St. John's Cemetery

Eureka township, Dakota County, Minnesota: T113N - R20W, section 14

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery is located about three miles south of Farmington, Minnesota along 245th street. The cemetery has regular care and is in great shape. There is not a church at this location. Along the northern edge of the cemetery there is a sign that states: 'Farmington Lutheran Church Cemetery and St. John's Danish Lutheran Church 1903.' 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Farmington Lutheran Cemetery (St. John's Danish), established 1903. 2 acres. Located Section 14. 245th Street, West.

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Deborah M. Bixby

Christian Bjodstrup

Margaret Bjodstrup

Harold C. Boettcher

Rosella A. Boettcher

Chris Borup

Edna C. Borup

Laura Borup

Arnold A. Briesacher

Lorna M. Briesacher

Christine Casper

Holga Laurette Casper

Jens J. Casper

Rose K. Chesness

Harold J. Cruthers

Lauretta Cruthers

Helen A. Davidson

L. Douglas Davidson

Anna (Hall) Dengler

Hendrina Doeling

Herbert Doeling

Ellen Dueholm

Anna Elling

Pastor Jerrold Elling

John Elling

Lyla Elling

Idan N. Elvestad

Idan N. Elvestad

Nicholas James Elvestad, infant son of James & Diane

Helen C. Flaata

Sigurd Flaata

H. Gehart

Ivan L. 'Sarge' Graham

Leonard E. Gustafson

Ruth N. Gustafson

David Graham Halvorson

Hannah J. Hansen

Harry Hansen

Harvey C. Hansen

Mary C. Hansen

Rasmus Hansen

Clara M. Heath

Gary W. Heidmann

Edna A. Hoffman

Grover H. Hoffman

Michael John Houk

Sarah Marie Houk

Hans N. Hauge (?)

Timothy Scott Iverson

Mildred R. Jacobson

Samuel J. Jacobson

Emma M. Jennrich

Frank Jennerich

Anna S. Jensen

Carl Arthur Jensen

Carl E. Jensen

Dorothea Jensen

Hans J. Jensen

Harold Jensen

Jens P. Jensen

Jens Jensen

Alice E. Johnson

Carl J. Johnson

Charles F. Johnson

Edith Johnson

Floyd Johnson

Mame B. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Elisuis Jorgensen

Lena Jensen

Peter Jensen

Roy Jensen

Thomas Edward Jensen

Linda (Swagger) Kreyer

Hans Larsen

Miss Larson

Esther M. Laursen

Harold Laursen

Linda Laursen

baby boy Mallery

Eleanor Melson

Winfield Melson

Hans A. Mickelsen

Johanna Mickelsen

John Mickelsen

Karen Mickelsen

Kjerstine Mickelsen (?)

Mikael Mickelsen (?)

Olga S. Mickelsen

Soren Mickelsen

Donald V. Mickelson

baby Lloyd R. Mickelson

Sadie O. Mickelson

Soren N. Mickelson

Christina Miller

Ferdinand Miller

Howard C. Miller

Ingeborg Miller

Adella C. Nelson

Henry Nelson

Mary Nelson

Carl H. Nielsen

Chris Nielsen

Ellen Nielsen

Mildred R. Nielsen

Judith A. Noorlun

Jennifer Rae Olexa

Michelle Marie Olson

Duane Parker

Jacob Parker (?)

Lucille Parker

Gladys A. Partlow

Lillian E. Partlow

Wallace V. Partlow

Minnie Pearson

Norman W. Pearson

Alta Pedersen

Archie Pedersen

Delores E. Pedersen

Elisa Pedersen (?)

Florence Pedersen (?)

Josephine Pedersen (?)

Martha Pedersen

Michael Pedersen

Richard Pedersen (?)

Robert Pedersen (?)

Stanley Pedersen

Thora Pedersen (?)

baby girl Perry

Marjorie Perry

Roland Perry

Carrie N. Petersen

Nels Petersen

Raymond N. Petersen

Elizabeth Kristine Peterson

Erik Peterson (?)

'Father' Peterson (?)

Hartwic C. Peterson

Jared Peterson (?)

Karen K. Peterson

'Mother' Peterson (?)

Peter Peterson

Rosena V. Peterson

Donley A. Pettis

Ruth C. Pettis, nee Hansen

David J. Pilger

Matthew Scott Pilger, infant son of Stephen & Lisa

Robert L. Pinney

Soren Thomas Rasmussen

Glen Ronning

Carl O. Shirley

Gale Shirley

Thilda C. Shirley

Clara A. Simonsen, wife of Henry

Elizabeth Simonsen (?)

Henry C. Simonsen

Martin C. Simonsen (?)

Robert Henry Simonsen

Vern C. Simonsen (?)

Lisbeth Sly

Michael Sly

Henry Snesrud

Laurie D. Snesrud

Kristina Sorenson

Martin A. Sorenson

Nellie M. Sorenson

Edna H. Stroud

Ralph W. Stroud

Madonna M. Swedin

Annie S. Thompson

Edwin T. Thompson

Herbert Ryno Thompson (?)

Laura E. Thompson (?)

Lawrence H. Thompson

Myrtle F. Thompson

Ryno H. Thompson

Sylvester E. Thompson

Hans M. Topp (?)

Laura C. Topp (?)

Richard L. Topp

Yvonne E. Topp (?)

'Father' Transburg

Foster Transburg

Inez L. Transburg

Marion Transburg

'Mother' Transburg

P. David Transburg

Paul G. Transburg

Peter V. Transburg

baby son Frederick Joseph VanCura

Carl Vang

Martin J. Walsh

Pearl V. Walsh

Anna U. Wiese

Beverly J. Wiese

Ella M.C. Wiese

Norman E. Wiese

Ralph H. Wiese

William Wiese

Clarice A. Wiggins

Gerald W. Wiggins

Bernice P. Witter

Harold H. Witter

Harold H. Witter

There was one burial stone in row 9 that only stated 'Unknown’

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