Sherwold

Knute K. Sherwold

Albert Shirley

Clara Shirley (?)

'Father' Shirley (?)

Joseph O. Shirley

'Mother' Shirley (?)

Nels A. Shirley

Ole O. Shirley (?)

Oscar Shirley

Thea N. Shirley (?)

John Herbert Sjoeberg

Halvor O. Sjolie

Pernille, wife of (?) ? Bersek (?) Syversen Sjolie 

Johannes J. Skofstad

Josephine Caroline Skofstad

Marthe J. Skogstad (?)

Van C. Smith

Alice M. Soberg

George Soberg

Gladys M. Soberg

Irving C. Soberg

Judith A. Soberg

Oline Soberg

Orlan E. Soberg

Palmer O. Soberg

Paul J. Soberg

Peter Soberg

'Father' Sommervold (?)

Albert Sorenson

baby Sorenson

Marie B. Sorenson

Melvin C. Sorenson

Myrtle E. Sorenson

Emelia Sorum

Ole E. Sorum

Bertha M. Steen (?)

Gertrude E. Steen

Guro Olson Steen

Lars W. Steen (?)

Sylvester O. Steen

Thilda Steen

Arthur Sigfred Stenerson

Edwin Oliver Stenerson (?)

'Father' Stenerson (?)

Maria Stenerson (?)

Oluf Stenerson (?)

Signe Stenerson (?)

Albertine Stevens, born Gulbrandsen

Edith June Stevens

Gilbert Stevens

Gustava Stevens (?)

Henrietta M. Richter Stevens

John Stevens

John Stevens

Joseph Stevens

Kari Stevens

Lena Stevens

Mattis Stevens

Melvin Stevens

Otto B. Stevens (?)

Embret Strate

Helvik Strate

Ole Strate

Anna Stratte

Marie H. Strand

Ole H. Strand

Hans Amundson Stuhoug

Fred A. Swedin

Lois C. Swedin

Lillie Ericson Swedine

Peter Swedine (?)

Carl C. Swenson

Evelyn M. Swenson

Bertha Thompson (?)

Hadley Thompson (?)

Ingri G. Egge, wife of K. Thompson

Knudt Thompson

Lucille K. Thompson

Mary Thompson

Ole Thompson

Ralph O. Thompson

Roger A. Thompson

Scneva K. Thompson

Thomas Thompson

Thomas K. Thompson

Belsey Thoreson

Carl Thoreson

Engebor Thoreson, nee Schjerva

Ingebor, wife of Stephen Thoreson

Lena Thoreson

Margit Thoreson (Halling ?)

Ole Thoreson

Ole Thoreson (Halling ?)

Stephannus Thoreson

Stephen Thoreson

Stephen Thoreson

Petra Soberg Thorstensen

Andrew Gilbert Tonsager

Anna Bertha Tonsager

baby Raymond Tonsager

Frances Tonsager

Gustav Tonsager (?)

Luella Tonsager

Martin Tonsager

Ole Hendriksen Tonsager

Paul Tonsager (?)

Annie Torbenson

Thomas Torbenson

James H. Tornio

Virgil L. Tornio

Christe Twedt

Christi Twedt

Enoch Olai Twedt

Hannah Twedt

Leander Twedt

Ole Twedt

Ole O. Twedt

Ole Olson Twedt

Adolph Twidt

Anna J. Twidt

Benny Ustad

Mrs. M. Ustad

Henry C. Wall

Margaret G. Wall

Cheryl Soberg Wesley

Bernice D. Wester

Martin D. Wester

Helga Wold

Palmer Wold

Edward, son of E. & H. Yahr

Hilda, wife of Emil Yahr

The following did not have a surname or I was unable to decipher what the surname was:

?, died 17 September 1867 (?), after 8 months (?) - hard to read

Alf 1892-1962 -no surname

?, Dovland (?),

Josep W.,

-no surname and the stone was broken


-no surname and the stone was broken

Lillie Christina


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